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Nazi regime Has 200 Nukes, All Targeting Iran

Leaked Colin Powell Email: Israel Has 200 Nukes, All Targeting Iran

In the latest batch of leaked Democratic Party emails released on, former US Secretary of State Colin Powell asserts that Israel is in possession of around 200 nuclear weapons.

by Sputnik News

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell speaks in New York. In a leaked 2015 email exchange, former Secretary of State Colin Powell discussed Israel’s nuclear weapons with a friend, saying the country has 200 warheads.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell speaks in New York. In a leaked 2015 email exchange, former Secretary of State Colin Powell discussed Israel’s nuclear weapons with a friend, saying the country has 200 warheads.

In the latest batch of leaked Democratic Party emails released on, former US Secretary of State Colin Powell asserts that Israel is in possession of around 200 nuclear weapons.

Powell, in an email exchange with US Democratic party donor and business partner Jeffrey Leeds, revealed Israel’s massive arsenal while discussing a speech by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. concerning the latter’s opinion of the dangers of the Iran nuclear deal.

In the email, Powell asserts that Iran would not use an atomic bomb even if they could obtain one, because “the boys in Tehran know Israel has 200, all targeted on Tehran, and we have thousands.”

“We’ll blow up the only thing they care about—regime survival. Where, how would they even test one?” Powell wrote.

Israel has never publicly confirmed that they have nuclear weapons, though it is an open secret that the nation is well-armed.

In 2014, the Federation of American Scientists estimated the nation had between 80 and 400 nuclear weapons, but reported that the number is probably closer to 80 than 400. Powell’s figure in the email, sent in March 2015, more than doubles their figure, the Times of Israel notes.

“I don’t trust Iranians — almost went to jail over Iran-Contra,” Powell also asserted in the emails.

Powell also doubted estimates on how long it would take for Iran to develop a nuclear weapon.

“They [the Iranians] say, correctly, that they have every right to enrich [uranium] for energy. Russians helped build a power reactor at Busher. Can’t get enough sanctions to break them. Lots of bs around about their progress. Bibi likes to say ‘a year away,’ as do our intel guys. They say it every year. [It] ain’t that easy to do,” Powell stated.

In the emails, Powell also referred to Donald Trump as a “national disgrace and an international pariah,” called Hillary Clinton “greedy, not transformational,” and asserted that Bill Clinton is “still dicking bimbos.”

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The Syrian army is a step away from taking over the entire Aleppo-Hama road

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

The Syrian Arab Army accomplished a new combat mission, liberating the town of Al-Eis and its hill, and opened the door for the meeting of its advanced forces from the eastern Idlib countryside with the advanced forces from the southern countryside of Aleppo in the town of Al-Eis in the countryside of Aleppo.

Video clips showed the moment these forces met, at a time when field sources confirmed to Al-Watan that the army surrounded the Turkish point in Al-Eis Hill in the southern countryside of Aleppo, to be the sixth Turkish block.

The towns of the eastern Idlib countryside and the southern Aleppo region fell like domino stones in the grip of the Syrian Arab Army, which snatched part of the international road that connects Hama to Aleppo North Saraqib from the control of terrorist organizations and became less than around the corner to extend its influence over the entire road to the city of Aleppo.

Despite the low air and prevailing conditions, and as it continued to crawl in the eastern Idlib countryside, the Syrian army began its military operation yesterday by tightly controlling the villages of Ijaz, Muharim, Tal Al-Tabazir, Khwari, Rasm al-Ward and Abad in the eastern Idlib countryside, northeast of Saraqib, before extending its influence to the western part of A highway Saraqib – Aleppo, extending its hegemony over the town of Karateen and Tal Karateen, and then to continue its march towards the administrative borders of the southern countryside of Aleppo, where it took control of the villages of Huwair Al-Eis, Mahala, Al-Thuraya, Al-Dhahria and the University of Ebla on the international road, according to a field source in the southern countryside of Aleppo to «Al-Watan ».

He pointed out that the Syrian army continued its progress from the University of Ebla and Tal Karatin to the town of Sheikh Ahmed on the international road to Aleppo north of Saraqib and to the town of Kossnia to the west of it and then to the towns of Umm Ataba and Jab Kas, and now it is on the doorstep of Gulf University, which is less than 10 kilometers from The town of Al-Zorba is located on the road, where it met the advanced Syrian army units from the south and east of the town and continued to crawl to the western entrance to Aleppo at the town of Khan Al-Asal, which was one of the most important strongholds of “Al-Nusra”.

The source also indicated that yesterday, the Syrian army units ended combing the neighborhoods of the city of Saraqib, which is a roadblock to meet the Aleppo-Hama and Aleppo-Latakia roads, after it tightened its control over it last Thursday.

Opposition sources in the western countryside of Aleppo told Al-Watan that many Saudi Zio-Wahhabi terrorists from the semi-besieged enclave south of Aleppo fled to the western countryside of the governorate and to the northern Idlib countryside before applying the siege to them, after they were betrayed by the rest of the terrorist organizations and their Turkish operator, who was satisfied with their support and aid statements. Before they left their miserable fate.

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The Nazi occupation army arrested four Palestinians from Hebron

By: Sammi Ibramem,Sr


Nazi Occupied Palestine: At dawn today, the Occupation Army arrested four Palestinians from Hebron, south of the occupied West Bank.

Local sources reported that the army forces stormed several areas in the Hebron Governorate, and raided Palestinian homes and searched them before arresting a number of young men.

She added that he knew from the detainees at dawn today; the wounded boy, Nour al-Salibi, Muhammad Awad, and Saad Zaqaq from the town of Beit Ummar, north of Hebron.

Meanwhile, the Nazi occupation army arrested Anas Tayseer Al-Awawdeh from the town of Dura, south of the city.

On a daily basis, the occupation army storms several areas in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, exploding doors, storming homes and terrorizing children, on the pretext of searching for “wanted” persons or searching for suspects of stone-throwing or Molotov cocktails towards Nazi soldiers or Nazi Jewish settlers.

In most cases, the Palestinian youths confront the army by throwing stones, Molotov cocktails or fireworks towards them, in refusal of the abuses it is carrying out against the Palestinians, and the army responds with bullets and bombs. 

Nazi Occupation police arrest two young men from Al-Aqsa, one of them with special needs


The Nazi occupation police extended the arrest of the two young men who were arrested from Al-Aqsa Mosque this afternoon, Wednesday, for presentation to the Nazi Magistrate’s Court tomorrow.

Quds newsletter reported that the Nazi occupation police strengthened the presence of its forces in the Old City in Jerusalem, and deployed its members to its doors, which were closed to Palestinians.

She added that the police stationed at the doors of Al-Aqsa Mosque also closed all of them, without knowing the reason for these sudden reinforcements.

This was followed, the occupation police arrested and took two young men from inside its police station on the Dome of the Rock in the Al-Aqsa Mosque and took them to investigate.

The Al-Qarawi family of Jerusalem reported that the Nazi occupation officer informed them of the arrest of their 18-year-old son, Khalil Muhammad Hashem Qarawe, from inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

She added that the reasons for his arrest were not known yet, and that the occupation police transferred him to her center on Salah El-Din Street.

After hours of investigation, the Jerusalem family reported that the Nazi police transferred him to an investigation in the “Al-Qishleh” center, west of Jerusalem, and then extended the arrest of Qarawi to present him to the Magistrate Court tomorrow.

She emphasized that her son was severely beaten by the occupation forces, even though he had special needs, as the Nazi occupation accused him of carrying a knife while he was at the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

While the identity of the second young man who was arrested from Al-Aqsa Mosque was not known.

12 martyrs from the occupied territories and the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the year

The Nazi occupation is afraid of the implementation of the Ramallah commando, new operations

What is the total area of ​​the walls built by the Nazi occupation to protect itself?

Nazi police reveal the scenes of kidnapping of the child Al-Bitar

Video A Palestinian policeman was killed by the Nazi occupation army in Jenin

Video from zero distance .. Watch A shooting operation targeting the Nazi soldiers at Bab Al-Asbat

Zionist puppet Ab-A$$ today sent a message in his handwriting to “Netanyahu” .. What did he say about it?

The resistance in Gaza bombed tanks of the occupation by “a drone”

Nazi Occupation Sheikh Nour Al-Din Al-Rajabi is away from Al-Aqsa for 6 months

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-29 at 12.46.25 PM

Today, the occupation authorities handed over a decision of Sheikh Nour al-Din al-Rajabi, from the town of Beit Hanina, north of occupied Jerusalem, to remove him from the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the roads leading to it, for a period of 6 months.

Al-Rajabi explained to “Al-Quds News,” that he had received a decision to remove him from Al-Aqsa for a week, after he was summoned for investigation by the occupation police, last week, and after the end of the current decision, he was handed over the six-month deportation order signed by the commander of the Jerusalem Brigade in the occupation police.

Al-Rajabi said, “The occupation police claim that the deportation decision came against the background of his incitement to demonstrate in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which he strongly denies, as he only calls to pray in the mosque, and rejects the charges brought by the occupation to him.”

Al-Rajabi indicated that he was subjected to deportation from the Al-Aqsa Mosque, twice previously, and that the occupation forces arrested him several times, the last of which was in the month of Ramadan.

In a related context, the occupation issued a decision to expel the liberated prisoner, Yaqoub Abu Asab, from the Al-Aqsa Mosque, for a period of 6 months, and Asad Ajaj from the Old City and Al-Aqsa for 15 days.

While local sources reported that the occupation summoned the investigation, the secretary of the Fatah movement in the old city of Jerusalem, Nasser Qaws, the secretary of the movement in Al-Issawiya, Yasser Darwish, and the activists, Asaad Ajaj, Raed Salhab, Hamza Nimr, and Farid Al-Basiti, from the old city.

Prisoner Shweiki … the holder of insights and the barber of the “Negev” Nazi camp.

His family was not allowed to visit him .. Preventive continues to arrest activist Humaidan

A time bomb in Hebron .. Will the security armistice succeed in dismantling it?

The Nazi occupation suppresses a pause in Jerusalem

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-29 at 4.00.58 PM

The Nazi occupation forces assaulted the participants, in a stand in Bab Al-Amoud in occupied Jerusalem, in rejecting the “deal of the century”.

And the horse-riding teams of the occupation forces deployed in the area, and chased the participants in the sit-in, amid chants from them, to affirm the Arab identity of Jerusalem and reject the occupation and the deal.

Our correspondent reported that the Nazi occupation forces arrested a boy, as a result of the column, in addition to the young man, Areen Al-Za’anin, amidst the spread of the “Arabists” unit in the place.

The Nazi occupation forces also assaulted the Palestinians in Bab Al-Sahra, and arrested 3 of them after they closed the doors of the old town, before opening them again.

The Nazi occupation forces also arrested two young men, from inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque, this afternoon, after they beat them.

