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This “deal” blatantly enshrines settler colonialism and Zionism

This “deal” blatantly enshrines settler colonialism and Zionism without even a facade of concern for allegedly universal principles of justice

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network joins our voice with that of Palestinians and all people of conscience around the world in rejecting and condemning Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu’s racist, colonialist, so-called “Deal of the Century.” This “deal” blatantly enshrines settler colonialism and Zionism without even a facade of concern for allegedly universal principles of justice, sovereignty, self-determination and international law from which Palestinians are systematically excluded. While we are entirely certain of the utter failure of this “war plan” for occupied Palestine (it is certainly not any form of plan for peace) when confronted with the unified rejection of the Palestinian and Arab peoples and all supporters of justice around the world, we also emphasize the urgency of escalating our struggle to confront Zionism and imperialism and bring about their defeat.  This must mean expanding our campaigns for boycott, divestment and sanctions with material effect; defending Palestinian resistance and advancing the demand for freedom for Palestinian political prisoners.From Balfour to TrumpIt is no surprise that this has been labeled the “Deal of the Century” – after all, it has been for just over 100 years that Palestinians have been fighting back against colonization in their homeland. The division of the Arab world under the Sykes-Picot agreement and British colonialism in Palestine led directly to the Balfour declaration, in which a British lord granted land that was not his – and was, in fact, the land of the indigenous Palestinian people – to the European colonialist Zionist movement. Palestinians were dismissively referenced as nothing more than the “existing non-Jewish communities.” Today, Trump once again speaks with the perspective of an imperial lord, doling out land and property that is not his in the interests of imperial power and its partner, Zionist colonialism. For over a century, however, Balfour’s plan and its disastrous consequences, backed as they have been by imperial power, military might and capitalist billions, have failed on the rocky shoals of Palestinian existence and resistance, steadfast in all forms, from intifada until intifada, with a revolutionary vision of liberation that propels the struggle to continue for victory against all the forces of reaction, racism and repression. Electioneering with Palestinian BloodOf course, the show in the White House today – attended by a slew of notorious, right-wing Zionists, including billionaire political donor Sheldon Adelson, sitting in the front row after bankrolling Trump’s campaign, and genocide promoter Brooke Goldstein of the Lawfare Project, responsible for repeated frivolous lawsuits targeting professors, students and people of conscience who speak about Palestine – was also a campaign moment for its ultra-right hosts, Trump and Netanyahu. The fact that this colonial celebration was also backed by fellow Israeli politician Benjamin Gantz highlights the fact that Zionist political competition is only over how to manage the theft of Palestinian land and the taking of Palestinian lives, rather than over the nature of the state itself. Netanyahu was indicted for corruption today, while Trump is under impeachment and facing growing popular demands for real change, like Medicare for All, free public education and ending endless wars, that imperil his re-election campaign. The distraction from these failing politicians’ electoral crises, however, threatens a very real price for the millions of Palestinians who are threatened by their edicts as they seek to legitimize the ongoing apartheid, land confiscation, home demolitions, mass incarceration, extrajudicial execution, siege on Gaza, denial of refugees’ right to return, ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem and many more ongoing war crimes and crimes against humanity. This international electoral sideshow is not simply a display for the cameras; it is built on a foundation of Palestinian blood.The Colonial Alliance: Imperialism, Zionism, Arab reactionThe announcement of the “deal” once again laid bare that Palestinians continue to face the same enemy camp that they have confronted from the earliest days of the struggle: imperialism, Zionism and Arab reaction, with Zionism taking the form of both the Israeli settler-colonial project itself and the Zionist movement that backs it with political and economic support and alliances with Western imperialist powers. Trump and Netanyahu boasted of the presence of the ambassadors of Bahrain, Oman and the UAE at the press conference, the latest reflection of the involvement of these reactionary regimes and their kings and princes not only in slaughtering the people of Yemen but in wholeheartedly siding with their imperialist sponsors to attack the Palestinian cause, at the heart of any movement for Arab liberation. Of course, U.S. imperialism is the leading force of terror and destruction in the world. All of the numerous references to “fighting terrorism” in Trump and Netanyahu’s speeches are, in fact, demands for utter surrender from not only the Palestinian people, but the people of the world, who they demand be forbidden from fighting back against the powerful states that confiscate their land, resources and wealth. The vision of this “plan” is not restricted to Palestine alone, but aims to serve as a blueprint for imperialist domination of the region and ongoing Zionist regional hegemony, even as those face a growing crisis as popular and political forces resist and overcome reactionary invasions, sanctions and other attacks.Apartheid as a solutionThe so-called “deal of the century” promotes the annexation of illegal Israeli colonial settlements, the confiscation of the fertile land of the Jordan Valley, complete denial of sovereignty over the skies and the seas for the indigenous people of Palestine and the construction of a complex network of tunnels and roads under complete Israeli security control for Palestinians to move back and forth between their isolated Bantustans. The “recognition of Israel as a Jewish state” is nothing more than a demand for official recognition of racism, permanent inequality for Palestinians and justification for ethnic cleansing. It views Jerusalem as a mosque for “Muslims to visit” rather than a thriving Palestinian and Arab city under occupation. It demands “demilitarized” Palestinians, while the Israeli military, backed by U.S. military aid of $3.8 billion annually and serving as one of the largest U.S. proxy forces in the region, continues its domination. Trump’s deal is a blueprint for apartheid as a solution and, in many ways, a reflection of the current reality in Palestine. It underlines once more the failure of the so-called “peace process” and the dead-end of the “two-state solution.” In reality, the best response to Trump, Netanyahu and the Zionist-imperialist regime in Palestine is the decolonization and total liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea, the dismantling of the Zionist colony and the construction of a truly just future.A Vision for Capitalist ExploitationImperialism is a capitalist project, and this is incredibly clear in the lengthy document establishing Trump’s vision for how exactly this particular form of apartheid should be financed and constructed in order to make Palestinian labor and resources most friendly to the exploitation of Zionist and international capital. It repeatedly demands of its envisioned Palestinian Bantustans that they must be “business-friendly,” welcoming to “multinational corporations” and “foreign direct investment.” They are also ordered to protect “private property” – while the private property of Palestinians confiscated by Zionist forces in the Nakba remains stolen without justice, return or even compensation. Not only is the Trump “plan” an attempt to liquidate Palestinian struggle for national liberation, it is equally an attack on the ongoing Palestinian struggle for social and economic liberation, attempting to stamp out the vision of a Palestinian and Arab socialist future.It must also be noted that while the plan is an appalling affront to any notion of justice or principles of international law and a blatant attempt to put Palestine on the market block for electoral votes for Trump and Netanyahu personally, it is also not a sharp break from but a continuation of U.S. imperialist policy in Palestine and the region more broadly. The apartheid “map” of bantustans accompanying the so-called “plan” bears a striking resemblance to those that have been promoted time and again through the “peace process,” while more Palestinian land is stolen and lives are taken. The demilitarization of Palestine, denial of sovereignty and self-determination, confiscation of air and water rights, promotion of “land swaps” and the use of “state” as an empty term that carries no meaningful independence or self-determination have all been part of the disastrous Oslo process. From Oslo to Trump: End Security CoordinationThe centerpiece of the Trump plan’s demands for Palestinian surrender includes an even more detailed vision of Palestinian agents working on behalf of Israel to criminalize and repress Palestinian resistance. As has been repeatedly observed by Palestinians, the occupier and the colonizer always seeks to create a local entity to carry out the work of the occupier – and then intensifies its further demands for subordination. The Trump-Netanyahu document claims to feign concern for Palestinian judicial independence, while simultaneously demanding intensified repression specific “counter-terror” courts and prosecutions. The Palestinian Authority has, in fact, degraded Palestinian rights, through political detentions, judicial interference and “cybercrimes” prosecutions – as part and parcel of the Palestinian Authority’s “security coordination” with Israel, a process overseen by U.S. military authorities and developed under U.S. training. As we mark the Weeks of Solidarity with Ahmad Sa’adat, we note that this imprisoned Palestinian leader was kidnapped by Israel from a Palestinian Authority jail, where he was held under a security coordination deal under U.S. and British guards. Perhaps the most devastating outcome of the Oslo process has been “security coordination,” under which the PA continues to detain Palestinians and attack the resistance, even while engaging in public political skirmishes with Israeli officials. In order to develop a unified Palestinian resistance to the “Deal of the Century,” there is no more urgent task than bringing an end, once and for all, to PA “security coordination” with Israel and freeing all political prisoners held in PA jails.   Under attack: Prisoners, refugees, ’48 PalestiniansPalestinian prisoners, a core issue in the liberation struggle for Palestinians, are raised in section 15 of the complete Trump plan, in a dismissive context that seems determined to extract political surrender as a requirement to release even one of the 5,000 Palestinians imprisoned by Israel for their involvement in the liberation struggle. “Each prisoner who is released will be required to sign a pledge to promote within their community the benefits of co-existence between Israelis and Palestinians, and to conduct themselves in a manner that models co-existence. Prisoners who refuse to sign this pledge will remain incarcerated,” the document reads. The model of “co-existence” promoted throughout the document means nothing more than surrender and liquidation of the Palestinian people and the enshrinement of Zionist racism, an unacceptable condition for any Palestinian jailed as a struggler for freedom. It specifically excludes “Israeli citizens,” specifically those Palestinians of ’48 imprisoned for their role in fighting for the liberation of their land and people – just as these prisoners face a renewed attack by Naftali Bennett, intended to impose impoverishment and collective punishment on their families as they languish behind bars. This is far from the only disturbing content in Trump’s plan for Palestinians in ’48 – not only does the “recognition of Israel as a Jewish state” exclude these 1.2 million citizens, but its inclusion of “land swaps” for “populated and unpopulated areas” appears to envision a mechanism for the Zionist regime to transfer its unwanted Palestinian population – and their citizenship – to the isolated and subjugated Bantustans it promotes.The entire Palestinian population – in occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank, besieged Gaza, colonized ’48 and in exile and diaspora in the camps and around the world – are under attack in this plan. The plan’s section on “Refugees” erases the existence of the Nakba, creates a false equivalence between Palestinian refugees and Jewish Arabs (rather than seeing both properly as peoples victimized by Zionism and colonialism) in which they can be exchanged for one another and attempts to obscure by all means the fact that Palestinian refugees remain refugees today, even those who have obtained citizenship elsewhere, excluded from their homeland and their right to return home, because of the systematic Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestine, the Nakba of 1947-1948. Palestinian refugees do need civil and human rights in their countries of refuge, but those will never be accomplished through alliances with the very states and entities perpetrating their ongoing dispossession and exclusion in violation of international law and fundamental principles of justice. Instead, Palestinian refugees need their civil, human, social and economic rights so that they can live their lives and fully participate in the struggle for the liberation of their occupied homeland, from the river to the sea, and in the struggle for the liberation of the entire region from the yoke of reaction and imperialism. Confronting the comprehensive attack on Palestinian resistanceFinally, we note that at the core of this so-called “plan” is a comprehensive attack on Palestinian resistance and the Palestinian people’s right to struggle by all means to liberate their occupied homeland and obtain freedom from colonialism. Liberation struggle is recast as “terrorism” by the states responsible for terrorizing the peoples of the world in their drive for complete control over resources and wealth. The Palestinian people have created and built their liberation movements to struggle in all forms, and it is those resistance movements and revolutionary forces that have obtained every victory achieved by the Palestinian people through over 70 years of struggle. The demand for Palestinian “demilitarization” amid intense Zionist militarism is nothing more than a demand for surrender and liquidation. The casting of Palestinian resistance organizations as “terror groups” is a malicious smear that is meant to confuse people around the world. Almost every liberation struggle in the world includes armed struggle as part of a comprehensive program of resistance to colonization, from Vietnam, to Algeria, to South Africa, to the fight to end slavery and achieve Black liberation in the U.S. The same is true of the Palestinian resistance. If we are to fight back against the agenda expressed in the Trump-Netanyahu “plan,” we must fight back against every attempt to label Palestinian resistance as “terror.” This means fighting to scrap so-called “terror lists” and designations that label Palestinian freedom fighters as terrorists in the U.S., Canada, European Union, Britain and elsewhere. These types of laws serve to repress Palestinian diaspora and solidarity organizing around the world and attempt to isolate those Palestinians who sacrifice the most to defend their land and people from apartheid and colonialism. Over 5,000 Palestinians are imprisoned under the false label of “terror,” while states that justify regime change wars through appeals to “democracy” exclude democratically supported Palestinian leaders by applying the “terror” label.European complicity in anti-Palestinian repressionRight now, Palestinian grassroots and non-governmental organizations are facing a new European Union policy demanding that they sign agreements that no one associated with any of the Palestinian major political parties are involved with their work and their programs, even at the most public of political levels. Israeli officials like Minister of Strategic Affairs Gilad Erdan (the so-called “anti-BDS minister” – who also runs the Israel Prison Administration – travels the world to smear organizations that fight for Palestinian rights and defend Palestinian prisoners, all with vague allegations of “connections” to major political parties slapped with the bogus “terror” label. If the European Union and other parties claim to want a just alternative to the Trump-Netanyahu surrender demand, they can begin by ending this anti-democratic attack on Palestinian human rights and political expression. They can continue further by ending the ongoing attempts to criminalize and repress organizing for the boycott of Israeli apartheid in Germany, Austria and elsewhere in Europe. These repressive attacks violate the rights of Palestinian communities in Europe and of all people concerned for justice to uphold basic human rights principles against apartheid. Today’s announcement made clear to many that Trump and Netanyahu promote apartheid as a solution. For every one of those people, the first response should be clear: Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, and the international isolation of Israel.Toward the Liberation of PalestineThe grotesque Netanyahu-Trump spectacle in Washington, D.C., in the end, changes nothing. It provides us with a document of their envisioned blueprint, a reflection of the realities that Palestinians are confronting on a daily basis. Trump and Netanyahu have no authority to alter international law or legitimize colonialism, apartheid and ethnic cleansing, and we are certain that the unified strength and resistance of the Palestinian people will once again bring this “plan” crashing down on the shores of defeat. We cannot, however, be silent or ignore this latest attack. The strategic alliance of our enemies is clear: imperialism, Zionism, Arab reactionary forces. Now is the time to build our strategic alliance for a future of freedom and justice from the river to the sea: working together to stand for a vision of the total liberation of Palestine – and, indeed, the liberation of the world. Now is the time to build our movements, strengthen our alliances, and escalate the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement to the international isolation of Israel. It is also perhaps more urgent than ever to defend the Palestinian resistance, whose very right to struggle for freedom is facing a severe and comprehensive attack.As Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network, we also emphasize the critical importance of escalating campaigns everywhere to free the 5,000 Palestinian political prisoners held in Israeli jails, many subject to severe torture. These are the leaders of the Palestinian liberation movement and the Palestinian people and securing their freedom is essential to the liberation of Palestine.Just as we stand to confront Trump and Netanyahu, we must also stand with those who defend indigenous sovereignty against U.S., Canadian and Australian settler colonialism, with the Black Liberation movement, with all those in the Arab world who struggle for justice and confront reactionary regimes, with those fighting for justice for migrants and refugees and against racism and oppression in all forms, with workers on the picket lines and organizing for justice,  with Venezuela, Cuba and all of the people in Latin America fighting to defend their land from rapacious imperialism and right-wing coup forces, with the people of the Philippines resisting killings and repression, with the movements on the streets of India defending people’s rights against fascist attacks, with those fighting to bring down the sanctions devastating the people of Iran, with all of the movements, peoples and nations who confront imperialism, exploitation and injustice. Every victory for the struggles of the people, every defeat for imperialism is also a victory for Palestine. We will celebrate them together in Jerusalem, the liberated capital of Palestine.From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free! 

