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US Reportedly Bombs Iran-Backed Militias Just as House Passes Resolution to Prevent Unauthorized War

“Yet again, U.S. and Iranian-backed forces appear to be exchanging fire in Iraq, despite the American people’s desires to avoid yet another war of choice in the Middle East.”

byJake Johnson,

A protester holds a sign calling for ”No War With Iran” at a rally organized by and other groups on January 9, 2020. (Photo: Zach D. Roberts/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

The United States on Wednesday reportedly launched deadly airstrikes against Iran-backed militias on the border of Syria and Iraq just after the House of Representatives passed a War Powers Resolution aimed at preventing President Donald Trump from launching an unauthorized war with Iran.

“We know from experience that the administration is likely to shoot first and figure out its legal justification later.”
—Ryan Costello, NIAC Action

Reports of U.S. airstrikes came after two Americans and one British soldier were killed Wednesday in a rocket attack on Camp Taji, an Iraqi base north of Baghdad that houses U.S. troops.

Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, commander of U.S. Central Command, blamed Iran-backed militias for the rocket attack on Camp Taji during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing Thursday. No group has claimed responsibility.

Speaking to the Washington Post, an anonymous American official denied that the U.S. carried out any airstrikes in response to the rocket

The latest escalation in tensions occurred on what would have been the 63rd birthday of Qassem Soleimani, the Iranian general the U.S. assassinated in January with a drone strike approved by President Donald Trump. The assassination sparked retaliatory strikes by Iran and nearly resulted in an all-out war.

With the goal of preventing further military conflict, the House on Wednesday passed a War Powers Resolution that would bar Trump from launching a war with Iran without congressional approval. Trump has threatened to veto the measure, which is now headed to his desk.

“Yet again, U.S. and Iranian-backed forces appear to be exchanging fire in Iraq, despite the American people’s desires to avoid yet another war of choice in the Middle East,” Ryan Costello, policy director for advocacy group NIAC Action, said in a statement. “We know from experience that the administration is likely to shoot first and figure out its legal justification later.”

“The choice for President Trump is clear,” said Costello. “If he truly wants to end America’s endless wars rather than start new ones, he should sign the resolution and prove his intentions to a skeptical American public and Congress. A veto would only demonstrate his desire to keep an unconstitutional war with Iran on the table.”

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Trump’s Border Wall Isn’t Just an Assault on Native Americans, It’s an Assault on American History

Native American history is often misrepresented as something alien to real American culture. In fact, it’s profoundly central to American culture, and to the history of the land we all now call home.

byRaúl M. Grijalva

By law, Native American tribes are sovereign and have the right to government-to-government consultation before federal agencies make major decisions that impact tribal members. (Photo: SOPA Images/Getty Images)

By law, Native American tribes are sovereign and have the right to government-to-government consultation before federal agencies make major decisions that impact tribal members. (Photo: SOPA Images/Getty Images)

In early January, President Trump threatened on Twitter to destroy 52 sites “important to Iran and the Iranian culture” should that country retaliate for the assassination of its lead military figure, Qassem Soleimani. His statement – which, in the atmosphere of the moment, went beyond idle posturing – told the American people even more than its critics feared, because this same targeted destruction of identity is now happening on American soil.

I know because it’s happening in my district. Hellbent on completing his border wall – the wall he said Mexico would pay for, which has now cost taxpayers $11 billion and counting – the president is overseeing the demolition of sacred Native American sites in Southern Arizona and wiping the cultural heritage of the Tohono O’odham Nation off the map.

On January 20th, at the invitation of Tohono O’odham Chairman Ned Norris, I visited Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument and toured four sites sacred to the O’odham people. Tribal leaders and archaeologists painted a vivid picture of the O’odham’s history in the region, dating to long before the U.S.-Mexico border bisected the tribe’s ancestral lands.