In a related context, Shuafat camp, northeast of occupied Jerusalem, witnessed confrontations with the occupation forces. Deal of the Century

“We Are All _ Sheikh_Aqsa” campaign of broad solidarity with Salah before his trial

12 martyrs from theNazi occupied territories and the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the year

Nazi camp “Ofer” prisoners decide to return the breakfast

The Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority reported Thursday evening that the Israeli Occupation Prisons Administration transferred the prisoner Ismail Ali Al-Mudarib from food yesterday, 37 days in a row, against his administrative detention, from isolating the Negev to isolating the prison of Aila.

The prisoners in the Nazi camp “Ofer” prison and all the factions decided to return the breakfast meal tomorrow, Thursday, in protest against what happened to the prisoners, the children who were transferred to “Damoon” prison, and today they number (31) children.

The Prisoner Club, in a statement, stated that this step will be implemented in all departments and with the participation of all factions, as a first response to the intransigence and persistence of the Nazi occupation prisons administration in its refusal to return the child prisoners, or allow their representatives to manage and organize their detention life, as was the case before the transfer.

The Nazi Occupation Prisons Administration, in a sudden step, and on the 13th of this month, has transferred (34) children from “Ofer” prison to “Damon” prison without their representatives, and continues to detain them in tragic and difficult circumstances, in a section that does not meet the minimum conditions for human life, Apart from the attacks carried out by the repressive forces against them since their transfer, many of them were threatened and isolated.

Video A young woman was arrested and taken to the Jerusalem investigation center

The Disciplinary Council for Judges dismisses the lawsuit filed against Dr. Ashkar

The decision to ban the export of Palestinian agricultural products to the world comes into effect

Minors detained in Al-Damun Nazi camp in isolation


The Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority confirmed today, Thursday, that the Nazi occupation prisons administration imposes on minor detainees in the Nazi camp “Damoon” isolation from their internal environment and the outside world, in addition to the punitive approach that they exercise against them daily, since they were transferred from the camp. Ofer “more than two weeks ago.

Following its lawyer’s visit, the commission indicated the captive of the detainees of minors from Jerusalem, the captive Muhammad Abbad, who is in a separate section from the detainees in the West Bank, and the detainees of the minors, Mahdi Hassan Salah Al-Din (17 years), and Ahmed Muhammad Al-Khatib (17 years), from the town of Hazma, Quds District, and the people who are In the West Bank section, the prison administration did not allow any of the prisoners ’representatives to visit the minors’ section for more than ten days, nor does it allow the prisoners in the same section to mix and communicate, as all five prisoners are isolated in one room, and they take them out to shower and spree each group separately And it prevents them from communicating with the outside world And punished with deprivation of family visits for periods between two and four months, and only communicate with the outside world to visit the lawyer for prisoners’ body, in addition to pursue daily and repeated incursions policy rooms detainees and searched and beating them, and provoke fear and terror among them.

The lawyer for the detainees quoted the detainees as saying that the section in which they live is not suitable for human life, which is an underground cellar, and does not enter the sun and air, and is filled with insects and mice, and the smell of moisture suffocating, and it lacks blankets and bedding, and what is called the “fort” A narrow corridor between the rooms, adding that when they are allowed to shower, the jailers lock the door on them with the key by claiming that they pose a danger to them, while noting that the bathroom (toilet) is without a gate, so the detainees use a mattress to close it.

They added that the prison administration provides them with bad quantitative and qualitative meals, and they have to eat them in order to survive, and deprives them of “cantina” purchases in which the prisoners usually compensate themselves for the poor administration food, and also deprives them of the necessary daily needs such as a brush and toothpaste, shampoo and cleaning materials. , Heating and cooking appliances.

The detainees affirmed that the majority of them had illnesses, especially cold diseases, as a result of poor prison conditions and repeated attacks on them, and that they suffer from a difficult psychological situation, and the prison administration does not provide them with any kind of treatment.

While the detainee Ahmad Al-Khatib indicated that the camp administration and the repressive forces do not exclude him from the daily attacks against minors, despite the fact that the Nazi occupation forces had arrested him while he was in his knee, and he had been in the “Ramla prison clinic” for two months at the beginning of his detention, and what He still suffers from severe pain in his knee, and his condition becomes more difficult with assaults, beatings, bad conditions and extreme cold.

The authority indicated that the administration of the Damon Prison had committed the minors from the first day of their transfer, and its climax was in the first four days, after announcing the protest against the poor conditions of the prison and the absence of representatives of the adult prisoners with them, as is the practice in the minors’ departments in “Ofer” and “ Megiddo “and the Jerusalem Minors’ Department in” Al-Damoun “, and I responded to them by calling the camp suppression units that imposed isolation conditions on the detainees, cut off the electrical current and water from them, confiscated their clothes and purchases of” cantina “from canned food and personal hygiene items, and they stormed their rooms every hour, and attacked They should be beaten severely They sprayed the gas, fixed them on the ground while they were handcuffed for hours, depriving them of showering, and transferred seven prisoners to solitary confinement in other prisons. After announcing the hunger strike, she brought three prisoners from the “Ofer” from and “Megiddo” Nazi camp.

The authority stated that the Nazi Occupation camp Administration had transferred (34) minor detainees from “Ofer” prison to “Damoon”, on January 13th, without allowing their representatives to accompany them, and allowed them to carry their clothes, one cover, a pillow, and a mattress cover for each of them, in addition to To simple food purchases of “cantina” were confiscated in the “Damon”, and without allowing them to carry other necessary items that are in the prisoners’ rooms, such as water heaters and cooking appliances.

It is noteworthy that the Damon prison contains three sections for security prisoners, a section for minor detainees from the Jerusalem identity campaign, represented by a committee consisting of four senior prisoners, and a section for female prisoners, in addition to the new section to which minor detainees were transferred from the West Bank, bearing in mind that the prison administration It separates the three sections and does not allow them to mix, while the rest of the detainees, who are confined to “Ofer” and “Megiddo” camps, are represented by representative committees before the occupation prisons administration.

The Nazi occupation assaults the female prisoners in Damoon Prison


Nazi occupied Ramallah: Palestinian sources reported that the Nazi Prison Authority authorities in Damoun Prison assaulted the female prisoners in prison after they refused to release one of the sick prisoners to the so-called prison court in the prison.

Private sources reported to the “Quds Network” that the sick prisoner had refused to stand for the daily number in prison because of her exhaustion.

In a related context, the child prisoners suffer from very poor conditions of detention, as sources report that they are not receiving the necessary treatment; in addition to recording cases of drinking water contamination that reach them through the administration of the camp Authority; and they were not able to enter their supplies from abroad or what is known In prisons in the cantina.

The Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority confirmed, today, Thursday, that the Nazi Occupation Prisons Administration imposes on minor detainees in the “Damon” isolation from their internal surroundings and the outside world, in addition to the punitive approach that they exercise against them daily, since they were transferred from Ofer Nazi camp more than two years ago. Two weeks.

Nazi occupation arrests 5 editors in the West Bank

Palestine is affected by a very cold air mass … and snow above 900 meters

“We Are All _ Sheikh_Aqsa” campaign of broad solidarity with Salah before his trial

Last month … 33 attacks against Palestinian journalists


Gaza: The Nazi occupation forces carried out 33 attacks against Palestinian journalists during the month of January in the Nazi occupied Palestinian territories.

The government media office in Gaza confirmed in a report that the occupation is continuing its attacks and violations against Palestinian journalists, which recorded 33 violations during January at a systematic pace.

He accused the Nazi occupation of seeking to cause bodily harm to the media, amid continuous attempts to obscure the features of the truth in the Palestinian voice and image.

The report indicated that during the past month, it recorded more than 8 cases of attacks against journalists from the Palestinian security services

In its monthly report, the Monitoring and Follow-up Unit of the Ministry of Information monitored the arrest and detention of 6 journalists by the occupation forces, and extended the arrest of one journalist, the writer Ahmed Katamesh.

It also issued a decision to deport two journalists from Al-Aqsa Mosque for a period of 10 days and sign a financial guarantee for them to register two cases of forced payment of a fine.

The Monitoring Unit counted 6 cases of attacks and injuries suffered by journalists during their coverage of marches and events in the Nazi occupied West Bank, while 4 cases of threats and accusations were documented.

The occupation forces prevented 8 journalists from performing their duties and covering marches and events that show the violations of the occupation and prevented them from working.

The unit also documented 4 incidents of storming, raiding, smashing, searching and tampering with the contents of the journalists’ homes.

Nazi occupation arrests 5 editors in the West Bank

Palestine is affected by a very cold air mass … and snow above 900 meters

“We Are All _ Sheikh_Aqsa” campaign of broad solidarity with Salah before his trial

The Nazi occupation decides to transfer 30 prisoners to Raymond and the Negev


The captive club said today, Monday, that the Ofer Nazi camp administration decided to transfer (30) prisoners from Section (12) to the camps of Raymond and the Negev.

The captive club stated that nine of them would be transferred to “Raymond” prison and (21) to the “Negev Negev” prison.

This decision comes after the Nazi camp administration of “Ofer” claimed that a prisoner confronted and stabbed a prisoner, this morning, and after that all sections were closed, and the repression forces were summoned.

It is worth noting that the prison “Ofer” witnessed last year the most violent and intense repression in more than ten years, during which dozens of prisoners were injured.

It is noteworthy that more than a thousand prisoners are held in “Ofer” prison, among them children.

“We Are All _ Sheikh_Aqsa” campaign of broad solidarity with Salah before his trial

The rockets are continuing .. a rocket was fired from Gaza in the “Shaar Hanegev” Nazi Jewish settlement

12 martyrs from the occupied territories and the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the year

The Nazi occupation army arrested 13 Palestinians, including a woman


The occupation army arrested at dawn today, Tuesday, ten Palestinians from separate areas in the cities of the occupied West Bank.

Local sources said that the Nazi army stormed dozens of houses after detonating their doors and intimidating their residents, as well as searching them thoroughly before arresting the Palestinians and taking them to the Nazi gestapo investigation centers under the pretext of “suspicion” against them.

She added that the Nazi occupation forces arrested: the captured prisoner Muhammad Salama Abu Ras, Muhammad Abd al-Rahman Taha Amr, Ahmad Jamal al-Masalmeh from the town of Dura, south of Hebron, while Muhannad Ghatasheh from Al-Fawwar camp (in the south) and Muhammad Imad Jaradat from the town of Sa’ir, northeast of City.

Mrs. Maysoon Al-Tomezi, from the town of Idhna, west of Hebron, was arrested after storming her home, which is the mother of four children.

From Ramallah, the Nazi occupation forces arrested the captured prisoner, Ibrahim Mesbah Suleiman, and Muhammad Mahmoud Othman Suleiman, from the village of Beit Awar al-Tahta, west of the city.

