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The Myth of Sanders’ “Socialism”

by M. G. PIETY

Photograph Source: Matt Johnson – CC BY 2.0

Fox News has an all-out frontal assault on Bernie Sanders’ purported “socialism.” It is a sad statement on the level of ignorance in this country that anyone could take seriously the charge that Sanders is a socialist. What Sanders is advocating is something approaching the social-welfare systems of other economically developed countries and that’s a far cry from the socialism Fox News is using as a boogeyman to frighten conservatives. The “socialism” Fox is decrying is the old-fashioned Stalinist-Maoist kind where all important industries are nationalized, most of the private property of the wealthy is seized by the state, and there are no such things as individual rights and freedoms because the very idea of “individuals” is considered capitalist propaganda.

That kind of socialism is not pretty. I traveled through East Germany before the wall came down and I was horrified by the poverty and misery. I was raised in a liberal household, so I was unprepared for how obviously unhappy most of the people I met there clearly were. You didn’t even have to meet people to learn they were unhappy. You could see it on the faces of people in the street. I was traveling with a group of students who were all on a semester abroad program. Our home base had been West Berlin, but we took an excursion through East Berlin, and then several other cities in East Germany before settling in Vienna for the second half of the semester. We’d been forced to exchange 25 West German marks for 25 East German marks for every day we were going to be in East Germany. We were ecstatic, at first, to learn how cheap everything was in East Germany. We could buy much more with our money there than we had been able to in West Germany.

We learned very quickly, however, that there wasn’t really much to buy. There were few luxury goods and those few were shoddy and of inferior quality. There were books, of course, some books anyway, but they were printed on poor-quality paper and were poorly bound. The clothes were poorly made and decades out of date. The food was bad. Even the beer was bad. I don’t think I have a single souvenir from East Germany.

A few years later, I moved to the purportedly “socialist” state of state of Denmark. The difference between Denmark and East Germany could not have been more striking. First, no one seized the private property of the wealthy in Denmark. In fact, there are quite a few rich people there. Anyone who has ever taken a vacation to Scandinavia will tell you that everything there is very expensive. Food is expensive, clothing is expensive. Restaurants are through-the-roof expensive! I used to marvel when I lived there that anyone had the money to eat out in Denmark. And yet people did. Most the people in Danish restaurants are Danes, not tourists. Most of the people who buy Royal Copenhagen Blue-Fluted Half-Lace porcelain ($500 a place setting when I wanted to select it as my wedding pattern) are Danish. In fact, everyone in Denmark seems to have some of that porcelain. Where are they getting that money? I used to see Danish women all over the streets of Copenhagen in mink coats. I once saw a woman riding a bike in a mink coat. Stuff is nice in Denmark. Good quality, I mean. Well made. People invest in quality not quantity.

I was friends with a couple when I lived there who were quite well off. The husband was a doctor and the wife had been a nurse but had quit working to raise their daughter. They had a gorgeous house in the suburbs, two cars and a sailboat that slept several people — and the wife had a mink coat. In fact, all my friends who were over thirty were pretty well-heeled. Everyone complained about taxes, of course, just as they do in the U.S., but still, they seemed to live well.

You know how they used to organize trips to Cuba and Nicaragua so people could see how things actually worked in those countries rather than simply relying on anti-communist propaganda? Well, I’m thinking of organizing tours to Denmark for conservatives who’ve been brainwashed to think what Sanders is advocating is something like they had in the former Soviet Union.

Hey people: Go to Denmark. I dare you. Go there as see how people actually live. There is no shortage of rich people in Denmark and no shortage of privately, or publicly (as in on the stock market, not as in owned by the government) owned companies. The Danish shipping company Mærsk is the largest shipping company in the world and there are lots of other Danish companies that are not owned by the government. In fact, economic mobility is greater in Denmark than it is in the U.S. Denmark knows that its economic future is its people so it invests heavily in them. And it pays off. People are happy there, and they have nice stuff, unlike in the former Eastern-Block countries. They must be phenomenally productive too because they work fewer hours than we do and everyone has a government mandated six weeks of paid vacation annually and yet they are still quite competitive economically given their small size.

