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Mercenary Confesses Failed Plot Was to Bring President Maduro to US

U.S. mercenary Luke Denman’s group aimed at abducting Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro.

By Telesur

Former United States ex-green beret Luke Denman, that was captured Monday by Venezuela’s Armed Forces, confessed Wednesday that his group aimed at kidnapping President Nicolas Maduro as part of ‘Operation Gedeon’.

“I was expecting anywhere between US$50,000 to US$100,000,” Denman admitted, confessing he arrived in Colombia on Jan. 16 in Rioacha in order to train Venezuelan deserters.

While Maduro said there is no doubt that Colombia’s President Ivan Duque was involved in the military incursion that U.S. mercenaries attempted to accomplish on Sunday.

He also confirmed that Duque ordered the expulsion from his country of people involved in acts of destabilization in Venezuela

“Juvenal Sequea, Hernan Aleman, and Alexander Russo -the one who armed the drone to kill me- are now in Bogota. Ivan Duque will expel them because he wants nothing to do with those who failed,” the Venezuelan leader said at a press conference from Caracas.

teleSUR English@telesurenglish · May 6, 2020Replying to @telesurenglish

#BREAKING| U.S. national Luke Denman identifies himself as a mercenary. He was captured by the Venezuelan Chavista people and authorities with other criminals attempting an armed naval incursion. Among the facts that he has admitted is that they were coming from Rioacha, Colombia

teleSUR English@telesurenglish

#BREAKING | #lukedenman, a captured mercenary involved in the latest coup in Venezuela, reveals that their plan included to take President @maduro_en to the U.S. in a plane.648:38 PM – May 6, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy64 people are talking about this

The U.S. mercenaries are “convicted and confessed,” he stressed and explained that his country’s institutions will judge them according to the due process.

The head of state recalled that the U.S. President Donald Trump, who receives a report every day on Venezuela, affirmed he knew nothing of the foiled armed infiltration in his country.

“It is impossible that Trump did not know what happened in Venezuela this weekend. Mike Pompeo said they have not had direct participation, but have they had indirect participation?”

The Venezuelan president also reiterated that the former U.S. green beret Jordan Goudreau, who is the head of the Silvercorp company, has worked with Trump for several years.

Melissa Pedersen@MelissaPederse

Brother of ex-Green Beret in failed Venezuela coup pleads for help from US 

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9:00 PM – May 6, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacySee Melissa Pedersen’s other Tweets

“He has served as Donald Trump’s bodyguard for many years. Jordan Goudreau was named by the State Department as the security chief for the show they put on in Cucuta,” recalled Maduro, referring to the concert that the opposition Juan Guaido organized in such Colombian city to disguise the first attempt to invade Venezuela in 2019.

The Bolivarian leader explained that the U.S. mercenary established negotiations with the State Department and with the Venezuelan opposition led by Guaido, who delegated to J.J. Rendon and Sergio Vergara the hiring of a company to carry out a military invasion.

The negotiation process, which ended in September 2019, led to the preparation of a contract worth US$212 million, which was signed by Goudreau.

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The WHO and the EU Want a Covid Vaccine for the Entire Planet, What About Water and Food…

Lack of access to water: 1,922,148 deaths since 1 January worldwide . More than 5,000,000 deaths per year, many of them children

By Dr. Pascal Sacré

COVID-19: 324,990 deaths recorded worldwide …

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, has launched a Global Telethon to speed up the delivery of a corona vaccine for all.

Deaths attributable to lack of access to water on planet earth: 1,922,148 deaths since 1 January worldwide (more than 5,000,000 deaths per year, many of them children)!

Water for All? No World Telethon for Water and Food… 


A graduate in anaesthesia and resuscitation for 17 years in Belgium, I am used to wearing a mask and seeing others wearing one.

Why impose this far from insignificant gesture on a whole healthy population despite the strong opposition of a large number of specialists?

See this article: “Wearing masks is not necessarily effective, and can even promote contamination, experts warn.”

On the other hand, I do not hear any media campaign supported by all political voices, including that of Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission (image right) or Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (WHO Director General since 2017), for the strengthening of the immune system of populations, to correct their deficiencies in vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc, essential elements of our anti-infectious defenses: see the references of this article “COVID 19 – An ocean of fears and lies“.

Fear and death oriented media are omnipresent and create a stressful morbid climate.

As far as I know, there is not a word about these shortcomings.