The Nazi army stormed the Dheisheh camp, south of Bethlehem, and arrested the young Adam Farrajeh, and Walid al-Dakhil, who was arrested from Nablus.

From Aqabat Jabr in the city of Jericho, Imad Radwan was arrested, and he was later released. Clashes erupted in the area between the Nazi soldiers and Palestinian youth during the storming operation.

From Tulkarm, Ahmad Abu Alfayeh and Khaled Abu Issa were arrested after storming their homes.

The resistance bombs the cover of Gaza with a missile

30,000 arrests of Palestinians since 2015

A special Nazi force of the occupation army arrested 3 brothers

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What are the indications of Al-Qassam’s latest statement regarding the captured Nazi soldiers in Gaza?

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Gaza: The statement issued by Abu Ubaida, a spokesman for the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military arm of Hamas, regarding the fate of the captured Nazi soldiers in the Gaza Strip, broke the silence that the resistance committed for years on their fate.

Abu Ubaida said in a tweet published today, Wednesday, that the captured Nazi army soldiers in the Gaza Strip “were wounded directly during the occupation’s aggression in the year 2019”.

He added: “We announce the fact that we concealed it since the May 2019 aggression on the Gaza Strip, when the occupation forces bombed the civil and security buildings and other places, a number of the enemy prisoners were directly injured, and we reserve to reveal their fate at this stage.”

The statement, which came after many months of silence, was a clear confession that the captured Nazi soldiers were alive before the May 2019 Nazi targeting operation, while keeping their fate now unknown after talking about their injuries directly.

Two analysts agreed to “Quds Network” that the latest statement from Al-Qassam aims to break the wall of silence, move the prisoners ’file in Gaza, pressure Naziyahu and embarrass him in front of Zionist public opinion and the families of the captured Nazi soldiers, after pointing out that the soldiers are alive.

In the context, the writer and political analyst Hamza Abu Shanab told “Quds Network” that the statement is a veiled message that the resistance has live prisoners, which means that the enemy’s scenario that the soldiers are dead is not a requirement to be true according to the enemy’s description.

Abu Shanab added: “The statement also serves as a message to the families of the soldiers that your children with the resistance are in danger, and that the time factor is not in your favor, besides it is a message to the public and the Israeli media who are not actively interested in the file of the soldiers of the resistance, by reactivating their case, which may constitute Pressure on the government. “

He indicated that he is a message to the Israeli government that the resistance will not bear the fate of the soldiers in the future if the enemy continues to procrastinate in achieving an exchange deal with the resistance, adding: “Emphasizing that all settlement plans will not be able to ignore the file of the prisoners and that the resistance is the only and real hope for the release of the prisoners No settlement process. “

Abu Shanab believed that the permit may contribute to moving the file of the captured soldiers in Gaza, but after the upcoming Israeli elections in March, it is enslaved that this file will be present in the electoral increases between the Israeli parties during the coming period.

Directed pressure

In turn, writer and political analyst Wissam Afifa considered that what happened was a message of pressure from the Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation and his government to move the file of the captured soldiers as well as being an implicit recognition that these soldiers were alive before the targeting process.

Afifa explained to “Quds Network” that Al-Qassam delivered a message to families warning them that Netanyahu and security officials might go to activate the Hanbala option by killing the soldiers if they got any information about them to get out of this predicament in which they put themselves more than 5 years ago.

And that what happened reflects two aspects, the first of which is the Israeli intelligence failure to access information about the presence of soldiers in any of these buildings as a result of the heavy shelling, and the second is the possibility of a mistake by the resistance to keep them in an open place without adequate insurance for them.

Afifa saw that the resistance succeeded in its message in restoring the fate of the soldiers to the unknown by refusing to disclose their fate after the Israeli bombing that led to their injury and using that for the families to put pressure on the Israeli security system.

Prisoner Shweiki … the holder of insights and the barber of the “Negev” prison 

His family was not allowed to visit him .. Preventive continues to arrest activist Humaidan

A time bomb in Hebron .. Will the security armistice succeed in dismantling it?

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Nazi Occupation arrests 5 editors in the West Bank

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Nazi Occupied West Bank: Last night, at dawn Sunday, the Nazi occupation forces arrested 5 Palestinians from all over the occupied West Bank.

The arrests were concentrated tonight in the town of Beit Ummar, north of Hebron, where the occupation forces arrested 4 Palestinians, all of whom were released prisoners.

According to local and media sources, the detainees are: “Editor Hassan Adam Khalil, the liberated boy Moamen Al-Tait, editor Kassab Abu Dayyeh, and editor Abdel Nasser Abu Mariya” from Beit Ummar, north of Hebron, south of the West Bank.

The Nazi Occupation Forces also arrested the editor, Mohsen Husam Al-Razza, at a checkpoint erected between Nablus and Ramallah.

The Nazi occupation forces raided the dawn of the town of Nahalin, west of Bethlehem, after doubts about the infiltration in the “Roche Tsurim” settlement, which is built on the lands of the town.

Palestine is affected by a very cold air mass … and snow above 900 meters

“We Are All _ Sheikh_Aqsa” campaign of broad solidarity with Salah before his trial

The rockets are continuing .. a rocket was fired from Gaza in the “Shaar Hanegev” settlement

30,000 arrests of Palestinians since 2015


Nazi occupied Ramallah: Abdel Nasser Farwana, a prisoner’s specialist, said today, Sunday, that since 2015, the number of arrests has increased dramatically and unprecedentedly. Over the past five years, more than 30,000 cases of detention have been recorded, and 16 prisoners have been martyred Inside the Nazi occupation camps.

And Farwana added in press statements: “It is interesting that the occupation authorities escalated their repression of the prisoners and deliberately harmed them and tightened the noose on them.”

He explained, “Those years were marked by an escalation of organized crime, the legitimization of violations and state terrorism. In this context, the Israeli Knesset discussed and passed a series of racist legislation, with the support and support of all components of the political system in the occupying state.”

He pointed out that the aim was to authorize the arrest of children, to increase the punishment against them, to tighten the screws on the prisoners, to abuse their national identity, and to reinforce the Nazi racist narrative by presenting the world as if they were “criminals and killers” and not fighters and freedom fighters, in a miserable Nazi attempt to criminalize the struggles of the Palestinian people and their struggle for freedom. And independence.

He called on all institutions and committees concerned, with the participation of prisoners in prisons, to meet, discuss and agree on a national vision and a practical plan to address the Nazi measures against the prisoners and the danger they pose to the issue.

A special Nazi force of the occupation army arrested 3 brothers

Hamas and Jihad for Naziyahu: The resistance is ready to respond to any aggression

In pictures A Palestinian self-destructs his facility in Jerusalem by order of the Nazi occupation

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Image result for MARION NESTLE PHOTO


Who controls food research?

Surprise! The food industry.

How the food industry gets the results they want.

Interestingly, as is often the case, crooks lead to Hillary as illustrated by this section of the talk.

Other books by Nestle: “Soda Politics” “What to Eat” “Safe Food”

(Note: No relation to the company Nestle.)

The complete talk is here:


China Chinese Doctors Are Using Cuban Antivirals Against Coronavirus

Medical workers attend to patients in Wuhan, Hubei province, China Feb. 5, 2020.

The ‘Deal of the Century’ Challenge for Palestinians

by Ramzy Baroud

Venezuela, Jan. 2020: Hardship and Resistance

by Peter Lackowski

An Epic Act of Resistance and Trial of Our Times

by Lauren Smith

Why Doesn’t the US Move out Despite the Iraqi Parliament’…

by Peter Koenig

Cuba produces one of the most potent medicines for the treatment of immunological diseases.

The Recombinant Interferon Alpha 2B (IFNrec), an antiviral produced by the Cuban biotech industry, is being used by Chinese doctors to treat patients infected by the 2019-nCoV coronavirus, which has affected more than 28,000 people and has killed 564 patients worldwide.

RELATED: China Tests Russian Vaccine to Combat New Coronavirus

Since Jan. 25, the ChangHeber Company located in Changchun city has been producing the famous Cuban antiviral, which is one of 30 medicines chosen by the National Health Commission for its potential to cure respiratory diseases.

Currently, IFNrec is applied against HIV-related infections, recurrent respiratory papillomatosis, genital warts, and hepatitis types B and C. It is also effective in therapies against different types of cancer.​​​​​​​

EmbaCuba China@EmbacubaChina

#Changheber Sino-Cuban plant in #Jilin produces since the 1st day of #LunarNewYear Interferon alpha (IFNrec) antiviral with the use of Cuban technology. #China Nat. Health Commission has selected our product among those used in the fight vs #coronavirus. @BioCubaFarma @CIGBCuba

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ChangHeber, Biotech, and Changchun Heber Biological Technology are three companies that have joined forces within the framework of Chinese-Cuban cooperation in the biotechnology sector, which has wide prospects for future economic growth.​​​​​​

The Asian nation battles relentlessly against the coronavirus and its resulting pneumonia. In the absence of an effective vaccine, China applies to patients a combination of state-of-the-art antivirals and products from traditional medicine.

Chinese doctors are also testing new treatments by combining Remdesivir, which is used against Ebola, Ritonavir, which is used to treat HIV/AIDS infections, and Zavesca, which is effective in breaking down certain lipids.​​​​​​

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The Game is Rigged


Photograph Source: Office of Public Affairs – CC BY 2.0

Let’s not beat around the bush. The game is rigged. The fix is in.

I’m not just talking about the neofascistic Donald Trump, the Republican Party, the Republican-controlled United States Senate and the fake-impeachment trial that body just concluded. I’m talking about their neoliberal enablers, the Democrats too.

Certain Depressing Things Explained

The deeply conservative corporate and imperialist Democratic Party politics and media complex is determined to deny the progressive neo-New Deal Democrat Bernie Sanders the presidential nomination.

So what if Sanders is the Democratic presidential candidate most likely to organize the working- and lower-class the corporate Democrats – the nation’s Inauthentic Opposition Party of Fake Resistance (IOPFR)– have been betraying demobilizing for decades?

So what if this makes Sanders the most electable candidate against an incumbent president and a party that pose existential fascistic and ecocidal threats to what’s left of democracy, the republic, and life itself?

So what if Sanders’ key policy proposals, including Single Payer health insurance (health care as a human right) and a Green New Deal (to put millions to work trying to roll back the soulless capitalist destruction of livable ecology) are urgently required for the common good and human survival?

So what if Sanders’ proposals are conservative in relation to the savage scale of the inequality and environmental destruction neoliberal class rule has been inflicting for several decades on Americans and livable ecology?

So what if nearly half (47%) of Sanders supporters will not commit to voting for the Democratic presidential candidate in November if it isn’t Bernie, making it likely that any other candidate is likely to usher in the tragedy of a second Trump term?

The Democratic establishment is determined to stop Sanders at all costs. As I’ve been saying for years, the corporate Democrats prefer to lose to the ever more viciously right-wing Republicans and the demented fascist oligarch Trump than to the moderately left wing of their own party.

