In prisons … the stories of life and the jokes of prisoners

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Nazi Occupied Palestine: A bunch of mint sparked strange, beautiful, warm feelings in them. They yearn for Earth, the people, and freedom. They did not harvest it, but they left it to grow in dreams of freedom with it.

” Quds News ” will tell you, through its meeting with a number of freed prisoners, who have spent several years, some of the antics that occur in the occupation prisons and mean a lot to our Palestinian prisoners. It may seem simple to you, but it is for those behind bars that mean a lot.

In the incident of the blackout, Abu Majd says that they were happy with this matter, if the interruption occurred during the evening hours, because they could see the stars, because the prisoners could not see them because of the very bright prison “scouts”.

In the central Israeli prisons, it is not possible to see pets such as cats, for example, unlike the “Ofer” prison, for example, or the “Negev”, where they see them in large measure.

He says “Abu Issa” told “Quds News” that the captive Nasser Abu Hamid was raising a cat in “Ashkelon” prison and he was a friend of all the prisoners, playing with him and playing with him.

He adds that the repression units and crews of health and the environment attended the prison, and the “cat” was confiscated, and this is what caused the prisoners’ grief because it was a pleasure in them.

As for the brother of Nasser Abu Hamid, he was raising a bird (periodic) in Ashkelon prison during 2010, he flies one time and returns to him again and stands on his shoulder, and Abu Hamid boasts in front of the prisoners, and sleeps in his department.

 It indicates here “Abu Issa” that the presence of a bird or bird gives a kind of vitality in the prison, and the fun of the prisoners, except that any matter related to raising the morale and psyche of the prisoners, is suppressed by the prison administration. 

As for the mint, Abu Usama says that the captives noticed that there was a divorce (bud) of mint that came out from between the iron barrier (check) between Section “3” and the Israeli military prison “Ofer”.

He added that the happiness of the prisoners with him was indescribable, as she reminded them of their land and crops, and the freedom that they adore, so the prisoners kept him by watering him so that he could continue to grow and grow their dreams with him. 

It shows that they were also happy to hear the dawn callers from “Ofer” prison, and the vegetable seller voted in the village of Rafat near Ramallah.

As for the released prisoner, Triumph, she told us about the rain and the love of some female prisoners to play with, especially at the time of the “outburst”, but the Hasharon prison administration often reduced the duration of the outburst, in case you found that the captives enjoyed the rain.

And it turned out that despite the very cold conditions in the prison, and that is one of the suffering of the captives, the rain was sending them messages from their families that would warm their lives.

Muhammad .. faces arrest and “kidney failure”

The Nazi occupation abuses the villages northwest of Ramallah

What are its demands? .. The Medical Association announces escalatory steps

The Nazi occupation prevents the imprisoned journalist Yazan Abu Salah from meeting his lawyer

The Nazi occupation continues to arrest the journalist Yazan Abu Salah, from the town of Arabeh, in the Jenin District, and to prevent him from meeting his lawyer.

The Abu Salah family told “Al-Quds News” that “the occupation is holding Yazan at the Jalameh investigation center, and preventing him from visiting the lawyer, and we do not know the circumstances of his interrogation until now.”

On January 22, the occupation forces arrested Yazan at the Za’tara checkpoint, south of Nablus.

Yazan’s father said, “The lawyer was able to see him, during his court last Thursday, from afar and told him that he was fine and to reassure the family about him.”

In another context, the military occupation court extended, yesterday, the arrest of journalist Mohamed Melhem, for a period of 72 hours.

It is noteworthy that the Nazi occupation has arrested a number of Palestinian journalists in its prisons, and has intensified its attacks on them in the past months.

The Nazi occupation continues to isolate a prisoner from Nablus under bad conditions


Nazi Occupied Palestine: The occupation authorities continue to isolate the Palestinian prisoner Mahmoud Atallah from the city of Nablus, in poor conditions.

The Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority said in a statement today, Monday, that the prisoner Atallah is being held inside cells isolating “Ela” in difficult conditions of detention, as there are daily searches for his cell and permanent provocation by the prisoners, and he is allowed to blow for an hour only and inside a very small square.    

It is noteworthy that the prisoner Atallah has been detained for 19 years, and he suffers from a stomach bacterium for several years and in urgent need of permanent and regular treatment, but the detainee’s clinic does not care about his condition.

The prisoner moved between several isolation sections in prisons such as “Hadarim”, “Gilboa”, “Ashkelon”, “Raymond”, “Ohli Kedar” and more recently, “Ella”.

The prisoner had gone on hunger strike to protest against the isolation policy of the Occupation Prisons Administration with him. 

A doctor is satisfied with measuring the pressure of a captive boy instead of treating his bleeding

The prison administration ignores the health of the prisoner Alaa Al-Hams

Financial fines in excess of 24 thousand against the young prisoners in 

For the 13th time, the occupation is Shadi Mutour, far from Al-Aqsa


Nazi Occupied Jerusalem: The Nazi occupation renewed the decision to remove Shadi Mutour, the secretary of the Fatah movement in Jerusalem, from the Al-Aqsa Mosque, for a period of 6 months.

The developer of “Al Quds News” said that the occupation intelligence handed him the decision to deport him from Al-Aqsa, after he summoned him to investigate the “Al Qashleh” center.

Shadi said: “This time, 13, when the occupation takes me away from the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and between the deportation decision and the last days only, I enter to pray in the mosque, then the intelligence services call me and keep me away again.”

He added: “Last Friday, I went to pray in the mosque, accompanied by my children, and the occupation police prevented me from entering, and they told me that I was away from the mosque.”

Shadi is also being arrested permanently, by the occupying forces, and he says: “The many arrests I do not know the exact number, every month the occupation arrests me two or three times.”

He pointed out that “the occupation accuses me of incitement inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and of the great dawn prayer campaigns.”

He added: “I told the investigators what is your problem with people going to perform the Fajr prayer, in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and what threatens your security in that.”

“The settlers and the Special Occupation Forces and the Intelligence Forces are the ones who threaten security in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, due to their incursions into the mosque and their attacks on women and those who are praying with beatings, rubber bullets and gas canisters,” says a developer.

On the motives of the occupation from intensifying the deportations from the mosque, a developer stated that “the Israeli occupation state is approaching a new stage, which includes the division of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, after Trump announced the terms of the deal of the century, in which the description of the mosque as a mountain of the temple and everyone is entitled to pray in it.”

He added: “Occupation intelligence investigators have repeatedly told us, during our detention, that they are seeking to control part of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and they are moving, after the stage of legalizing the incursions, to legitimize the prayers of settlers in the mosque.”

He said: “Every year the occupation tries to measure the morale of the people of Jerusalem, and their willingness to defend the mosque, and our people have proven that it does not accept prejudice to the mosque, as it considers it a doctrine, and it will come up every time to prevent the occupation from passing its plans in it.”

He explained: “In the incident of the loss of the child Qais Abu Ermila, the occupation saw how young men from all over the city came to search for Qais, which is a measure of the congestion experienced by the Palestinians and their willingness to face his plans.”

Muhammad .. faces arrest and “kidney failure”

The Nazi occupation abuses the villages northwest of Ramallah

What are its demands? .. The Medical Association announces escalatory steps

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