At a site called Monument Hill, they described to me how O’odham leaders respectfully buried the bodies of Apache raiders lost in battle and told me of human bone fragments unearthed at the site. They made clear how important it is to preserve these kinds of sites, to maintain cultural memory, and teach the O’odham about their history.

Last month, border wall construction teams working with U.S Border Patrol’s Tucson sector dynamited Monument Hill to build “a footer for the new border wall.”

Chairman Norris made it clear to me: The O’odham were not consulted about this planned demolition of a sacred site, which is located on public land managed by the National Park Service. The Border Patrol statement on Monument Hill, which the agency only released days after blasting started, makes no mention of the federal trust responsibility and consultation with the Tohono O’odham Nation, and there is no evidence that any has occurred. In our recent meeting, Chairman Norris told me the Department of Homeland Security only sent the tribe an email the day the explosions occurred to alert them that dynamiting would begin.

During my recent visit, we also toured an area called Las Playas, a ceremonial ground the size of a football field and a burial site that contains the remains of the Hohokam people, the ancestors of the modern-day O’odham. We visited Quitobaquito Springs, another sacred place for the O’odham that is home to multiple endangered species and is critical to sustaining wildlife in this dry desert region.

Since my visit, contractors bulldozed through a well-known area close to Quitobaquito Springs that held  historic artifacts like bone fragments, pottery, and sacred sea shells that the O’odham do not wish disturbed. I fear that other locations—ceremonial and burial sites among them—are in the wall’s path and will soon suffer a similar fate.

By law, Native American tribes are sovereign and have the right to government-to-government consultation before federal agencies make major decisions that impact tribal members. Consider the traumatic impact of a foreign country coming to Arlington National Cemetery, bulldozing it to build a monument to its own political agenda, and excusing itself by insisting you were informed via email a few hours in advance. Families would forever lose a tangible connection to their relatives, and we would all lose a connection to our nation’s shared history.

This is, in essence, what the Trump administration is doing to the tribes I respectfully represent. It’s how it treats anyone who gets in the way of the president’s desire to display his dominance. Refusing to see the human and moral costs of this kind of bullying, backed by the inaction of complacent federal officials, is what allows it to continue.

The damage of wall construction operations isn’t confined to Native American sacred sites. Mile after mile, federal contractors operating on the president’s orders have bulldozed once pristine desert habitats and left destruction in their wake. Saguaro cacti, sacred to the O’odham people and so important to the area that they have a national park named after them, are now being chopped up and left to rot in the sun.

This is only possible because of the Real ID Act, which gives the Department of Homeland Security broad authority to waive laws at the border to facilitate rapid construction. In Arizona alone, DHS has waived 41 laws, including the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, National Environmental Policy Act and—crucially in the O’odham’s case—the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act. Use of these waivers needs to be reconsidered.

So far, the international outcry hasn’t changed the Trump administration’s intentions. In late March, Chairman Norris returned to Washington to testify in a hearing before the House Subcommittee on Indigenous Peoples of the United States to express his concern and anger with the administration’s refusal to protect sacred sites. The same day he testified, the U.S. Border Patrol hosted a media event to let reporters watch and record the live blasting of sacred sites—essentially mocking Chairman Norris’ request for consultation.

Native American history is often misrepresented as something alien to real American culture. In fact, it’s profoundly central to American culture, and to the history of the land we all now call home.

The federal government recognizes 574 Native American tribes around the country—whose ancestors trace their roots back, in many cases, centuries further than the first Europeans on the continent. Destroying their sacred sites, dismissing their cultural history, and seeking to erase their presence today is not just an attack on Native American communities. It’s an attack on America itself. It has to stop.

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The Coronavirus… and the Savage Inequalities of America

The coronavirus puts everyone in danger. Yet the way this disease comes down echoes the howling inequalities and intense forms of oppression that run through the heart of U.S. society.

On March 18, two months into the crisis, an aid bill was finally passed. Who gets what aid and when they will get it is still unclear, and we will cover this next week as that becomes clear.

