By name New prisoners join the sick list

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Ramallah: The Palestinian Prisoners Studies Center affirmed that new prisoners are joining the list of patients continuously in the occupation prisons as a result of the medical negligence policy used by the Nazi camp administration against them, which makes their lives extremely vulnerable.

The researcher, Riyad Al-Ashqar, the center’s media spokesman, considered that the policy of deliberate medical negligence of sick conditions among the prisoners increases the number of prisoners with serious diseases inside prisons, so that the disease can be controlled at its beginnings, but with the neglect of care and treatment for long months or years that makes healing difficult It was not impossible.

Al-Ashqar noted that during the recent months, many prisoners were found to be suffering from serious diseases such as cancer in advanced stages, heart attacks and others as a result of the lack of early detection of prisoners, and the failure to provide appropriate treatments for diseases that affect prisoners in the initial stages, and their disregard for their lives not to perform surgeries Or necessary checks for them.

Al-Ashqar mentioned the condition of the Palestinian prisoner, Ahmed Adel Saadeh, 40 years old, who has been detained since 2003, and was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment. He suffered a heart attack in Raymond Prison and was subsequently transferred to the “Soroka Hospital”, and a catheter was performed for him. His health remains difficult and needs constant follow-up.

The health of the prisoner, “Firas Sadiq Ghanem” (46 years), has also decreased significantly, as he was subjected to a heart attack several times in the occupation prisons as a result of medical negligence, and he was not provided with medical care or appropriate treatment, which led to his deterioration of his health more, and he began to suffer from a defect in He worked thyroid gland, discs in his back and neck and he is in urgent need of surgeries, but the administration is delaying referring him to the hospital and he is sufficient to give him analgesics without being properly diagnosed, and he has been detained since 2002 and is imprisoned for life imprisonment.

Also, the prisoner “Shadi Faisal Moussa” (43 years), from Jenin, had suffered a heart attack in the Negev prison, and he was urgently transferred by helicopter to Soroka Hospital, and he was admitted to the hospital’s intensive care unit, and he underwent a catheterization, the second time that he suffered a stroke In prison, he has been detained since 2002, and he is imprisoned for 25 years.

“The blond” added that other prisoners have been found to have fatal cancer after years of arrest, including the prisoner, “Mowaffaq Nayef Arouq” (77 years), from the city of Jaffa in Nazareth, who was recently found to be suffering from cancer in the liver and stomach, and the prison administration has prolonged for months Before he was transferred to the hospital for chemotherapy, he has been detained since 2003, and he is imprisoned for 30 years, and there is a real risk to his life.

Also, the prisoner, Ibrahim Nayef Abu Mukh (60 years), from the Nazi occupied interior, who is one of the old prisoners, who has been detained since March 1986, and is sentenced to life imprisonment, his health deteriorated in recent months, and after conducting medical tests for him, he was found to have cancer in the blood in An advanced stage and a serious health condition.

While the prisoner, Mustafa Muhammad Al-Banna, 31, from Jabalia Camp, in the northern Gaza Strip, suffered a heart attack during August last year, and recently suffered a serious health relapse, lost consciousness, fell unconscious in prison, and was transferred to the hospital, as a result of medical negligence and delay in providing treatment He was transferred to the hospital despite his continuous requests for medical examinations to find out the reason for his deteriorating health.

The oldest prisoner, the prisoner Fu’ad Al-Shobaki (81 years), his health has declined greatly, and he was transferred to the hospital more than once, where he is suspected of having cancer, in addition to a group of diseases including pressure, diabetes, heart problems and disc, who has been detained since 2006 He is sentenced to 17 years imprisonment, and the occupation authorities refused to release him by serving two thirds of the time.

Al-Ashqar indicated that the sick prisoners are subjected to the slow death in the occupation prisons in light of the negligence of the Nazi camp administration in their lives and the failure to provide them with the necessary medical care. The captive, who reached the end of last year to (222) martyrs.

