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Cardinal Pell’s conviction reversed


Cardinal George Pell – Archbishop of Sidney before serving as Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy of the Holy See (that is, Finance Minister of the Vatican State and of the Catholic Church) – who had been convicted of pedophilia, has just been acquitted by the Australian High Court.

His Eminence’s trial was highly publicized in a violently anti-Catholic atmosphere, and eventually hushed up thanks to a “Gag Order”, issued by Kerri Judd, Director of Public Prosecutions of the State of Victoria, to the media banning any further coverage of the case.

The High Court decided that the facts may probably never have taken place and that, in any case, there was a reasonable doubt in favor of the defendant.

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G7 leaders’ Statement on COVID-19


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We, the Leaders of the Group of Seven, acknowledge that the COVID-19 pandemic is a human tragedy and a global health crisis, which also poses major risks for the world economy. We are committed to doing whatever is necessary to ensure a strong global response through closer cooperation and enhanced coordination of our efforts. While current challenges may require national emergency measures, we remain committed to the stability of the global economy. We express our conviction that current challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic need a strongly coordinated international approach, based on science and evidence, consistent with our democratic values, and utilizing the strengths of private enterprise.

We are committed to marshalling the full power of our governments to:

 Coordinate on necessary public health measures to protect people at risk from COVID-19;
 Restore confidence, growth, and protect jobs;
 Support global trade and investment;
 Encourage science, research, and technology cooperation.

By acting together, we will work to resolve the health and economic risks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and set the stage for a strong recovery of strong, sustainable economic growth and prosperity.

Accelerate Our Response to COVID-19

We will work hard to protect the health and safety of everyone in our countries. Stepping up the response to the outbreak remains our foremost priority. We will coordinate our efforts to delay the spread of the virus, including through appropriate border management measures.

We will enhance our efforts to strengthen health systems in our countries and globally. We fully support the World Health Organization in its global mandate to lead on disease outbreaks and emergencies with health consequences, leaving no geographical vacuum, and encourage all countries, international organizations, and the private sector to assist global efforts such as the Global Preparedness and Response Plan.

We stress the value of real-time information sharing to ensure access to the best and latest intelligence, improving prevention strategies and mitigation measures.

We will pool epidemiologic and other data to better understand and fight the virus.

We will increase coordinated research efforts, including through voluntary support for the global alliance Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness and Innovation. We will support the launch of joint research projects funded by both public and private resources, and the sharing of facilities, towards rapid development, manufacture and distribution of treatments and a vaccine, adhering to the principles of efficacy, safety, and accessibility.

We will make efforts to increase the availability of medical equipment where it is most needed.

We will coordinate with online platforms to maximize public access to the latest correct and relevant official information, in recognition that millions of citizens receive information and news via social media.

To implement these objectives, and adapt measures if necessary, will require efforts across all parts of our governments, and we ask our health ministers to continue to coordinate on a weekly basis.

Forcefully Address the Economic Impact of the Outbreak

We resolve to coordinate measures and do whatever it takes, using all policy tools, to achieve strong growth in the G7 economies, and to safeguard against downside risks.

To this end, we are mobilizing the full range of instruments, including monetary and fiscal measures, as well as targeted actions, to support immediately and as much as necessary the workers, companies, and sectors most affected. This is particularly important for small and medium businesses and working families. We also ask our central banks to continue to coordinate to provide the necessary monetary measures in order to support economic and financial stability, and to promote recovery and growth.

We ask our finance ministers to coordinate on a weekly basis on the implementation of those measures and to develop further timely and effective actions.

We reinforce the importance of coordination among international organizations even in the face of challenges to business continuity. We call on the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group and other International Organizations to further support countries worldwide as part of a coordinated global response, focused on this specific challenge. We also ask our finance ministers to work closely with International Organizations to design and implement swiftly the international financial assistance that is appropriate to help countries, including emerging and developing economies, face the health and economic shock of COVID-19.

We will address disturbances to international supply chains and continue our work to facilitate international trade.

Restore and Expand Growth

We will continue to work together with resolve to implement these measures to respond to this global emergency. In facing the economic challenge, we are determined not only to restore the level of growth anticipated before the COVID-19 pandemic but also to build the foundation for stronger future growth. We will continue to coordinate through the G7 Presidency including at the G7 Leaders’ Summit and call upon the G20 to support and amplify these efforts. Visit the meeting page

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G20 Extraordinary Energy Ministers Meeting Statement


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We, the G20 Energy Ministers, are profoundly saddened by the human tragedy caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We convene today against this backdrop of a crisis that, in addition to its direct health and economic and social impacts, has also contributed to the destabilization of global oil and gas markets and compromises energy security for many nations. The impacts on the energy markets, in turn, further deepen the global economic crisis and hinder sustainable development. We agree that ensuring energy market stability and ensuring affordable and secure energy are key in addressing the health, well-being and resilience of all countries throughout the crisis response and recovery phases. Building on our Leaders’ commitment at their Summit on March 26, “to use all available policy tools to…maintain market stability,” we commit to ensure that the energy sector continues to make a full, effective contribution to overcoming COVID-19 and powering the subsequent global recovery.

We commit to work together in the spirit of solidarity on immediate, concrete actions to address these issues in a time of unprecedented international emergency.

Energy Market Stability

We recognize the vital role that well-functioning, stable, open, transparent and competitive energy markets play in bolstering economic activity and growth. The significant economic contraction and uncertain outlook due to the pandemic have exacerbated energy supply and demand imbalances, increasing energy market instability, directly impacting the oil and gas sector and spilling over into other industries, further hampering the global economic recovery. This market instability, adds to the heavy toll on jobs, businesses, and people. To underpin global economic recovery and to safeguard our energy markets, we commit to work together to develop collaborative policy responses, that will ensure market stability across all energy sources taking into account each country’s circumstances. To address these challenges, we commit to take all the necessary and immediate measures to ensure energy market stability. We recognize the commitment of some producers to stabilize energy markets. We acknowledge the importance of international cooperation in ensuring the resilience of energy systems.