Hmm. Say Sanders were elected and there was suddenly Medicare for all and free higher education at state colleges and universities and a $15 minimum wage? Hmm. The people who would be saved from bankruptcy caused by obscenely high medical bills wouldn’t represent a threat to capitalism as we know it in this country, au contraire. They’d be able to pay their other creditors because they wouldn’t be broke. In fact, they be out there buying more stuff (because that’s what Americans do when they get more money, they buy more stuff) because not only would they not be broke as the result of medical bills, they would be making more money, or at least some of them would be, as the result of the new higher minimum wage. Hence they would represent a revitalization of the consumer engine that drives this economy. Ditto for students who would no longer be forced to live in their parents’s basements in order to be able to have enough money to pay off their student loans. They too would have money to spend.

And oh yeah, the wealthy aren’t going to lose their lock on power if the purportedly “socialist” Sanders wins and succeeds in implementing his programs. Charles Petersen observed, for example, in an excellent article, entitled “Serfs of Academe,” in a recent edition of the New York Review of Books, that only people with Ph.D.s from one of the few elite universities, most of which are private, have any hope these days of getting a teaching position at a college or university. The same thing goes for getting into an elite law school and going from there to a large New York law firm, etc., etc. Want to be a leader in this culture, well, then, you had better have a degree from one of the Ivies, or the equivalent, and most of those institutions are private. Even if Sanders wins, it will continue to be the case, that only the well-healed will be able to afford them.

It wasn’t always this way. There was a time when one could get ahead with a degree from a state school or even with just a high school diploma. Those days are pretty much gone, though. That’s why anyone who can scrape together enough cash to send their child to a private school does. Everything depends on getting your kid into the best possible college and private prep schools give kids a leg up. When I was a child my parents explained to me that public school was an essential democratic institution. It was important, they explained, that well-educated middle-class and wealthy people not pull their children out of the public schools. It was important, they explained, that children of all classes and backgrounds and income levels mingle. That they learn about one another, form bonds of friendship, that the middle-class parents and wealthy parents could advocate for improvements in the schools that working-class and poor parents might not be able to do because of greater constraints on their time.

One never hears rhetoric like that anymore though. Now it is every man for himself. Everyone who can puts their kids into private schools to give them that leg up over the kids of parents who cannot afford to do that. Nice, eh? So the kids of the “haves” they get that leg up and the kids of the “have nots,” well, they don’t, and that is not going to change, not even if Sanders gets elected and suddenly state colleges and universities are tuition free. The rich will still be getting their kids into the best schools. They will still be running everything and they will still be handing that power down to their children.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean this as a criticism of Sanders. Just look at the opposition his centrist assault on our current system has generated. If he suggested anything really radical, such as a government stipend like they have in Denmark for all college and university students, he’d risk being carted off to a mental hospital.

We will be better off if Sanders wins and is able to implement his programs. People will be happier. They will be able to go to college, some college anyway, without mortgaging the very future for which they go to college to have in the first place. They will be able to get the medical care and medicine, they need. And, perhaps most importantly for our consumer culture, they will have more money to spend. That’s almost too horrible, apparently, for some people to think about.

Strange isn’t it. We’d clearly all be better off, both materially and emotionally, if Sanders wins and is able to implement his programs. Why can’t conservatives see that? Or perhaps they can. Perhaps it’s the thought of people being happy that has them so up in arms. This situation reminds me of what H.L. Menken said of Puritanism. He described it as “the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.” That’s conservatives for you — people tortured by the fear that Americans might actually be made happier.

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The Nazi occupation renounces the release of the prisoner Zahran and extends his detention for 4 months

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Sit-in of the family of the beaten prisoner Ahmed Zahran (3)

Nazi occupied Ramallah: The Nazi occupation authorities decided, “Today,” Tuesday evening, to continue the detention of the prisoner Ahmad Zahran from Deir Abu Mishaal in Ramallah, for a period of 4 months under the terms of administrative detention, in a renunciation of the agreement that took place after his recent hunger strike.