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Saudi Zio-Wahhabi leader and ‘Muslim’ religious leaders visit Au$chwitz

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Saudi Zio-Wahhabi Mohammad al-I$$a, secretary general of the ‘Muslim’ World League and a former minister, leads prayers next to the memorial monument at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Saudi Zio-Wahhabi senior ‘Muslim’ leader visited Auschwitz with a delegation from the American Zionist Committee(AZC).

Zio-Wahhabi Mohammed al-I$$a, joined a delegation of Saudi Zio-Wahhabi puppets from several countries at the site of the former Nazi camp on Thursday, just days before International Holocau$t Remembrance Day.

Speaking in front of the international monument on the grounds of the memorial site, al-I$$a called Holocau$t atrocities a “crime against humanity.”. What about the Zionist crimes in Palestine?

Al-I$$a, who is considered to be close associate of Saudi Zio-Wahhabi puppet Mohammed bin Shalom, made a visit to the U.S. Holocau$t Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., in May 2018, after which he wrote that “Muslims around the world have a responsibility to learn” about the Holocau$t.

The visit to Auschwitz grew out of a Memorandun of Understanding signed  between al-Issa and American Zionist (AZC) Committee CEO David Harris which codified the commitment of the two organizations to further Saudi Zio-Wahhabi-Zionist understanding and cooperate against racism and extremism in all its forms.

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Nazi regime tests new rocket propulsion system

The Nazi regime has successfully tested a rocket propulsion system for the second time in two months, the country’s Defence Ministry confirmed on Friday, adding that the test took place at a military base in central Israel.

“The test was conducted at a military base in central Israel,” the ministry said.
The military noted that the test was scheduled in advance and was carried out as planned.

The Nazi regime previously test a rocket propulsion system last December with Iran claiming it was a test of a nuclear weapon aimed at Tehran.

​Nazi regime and the United States held successful tests of their advanced Arrow 3 missile defence system in Alaska. The Arrow 3 weapon system, co-developed by Israel Aerospace Industries and Boeing, is in particular capable of intercepting missiles outside the atmosphere.

The Nazi missile defence forces are armed with Patriot and Arrow weapon systems or previous modifications, as well as with the Iron Dome missile defence system, which is capable of intercepting short-range projectiles and rockets like Palestinian Grad or Qassam rockets.

The David’s Sling missile defence system is capable of intercepting missiles with a range from 70 to 300 kilometres (43-186 miles).

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Palestine Solidarity Campaign AGM 2020 – an exercise in futility

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

For the Socialist Action leadership of PSC the last 4 years of fake ‘anti-Semitism’ smears and the defeat of Jeremy Corbyn did not happen

One of the few highlights of last Saturday’s AGM of Palestine Solidarity Campaign was the excellent speech of Omar Barghouti, co-founder of PACBI (the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel) and a co-founder of the BDS movement.

Almost alone Omar denounced the IHRA for branding BDS and solidarity with the Palestinians as anti-Semitic.  Fortunately Omar didn’t stay for the rest of the day

Clearly someone hadn’t briefed Omar properly because the first thing he said was that the last time he spoke at PSC’s AGM (2012) the session had been chaired by none other than a certain Jeremy Corbyn! Prior to becoming leader of the Labour Party Corbyn had attended every AGM for a decade. He spoke, chaired and participated in sessions

Jeremy Corbyn is now a non-person in PSC – never to be mentioned

Omar had obviously not been made aware that Jeremy had become a non-person in PSC since being elected Leader. You could search the Annual Report and Plan 2019 without coming across a single mention of him. Of the General Election defeat in December?  No mention either. Indeed the first mention of Corbyn is in Resolution 5 by Brighton and Hove PSC.

It is as if Corbyn had never existed. And this is understandable. Because when you are seeking the approval and attention of Lisa Nandy and Emily Thornberry and others on the right of the Labour Party you have to keep your distance from people like Corbyn and even more so Chris Williamson

PSC AGM 2020

The fact that the Zionists were congratulating themselves at how effective their smear campaign had been just proved that it was better to say nothing. With all the ‘logic’ of a child, PSC Executive believes that if you say nothing about something then it doesn’t exist.

When I spoke in the debate (if that’s the right word) on the Annual Report, I remarked that the wonderful thing about PSC Conference is that it operates in a parallel universe. It’s like living in a bubble.  However bad things are on the outside of the conference hall, everything is going fantastically and according to plan inside

The Board of Deputies supported Israeli snipers mowing down unarmed Palestinian demonstrators – children and medics included

The repeated attempts of the Board of Deputies and the Zionists to ban our meetings? Doesn’t happen. Zionism has been abolished. Indeed Zionism never existed. You can search the Executive documents and there isn’t a single mention of the dreaded words ‘Zionism’ and ‘Zionist’.

It is as if Israel, for reasons unknown, has chosen to be beastly to the Palestinians. Perhaps the weather in that part of the world makes people horrible. What happens to the Palestinians has nothing to do with a Zionist movement, which doesn’t exist. There is no logic behind the dispossession of the Palestinians. Unsurprisingly some people then conclude that it’s because of something inherent in ‘Jewishness’

After all Israel is a Jewish state and nothing PSC has ever said contradicts that fact or brings into question Israel’s self-description.

Below I include a redacted transcript of an email conversation I had after the AGM with someone who attended it. As you can see, he didn’t seem to get the difference between ‘Jews’ and ‘Zionists’. This email correspondence demonstrates one thing – the appalling level of political consciousness in PSC.

The BOD supported Israeli snipers being used to prevent Palestinians returning to their homeland

PSC Executive and those who control it have deliberately discouraged any form of political education within PSC. I cannot remember, within living memory, PSC nationally ever sponsoring a tour by an Israeli or Jewish anti-Zionist. There is no attempt to provide any explanation for what is happening in Palestine bar the crudest nationalist formulations. 