This is why the establishment Democrats and their many media allies (at the New York Times, the Washington PostPoliticoThe Hill, CNN, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, and elsewhere) have issued repeated dire warnings over the supposed “radical Leftism” and “extremism” of the mildly social-democratic Sanders.

It’s why Democratic Party-affiliated funders and media opened the campaign season by touting the clownish center-right dementia victim Joe Biden as their “front-runner.”

It’s why those funders and media shifted to the slimy Wall Street plaything Pete Butiggieg after Biden re-exposed himself and pseudo-liberal Kamala Harris proved unable to stand strong in the “pragmatic” center-right Clinton-Obama-Tony Blair-Emanuel Macron lane.

It’s why the establishment “liberal” media harps constantly on Sanders’ supposed un-electability even as polls show him solidly beating Trump.

It’s why former Barack Obama campaign manager Jim Messina, former global derivatives trader and right-wing MSDNC (I mean MSNBC) host Stephanie (class-) Ruhle, and the noxious neoconservative pundit Bill Kristol recently joined forces on MSNBC to viciously denounce Sanders as “the worst candidate” to run against Trump.

It’s why the Democratic National Committee is working to reinstate the authoritarian veto power of unelected establishment “superdelegates” on the first ballot of the Democratic National Convention – a move clearly driven by establishment fears that Sanders could accumulate enough delegates to sweep to a first ballot victory under current rules.

It’s the reason for the Elizabeth Warren-CNN hit job in the last Iowa Democratic presidential debate – the one where Warren and the cable network conspired to falsely smear Sanders as a sexist.

It’s why MSDNC and CNN went into overdrive trying to portray Sanders’ campaign as “divisive” after Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib responded to Hillary Clinton’s malicious personal attacks on Sanders with an ill-timed reaction MSDNC blew up into “the boo heard around the world.”

It’s why MSDNC and CNN have played along with Hillary Clinton’s despicable and false claim thar Sanders didn’t work hard to help Mrs. Clinton’s (horrific and depressing) campaign during the 2016 general election.

It’s why the Democratic Party has changed its presidential debate qualification rules so that mega-billionaire and center-right Republocrat Mike Bloomberg can ascend to the top candidate stage on a magic carpet of money after skipping the campaign process in the early caucus and primary states.

It’s why the insufferable MSDNC bully Chris Matthews (the Ted Baxter of cable news) lost what little composure he has when Sanders’ campaign co-chair Nina Turner accurately called Bloomberg “an oligarch” (more on this amusing and revealing episode below).

It’s why the New York Times has been running deceptive commentaries warning falsely about the supposed “radical extremism,” “fiscal irresponsibility,” “rudeness” and “nonviability” of Sanders and his backers.

It’s why the California Democratic Party’s centrist managers are doing their best to make it difficult for independents to vote for Sanders, the state’s leading presidential candidate.

It’s probably why the Des Moines Register Star (which endorsed Elizabeth “Capitalist in my Bones” Warren) strangely decided not to release its usual “gold standard” Iowa poll of the state’s first-in-the-national caucus-goers prior to the big (and shockingly wrecked) event last Monday.

It’s why the Times, CNN, and MSNBC (the last outfit is broadcast media’s ground-zero for fake-progressive Wall Street centrism ) tout Butiggieg as the winner of Iowa’s spoiled caucus even though Sanders won the same number of state delegates and triumphed decisively in the popular vote (please see and disseminate Fairness and Accuracy in Media’s reflection on “How Corporate Media Makes Pete Look Like He’s Winning”).

It’s why CNN anchors smirkingly opine that Sanders “under-performed” and “failed to meet expectations” even after he won the Caucus.

Iowa Black-Apped

And it’s likely why the Iowa Caucus got app-f*#^ed, with the contest’s results rendered unavailable to the public for days. The deadly Shadow app’s “failure” and the mind-boggling dysfunction and confusion of the error-ridden count that followed (so extreme that we’ll probably never know the real numbers) robbed Sanders of a momentum-building election night victory speech – and gave Trump another reason to gloat about the pathetic nature of the Democratic Party.

It turns out that the Shadow app that crashed the Iowa Caucus and threw Sanders’ Iowa victory down the media memory hole was less than politically neutral. Hardly known for leftist conspiracy theorizing, USA Today offered some chilling reflections the morning after:

‘What’s this about Shadow and where did the app come from? The app was created by a company called Shadow Inc., and issued by Jimmy Hickey of Shadow Inc., metadata of the program that the Des Moines Register analyzed Tuesday showsA LinkedIn profile for James Hickey lists him as COO of Shadow and an engineering manager for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Two other former Clinton campaign workers, former Gerard Niemira and Krista Davis, co-founded ShadowThe New York Times has reported that ACRONYM – a Democratic nonprofit founded in 2017 “to educate, inspire, register, and mobilize voters,” according to its website – supported ShadowIts founder and CEO is Tara McGowan, a former journalist and digital producer with President Obama’s 2012 presidential campaignThe Los Angeles Times reported….Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Troy Price, who also worked as Clinton’s 2016 Iowa political director, did not immediately respond to requests for comment Tuesday about the relationship between the party and Shadow, which it paid $63,184 for website development and travel expenses…’

It gets worse. According to the Los Angeles Times, in an article titled “Tech Firm Started by Clinton Campaign Veterans Linked to Iowa Caucus Debacle”: “Among Shadow’s clients is Pete Buttegieg’s presidential campaign, which paid $42,500 to the firm in July 2019 for ‘software rights and subscriptions,’ according to disclosures to the FEC.”

So, Shadow, Inc. got money from Wall Street Pete (from the financial sector via Butiggieg, that is), a former consultant with the infamously dark and globalist McKinsey Company and a onetime U.S. Navy Intelligence Officer.

Further feeding the sense of the Iowa Caucus Debacle as a CIA/military intelligence Black Op, Butiggieg proclaimed himself the Iowa victor with zero precincts reporting last Monday night! How Juan Guaido was that?

It worked. The fact that Sanders won Iowa was turned into a public non-fact. The confusion bought Mayor Pete a couple of days to take some undeserved victory laps across the “liberal” media, boosting him in New Hampshire.

The Democrats Did “More to Undermine Faith in Our Elections than Russia Ever Could”

No talking head has captured the evil of it all more effectively and bitingly than The Hill’s Krystal Ball yesterday morning. Her comments merit transcription and lengthy quotation:

“Let [this sink in]: Twitter is doing a better, more accurate job of tabulating the results than the Democratic Party. What else might be wrong through incompetence, malice, or a combination of both, God only knows. But as if that’s not enough, after Pete claimed a fake victory thanks to the complicity of the Iowa Democratic Party and the media, it turns out that, surprise, surprise, they saved the best precincts for Bernie Sanders to be counted and included last, because of course they did. I’m sure it was all just a coincidence, though, guys. And meanwhile, a new tracking poll shows that Pete’s fake win in Iowa has given him a big boost in New Hampshire, lifting him 9 points in 3 days.”

“What is truly criminal to me, though, is this: the people who gave Bernie Sanders this hard-fought and well-deserved win are people like this: immigrant workers at a pork-processing plant, who had to fight to even be able to cast their ballots in a caucus that conflicted with their work schedule. They were the very first to vote and among the last to be counted. For four days, their voice and their vote were completely erased, as were the Latinos who participated in satellite caucuses and went overwhelmingly for Bernie Sanders. It is absolutely outrageous.”

Do you remember the endless, three-year rant at RussiaGate and over how a foreign power spending a million or two over a month on lousy, ungrammatical Facebook ads inside a billion dollar election was the biggest threat to our constitutional republic and was material to Hillary’s loss in 2016? Let’s be completely clear hereThe Democratic Party in Iowa has done more to undermine faith in our elections than Russia ever could. Period. But don’t expect a Democratic House to hold months-long hearings into the Iowa Caucus debacle. Don’t expect any degree of self-reflection on the part of the party bosses and consultant grifters who deserve to be fired en masse. Instead, the same folks who think they should be able to take the nomination from Bernie with their Superdelegates, the same folks who tweak the process so it suits them, the same folks who are now leaking out partial wrong results in a mockery of manipulation masquerading as transparency…these people will continue to run the Democratic Party in Iowa and elsewhere until and unless an anti-establishment candidate like Bernie throws them all out. ….”

“… Single moms arranged babysitters to participate in this caucus. Nurses gave up shifts, lost 12 hours of pay to participate in this caucus. People rolled in with their wheelchairs. They weren’t with their kids or doing their college homework…Volunteers donated hundreds of thousands of hours of time. Banging on doors, hosting house parties, managing selfie lines, and all for what? So that all that time, all that energy could be turned into a giant joke that makes everyone who participated in the process feel like a fool….”

“People that we invite into this process are made a sacred promise that this activity s meaningful and necessary. And then to watch such manifest incompetence, cronyism, obfuscation, and selective disclosure in what is supposed to be the most critical election of our lifetime makes a joke out of democracy and spread cynicism like the Coranavirus of the civic soul…This whole democracy looks like a Potemkin Village farce where the GOP and Democratic Party insiders seem to almost laugh at the rubes who take this whole thing as serious and sacred.”

I’ve never had the same degree of faith n U.S. electoral politics that Ms. Ball (who would likely and wrongly consider me a victim and purveyor of cynicism) seems to have had in the past, but that is an extremely powerful denunciation of what happened to Sanders and his backers – and the democratic ideal – in Iowa this week.

(At least we know for certain that voters are ready to pull the rusty chain on Joe Pool Chain Biden. Too bad for the companies who were gearing up to mass produce record players for the poor in response to Joe “Record Players for the Poor” Biden’s promise of Vinyl New Deal.)

This is Who the Democrats Are

Butiggieg knows he’s never going to be president. “Alfred E. Neuman’s” role is to muddle public perceptions, screwing Warren and Sanders in the early states to help set up “Mini-Mike” Bloomberg (I am borrowing Trump’s frankly clever nicknames for these right-wing candidate), who is Wall Street’s next Great Stop Sanders Hope in the wake of “Sleepy Joe’s” predictable (and widely predicted) collapse.

MSDNC is cable news central for the IOPFR’s Campaign to Stop Sanders and Re-Elect the Neofascist Trump with Yet Another Centrist Neoliberal Creep. Two days ago, the network’s “Morning Joe” hosts used the very Iowa fiasco that their on-the-ground ideological comrades created to promote Bloomberg and Super Tuesday as the alternatives to “radical” Bernie and the early caucus and primaries. The “progressive” Kissingerian network (I’ve heard MSNBC hosts praise the blood-drenched war criminal Henry Kissinger on numerous occasions) didn’t try hide its corporatist agenda to any serious degree.

“Democrats,” a popular Internet meme featuring pictures of Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi runs, “are afraid that American voters are going to interfere in the 2020 election.”