Energy Security

We recognize that energy security is a key enabler for economic activity, an essential element of energy access, and a cornerstone of energy market stability. The pandemic has introduced unprecedented challenges and reminds us of the importance of a stable, affordable, sustainable, and uninterrupted supply of energy to meet demand, especially for essential services, such as healthcare, which is crucial to ensure that the global community can overcome this crisis, especially in developing and least developed countries. We commit to take all the necessary measures to ensure the balance of interests between producers and consumers, the security of our energy systems and the uninterrupted flow of energy. In doing so, we are particularly aware of the need to ensure that health and other sectors that are leading the fight against COVID-19 have the energy supplies that they need.

We will continue to work closely with actors across the sector to make our energy systems more adaptive and resilient in responding to future emergencies. We establish a short-term Focus Group, with the task of monitoring the response measures. The Focus Group is open for all G20 parties, on voluntary basis, and will regularly report its assessment during the Saudi G20 Presidency, in collaboration with relevant international organizations, to G20 Energy Ministers. We will continue our close cooperation and review both our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and our broader G20 energy agenda—transition towards cleaner and sustainable energy systems—at our scheduled meeting in September, while standing ready to reconvene sooner if necessary.

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WHO warns against immunity passports as Europeans governments begin easing restrictions

A family wearing face mask to protect of the coronavirus go for a walk at Carlos III promenade, in Pamplona, northern Spain. On Sunday, children under 14 years old will be allowed to take walks with a parent for up to one hour and within one kilometre from home, ending six weeks of complete seclusion

AS SOME European countries eased distancing measures, the World Health Organisation (WHO) warned against the idea of coronavirus immunity passports as a safe way out of lockdown today.

Many countries were hoping to start issuing risk-free certificates to people who have recovered from Covid-19, allowing them to return to work and travel.

The plan was based on the assumption that survivors of the infection develop immunity. But the WHO said today that there is no evidence yet that those who recover develop antibodies and are protected from catching it again.

The organisation also warned that the use of such immunity passports could lead to a spike in new outbreaks, as people who assume they are immune are more likely to ignore public-health advice.

According to official figures, Covid-19 has killed more than 200,000 people globally, but the number is thought to be higher.

The WHO advice came as Italy and Spain, which were among European nations with the strictest lockdown enforcements, announced plans to ease social-distancing measures further.

Italy said its manufacturing industry will start reopening on May 4 with the approval of local authorities and with the introduction of stricter safety measures, but schools will remain closed until September.

Spain will allow family walks and individual physical activity from May 2 in a “gradual and asymmetric but co-ordinated” manner.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez warned that there could be “territorial differences” between the country’s regions. The country recorded the lowest number of coronavirus related deaths in over a month today.

Last week, the European Commission urged governments to co-ordinate their “exit strategies,” but European Union countries have so far presented their own individual plans.

Belgium is looking to reopen schools on May 18 and France on May 11.

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Trump adapts US energy strategy

by Thierry Meyssan

While most people are absorbed by the time-distribution measures of the epidemic, the Saudis are questioning the power of their American protector. A showdown between Riyadh and Washington, which was already disrupting the world economy before the spread of Covid-19. President Trump considered taking control of Saudi and Venezuelan oil, which apparently led him to forge new alliances.

JPEG - 26.8 kb

For President Trump, the Moment of Truth has Arrived…

For the past three years, President Trump and his CIA director and then Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have been trying to abandon their country’s imperialism and replace it with an economic strategy. This supposes that Washington can still be the world leader provided it has a powerful army and energy autonomy.

Donald Trump has authorized the exploitation of protected areas, has relaunched the construction of pipelines and has continued the shale adventure even though it is by nature ephemeral. The political evolution of Saudi Arabia with the megalomania of Crown Prince Mohamed ben Salmane was first managed by extorting as much money as possible from him at each of his follies, then turned to clash. Finally, MBS opened an oil war, not against Russia, but against the US shale industry. It deliberately caused the price to plummet from $70 a barrel to under $30. However, this showdown unexpectedly coincided with the Covid-19 epidemic and the dizzying drop in global energy consumption. The epidemic is also affecting the United States, where some of the senior officers intend to proclaim improved martial law and put an end to the Trump experiment.

These three realities (President Trump’s economic strategy, the Saudi rebellion and the coronavirus epidemic) are colliding. To analyse them, we will arbitrarily dissociate them while keeping in mind that each logic can suddenly be disrupted by the other two.

JPEG - 45.9 kb

The Portuguese spy ship RCGS Resolute. It sank a Venezuelan Coast Guard ship with its icebreaking bow, unusual, to say the least, in the Caribbean Sea.

Economic Strategy

Faced with the collapse of oil prices, President Trump considered that he had no other solution than to take over the world’s main reserves, those of Venezuela. For several years, the CIA and SouthCom have been destabilizing this country in preparation for the Rumsfeld/Cebrowski plan to destroy the state structures of the Caribbean Basin. The country has reached a point where a possible elimination of President Nicolás Maduro would provoke no more reaction than that of Panamanian Army Chief Manuel Noriega in 1989.

The United States has therefore convinced the European Union to join a “just cause” operation: the kidnapping of President Maduro and the country’s strongman, Diosdado Cabello. The United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands – the former colonial powers of South America – volunteered.

 On March 26, the US Department of Justice issued a wanted and reward notice for President Maduro and his team, whom it accused of drug trafficking.
 On March 31, the State Department issued a framework for a democratic transition in Venezuela that excludes both former President Maduro and self-proclaimed President Guiado [1].
 At the beginning of April a Portuguese spy vessel, the RCGS Resolute, managed to sink the Venezuelan coastguard ship that had come to board it, escape and place itself under Dutch protection on Curacao. France and the United Kingdom dispatched two warships, the amphibious helicopter carrier Dixmunde and the container ship FRG Argus, to the area to bring arms and ammunition under cover of anti-Covid transport. [2] A US destroyer and several Navy ships were placed under the command of the Drug Enforcement Agency.

