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The Prisoner Club: There are no solutions on the issue of the beaten prisoner Zahran

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


The Nazi Occupation Court continues to stall to give a decision regarding the appeal of the prisoner Ahmed Zahran, who has been on hunger strike for 105 days, against the decision to confirm his administrative detention, and that there is no response by the Nazi Occupation Prosecution regarding the proposals submitted by his lawyer so far.

The Palestinian Prisoner Club reported that the prisoner Zahran (42 years old) from the town of Deir Abu Mishal is facing serious health conditions, which are exacerbated over time, especially that his current strike is the second strike he has been waging since March of last year, where he continued his first strike Duration (39) days, and ended it after promises of his release .

The Prisoner Club pointed out that the prisoner Zahran is in the “Ramle Clinic”, and he was transferred several times to the civilian hospitals of the occupation, the last of which was the Zionist “Kaplan” Hospital.

The Nazi occupation authorities are trying, through the procrastination process, to break his strike, and to deliver him to a dangerous health stage, which causes him diseases that are difficult to treat later, and this is accompanied by the continuation of a number of punitive and retaliatory measures against him, including: denying him the family’s visit, isolating him in difficult circumstances, and pressuring him psychologically through the prisoners And, recently, the prisoner Zahran was investigated on the pretext of data against him, in a new attempt to circumvent his strike.

It is noteworthy that a group of prisoners carried out steps of struggle against him, including the prisoner Jamil Ankoush, who has been on hunger strike for 11 days, and the prisoner Muhammad Abu Ghazi, who carried out a chain of strike that lasted for six days .

It is worth noting that the prisoner Zahran, a former prisoner, spent a total of 15 years in Nazi detention camps, and is the father of four children .

At the same time, the prisoner, Jamil Ankush, continues his hunger strike for the 11th consecutive day in solidarity with the prisoner Ahmed Zahran, who has been on hunger strike for 105 days in protest against his administrative detention.

The Nazi occupation court rejects the appeal filed in the name of the prisoner Zahran

Sit-in of the family of the beaten prisoner Ahmed Zahran (3)

The Nazi occupation military court in “Ofer” rejected the appeal submitted in the name of the hunger striking prisoner for the 107th day in a row, Ahmed Zahran.

Today, Tuesday, the Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority stated that the court asked the prisoner Zahran to suspend his strike before responding to his request to end his administrative detention, claiming that he should be investigated, and that his health status does not allow this.

The commission noted that investigators from the “Al-Maskubiyya” investigation and detention center had come to be interrogated on the day of his ninety strike in the “Ramleh Prison Clinic”, and they were unable to complete it due to the difficult condition of his health.

The commission denounced the occupation court’s claim, and confirmed that it would appeal the decision to the “Supreme” court.

It is noteworthy that the Nazi occupation forces arrested the prisoner Zahran “without charge” since March 2019, and transferred him to administrative detention, and they have not been subjected to investigation since that time.

The commission stated that the “Ramle Administration” had transferred the captive Zahran to the Zionist “Kaplan” hospital after a new deterioration in his health yesterday, and he is suffering from a difficult situation, which is represented by a decrease in the heartbeat, pain throughout his body, and an acute shortage of salts, In addition, he lost more than 35 kg of weight.

It is noteworthy that the prisoner Ahmed Zahran (42 years), from the town of Deir Abu Mishaal, Ramallah district, had spent a total of 15 years in the occupation prisons.

He had previously gone on a hunger strike, demanding the end of his administrative detention during the month of July 2019, and suspended after 39 days based on the promises of the occupation prisons administration to release him, but she reneged on her and refused to release him.

The mother of the captive, Ayat Mahfouz: Save my daughter


Since the age of two years, the suffering of “Ayat Mahfouz” started, when the Nazi occupation soldiers launched gas bombs, during field events during the massacre of the Ibrahimi Mosque in 1994, and they suffered bleeding on the Al Ain network, and the delay in its treatment resulted in nerve and eyelid relaxation.

She underwent her first surgery and the eyelid was raised almost naturally, but the second operation revealed lack of vision in the eye, and treatment operations continued for her in different places and for successive operations that affected her psychological and physical health.

And her mother explained in her interview with ” Quds News “, that the late Zionist puppet Yasser Arafat previously promised to treat her, and he had called her saying: “If she treats me by giving her an eye,” then instructing her to treat and make a medical transfer, which led to her improvement.

Ayat became a young woman, who successfully completed her high school at a high rate, but the continuing treatment journey constituted an impediment to completion, and her four arrests began simultaneously.

The first arrest was near the Ibrahimi Mosque, when the Nazi occupation forces surrounded it and searched it, then they said that she was carrying a knife in her case to carry out a stabbing operation in the place, and she was imprisoned for ten months, that was on the eighth of September 2013, according to her mother.

