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The losses of the Saudi Zio-Wahhabi coalition in “Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous”

The losses of the Saudi coalition in “Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous”: Thousands of dead, injured and prisoners

Brigadier General Yahya Sarai, the spokesperson for the Yemeni Armed Forces in Sana’a, announced that 1,500 people were killed, 1830 injured and hundreds of prisoners from the Saudi coalition forces against Yemen in the “Bunyan Al-Marsous” operation.

Sareeh confirmed in a press conference today, Friday, during which scenes of coalition forces losses were displayed after the operation, that “among the dead were a large number of leaders from different levels, as well as heavy losses in equipment and seized between 300 and 400 vehicles and armored vehicles,” declaring the liberation of areas in Marib and Al-Jouf governorates, in addition to Nahm, Sana’a, an area of ​​2500 square kilometers.

Brigadier-General Sariea revealed that the Saudi Zio-Wahhabi coalition forces against Yemen “prepared for the operation months ago with the aim of reaching the nearest point towards Sanaa, as the aggressive path was targeting the area that has strategic importance to it,” highlighting that “the main objective of the Bunyan Al-Marsous operation was to deter and defeat the enemy forces.” From the region. ”

Brigadier-General Sari said that the operation “led to a major collapse in the ranks of the enemy forces and the flight of hundreds of mercenaries”, and that among the operations carried out by the Yemeni armed forces, 26 operations targeted the airports of Abha, Jizan, Najran, Khamis Mushait base, and Aramco in Saudi Arabia.

Saree confirmed the arrival of the Yemeni forces to the Al-Jouf Junction and their progress in the governorate, indicating that they were able to secure the entire area of ​​Naham, describing this as “the greatest achievement of our forces during the first days of the operation.”

Sareya pointed out that the Al-Hazm Directorate has now become a zone of confrontation, as well as some parts of the districts of “Al-Ghail” and “Madghal” in Marib, praising the “national position of the people of the tribes of Ma’rib, Al-Jawf and Naham, which contributed greatly to the liberation of the Majzar district and others.”

The armed forces spokesman also announced that the number of Yemeni missile force operations against targets at home and abroad reached 21, while the number of air force operations targeting targets at home and abroad exceeded 41.

Sareeh stressed the “great role played by the Air Defense Forces, missile forces, and the Air Force in the deterrence strategy,” explaining that the continued raids “led to the striking of an Aramco economic target with two sensitive targets deep in the enemy, in addition to targeting airports in Najran, Jizan, and Khamis base. Combing a number of missiles.

Brigadier-General Sari said that the leadership’s directions “were clear in striking Saudi military installations and bases,” highlighting that “the Fateer 1 system had an important role in confusing warplanes and impeding them from launching raids.”

In this context, Swari explained that “the war of war aggression launched 250 raids on our forces, and that the military escalation of the aggression in the Naham region was to try to attack our forces and advance to important locations.”

And the Yemeni forces succeeded, according to Sari, in “dealing with the enemy through engagement and direct docking after it gave him an opportunity to flee,” explaining that they were able to “cut the supply lines on the enemy forces, taking advantage of their advanced positions near Marib.”

The official spokesman for the Yemeni forces described the operation as an “important strategic achievement, reassuring all people in the Ma’rib Governorate that” our battle today is not with our Yemeni brothers but with aggression. “

Surei stressed that “the Yemeni armed forces are fighting today a fateful battle in defense of the people and the homeland,” stressing that it “has fully prepared to deal with the harshest conditions in the event of aggression towards military escalation,” and threatening the aggression that it “will regret if it commits any foolishness in the next stage.” .

It should be mentioned that Brigadier Yahya Sari ‘had confirmed two days ago that the Yemeni forces “confronted a large aggressive path that was targeting the capital, Sanaa, and launched a counter attack that led to the liberation of all the areas of insatiable, and the enemy forces inflicted heavy losses in equipment and lives.”

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