The Nazi occupation authorities postponed more than once the decision to release Zahran (42 years), under the pretext of allowing the occupation police to appeal against the decision.

The Nazi military occupation court decided a few days before the release of Zahran, on condition that a financial guarantee of 10,000 shekels be paid.

It is noteworthy that the prisoner Ahmed Zahran had spent a total of 15 years in the Nazi detention camps, and he is the father of four children, and was last arrested in the month of March 2019.

Zahran went on hunger strike for 113 days in the past months, before he ended his strike in the middle of last month after an agreement with the Occupation Prison Administration.

The strike that Zahran recently fought is the second, as he went on a strike against his administrative detention that lasted for 39 days, and ended after promises to release him, but the occupation authorities re-renewed his administrative detention for a period of four months and fixed it for the entire period.

Al-Asir Club: The Nazi occupation forces demolished 3 houses belonging to prisoners since the beginning of the year

The Nazi occupation releases MP Abu Jahisha

Prisoners of Palestine: 440 arrests during February

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The Syrian army shot down 6 Turkish planes marching over Idlib

A source in the Syrian Ministry of Defense stated that today, 6 Turkish planes marched over Idlib governorate, defending the Syrian army.

The Syrian army announced today, Sunday, the closure of airspace in the northwest of the country, especially Idlib, in front of planes and drones.

“Any flight that violates our airspace will be treated as a hostile flight that must be shot down and prevented from achieving its aggressive goals,” he added.

He continued, “The repeated Turkish aggressive actions will not succeed in saving the terrorists from the strikes of the Syrian Arab Army, and they prove the Turkish regime’s disavowal of all previous agreements, including the Sochi Memorandum.”

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Nazi House demolition failed policy ..

By; Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Nazi Occupied Palestine : In recent years, the Nazi occupation authorities have continued the policy of demolishing the homes of Palestinian prisoners and families of martyrs, in implementation of the policy of collective punishment.

The Nazi occupation authorities had notified 4 families of the prisoners’ families, in separate areas of the occupied West Bank, to demolish their homes, allegedly carrying out 3 operations, which resulted in the killing of an Nazi soldier and settlers, according to the occupation claim.

There is talk about the homes of the prisoners, “Walid Hanatsheh from al-Tira and weighing magmas from Birzeit,” accused of carrying out the bombing operation near Ramallah, in which a settlement was killed and two others were wounded. Which resulted in the killing of Nazi soldier.

The decision also includes the demolition of the house of the prisoner Ahmad Qanba, from Jenin, and the occupation is charged with assisting the martyr Ahmed Jarrar with the killing of a settler, beginning of 2018 west of Nablus.

In the past months, the occupation authorities demolished the homes of Palestinian prisoners in the town of Beit Kahil, north of Hebron, in the occupied West Bank.

On the 28th of last November, homes of “Naseer Salih Asafra, Qasim Asafra and his brother Ahmed and Youssef Saeed Al-Zuhour” were demolished, on charges of carrying out the “Etzion” operation north of Hebron.

A video clip published by the Quds News Network documented a number of the words of the families of the destroyed prisoners, their homes: “The house came to me, the important thing is my son, it is good, they will come out, the occupation will be gone.”

Families of the prisoners: we remain, and the occupation is fleeting

The policies of collective punishment prove their failure again, every time the occupation punishes the town from which a Palestinian guerrilla comes out, all the residents move to break the restrictions and measures of the occupation by standing firm, and they stand united to reject it.

Moreover, the families of the prisoners announce each time that their children are more expensive than homes, and they communicate their message to the occupation that coercive policies do not discourage the act of resistance, and that the message of sacrifice remains and continues.

In this context, the mother of the captive, Yazan Maghamis, said in a video documented, that the demolition of homes does not cancel the memory inside us, adding: “We carry memories in our hearts, and the important thing is that we weigh well, exist, and we exist, and the occupation is fleeting.”