Thank you. Exactly right.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. The Democratic Party isn’t about social justice, democracy, and/or environmental sanity. It isn’t even primarily about winning elections. “History’s second most enthusiastic capitalist party” (as former Nixon strategist Kevin Phillips once accurately described the Democrats) is about serving “elite” corporate and financial sponsors above all, and those sponsors prefer a second fascistic Trump term to a mildly progressive first Sanders one.

Oligarchs “Take Advantage of a Broken and Dysfunctional System”

In an amusing and telling episode on MSNBC prior to the Caucus, Nina Turner told Chris Matthews that voters worry about “the oligarchs” who buy American elections. “Do you think Mike Bloomberg is an oligarch?!” an outraged Matthews asked. “He is,” Turner retorted. “He skipped Iowa. Iowans should be insulted. Buying his way into this race, period. The DNC changed the rules. They didn’t change it for Senator Harris. They didn’t change it for Senator Booker. They didn’t change it for Secretary Castro.”

Thank you. Exactly right.

Matthews then incredulously asked Turner is she really believed Bloomberg purchased his way into the presidential debates – as if there is the slightest hint of a scintilla of an iota of a sliver of a wisp of a rumor of a scent of doubt about.

After Matthews finished idiotically interrogating Turner, MSDNC anchor Brian Williams turned to MSDNC pundit Jason Johnson. Johnson also disapproved of Ms. Turner’s description of the oligarch Bloomberg as an oligarch.

“Oligarchy, in our particular terminology,” Johnson intoned, “makes you think of a rich person who got their money off of oil in Russia, who is taking advantage of a broken and dysfunctional system.”

You can’t make shit like that up! No, Jason Johnson: imperialist, Russophobic, and American Exceptionalist doctrine and bad reporting make you think that way. Merriam-Webster defines “oligarchy” as: “government by the few; a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes.” There’s an abundance of solid academic research showing that the United States today fits the definition very well. Here are four for Johnson to start with: Benjamin Page and Martin Gilens, Democracy in America? What Has Gone Wrong and What we Can Do About It (University of Chicago, 2018), Ron Formisano, American Oligarchy: The Permanent Political Class (University of Illinois, 2017); Jeffrey Winters, Oligarchy (Cambridge University Press, 2011, with the United States as a leading case study); Paul Street, They Rule: They 1% v. Democracy (Routledge, 2014).

Concerned about rich people “taking advantage of a broken and dysfunctional system”? Look no further than the world’s self-proclaimed “greatest democracy”! No other “democracy” in the so-called developed world remotely matches the United States of Dark Money when it comes to giving big donors unregulated power in their national electoral processes. Along with other and related characteristics of its election and party system — winner-take-all contests with no proportional representation, rampant partisan gerrymandering of election districts, voter registration problems, corporate media bias and the “federalist” decentralization and partisan control of U.S. election process — this plutocratic campaign finance free-for-all is why the Electoral Integrity Project (a research undertaking funded by the Australian Research Council with a team of researchers based at the University of Sydney and Harvard University) ranks the democratic election integrity of U.S. elections below that of all 19 North and Western European democracies and also below that of 10 other nations in the Americas (Costa Rica, Uruguay, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Jamaica, Grenada, Argentina, Barbados and Peru), 10 nations in Central and Eastern Europe, 9 Asian-Pacific countries, 2 countries in the Middle East (Israel and Tunisia) and 6 African nations. The U.S. ranks dead last among “Western democracies.”

Don’t take it from a radical eco-Marxist like me. As the distinguished liberal political scientists Page (Northwestern) and Gilens (Princeton) showed in their expertly researched 2017 book mentioned above:

“the best evidence indicates that the wishes of ordinary Americans actually have had little or no impact on the making of federal government policy.  Wealthy individuals and organized interest groups – especially business corporations – have had much more political clout.  When they are taken into account, it becomes apparent that the general public has been virtually powerless… Majorities of Americans favor…programs to help provide jobs, increase wages, help the unemployed, provide universal medical insurance, ensure decent retirement pensions, and pay for such programs with progressive taxes.  Most Americans also want to cut ‘corporate welfare.’ Yet the wealthy, business groups, and structural gridlock have mostly blocked such new policies [and programs] (emphasis added).”

The Table is Tilted: Beyond the Cynical Brilliance of George Carlin

It was nice of the professors to quantify and document what working-class Americans have always known: money talks, bullshit walks. My old Finish socialist Aunt Mary (a high school graduate who worked for decades as a department store clerk in downtown Elgin, Illinois) understood Page and Gilens’ point very well. In the famous words of George Carlin:

“There’s a reason education sucks and it’s the same reason that it will never, ever, ever be fixed. It’s never going to get any better, don’t look for it, be happy with what you’ve got. Because the owners of this country don’t want that. I’m talking about the REAL owners, now. The real owners, the big wealthy business interests that control things and make all the important decisions — forget the politicians. The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. You don’t. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything. They own all the important land, they own and control the corporations; they’ve long since bought and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the State houses, the City Halls; they’ve got the judges in their back pockets, and they own all the big media companies so they control just about all the news and information you get to hear.”

“They gotcha by the balls. They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying — lobbying to get what they want. Well, we know what they want — they want more for themselves and less for everybody else. But I’ll tell you what they don’t want. They don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don’t want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking. They’re not interested in that, that doesn’t help them. That’s against their interests. That’s right. They don’t want people who are smart enough to sit around the kitchen table and figure out how badly they’re getting f***ed by the system that threw them overboard 30 f***ing years ago. They don’t want that.”

“You know what they want? They want obedient workers. Obedient workers. People who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork, and just dumb enough to passively accept all these increasingly shittier jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime, and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it. …All day long, beating you over the in their media telling you what to believe — what to think — and what to buy. The table is tilted, folks. The game is rigged. And nobody seems to notice. Nobody seems to care.”

“…They don’t give a fuck about you, they don’t…They don’t care about you – at all. At all, At all. At all. At all. And nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care … that’s what the owners count on, the fact that Americans will probably remain willfully ignorant of the big red, white and blue d**k that’s being jammed up their assholes every day. Because the owners of this country know the truth — it’s called the American Dream … ‘cuz you have to be asleep to believe it.”

The problem with Carlin’s brilliant rant is of course it’s extreme, well, cynicism. Millions upon millions of Americans do notice and do care. They aren’t asleep. They are capable of critical thinking. They very much want to un-rig the game, level the table, and change the system – make a people’s democratic revolution and save humanity. I run into and talk to and try to energize and learn and get energy from these people regularly. They haven’t surrendered to the American authoritarian-sexist-racist-nativist-nationalist-fascist nightmare yet.

I share with many of these people a basic underlying spiritual sense that giving up and letting the owners – our financial and political owners, yes – win is irrational and indeed morally corrupt. Let’s say the chances of collapsing the nation’s un-elected and interrelated dictatorships of money, empire, white-supremacism, and patriarchy are just 3 or 2 or even 1 in 10 (I think the real odds may be much higher). Why bring them down to zero by giving in to fatalism – to “it’s never going to change?” It makes no sense to give up: you lose nothing by believing in the possibility of democratic transformation and revolutionary change; you lose everything by not believing. Try some radical existentialism!

Tactical Support

Should people caucus and vote for Bernie in the rigged Democratic Party nomination process? Sure, for three reasons. First, there’s a(n admittedly slim) chance Sanders could prevail and lead the enactment of changes that would make a very positive difference in peoples’ lives and capacity to fight back against American Oligarchy, which is now taking significant steps towards openly authoritarian rule.

Second, doing some work with the Sanders campaign puts you in contact with masses of people who are changing all the time (like all phenomena), people-in-process who are capable of engaging on the critical topics of how and why we must move beyond the rigged games and systems that capture and depress our energies and how and why we must begin to organize for a real revolution.

Third, even if he doesn’t win, it’s good to make the screwing over of Sanders as transparent and instructive as possible. This could help motivate millions of Americans to break in revolutionary fashion from a “broken and dysfunctional [American] system” of class rule. It could help spark millions to join a people’s movement that works beneath and beyond the rigged elections cycle and system to heroically reclaim the commons and save humanity.

There’s a lot of good and potentially radical energy out there. It needs to go somewhere positive once the “coffin of class consciousness” (in the words of the radical historian Alan Dawley) that is the American ballot box fails to deliver yes…yet once again. The capitalists hardly restrict their political pressure to the electoral process – just wait to see what happens if Sanders (somewhat miraculously) makes it into the White House. We must and can develop an anti-capitalist (and now anti-fascist) politics that fights back in ways that transcend those savagely time-staggered moments when our owners permit us to make marks next to the names of politicians who can generally be trusted to put their own interests above ours and those of the common good.

“Except for the rare few,” Howard Zinn once wrote, “our representatives are politicians, and will surrender their integrity, claiming to be ‘realistic.’ We are not politicians, but citizens. We have no office to hold on to, only our consciences, which insist on telling the truth.”

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Between the Quarantine and Quakes: Coronavirus Life in China


Chengdu, China

I was not planning to end up in the middle of a coronavirus outbreak here in the People’s Republic of China for my long winter break. I had been planning on increasing my one-on-one language classes to five times a week for a few weeks, then jetting off to the beaches of Da Nang in Vietnam to rest up before teaching my spring courses. Instead, I am quarantined in my home in western China, barricaded on all sides, and watching coronavirus panic sweep the globe from the comfort of my wheelchair and screen.

When the news broke about the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan in the final days of January, I could not believe that I found myself thrust into an unfolding global drama. I had lived in Lebanon through two dozen bombings, been tortured in Oman (rescued by the US Embassy), and attacked by a rabid dog in remote Mongolia. Tired of trauma, I had moved to China this September for a quiet life of contemplation, training in tai chi with kung fu masters in Sichuan’s Taoist mountain monasteries. Now, suddenly, I found myself just an eight-hour train ride away from a possible pandemic. I snapped into crisis mode and made sure to stock up on supplies in case we were in for a long haul.

I already had an arsenal of face masks, since I was wary of winter pollution when I moved here. I also had goggles and rubber gloves from America—I have traveled to around 60 countries and always try to be prepared for anything. For provisions, I wandered over to our local farmer’s market—where farmers sell fruits and vegetables from the back of their trucks—and loaded up on cauliflower and carrots. Everything felt manageable—until the numbers started to climb and the international mass media got hold of the story, sparking a pestilence of panic that brought anti-Asian racism and xenophobia out of the woodwork.

The “China” I saw being described in Sinophobic and anti-Asian racist terms on western social media was not the one I was living in. Every day of my incredible stay here in China, I have depended on the generosity, kindness, and compassion of Chinese colleagues, friends, students, and strangers, and been humbled by how much people are willing to go out of their way to help me. Racist jokes about dirty Asians and bat soup (that infamous video circulating on social media was filmed in Micronesia not China) and the callous disregard for the suffering of so many really sting—yellow peril in 21st century form. Before you know it, an American friend said, we’ll be throwing all Chinese people into internment camps (just like we did the Japanese). It’s not just America—anti-Chinese sentiments are rising in Europe, South Korea, and the Philippines too.