There is no analysis of the Zionist movement in Britain and who it is or what it does. Not once has PSC called out the Board of Deputies for what they are, a bunch of racists reactionaries whose primary concerns are support for Israel

From Socialist Action’s web site – the only time they come out of hiding

When I say ‘those who control it’ I am referring to the subterranean quasi Stalinist group Socialist Action and the other offshoots of the long gone International Marxist Group, such as the Communist League. SA are unique on the left in having virtually no open or public presence, no paper, just a web site and an occasional email list

A Nike sweatshop in Shenzhen – Socialist Action sees this as the future of socialism

Yet despite this they managed to insert themselves, firstly into the inner circles of Ken Livingstone when he was at the GLC and then into Corbyn’s inner circle. They are a group whose chief theoretician, John Ross, seriously believes that the sweatshops of Shenzin and the concentration camps for one million Uighurs are examples of socialism rather than an authoritarian form of state directed capitalism.

Although there was no mention of the defeat of Corbyn there is little doubt that the effects of that defeat took their toll. The conference was without doubt more right-wing than last year. Whereas last year, when I stood for Secretary against SA’s Ben Soffa I obtained nearly 40% of the vote, this year I obtained 22%

A concentration camp for Uighurs – to Socialist Action this is socialism in action

Both motions on the IHRA Definition of ‘Anti-Semitism’ went down to defeat. It is crystal clear that PSC Executive/Socialist Action have accepted defeat on the issue. This was summed up by Jonathan Rosenhead of Jewish Voice for Labour who said we have to accept defeat and move on. Whilst this might make some tactical sense in terms of the 150 Councils that have adopted the IHRA, at least temporarily, it makes no sense more generally.

This defeatism is wholly counterproductive. The IHRA is the main weapon, not only of the Zionists, but the ruling class in its attempt to outlaw free speech on Palestine and Zionism. It is about British foreign policy in the Middle East

Corbyn with Shami Chakrabarti – they allowed Ruth Smeeth – Labour MP for the CIA to dominate proceedings with her fake tears and wounded ego

The IHRA is being used by Trump to tar BDS with the label of ‘anti-Semitism’ in the United States and in Germany by the Bundestag. The fact that the neo-Nazis in the Bundestag wanted to go even further than the CDU/SPD/Greens and make BDS illegal should have provided PSC with ammunition to counter those who alleged ‘anti-Semitism’. The neo-Nazi AfD declared that they were ‘‘Israel’s one true friend in parliament’

The fact is that the Palestine solidarity movement simply cannot afford to accept defeat on the IHRA and move on. What it means is accepting decisions such as that of Tower Hamlets Mayor, New Labour’s John Biggs, on Holocaust Memorial Day to ban a meeting by Stand Up To Racism because it included Glynn Secker, National Secretary of JVL

This was the notice that the Board of Deputies placed in the Jewish Chronicle the week before the Cable Street demonstration when the fascists were prevented from marching through the East End of London – their concern about ‘antisemitism’ took second place to their support for the Metropolitan Police and the Home Secretary

It is disgraceful that SUTR/SWP disinvited Glynn as a result of the Board of Deputies intervention thus accepting that the Zionists can dictate who our speakers are allowed to be. Groups like the SWP claim to be ‘revolutionary’ and yet they surrender without a whimper.

Ironically PSC Executive and local Tower Hamlet’s activist Sybil Cock was boasting of their work in Tower Hamlets. Last year the Council’s Mayor refused to allow the Altab Ali park, named after a victim of racists, as a rallying point for the Big Ride for Palestine

Stand up to racism stand up to all forms of racism bar Zionism – they don’t want to offend right-wing Jews in Britain – a racist kith and kin argument

What did PSC demand? They asked the Council, not to withdraw support for the IHRA but to add a free speech clause to the policy!

It’s as if you were to ask the BNP to sign a declaration that they won’t discriminate against anyone! The whole point of the IHRA is that it is intended to prevent free speech. Adding a free speech clause is meaningless verbiage as the Labour Party has shown that a similar ‘free speech’ clause is meaningless.

As I tried to stress, although the battle against the IHRA has been lost for the time being in local government it is very much a live issue in universities.  To abandon the fight against it, and I hope that Jonathan Rosenhead’s views don’t represent JVL, is irresponsible and political cowardice.

Some universities have adopted the definition (UCL) and some haven’t (SOAS, Bristol). Given that the lecturers union UCU is the only trade union to oppose the IHRA there is a good basis for an alliance amongst students and academics in opposition to the IHRA. I suggested that PSC call a demonstration on the campuses of any university which adopts the IHRA and that in the meantime it sets in train a campaign with academics and students.

But for PSC/Socialist Action the IHRA is no longer a priority. They are perfectly happy to allow the Zionists (a banned word in PSC) to use this weapon unchallenged.

The other curious incident was concerning trade union support for the IHRA. Their international officer, in fact there are 3, twice denied to PSC AGM my assertion that Unite supports the IHRA. Yet the Unite branch that I was representing had been told clearly and unequivocally that Unite has endorsed the IHRA. On 27th August 2019 I received the following from the General Secretary, Len McLuskey:

With regards to IHRA, Unite’s position is to support the Labour Party’s stance on this.

I don’t see how much clearer Len could have been.

McCluskey, Len
Tue, 27 Aug 2019, 16:34

Dear Tony

We have met with JVL and Gail Cartmail, Assistant General Secretary, acts on behalf of myself and Unite in terms of any liaising/involvement; so my “promise” has been honoured, long ago.

With regards to IHRA, Unite’s position is to support the Labour Party’s stance on this.

Please feel free to contact Gail if you have any further issues.

General Secretary
Unite the Union / Unite House / 128 Theobald’s Road / Holborn / London  WC1X 8TN

The UNISON delegate also stated that UNISON didn’t support the IHRA which is an outright lie. My branch was informed months ago that the Executive did support it.  Dave Prentis was fawning around Adam Langleben of the JLM when he lost his council seat in 2018.

What is clear is that all the trade union representatives on Labour’s National Executive supported the IHRA. What this is really about is that PSC Executive are refusing to challenge the trade union leaders on the issue of the IHRA, despite Stan Keable having been sacked by Hammersmith & Fulham Council for exercising his right to free speech. This too is in line with Socialist Action’s ‘strategy’ of sweet talking rather than politically challenging the trade union bureaucracy

PSC AGM 2020

Essentially the trade union leaders, craving respectability, sought to solve the ‘anti-Semitism crisis’ by caving in to every demand of the Zionist Board of Deputies. They supported the IHRA despite the fact that it impinges on the rights of their own members. They supported it despite their own pro-Palestinian policy including support of BDS, which the IHRA deems ‘anti-Semitic’.

At the PSC trade union conference last October I was asked to leave the conference because I was handing out leaflets on the IHRA. Ben Jamal, the Director of PSC, wrote to Brighton and Hove PSC refusing to incorporate the IHRA as part of the agenda of the conference.

The next major campaign, and an emergency motion to that effect was passed, commits PSC to resisting the new Tory Government proposals to make BDS illegal in the public and statutory sector. The withdrawal of investments by Councils, Pension Funds, Universities or any public body from companies because they want to boycott Israel will be illegal.

My fear is that any campaign that PSC are involved in is destined to be a failure. That much was made clear when it was announced that PSC had taken part in a meeting of 35 unnamed organisations already. The theme Ben Soffa announced would be the threat to freedom of speech.

I made the point that the main thrust of our opposition to the government proposals is not on the grounds of free speech (it is difficult to see how it prevents free speech except in the American sense) but on the threat to international solidarity. Not only would the government proposals have made the Boycott of South Africa illegal (as Margaret Thatcher did at the time) but it would also have made the Jewish Boycott of Nazi Germany illegal. This is the best answer to the Zionist charge of ‘anti-Semitism’.

Boycott has an honourable history in Britain from the Boycott of Slave Grown Sugar, to the Boycott of English Land Agents and Rackateers in Ireland (hence the name) to the Jewish Boycott of Nazi Germany and the Boycott of South Africa. The Tories, who are perfectly happy to work with racist and repressive regimes are, understandably concerned at any threat to profitability.

Such a campaign offers great potential to actually legitimise BDS and put it on the map but with the dead hand of PSC behind it, it is difficult to see how any campaign led by PSC will be a success.

In 1933 all over the world Jews and others began a massive boycott of Nazi Germany. Without doubt it made the Nazis worried as Germany was an export driven economy and the Boycott was hitting them hard. For June 1933 exports were down by 68% compared to May.  For the first 6 months of 1933 exports were down by 51%, which given the Boycott didn’t kick in till late March was remarkable. There was a real chance the Nazi regime could be overthrown but it was this that worried them. The accession of the Nazis had been seen by the Zionist leaders as a ‘great opportunity’ for the Zionist movement in Ben Gurion’s words.

The Zionists therefore refused to support the Boycott and instead negotiated a trade agreement, Ha’avara with the Nazis, whose purpose was to destroy the Boycott, which it did. This is the basis of the accusation that Zionism collaborated with the Nazis.

The Zionists are consistent in their opposition to Boycott (unless it’s Iran!). However many people won’t see it that way. Ben Soffa’s fatuous point that the Boycott of Nazi Germany was not about Council investment is wrong. In the ‘30’s the demand was that everyone, including public institutions, should refrain from buying German goods. The parallels with Israel could not be more exact.

There was one surprise in the elections. The long standing but otherwise unknown Campaigns Officer Steve Bell was ousted by BDS activist Adie Mormech. I suspect that Adie will either be incorporated into the overall culture or left stranded.

A motion on opposition to Zionism by ultra Maoists wasn’t taken because the proposer wasn’t present, which is a pity, since it would have made an interesting debate!

The most absurd motion that I’ve ever read, which was in the end remitted to the Executive, along with an amendment of mine which deleted most of the resolution, came from Camden PSC and Sabby Sagall.  It seriously proposed adopting the definition of anti-Semitism from the Zionist thug group otherwise known as the Community Security Trust.

I also proposed a resolution on opposition to 2 States. It should be clear today with Israel about to annex much of the West Bank, having been given the green light by Trump, that the two state solution is dead (if it has ever been alive). The response from PSC Executive was that it is for the Palestinians not us to decide.

What this means in practice is hiding PSC’s tacit support for 2 States using the Palestinians as their firewall. It is of course a pretext since the Palestinians aren’t in a position to decide anything. In any case it is irrelevant.

It is absolutely clear that Palestinian opinion has swung decisively against 2 States. Only the Quisling administration of Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah still supports (in theory anyway) 2 states. The job of a solidarity organisation is different from that of a national liberation movement (which unfortunately the Palestinians do not posses).