She was arrested again, no more than two months ago, under investigation and charged with attempting to carry out an operation, and then released later. This affected her health and psychological condition worse.

The Nazi occupation forces tore up the visit permit of her father and mother, and prevented them from visiting them, so that the only way is to see her during the trial sessions in Ofer, and later her father died of oppression, pain and disease.

Upon her release from detention in 2014, her health condition worsened, and in addition to lack of vision in her eyes, she faces a lack of movement and speech, and pain in the head and feet.

And her mother explained: “We went with her to specialized doctors, one of whom said that she had only one month to live, if the operation did not happen to her urgently, as CT scans revealed bags of water over the brain, it was she who caused her condition to deteriorate.”

She actually performed the operation, and when she wanted to return to be reviewed at the Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem, the Nazi occupation had prevented her from obtaining a permit, so she tried to enter the city without a permit, and she had that, where she went to the review, then to the Al-Aqsa Mosque to visit him, and she had promised that her Lord would visit the mosque If she gets better.

Ayat did not know what would happen to her, as the occupation soldiers stopped her near Al-Aqsa on September 5, 2016, and asked her for her identity, and she answered that she is from Jerusalem and does not have an identity, recognized her and charged her with trying to stab, which was the accompanying charge in her previous arrests , According to her mother.

The Nazi occupation court sentenced Ayat to five years in prison, in 2017, on charges of trying to carry out an appeal in Jerusalem, after the illegal entry, which the family denies.

From the moment of her arrest, Ayat faces a severe deterioration in her health, as she needs facilities in the bathroom and in performing her simplest tasks, at a time when she is being punished for allegedly delaying the bathroom, without looking at the difficulty of her condition.

According to her mother, she is in urgent need of treatment and constant medical review, especially after the operation of the brain bags, where they put a tube in her head, her body secretes toxic fluids that must be removed, and ensure that the tube does not close in the head.

She emphasized that the occupation authorities are hindering her treatment and referring her to the prison’s medical clinic, as her condition cannot be followed up, and she is at risk of losing her vision completely, after her second eye is tired.

In her speech, she pointed to the failure of official institutions to support and pressure to cure her, pointing out that the captive club had ensured that the operation was carried out to her during her previous arrest with five thousand shekels, but her condition was not followed up after that.

She calls on her mother, by pressing, to enable her daughter Ayat to have the right to treatment, to promote her case so that her condition does not get worse, and to release the Nazi occupation, given the medical reports presented.

Prisoner Ayat Yusef Mahfouz, from Ras al-Jura in Hebron, has been subjected to four arrests, on charges of attempting to challenge Hebron and Jerusalem, facing the risk of losing her entire vision, and a prison sentence of five years, remaining about a year and a half.

The prisoners in Raymond Nazi Camp decide to dissolve the organizational representation


The Palestinian Prisoner Club reported that the prisoners in Raymond detention center decided to dissolve the organizational representation in the detention center, in refusal of the repression and transfer that the prisoners were subjected to in Section(6).

The club said in a press statement that a state of tension prevails in the detainee, and that the sections are still closed, and the prisoners are in the process of elaborating other struggle steps, in the event that the occupation detention administration does not stop the systematic repression that it conducts under the pretext of conducting inspections .

The oppression forces stormed Section (6) in the Raymond Nazi Camp, and transferred (120) prisoners in which they were staying to the Nafha detention center, without allowing them to take any of their belongings or clothes, despite the severe cold .

The Prisoners Club held the Occupation Prison Administration the full responsibility for the lives of the prisoners who were transferred, and all the prisoners in Raymond Nazi Camp.

It is noteworthy that the management of the Nazi occupation camps has escalated from the repression operations since the beginning of last year, and it was the most violent in more than ten years, knowing that the “Raymond” Nazi detention Camp was subjected to a wide repression during the past year, as well as in the “Ofer and the Negev ” detainees .

It is worth mentioning that the number of prisoners in the Raymond detention Nazi Camp facility is approximately 670.

The Nazi occupation announces the arrest of two young men from Jerusalem, allegedly carrying out a stepping operation months ago


The Nazi occupation police announced today, Sunday, that they arrested two young men from the Nazi occupied city of Jerusalem, allegedly for carrying out a dogging operation during the month of March.

 The Nazi occupation police added that today it presented an indictment against the two youths, without revealing the names or details of the two young men.

According to the Nazi occupation police statement, the trapping operation took place during the evening hours of the twenty-seventh of last March, as the operation resulted in the injury of Nazi Jewish settlers, and the operation took place near the Old City in occupied Jerusalem .

The Nazi occupation police indicated that they arrested the two youths at the time and released them at a later time, but after receiving new information, the occupation forces arrested them again last month.

 During their interrogation, it became clear that they tried to carry out a double stabbing and intrusive operation, and the Nazi occupation court extended their detention until the ninth of last month.

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