Month on psychological and physical torture of child prisoners in the Damon Nazi Camp

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Nazi Occupied Ramallah: The Nazi Occupation Prisons Administration has continued to detain 27 children in harsh and tragic conditions for the past month in Damoon Nazi Camp, accompanied by its intransigence and its refusal to respond to their demand to return them to Ofer Nazi Camp.

The Damon Nazi Camp administration also refuses to allow representatives of adult prisoners to manage and supervise the lives of the cubs, as is the case in prisons where the child prisoners are held, and their detention lives were managed before their transfer.

The prisoners considered that what is taking place with the children is a dangerous transformation, a new violation of their fate, and an attempt to steal one of the most important achievements of the captive movement historically, and with all the attempts that the prisoners make through dialogue and the implementation of rejecting protest steps, but they have not yet resulted in a decisive solution to the issue.  

Suppression and assault

The Prisoners ‘Club says that, immediately after the Cubs’ administration was transferred to the Damon Nazi Camp, the repression forces carried out repeated repression and severe beatings on a group of them, and at least nine of them were transferred to the cells of the Jalameh Gestapo investigation center and the Salmon Nazi Camp in an attempt to pressure On them, to stop their protests. During the crackdowns, the child prisoners were held for hours with plastic restrictions and sprayed with gas. 

One of the children who was later released from the department confirmed that the color of their hands tended to black due to the restrictions, and that the oppressive forces deliberately beat their heads in the walls, as well as they were present around the clock in the section to intimidate and attack them, and the administration detained the “Kantina” that they had , Claiming that she was returned to the prisoners in Ofer Nazi Camp.  

Prisoners faced children throughout the month of these measures, with a set of steps, including returning meals, and hunger strikes for days, whereby those who were beaten were threatened with undressing and leaving him naked and assaulted, and yet the children continued their protests and their rejection of the tragic conditions imposed on them. 

Section mode 

The prisoners described the children in which they lived as “dirty” and that it was like a basement under the sun that does not enter the sun, and some rooms do not have windows for ventilation, and insects, cockroaches and mice are spread in it, and its smell is foul, and the “fortune” square is a passage between the main section The rooms are very small, and the bathrooms are exposed, where they are forced to use mattresses as curtains. 

Prisoners are forced to sleep in dirty mattresses, in an attempt to bring warmth, and a group of them are forced to carry their shoes throughout the night in order to get rid of the insects around them. 

As for the food, it is a box of milk and a loaf of bread that is divided for each room, and a grain of “clementine” and cucumber, sometimes rice is brought as breakfast, while lunch contains a dish of hard pasta, which has an unpleasant smell, while dinner is semi-raw beans. Water is polluted and yellowish, yet they have to use it as no substitute.

Most children suffer from chest pain due to a cold, cannot sleep due to a cough, and prison administration is sufficient to give them painkillers. 

Impose sanctions on them 

The Nazi Camp administration imposed upon them punishments represented by denying them four-month visits, imposing financial fines on them, and forcing a prisoner to take off his clothes in the bitter cold to isolate al-Jalameh Nazi Camp to pressure him to suspend his hunger strike, which was really the case, as the child did not tolerate The severe cold forced him to suspend the strike, and was sent back to Damoun Nazi Camp.

In response to this, the Al-Asir Club renewed its demand for human rights institutions, headed by the Red Cross, to put an end to the issue of child prisoners in the Damoon Nazi Camp, and all forms of abuse, including ill-treatment, physical and psychological torture to which children are exposed in the Nazi occupation prisons, and that actually begins from the moment of arrest.

The Nazi occupation transfers the general counsel of Fatah prisoners to solitary confinement

A doctor is satisfied with measuring the pressure of a captive boy instead of treating his bleeding

The prison administration ignores the health of the prisoner Alaa Al-Hams

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