Our job as a solidarity organisation is to persuade people and organisations to support the Palestinians and oppose Zionism. The first question people ask is what do we want, what is the ideal solution, what are we aiming for.

Given a situation where there is today one Greater Israel the demand for one state, where everyone has equal political, religious and civil rights, is not only obvious to anyone but PSC but it shows that the Zionists’ main objection is to a democratic, non-racist state.  However PSC is more concerned with accommodating the trade union leaders who wish to both support the Palestinians and not fall out with the Zionists.

When I introduced the resolution I stressed that 2 States is an Apartheid solution. Can anyone imagine the Anti-Apartheid Movement 30 years ago supporting 2 states – one for Whites and one for Blacks ?  Yet that is effectively the position of PSC. It is no wonder that it rejects any mention of the word ‘Zionism’ because it might be forced to conclude that the Israeli state is an illegitimate state. Instead support for the two state solution means that PSC can call Israel ‘apartheid’ without specifying what that means in terms of the replacement (if any) for the Zionist state.

As the title of this piece indicates, PSC AGM is an exercise in futility. It is pointless because there is no serious debate on the Annual Report and Plan which are nodded through. There is no mechanism for amending them. PSC Executive is the nearest to a self-perpetuating oligarchy. Because the leadership wants to keep their control over PSC they want an organisation which says nothing politically and has a sterile political culture. 

PSC is intellectually bankrupt. It takes no part in the many debates over Palestine and Zionism that have occurred over the years because the group which control it, Socialist Action, also have nothing to say on Palestine apart from mindless slogans.

The question which I asked the AGM remains unanswered namely what is the purpose of PSC? Presumably not merely to educate and inform British people and win the labour movement to its side but to translate that support into political effectiveness. Yet today there isn’t one MP, bar Corbyn himself, who is a patron of PSC. There are no MPs willing to support BDS openly. The one MP who was prepared to stand up and oppose Zionism, Chris Williamson, was abandoned and received no support from PSC. And Baroness Jenny Tonge was abandoned at last year’s conference when she came under attack from the ‘antisemitism’  smear campaign.

When PSC decided to abstain from the ‘anti-Semitism’ witch hunt and to say nothing about the attacks of the Zionists on Corbyn they demonstrated how futile and purposeless is the organisation. Corbyn was the most pro-Palestinian leader any major political party has ever had. It was inevitable that he would be the victim of a Zionist ambush. It was the duty of PSC to speak out against the Zionist dirty tricks brigade.  Instead they said nothing and in a letter to Brighton and Hove PSC, Ben Jamal stated that it had been decided not to give support for individual ‘disciplinary cases’.

The expulsions of Jackie Walker, Marc Wadsworth and myself were not disciplinary but political. The same goes for the suspension and expulsion of hundreds of others. Even when Electronic Intifada journalist Asa Winstanley was suspended for having written things offensive to the Jewish Labour Movement, PSC Executive and their officers said nothing, not even about the spiteful and vindictive decision to deny him a press pass.

If I was in the Zionist Federation I would go down on my hands and knees every day and give thank for the fact that Palestine Solidarity Campaign are so supine and timid. If I was of a conspiratorial bent….

Tony Greenstein

An Exchange of Emails with an Antisemitic Member of PSC

Below is an example of how the low level of political consciousness fostered by PSC leads to anti-Semitism.  If it is not Zionism and settler colonialism that is to blame for the plight of the Palestinians then it must be ‘the Jews’. This is the line of Gilad Atzmon, the well known anti-Semite.  Michael Rabb contacted me to explain how he had supported my amendment ‘to stand up to the Jews’ even though I had not moved any such amendment!

Suffice to say my patient attempts to explain the difference between Jews and Zionists did not make an impression. Michael was quite flattered when I said that I intended to quote him on a blog. He responded that no one had ever quoted him before.  I was tempted to say that I wasn’t surprised!

Michael also copied for my approval a clearly anti-Semitic cartoon of a ‘typical Jew’. It’s the kind of cartoon (of Muslims) that the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism are well known for.

Like Atzmon Michael ended up concluding that I was a ‘Zionist’!

Dear Tony,
I was on the other side of the aisle yesterday but I waved my red voting card in support of your amendment to stand up to the Jews and this awful IHRA campaign to smear the struggle for free Palestine as anti-semitic.

We have actually met (last February, attended some kind of show with XXX).

Anyway would like to offer my support for any actions or campaigns you are generating to confront this present day Jewish McCarthyism.  Speaking only for myself as an old bald homeless amurikan “anti-semite”, we must stand up to this campaign of intimidation.
I attach a cartoon I drew a couple of years ago and an article I just wrote about fighting back.
in solidarity, End Israel, Free Palestine,

Fight Back

Michael Rabb, London, January 22, 20

Last night I attended a meeting at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies) at London University in Bloomsbury.  The meeting was sponsored by the SOAS Palestinian Society and was titled ‘BDS, Boris and IHRA’s Attack on Free Speech’.  Asa Winstanley of Electronic Intifada and Neve Gordon of Queen Mary University of London were the panelists.

To start Asa sketched the current state of the BDS campaign and where it may go in the future.  Neve delved into the politics of the recent election and what a threat the IHRA’s (International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance)  definition of anti-semitism is to free speech and to the BDS movement and to the Palestine liberation struggle.

Neve made the basic point that the accusation of “antisemitism” used by Israel to attack the BDS was a very real threat to the movement for free Palestine.  He called zionism a ‘genius’ movement and said the BDS movement had been set back by the “anti-semitic strategy” used by Israel and it’s supporters and is in trouble.   He cited the Labour Party’s catastrophic loss as an example of how effective the smear of anti-semitism was chilling debate and stopping criticism of Israel.  He called on the movement and particularly young people to develop an effective response.  He said it was a grave mistake to underestimate one’s opponent.

There were several proposals from the attendees as to how to cope with Israel’s and the Jews’ anti-semitism accusation strategy.   They included forming alliances and coalitions with other causes and activist groups and seeking like-minded Israelis as cohorts in the struggle.

Finally towards the end of the discussion, I offered an ‘American’ point of view.  

The current politics of anti-semitism are similar to the red scare and McCarthyism intimidation in the USA in the 1950s.  McCarthy deemed himself the high priest of what was American, and communism was un-American. Blacklists and ostracism flourished and guilt by association ruled the day.  The progressive-socialist movement in America was effectively shut down.  You can’t even say the word communism in the USA.

The lesson learned from the political dialogue of the 50s is that it does no good to shrink away and be intimidated by the bullying and demagogic bigotry.

Compliance with and appeasement of the zionists is fundamentally dishonest.  Signing the IHRA definition of anti-semitism which includes criticism of Israel and zionism as “anti-semitism” betrays the struggle for free Palestine.  It’s dishonest because it validates the false premise that criticism of a state or a people is racist and cannot be based on objective moral and legal reasons.

Anti-semitism like all racism is a form of bigotry or hatred that belittles and disparages a group of people because of some innate trait or intrinsic characteristic.   But BDS doesn’t attack Israel or Jews because of who they are.   BDS attacks Israel because of what it is doing.  This is precisely why the anti-semitism accusation is false.  It is not racist or anti-semitic to demand that criminals stop doing the crime of genocide.

As with the smear of “communism” in the USA, the false accusation of anti-semitism is relentless.

Trying to appease or pacify racism only encourages it.

What must be recognized in the struggle for free Palestine is that this is fundamentally a war of Jews against the Palestinians.  Zionism is the Jewish project to build a Jew sate in Palestine using crimes against humanity to accomplish its purpose:  genocide, ethnic cleansing and apartheid.

BDS is just one strategy the Palestinians are using in their struggle against the Jews — but importantly BDS announces it’s intention:  “end the occupation of ALL Arab lands.”  This is not just a throw away term.  It is requisite to Palestinian freedom.  This does not mean ethnically cleansing Jews from Palestine, but it necessarily means dismantling the Jewish state and regime change.

I made the observation that in standing up to this zionist IHRA construct of anti-semitism, that we had to be willing to say “End Israel”.  And that being explicitly anti-zionist was critically part of the struggle for free Palestine.  You can’t be shy about what the struggle and the BDS movement are really about.  If we are; if we try to appease the zionists and accept the definition of anti-semitism as criticism of Israel, we are doomed to defeat.

And here’s the logical extension and key to fighting back against this dishonest anti-semitism attack:  you must acknowledge and be honest that in announcing the objective of ending the Jewish state, you recognize that the struggle is fundamentally posed against the Jews.  Yes, ‘the Jews’, the vast majority of whom are zionist and support Israel and it’s continued existence.  Anti-Jew in this context and by the INRA (International Nakba Remembrance Alliance) definition is not anti-semitic!   It simply recognizes who is doing the genocide against the people of Palestine.


Tony Greenstein26 Jan 2020, 17:46 (3 days ago)

Hi Michael,
Sorry we didn’t chat.  You talk about ‘stand(ing) up to the Jews.’  I am Jewish.  Boris Johnson and Eric Pickles, to name but 2 aren’t Jewish.  It is really important not to pose the issues as one’s of a conflict between religious groups.  Zionists are both Jewish and non-Jewish and although the Zionists claim to speak on behalf of all Jews these claims should not be accepted.
Likewise your reference to   ‘ confront(ing) this present day Jewish McCarthyism’. This McCarthyism is unfortunately coming from a broad swathe of the Right in this country who are shamelessly using Jews as a stick to beat supporters of Palestine.
Your cartoon is of a typical Jew which poses the issues in exactly the wrong way.  This is a problem of PSC avoiding the use of the term ‘Zionist’ but it is important not to drive Jews into the arms of the Zionists or accept their claims.
Thanks for supporting my amendment but I hope you will realise that we need to be theoretically and politically clear against our opponents.

Michael Rabb

26 Jan 2020, 20:54 (3 days ago)
Dear Tony,
yes I know you are a Jew.  as I understand about half the PSC are.  yes there a Jews who stand up to ‘the Jews’ .  but (and I know you know this) the vast (90% ?) of Jews worldwide are zionist.  The Jews support Israel, the Jewish state that is doing the genocide.  I am not posing the issue as a conflict between or among religious groups.  You cited the Board of Deputies yesterday in arguing that we had to fight back !!  I know you know this.  it is baffling as to why you patronize me with this reductionist response to my posit that we must confront the Jews in this struggle against the IHRA definition and campaign against the free Palestine movement.  As Omar said yesterday there’s nothing Jewish about genocide.  but that doesn’t change the fact that Jews are doing genocide.

Likewise, it is Jewish McCarthyism.  In the USA the attack is organized and led by AIPAC and the ADL .  Here I think it’s the CAA (which I think you have some first hand experience with).   Of course the right wing racists and christian zionists, and Islamophobes have joined in but that does not change the the fact that this strategy of using anti-semtism grew from the Israel’s and the Jews’ zionist campaign to counter BDS.