Sensationalist coverage of wildlife markets like the one in Wuhan where the virus is thought to have emerged disregards all cultural or historical context in favor of tired racist tropes: look at those dirty, poor people eating the gross things. Unusual culinary items, of course, stem from adaptation to low-calorie intakes—and famines have defined many periods of imperial and modern Chinese history. Many Americans do not realize that very elderly people in China lived through the Great Famine—and the generations after them also struggled to access adequate nourishment.

Famine comes up often in daily life—like professors who mention how much taller their students have gotten over the years due to better nutrition and explain that Chinese brides are expected to be rail thin on their wedding day because the body ideal (becoming more and more unattainable thanks to processed food) is rooted in a famished past. Most Chinese people shun the unusual proteins of wildlife markets which are seen as emergency fuel sources from hard days in the past—not every day dining options for today. Many Chinese have also been calling on social media for these foods to be banned, and condemning their fellow citizens who abandoned, and even worse killed, pets out of misinformed ideas about the virus—which cannot be transferred to cats or dogs.

Meat-averse myself, I’ve sat across from plenty of non-Chinese people in America and around the world feasting on frog legs, snails, camel meatballs, ram testicles, horse dumplings, fermented shark, and foie gras and been horrified—obviously, the double standards are unfair. Though the stereotype is that China is filled with dirty lanes of animal remains, the reality is that I spend my week dining out on delicious and nutritious food: Chinese vegetarian delights, meatless Indian dishes, American pizza, and even Tex-Mex burritos (with killer guacamole).

The racist charges that the Chinese have no regard for the environment or wildlife run counter to the reality I see each day on campus, at our local panda conservation centers in Sichuan Province, and at the lush, finely landscaped Taoist temples here in western China where I go to relax and do tai chi. In fact, I taught a whole course on nature this fall in China—from the Anthropocene to anti-natalism and beyond. My students wrote compelling essays on conserving wildlife, preserving the Amazon (lungs of the world!), slowing down urbanization, and reducing our carbon footprint. They also wrote about the bioethics of developing designer babies, posthuman cyborg bodies, and brain-computer interfaces. The apocalyptic threat of climate change is making environmentalists out of young people across the globe, and China is no exception.

For now, though, the reality is that I am quarantined in my home to avoid contracting coronavirus, and every time I go outside, my local environment seems to change. First, it was the gates to our complex being boarded up with big wooden panels—except for one gate, which is now guarded by a long table staffed with monitors checking residents’ IDs. Next, large barricades were erected around a large section of my neighborhood—cutting off our access to the local farmer’s market, as only residents of those streets can enter. The deserted streets with all the shops boarded up really do resemble a zombie apocalypse. When I went to stock up on food with a colleague at a Japanese supermarket, they took our temperature at the door and sprayed our hands with anti-bacterial gel. We are also supposed to report our daily location and physical condition too. While this all may seem alarming and over the top, it is also comforting that there has been such a well-coordinated and strong response to contain the virus.

From getting my elderly chihuahua his special food to helping me carry my overflowing bags at the grocery store, I’ve been helped by a number of gloved and ungloved hands. The mood on the street is one of curiosity mixed with suspicion, as we gaze at one another from behind our masks (do I know you?). There is also a prevailing sense of solidarity—we are all in this together, going through the same motions, sharing similar concerns. Each encounter with another human being feels special—our movements choreographed with lama level intention and awareness. But when someone sneezes, the whole block freezes.

Not everyone around me is content to wait it out. Many ex-pats have fled to Thailand and South Korea—anywhere, at this point, that will take them. Vietnam Airlines canceled my ticket for my beach getaway. Are these fleeing ex-pats and airlines being irrational or taking wise precautions? In our province of 81 million, there has been only one death—that of an 86 year old. With a statistic like this, is it ridiculous to even be wearing a mask? Well-seasoned ex-pats tell me they expect the numbers to peak in the next few weeks and then taper off.

There are many, of course, for whom the choice of staying or going is not an option—like the millions trapped currently in Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus. It’s not just Chinese citizens who are trapped there—thousands of Arab, Southeast Asian, and African students in Wuhan are reaching out to their embassies for help as their supplies start to dwindle. I’ve seen posts from and about students from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Malawi, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa. Some of them feel they are better off ending up in a Chinese hospital than one back home—others want to flee.

A 21-year old student from Cameroon in Jingzhou was diagnosed with coronavirus this Tuesday.

I was struck by how many foreign students and professors I encountered when I moved to China. I have had the joy of speaking Indonesian, Tajiki, Hindi, and Persian on campus. In fact, when I was staying in a remote yurt this summer on the steppe in Mongolia while doing research, I visited a nomadic family in a neighboring yurt whose daughter could speak fluent Chinese—she was home on summer break from studying in China for free. Most international students from neighboring Asian countries and Africa receive a generous scholarship from China’s Belt and Road Initiative, whereas in America most international students have to pay.

The western media’s one-dimensional framing of China as homogenous and xenophobic obscures its far-ranging foreign policy reach and impressive knowledge production at home—where they are pouring huge sums of money into education for citizens and foreigners alike. When I taught an entire course on Africa this fall in China, all forty spots were taken. From translating Classical Ethiopic and producing 3-D prints of the Great Pyramids to writing about colonialism and apartheid freedom fighters in South Africa, my Chinese students’ profound interest in Africa renewed my passion for teaching and made me think deeper about China in a global context.

With so much good stuff going on, I do not want to leave China—because there is no place I would rather be. I will confess, however, that I did pack my bags in fear for my life this week when a 5.2 earthquake struck Chengdu, and sent me bouncing in my wheelchair. Like others in Sichuan, I was forced to decide in an instant: stay indoors and risk being buried alive or put on a mask to go outside and risk encountering the coronavirus masses? In the wake of the quake, Chinese New Year’s resolutions on social media changed from buying a bigger house to just staying alive.

Though I did unpack my bags, I realized: even if I had to make a run for it, there would be a number of obstacles standing in my way. Going through the airport feels risky because I have a rare variant of Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder, and I cannot know how my mutant collagen would interact with the virus. In the words of my geneticist: “I think we are in unchartered territory, and, of course, the best treatment is no infection.” No doctors in China that I have consulted have ever treated this syndrome, and complications (possibly deadly) could arise if I needed treatment here or in a neighboring country.

The United States government is urging Americans in China to leave and instructing Americans not to travel here. They have banned entry of foreign nationals from China and are quarantining American citizens—actions that run counter to the WHO, whose director called for no trade or travel restrictions. But even if I got myself to America and needed medical help from contracting the virus in transit, I would have no healthcare and a hospitalization could bankrupt me. After all, the lack of universal healthcare leads to 45,000 American deaths each year—which is a much more pressing public health emergency than a virus that only a dozen Americans have contracted.

Frankly speaking, I am downright terrified to return home to America. When I returned from my State Department-funded research this summer in Mongolia, I was detained and interrogated at JFK Airport. Exhausted from traveling across the planet and immobilized in my neck brace and a wheelchair, I had to endure—for an hour—the disturbing Islamophobia and vile racism of Homeland Security officials who ignorantly thought that Mongolia is a Muslim-majority country (“They have Buddhists there? I did not know that.”)—and that Iranians speak Arabic (Persian, you moron). They also wanted me to name all of the classes I took for my five Ivy League degrees.

“But you were really in RUSSIA, weren’t you?” my idiotic inquisitor said, holding up a Mongolian newspaper from my bag—ignorant that Mongolian is also written in Cyrillic script. When I asked them what they were doing in the wake of two mass shootings by white male terrorists that week, they looked at me like I had two heads. At this point, I would rather die of coronavirus in China than deal with the chilling fascism on America’s borders or the indignity of its corrupt and inhumane healthcare system.

In responding to the coronavirus outbreak, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called the Communist Party of China “the central threat of our times.” Last time I checked, it was America not China who was waging wars on multiple fronts, destabilizing the Middle East, and starting unnecessary trade battles. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross suggested the coronavirus outbreak is a good thing since it will accelerate the return of American jobs. Using the death and suffering of sick people for political gamesmanship is a low blow—such heartless biopolitics hurt our foreign policy and image abroad.

So though I was supposed to be spending this month on the beach in Vietnam, I’m stuck indoors in Sichuan—but making the most of it. With nothing but time, I am meeting all my publication deadlines, and enjoying quality time with my globe-trotting chihuahua. I even started a coronavirus quarantine cookbook of the meals I am scraping together from limited ingredients. Instead of the news, I’m listening to Buddhist nuns give dharma talks online, their gentle voices reminding me that we are always in a state of change and safety is an illusion—we are always one possible moment away from death. I’m seeing this virus as the perfect opportunity to contemplate how quickly everything can change in an instant, and how interdependent we all are on our local and global neighbors.

Will the spring semester start on time? What about our classes–will they be online? How many students will fill the quarantine facilities being constructed? Who knows. To cope with all the uncertainty, I’m re-reading Foucault’s analysis of how the plague enabled systems of surveillance and Albert Camus’ novel The Plague, which is set in the coastal Algerian city of Oran—where I gave a keynote speech this fall. Perhaps Camus put it best: “I have no idea what’s awaiting me, or what will happen when this all ends. For the moment I know this: there are sick people and they need curing.”

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Roaming Charges: When Satan Quotes Scripture


Satan Spills the Plagues, William Blake.

Yes, yes my love, they promised well,
Till workmen got for them the places;
But soon as did the traitorous band,
Assume the reins to give command,
They mock’d us to our faces.

–  from: “A recitation: The imprisoned Chartist’s wife and daughter,” 1840.

+ The caucus system has been fetishized by the political pundit class for decades as an example of small state “town hall” style democracy in action. In fact, they’re anti-democratic, often controlled by party bosses, where, lacking secret ballots, people bullied into voting with the mob. Less than 10 percent of registered Democrats turn out for these spectacles, far less than 60 percent you’d expect to vote in a primary. In the last few election cycles, however, Obama, Ron Paul and Sanders figured out how to exploit some of the weaknesses of the caucus system to defeat the bosses, which has resulted in the party taking “active measures” against outsider candidates. Will the Iowa debacle will spell the end of these political relics?

+ On the other hand, perhaps the Democrats should keep the Iowa caucuses as their first electoral event in all future elections to demonstrate the futility of their version of the “democratic process”. Maybe it will entice young progressives to take politics into their own hands and onto the streets, where it belongs.