However, this operation was interrupted by the US Navy due to the epidemic.

JPEG - 49.1 kb

King Salmane, who was already suffering from Alzeimher’s disease, was placed in confinement in a palace near Jeddah. His eventual death would open the door to a terrible war of succession.

The Saudi Rebellion

The Saud family remains rooted in the culture of the desert. Its mode of operation is at odds with the modern world, as shown by the beheading of the leader of the political opposition Sheikh Nimr Baqr al-Nimr (2016), the arrest of almost all the princes of the royal family and the confiscation of their wealth (2017), and the sawing up of one of its nationals in a foreign consulate (2018).

According to this culture, it does not matter whether one commits suicide if it is to exact revenge. After being manipulated and despised by Jared Kushner and Donald Trump, the Crown Prince decided to take revenge by destroying the US shale oil industry, which cannot survive oil prices below $35 a barrel.

Seeing the impossibility of bringing Saudi Arabia to its senses, President Trump chose not to sabotage its oil wells, but to inflict a resounding defeat on the Crown Prince in Yemen. A simultaneous attack on the Iranian-backed tribes and the Emirates-backed tribes crushed the Arab-backed tribes. In passing the British occupied the island of Socotra at the entrance to the Red Sea. Riyadh had only it’s air arm at its disposal [3].

Once again, the operation was interrupted by the epidemic, or rather it offered a way out to the Saudis. Responding two weeks late to the exhortations of the UN Secretary General, they announced a unilateral ceasefire to allow the health services to save the Covid-19 patients. In reality, they had shown no mercy to their enemies before, deliberately starving the civilian population. Above all, they had just lost their bases in Yemen and the Houthis had then offered them a peace which they had royally disdained.

If a prior agreement had been reached between Washington, Abu Dhabi and Tehran against Riyadh, we would see a new disposition of alliances and the abandonment of the bogus opposition between Sunnis and Shiites. In any case, the Emirates are the big winners of the new deal. They are currently working with Bahrain to reintroduce Syria on the international scene.

Washington has regained the upper hand by playing carrot and stick. The carrot was the voluntary drop in oil production; the stick was the threat of a seizure of Aramco, the Saudis’ only source of income. To negotiate, the US National Security Advisor, Robert O’Brien, sent his assistant Victoria Coates to Riyadh without much faith.

Unfortunately for them, the Saudis are in a weak position: the epidemic has severely affected more than 150 princes of the royal family, including the governor of Riyadh, who has been placed on respiratory assistance. The gerontocratic system is shaken.

Apparently a compromise was provisionally reached on April 9, with the announcement by OPEC of a worldwide drop in oil production of 10 million barrels per day in May and June, 8 million per day during the second half of 2020 and 6 million per day during the following 16 months [4]. But this drastic move is only one-third of the drop in global consumption during an epidemic.

Besides, its application was subject to its respect by all its members and partners. However, Mexico has only agreed to drop 100,000 barrels / day instead of the expected 400,000. President Trump proposed reducing US production by an additional 250,000 barrels instead of Mexico, but that still does not add up to the amount requested.

The meeting of G20 energy ministers could not help but notice the impossibility of implementing the negotiated agreement.

JPEG - 39.4 kb

Captain Crozier leaves the USS Theodore Roosevelt while his crew spontaneously returns the honours.

The Coronavirus Epidemic

Many states have chosen to spread the disease over time rather than fighting it at the risk of sacrificing their own economies. This is already leading to inordinate debt inflation and a global recession.

In the United States, some of the senior officers who had tried to overthrow President Trump with Russiagate and then Ukrainegate imagined introducing martial law to fight the epidemic at the federal level, which is constitutionally the responsibility of the federal states [5] They thus refused to commit their troops to Venezuela; an unprecedented insubordination to the United States.

The request for assistance from the commander of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt to disembark his men because of the impossibility of confining the sick on board [6] was initially considered as an abandonment of post by the political authorities. But the unanimous homage of his sailors when their leader was landed led President Trump to sacrifice the Secretary of the Navy, suddenly described as rigid and heartless. Three other aircraft carriers are in the same situation. The showdown continues between state and federal civilians on the one hand and military personnel on the other. In the event of martial law, senior officers could declare themselves neutral of political divisions and only have ambitions for the health of their fellow citizens.

JPEG - 53.1 kb

For half a century, the so-called economically liberal United States has controlled the world oil market through the OPEC cartel. So the 1974 oil shock did not impact the United States, but only Europe.

Towards a change in US energy policy

After meeting with the Saudi oil minister, 11 Republican oil state senators have introduced two bills ordering the withdrawal of US troops from Arabia. In doing so, they paved the way for radical change.

President Trump is now considering changing his country’s energy policy on two points:
 He would break with that of President Richard Nixon (on the advice of his electoral specialist Kevin Philipps) favoring consumers over jobs. It would then impose high tariffs on imports of cheap oil to save the shale industry.
 It would also break with that of President Gerald Ford (on the advice of his Secretary of State Henry Kissinger) which affirmed the free market while authorizing OPEC to form a cartel to the detriment of only Europeans. As a result, Congress would pass a bill dating from 2007 that condemned OPEC member states for non-competitive practice (No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels Act – NOPEC).Thierry Meyssan

Roger Lagassé

[1] “Democratic Transition Framework for Venezuela” , Voltaire Network , 1 April 2020.

[2] “NATO in Arms to «fight coronavirus»” , by Manlio Dinucci , Translation Jean Toschi Marazzani Visconti , Il Manifesto (Italy) , Voltaire Network , 10 April 2020.