But even if every single person in the U.S. got an equal share—which will NOT happen—death, disability and hardship will still hit some sections of people far harder. Nearly half the people in this country live paycheck to paycheck. Over 40 million people routinely go hungry, including at least 6 million children. Because of the historic and present-day bitter oppression on which America is based, 1 out of 5 Black, Latino or Native American people live in poverty. 27.5 million Americans lack health insurance, and another 45 million are underinsured. Poor people are 10% likelier to have a chronic health condition like diabetes, or heart disease. Such chronic conditions make the coronavirus up to 10 times as deadly if you get the disease.

The virus has already hit the prisons, and the homeless encampments. It is hitting the immigrants and their children locked up in detention centers, where conditions are horrible and there are few doctors and nurses (a situation we will cover in a coming communiqué). Once the virus is into the prisons, detention centers and juvie homes, what will happen in these overcrowded, understaffed hellholes? Hellholes that hold over 2 million people? How many will suddenly have what will be in fact “death sentences”?

It is important to take this pandemic very seriously. That means we have to take care of ourselves—washing hands, keeping our distances and not being in large groups, isolating ourselves if we get sick, and other things (go to to find out more dos and don’ts).

But we also have to ask: why, when disaster strikes, must the savage inequalities and forms of oppression built into this society disproportionately determine so much of who lives and who dies, who gets treated and who doesn’t, who ends up in a seriously worse situation and who is able to “make it through” in decent shape?

And why do we even have these savage inequalities and oppression at all?

There is one fundamental reason: the nature of the system we live under—capitalism-imperialism. And as Bob Avakian, the most important political thinker and leader in the world today, has said: “In fundamental terms, we have two choices: either, live with all this—and condemn future generations to the same, or worse, if they have a future at all—ormake revolution!” Bob Avakian has further developed the science of revolution, and he connects this to the people. He’s brought forward a strategy, a vision of the future, and a morality to get to a whole different world. We DON’T have to live like this. We CAN make revolution.

The National Tour to Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution is organizing to do that. Find out more about this revolution, and its leadership, Bob Avakian. As you do so, take part in getting out the materials now that can let people know what’s really going on: how to understand it, and how to deal with it. Come to to find out more about the revolution, and about the coronavirus crisis.

Read Communique #1:
Real Truth on the Coronavirus: What It Is and How to Confront It

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War, Profit and the Coronavirus

If the possibility of a global pandemic is real, how could anyone question the urgency of government investment in the development of a vaccine and then making it universally available?

by: Robert C. Koehler

We live in a dangerous and paradoxical world. (Photo: Banaras Khan/AFP via Getty Images)

We live in a dangerous and paradoxical world. (Photo: Banaras Khan/AFP via Getty Images)

If you want expertise, don’t bother reading any further here. I know as much about coronavirus as any stunned disbeliever with a sudden, irresistible urge to touch his face.

This is a news story that’s spookily personal — far more personal, somehow, than all those other ongoing horror stories out there, about war, refugees, climate change. Those stories are real, yet compared to the coronavirus story, they feel like abstractions. This is about a potential pandemic — the possibility of hundreds of millions of deaths worldwide — and it’s about the need to use hand sanitizer. Right now. And also, don’t touch people anymore. And stay home.

Part of me feels positively Donald Trumpian about this: Come on, this isn’t real. Indeed, my urge is to defy the warnings and hug my friends, shake strangers’ hands, continue living a connected and joyous life. But part of me stops cold, thinks about the post-World War I influenza pandemic that wound up infecting almost a quarter of the world’s population and killed as many as 100 million people. These things really happen. Don’t be ignorantly dismissive. But don’t panic either.

So, stabbed with “maybe,” all I can do is grope for understanding.

We live in a dangerous and paradoxical world. OK, fine. But is our social infrastructure capable of calmly and sanely handling new dangers that emerge — or is it more likely to make them worse?

