Difficult and difficult conditions for prisoners of children in Damoon Nazi Camp

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Nazi occupied Ramallah: For more than 40 days, the Nazi Occupation Nazi Camp Administration has continued to detain 27 children in the Damon Nazi Camp, in conditions that lack the minimum conditions for human life.

The Prisoners’ Club confirmed, in a statement, today, Sunday, that the Nazi Camp Administration is trying to impose a new reality that affects the fate of the child prisoners, to constitute a shift in their issue inside prisons, especially since all dialogues on the issue have not led to a solution yet.

He reviewed again, the repressive policies imposed by the Nazi Occupation Camp Administration on the child prisoners in the Nazi Camp Damon, which consisted of carrying out repression, severe attacks, spraying them with gas, and imposing isolation policy as a punitive tool, in addition to threats and intimidation that were carried out against them around the clock, specifically in The first period of the transfer process, and during this period, the prisoners faced the children with these measures by returning meals and hunger strikes, as the children were exposed, as a result of their protests, to increasing repression, including those who were threatened with stripping his clothes if he did not end his hunger strike, except for imposing collective penalties against them. , from him No denial of visits, and fines.

The prisoners described the children in which they remained through their testimonies, “It is an underground cellar in which cockroaches and mice are spread, and sunlight does not enter it, and windows for ventilation are not available, and it smells bad,” aside from the narrowness of the “fortune” square, it is just a passage between the main section and the rooms , And the bathrooms are exposed, children are forced to use mattresses intended for sleeping as curtains, and the mattresses are dirty, and caused some of them to have pimples on their bodies, after they had to open them and sleep inside them in an attempt to bring warmth, moreover, children were forced to carry their shoes at night to get rid of insects.

As for food, the prisoners confirmed to the children that the food smelled foul, and even the meals in which the chicken were provided were filled with feathers, and the water was polluted, and its color was yellowish.

On the health level, these conditions caused the children to suffer from diseases that appeared in the chest, colds, influenza, and severe coughing. In return, the prison administration would provide them with painkillers.

It is noteworthy that the occupation prisons administration, on the date of the thirteenth of January 2020, transferred 33 children from Ofer Nazi Camp to Damoon Camp without their representatives, where their representatives manage their detention life, protect them from any exploitation of them, and organize their time in prison And helping them overcome many difficulties, knowing that the presence of representatives of the child prisoners was one of the most prominent achievements that the prisoners achieved during the years of their struggle.

The Prisoners Club renewed its demand for human rights institutions, headed by the Red Cross, to put an end to the issue of child prisoners in the Damon Nazi Camp, and all forms of abuse, including ill-treatment, and physical and psychological torture, to which child prisoners in general are subjected, and that actually begins from the moment of arrest.

It is noteworthy that the occupation authorities detain about 200 children in its prisons, and during the month of January 2020, prisoners’ institutions monitored 67 cases of detention among children, most of them from the illegally occupied Jerusalem.

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