[3] “First NATO-ME War Overturns Regional Order” , by Thierry Meyssan , Translation Roger Lagassé , Voltaire Network , 24 March 2020.

[4] “Conclusions of the Extraordinary OPEC and non-OPEC Ministerial Meeting” , Voltaire Network , 9 April 2020.

[5] “Putchists in the Shadow of the Coronavirus” , by Thierry Meyssan , Translation Roger Lagassé , Voltaire Network , 31 March 2020.

[6] “Request of assistance in response to pandemic on USS Theodore Roosevelt” , by Captain Brett E. Crozier , Voltaire Network , 30 March 2020.Thierry Meyssan

Trump adapts US energy strategy
Putchists in the Shadow of the Coronavirus

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The problems with Fauda, Zionist brutal propaganda

The problems with Fauda, Israel’s brutal Netflix hit


The problems with Fauda, Israel’s brutal Netflix hit

Fauda, the Netflix smash about a ruthless Israeli unit hunting down terrorists has glaring omissions and is overwhelmingly narrated from an Israeli viewpoint… 

Netflix, which has 109 million members across 190 countries, describes Fauda as ‘a global phenomenon’… It joins other Israeli programs featured on Netflix, HBO, Hulu…

In Fauda the concept of right and wrong gets erased, the illegality gets erased… It just becomes this action-packed show…

Excerpted from an article by Rachel Shabi published by the UK Guardian

Fauda is mostly in Arabic and Hebrew, but that hasn’t limited the appeal. Netflix, which has 109 million members across 190 countries, describes it as a global phenomenon – one of a string of Israeli successes. Netflix has already commissioned other shows from Fauda’s creators, journalist Avi Issacharoff and Lior Raz, who served in the Israeli undercover unit on which the series is based…

Fauda is frequently credited with evenhandedness over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and attempts to humanise Palestinian terror operatives. But that’s in the eye of the beholder… For an Israeli Jewish audience, Fauda does break new ground. “It’s the first TV series that showed the Palestinian narrative in a way that you can actually feel something for someone who acts like a terrorist,” says Itay Stern at Israel’s Haaretz newspaper. “You can understand the motives and the emotion and that’s unique, because until that point you couldn’t really see it on TV.” At a time when Israelis rarely seek out Palestinian viewpoints in real life, much less on TV, this may explain why Fauda’s creators initially struggled to find a domestic outlet for the series…

Fauda ignores Israel’s brutal occupation

But none of that gets away from it being overwhelmingly narrated from an Israeli viewpoint, focused on the Israeli protagonists. The Israeli occupation is nowhere to be seen – there’s no wall, no settlements or settlers, no house demolitions, only a few small checkpoints and none of the everyday brutalities of life under occupation. Yes, it shows that Palestinians love their mothers, but it also renders them as violent fanatics without a political cause.

Fauda’s creators have said they want to show that everyone living in a war zone pays a price, but such portrayals of an equality of suffering are ripe for criticism in the midst of an asymmetric conflict, in which one side is under occupation. This is more acutely obvious at a time when international media has focused on Israel opening fire on unarmed protesters near the Gaza border earlier this month, killing 58 Palestinians, including children, and wounding over 1,000 in a single day.

Diana Buttu, a Palestinian-Canadian human rights lawyer and former spokeswoman for the Palestinian Liberation Organisation, points to another problem with Fauda. “If you’re not careful, you find yourself drawn into the assassinations, you get lured into the cat and mouse,” she says, of a series that essentially depicts targeted killings. “The concept of right and wrong gets erased, the illegality gets erased … It just becomes this action-packed show.”

Fauda … its Arabic title means ‘chaos’. Photograph: Ronen Akerman/Netflix

This kind of blurring brings to mind US war-on-terror films such as Zero Dark Thirty, with its depiction of Osama bin Laden’s capture serving as a PR exercise for the use of torture during interrogations. Meanwhile, Fauda’s Isis storyline stretches credibility, at the same time feeding the worst stereotypes. “It’s a bit lazy. Isis is not really active in Gaza or the West Bank,” says Stern. Buttu adds that the effect is to reinforce the absence of a Palestinian cause. “We don’t have any legitimate grievances. It’s all Islamic-driven,” she says, noting that it “turns Palestinians into irrational figures who want only to kill Israelis”.

Claims by Raz that writing the series was his real therapy, after suffering with PTSD, help locate Fauda in an Israeli genre dubbed “shooting and crying” – laments over the effect of wars on the morality and sanity of Israelis fighting them. But Fauda is different. Let’s call it “viewing while cursing”, into which category we can also place the US hit series Homeland.

Both dramas rely on protagonists entrusted with critical jobs despite routinely reckless behaviour. Both test your patience. In the case of Fauda, it’s not just the politics but also the relentless machismo; midway into the second series it feels like watching interchangeable rooms full of men in guns and distressed denim, each at some point telling a female character: “Don’t worry, I’ll get us out of here.”

Homeland … which has stretched to eight series.
Homeland, based on an Israeli TV program, has stretched to eight series. Photograph: Jim Fiscus/Showtime

Netflix, HBO, Hulu feature Israeli films

Yet both shows get you binge-watching, despite irritating plot holes, political sanctimony and misrepresentations of Muslims or Palestinians. It’s a bit like speed-reading a cheap thriller, ignoring the bad dialogue and badly drawn characters, along with the mounting self-loathing over the time you’re squandering, just for the sugar rush of the story’s end.

Small wonder, then, that all eyes are on finding the new Homeland, itself based on an Israeli TV series, Hatufim. And it’s not surprising that the quest is focused on Israel, which has spawned a string of international hits, starting with In Treatment, a 2008 HBO adaptation of the Hebrew-language Be Tipul. In 2016 Neflix started airing Mossad 101, about Israel’s intelligence service, while earlier this year Hulu nabbed False Flag, a conspiracy thriller loosely premised on the 2010 assassination of Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, widely thought to be the work of the Mossad, by a hit squad carrying foreign passports.