+ You’ve finally made up your mind. You’re going to give the Democrats one last shot and vote for Bernie. You’ve got a righteous bounce in your step as leave the voting booth, unaware that DNC chair Tom Perez will act like a human Diebold voting machine and record your vote Buttigieg…

+ As he proved again at his splatter-gun acquittal celebration, Trump is a vindictive person. But is he really any more vindictive than Hillary Clinton, who is once again sliming Bernie Sanders as the biggest threat to the future of the Democratic Party? At least Trump openly plots revenge against people he believes have tried to bring him down. Bernie Sanders, inexplicably from my point of view, actually worked his ass off get this spiteful and petty hawk elected. And she proves, time and time again, why he shouldn’t have wasted his time or betrayed his movement by doing so.

+ I’m not a supporter of Bernie Sanders. Anyone who voted for three of the last four major wars and the Clinton Crime Bill should be disqualified for president in my book. But the malevolent lengths the Democratic elites are going to undermine, smear and cripple his campaign are disgusting. I hope they fail.

+ Who says there are no second acts in American political life? The DNC is conspiring to change its nominating rules to stop Sanders at the convention in Milwaukee. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, your Uber has arrived…

+ The Democratic Party has finally begun to fight dirty like a real Resistance™ movement…against Bernie Sanders.

+ If voting could change anything, they’d make an app for it…(Apologies to Emma Goldman.)

+ Russia, if you’re listening, and you can find the missing votes in Iowa, America will be forever grateful…

+ Dan Rather: “Trump will tie Sanders to Moscow.” And the Democrats will provide the rope and build the gibbet…(Remember when the GHW Bushies accused Bill Clinton of being a Soviet agent? Bill Clinton!!)

+ Whatever happened to that old Iowa spirit of just making up the vote totals, the way the GOP did in 2012, when first they awarded the state to Romney, then to Santorum and finally to Ron Paul…

+ You could count votes with an abacus faster than whatever they’re using in Iowa, fingers and toes it looks like…

+ There are already dozens of conspiracy theories about the malfunctioning Shadow app. Apparently none of these people ever used MS Windows…

+ The Iowa app voted for none of the above.

+ Iowa Dem politician says he feared the caucus debacle would be “an embarrassment to our state.” Steve King didn’t already do the job, eh?

+ Iowa is what happens when you replace the smoke-filled rooms of yesteryear with vaporizers and e-cigarettes…

+ The DNC should offer to give Andrew Yang all the Iowa delegates, if he could just figure this out…

+ Greg Grandin: “The OAS green-lighted a military coup in Bolivia for a [election results] delay that seemed shorter than this.”

+ Growing up in Indiana in the 60s and 70s the statewide election returns always came in late with the fate of the state’s liberal senators, Vance Hartke & Birch Bayh, often not known until the next morning when the vote from Lake County (Gary & East Chicago) trickled in to save their asses, thanks largely to machine of Gary mayor Richard Hatcher. When they killed off Gary, they pretty much doomed any of those kinds of FDR liberals from ever winning statewide office and we were left with neoliberal Democrats like Birch’s idiot son Evan, who Obama wanted as his VP instead of Biden…

+ Sanders almost certainly won Iowa in 2016 and didn’t protest much when the state party prematurely declared HRC the winner, which Sanders found out only after landing in Manchester, NH, early in the morning.

+ Al Gore’s problem was not declaring victory when he really won and then blaming his “loss” on Ralph Nader, after the Supreme Court stopped the counting of the votes that would have proved that he had won.

+ Biden is the only candidate would have been best advised not to make a public statement on the night of the caucuses…or at any time, for that matter.

+ Remember how the Democratic Party elites screwed George McGovern by finally nominating him at 2 am?

+ What’s more contagious than the Coronavirus? Brain-Sucking Putin Syndrome, silly…

+ The only metric by which Mayor PeteBot is leading in Iowa is State Delegate Equivalents. He’s trailing big in popular vote and “realignment” votes and tied in delegates to the DNC convention. Could anyone define what a State Delegate Equivalent is? Yet this meaningless category is what the press has fixated on…

+ What a farce…

+ A case study in Iowa caucus math:

Shelby County – the kind of small rural county where Buttigieg is doing well – had a turnout of 266 with 5 State Delegates (SDE). That’s 53.2 voters/per SDE.

Poweshiek – college county where Sanders excels — had 1,768 turnout for 14 SDES. Or 126 voters/per State Delegate.

+ I think I’ve finally figured out the Iowa Caucus formula…

Sanders every 2 votes subtract 1
Buttigieg every 1 vote add 1
Biden add however many votes needed to prevent him from finishing fifth…

+ Iowa Caucus Headlines:

-Quite The Cauc Up
-Duh Moines
-Giant Pain In App
-Why Oh Whyowa?
-A Dem Shame
-Cauc The Vote
-Iowat The Hell?
-Delayed Ratification
-The Caucing Dead
-Des Moines Des Bacle
-What A Crockus

+ Hey, Joe, where you goin’ with that App in your hand…”At one caucus site, the attorney general of Iowa had to switch from Biden to Buttigieg when Biden was disqualified.”

+ So according to CNN, Biden threatened to sue the Iowa Democratic Party to keep them from releasing the vote totals this afternoon, which some say will show him finishing fourth, or even fifth behind Klobocop. What’s Biden’s beef? He kept telling people to vote for someone else if they didn’t like his policies…

+ Jake Tapper: “We all knew Iowa is not Biden country. It’s too white.” Say what?

+ Mr Numbers Nate Silver somehow turns Biden’s fourth (or maybe 5th) place finish into a victory…

+ You have give Joe Biden some credit. He’s run for president three times and this year he got 14 percentage points more of the Iowa vote than he’s ever done before…(1%).

+ So it looks like Sanders may eke out a win in Iowa, despite the Party elites’ clumsy machinations against him. But it’s also true that the total Iowa turnout was low (who can blame them?) and that  Sanders and Warren (representing the progressive and somewhat less progressive wings of the party) combined got fewer “votes” this year (44.3%) than Sanders alone did in 2016 (49.6%). The news in Iowa is not good for Democrats on any front…

+ Democrats were counting on Barack Obama-levels of enthusiasm in Iowa. They got Hillary Clinton numbers, instead. Looking at the low turnout in Des Moines, one Democratic operative said simply, “Wow.

+ From the NYT: “On Wednesday afternoon, the Iowa Democratic Party released a wave of results showing Deval Patrick sweeping central Des Moines. That was incorrect. Mr. Sanders’s votes had been reported as being for Mr. Patrick, while Elizabeth Warren’s tallies went to Tom Steyer.”

+ The NYT’s election guru Nate Cohn says the mistakes Iowa don’t appear to be “intentional.” But how many errors incorrectly benefited Sanders?

+ Sanders won by 6,000 votes, but Tom Perez wants a “re-canvas” to drag this out for the next three or four weeks (months?)…

Joe Biden: “Impeachment hasn’t ‘shaken my faith’ in working with Republicans.” How could it? That would be like saying has no faith in himself.

+ In Biden’s latest bid to save his campaign, the former vice president is considering awarding a posthumous Medal of Freedom to Strom Thurmond during his first State of the Union address….

+ Maybe Perez will hire Katherine Harris to conduct the Iowa “re-canvas”…

+ Michael Arria: “Sanders is going to be elected president and then be declared the winner of the Iowa caucus.”

+ With post-Iowa polls showing Democrats are now more likely to vote for Sanders, it the manufactured Iowa debacle appears to have blown up in the DNC’s face, much as Elizabeth Warren’s clumsy attempt to smear Sanders as a sexist rightly hurt her more than him…What ACME device will Wile E. Coyote try next?

+ Come back, Marianne
back to where it began
so we can laugh and laugh and laugh about Iowa again…

+ Is Marianne Williamson really the only candidate (suspended or active) with the guts to call for Tom Perez’s head on pike (to use Lil Adam Schiff’s line)? Like Trump, the Clintons remade the Democratic Party into a protection racket for their own interests & Obama, the timid creature he is, never cleaned it out. We’re seeing the predictable results…the 2016 loss and this debacle.

+ Deval Patrick got into the Democratic race late and hasn’t been seen since…

+ After his vote to convict Trump, Mitt Romney is now an honorary member of the Democratic Party, along with David Frum, Max Boot and Bill Kristol. But never forget that this is still the same guy who strapped the family dog, Seamus, to the roof of his car…

+ Ralph Nader: “Gloating, unhinged Donald abused the public’s airwaves for 75 minutes today to flatter his clapping courtiers, lie about himself and others, and tighten his dictatorial Trump House over the Constitution. A disgrace.”

+ Donald Trump: “I don’t like people who use faith for justification for doing what they know is wrong.”

+ You can’t make this kind of idiocy up, it can only come directly from the loins of the father…

+ Honestly, I didn’t expect Donnie Jr. to have read even a single book of the Bible (like Matthew 4:1–11), but as a wannabe apex financial predator I’d have thought he might at least have been familiar with the Merchant of Venice…

The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.
An evil soul producing holy witness
Is like a villain with a smiling cheek,
A goodly apple rotten at the heart.
O, what a goodly outside falsehood hath!

— Merchant of Venice, Act I, Scene iii

+ As I watched the Trump State of the Union, I was reminded of something Gore Vidal wrote in his novel Empire, putting it into the mouth of Henry Adams: “Socialism is anathema to most Americans, who are desperate to preserve the luxuries of the ruling class and their own chance to win the lottery.”

+ Trump’s speech was like a game show for the depraved.

+ About those “charter schools” Trump was promoting in the State of the Union as alternatives to the “government schools”: “More than 80 schools in Orlando have blatant discrimination policies that deny admission to gay children, expel or discipline students who reveal they’re gay and sometimes refuse to educate children of LGBT parents.”

+ I was surprised that Trump didn’t promise to cure Limbaugh’s cancer.

+ Here are just some of the political opinions that earned Rush the same honor given to Rosa Parks…

“Have you ever noticed how all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?”

“Feminism was established so that unattractive ugly broads could have access to the mainstream.”

“Look, let me put it to you this way: the NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons. There, I said it.”

“The NAACP should have riot rehearsal. They should get a liquor store and practice robberies.”

“Holocaust? Ninety million Indians only four million left? All of them have casinos. What’s to complain about?”

To a black female caller: “Take that bone out of your nose and call me back.”

“I mean, let’s face it, we didn’t have slavery in this country for over 100 years because it was a bad thing. Quite the opposite: slavery built the South. I’m not saying we should bring it back; I’m just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark.”

“If any race should not have guilt about slavery, it’s Caucasians.”

+ I’d forgotten about the vilification of Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke by the man who was just awarded the Medal of Freedom in the House Chamber:

“Limbaugh is brutalizing a poised, wholesome-looking 30-year-old Georgetown law student as a “slut,” “a prostitute” and “round-heeled” simply for testifying to lawmakers about wanting the school to amend its health insurance to cover contraception. Sandra Fluke “goes before a Congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex, what does that make her?” Limbaugh coarsely ranted. “It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex. She’s having so much sex she can’t afford the contraception. She wants you and me and the taxpayers to pay her to have sex. What does that make us? We’re the pimps. The johns.” (Have You No Shame, Rush?)