The daughter of the captive Walid Hanache, told Quds News , that the occupation is going to punish the residents to reach the ocean, when the occupation decided to demolish the house, despite the fact that it was located in a residential building inhabited by others who have nothing to do with them and will be affected without a goal. Failed and do not push parents to change their perception of their children, but the exact opposite. “

Palestinian campaign against demolition

For its part, a group of “lawyers, activists and human rights defenders” launched a campaign to combat the policy of collective punishment pursued by the occupation authorities, especially those related to the demolition of the homes of martyrs and prisoners in the occupation prisons.

The group considered that this Israeli escalation is a serious violation of international law, specifically international humanitarian law and the Fourth Geneva Convention, and that the occupation authorities aim to launch a psychological and economic war against the families of martyrs and prisoners, and this policy has escalated since 2015, especially in occupied Jerusalem.

She emphasized that the penalty for house demolitions is the most prevalent, but that the occupation authorities pursue various other methods to suppress and put pressure on the Palestinian people, and these methods include withdrawing the IDs of Jerusalem residents, deporting them or canceling work permits for their families, in addition to prohibiting any new construction at the site of the demolished house and confiscating all Properties”.

The full story: who is guilty of right?

Corona suspected cases .. Ministerial decisions .. What happens in Bethlehem?

The captive “groom” Randy is in the grip of the Nazi Gestapo occupation intelligence

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The removal of a young man from Jerusalem from the Al-Aqsa Mosque

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Nazi Occupied Jerusalem : The Nazi occupation police decided to deport a young man from Jerusalem from the Al-Aqsa Mosque for a period of five months.

The young man, Ihab Abu Sneineh, said that the Nazi police summoned him to investigate today, Tuesday, at the Al-Qashla detention center, west of Jerusalem.

He added that the police handed him an administrative decision to remove him from the Al-Aqsa Mosque for five months.

It is noteworthy that the occupation authorities have stepped up the pace of handing out deportation decisions to Palestinians from Jerusalem and the occupied interior, as they issued more than 125 deportation decisions from the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Old City since the beginning of this year.

Shtayeh declares emergency and decides to disable all educational facilities

What is going on with the isolated inside the hotel in Bethlehem?

The Gaza Interior Ministry announces the results of the preliminary investigation regarding the Nuseirat fire

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The story of Turkey targeting the party group

“Lebanon Debonate” – Abdullah Qamh

The ongoing battle in Idlib turned into a “mini” regional war due to the intervention of more than one side on a field that does not exceed an area of ​​5000 square kilometers, as matters are gradually rolling into a major battle in case the battles continue at their pace and in light of the exchange of threats between the Syrian and Turkish armies And Russia’s explicit entry into the crisis line.

The damages currently reported from the battle are the chances of postponing the meeting of Erdogan – Putin next Thursday, which is a reliable meeting to extract a solution to the military dilemma in Idlib. The meeting was not referred to the “unknown” field after the Russian military worker entered the core of the flames of the ongoing battle.

Even the contact that took place between the Turkish Presidents Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Iranian Hassan Rouhani yielded no clear result other than the parties ’commitment to Astana’s political track, which was not reflected on the ground except with more disruption.

Complicating matters further, there were indications suggesting pre-prepared Turkish plans for the Syrian north. Whereas, in addition to supporting the armed factions with jihadist genetics, Turkish intentions seem to seek to establish the occupation of the Syrian north, thus dissolving it from the central government under the pretext of protecting civilians and the Syrian opposition and reintroducing the latter to it, which is the object of Syrian-Iranian-Russian rejection.

This indicates the expansion of the Turkish military intervention circle, as the available field information indicates that there is a Turkish rush towards expanding the battles beyond Saraqib to Ma`rat al-Numan. In parallel, the Turkish army, with the backing of armed groups, opened another parallel battle in the extreme countryside of Aleppo, aiming to return the armed opposition to the points from which it had previously been defeated.