HBO bought The Oslo Diaries this year, covering the secret negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians that led to the 1993 peace process agreements. And last month, the Israeli drama When Heroes Fly took best series at the inaugural TV festival at Cannes, for its depiction of another Israeli commando unit, this time set partly in Colombia. In March, the Israeli media company Keshet International launched a $55m (£41m) fund for drama, hoping to create the next Homeland.

Similarities are drawn with Denmark, home of addictive global hits The KillingBorgen and The Bridge – another country whose tiny domestic market has concentrated creative energies on producing internationally relatable stories.

According to Itay Harlap, author of Television Drama in Israel: Identities in Post-TV Culture, the country’s successes are down to on-demand and satellite formats loosening the constraints of terrestrial TV: “It was difficult to find radical TV shows in broadcasting, because of concerns over advertising and offending people ideologically.” Now, series-makers are after buzz rather than ratings, knowing they can explore new ideas and sell overseas. “It’s quite amazing that the government is going in one direction and TV series are going in another.”

Therapy … Lior Raz, left, in Fauda.
Questions of credibility … Lior Raz, left, in Fauda. Photograph: Ronen Akerman/Netflix

As it is, the second series [now the third series is also out] has left many feeling it missed an opportunity to show the realities of the Israeli occupation. “They did some brave stuff but it is not a mirror of realities in the West Bank,” says Stern. “It’s a shame, they could have done it and people would have loved the show anyway.”

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Covid-19: Neil Ferguson, the Liberal Lyssenko

by Thierry Meyssan

In the past, European political leaders yielded to the orders of their astrologers. Today, they refer to them identically to the statisticians of the Imperial College. In the past, the latter have provided them as much justification as they needed for their liberal hospital policy. Today, they predict millions of deaths without any scientific rigour.

Thierry Meyssan reveals how these charlatans have taken control of the policies of the European Union, the United Kingdom and certain states of the United States.

JPEG - 28.3 kb

Professor Neil Ferguson, high priest of liberal hospital management and inventor of the generalized containment against Covid-19.

In the early days of the Cold War, it was customary in the West to make fun of the blindness of the Soviets who believed in the nonsense of Professor Trofim Lyssenko. The First Secretary of the Party, Joseph Stalin, had banned the teaching of genetics and used Lyssenko as a scientific justification for Marxism, but he drew no practical consequences. Today the same mental illness has reached the West. Professor Neil Fergusson assures that statistics can predict the behaviour of living beings. This is stupid, yet many high-ranking political leaders believe it. Unfortunately, unlike the Soviets, they draw political consequences that ruin their countries.

The Creation of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

For the past two decades, Western political leaders have been trying to use statistical knowledge of epidemics to determine the right decisions to be made in the event of danger. Following the SARS outbreak in 2003, the European Union established the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDPC) in 2005. During the second half of 2008, this centre and the French rotating presidency organised a colloquium to study the advisability of closing schools to combat a flu epidemic and to determine when it should occur and when it should stop. There was still no talk of widespread containment of the entire population.

The main contribution was made by Professor Neil Ferguson and Simon Cauchemez from Imperial College London. It compared statistical data on school closures in Hong Kong in 2003 and 2008, on the impact of the teachers’ strike in Israel in 2000, on the impact of zonal holidays in France from 1984 to 2006, on the closure of schools infected with influenza in France in 1957, and on the impact of Spanish influenza in some US cities and in Australia in 1918. And it pointed out the inequalities and injustices associated with school closures in the UK and the USA.

From that point on, the problem was turned upside down. Experts had observed that school closures did not have a significant impact on the final number of deaths, but only on the speed of the spread of the disease. Their task was to provide a solution to the closure of hospital beds that were not occupied on a day-to-day basis. Statistics were no longer at the service of the health of Europeans, but of an ideology, that of the liberal management of the state.

Bernard Kouchner, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs who organized this symposium, was the one who, when he was Minister of Health (1992-93, 1997-99, 2001-02), began the reorganization of the French hospital system no longer according to medical criteria, but according to a logic of profitability. In about fifteen years, France has thus been able to make substantial savings by closing 15% of its hospital beds; savings that are derisory compared to the current cost of containment.

JPEG - 45.5 kb

Professor Trofim Lyssenko claimed that, by applying Marxist dialectics to the natural sciences, he had demonstrated that petty-bourgeois genetic science was wrong. On this point, he said that just as the Party generated a new man, it was possible to modify the genetics of plants according to the organization of the fields. His nonsense became the official truth in the USSR during the Stalinist period. Science and ideology are always a bad combination.

Professor Neil Ferguson’s Charlatanism

Professor Ferguson is still the European reference for epidemic modelling.
 Yet it was he who, in 2001, convinced Prime Minister Tony Blair to have 6 million cattle slaughtered to stop the foot-and-mouth epidemic (a decision that cost 10 billion pounds and is now considered an aberration).
 In 2002, he calculated that mad cow disease would kill about 50,000 British people and another 150,000 when transmitted to sheep. There were actually 177.
 In 2005, he predicted that bird flu would kill 65,000 Britons. There were a total of 457.

Regardless, he became an adviser to the World Bank and many governments. It was he who sent a confidential note to French President Emmanuel Macron on March 12 announcing half a million deaths in France. In panic, the latter took the decision for generalized confinement that same evening. It was also Professor Ferguson who publicly announced on March 16 that, if nothing was done, there would be as many as 550,000 deaths in the United Kingdom and as many as 1.2 million in the United States, forcing the British government to review its policy.

Simon Cauchemez, who was his right-hand man in 2009, now heads the modelling unit at the Pasteur Institute. He is, of course, a member of the Scientific Committee of the Élysée, where he proposed generalized confinement. This committee was set up by the Director General of Health, Professor Jérôme Salomon, the spiritual son and former technical advisor to Bernard Kouchner.