I begin with this crumb of data from a recent USA Today story:

“According to the (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution grants the federal government isolation and quarantine authority.

“The Secretary of Health and Human Services can take actions to prevent the spread of communicable disease from foreign countries into the United States and between states.”

The words invoke both a need for top-down, authoritarian control of things and what I call the Yikes Syndrome: the idea of a viral invasion from a “foreign country,” from somewhere out there beyond our borders — beyond what is known and safe. Somehow the assumptions quietly hidden in this sort of wording throw me into a spiral of doubt. Like climate change, a potential pandemic requires global cooperation: people and governments pulling together to survive and transcend the danger. While enforced order and temporarily isolating people is also sometimes necessary, I see in such wording how panic spreads. We’re quick to “go to war” against a problem and haven’t learned yet, at the highest levels of government, that wars don’t end and are never won; they simply set the stage for further war.

In that regard, consider these words from the social-justice and peace organization Code Pink:

“This is bad. Since February 19, when the first coronavirus cases were identified in Iran, at least 6,566 people — about one in every 12,000 Iranians — have been infected. At least 237 people have died. Iran is third, behind China and South Korea, in cases of coronavirus per population. Due to U.S. sanctions, Iran is suffering from a shortage of the medical supplies, products, and equipment required for diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of the coronavirus.”

Is this a learning moment? As the Code Pink message goes on to point out, the U.S. Treasury Department has said it will waive some of the sanctions against humanitarian supplies sent to Iran, but this slight give in the rules is probably too late to do any good. It also points out the danger of playing war. The unintended and often shocking consequences of war have not yet fully penetrated humanity’s collective awareness. Preparation for war, as well as the declaration of a national enemy du jour, remain assumed and unexamined functions of most national governments.

And one of the costs of this is . . . everything else.

For instance, at a recent coronavirus roundtable in Detroit, someone asked Deborah Burger, president of National Nurses United, how the United States, when it develops a COVID-19 vaccine, could afford to make it free for everyone — a stunning question, when you consider the cost, to everyone, of not making the vaccine universally accessible.

Burger responded: “How insane and cruel is it to suggest that we have to figure out how to pay for it when we can actually go to war and not ask one question, but to prevent this kind of a disease, we have to say, ‘How can we pay for it?’”

And Bernie Sanders, who was also at the roundtable, added: “Does anybody in their right mind believe that if you’re rich you should be able to afford a vaccine and save your life but if you’re poor you gotta die? Is that really where we’re at in the United States of America?”

Guess what? Not everyone agrees with Sanders on this. Fox News (of all places), for instance, quoted Tom Schatz, president of Citizens Against Government Waste, who asked: “Who’s going to want to make a new drug if the government is just going to come along and confiscate the profit?”

As I read these words, I quickly reach for the hand sanitizer. If there’s an ounce of sanity in this defense of profit, it can only be because the possibility of a coronavirus pandemic is fake news — a profit-feeding scare tactic. But if the possibility of a global pandemic is real, how could anyone question the urgency of government investment in the development of a vaccine and then making it universally available? Had Fox News been around during good old World War II, my guess is that it wouldn’t have tossed snarky challenges at the Manhattan Project or lamented that the military-industrial complex should have been able to patent the atomic bomb. But, oh yeah, we worship war. Waging it is the point of government.

But then there’s Jonas Salk, developer of the polio vaccine. In 1955, Edward R. Murrow asked Salk, in a live TV interview, who owned the patent for this vaccine. Speaking from a mountain of higher values, Salk responded:

“Well, the people, I would say. There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?”

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A statement issued by the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Lebanon

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

The spread of the COVID-19 virus in recent weeks has presented the countries of the region and the world with a new challenge. Meeting this global challenge requires regional and international cooperation. Any politicization or action that comes in the context of political or media increases will lead to more dire consequences for the people of the world.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has started fighting this virus from the early days of its spread in the country, with all its strength, honesty and transparency, and using its own national capabilities and mobilizing all relevant bodies, and has been able to achieve this path, based on its capable infrastructure, health and treatment. , Tangible progress and it continues in this direction.