+ I remember when Alex and I wrote a cover story in The Nation on Jon Roush, president of the Wilderness Society, who we had caught logging off old growth on his own vast ranch in Montana’s Bitterroot valley and then blaming it on his wife. Rush picked it up on his show for a couple of days and Katrina was very excited. Limbaugh is awful, of course, but he came out of radio, not politics, and he had a sense of humor (racist though it often is). The people who have followed his path (Michael Savage, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham) are as humorless as they are vile…

+ Brewskis afterwards, right Neilsie?

+ Lori Wallach: “Trump hasn’t delivered on trade pledges that won key Midwest states: job outsourcing has continued; manufacturing sector’s 4yr employment boom that started 2yrs before Trump flatlined in ‘19; U.S. goods trade deficit under Trump has grown 19% relative to last year of Obama.”

+ If only Pelosi had ripped up Trump’s Pentagon budget or Patriot Act Reauthorization or NAFTA rewrite, I might begin to take her theatrics at the State of the Union seriously…

+ Jonathan Turley would have applauded decorously as John Calhoun thundered in favor of the Fugitive Slave Act, all in the name of comity….

Jonathan Turley@JonathanTurley

You do not have applaud or to stand, but to heckle, mock, and interrupt destroys both the decorum and traditions of the House. I can understand why the address was objectionable to the opposition but that is no excuse for this sad departure of history.9,6802:55 AM – Feb 5, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy4,224 people are talking about this

+ It was the episode of bipartisan decorum for a coup plotter that I found most appalling…

Nancy Pelosi@SpeakerPelosi

It is my pleasure to welcome Interim President @jguaido of Venezuela to the U.S. Capitol. …Nancy Pelosi was liveNancy Pelosi @SpeakerPelosi21.8K7:37 PM – Feb 6, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy11.9K people are talking about this

+ If you want Democrats to stand up cheer, just brag about killing Muslims…

+ If the Democrats wanted anyone to watch their tepid response to Trump they should have asked AOC to deliver it in front of a detention center for separated children…

+ According to Gallup: “President Donald Trump’s job approval rating has risen to 49%, his highest in Gallup polling since he took office in 2017.” Way to go, Democrats!

+ The State of the Union is demented, Flint doesn’t have clean water and Iowa is still stuck at 62%….Does that about sum it up?

+ Little pink mansions for you and me…

+ If you think the Iowa caucuses were a disaster, wait until you see what might unfold in Texas

Klobocop in action: Klobuchar defended prosecuting people for using khat, an herbal stimulant in the Somali community used widely in social gatherings as an equivalent to drinking coffee or tea.

+ Trump: “Boy, my kids could make a fortune if they behaved like Hunter Biden.” (Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner made up to $135 million in 2018.)

+ The Trump 2020 campaign spent a total of $1.8 million at businesses owned by the President and his family in 2019.

+ I’m surprised that Biden hasn’t already announced that in the name of bringing the two parties together his running mate will be … Juan Guaidó.

+ Nina Turner, a longtime Sanders advisor, did a naughty thing. She called Michael Bloomberg (Net worth $62 billion), who just bought his way into the Democratic debates, an “oligarch.” Doesn’t she know that America doesn’t have “oligarchs”. We have self-made philanthropists, who make huge personal sacrifices in order to lend their knowledge, time and goodness to the nation…

+ The 2004 Democratic Party primary contenders: where they’re doing now

John Kerry: board of Bank of America
Howard Dean: MEK lobbyist
Joe Lieberman: Chinese telecom lobbyist
Richard Gephardt: health insurance lobbyist
Wesley Clark: ethanol lobbyist
John Edwards: really cool dad, currently at the hair stylist…

+ Friday’s downward revision to jobs growth brings Trump three year total to 6,491,000, over 1.6 million LESS THAN the last three years of the Obama administration…

+ After the unceremonious ouster of Col. Alexander Vindman and his twin brother from the White House on Friday afternoon, it’s pretty clear  that the only “men in uniform” Trump has any respect for are the ones who dress up on Saturday morning to re-enact the Second Battle of Manassas…

+ Susan Collins was right. Trump did learn his lesson…that he can get away with anything.

+ ICE agents just shot two brothers, one in the face, while attempting to serve a deportation order in Brooklyn. Both were unarmed. Neither was the man they were actually looking for.

+ ICE’s motto: “We rarely get our man, but we always get someone.”

+ In what can only be called an act of complicity in mass murder, at least 138 refugees deported to El Salvador by the Trump administration have been killed after their return to the country whose violence they’d fled.

+ The UN has determined that more than 15 days in solitary confinement amounts to “torture.” But new research from Cornell shows people who spent even a few days in solitary were more likely to die after their release.

+ Now consider Texas prisons, where at least 1,300 Texas prisoners have been in solitary for six or more years. More than 450 had been in solitary between six and 10 years. And 18 prisoners have been in solitary for more than 30 years

+ So much for the Great Vaping Panic

Mayor PeteBot: “If you could have offered me a pill that could make me straight, I would have swallowed it before you could give me a swig of water.” (PeteBot could have called Tulsi for help. She might have gotten him a slot in one of her father’s conversion therapy sessions.)

+ Dylan on Mayor PeteBot:

+ “Low yield” nukes sound friendlier than the planet-killing “thermonuclear missiles” that we all grew up having nightmares about, until you realize these are the nukes that the Pentagon intends to use

+ Los Angeles has nearly 200 cannabis dispensaries. Only six are Black-owned….

+ Of the more than 95,000 entries on the National Register of Historic Places, only 2% focus on the experiences of black Americans

+ There are more than 1,740 official monuments to the Confederacy across the country. In contrast, fewer than 100 monuments pay tribute to the civil rights movement.

+ Trump: “Boy, my kids could make a fortune if they behaved like Hunter Biden.” (Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner made up to $135 million in 2018.)

+ Move over, Voice of America, Trump says he wants to start a government-run cable news network to counter CNN’s “unfair coverage.

+ I thought the NYT had been performing this function adequately for the past 80 years, but I guess I’ve overdosed on Chomsky…

+ Criminally prosecuting Bolton is the best idea Trump’s had since he “said” he was withdrawing from Afghanistan. Let’s hope he follows through this time…

+ The number of people traveling by plane every year has more than doubled since SARS first emerged, in 2003.

+ Welfare Rancher update: Federal 2020 livestock grazing fee rate will be $1.35 per AUM. So for $1.35/month, a public lands rancher can feed 1 cow+calf, 1 horse or 5 sheep. This is lowest rate allowed by law. For comparison, rate was $1.23 in 1966.

+ January 2020 is likely to turn out being the warmest January on record globally. Climatologist Brian Brettschneider published this chart show the temperature departures varied by latitude from the 1981-2010 average.

New research suggests that climate change may be a driving force behind the widespread collapse of bumble bee populations, which have declined by 46 percent in North America and by 17 percent across Europe since 1974. The biggest declines are in areas where temperatures spiked well beyond the historical range.

+ Permafrost thaw’s contribution to climate change may be “double” what we once thought. And the top Arctic scientists call the estimate conservative.

+ Be sure to pack sunscreen for your next trip to McMurdo Station. The temperature in Antarctica this week just cracked 65F, a new record for any day of the year…

+ At 25 of the 32 sites, sea level rise accelerated at higher rates in 2019 than it did in 2018.

+ In the worst-case scenario, in which sea levels rise by six feet by 2100, the resulting map shows portions of almost all counties on the East and West Coasts, and along the Gulf of Mexico, under water. It also shows that cities closest to the flood-prone areas, and that aren’t typically attractive destinations for newcomers, could see a higher-than-average influx of migrants.

+ British Columbia is moving forward with plans to kill 80 percent of the province’s wolves in caribou recovery areas. This is so disgusting, especially when you consider that the BC government is clearcutting the hell out of caribou habitat and blaming their population decline (if there is any) on wolves.

+ An infected salmon farm can ‘release as many as 65 billion viral particles an hour‘ that can then spread to wild salmon populations through tidal currents.

+ The first weeks of 2020 have seen an incredible winter heat wave across northern Europe from Scandinavia to western Russia, where Moscow’s temperature in 2020 is averaging 13F above normal, while January average was above 32F for first time. Meanwhile, Stockholm, Helsinki, and Copenhagen recorded no snowfall in January.

+ We’ve found the “Blue Collar Boom” Trump was bragging about…unfortunately, it’s in cancer rates near oil refineries in Texas.

+ Cuba’s now rivers run clean after decades of sustainable farming. Despite the island’s history of large-scale agriculture, the rivers studied had much lower levels of dissolved nitrogen — an indicator of fertilizer use — than did the Mississippi River Basin.

+ I was driving back to Portland on Sunday from LA, crawling up the Siskiyou summit in a fierce storm, when a mountain lion leapt out of the swirling snow, bounded across the north traveling lanes of I-5, up the slope and disappeared into the whiteness. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. All over in less than two seconds.

+ Brian Wilson has called for a boycott of the Beach Boys, over its upcoming performance at a trophy-hunting event featuring Donald Trump Jr. That there is such a band calling themselves the “Beach Boys” without Brian Wilson is reason enough to boycott them…

+ Trump Koan of the Week: “I thought it was a terrible thing when she ripped up the speech. First of all, it’s an official document. You’re not allowed. It’s illegal what she did. She broke the law.”

He Saw the Earth Was Round, Before He Hit the Ground

Booked Up
What I’m reading this week…

Weather: a Novel
Jenny Offill

The Simple Past
Driss Chraïbi

The Age of Illusions: How America Squandered Its Cold War Victory
Andrew Bacevich

Sound Grammar
What I’m listening to this week…

The Unraveling
Drive-By Truckers

Nocturnal Animals
Yelena Eckemoff

Ice Cream in Hell
Tinsley Ellis
(Alligator Records)

The Tormenting Manifestations of Our Modern Predicament

“The older America, until the 1890s and in some respects until 1914, was wrapped in the security of continental isolation, village society, the Protestant denominations, and a flourishing industrial capitalism. But reluctantly, year by year, over several decades, it has been drawn into the twentieth century and forced to cope with its unpleasant realities: first the incursions of cosmopolitanism and skepticism, then the disappearance of American isolation and easy military security, the collapse of traditional capitalism and its supplementation by a centralized welfare state, finally the unrelenting costs and stringencies of the Second World War, the Korean War, and the cold war. As a consequence, the heartland of America, filled with people who are often fundamentalist in religion, nativist in prejudice, isolationist in foreign policy, and conservative in economics, has constantly rumbled with an underground revolt against all these tormenting manifestations of our modern predicament.” (Richard Hofstadter, Anti-Intellectualism in American Life)

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