Although I am used to offering chemical, technological and modern solutions to my patients, I see above all the iatrogenesis of this mechanical and arrogant medicine:

“More and more frequently, drugs cause side effects, the pathologies caused by the treatments, including surgery, are worse than those that have led to the admission of patients who are increasingly poly-medicated (often more than ten drugs to be taken every day).”

For years, the state of health of Belgians admitted to intensive care following surgery or chronic diseases has been increasingly deplorable.

A plausible explanation comes from their bad eating habits, their addictions (alcohol, tobacco, sugar), increasingly morbid obesity (a real modern scourge – Today, 39% of adults (18 years and over) in the world are concerned by obesity (BMI>30)!) and sedentary lifestyles.

Where are the impassioned debates on these subjects, the real underlying problems highlighted by this current crisis in addition to the deterioration of environmental conditions (pollution) and the deterioration of the quality of public services for reasons of profitability.

Vaccines, masks and lock down (confinement)!

Our health authorities and journalists have only these words in their mouths.

See the article: Coronavirus: only a vaccine could allow “normality”, according to the UN chief.

What about water, food?

Vaccines OR water for everyone?

On our planet, in terms of good health for all and distributive justice, where are the priorities?

Faced with an emerging infectious disease, the usual response of “rich” countries to the mirage of safe and effective immunization is to rely on the mirage of safe and effective immunization, a source of recurrent controversy among their populations [1].

1. This was the case in 2009, during the H1N1 influenza epidemic, which the WHO quickly qualified as a pandemic. [It was a fraud] Following WHO guidelines, most countries purchased excessive quantities of vaccine in an emergency. Some spent excessive amounts of money.

2. In France, nearly 100 million doses were ordered while the vaccine had not yet obtained a marketing authorization! [2]. 6 million French people were to be vaccinated. 60 million worldwide.

3. In the United States, Dr. Anthony Fauci [3], already director of the NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases), has also supported a multi-billion dollar influenza A H1N1 vaccine project in 2009. In Belgium, this H1N1 vaccine hysteria cost the Belgian State 85 million euros and 20 million euros to the Social Security while transferring 80.2 million euros to the pharmaceutical companies [4].

4. Money from the public purse wasted on an epidemic with alleged and exaggerated consequences according to the WHO and the alarmist predictions of its epidemiologists [already – 5], to which must be added a much more serious fact, neurological after-effects in a large number of vaccinated people.

The Pandemrix vaccine manufactured by GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) caused narcolepsy and cataplexy [6] in about one in 16,000 people. Across Europe, more than 800 children are known to have been made ill by this vaccine [7].

Coronavirus Escalates a Pharmaceutical Arms Race

We must be vigilant to ensure that this does not happen again

Let’s not make the same mistakes again.

Thus, on the occasion of this new viral crisis 2020, the European Union and its president Ursula von der Leyen have already made a worldwide Telethon to finance research on vaccines against the new coronavirus [8].

The WHO (World Health Organization) has mobilized politicians and economic actors to provide a vaccine for everyone on the planet [9].

With the support of political authorities, research and scientific actors are all in a real race against time to bring to market a new vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus responsible for the disease called COVID-19 [10].

Emergency, rush!

At the cost of once again taking risks with the health of populations, which raises ethical questions because this “covert” research involves deliberately subjecting healthy people to a dangerous virus [11], without going through all the necessary steps to develop the vaccine.

With each epidemic, each pandemic, the vaccine solution is offered to people as a universal panacea by official bodies such as the WHO and national health institutes and, in turn, by our governments.

Beyond the real risks of rushing to vaccinate everyone too early with expensive, unsuitable and dangerous products, as we saw in 2009, this race for vaccines always underlines the unequal priority of objectives between “rich” and “poor” countries.

It means forgetting that the best remedy for diseases, especially infectious diseases, is to improve living conditions, access to safe food and drinking water, the possibility of living in healthy environments and the adoption of basic hygiene measures.

It was by improving access to water and wastewater treatment that humans made a significant contribution to global health, long before the invention of vaccines.

It was “simple” hygienic practices such as hand washing that drastically reduced the rate of infections in hospitals.

For example, the pioneering Hungarian obstetrician Ignace Semmelweis (1818-1865) drastically reduced mortality in maternity wards at the Vienna General Hospital [12].

These “simple” solutions are still sorely lacking in too many countries of the world.


According to regularly updated global statistics [13], as of 15 May 2020, 1 million 923 thousand people have died since the beginning of this year due to lack of access to water in the world [14].

Lack of access to water causes more than 5 million deaths worldwide each year, many of them children.

Lack of access to water kills as much as tobacco.

As far as drinking water is concerned, there are still 786 million people (11% of the world’s population) who do not have access to it.