It is necessary for the countries of West Asia region in particular to work to strengthen bilateral and regional cooperation in the field of combating the Coronavirus, since no party will be able alone to overcome the challenges arising in this regard.

The concerned authorities in the Islamic Republic of Iran have demonstrated, since the early days of the spread of the virus in Iran, the highest levels of cooperation with the relevant authorities in the Lebanese Ministry of Health, where they worked within the frameworks of the World Health Organization protocols to transfer Lebanese citizens residing in Iran to Lebanon.

Strict measures have also been taken at its airports to screen travelers on foreign flights, as some of the departures have been obligated to produce health statements, and therefore every effort has been made to control this disease and prevent its spread.

The unjust and inhumane sanctions imposed on the Iranian people, and the prevention of the sale of medicine, equipment and medical supplies to Iran, especially in light of these emergency conditions – these sanctions that are still ongoing, contrary to the allegations of the false American officials – are only manifestations of the economic and biological terrorism practiced by the American government. .

There is no doubt that such trends will hinder the efforts of all countries to combat this virus.

Finally, the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran reaffirms the need for a coordinated regional and international response to the Corona virus, declares its willingness, in the framework of bilateral efforts, to cooperate with the competent Lebanese authorities, in order to prepare and implement a health-treatment protocol to confront the Corona virus, based on the standards of the World Health Organization , Thus providing a firmer and more influential ground in meeting this global challenge.

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China Is Saving the World From COVID-19

By Andrew Korybko

Global Research,

The People’s Republic is dedicated to win-win exchanges in order to ultimately build a Community of Common Destiny, and its selfless assistance to the rest of the world proves is sincerity to those noble ideals without any doubt.

It’s admittedly a dramatic statement to make, but China is saving the world from COVID-19. The People’s Republic already proved that it’s possible to survive the viral outbreak so long as the proper preventive actions are undertaken, thus providing a sense of direction for everyone else to follow, which they have. Both involuntary and voluntary quarantines are now the new normal all across the world, after having first been implemented in China, but that’s far from all.

The People’s Liberation Army took the lead in ensuring the reliable supply of goods to the Chinese people, which is yet another method that’s being applied all across the world by other countries’ armed forces as well. On top of that, community leaders in China worked closely with the authorities in order to manage their neighborhoods and apartment blocs, both in identifying possible infections and in organizing brief forays out into the public to buy goods and basic products. Because of its effectiveness, others are now doing this too.

China understands its responsibility to the rest of the world as a global leader, and that’s why it’s dedicated itself to helping everyone else who requests its assistance. As important examples of this, the country is dispatching medical aid in the form doctors, masks, and other supplies to Serbia and Italy, among others. In addition, while the US continues to sanction states such as Iran, Syria, and Venezuela, China continues to cooperate with them, which is saving countless lives in these emergency circumstances.

As the rest of the world shuts down, China is gradually reopening after it finally got the outbreak under control. What this means in terms of the global context is that “the world’s factory”, as China is fondly called by many, will inevitably become indispensable for everyone else’s eventual recovery. While they’ll have a hard time getting everything back to normal, China will already be operating at a comparatively better level, thus enabling the country to provide the basic goods and other supplies that everyone else will so desperately need.

With this in mind, it’s relevant to remember the worldwide Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), which will prospectively become the platform upon which most of the global recovery will occur. BRI isn’t just about trade, but also investment, and as even some of the most developed economies such as those in the US and Europe quickly run through their reserves and enter into unprecedented crises, China will have comparatively more funds available to provide others with in order to facilitate their recovery.

Many countries, and most intriguingly even those in Europe which previously pledged their commitment to multilateralism, are instinctively reverting to self-interested zero-sum policies that secure their own interests at others’ expense, which is the complete opposite of the Chinese approach. The People’s Republic is dedicated to win-win exchanges in order to ultimately build a Community of Common Destiny, and its selfless assistance to the rest of the world proves is sincerity to those noble ideals without any doubt.