I thought we were on the same wave length in fighting back against this awful Jew-led McCarthyesque campaign to shutdown the BDS movement.
I guessed wrong.

Tony Greenstein

26 Jan 2020, 22:04 (3 days ago)
Dear Michael

I don’t think half PSC are Jewish.  Maybe around 10%. You are posing it as ‘standing up to the Jews’ but it isn’t a Jewish v non-Jewish fight and its wrong to pose it in such a fashion.  Apart from anything else it doesn’t help people understand who we are fighting. It is irrelevant if the vast majority of Jews worldwide are Zionists, though it’s not 90%.  The last time opinion was tested 59% of British Jews said they were Zionists.  The reason its wrong is that it obscures who the fight is really against.  And that is imperialism the British state etc.

Some of the most vociferous Zionists aren’t Jewish – from Trump to Eric Pickles to Johnson, John Mann etc. This is about imperialism and western interests not an ethnic identity. It is therefore completel wrong to describe it as an ‘awful Jew-led McCarthyesque campaign’ because its not true.  Boris Johnson’s government isn’t ‘Jew-led’.  It is a racist pro-imperialist government.

The attack on BDS is by western governments who use Jews as the pretext. 

Hence in West Germany the neo-Nazi AfD are the most hostile to BDS.
It is irrelevant if Jews are doing the genocide.  It is not because they are Jews but because they are settler colonialists which is why Omar said there is nothing Jewish about genocide. The Indian army in Kashmir is not Jewish and the fact that it is Hindu is equally irrelevant.

I hope I have made my position explicable because it is a very important point and the comments you made would be used against us if the Zionists ever discovered them


Michael Rabb

27 Jan 2020, 10:14 (2 days ago)

wow !  “It is irrelevant if Jews are doing the genocide.”
please check your Jewishness.
Michael Rabb

27 Jan 2020, 17:59 (2 days ago)

and you need to think about who is doing the genocide and how to stop it.

it’s the Jews.

Tony Greenstein
27 Jan 2020, 17:52 (2 days ago)

What all the Jews?  Would it be different if they were Budhists?  There are actually Israeli Jews who are opposed to what is happening.  A small minority but still a minority.  What is equally important is that those who support them include the largest Zionist organisation in the USA, Christians United 4 Israel, which is 1.4 million strong and the Christian Zionist lobby.

You need to stop thinking in terms of Jews and non-Jews and in terms of social and political forces such as imperialism.

On Mon, Jan 27, 2020 at 18:26 Tony Greenstein <> wrote:

do you have problems with your eyesight? Specsavers do quite good deals these days.

It’s not ‘the Jews’ but the Israeli state which calls itself a Jewish state  which carries out the massacres.  When pogroms were carried out against Catholics in Northern Ireland by Protestants would you have said it was ‘the Protestants’ without any qualification? Northern Ireland, Ulster, called itself a Protestant State and was based on Protestant supremacy.  Are all Protestants thereby tarred with the same brush or do you qualify it by saying Northern Irish Protestants?

I realise that you have difficulty understanding that sometimes labels are deliberately designed to mislead but the claim that the attacks on Palestinians is ‘Jewish’ reinforces Israel’s claim to be a Jewish state representing all Jews.  You don’t actually undermine what they are doing but reinforce it.

The logic, in so far as there is any, of what you are saying is that there should be a war against ‘the Jews’.  I suspect that such idiocy is exactly what the Zionists desire people to advocate and plays into the hands of people like John Mann who say that any support for the Palestinians is ‘antisemitic’

Michael Rabb
Sun, 26 Jan, 16:15 (3 days ago)
But Auschwitz and the extermination? I haven’t heard any rational person argue that Israel is doing the same thing to Palestinians.  — Phil Weiss
Hey Phil,have you heard of the Nakba ?  Genocide is a crime no matter Jews doing it !!check it out .

Phil Weiss’s article is a good one.  Israel is engaged in what Ilan Pappe calls ‘incremental genocide’ but no one is claiming that they are exterminating a whole people as the Nazis tried.
The Nakba was primarily a case of ethnic cleansing not genocide, though it did include a number of serious massacres.  My previous point applies!


Michael Rabb
Sun, 26 Jan, 18:16 (3 days ago)

please refer to the UN convention on genocide (i included) . Incremental or not it’s still genocide. you (phil) are incorrect.  btw what the Nazis did in ww2 is roughly equivalent to what the Jews have done (and are doing) based on % population ‘exterminated’.  


clear enough:  the dreaded zionist epithet comes out … “anti-semitism”.   You show your true allegiance, zionist Tony.

please relax with the passive aggressive zionist responses … it is you who are obviously troubled with your own identity and can’t accept that ‘the Jews’ are doing the crime of genocide to the people of Palestine.  And perhaps this is why you seem to have some trouble understanding what i am saying.   

The first thing that must happen in stopping a crime in progress is identifying the criminal. But you cannot do that:  you adopt some tortured logic that it doesn’t matter who is doing the genocide.  Somehow to call out the criminal actors is racist.

It is the racist Jew state instituted by it’s own law to privilege the 6 million Jews who are carrying out the genocide against the people of Palestine.  In then same way that the German people supported the Nazis in WW2, Jews world wide have been supporting Israel.  It is not a racist thing to say the Turks did it to the Armenians, or the Hutus did it the Tutsis.  and it’s not racist to call out what Jews have been doing to the Palestinians for the last 100 years.  

What the Jews are doing to the Palestinians is genocide. This must be recognized and confronted.  

Again, I do not attack the Jews for their racial identity.  I accuse Jews of perpetrating the crime of genocide.  Like Omar Barghouti said there is nothing Jewish about genocide, ethnic cleansing nor apartheid.  But the Jews in Israel supported by millions of Jews worldwide are doing all three.

And you are ‘zionist’:  you support the survival of Israel. You will not acknowledge the objective of the BDS for Israel to end the occupation of all Arab lands.  This means the ‘state’ Israel must be dismantled, there must be regime change.  You cannot say the words “End Israel”.  Why not?

I am happy to be quoted. (I don’t think anyone has ever bothered to ‘quote’ me before.) Will this be in the vein of appeasing the Jewish McCarthyesque CAA who are leading the charge against BDS as anti-semitism? or will you be delivering an apology to the Board of Deputies?oh, and as long as your quoting me feel free to publish my cartoon highlighting Jew McCarthyism.
again, nothing inherently Jewish about McCarthyism, but Jews are definitely doing it.

we (even if we’re Jews) have to stand up to it!!

not that there is any hope of having a legitimate conversation with you given your Jewish zealotry, and especially now that you have defaulted into patronizing sarcasm,

but one last attempt:

there are 6 million Jews in the only ‘democracy’ in the middle east who are doing genocide against the Palestinians.  We (yes even Jews) need to organize to make them stop.  This includes actions, strategies etc. away from the front lines to counter the very effective Jewish lobby, diaspora, etc. e.g., the IHRA /CAA/AIPAC ETC. Jewish McCarthyism.

here’s a plan:

Step 1:  stop it
Step 2: dialogue — truth and reconciliation forum
Step 3:  apology
Step 4:  new state based on equality
Step 5:  reparations

the first step (see above and please go to spec savers cause you haven’t noticed this even though I put it to you several times) is STOP IT.

it’s not complicated:  end the Jew state.
can you even say those words?
if not you are a zionist.
good luck, Tony.  I know it is so tough dealing with the cognitive dissonance.


the cognitive dissonance is all yours.  You oppose the Israeli state, a Jewish (not Jew) state from a Palestinian perspective but you do so from a racist understanding.

You also have some difficulty in comprehending what I am saying. I don’t know whether its cognitive dissonance or something more serious.

For the last time – it is irrelevant who the perpetrators in Israel are and what they call themselves. Primo Levi, the Auschwitz survivor, described the Palestinians as Israel’s Jews.  I guess you won’t understand that narrative.

Racial supremacy, given the right set of circumstances, can be the role of any group – Jewish, Black, White, Chinese etc. The markers, the badge or identity of the perpetrators are quite irrelevant to what they are doing. 

Attacking them for their ethnic or racial identity is meaningless. Racism isn’t a response to racism.

I am well aware of the population of Israel and I’m surprised that you find it difficult to work out whether I’m a Zionist or not.  Fortunately the Zionists have no such difficulty.

I think those of us who are Jewish anti-Zionists do all we can to oppose Zionism which is why I find your antisemitism counter-productive.  Is that clear enough?

I will be writing and blogging about the PSC AGM and I trust that you have no problem with me quoting your pearls of wisdom?

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Erdogan threatens counter-offensive against Syrian Army in Idlib

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Friday that Ankara may start a military operation in Idlib if the situation in that troubled region was not immediately resolved.

Speaking in Ankara, Erdogan warned that Turkey would be unable to deal with an influx of Syrian refugees who may try to flee to southern Turkey amid the Syrian Army’s ongoing campaign against terrorist militias in Idlib.

“If [the situation] in Idlib does not return to normal, we will proceed with action. We sincerely want stability in Syria. The political process must be implemented quickly and fairly. We will not shy away from doing whatever it takes to achieve this, including using military force,” Erdogan said.

According to the Turkish president, the situation in Syria was “as important” to Ankara as the situation inside Turkey’s own borders. Erdogan also accused “those who support the Syrian regime” of being “committed to continuing the crisis in Syria.”

Two days earlier, Erdogan accused Russia of violating agreements aimed at preserving a status quo ceasefire in the region.

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov responded to the Turkish president’s comments Friday, rejecting Ankara’s insinuation that Moscow had somehow failed to comply with the Sochi Accords on the situation in northern Syria. At the same time, Peskov emphasized that the situation in Idlib, where terrorists continue to be concentrated, is an issue of ‘deep concern’ for Moscow.

“Russia fully complies with all of its obligations under the Sochi agreements regarding the Idlib zone. At the same time, we regret that the situation there still leaves much to be desired. Unfortunately, this area continues to see the concentration of a large number of terrorists who constantly carry out offensives and aggressive actions against the armed forces of the Syrian Arab Republic, as well as the Russian base in Khmeimim. This is a source of deep concern,” Peskov said.

Earlier this week, Syrian troops liberated the city of Maarat al-Numan – a strategic city at the junction of the Hama-Aleppo highway linking Damascus and Aleppo which had been under terrorist occupation since 2012.

The Syrian Army began an operation in southeast Idlib in December amid repeated militant attacks on government troops and civilians. A fresh ceasefire was secured earlier this month following negotiations between Russia and Turkey, but the terrorists repeatedly broke the agreement and resumed their attacks, killing at least 40 Syrian servicemen and injuring 80 others last week, prompting Damascus to resume its offensive.

