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US forces intercept and block Russian military in northeast Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:20 P.M.) – The U.S. Armed Forces reportedly intercepted and blocked a Russian military patrol in northeastern Syria this week.

According to reports from northeastern Syria, the U.S. Armed Forces intercepted the Russian military patrol near the town of Tal Tamr in the western countryside of the Al-Hasakah Governorate.

The Russian military patrol was said to have taken an alternative route to reach its intended destination near the large city of Al-Qamishli in the northern countryside of Al-Hasakah.

The U.S. and Russian forces have both blocked each other’s forces in northeastern Syria on a number of occasions this year.

While this move has become frequent, it appears that both sides have become more aggressive towards one another over the last month, culminating in a road rage incident filmed in February.

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Syrian-Armenian town of Kessab was ‘unlawfully’ taken from Turkey

The Syrian-Armenian town of Kessab in the Latakia Governorate was ‘unlawfully’ taken from Turkey in 1932, Turkish professor Cemil Doğaç İpek of Cankiri Karatekin University told the Daily Sabah.

In response to the Sputnik Op-Ed that claimed the Hatay Province was ‘stolen’ from Syria, the professor argues that the town of Kessab was taken from Turkey during the 1932 French Mandate.While Stock Markets Are Crashing, They Are Getting Rich With BitcoinBitcoinLifestyleAds by Revcontent

“In 1932, the French Mandate Administration separated Kesab, which was part of the Sanjak/Hatay independent region, violating article 22 of the mandate contract. According to the contract, the mandatory state would pay maximum attention to preserve the territorial integrity of the region it administrated,” he said.

“Especially following the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011, Armenians from several villages of Kesab sought refuge in Hatay, Turkey. It is meaningful that Armenians chose to come to Vakıflı village at the border of Hatay whereas they could go to Lebanon. The fact that Armenians of Kesab again see Turkey as a safe place to seek refuge in their difficult times is displaying that the region is Turkey’s natural extension and that it needs Turkey’s guarantorship,” İpek he added.

It is worth noting that in 2014, the jihadist rebels launched an offensive from Turkey to capture Kessab and the Jabal Al-Nasr region.

This offensive resulted in the mass displacement of the residents of Kessab until the town was retaken by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

The Hatay Province was handed back to Syria in 1936, despite Turkey’s calls for the region to be independent.

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In 1938, Turkey conducted a military buildup in the Hatay Province to force the French troops from the area.

The following year, France entered World War II and agreed to recognize Turkey’s sovereignty over the Hatay Province.

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Bin Shalom arrests the two princes accuses them of treason!

Bin Shalom arrests the two princes Ahmed bin Abdulaziz and Muhammad bin Nayef and accuses them of treason!

The Wall Street Journal announced that the Saudi royal court guards arrested the two princes Ahmed bin Abdulaziz and former crown prince Muhammad bin Nayef and searched their homes. Prince Nawwaf bin Nayef, brother of the former crown prince, was arrested.

The newspaper pointed out that the arrest of the three princes was carried out yesterday morning by masked elements from the guards of the Saudi Royal Court.

Diligent ”is absent from the inauguration of the” prospect “of Ibn Shalom as king

In a tweet on his account via Twitter, the famous Saudi tweet “Mujtahid” commented on the news of the arrest of two senior members of the ruling family, Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, the younger brother of King Salman and Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, the nephew of the Saudi monarch.

“Mujtahid” wrote, “The issue appears to be related to the anticipated inauguration of Ibn Salman as king,” noting that “there is a total rejection within the family.”

The hashtag “We are all Muhammad bin Salman” has invaded the social networking site “Twitter” in Saudi Arabia, hours after news of the arrest of the two princes Ahmed bin Abdulaziz and Muhammad bin Nayef, the former crown prince, on charges of treason.

Some princes implicitly commented on these news using the hashtag. Prince Sattam bin Khalid Al Saud and Prince Abdulaziz bin Miteb Al Saud tweeted, separately, with a well-known passage of poetry in praise of Prince Muhammad bin Salman.