Growing awareness of the leading role that China is poised to play in the eventual global recovery might have been what triggered the US into nastily intensifying its ongoing information warfare against the country by deceptively referring to COVID-19 as the so-called “Chinese virus” or other similar variations of that neologism designed to blame Beijing for this pandemic. Viruses have no nationalities, but misleading panicked and thus hyper-impressionable people into thinking otherwise is designed to undercut China’s soft power.

Not only is that tactic immoral, but it’s also dangerous since some countries that desperately need China’s assistance might decide not to request it because their leaders fell for the US’ information warfare narrative that Beijing was responsible for COVID-19. Thankfully, though, people across the world can see that China is recovering and behaving as the responsible global leader that it is, so it’s unlikely that the US’ tactics will have much impact. Try as it might, the US won’t succeed in stopping China from saving the world from COVID-19.

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Time to Remove Trump

Florida Chris@chrislongview

holy shit this @JoeBiden ad is good.49.6K12:19 AM – Mar 26, 2020 · Cape Coral, FLTwitter Ads info and privacy23.7K people are talking about this

Ian Sams@IanSams

Powerful new ad from @UniteCountryPAC emphasizing Trump’s failure to prepare for and respond to coronavirus. Leans on images of three GOP presidents in moments of crisis, and never even mentions Joe Biden. Doesn’t have to. The message is clear. 7-figure buy – important to do now.2,2261:30 AM – Mar 25, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy1,292 people are talking about this

There is no “Q”

He is what he seems, unlike some try to convince you, his utter asshole and fucking idiot act is, in fact, the real deal.

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There are precedents for America’s eradication of Palestinian identity

Palestinians protest against US President Donald Trump’s so-called Middle East peace plan on 1 February 2020 [Mostafa Alkharouf/Anadolu Agency]

Palestinians protest against US President Donald Trump’s so-called Middle East peace plan on 1 February 2020 [Mostafa Alkharouf/Anadolu Agency]

Ramona Wadi

Ramona Wadi

The international community has stated repeatedly that it will not accept any changes to issues related to Palestine upon which global consensus has been reached. The unilateral decision taken by the US to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is one such example; so is the current stance regarding Donald Trump’s “deal of the century” versus the two-state compromise, although some world leaders have entertained the possibility of working with the US on the “peace plan” if a two-state paradigm is included.

Indeed, the international community’s reaction to the deal, in particular the possibility — no matter how slight — of considering the US-Israeli appropriation of what remains of occupied Palestinian land, is an eye-opener in terms of how international consensus and unilateral decisions can work together to the detriment of the people of Palestine.

Israeli media yesterday announced that the US State Department’s Human Rights report on Israel, the occupied West Bank and Gaza referred to Palestinians living in occupied Jerusalem as “non-Israeli residents”. Israel Hayom described this claim by the Trump administration as removing “controversial language”. An unnamed US official explained the decision thus: “The goal of this report is to maximise accuracy. Being accurate and factual has been the hallmark of this administration’s foreign policy.”

And yet it was an inaccurate statement if ever there was one, although the US is not acting without precedent. Britain’s 1917 Balfour Declaration in support of Zionist colonisation plans made no mention of the Palestinians; it simply referred to them as what they are not: “non-Jewish communities in Palestine”. Colonialism is about obfuscation and elimination, which is what the Balfour Declaration, the international community and, most recently, the US is setting out to accomplish on Israel’s behalf.

READ: Peace plans have no function except to serve Israel’s colonial takeover of Palestine

The State Department report’s aim is to align with the deal of the century and the steps taken by Trump. It reinforces the fragmentation of Palestinian identity, which is not a political novelty. However, in light of the US-Israeli scheming to facilitate the Zionist state’s colonial expansion in what remains of Palestine, there is a heightened awareness about what the US is doing to render Palestinians diplomatically and politically what we might call “non-people”.