The contact that took place between Erdogan and Rouhani suggests the depth of relations between the Iranian and Turkish sides on the political side, but on the military-security level, matters suggest a lot of complications in the field, especially after the Turkish army targeted a Hezbollah site that resulted in the martyrdom and wounding of more than 10 Lebanese fighters.

It is said that the phone contact between the two men specifically dealt with this bombing and other similar operations that were exposed to Iranian-backed military units within the Idlib hubs, but the Islamic Republic is certainly not concerned with any escalation that results in the expansion of the battle area by entering the fighting directly, although the sources do not deny Iranian units have the right to respond to sources of fire if they cross the red lines.

This atmosphere was revealed to him by the statement of the Iranian consultative center in Syria, which is the center that represents Iranian military advisers, when he drew the attention of the Turks that the Turkish military points are in the range of his forces, but he avoids responding to the sources of Turkish fire and intermediates through an understanding with the Turks and this happened and was repeated For more than once, this confirms the absence of the intention to enter a battle with the Turkish side.

It was remarkable that the Iranian statement was issued for the first time by this party, and it was issued in the wake of the Turkish targeting of Hezbollah, which indicates the greatness and accuracy of what happened and what necessitated warning the Turkish army of the consequences of resuming its excesses.

But the question that arises now is: Why did the Turkish army target the Hezbollah group, which led to the fall of its members between a martyr and a wounded, even though the party was previously refraining from carrying out any military targeting against the Turks?

The story started when opposition fighters surprised the Syrian army and Hezbollah by opening a front on the axis of the town of Talhiyeh, located in the extreme countryside of Aleppo. Confirming more than one field source, the operation aimed to transfer the clashes from Idlib to other points for the purpose of skepticism and attrition first, and secondly, it was clear that the Turkish army had an intention to allow the factions to re-enter the administrative borders of the province of Aleppo.

Throughout Friday and Saturday, the Syrian army, with the support of Hezbollah, fought fierce battles over the town’s axes, enabling them to absorb the attack of the opposition factions, backed by artillery and air support by the Turkish army, which later led to the erosion of the attack and the retreat of the attacking forces.

As night fell, Turkish artillery stationed in nearby areas began to carry out violent bombing operations, and this coincided with the flight of marches that were carrying out strikes targeting the positions of the Syrian army.

The novel says that one of the Hezbollah groups was present inside a building on one of Taliha axes, and was monitored by a Turkish woman, who initiated the bombing of the site with several missiles, which resulted in the fall of the fighters between a martyr and a wounded.

Immediately after the violent raid targeting non-Syrian forces by Turkey, conditions worsened, which led to intermediary communication between the Iranian consultative center and Turkish forces, which were formulated targeting the party members who were participating in protecting the town. The Turkish answer came first by denying that he had targeted members of Hezbollah, and then the recognition came later, but he informed those who contacted him that he was not in the context of targeting Hezbollah members and he had no knowledge of their presence at that point and that he thought that the targeting was directed against elements belonging to the Syrian army.

With this dangerous development taking place, fears prevailed over the battle towards Hezbollah and the Iranians entering the direct line facing the Turkish army, which means turning the battle into a regional one, especially as their positions were not far from the whereabouts of the Turkish forces.

Soon, the connections began to realize what was going to happen. Director General of Public Security Major General Abbas Ibrahim went to Ankara and met the Director of Turkish Intelligence Vidan Hakan, knowing that he is active on a line of approximation of views between the rival regional parties on the soil of Idlib. Simultaneously, the Iranian President contacted his Turkish counterpart on the same matter.

The constant so far is that Turkey denied its intention to target Hezbollah and probably offered condolences to the martyrs through the contact between Rouhani and Erdogan. And the party worked to control matters with Turkey and not escalate it or slide into a confrontation with Ankara, as evidenced by its wisdom in mourning its martyrs without any reference to their fall into the hands of Turkey, and then took the position of silence on the comment about what happened, whether in the funeral or in front of the families of the martyrs.