Situated in the country’s northwest along the Turkish border, Idlib province has become the last major concentration of various factions of anti-government militias and terrorists, with the Syrian government successfully reestablishing control over most of the rest of the country, excluding the northeastern US-backed Kurdish-controlled territories, with the help of its Russian, Iranian and Hezbollah militia allies.

A large portion of the Idlib de-escalation zone remains controlled by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, a terrorist group which has rebranded itself several times in recent years, but which in practice acts as al-Qaeda’s Syrian branch. Efforts to liberate Idlib have been complicated by the large number of civilians concentrated in the region, with terrorists accused of using these civilians as human shields.

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Ten Years After Howard Zinn’s Death — Lessons from the People’s Historian

Now is an especially good time to remember some of Howard Zinn’s wisdom.

byBill Bigelow

Painting of Howard Zinn by Robert Shetterly, Americans Who Tell the Truth.

Painting of Howard Zinn by Robert Shetterly, Americans Who Tell the Truth.

January 27th marks the 10th anniversary of the death of the great historian and activist Howard Zinn. Zinn did not merely record history, he made it: as a professor at Spelman College in the 1950s and early 1960s, where he was ultimately fired for his outspoken support of students in the Civil Rights Movement, and specifically the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC); as a critic of the U.S. war in Vietnam, and author of the first book calling for an immediate U.S. withdrawal; and as author of arguably the most influential U.S. history textbook in print, A People’s History of the United States. “That book will knock you on your ass,” as Matt Damon’s character says in the film Good Will Hunting.

It’s always worth dipping into the vast archive of Zinn scholarship, but as the United States flirts with another war in the Middle East, as the presidential campaign raises fundamental questions about the kind of country we will become, and as the world confronts a potentially catastrophic environmental crisis, now is an especially good time to remember some of Howard Zinn’s wisdom.

Shortly after Barack Obama’s election, the Zinn Education Project sponsored a talk by Zinn to several hundred teachers at the National Council for the Social Studies annual conference in Houston. Zinn reminded teachers that the point of learning about social studies was not simply to memorize facts, it was to imbue students with a desire to change the world. “A modest little aim,” Zinn acknowledged, with a twinkle in his eye.

In this talk, available as an online video as well as a transcription, Zinn insisted that teachers must help students challenge “fundamental premises which keep us inside a certain box.” Because without this critical rethinking of premises about history and the role of the United States in the world, “things will never change.” And this will remain “a world of war and hunger and disease and inequality and racism and sexism.”

A key premise that needs to be questioned, according to Zinn, is the notion of “national interests,” a term so common in the political and academic discourse as to be almost invisible. Zinn points out that the “one big family” myth begins with the Constitution’s preamble: “We the people of the United States. . .” Zinn noted that it wasn’t “we the people” who established the Constitution in Philadelphia — it was 55 rich white men. Missing from or glossed over in the traditional textbook treatment are race and class divisions, including the rebellions of farmers in Western Massachusetts, immediately preceding the Constitutional Convention in 1787. No doubt, the Constitution had elements of democracy, but Zinn argues that it “established the rule of slaveholders, and merchants, and bondholders.”

In 2008, Zinn spoke to teachers at the National Council for the Social Studies conference. Video and transcript available online.

In 2008, Zinn spoke to teachers at the National Council for the Social Studies conference. Video and transcript available online.Teaching history through the lens of class, race, and gender conflict is not simply more accurate, according to Zinn; it makes it more likely that students — and all the rest of us — will not “simply swallow these enveloping phrases like ‘the national interest,’ ‘national security,’ ‘national defense,’ as if we’re all in the same boat.”

As Zinn told teachers in Houston: “No, the soldier who is sent to Iraq does not have the same interests as the president who sends him to Iraq. The person who works on the assembly line at General Motors does not have the same interest as the CEO of General Motors. No — we’re a country of divided interests, and it’s important for people to know that.”

Another premise Zinn identified, one that has become an article of faith among the Fox News crowd, is “American exceptionalism” — the idea that the United States is fundamentally freer, more virtuous, more democratic, and more humane than other countries. For Zinn, the United States is “an empire like other empires. There was a British empire, and there was a Dutch empire, and there was a Spanish empire, and yes, we are an American empire.” The United States expanded through deceit and theft and conquest, just like other empires, although textbooks cleanse this imperial bullying with legal-sounding terms like the Louisiana Purchase and the Mexican Cession.

Patriotism is another premise that we need to question. As Zinn told teachers in Houston, “it’s very bad for everybody when young people grow up thinking that patriotism means obedience to your government.” Zinn often recalled Mark Twain’s distinction between country and government. “Does patriotism mean support your government? No. That’s the definition of patriotism in a totalitarian state,” Zinn warned a Denver audience in a 2008 speech, included in Howard Zinn Speaks, edited by Anthony Arnove [Haymarket Books, 2012].

And going to war on behalf of “our country” is offered as the highest expression of patriotism — in everything from the military recruitment propaganda that saturates our high schools to the social studies curriculum that features photos of U.S. troops heroically battling “enemy soldiers” in a section called “Operation Iraqi Freedom” in the popular high school textbook Modern World History.

Howard Zinn cuts through this curricular fog: “War is terrorism. . . . Terrorism is the willingness to kill large numbers of people for some presumably good cause. That’s what terrorists are about.” Zinn demands that we reexamine the premise that war is necessary, a proposition not taken seriously in any high school history textbook I’ve ever seen. Instead, wars get sold to Americans — especially to the young people who fight those wars — as efforts to spread liberty and democracy. As Howard Zinn said many times, if you don’t know your history, it’s as if you were born yesterday. Leaders can tell you anything and you have no way of knowing what’s true.

Howard Zinn wanted educators to be deeply critical, but never cynical. When speaking to the teachers in Houston, Zinn insisted that another premise we needed to examine is the idea that progress is the product of great individuals. Zinn pointed out that Abraham Lincoln had never been an abolitionist, and when he ran for president in 1860 he did not advocate ending slavery in the states where it existed. Rather, it was largely the “huge antislavery movement that pushed Lincoln into the Emancipation Proclamation — that pushed Congress into the 13th and 14th and 15th Amendments.”

Fannie Lou Hamer and Bob Moses at the 1964 Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City.

Fannie Lou Hamer and Bob Moses at the 1964 Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City.

Zinn urged educators to teach a people’s history: “We’ve never had our injustices rectified from the top, from the president or Congress, or the Supreme Court, no matter what we learned in junior high school about how we have three branches of government, and we have checks and balances, and what a lovely system. No. The changes, important changes that we’ve had in history, have not come from those three branches of government. They have reacted to social movements.”

Howard and Roz Zinn at a SNCC demonstration in Cambridge.

Howard and Roz Zinn at a SNCC demonstration in Cambridge.

Thus when we single out people in our curriculum as icons, as “people to admire and respect,” Zinn advocated shedding the traditional pantheon of government and military leaders: “But there are other heroes that young people can look up to. And they can look up to people who are against war. They can have Mark Twain as a hero who spoke out against the Philippines war. They can have Helen Keller as a hero who spoke out against World War I, and Emma Goldman as a hero. They can have Fannie Lou Hamer as a hero, and Bob Moses as a hero, the people in the Civil Rights Movement — they are heroes.”

And to this, there is one final “people’s history” premise we need to remember — whether in education or the world outside of schools. As Howard Zinn reminded the audience of social studies teachers in Houston: “People change.” Zinn did not look to President Obama to initiate social transformation; but in 2008, he saw the election as confirmation that the long history of anti-racist struggle in the United States produced an outcome that would have been inconceivable 30 years prior. And this shift in attitude should give us hope.

As we remember Howard Zinn on the 10th anniversary of his death, let’s count him among the many social justice heroes who offer proof that people’s efforts make a difference — that ordinary people can change the world.

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By name New prisoners join the sick list

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Ramallah: The Palestinian Prisoners Studies Center affirmed that new prisoners are joining the list of patients continuously in the occupation prisons as a result of the medical negligence policy used by the Nazi camp administration against them, which makes their lives extremely vulnerable.

The researcher, Riyad Al-Ashqar, the center’s media spokesman, considered that the policy of deliberate medical negligence of sick conditions among the prisoners increases the number of prisoners with serious diseases inside prisons, so that the disease can be controlled at its beginnings, but with the neglect of care and treatment for long months or years that makes healing difficult It was not impossible.

Al-Ashqar noted that during the recent months, many prisoners were found to be suffering from serious diseases such as cancer in advanced stages, heart attacks and others as a result of the lack of early detection of prisoners, and the failure to provide appropriate treatments for diseases that affect prisoners in the initial stages, and their disregard for their lives not to perform surgeries Or necessary checks for them.

Al-Ashqar mentioned the condition of the Palestinian prisoner, Ahmed Adel Saadeh, 40 years old, who has been detained since 2003, and was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment. He suffered a heart attack in Raymond Prison and was subsequently transferred to the “Soroka Hospital”, and a catheter was performed for him. His health remains difficult and needs constant follow-up.

The health of the prisoner, “Firas Sadiq Ghanem” (46 years), has also decreased significantly, as he was subjected to a heart attack several times in the occupation prisons as a result of medical negligence, and he was not provided with medical care or appropriate treatment, which led to his deterioration of his health more, and he began to suffer from a defect in He worked thyroid gland, discs in his back and neck and he is in urgent need of surgeries, but the administration is delaying referring him to the hospital and he is sufficient to give him analgesics without being properly diagnosed, and he has been detained since 2002 and is imprisoned for life imprisonment.

Also, the prisoner “Shadi Faisal Moussa” (43 years), from Jenin, had suffered a heart attack in the Negev prison, and he was urgently transferred by helicopter to Soroka Hospital, and he was admitted to the hospital’s intensive care unit, and he underwent a catheterization, the second time that he suffered a stroke In prison, he has been detained since 2002, and he is imprisoned for 25 years.

“The blond” added that other prisoners have been found to have fatal cancer after years of arrest, including the prisoner, “Mowaffaq Nayef Arouq” (77 years), from the city of Jaffa in Nazareth, who was recently found to be suffering from cancer in the liver and stomach, and the prison administration has prolonged for months Before he was transferred to the hospital for chemotherapy, he has been detained since 2003, and he is imprisoned for 30 years, and there is a real risk to his life.

Also, the prisoner, Ibrahim Nayef Abu Mukh (60 years), from the Nazi occupied interior, who is one of the old prisoners, who has been detained since March 1986, and is sentenced to life imprisonment, his health deteriorated in recent months, and after conducting medical tests for him, he was found to have cancer in the blood in An advanced stage and a serious health condition.