Prince Abdullah bin Sultan Al Saud wrote on his page: “Whoever greet them, we greeted him, and those who were accustomed to him are normal, this is something that he has pledged to us and pledged to God to do, and the matter from before and after God”, accompanied his words with the tag #Kalanslmklana_Mohammed, who caused a stir and became a trend in the Kingdom.

Earlier, the American Wall Street Journal, quoting sources described as close, revealed that the Saudi authorities arrested Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz and Muhammad bin Nayef, after searching their homes, and also arrested Prince Muhammad’s brother, Nawwaf bin Nayef.

The newspaper stated that the arrest of the two princes, who, according to her description, are “one of the most prominent personalities in the Kingdom”, would “strengthen the authority of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Shalom and displace his rivals to ascend the throne.”
She stated that guards from the royal court wearing black masks and clothes went to the men’s homes, arrested them and searched their homes, noting that they had been charged with “treason”.

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Coronavirus was produced in a laboratory: Former CIA intel officer

US Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) (L) talks with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) during a rally with fellow Democrats before voting on H.R. 1, or the People Act, on the East Steps of the US Capitol on March 08, 2019 in Washington, DC. (AFP photo)

Novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, is a new respiratory disease first identified in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.

A former American counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer of the CIA has said that the “Coronavirus did not occur naturally through mutation but rather was produced in a laboratory, possibly as a biological warfare agent.”

Since the novel coronavirus outbreak began in China last December, it has infected more than 90,000 people globally and killed more than 3,000. The majority of cases and deaths remain in mainland China.

The death toll from the coronavirus in Iran, which has one of the highest numbers outside China, stood at 107, Health Ministry spokesman Kianush Jahanpur said Thursday.

“Several reports suggest that there are components of the virus that are related to HIV that could not have occurred naturally. If it is correct that the virus had either been developed or even produced to be weaponized it would further suggest that its escape from the Wuhan Institute of Virology Lab and into the animal and human population could have been accidental. Technicians who work in such environments are aware that “leaks” from laboratories occur frequently,” Philip Giraldi wrote in an article published by the Strategic Culture Foundation on Thursday.

“There is, of course and inevitably, another theory. There has been some speculation that as the Trump Administration has been constantly raising the issue of growing Chinese global competitiveness as a direct threat to American national security and economic dominance, it might be possible that Washington has created and unleashed the virus in a bid to bring Beijing’s growing economy and military might down a few notches. It is, to be sure, hard to believe that even the Trump White House would do something so reckless, but there are precedents for that type of behavior,” he said.

“In 2005-9 the American and Israeli governments secretly developed a computer virus called Stuxnet, which was intended to damage the control and operating systems of Iranian computers being used in that country’s nuclear research program. Admittedly Stuxnet was intended to damage computers, not to infect or kill human beings, but concerns that it would propagate and move to infect computers outside Iran proved to be accurate as it spread to thousands of PCs outside Iran, in countries as far flung as China, Germany, Kazakhstan and Indonesia,” he added.

“If one even considers it possible that the United States had a hand in creating the coronavirus at what remains of its once extensive biological weapons research center in Ft Detrick Maryland, it is very likely that Israel was a partner in the project. Helping to develop the virus would also explain how Israeli scientists have been able to claim success at creating a vaccine so quickly, possibly because the virus and a treatment for it were developed simultaneously,” he noted.

Philip Giraldi

Israeli scientists have claimed to be close to developing a vaccine for coronavirus that could be available in about 90 days, saying they have developed an effective vaccine against avian coronavirus Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV), which is to be adapted soon and create a human vaccine against COVID-19.

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Nazi Police Shoot Sponge-tipped Bullets at Two Palestinian Boys in East Jerusalem

Israeli Police Shoot Sponge-tipped Bullets at Two Palestinian Boys in East Jerusalem

In one of the incidents, a policeman is caught on tape inserting his weapon between the bars of a school gate and firing some five shots at children standing in the schoolyard

Fawzi Abid, 10, who was hit by a sponge-tipped bullet while standing on his home balcony when clashes developed between Palestinian youths and the police in Isawiyeh, East Jerusalem.
Fawzi Abid, 10, who was hit by a sponge-tipped bullet while standing on his home balcony when clashes developed between Palestinian youths and the police in Isawiyeh, East Jerusalem.

