The Nazi occupation forces arrest a young man and a boy from Jerusalem

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Nazi occupied Jerusalem: At dawn Sunday, the occupation forces arrested Palestinians from Silwan, occupied Jerusalem.

The Quds Newsletter reported that, at dawn today, members of the Nazi police stormed several neighborhoods in Silwan, and started to search and search a number of Palestinian homes.

She added that the occupation forces arrested the boy Saed Al-A’our (17 years old) and the young Muhammad Zaloom, after they raided and searched their homes and destroyed their contents.

It is noteworthy that the arrests of young men in the city of Jerusalem by the Nazi occupation police and intelligence are still continuing, especially in Silwan, Al-Issawiya, and the Old City.



This morning, the Nazi occupation forces arrested Jerusalem Governor Adnan Ghaith after they raided and searched his house in the Nazi occupied capital.

The Quds Newsletter reported that this morning, occupation forces stormed the home of the Jerusalem governor in Silwan, and after searching him, Ghaith was arrested and transferred to investigations.

It is noteworthy that Ghaith is a freed prisoner, and he was subjected to a series of procedures and policies of abuse in conjunction with his assumption of the position of governor, through summonses to investigate, arrests, or deportation from the West Bank and Al-Aqsa Mosque and not to communicate with some people.

The Nazi occupation forces also stormed the house of the secretary of the Fatah movement, Shadi Mutour, in the town of Beit Hanina, north of Jerusalem, and did not find him, so his family delivered a summons to investigate him.

And the national forces in Jerusalem condemned the arrest of the official figures, after the arrest and assault of the Minister of Jerusalem Fadi Hudmi the day before, and the arrest of Jerusalem Governor Adnan Ghaith today, and summoning the Secretary of the Territory of the “Fatah” Shadi developer under false pretexts.

In a statement, she said that the aim of the occupation’s arrests is to obstruct national action in Jerusalem towards confronting the Corona virus, which does not distinguish between one race and another, so everyone is in danger.

And it called on the occupation authorities to refrain from targeting the youth and national figures in Jerusalem, stressing that the occupation’s practices will not deter them from fulfilling their role and responsibilities to protect our people and preserve their health and lives in light of the neglect of Nazi health institutions, to provide inspection services to the people of Jerusalem.

The Nazi occupation forces arrested the Minister of Jerusalem Fadi Hudmi from his home in Jerusalem yesterday, where he took him to the “Al-Maskoubia” center of the occupation police west of Jerusalem, and then released him after hours of investigation.

شبكة قدس الإخبارية@QudsNN

قوات الاحتلال تعتقل محافظ #القدس المحتلة عدنان غيث من منزله في بلدة سلوان جنوب المسجد الأقصى، قبل قليل.#فلسطين٤٨:٣٧ ص – ٥ أبريل ٢٠٢٠المعلومات والخصوصية لإعلانات تويترمشاهدة تغريدات شبكة قدس الإخبارية الأخرى

10 prisoners at Raymond detention center are going on strike … for these reasons


Occupied Palestine – Jerusalem News : Ten prisoners in “Raymond” prison, today, Sunday, launched an open-ended hunger strike, in protest at the conditions in the prison sections and the prisoners live in these days.

The Radio of the Prisoners Radio quoted the director of the Prisoners Club, Abdel-Al Al-Anani, as saying that 10 of the “Raymond” prisoners had started a hunger strike, refusing to continue isolating the two prisoners “Omar Kharwat and Hatem Al-Qawasmeh.”

The strike step comes as a rejection of the prison administration procedures that it imposed on the prisoners recently, and its continuation. The Occupation Prison Administration refused to release the prisoners whose sentences had expired or were about to end.

The Ofer Nazi Camp administration also transferred the nine prisoners who had been quarantined, who had been in contact with the editor, who was infected with the Corona virus, Noureddine Sarsour, without taking samples from them. 

Prisoners in the Nazi occupation prisons face dramatic circumstances that multiply in light of fears of the spread of Corona virus infection.

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