Elsewhere, Hezbollah eased the impact of what happened. And it seems, he tends to be convinced that a mistake may come from a miscalculation or the absence of intelligence data about the target location, and he referred the case to the Iranians under the statement of the Iranian consultative center.

But of course, nothing is free. The blood of the martyrs will likely have a price that will herald prominence in the coming days, and before the fall of the martyrs of Hezbollah is not the same as after it.

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A Terrifying Scenario: Coronavirus in ‘Quarantined’ Gaza


Photograph Source: David Berkowitz – CC BY 2.0

What if the Coronavirus reaches the besieged Gaza Strip?

While the question carries great urgency for all Palestinians living under Israel’s military occupation, the Gaza situation is particularly complex and extremely worrying.

Nearly 50 countries have already reported cases of COVID-19 disease, one of several epidemics that are caused by the Coronavirus. If developed countries, such as Italy and South Korea, are struggling to contain the deadly virus, one can only imagine what occupied Palestinians would have to face should the virus strike.

In fact, according to official Palestinian reports, the Coronavirus has already reached Palestine following a visit by a South Korean delegation in the period between February 8 and 15, which included a tour in the major Palestinian cities of Jerusalem, Nablus, Jericho, Hebron, and Bethlehem.

The Palestinian Authority scrambled to contain the fallout of the news, which caused palpable panic among a population that has little faith in its leadership, to begin with. PA Prime Minister, Mohammad Shtayyeh, “hoped” that the “owners of the unknown facilities” would exercise personal responsibility and shut down their business and other establishments that are open to the public.

The PA Ministry of Health followed this by declaring a “state of emergency” in all hospitals under PA jurisdiction in the West Bank, designating a quarantine center near Jericho for those arriving from China and other areas that are hard hit by the Coronavirus.

For Palestinians however, fighting an outbreak of the Coronavirus is not a straightforward matter, even if the dysfunctional PA facilities follow the instructions of the World Health Organization (WHO) to the letter.

Palestinians are separated by an Israeli matrix of control that has excluded many communities behind large cement walls, military checkpoints, and impossible to navigate army ordinances that are inherently designed to weaken the Palestinian community and to ease the Israeli government’s mission of controlling Palestinians and colonizing their land.

What can the PA do to come to the aid of tens of thousands of Palestinians in the so-called ‘Area C’ of the occupied West Bank? This region is entirely under the control of the Israeli army, which has little interest in the welfare of the Palestinian inhabitants there.

Such questions would have to be considered in the context of what WHO refers to as “health inequalities” among Palestinians, on the one hand, and between Palestinians and privileged illegal Jewish settlers, on the other.

In some way, many Palestinian communities are already ‘quarantined’ by Israel, but for political, not medical reasons. An outbreak of the Coronavirus in some of these communities, especially the ones that are cut off from proper healthcare and well-equipped medical facilities, would prove disastrous.

The worst of fates, however, awaits Gaza, should the deadly and fast-spreading virus find its way from all directions through the hermetic siege, which engulfs this minuscule, but densely populated region.

Gaza, which is enduring its 12th year of Israeli siege and is still reeling under the massive destruction of several Israeli wars, has already been declared “uninhabitable” by the United Nations.

However, the misery of Gaza never ceases to unfold. Not a single UN report on Gaza’s ailing medical facilities or preparedness for at least the last ten years has used any positive or even hopeful language.

Last March, UN Humanitarian Coordinator for the occupied Palestinian territory, Mr. Jamie McGoldrick, bemoaned Gaza’s “chronic power outages, gaps in critical services, including mental health and psychosocial support, and shortages of essential medicines and supplies.”

In January, the Israeli rights group. B’Tselem, spoke of an unprecedented health crisis in besieged Gaza, one that is not fueled by the Coronavirus or any other such epidemics but by the fact that Gaza’s barely functioning hospitals are desperately trying to deal with the fall-out of the thousands of injuries resulting from the ‘Great March of Return’ which has taken place on the Gaza side of the dividing fence.