The Nazi occupation continues to isolate six prisoners from the “open”


Nazi Occupied Palestine: According to the Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority, the Nazi Occupation Prisons Administration continues to isolate six prisoners from the Fatah movement’s regulatory body for the second consecutive week.

The Prisoners ’Authority said in a statement today, Sunday, that the Raymond prison administration had transferred the prisoners: Jamal al-Rajoub, Muhammad Omar Kharwat, Musa Makhamra, Ibrahim Abdel-Hay, Osama Muhammad Asaid, and Hazem Sadiq Al-Qawasmeh to separate prisons, and isolated them individually, and they are still isolated. Subject them to the investigation of the unit (Lahif 433).

She explained that the prisoners are held in solitary confinement rooms, which lack the minimum basic needs.

The prison administration had gathered the prisoners, Kharwat, Abd al-Hayy and Mukhamara in one room in Hasharon Prison several days ago.

It is noteworthy that the Nazi occupation prisons administration and the oppression forces stormed the Raymond prison several times during the month of January, followed by the transfer of about 100 prisoners to Nafha, deprived of their personal belongings.

A Palestinian was arrested from Nablus and others were summoned for investigation 

broken into

Nazi Occupied Palestine: This morning, the Nazi occupation army arrested a Palestinian, after they raided and searched his house in the Nablus governorate, north of the occupied West Bank.

Local sources reported that the Nazi occupation forces arrested the young man, Munjid Ragheb Salah, after they raided and searched his house in the town of Barqa, north of the city, and took him for investigations.

She added that the army had delivered a number of Palestinians with summonses to investigate the Nazi Gestapo intelligence, in addition to confiscating a sum of money from the house of the freed prisoner, Mohamed Douglas. 

The Nazi occupation army storms Palestinian homes on a daily basis. On the pretext of searching for wanted Gestapo Shin Bet men, as youths confronted the storming by throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at the forces.

The Nazi soldiers retaliate by launching a barrage of toxic sound and gas bombs, as well as live and rubber bullets, which leads to recording injuries among the Palestinians.

New testimonies of children subjected to isolation and stripping in “Damoon” detention center


Nazi Occupied Palestine: New statements have emerged of minor prisoners, who were transferred to “Al-Damoun” detention center recently, and on Wednesday it was returned to “Ofer”.

In a report released Sunday noon, the Prisoners and Executives Affairs Authority monitored the statement of the minor prisoner, Khalil Jabareen, that the conditions are catastrophic in the Damoon detention camp, and they are absolutely not suitable for human life.

The boy, Jabareen, testified, that after their arrival in the prison, the prison administration offered them to choose representatives from the minor prisoners, to be responsible for the rest of them and manage their daily affairs, but they rejected the idea.

Jabareen continued, “The prison administration has repressed all the young prisoners who declared a state of disobedience in the face of the prison, in response to the dire conditions in which they live inside the section, and in protest against their transfer without their representatives from the adult prisoners.”

The Nazi Occupation Prison Administration transferred 4 of them to the solitary confinement cells in the Kishon and Salmon detention centers, and Jabarin was one of the prisoners who were arbitrarily transferred, under the pretext of practicing incitement among the minor prisoners.

Jabareen continued, “Many of the young captives who were transferred to” Damon “declared an open-ended hunger strike, rejecting their tragic conditions in the prison without the administrative committees responsible for them and made up of senior prisoners, and among them was the minor prisoner Riyad al-Amor who fought the strike, but he He suspended his strike after the Nazi detainee administration forced him into the cells and forced him to take off his clothes, and they threatened to keep him without clothes in the event he did not stop his strike.

The commission noted that the Nazi occupation authorities escalated in the recent period of their fierce attack against Palestinian children, in contravention of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child and the basic principles of human rights, and demanded in its report the international community and human rights institutions to intervene immediately and urgently to stop the policy of abuse committed against minors.

watched The Nazi occupation is investigating with Sheikh Ikrima Sabri on charges of “praying in the Aqsa”

Sheikh Ikrima Sabri

Occupied Jerusalem: This morning, Palestinians organized a solidarity stand with the head of the Supreme Islamic Authority Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, in front of the occupation and arrest center for “Al-Maskoubiyya” of the occupation, west of Jerusalem.