Israeli Border Police officers fired sponge-tipped bullets at two Palestinian boys in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Isawiyah in two separate incident this week.

The shootings were allegedly carried out in violation of police regulations that prohibit firing at minors as well as at the upper body of individuals. 

Sixteen-year-old Mohamed Atia was shot Monday while standing in his schoolyard and his arm was fractured.

Ten-year-old Fawzi Abid was shot Tuesday while standing on the balcony of his home when clashes erupted between youths in the neighborhood and the police, sustaining an injury to his hand that required medical attention.

The police said in response that youths have been hurling stones at police officer over the past few days, including from within the school grounds. 

According to the police, the incident at the school began after a student hurled a stone during recess at a passing police vehicle. A video footage of the incident shows police officers getting out of the vehicle and pushing a man who was selling food to students at the school entrance.  

One of the policemen is then seen inserting his weapon between the bars of the gate at the entrance to the school and firing five shots at children in the schoolyard. Atia, who suffered hand factures, was transferred to the Hadassah University Hospital at Mt. Scopus in Jerusalem.

“He was in the yard, standing near the principal, when all of a sudden, they shot him in the hand,” the boy’s father, Awani Atia, said.

Israel Police said in response that “officers have recently faced a number of serious incidents of disturbance of the peace and stone-throwing in Isawiyah by minors, including stone-throwing from inside a high school, in which a policeman was wounded.” 

Measures to disperse the rioters were employed, but officers did not identify people injured at the scene,” the police said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the Justice Ministry’s unit for investigating police officers has launched a probe into the police officer suspected of shooting a sponge-tipped bullet at a none-year-old boy in Isawiyah three weeks ago. As a result, the boy lost one of his eyes.

In recent months, the police intensified their activities in Isawiyah. The bolstered enforcement campaign included police presenc in the neighborhood almost every day, patrolling, arrests and setting up checkpoints and laying ambushes.

Isawiyah residents have accused the police of using arrests as a means of collective punishment.

In recent years, dozens of children have been wounded by sponge-tipped bullets, with many of them losing their eyes. In one incident, one teenager was killed after being shot in the head. So far, no police officer has been tried for illegal use of sponge-tipped bullets.

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Indian Army to receive 400 T-90 Tanks

The Indian Army made a decision for an additional purchase of 400 Russian T-90S battle tanks, which India is already manufacturing under a license, Head of Russia’s Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation Dmitry Shugayev said in an interview with the Rossiya-24 TV channel on Monday.

“The Indian armed forces made a decision to increase the purchase of T-90S tanks, which they are already producing under a license agreement,” Shugayev stated.

“Last year, we signed an additional license agreement to extend the previous license deal until 2028, for 400 more tanks,” he added.

The T-90S Bhishma is the main battle tank for the Indian Army. According to the Military Balance 2019 handbook published by the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), over 1,025 T-90S tanks are operational in the Indian Army at present.

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The full story of the liberation of Saraqib

The party adds the Turks to its list of victims: the full story of the liberation of Saraqib that surprised the Russians and raised the Zionists’ concern

The Hezbollah leadership is no longer interested in stopping at the voices objecting to the participation of its fighters in the war on Syrian soil, because continuing to explain the strategic importance of what is going on there,

It has become a waste of time and effort in addressing parties that have nothing but paid gossip from regional and international parties who know very well the importance of what Hezbollah is doing on Syrian soil and want to raise the level of internal pressure on it to discourage it from continuing to change field equations that previously changed the face of the region when resolving The famous Battle of Qusayr about eight years ago, and today the scene is repeated once again in Idlib, after the party’s elite forces succeeded in regaining the city of Saraqib the strategy in less than 12 hours under the “misdemeanor”, after Turkey placed its weight in the city, in what is now known in Syria as a battle “The Second Short”.