B’Tselem has already reported on “the unlawful open-fire policy Israel is using against these demonstrations, allowing soldiers to shoot live fire at unarmed protesters who endanger no one, has led to horrific results”.

The Israeli group cited moderate estimations provided by WHO that, by the end of 2019, Gaza physicians had to perform limb amputations on 155 protesters, a number that includes 30 children. This, in addition to dozens of protesters who have become permanently paralyzed because of spinal injuries.

This is only a small part of a much more multifaceted crisis. Not only measles and other highly contagious infectious diseases are finding their way back to Gaza, water-borne diseases are also spreading at an alarming rate.

97% of all of Gaza’s water is not fit for human consumption, according to the WHO, which begs the question: How could Gaza hospitals possibly confront the Coronavirus epidemic when, in some cases, clean water is not even available in Gaza’s largest hospital, Al-Shifa?

“Even when it is available, doctors and nurses are unable to sterilize their hands because of the water quality,” according to the RAND Corporation.

WHO director in Palestine, Gerald Rockenschaub, spoke assuredly about his meeting with PA Minister of Health, Mai Al-Kaila, in Ramallah on February 25, where they discussed the need for more “preparedness measures” and “additional priority preparedness actions” in the West Bank and Gaza.

WHO also announced that it is “coordinating with local authorities in Gaza” to ensure the Strip’s preparedness to cope with the Coronavirus.

Such soothing language, however, masks an ugly reality, one that WHO and the entire United Nations have failed to confront over the course of a decade.

All previous reports on Gaza by WHO, while accurately detailing the problem, did little to diagnose its roots or to fashion a permanent solution to it. Indeed, Gaza’s hospitals are as dysfunctional as ever, Gaza’s water is as dirty as ever and, despite repeated warnings, the Strip is still unfit for human habitation, thanks to the brutal Israeli siege and to the silence of the international community.

The truth is, no amount of ‘preparedness’ in Gaza – or, frankly, anywhere in occupied Palestine – can stop the spread of the Coronavirus. What is needed is a fundamental and structural change that would emancipate the Palestinian healthcare system from the horrific impact of the Israeli occupation and the Israeli government’s policies of perpetual siege and politically-imposed ‘quarantines’ – also known as apartheid.

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The Nazi occupation escalates its crime against the Cubs’ prisoners

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Nazi occupied Ramallah: The Palestinian Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority reported that the Administration of the Prisoners of Occupation stepped up in the last period of its reprisals against the young prisoners.

The authority added in a statement today, Thursday, that the Nazi Camp administration is seeking to implement a new policy, through which it aims to transfer more minors to the section (1) of the Damoon Nazi Camp , which is not suitable for human life. 

She explained that during the past week, five Cubs prisoners were transferred from the Ofer Nazi detention Camp to Megiddo, Nazi Camp and upon their arrival they were thrown into the rooms of the “Al-Maabar” section, after the prison administration refused to enter them into the public departments under the pretext that it was overcrowded, and there is no place for them.

She stated that the Megiddo Nazi Camp administration is seeking to transfer them to Section (1) of the Damon detention Nazi Camp, where difficult living conditions exist. In response to this procedure, the five minors started an open-ended hunger strike, while the Nazi Camp administration proceeded to punish two of them by blaming them inside the cells.

The commission pointed out that, despite the existence of new signs to end the suffering of the child prisoners in the Damon Nazi detention Camp, by transferring representatives from the adult prisoners to supervise them and care for their life affairs, the situation remains disastrous within Section (1), as it lacks the lowest The foundations of human life, apart from the formative and escalatory measures that the administration has exercised against them for more than 40 days, such as isolating them, suppressing them, threatening them, and depriving them of the “Cantina” and the visits of their families. 

It is noteworthy that the Nazi occupation detention administration had transferred (33) children from Ofer Camp to Al-Damoun Camp on January 13th, and remained among them (section) 17 children, after the release of a number of them, and the transfer of another part.

