Shtayeh calls for the release of the prisoners, to preserve their lives

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Nazi Occupied Ramallah: Prime Minister Dr. Muhammad Shtayyeh, the Occupying Power, releases all prisoners, especially the sick ones, in order to preserve their lives in light of the outbreak of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) in ‘Israel’.

The Prime Minister said, during his meeting with a number of the families of the prisoners in his office in Ramallah on Saturday morning: “We will send a message to the International Red Cross to ask them to work to release the prisoners and ensure the safety of those in the prisons of the occupation, and make sure that the prison administration takes into account the general safety measures of our prisoners, especially Reducing overcrowding in these prisons. “

He stressed the importance of the Prisoners’ Authority in following up the safety of more than 6 thousand prisoners held by the occupation in its prisons, through legal and humanitarian frameworks.

According to the prisoners’ institutions, up to the end of February 2020, the number of prisoners in the occupation prisons amounted to about 5,000.

It also documented the detention of 43 female prisoners out of the total number, approximately 180 children, and 430 administrative detainees.

Prisoners ‘institutions have confirmed that the prisoners’ sections in the occupation prisons do not have the lowest measures to prevent infection from Corona virus. 

It indicated that the prison administration did not provide any sterilization or cleaning materials that could assist the prisoners in protecting themselves, especially as it recently reduced the cleaning materials. 

She added in her previous statements that the prisoners are living in a state of anxiety about their fate, after isolating one of them on suspicion of being infected with the virus, and with the high numbers of people who have been quarantined by the occupying power, and part of them are prisoners.  

She renewed her demand for the World Health Organization and human rights institutions to assume their responsibilities towards the prisoners, to pressure the occupation government to take the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the virus, foremost among which is the provision of sterilization materials and detergents inside the departments, and to give the prisoners instructions to enable them to contribute to the prevention measures. 

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