Archive photo

Away from the narrow Lebanese “Zouareb”, the strategic dimension of the battle and its repercussions paid the Turkish side in the field, and it will pay for it later in politics, while the most affected is what happened. Israel, whose intelligence services and media platforms began talking about the military value or “genius” in fighting groups, “Radwan” in that complex region, which adds to the party’s experiences, is a new factor that Israel cannot ignore or ignore in the coming confrontation.

According to sources concerned with this file, Turkey did not have enough time to repair its sin when it targeted about a week ago a Hezbollah guerrilla group that was outside the scope of the military operations in Idlib, and 9 martyrs fell, after its “limited” participation in the confrontations to liberate the northern countryside of Aleppo. .

According to the information, the Turks were quick to send an indirect “message” to Hezbollah, through a prominent Lebanese official security figure, this “apologetic” message, stating that the Turkish forces did not target the fighting group from a previous “concept and design”, and there is no intention of Ankara In a direct confrontation with the party or with the Iranians in Syria, what happened was a “mistake” in appreciation, and there is no reason for escalation …

But these words did not find any echo in “Haret Hreik”. The decision was taken. The “giant” Turks have awakened from their “slumber”, as these circles say, and this dangerous transgression of the “red lines” could never be tolerated, and the Syrian leadership was informed that Hezbollah will take the lead in the battle of Saraqib, and it will be a “Ras Harba” in the recovery of this strategic area, as it constitutes a major node linking the Aleppo-Damascus and Aleppo-Latakia highway, after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan put his weight back to recover it for use as a “bargaining chip” winning in his meeting. It is expected today, Thursday, with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, but to enter Hezbollah Heart table »…

According to these circles, the Turks had pushed elite forces from the opposition factions, led by Turkish “volunteers” trained by the army, known as “gray wolves” and they were able to retrieve the city and cut the international road, with the support of the drones, before Hizbullah put a sudden, tight plan. For friends and opponents, the “secret” of the success of the military operation was in an “amazing” tactical step by Hezbollah elite elements who infiltrated the city at night, without any prior artillery coverage, reached the positions of the gunmen, opened fire from close range, and achieved a landslide victory from During the snap factor as well as through The devices and night equipment that gave them the upper hand over the armed groups in complete darkness, and the Turkish forces were unable to provide assistance to their militants by air or land due to the great confusion that prevailed among the fighters on the ground after they were surprised by the “Radwan” forces inside their sites, killing those killed, and forced the rest Them to withdraw from the city without their heavy equipment …

The operation raised the “astonishment” of the Russians who did not believe that the party succeeded on Sunday night-Monday in expelling the militants from the city, so after he was suddenly asked, through the operating room, to stop the raids because the “Radwan” forces were in the middle of Saraqib at midnight, and at dawn The “shocking” call came to the Hmeimim base, “Are you ready to send your military police, who will be under control?”

Echoes resonated in Israel hours after the end of the confrontation, and the intelligence community described what was achieved as an “interesting military achievement” because the party’s fighters were able to drive the militants out of the city despite the complete air control of the Turkish drones, and this is what is imposed on the security and military services. The Israelis prepare for what is worse in any future confrontation with Hezbollah.

And far from the strategic importance of the results of this battle, at the “table” of the negotiations in Moscow, it revealed in the field the quality of Hezbollah fighters and their advanced performance on the ground, and if the Turks are new “guests” on the party’s “victims” list, then in Israel it starts reading well The nature of what happened, and according to the security readings that he began to reveal, that the importance of this battle lies in Hezbollah’s conduct of a large-scale, coordinated attack at night, and this reveals a new combat “doctrine” of the party to surprise Israel through a night breakthrough and control of positions before rising Dawn for regular defense during the day, and this battle, according to experts The Israelis “add a lot to the proven military capabilities of Hezbollah in general, and to night fighting in large military frameworks in particular.” Therefore, the military and security leaders should not go unnoticed by a “surprise” that will be watched …!