While the prisoner, Mustafa Muhammad Al-Banna, 31, from Jabalia Camp, in the northern Gaza Strip, suffered a heart attack during August last year, and recently suffered a serious health relapse, lost consciousness, fell unconscious in prison, and was transferred to the hospital, as a result of medical negligence and delay in providing treatment He was transferred to the hospital despite his continuous requests for medical examinations to find out the reason for his deteriorating health.

The oldest prisoner, the prisoner Fu’ad Al-Shobaki (81 years), his health has declined greatly, and he was transferred to the hospital more than once, where he is suspected of having cancer, in addition to a group of diseases including pressure, diabetes, heart problems and disc, who has been detained since 2006 He is sentenced to 17 years imprisonment, and the occupation authorities refused to release him by serving two thirds of the time.

Al-Ashqar indicated that the sick prisoners are subjected to the slow death in the occupation prisons in light of the negligence of the Nazi camp administration in their lives and the failure to provide them with the necessary medical care. The captive, who reached the end of last year to (222) martyrs.

The Nazi occupation continues to isolate six prisoners from the “open”


Nazi Occupied Palestine: According to the Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority, the Nazi Occupation Prisons Administration continues to isolate six prisoners from the Fatah movement’s regulatory body for the second consecutive week.

The Prisoners ’Authority said in a statement today, Sunday, that the Raymond prison administration had transferred the prisoners: Jamal al-Rajoub, Muhammad Omar Kharwat, Musa Makhamra, Ibrahim Abdel-Hay, Osama Muhammad Asaid, and Hazem Sadiq Al-Qawasmeh to separate prisons, and isolated them individually, and they are still isolated. Subject them to the investigation of the unit (Lahif 433).

She explained that the prisoners are held in solitary confinement rooms, which lack the minimum basic needs.

The prison administration had gathered the prisoners, Kharwat, Abd al-Hayy and Mukhamara in one room in Hasharon Prison several days ago.

It is noteworthy that the Nazi occupation prisons administration and the oppression forces stormed the Raymond prison several times during the month of January, followed by the transfer of about 100 prisoners to Nafha, deprived of their personal belongings.

A Palestinian was arrested from Nablus and others were summoned for investigation 

broken into

Nazi Occupied Palestine: This morning, the Nazi occupation army arrested a Palestinian, after they raided and searched his house in the Nablus governorate, north of the occupied West Bank.

Local sources reported that the Nazi occupation forces arrested the young man, Munjid Ragheb Salah, after they raided and searched his house in the town of Barqa, north of the city, and took him for investigations.

She added that the army had delivered a number of Palestinians with summonses to investigate the Nazi Gestapo intelligence, in addition to confiscating a sum of money from the house of the freed prisoner, Mohamed Douglas. 

The Nazi occupation army storms Palestinian homes on a daily basis. On the pretext of searching for wanted Gestapo Shin Bet men, as youths confronted the storming by throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at the forces.

The Nazi soldiers retaliate by launching a barrage of toxic sound and gas bombs, as well as live and rubber bullets, which leads to recording injuries among the Palestinians.

New testimonies of children subjected to isolation and stripping in “Damoon” detention center


Nazi Occupied Palestine: New statements have emerged of minor prisoners, who were transferred to “Al-Damoun” detention center recently, and on Wednesday it was returned to “Ofer”.

In a report released Sunday noon, the Prisoners and Executives Affairs Authority monitored the statement of the minor prisoner, Khalil Jabareen, that the conditions are catastrophic in the Damoon detention camp, and they are absolutely not suitable for human life.

The boy, Jabareen, testified, that after their arrival in the prison, the prison administration offered them to choose representatives from the minor prisoners, to be responsible for the rest of them and manage their daily affairs, but they rejected the idea.

Jabareen continued, “The prison administration has repressed all the young prisoners who declared a state of disobedience in the face of the prison, in response to the dire conditions in which they live inside the section, and in protest against their transfer without their representatives from the adult prisoners.”

The Nazi Occupation Prison Administration transferred 4 of them to the solitary confinement cells in the Kishon and Salmon detention centers, and Jabarin was one of the prisoners who were arbitrarily transferred, under the pretext of practicing incitement among the minor prisoners.

Jabareen continued, “Many of the young captives who were transferred to” Damon “declared an open-ended hunger strike, rejecting their tragic conditions in the prison without the administrative committees responsible for them and made up of senior prisoners, and among them was the minor prisoner Riyad al-Amor who fought the strike, but he He suspended his strike after the Nazi detainee administration forced him into the cells and forced him to take off his clothes, and they threatened to keep him without clothes in the event he did not stop his strike.

The commission noted that the Nazi occupation authorities escalated in the recent period of their fierce attack against Palestinian children, in contravention of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child and the basic principles of human rights, and demanded in its report the international community and human rights institutions to intervene immediately and urgently to stop the policy of abuse committed against minors.

watched The Nazi occupation is investigating with Sheikh Ikrima Sabri on charges of “praying in the Aqsa”

Sheikh Ikrima Sabri

Occupied Jerusalem: This morning, Palestinians organized a solidarity stand with the head of the Supreme Islamic Authority Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, in front of the occupation and arrest center for “Al-Maskoubiyya” of the occupation, west of Jerusalem.

The Quds Newsletter reported that a number of religious, official and popular personalities participated in a stand of solidarity with the preacher of Al-Aqsa Mosque before entering the investigation at the “Al-Maskubiya” center, after he was summoned yesterday.

She added that the participants made several speeches confirming the rejection of the deportation decisions for all Palestinians in general, and for the clergy in particular, and the repeated occupation summons of the Sheikh to investigate him.

Sheikh Sabri said during the stay that he was one of the pioneers of the Al-Aqsa Mosque for 70 years, and has preached at it 47 years ago, so the occupation cannot prevent him from entering the mosque and praying in it.

As for the lawyer Khaled Zabarqa – among the Sheikh’s defense team – he said: “What is happening today is a clear embodiment of the religious persecution that the occupation is carrying out against Muslim scholars and worshipers in Jerusalem.”

He added: “Today we are facing a unique case of summoning, investigating and presenting trials to clerics because of their links to Al-Aqsa Mosque and the exercise of their natural right to worship.”

He stressed that the Sheikh’s charge is “violating the order of the occupation police and entering the Al-Aqsa Mosque last Friday and praying in it.”

Zubarqa added that “the entry of Muslim scholars and their links to the Al-Aqsa Mosque has become a riot, according to the occupation police, and this is cause for concern.”

It is noteworthy that the Nazi police and intelligence services stormed the home of Sheikh Sabri in the Al-Sawana neighborhood of Jerusalem, twice during the past week, and handed him two deportation orders from the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the first for a week, and the second for four months.

On Friday, January 24, the Sheikh broke the decision to deport him and entered the mosque, accompanied by his lawyer and a group of worshipers, carried on the shoulders, rejecting the occupation’s decision and restricting religious freedoms.

The Revolutionary Guard reveals the price of Sliema Ni’s blood

“Fares” agency quoted, today, Sunday, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards spokesman, Brigadier Ramadan Sharif, that the price of the blood of “the martyr General Qassem Soleimani” is the exit of the American occupation forces from the region.

Brigadier Sharif said, “The price of the blood of the heroic hero martyr General Qassem Soleimani, who was martyred at the hands of the American occupation forces, and, according to the leader of the revolution, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, confirmed the departure of the American terrorist occupiers from the region.”

A spokesman for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards continued, saying: “By the grace of God, this important matter will be achieved, and there will be no material equivalent. The Americans have tasted the blow that the Revolutionary Guards targeted in targeting their strategic base in the region, and destroying important parts of it as a beginning of harsh revenge.”

Brigadier Sharif explained that the Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Organization addresses the infiltrated elements and spies of the hostile intelligence services in a framework of legal duties, and is one of the most influential tasks of the Revolutionary Guards.

The United States of America announced the killing of the commander of the “Jerusalem” Corps, General Qassem Soleimani, of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, on January 3, in a drone attack, while Iran described the attack as “state terrorism” and vowed revenge.

The occupation decides to withhold the salaries of prisoners paid by the Palestinian Authority


Hebrew translations : The Minister of Justice in the Nazi Occupation, “Amir Ohana,” instructed the Debt Collection Corporation in the occupation to start seizing funds belonging to the Palestinian Authority, instead of financial compensation imposed by the occupation courts on 8 prisoners.

Nazi Hebrew Channel 20 said that the Nazi occupation sent several warnings to the Palestinian Authority to pay about (4.2) million shekels, but it did not respond to these warnings, and therefore, “Ohana” issued instructions to withhold the salaries of the eight prisoners paid by the Palestinian Authority.

The channel added that the prisoners whom the occupation courts imposed financial fines are Nour al-Din Hoshiyeh, Khaled Qutaineh, Khaled Mahamara, Muhammad Mahamara, Younis Yazan, Omar Jandab, Youssef Kamil and Muhammad Abu Al-Rub.

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Ansarallah forces close in on major city in northern Yemen

On Friday, clashes raged between the C.I.A puppet Hadi loyalists and Ansarallah (var. Houthi) forces in the Marib Governorate, as the latter attempted to capture an important military camp under government control.

According to reports, the Ansarallah forces stormed the Zio-Wahhabi puppet Hadi loyalist defenses in the Sirwah District in a bid to capture the strategic Kofal Camp in western Marib.

The Ansarallah forces were able to score a new advance in western Marib, putting them about 10 kilometers away from the center of the Sirwah District and 30 kilometers away from provincial capital.

Furthermore, the Ansarallah forces are also attempting to advance in the Majzar District in northwestern Marib, which is where the Mas military camp is located.

This latest advance by the Ansarallah forces puts the Zio-Wahhabi puppet Hadi loyalists in dire need for reinforcements, as the former is quickly closing in on the headquarters of the Saudi-backed troops in northern Yemen.

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Clausewitz, Trump and Soleimani: US politics is a continuation of Israel’s wars by different means

Clausewitz, Trump and Solemeini
Gilad Atzmon writes:

The 19th century military philosopher Carl von Clausewitz observed that war is the continuation of politics by different means. This is an apt description of Iranian military strategy and geopolitical affairs. It is consistent with the rationale that guided General Qassim Soleimani for the last two decades.

As a superb military strategist Soleimani grasped that the distance between A to B isn’t necessarily identical to the distance from B to A. Iran and Israel do not share a physical border, Tehran and Tel Aviv are about 1,000 miles apart. Despite Israel’s relentless threats to attack Iran, it has never been clear whether Israel has the military capacity to cause significant damage to Iran. It isn’t clear how Israeli pilots are supposed to cover the distance and fly undetected over Jordan, Syria or Iraq. Where or how would the Israeli plane refuel? Israel has not managed to solve this logistical military riddle. But it has been clever enough to grasp that pushing America into an all out conflict with Iran may provide a solution to the riddle. Despite the competition (with Britain, France and Germany), the USA is Israel’s most subservient colony. It has been happily sacrificing its sons and daughters on the Zionist altar for years.