Palestinian identity has also been tampered with by the international community and its contribution to the fragmentation of Palestine. The collective noun “Palestinians” has been substituted by other term: Gazans, for example, is often used when referring to Palestinians living in Gaza, even though most of them are refugees from elsewhere in Palestine and not the coastal enclave. Borrowing from the colonial narrative, Arab-Israelis is usually used to refer to Palestinian citizens of Israel.

Such terms have become part of the mainstream narrative on Palestine and are used without questioning the implications, to the point that they have also seeped into the vocabulary of pro-Palestine activism. If there is a lack of coherence within the international community and activist circles on the use of terminology to determine and assert Palestinian identity, the US and Israel are unlikely to face any meaningful opposition to their efforts to eliminate the Palestinians as a distinct people.

Hence, the erasure of Palestine and the Palestinians continues, while the international community’s earlier derision of Trump and his babbling rhetoric fades into the background. The US President has been an asset to the international community, facilitating what the Partition Plan of 1947 envisaged decades ago. The greatest tragedy here is not the Trump administration, but the tethering of the Palestinian cause and related activism to the international community’s impositions, which have provided the foundations for Palestinian erasure and the accomplishment of Zionism’s colonial project, which remains the taking of all of Palestine to create “Greater Israel”.

READ: Palestine is under multiple occupations

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EU buckling under pressure of coronavirus

Can you imagine the uproar if sick EU citizens found out ventilators were sold to the US when their own stocks were desperately low?By VT Editors -March 25, 2020713 2

Jerome Hughes, Brussels

[ Editor’s note: Trump’s sending the State Department out to look for medical equipment inside Europe might find a very tight market. Can you imagine the uproar if sick EU citizens found out ventilators were sold to the US when their own stocks were desperately low?

This story about the March 25th EU report was probably dropped today to make sure that word got out. There will be a lot of pressure on equipment maker insiders looking at a bleak mid term financial outlook, to take any money they can while the getting is good.

On the flip side, China seems ramped up already to boost its recovery by going into full production of all needed medical equipment not only for the money but the massive goodwill it will create, the lasting kind, and the kind that Trump cannot tweet away.

How are countries that are helped by Russia and China going to view the endless bogeyman treatment of them after this happens? Both the governors of New York and California admitted that the virus peak may come a week earlier than planned.

The California care centers rushing to set up could become death houses for those not sick enough to get a ventilator ticket. Can you imagine the wealthy people that are buying ventilators up now to make sure they have one for their private doctor and families?

Israel is set up to implode, with the irony of Orthodox Jews escaping from New York on Tel Aviv flights, where a good number of them are testing positive and going into quarantine.

Will Israel put new “guests” at the head of the line, or the back? … Jim W. Dean ]

– First published … March 25, 2020 –

A European Commission document dated the 25th of March reveals the current supply in the EU of vital ventilators and also protective clothing is sufficient to serve just 10 percent of demand. Moving these items, essential in the fight against the coronavirus, between member states is also a problem due to new internal border controls.

The EU’s 27 commissioners met on Wednesday. They were clearly concerned by the actions of some countries within the bloc. For example, the Hungarian Government wants to extend its state of emergency indefinitely, a move that would give Prime Minister Viktor Orban substantial power.

As the crisis persists in the EU, particularly in Italy, Spain, Germany and France, the lack of cooperation on some fronts within the bloc is attracting criticism.

Eurozone finance ministers have taken part in a video conference. They have welcomed the relaxing of strict European Commission austerity-focused budget controls.

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Nazi regime influenced NATO carries blame for EU/Middle East Refugee Crisis

Israeli influenced NATO carries blame for EU/Middle East Refugee Crisis

By GM 

Above photo: Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin and NATO’s Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg.

by Hans Myrebro

An enormous terror attack on the 11th of September 2001 in the USA was planned. It gave the starting signal for the destruction of the Middle East.  Since all trails lead to the CIA, few people nowadays doubt that the attack was a commissioned work.