Of course, it is not the only “epic” that Hezbollah fighters have fought, whether in Syria or Lebanon and other countries. It is an open battle to protect an entire axis exposed to an unprecedented campaign in the region. Of course, the confrontation continues, and perhaps within days it will reveal the crucial role of “Radwan” in battles Jabal Al-Zawiya, and the heights of the southern Idlib front, President Bashar Al-Assad personally insists on the presence of Hezbollah on the fronts of the fighting because he understands the size of their influence, and Mr. Hassan Nasrallah previously confirmed that the resistance “will be where it should be”, and therefore for those who write statements of condemnation in Lebanon and abroad, Provides the ink that you write because it does not deserve to read or respond

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Armed Turkish Speaking Fake Immigrants Assault Greek Border

By South Front 

SouthFront: The migrant crisis along the Greek-Turkish border appears to be exacerbating, and mostly due to Ankara’s rhetoric and presumed actions.

A video surfaced, purportedly showing migrants, who speak perfect Turkish, and also are armed.


Amazingly the migrants have guns and speak Turkish perfectly.#Greece
1,63110:52 PM – Mar 6, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy1,203 people are talking about this

The migrants are attempting to set the border fence on fire and are then throwing stones at the fire truck that’s putting it out.


These are the so called refugees that want to go to Europe. They set the border fence on fire and then they throw stones against the fire truck that tries to put it out#GreeceUnderAttack #IStandWithGreece #GreeceDefendsEurope23110:12 AM – Mar 7, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy150 people are talking about this

Prior to that, on the evening between March 6th – 7th, there were clashes between migrants and Greek border guards, with the migrants chanting “Allahu Akbar.”

Andreas Mountzouroulias@andreasmoun

Overnight clashes at the #Greek#Turkish border by migrants yelling “Allahu Akbar” – #Greek troops response by tear gas and water cannon. #IStandWithGreece #Greece_under_attack #Greece_Turkey_Borders #GreeceDefendsEurope507:47 AM – Mar 7, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy34 people are talking about this


This video is form within the Turkish pos, where policemen throwing gas canisters towards the Greek side.#IStandWithGrecee #GreeceUnderAttack #GreeceDefendsEurope905:36 AM – Mar 7, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy92 people are talking about this

Andreas Mountzouroulias@andreasmoun

#Breaking#Turkish officers firing tear gas against #Greek police

They destroy the border fences by burning them#IStandWithGreece #GreeceDefendsEurope #GreeceUnderAttack1489:01 AM – Mar 7, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy154 people are talking about this


Τoday’s video from #Evros

watch the migrants attacking the #Greece border.and behind of them is the #Turkish Forces opened fire at #HellenicArmy

RT plz #GreeceDefendsEurope#IStandWithGreece#DefendEurope #Erdogan #syria #EU #EUROPE21411:09 AM – Mar 7, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy222 people are talking about this


Here is footage of Turkish forces brutalising immigrants, who attempted to go back to Turkey and are then forced towards the borders

The reality is Turkey violates human rights laws, NOT Greece!#IStandWithGreece #Evros#GreeceDefendsEurope #Greece366:22 AM – Mar 7, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy16 people are talking about this

Meanwhile, Turkey is ramping up its accusatory rhetoric.

A Turkish jurists group has slammed the EU for violating the rights of asylum seekers flocking to the Turkish-Greek border.

“EU countries announced that they support Greece’s human rights violations under the pretext of protecting its borders,” Necati Ceylan, head of Turkey’s International Jurist Union said.

Asylum seekers flocking to the Turkish-Greek borders caused great panic in the governments of European Union countries, he said.

“The United States and EU countries stress the possibility of asylum seekers coming to their countries and affecting their economic well-being, so they do not see asylum seekers as people,” he said.

This proves that the EU talk of values and human rights is empty, he argued.

In a statement to the CNN International network, Communication Director Fahrettin Altun responded to claims by Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis that Ankara is “assisting” thousands of migrants on its border get into Europe.

