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A counter offer to Trump’s peace plan

Dear editor,

President Trump finally unveiled his self-proclaimed “deal of the century” plan for the Middle East peace. Trump’s plan forces the Palestinians to make unfair concessions in favor of Israel. Instead of calling it a peace plan, you would be more accurate in calling it, “Trump Peace Scam”.
This is not a deal but rather an Israeli dictate or surrender agreement written by the Israelis, promoted by the US, and financed by the Gulf states for Palestinian leaders to sign.

This cleverly-packaged and promoted deal will actually give Israel everything it wants and leave the Palestinians crumbs to contend with. Basically, 1) No Palestinian state, 2) No claim to the city of Jerusalem, 3) No rights of return to 6 million refugees, and 4) Israel will have exclusive control of the borders, the airspace, and Gaza’s waters.

Under the plan, Israel “may” allow symbolic number of refugees to return. But only if they were born in Palestine prior to 1948.  the The number of “Nakba” survivors is dwindling down and is equivalent to the number of Holocaust survivors. So my brother, who is now 73 (with Alzheimers) is one of 6 million refugees who might have a slim chance to return, but not his wife, 6 children, 24 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild who all live in refugee camp in Lebanon since 1948.
If Trump wants to be generous to the Israelis, I suggest he moves Israel to the middle of the US.

That way, it would be surrounded with friendly states, Palestinians will get back what was stolen from them, US tax-payers will not have to pay Israel $3.5 BILLIONS a year until Judgment Day, and no one in the Middle East will burn the Old Glory and shout, “Death to America!”

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