That organization or the organizations that planned and executed the attack that killed thousands of people is to be found inside the USA

To immediately lead the tracks away from the own power elite, analyst Bill Bennett speaking on CNN the day after, on Sept. 12, 2001, concluded:

“Congress must declare war against the militant Islam and overwhelming force must be used.”

Immediately the one guilty pointed out without any proof that a strike against Militant Islam was necessary.  The 9/11 attack and the call for retaliation became the starting signal for what came to be called “The War on Terror”.

But even though everything pointed to the USA as the core of the terror around the world especially in the Middle East,  immediately a large number of Arab states were pointed out as guilty.  It was obvious that one wanted to arrive at that point – to find a reason for demolishing a number of Arab states that happened to be situated to close to Israel.

In due time the plan meant that a large number of terrorists were created where there were none and the destruction of the country after country meant that major refugee streams were generated.

NATO countries with the USA in the lead carried out both the initial infiltration and influencing work but also the direct work of destruction by financing proxy troops like the ISIS.

In an extended Middle East Drama four major actors can be identified, the USA, NATO, Russia, and Israel. Only one of these protagonists had a goal to use terror to bring about a wrecked Middle East, while two of the other players – the USA and NATO – on the paper wanted to excite more democratic and humanistic states by bombing them to pieces.

Russia, on the other hand, had during many years created better living conditions in Syria through aid work and wanted to continue along that path. Russia has always opposed Western imperialistic influence, especially in the unstable Middle East.

The professors Walt and Mearsheimer have among others carefully documented that what is obvious for most – namely the Israeli Zionist Lobby has a powerful influence in the USA; especially in the area of foreign policy.

The result, in this case, is that Washington is remotely controlled from Jerusalem. NATO’s operational functions are in Brussels but the center for defining its goals and controlling its policies is somewhere in Washington, the town in which Israel with free hands exercise its military-political influence.

Israel is the state that never had to be quiet about its intentions. This because it knows that it is the USA’s nursling, at the same time as it exploits and profits from the USA’s lack of self-reliance and self-confidence.

Already in 1982, Israel made clear in a manifest, the so-called Yinon Plan, that all Arab states should be scrunched and then it would be suitable to start with Iraq. The demolition of states, however, led to enormous refugee streams, something that the Israeli side definitely did not concern itself with.  In fact, such chaos and division facilitated the goal of a Greater Israel.

The path that Israel entered in 1982 was cemented in 1996 in the document New Strategy for Securing the Realm that was produced by a working group under the former and current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The implication of this document was a further step on the path to destruction by removing Saddam Hussein from power as the prelude to demolishing a number of states. One also stated that the “way to Damascus goes over Bagdad”. The capital of Syria, Damascus, was not able to escape.  Israel and NATO states trained and equipped terrorists to do the dirty work, then to be later executed.

In the autumn of 2015, Vladimir Putin at a G-20 conference revealed that it was these G20 states that wholehearted supported ISIS.  With military force, the Russian President got active and started to fight the Western Powers cherished terrorists. This is the phase when ISIS aimed to take over the whole of Syria.

We are now seeing the result of a “brain-dead” aggression policy carried out by the USA and NATO in line with Israel’s wishes, a state that without transliteration has declared its goal of crushing the Arab states.

The result has been enormous material destruction and a refugee catastrophe with hundreds of thousand families affected. This is something that burdens the whole of Europe. We should carefully note that it wasn’t the Arabs, with roots in their countries going back thousands of years, that took action to bring about this deadly scenario.  But it was NATO, the USA, and Israel that have caused this crisis.

Even if the EU would now close its borders, it cannot escape its moral responsibility that the EU’s de facto military arm NATO has caused. The “defense organization” NATO will, for all time, be chained to the pillory for its headless actions; especially the ones during the last 20 years.

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