Statement on Stealing the Century: Giving those who do not have to those who do not deserve

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In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Tunisia on January 29, 2020

US President Donald Trump announced the presence of a president The ministers of the Zionist terrorist entity, Netanyahu, about what he called the “century” plan to solve the Palestinian issue in the presence of representatives of Arab governments supporting this project.

What was stated in the Trump plan is merely an attempt to eliminate the Palestinian issue and confine it to economic needs, where he insisted that Jerusalem be considered a unified capital for the Zionist entity, annexation of settlements, rejection of the right of return, and consideration of a solution for refugees outside occupied Palestine.
The People’s Movement, as it expresses its belief that the question of Palestine always remains the central issue of the Arabs, it is:

1. This Zionist imperialist aggression against our land and our people is rejected and this deal is considered dead as its predecessors and will fall under the feet of the masses of the Palestinian and Arab people and the stones of the children of occupied cities and villages.

2. Calls upon the national and resistance forces in Palestine to close ranks to confront the renewed new conspiracy.

3. Condemns the involvement of Arab regimes in trying to liquidate the central issue of the Arab nation and warns all Arab rulers against submission to the American-Zionist will.

4. Stresses that the resistance in all its forms is the only way to defeat the aggression and calls on the Arab masses to express their rejection of the American aggression policy and express this in all possible forms.
Long live the Palestinian cause.

The struggle of our people lived in Palestine.
Glory, pride and dignity for the resistance.

On behalf of the Political Bureau of the People’s Movement,
Secretary General

Zuhair Al-Maghzawi

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