The Nazi occupation did not sterilize the prisons, and no checks were conducted on the prisoners

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Nazi occupied Ramallah: The Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies accused the Nazi occupation of dealing with a clear racism with the Palestinian prisoners in prisons, and refuses to release any of them, while approving the release of hundreds of Jewish prisoners.

The media spokesman for the center, the researcher Riyad Al-Ashqar, said in a press statement that while the occupation government approved the release of hundreds of Jewish criminal prisoners, as part of its fight against the spread of the “Corona” virus, it refused to release any Palestinian prisoner for the same reason, even if he was sick or elderly. Or women and children.

He pointed out that the occupation refuses to release the Palestinian prisoners and leaves them hostage to the death coming to them at any moment as a result of the rapid spread of the Corona virus, because its arrival in prisons is a matter of time only, then the disaster will occur, the fact that prisons are a special ground for the creation of epidemics and diseases, and large numbers of prisoners remain In tight and crowded places.

Al-Ashqar added that the occupation has not yet taken adequate means and has not implemented the required safety and prevention measures to prevent the disease from reaching the prisons, on the contrary, it prohibits cleaning materials for the prisoners among the dozens of items they were deprived of their possession from the prison canteen, which led them to use toothpaste and shaving to clean the rooms and yards Spree.

He stressed that the occupation has not sanitized prisons, nor does it conduct real checks for prisoners who are newly transferred to prisons from abroad or from investigation and detention centers to ensure that they are free of the disease, which makes disease access to prisons an imperative.

The Palestinian Prisoners Center called for an international human and humanitarian intervention to pressure the occupation to release the sick prisoners, the elderly, women and children unconditionally, because they are the most vulnerable groups, calling on the World Health Organization to carry out its responsibilities towards the prisoners and protect them from certain death.

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