“We categorically reject Prime Minister Mitsotakis’ allegations and we are deeply concerned about the ill treatment of, and the use of lethal force against, refugees by this country’s law enforcement and border security agents,” Altun said.

He said Turkey hosts more refugees than any other country and has been a “bulwark against irregular migration from Syria and elsewhere.”

Meanwhile, Turkey also maintains that the EU has failed to fulfill its obligations under the 2016 migrant deal, but doesn’t mention that Ankara also appears to be in default of its commitments.

The situation is similar to the Sochi agreement being entirely unfulfilled by Turkey for nearly 2 years, but it denying its non-compliance.

“The European Union has failed to keep its promises, including financial aid and voluntary humanitarian admission, under the 2016 agreement. As a result, Turkey had to divert its resources away from stopping the refugee flow to Europe and instead prepare for a potential influx from Idlib. Instead of playing the blame game, we urge Greece and the rest of the international community to address the root cause of irregular migration, namely the ongoing civil war in Syria.”

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry also issued a statement accusing the EU of not keeping its promises:

“Instead of accusing Turkey, the EU should first keep its promises, apply itself to the March 18 [2016 EU-Turkey refugee] Agreement as a whole,” the ministry said.

“It clearly shows that the European Union still cannot grasp the extraordinary burden and efforts that our country faces in migration and security issues,” it said in the statement that underlined that Turkey hosts the largest number of refugees in the world with the best intentions. “To accuse a country of using immigration for a political purpose is a new indicator of the hypocritical approach we have been exposed to for years” and the EU essentially makes the issue “political material.”

“It is also exemplary for the EU to back up Greece, which violates international law and human rights and deems proper all kinds of torture to innocent people who come to its borders, contradicting its principles and values,” it said.


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Surprise, surprise, HTS rejects Russian-Turkish ceasefire in Idlib

We shall know quickly where Turkey stands in its response or non-response to jihadi violations of the ceasefire.

By Jim W. Dean

…from Southfront

[ Editor’s Note: Well it looks like the HTS jihadis want to keep on fighting, which means we will see if the Turks continue to keep them supplied to do so.

I did not notice a word in the ceasefire agreement that to restrain the jihadis from violating the agreement that Turkey is required not to resupply them, and if there were violations that the Russian and Turkish commands would take action to strike those responsible as a disincentive to their bad behavior.

I don’t remember reading the agreement requiring an attempt for Turkey once again to take responsibility for separating the bad terrorists from the good ones, although the Turkish Islamic Jihad is not covered in the ceasefire, which would indicate they are a free fire zone.

These are the folks that launch another drone attack at the Russian base in Latakia on day one of the ceasefire, and in military language we describe as too stupid to live. The doo doo might hit the fan if renegade jihadis attack the joint patrols on the M4 highway and kill both Russians and Turks… Jim W. Dean ]

The jihadis still have a lot of Turkish equipment and ammo

– First published … March 07, 2020 –

Al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) has officially rejected the recent Russian-Turkish agreement on Greater Idlib, vowing to keep on fighting.

In an official statement, the terrorist group claimed that the agreement would allow the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Russian forces to resume military operation in the region. The group also noted that most of the agreement’s terms are “not implementable.”

“This agreement is tinged with ambiguity and loose, floating phrases that allow the Russian occupier to use it for aggression again, and there are also terms that cannot be implemented at all, in face, they are considered an insult and humiliation of the blood of the martyrs and the sacrifices of ten continuous years,” HTS’ statement, which was released on March 7, reads.

The terrorist group also thanked the Turkish government for directly engaging in the recent battle against the SAA and its allies in Greater Idlib.

HTS concluded its statement by vowing to fight on against the SAA and its allies, promising that there will be “no peace or security” until the Syrian government is overthrown.

“Know that there is no language that works with the occupier other than the language of force and weapons, so seek the help of Almighty God, the great,” HTS said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish Counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan finalized the new agreement on Greater Idlib during a face-to-face meeting in Moscow on March 5. Under the new agreement, a ceasefire was put in place and joint patrols are set to start very soon on the Aleppo-Lattakia highway.