The Ferguson team’s seizure of power was based on an intellectual swindle. Mathematical biology” (sic) could justify the liberal management of health services.

Unfortunately, while statistics can be used to evaluate the effects of this or that measure after the fact, they cannot predict the behaviour of a living organism, a virus. A virus seeks to spread, not to kill, which it unintentionally does when the species in which it nests does not yet have appropriate antibodies. No virus will eliminate any species, including humans, because if it killed them all, it would disappear with them.

Incidentally, extrapolating influenza measures to the Covid-19 epidemic is absurd: influenza affects many children, not Covid-19, which in demographic terms only kills elderly people or people with diabetes or high blood pressure. Children infected with Covid-19 have a very low viral load, it is not even known to this day whether they are contagious.

Professor Ferguson admitted on March 22 that he had carried out his calculations on the Covid-19 epidemic exclusively with a 13-year-old database of influenza epidemics.

In fact, one cannot help but notice the drift of this guru, who is no longer content to justify liberal policies applied to public health, but has come to advocate depriving entire peoples of their freedom. To hide the reality of this drift, Professor Fergusson’s supporters distract the public’s attention by proposing the use of surgical masks, which we have already explained are of no use in the face of the epidemic [1].

JPEG - 32.6 kb

Professor Didier Raoult’s results speak for themselves. Also, a communication campaign was orchestrated against him by the disciples of Professor Neil Ferguson exactly as Soviet geneticists were persecuted by Lyssenko’s supporters.

The Polemic with Professor Didier Raoult

These explanations shed new light on the polemic that opposed the disciples of Professor Neil Ferguson to those of Professor Didier Raoult [2]. Contrary to what has been said, this is not a problem of methodology, but of finality.

Neil Ferguson is a charlatan caught up in his swindle, while Didier Raoult is a clinical doctor. The followers of the former need dead people to believe in their religion, those of the latter care for their patients.

The problem we are facing is not a scientific debate, but a war of repeated errors against the scientific approach. It is astounding to hear members of the Scientific Council of the Élysée reproach Professor Raoult for not conducting comparative studies with a control group. In times of crisis, should a responsible doctor fail to treat some of his patients and deliberately sacrifice them?Thierry Meyssan

Roger Lagassé

[1] “Panic and Political Absurdity in the Face of the Pandemic” , by Thierry Meyssan , Translation Roger Lagassé , Voltaire Network , 7 April 2020.

[2] “Covid-19: propaganda and manipulation” , by Thierry Meyssan , Translation Pete Kimberley , Voltaire Network , 21 March 2020.

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Nazi army injure infants, shoot, assault & abduct Palestinians, destroy crops, etc

Israelis injure infants, shoot, assault & abduct Palestinians, destroy crops, etc


Israelis injure infants, shoot, assault & abduct Palestinians, destroy crops, etc

Photo of Israeli settlers suspected of contracting the virus, were quarantined on an Israeli army base. The settlers reportedly escaped and proceeded to attack Palestinian civilians with rocks and tear-gas, in addition to setting two cars on fire, in the occupied Jordan Valley.

Recent news reports from the International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC):

Palestinian FM Denounces Latest Settler Attack on Palestinians

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemned, on Tuesday, the latest attack by Israeli settlers who were isolated for the coronavirus, the Palestinian WAFA news Agency reported. The illegal colonists suspected of contracting the virus, were quarantined on an Israeli army base. The settlers reportedly escaped and proceeded […]

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Israeli Settlers Assault Palestinians, Set Fire to Vehicles, Near Dead Sea

Dozens of Israeli colonial settlers reportedly, on Tuesday, fired tear-gas canisters and threw rocks towards Palestinian residents of the Al-Aghwar area, in the West Bank. According to Israeli media outlets, dozens of Israeli settlers belonging to a known terrorist organization called Hilltops’ Youth, attacked Palestinian residents, near the Dead Sea, […]

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Israeli Troops Abduct Three Palestinians in Jenin and Al-Bireh

Israeli troops reportedly abducted, on Tuesday, three Palestinians, including 2 minors, in both Al-Bireh and Jenin towns, in the West Bank. Palestinian Prisoners’ Media Office in the West Bank city of Ramallah, announced that both Loui Alsho’la and Omar Abu Alrob from Al-Bireh town, in the central occupied West Bank, […]

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Israeli Settlers Flood Palestinian Crops with Waste Water in Hebron

Several armed Israeli colonial settlers reportedly caused flooding of Palestinian-owned grape farms, on Monday, in north of the occupied West Bank city of Hebron. Local Palestinian media activist, Mohammad Awwad, told media outlets that for the second time in a week, several armed settlers from the nearby illegal colonial settlement […]

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Including An Elected legislator, Israeli Soldiers Abduct Seven Palestinians In West Bank

Israeli soldiers abducted, on Monday at dawn, seven Palestinians, including an elected legislator and former political prisoner, from their homes in several parts of the occupied West Bank, including the occupied capital, Jerusalem. The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has reported that the soldiers invaded and ransacked the home of legislator […]

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Including Two Infants, Soldiers Injure Several Palestinians In Silwan

Israeli soldiers invaded, on Monday at dawn, the town of Silwan, south of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem, and fired many gas bombs and concussion grenades at protesters, and several surrounding homes, wounding many Palestinians, including two infants. The Wadi Hilweh Information Center in Silwan (Silwanic) said many army […]

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Soldiers Shoot A Palestinian Near Qalqilia

Israeli soldiers shot, on Sunday evening, a young Palestinian man, north of Qalqilia, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank. Media sources said the soldiers shot a young man, 25 years of age, while walking on Palestinian lands near the illegal Annexation Wall. They added that the young […]

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Sick Palestinian Worker Abandoned outside Settlement near Salfit