The Quds Newsletter reported that a number of religious, official and popular personalities participated in a stand of solidarity with the preacher of Al-Aqsa Mosque before entering the investigation at the “Al-Maskubiya” center, after he was summoned yesterday.

She added that the participants made several speeches confirming the rejection of the deportation decisions for all Palestinians in general, and for the clergy in particular, and the repeated occupation summons of the Sheikh to investigate him.

Sheikh Sabri said during the stay that he was one of the pioneers of the Al-Aqsa Mosque for 70 years, and has preached at it 47 years ago, so the occupation cannot prevent him from entering the mosque and praying in it.

As for the lawyer Khaled Zabarqa – among the Sheikh’s defense team – he said: “What is happening today is a clear embodiment of the religious persecution that the occupation is carrying out against Muslim scholars and worshipers in Jerusalem.”

He added: “Today we are facing a unique case of summoning, investigating and presenting trials to clerics because of their links to Al-Aqsa Mosque and the exercise of their natural right to worship.”

He stressed that the Sheikh’s charge is “violating the order of the occupation police and entering the Al-Aqsa Mosque last Friday and praying in it.”

Zubarqa added that “the entry of Muslim scholars and their links to the Al-Aqsa Mosque has become a riot, according to the occupation police, and this is cause for concern.”

It is noteworthy that the Nazi police and intelligence services stormed the home of Sheikh Sabri in the Al-Sawana neighborhood of Jerusalem, twice during the past week, and handed him two deportation orders from the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the first for a week, and the second for four months.

On Friday, January 24, the Sheikh broke the decision to deport him and entered the mosque, accompanied by his lawyer and a group of worshipers, carried on the shoulders, rejecting the occupation’s decision and restricting religious freedoms.

The Revolutionary Guard reveals the price of Sliema Ni’s blood

“Fares” agency quoted, today, Sunday, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards spokesman, Brigadier Ramadan Sharif, that the price of the blood of “the martyr General Qassem Soleimani” is the exit of the American occupation forces from the region.

Brigadier Sharif said, “The price of the blood of the heroic hero martyr General Qassem Soleimani, who was martyred at the hands of the American occupation forces, and, according to the leader of the revolution, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, confirmed the departure of the American terrorist occupiers from the region.”

A spokesman for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards continued, saying: “By the grace of God, this important matter will be achieved, and there will be no material equivalent. The Americans have tasted the blow that the Revolutionary Guards targeted in targeting their strategic base in the region, and destroying important parts of it as a beginning of harsh revenge.”

Brigadier Sharif explained that the Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Organization addresses the infiltrated elements and spies of the hostile intelligence services in a framework of legal duties, and is one of the most influential tasks of the Revolutionary Guards.

The United States of America announced the killing of the commander of the “Jerusalem” Corps, General Qassem Soleimani, of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, on January 3, in a drone attack, while Iran described the attack as “state terrorism” and vowed revenge.

The occupation decides to withhold the salaries of prisoners paid by the Palestinian Authority


Hebrew translations : The Minister of Justice in the Nazi Occupation, “Amir Ohana,” instructed the Debt Collection Corporation in the occupation to start seizing funds belonging to the Palestinian Authority, instead of financial compensation imposed by the occupation courts on 8 prisoners.

Nazi Hebrew Channel 20 said that the Nazi occupation sent several warnings to the Palestinian Authority to pay about (4.2) million shekels, but it did not respond to these warnings, and therefore, “Ohana” issued instructions to withhold the salaries of the eight prisoners paid by the Palestinian Authority.

The channel added that the prisoners whom the occupation courts imposed financial fines are Nour al-Din Hoshiyeh, Khaled Qutaineh, Khaled Mahamara, Muhammad Mahamara, Younis Yazan, Omar Jandab, Youssef Kamil and Muhammad Abu Al-Rub.

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