Al-Asir Club: The occupation forces demolished 3 houses belonging to prisoners since the beginning of the year

The Nazi occupation renounces the release of the prisoner Zahran and extends his detention for 4 months

The Nazi occupation releases MP Abu Jahisha

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Zionist Erdogan bans social media because of its army losses in Idlib

On Thursday (February 27), at 11:00 p.m. Turkish time, social networking sites were subjected to a comprehensive ban in the period that coincided with the Turkish army’s air strikes in Idlib, Syria, where many of the communication sites became unavailable through the national telecommunications company. Turk Telecom. ”

A number of social media sites, such as “Instagram”, “Facebook” and “Twitter”, have been banned by the national telecommunications company “Turk Telecom” in addition to a number of other cellular companies that have banned these sites from their customers.

According to, the website that monitors internet traffic, in addition to blocking these sites, access to YouTube and WhatsApp has been restricted at the same time and partially.

The website added that nothing has been issued regarding the banning of these sites to the public, that these measures are caused by the military operation of the Turkish army in Syria, and the ban comes in light of news about the actual large numbers of dead and wounded in the Turkish army in Idlib battles in Syria.

The site indicated that a number of social networking sites are still banned in addition to servers related to WhatsApp, are still closed to customers and one of the largest Internet service companies in Turkey.

The site emphasized a lot of activity on using the VPN, in order to break the ban and circumvent the censorship.

It is reported that Turkey banned communication sites on more than one occasion, including during the operation of the “Euphrates Shield” operation on August 25, 2016, as it banned these sites for 7 hours in all parts of the country.

In addition to an incident that occurred in December 2016, when Turkey blocked communication websites to prevent the spread of a video showing members of the Turkish army protecting members of ISIS, according to the report.

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Nazi Gestapo shoots 100 people, Washington Post calls the area ‘quiet’

Israel shoots 100 people, Washington Post calls the area ‘quiet’

Nine-year-old Palestinian Malik Eissa, Feb. 20, 2020, after being shot in the face by Nazi police the previous week. (AP Photo/Mahmoud Illean)

The Post says there had been “weeks of relative quiet,” even though Nazi soldiers had shot over 100 Palestinian civilians, killing four of them; conducted 400+ invasions of the Palestinian Territories; abducted dozens of Palestinians; perpetrated air strikes on Gaza; shot at fishermen and farmers; demolished Palestinian homes; tortured a Palestinian mother; and shot a small boy in the eye… Are Post Editor Marty Baron and reporter Ruth Eglash too close to the Nazi regime to report the full, unfiltered news?

On February 24th, the Washington Post reported that a “flare up” of violence in Palestine “followed weeks of relative quiet.” This statement ignores massive Nazi violence against Palestinians. The following is a partial list of Nazi army actions against Palestinians during the previous three and a half weeks:

  • Nazi soldiers Shot and killed 4 Palestinian civilians, including a 19-year-old shot in the neck, a 17-year-old shot in the head, and a 24-year-old policeman shot in the stomach.
  • Nazi soldiers shot an additional 100 Palestinians, including 15 minors, 3 fishermen, 3 journalists, and a photographer working for human rights organization. One of the injured minors was a 9-year-old whose eye was shot out.
  • Nazi forces conducted 418 military raids into the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem.
  • Nazi forces abducted 190 Palestinian civilians, including 52 teens and children and 4 women.
  • Nazi forces perpetrated 15 shootings against Palestinian farmers and farm structures.
  • Nazi forces perpetrated 7 shootings against Palestinian fishing boats.
  • Nazi army demolished 8 Palestinian homes.
  • Nazi Gestapo interrogators tortured a Palestinian mother imprisoned by the Nazi regime.
  • Nazi forces escorted thousands of Nazi Jewish settlers while they stormed two Palestinian villages.
  • Nazi forces perpetrated several airstrikes on the Gaza Strip.
  • fifteen-year-old Palestinian boy, who had been shot earlier by Nazi forces, died.

(For details on the above incidents go here. For information on additional actions that took place during this time go here. For a Timeline of Palestinians killed in the conflict go here.)

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