A Palestinian worker showing coronavirus symptoms was abandoned, on Sunday by Israeli settlers, outside the illegal Burkan settlement, near the town of Salfit in the occupied West Bank, Palestinian WAFA News Agency reported. Abdullah Kmail, the Governor of Salfit, said the worker, who had remained at his workplace in Israel […]

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Second Attack Sunday: “Israeli Colonists Uproot 350 Olive Saplings Near Bethlehem”

Many fanatic illegal Israeli colonists uprooted, Sunday, more than 350 olive saplings in the Sha’af area of the al-Khader Palestinian town, south of Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank. Hasan Breijiyya, the head of the Wall and Colonization Resistance Commission in Bethlehem, said the Israeli assailants came from Sidi Boaz […]

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Israeli Colonists Cut 50 Olive Saplings near Bethlehem

Illegal Israeli settlers cut 50 olive saplings belonging to Palestinians, on Sunday, in the town of al-Khader, near the occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem, according to a local source. Head of the Colonization Resistance Commission in Bethlehem, Hasan Breijieh, told Palestinian WAFA News Agency that settlers from the nearby […]

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Israeli Troops Abduct 3 Palestinians in the West Bank, Spit on Walls and Floors

Israeli troops abducted, on Sunday, a number of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, local media outlets reported. According to Wafa News Agency, among those arrested is a Palestinian child in the Beit Ummar village, north of the West Bank city of Hebron. Wafa quoted media activist, Mohamad Awwad, as […]

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Israeli Troops Open Fire on Palestinian Farmers in Southern Gaza

Israeli troops opened fire, early on Sunday morning, on a number of Palestinian farmers in the southern besieged Gaza Strip. Local Palestinian media sources and witnesses said that Israeli troops, stationed on watch towers, near the border fence with Khuza’a village, southeast of the coastal territory, opened fire with their […]

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Israeli Forces Shoot, Injure One Palestinian, Detain Another in Jerusalem

Israeli forces opened fire at Palestinians in the northwest of Jerusalem on Friday, wounding one young man and causing others to suffer the toxic effects of tear-gas. Local sources told Quds News Network that Israeli forces shot the young man, 20, in the thigh, the young man, who remained unidentified […]

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Human rights reports on Israel-Palestine

Despite coronavirus-caused cutbacks, Israel expects to get full $3.8 billion

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Zionist fifth column in Virginia funnels resources to ‘Israel’

Israeli fifth column in Virginia funnels resources to Israel


Israeli fifth column in Virginia funnels resources to Israel

The Virginia Israel Advisory Board is little more than a mechanism set up to carry out licensed robbery of Virginia state resources being run by a cabal of local Jewish Americans and Israelis to benefit their co-religionists in Israel.

The VIAB is unique because it is actually part of the Virginia state government. It is funded by the Commonwealth of Virginia and is able to access funds from other government agencies to support Israeli businesses. It is staffed by Israelis and Jewish Americans drawn from what has been described as the “Israel advocacy ecosystem”

Many of the Israeli companies are located on land stolen from Palestinians in the West Bank. They are illegal under international law…

By Philip M. Giraldi, reposted from The Unz Review

Politicians, bureaucrats and media talking heads have long turned a blind eye to legislation and policies that benefit the state of Israel to the detriments of United States’ interests. The U.S. Treasury is plausibly describable as a gift that never stops giving to the people and governments of Jewish state.

Since the foundation of Israel in 1948, the federal government in Washington has provided some $142.3 billion in direct aid of various kinds. Currently, Israel receives $3.8 billion per annum guaranteed for ten years, a sum that is supplemented by various giveaways, tax concessions and co-production arrangements from the government. Private “charitable” donations from individuals, businesses and foundations, some of which are fraudulent, considerably augment those numbers, making the total that Israel receives annually from the United States well in excess of $10 billion.

A considerable proportion of that money is technically illegal, as it goes in support of the Israeli settlements on Arab land. No other country has received anything even approaching what Israel gets from the American taxpayer in one form or another and the one-way flow of money is also remarkable in that it has been guaranteed well into the future.

Other benefits obtained by Israel from the United States are less easy to quantify, to include the theft of U.S. military technology, which is then copied and sold by the Israeli arms industry, directly eliminating American jobs in one of the few manufacturing sectors that is relatively speaking thriving. There is also the observable transfer of high-tech jobs from the U.S. to Israel, engineered by Jewish billionaires like Paul Singer who are able to influence such decisions in the corporate world.

Israel low-ball bids to US companies

Israel also benefits enormously from the United States-Israel Free Trade Agreement of 1985, which is, by design, intended to give the Jewish state free access to the huge U.S. market without any real reciprocity for U.S. companies to enter the tiny Israeli market. Israel also is able to bid on U.S. government contracts, including classified defense contracts, a practice that has led to several lawsuits when the Israeli company gets a contract by lowballing the bid but then fails to perform.

In some cases, Israeli companies have submitted low bids to obtain contracts at state and federal levels even when they had no relevant experience and no facilities that can actually perform the work. They pocket the subsidies and advance payments they receive from local governments and states and then effectively disappear.

The desire of some American Jews who occupy powerful positions to aid Israel at the expense of the United States is despicable, sustained by the lie that Israel is an ally and that both countries ultimately benefit from the process. Israel’s ability to impose its own priorities at the levels of Congress and the White House has long been observed, but its political manipulation and ability to corrupt U.S. democracy on behalf of a foreign power have lately been extended to the state and local levels.

This shift is due in part to the desire on the part of Israel’s promoters to shut down the growing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. It has proven difficult to pass an unconstitutional national level ban on non-violent criticism of Israel going through Congress, so the Israel firsters have instead concentrated on the states. Twenty-eight states now have some form of legislation that denies state services or jobs to anyone who does not sign an agreement to not boycott Israel. A particularly draconian bill being considered in Florida equates any criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism, enabling any critic to be sued in courts for hate speech.