HTS’ rejection of the agreement was widely expected. The terrorist group has already violated the ceasefire several times. This hostile behavior could sabotage the agreement. In this case, the SAA and its allies will very likely resume military operations in Greater Idlib.

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China publishes coronavirus patients autopsy results, infection sources determined

The researchers have examined 103 coronavirus specimen and discovered that it underwent 149 mutations an evolved into two subtypes – S-and L-type, with the later more lethal.

By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor 

…from TASS, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note:  This is a March 4th article which I only found by checking TASS. I have not seen this mentioned in any of the other news “updates” on the virus, despite its huge coverage the last few days. So know we know there are two types of the virus.

Was media just too overwhelmed by it, or was there censorship for the purpose of not putting the spotlight more on China being the most knowledgeable about the virus now?

This could be due to Trump wanting to initially blame the virus on China, and not wanting to cut it any slack as the man does love using bogeymen as distraction tools.

But from this report we can see how far behind the US media is on getting new information out to the public to keep them up to speed. What I sense is part of the Trump team strategy is that the less we know the better for him to be able to spin as he wants.

It has tried to focus attention on the huge success of there finally being enough testing kits in the pipeline to cover the infected US states next week, while trying to cover up that this was at least two weeks late.

Why? Because the WHO had already been to China and was relaying its reports to the US that testing needed to be centered around discovering “clusters” around those they knew who were infected, family, friends, fellow airline passengers, so those people could be located and tested and put into quarantine to avoid the spreading around we are seeing now.

For example, China learned that when it shut Wuhan City down, there was not much to do so families gathered together more and infected each other. Hospitals also showed up as clusters in the early days as patients were spreading it in the waiting rooms.

It set up a system of calling in to report symptoms and thousands of teams would go out to get swaps done at home and give them the quarantine instructions. This is how the Chinese began getting a handle on the spread.

In the US the CDC people who went to meet the US Japanese cruise ship evacuees, did not have the proper equipment or training to protect themselves, an incredible lapse by the CDC. When goofs like that can happen at that level, God help us all… Jim W. Dean ]

– First published … March 04, 2020 –

China’s National Health Commission has published autopsy results for deceased coronavirus patients, and claimed that infection sources have been determined, Xinhua agency reported Wednesday.

The article provides data on infection degree and pathological changes of lungs, and reports significant shrinkage of spleen and degradation of myocardial cells. The report notes that the coronavirus was found in the human excretory system, which might also serve as the source of contact and aerosol infection mechanism.

Aerosol infection mechanism implies transmission of the virus while talking, coughing and sneezing. It also includes the dust transmission, when dust particles containing the virus get inside the lungs of a healthy human.

Besides, Chinese researchers have discovered two subtypes of the novel coronavirus with different virulence, Beijing Daily reported Wednesday citing Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The researchers have examined 103 coronavirus specimen and discovered that it underwent 149 mutations an evolved into two subtypes – S-and L-type. These subtypes were discovered in 101 specimen, and 70% of those were L-type, while 30% were S-type.

The L-type is more virulent, the research says.

The S-type coronavirus resembles more the virus found in bats. The researchers believe that the S-type is an “old” version of the coronavirus.

During the early days of the outbreak in Wuhan, the L-type was widespread, but after the first week, its incidence reduced.

About the infection

A pneumonia outbreak caused by the COVID-19 virus (previously known as 2019-nCoV) was reported in China’s Wuhan, a large trade and industrial center with a population of 12 million, in late December.

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the new coronavirus outbreak a public health emergency of international concern, describing it as an epidemic with multiple locations. Besides China, major coronavirus outbreaks have been reported in South Korea, Iran and Italy. More than 70 countries, including Russia, have reported confirmed coronavirus cases.

In China, which accounts for the majority of the novel coronavirus cases, the death toll is nearing 3,000, while almost 80,000 people have been infected and another 50,000 have recovered. According to the WHO, the number of coronavirus sufferers outside China has exceeded 10,500 and more than 160 have died.

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