General Soleimani devised genius military tactics to counter both American and Israeli plans: although Israel doesn’t share a border with Iran, Iran assuredly shares a border with Israel. Deploying the Iranian Revolutionary Guards alongside local pro-Iran militias into areas of conflict allowed Soleimani to encircle the Jewish state within a wall of fierce resistance. Iran’s regional allies are superbly trained, ideologically and religiously motivated and they have the benefit of the rich Iranian ballistic arsenal and technology that can deliver lethal punishment to Israel in a conflict. For some time, Israel’s military elite and analysts have had to accept that within the context of such an Israel-Iran war, Iran together with its regional allies is capable of raining thousands of ballistic, cruise and precision guided missiles on Israel. Such a development could wipe out Israeli cities in a few days.

Similar tactics were put into action by General Soleimani against American military forces in the region. Iran may not share a border with the USA but pro-Iranian Iraqi militias have managed to surround and harass American forces in Iraq. Iran also dominates the most strategic passes in the Persian Gulf through its Shi’i militias in Yemen.

The devastating truth is that America has been fighting Israel’s wars for decades.

The recent Iranian attack on American air bases showed that Iran’s leaders have also internalised Clausewitz’s philosophy. The attack was measured. It was aimed at American military facilities and, according to reports, targeted runways and empty facilities. However, the attack was conducted from Iranian territory and was openly claimed by the Iranian regime. It effectively conveyed Iranian determination and firmness. However, it was measured enough to give Trump’s administration an opportunity to climb down off the tree it unwisely chose, although it also gave the administration enough rope to hang itself if it insists on doing so. 

The USA’s  conflict with Iran is peculiar: it is irrational, it may even border on madness. America is no longer dependent on the Gulf’s oil. Its general strategy in the region has been futile and self-defeating. Iraq wants the American military out. In Syria, American forces were defeated. Russia is now taking care of what in the past America claimed to oversee and, in practice, never did. One wonders, what is it that America is doing in Iraq or in Syria? Where is all of this leading?

Surrounded by incompetence, Trump has made disastrous decisions that have made America and Israel into the biggest dangers to world peace.

Numerous academic studies have established that American foreign policy is dominated by the Israel lobby. The devastating truth is that America has been fighting Israel’s wars for decades. Until now this has entailed fighting inferior military forces. But a battle with Iran may prove far more complicated. Decades of sanctions have made Iran into an independent technological superpower. Iranian drone technology is at least as advanced as that of Israel and the USA and it leads in precision guided and cruise missiles. Unlike American soldiers who fight for Israel and are often fed misleading intelligence by Israeli sources, Iranians and local Shi’i militias are fighting on their soil. The battle is destined to be a challenge to the US military and its consequences are unpredictable.

Surrounded by incompetence, Trump has made disastrous decisions that have made America and Israel into the biggest dangers to world peace. The situation is so grim for America that it can’t seem to find the power within itself to grasp its own self-imposed dark limbo. 

The only way to grasp America’s bizarre operation is to accept a reverse approach to Clausewitz’ insight; American politics is a continuation of Zionist wars by different means. America has given away its world prestige for the Jewish state. American politicians shamelessly pledge allegiance to the Jewish state instead of their own country. They go out of their way to appease Jewish lobby groups, whether it is the ultra-Zionist AIPAC [American Israel Public Affairs Committee] or the controlled opposition J-Street. The USA won’t be the first superpower to be destroyed by Zion. The problem is that a regional war involving America and Israel could make Extinction Rebellion irrelevant as these two destructive powers could reduce our planet to dust in order to save their current leaders from their escalating legal complications.

I have no doubt that many Americans are aware of the danger ahead. However, the matrix of Zionist power in America has dismantled the ability of American to call a spade a spade as that is considered “anti-Semitic”.

Binyamin Netanyahu’s World War

Binyamin Netanyahu’s World War

In “QuickPress”

UK double standards towards Iran and Israel

UK double standards towards Iran and Israel

In “British stooges”

The 1973 war and the power of deterrence

The 1973 war and the power of deterrence

In “Arab World”

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The Torturers and the ‘Ticking Bomb’: How Torture Became Routine in the Global War on Terror

By Philip Giraldi

Global Research,

With all the media excitement focused on the impeachment of President Donald Trump, it comes as no surprise that some recent additional insights into how the United States became a torture regime have been largely ignored. It has been known for years that the George W. Bush Administration carried out what most of the world considers to be torture.

Acting as if it really cared about illegal activity, the White House back at that time found two malleable Justice Department lawyers John Yoo and Jay Busby who would be willing to come up with a defense of torture. They discovered somewhere in their law books that it was possible to do anything to a suspect as long as it did not bring about organ failure. That became the bottom line for interrogations, though in practice some prisoners died anyway, which might be considered the ultimate organ failure. The only one who was subsequently punished over the illegal torture program was former C.I.A. employee John Kiriakou, who blew the whistle on it.

Last week there was a hearing at a Guantanamo Bay courtroom in which one of the psychologists who devised the Central Intelligence Agency torture regime testified under oath.

Psychologist James Mitchell was testifying in what was a preliminary hearing relating to the eventual trial of five alleged 9/11 conspirators He discussed how he and his business partner Dr. Bruce Jessup together developed the Agency’s torture program, which internal government documents described by employing the euphemism “enhanced interrogation techniques.” They were paid $81 million for their work and were able to produce a training manual that included waterboarding, stress positions and mock burials to physically and mentally destroy the target’s ability to resist. Both Mitchell and Jessup have asserted that their procedures were more designed to make a suspect uncomfortable rather than in pain and they blame interrogators who went too far for the physical and mental permanent damage that resulted.

To understand the depth of depravity that was part and parcel of “enhanced interrogation,” it is useful to consider Dr. Mitchell’s own testimony relating to the torture of prisoner Abu Zubaydah, a procedure that was implemented at one of the Agency’s secret prisons. The prison was likely the one located in Thailand, where current director of Central Intelligence Gina Haspel was in charge. Mitchell, who was also involved in the 183 waterboardings of alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, personally participated in the interrogation. Zubaydah reportedly cooperated with his interrogators but then ceased to do so when the torture began. He was waterboarded more than 80 times while also being subjected to other “coercive physical pressure” including being buried alive over concerns that he might be hiding something. He survived and since has been held at Guantanamo for more than 13 years. The United States government has never tried him and has never even charged him with any crime.

Image result for zubaydah torture

Victims File Suit Against CIA Torture Architects for ‘Systemic Brutality’

Waterboarding of Abu Zubaydah (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Mitchell’s testimony states that he and the other interrogators had wanted the waterboarding to stop due to concerns that Zubaydah’s deteriorating mental processes were rendering any further interrogation unreliable. They sent a message to headquarters at Langley saying that “the intensity of the pressure applied to him thus far approaches the legal limit.” C.I.A. management ordered the interrogators to keep going as Zubaydah might be concealing details of an imminent terrorist attack along the lines of 9/11.

Americans have, of course, seen the use of “imminent” recently to explain away illegal actions that amount to war crimes. Another version exploiting a unknown imminent threat is the “ticking bomb scenario” which is based on the belief that a prisoner has knowledge of another terrorist act that is about to take place. It has frequently been employed by the Israelis to justify their wholesale torture of capture Palestinians. Israeli apologist Harvard lawyer Alan Dershowitz, among others, has cited the ticking bomb scenario to justify use of torture, but the problem is that there is no evidence to suggest that it has ever worked. No impending terrorist action has ever been prevented by torturing prisoners who have already been detained.

In the case of Zubaydah, C.I.A. even sent a senior officer to the torture room to make sure that no one was holding back on getting the job done properly. During the waterboarding Zubaydah was experiencing involuntary body spasms and was crying. Even the torturers and viewers were visibly upset. Mitchell’s testimony included “I thought it was unnecessary, and I felt sorry for him.”

Mitchell claims that he was pressured by C.I.A. management to always push harder during interrogations. At one point, Mitchell claims he sought to withdraw from the program but was told that “he’d lost his spine and it would be his fault if more people in the US died in a catastrophic attack.” Mitchell added “The implication was that if we weren’t willing to carry their water, they would send someone else who would do it, and they may be harsher than we were.”

Mitchell not unreasonably explained how post-9/11 there was a “climate of fear” over another imminent attack, possibly employing nuclear or biological weapons and he was unapologetic about his role in protecting his country. He said “I’d get up today and do it again… I thought my moral obligation to protect American lives outweighed the temporary discomfort of terrorists who had voluntarily taken up war against us. To me it just seemed like it would be dereliction of my moral responsibilities.”

Inter alia, Mitchell made clear that “C.I.A. was never interested in prosecutions. The C.I.A. was not going to let them set off another catastrophic attack in the United States. They were going to go right up to the line of what was legal, put their toes on it and lean forward.”

There are a number of things wrong with Mitchell and with the C.I.A. managers who first adopted his techniques and then repeatedly applied them in such a fashion as to insure both physical and mental damage. That is torture. Torture and abusive interrogation tactics are illegal under both US law and international law. Torture is prohibited under federal law, as are lesser forms of detainee abuse such as cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment. On 10 December 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Article 5 states, “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”

Being patriotic is not a mitigating factor when one is carrying out torture, no matter what Dr. Mitchell might think. The United States is also a party to the Convention against Torture, which was adopted by the General Assembly in 1984, as well as other treaties that ban the use of torture and other ill-treatment. The Convention against Torture requires countries to criminalize the use of torture within their own jurisdictions. Washington enacted such legislation in 1994, when Congress passed the federal anti-torture statute. The treaty also requires countries to conduct credible criminal investigations and prosecutions of those responsible for torture.

And then there is the “ticking bomb,” i.e. the American government’s claimed fear that another 9/11 was about to take place as a justification for its adoption of “enhanced interrogation techniques.” The problem with that thinking was that the C.I.A. had no evidence suggesting that that another major attack might be impending, but it nevertheless grabbed people off the streets in some cases to “render” them to secret prisons where they were tortured. Many of them turned out to be innocent and it could reasonably be suggested that torturing someone “just in case he or she might know something” is no defense at all.

Finally, the United States government is obligated to prosecute those responsible for torture. That plausibly includes Drs. Mitchell and Jessup, but it certainly includes those Agency officers who were in place from 2001 through 2003 and responsible for implementing the program. They would presumably include the Director of Central Intelligence, Deputy Executive Director, Deputy Director for Operations, and the two Directors of CIA’s Counter Terrorism Center. All of those former officers are now enjoying comfortable retirements to include various sinecures with universities as well as national defense and security contractors and none of them has ever been punished in any way for their involvement with torture.

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