Israeli fifth column in Virginia

A particularly egregious and also unique example of a state’s economic policies being manipulated by a dedicated Israeli fifth column in government is the Virginia Israel Advisory Board. Grant Smith, long a critic of the VIAB, heads the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy (IRMEP). He has written a new book entitled The Israel Lobby Enters State Government: Rise of the Virginia Israel Advisory Board, which documents in considerable detail how the conspiracy by powerful Jews in Virginia to benefit Israel has actually operated, much of it secretly through special arrangements and deals. He has also had a long interview with Scott Horton of regarding the book which is well worth listening to.

The VIAB is unique because it is actually part of the Virginia state government. It is funded by the Commonwealth of Virginia and is able to access funds from other government agencies to support Israeli businesses. It is staffed by Israelis and American Jews drawn from what has been described as the “Israel advocacy ecosystem” and is self-administered, appointing its own members and officers.

While there are many Israel business promotion entities active in the United States, only Virginia has such a group actually sitting within the government itself, ready to make secret preferential agreements, to arrange special concessions on taxes and to establish start-up subsidies for Israeli businesses. Israeli business projects have been, as a result, regularly funded using Virginia state resources with little accountability. Bear in mind that this agency exists not to promote Virginia businesses but rather to give an advantage to Israeli businesses, some of which might even be competing with existing Virginia companies and putting local people out of work.

Virginia already runs an estimated $500 million trade deficit with Israel due to the federal Free Trade Agreement and the promotion of Israeli businesses in the state, which repatriate their profits to Israel, adds considerably to that sum. Smith reports how VIAB is not just an economic mechanism. Its charter states that it was “created to foster closer economic integration between the United States and Israel while supporting the Israeli government’s policy agenda.” Smith also has observed that “VIAB is a pilot for how Israel can quietly obtain taxpayer funding and official status for networked entities that advance Israel from within key state governments.”

Godfather Eric Cantor

Jewish federations and groups active on behalf of Israel were present in Virginia before VIAB was founded in 1996. Its Godfather was Eric Cantor, a state legislator who later entered Congress as the only Jewish Republican, where he was a powerful advocate for Israel. The board grew significantly under governor Terry McAuliffe’s administration (2014-2018).

McAuliffe, regarded by many as the Clintons’ “bag man,” received what were regarded as generous out-of-state campaign contributors from actively pro-Israeli billionaires Haim Saban and J.B. Pritzker, who were both affiliated with the Democratic Party. McAuliffe met regularly in off-the-record “no press allowed” sessions with Israel advocacy groups and spoke about “the Virginia Advisory Board and its successes.” That was, of course, a self-serving lie by one of the slimiest of the Clinton unindicted criminals.

And wherever Israel goes there is inevitably going to be the usual hanky-panky. Many of the Israeli companies chowing down on the Virginia feed bag are located on land stolen from Arabs on the West Bank. They are illegal under international law, even if President Donald Trump and company have declared otherwise.

And then there are the conflicts of interest. VIAB board member Aviva Frye, whose family mostly resides in Israel and who worked to obtain the government approvals for an Israeli solar and wind energy company called Energix, located on the West Bank, was subsequently rewarded with a company directorship. And one hand inevitably washes the other. Board member Eileen Filler-Corn, a leading advocate for Israel, recently became the first woman to become speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates. Grant Smith reports how she benefited greatly in her campaign by virtue of large donations from other board members as well as from Jewish groups and Israeli companies.

The VIAB is little more than a mechanism set up to carry out licensed robbery of Virginia state resources being run by a cabal of local American Jews and Israelis to benefit their co-religionists in Israel. Grant Smith observes how some pushback is finally in evidence, due to fraud in accounting procedures that have been exposed as well as environmental devastation for various projects that were never completed. Some human rights groups have also begun to challenge the illegality of the Israeli West Bank settlement-based companies involved.

But it is not enough and it is probably too late as Israel is never held accountable for anything by the American Establishment. For my part, as a Virginia resident I have written and called the governor’s office and the offices of my state Senator and Delegate. No one has returned my calls or responded to my letters. Whose America is it? one might well ask.

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Pentagon refuses to kidnap Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro


The White House and the European Union planned to remove the presidents of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and of its Constituent Assembly, Nicolás Maduro and Diosdado Cabello respectively, and then dismantle the constitutional institutions of the country, with the exception of the National Army.

On 26 March, Attorney General William Barr issued a wanted notice for Presidents Maduro and Cabello, charged with drug trafficking, and offering hefty rewards to anyone helping to bring the “criminals” to “Justice” (that is, in US courts). [1] The US Navy and DEA were to kidnap the two men and incarcerate them in the United States. Several warships, including a destroyer, had been prepositioned to assist SouthCom (US command for South America) with the operation.

On 31 March, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo released a Democratic Transition Framework for Venezuela. [2]

The idea was to clone Operation Just Cause which had enabled Washington to regain control of Panama in 1989.

Unexpectedly, the Pentagon fiercely opposed the operation, considering it inappropriate in the thick of the coronavirus pandemic.

Relations between President Donald Trump and his General Officers are increasingly strained. It is an open secret that NorthCom intends to sidestep him and seize power in order to manage the epidemic. [3] The military is expected to position itself as a neutral entity, above the political cleavage between Democrats and Republicans, acting only to protect the American people. A faction of the Military Intelligence is reportedly attempting to thwart the plan by threatening to arrest several general officers charged with sex crimes.


[1] “Nicolás Maduro Moros and 14 Current and Former Venezuelan Officials Charged with Narco-Terrorism, Corruption, Drug Trafficking and Other Criminal Charges”, US Department of Justice, March 26, 2020.

[2] “Democratic Transition Framework for Venezuela”, Voltaire Network, 1 April 2020.

[3] “Putchists in the Shadow of the Coronavirus” , by Thierry Meyssan , Translation Roger Lagassé , Voltaire Network, 31 March 2020.

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