According to the UN, about 5 million more people die from infectious or parasitic diseases caused by wastewater that contaminates them every year.


Malnutrition is a serious condition caused mainly by the lack of essential nutrients.

Between 2 and 5 million malnourished children die each year.

According to Planetoscope, malnutrition is responsible for half of all deaths of children under 5 years old.

As Jean Ziegler [15], a Swiss politician, sociologist, writer and special rapporteur for the right to food (of populations) of the UN Rights Council from 2000 to 2008, puts it:

“Given the current state of agriculture in the world, we could feed 12 billion people without difficulty. To put it another way, every child who currently dies of hunger is, in reality, murdered. »

Health needs are very uneven across the world.

For example, a child born today in Sweden can expect to live for more than 80 years; but he or she will live for less than 70 years if born in Brazil, less than 63 years if born in India and less than 50 years if born in Lesotho [16].

These inequalities are unjust but avoidable.

Where is Ursula von der Leyen’s European Union Telethon to eradicate lack of access to water and malnutrition?

Is there no vaccine against malnutrition?

Why not devote these billions of euros or dollars, since they exist for vaccines, to ensure first and foremost access to basic health care for everyone in the world?

Why has the WHO not mobilised all its huge political and economic resources to provide everyone on this planet with drinking water and food (essential nutrients) once and for all?

Reading me, I think you know the answers to all these questions.

Dr. Pascal Sacré

First published by

Translation from French. Maya Chossudovsky-Ladouceur

Featured image: Liquid gold, by Marielle van Uitert, The Netherlands. Children in the Central African Republic pumping potable groundwater. Source:

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Notes :

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Politics and Religion: Why Is Constantinople Reluctant to Resolve the Conflict Between the Antioch and Jerusalem Patriarchates?

By Nadia Bazuk

The world is slowly beginning to return to a normal way of life. Shops, cafes, restaurants, and government offices are opening. Church life is also returning to its usual course. It would seem that the pause and problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic could unite Local Churches in the fight against the virus, make faith a bigger support for people around the world in these dark times.

But apparently, some Church leaders have only increased their activities aimed at separating the Churches. So, in April, the Ecumenical Patriarchate literally voiced its support for Joe Biden and the Democratic Party by publishing a document titled “For The Life of The World”, in which Donald Trump’s policy is criticized. This is not the first time that the Phanar has indulged the interests of the Democrats in an attempt to divide the Orthodox faith – the same thing happened in Ukraine and is happening now in the Balkans. As for the Middle East, the conflict between the Patriarchates of Antioch and Jerusalem, from which Constantinople disassociates itself, comes to mind.

On February 26, 2020, a meeting of Primates and representatives of Local Orthodox Churches, convened by Patriarch Theophilus of Jerusalem, ended in Amman, the capital of Jordan. The event was primarily aimed at paving the way for dialogue between the Churches in view of the discord that has arisen in recent years, including the creation of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU) by Constantinople.

The meeting was attended by Primates and representatives of seven Local Churches of Jerusalem, Russia, Serbia, Czech Lands and Slovakia, Romania, Poland and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. To be mentioned is that shortly before the meeting, the Antiochian Patriarchate refused to participate. As noted in the Church’s statement, it decided not to attend this meeting “to avoid whatever increases divergence and deepens the rift between brothers”.

The main reason for the refusal was the long-standing conflict between Antioch and Jerusalem over the issue of Qatar. On the eve of the meeting in Amman, a compromise between Jerusalem and Antioch was almost reached. Patriarch John X was ready to go to Jordan, but at the last moment he changed his mind. This was allegedly induced by a number of phone calls from the Phanar. Patriarch John’s decision was preceded by a number of publications on pro-Constantinople media ( and others), which stated that Antioch had no right to go to Amman until the Qatari issue was resolved.

The essence of the dispute is the jurisdiction of Qatar. Both Jerusalem and Antioch lay prerogative claims to the only local parish. It was founded in 1997 with the assistance of the then US Ambassador Patrick Theros and with the consent of the Qatari government, since up to that point the country had a ban on holding any ceremonies related to non-Muslim cults. The first Parish Rector was Archimandrite Theophilus Giannopoulos of the Church of Jerusalem, now its Primate. Subsequently, Theophilus was replaced by Archimandrite Macarios, also a clergyman of the Church of Jerusalem.

The reason why representatives of Jerusalem were sent to Qatar, which is considered the canonical territory of the Antiochian Patriarchate, lies in the tense relations between Damascus and Doha. As a result of the political conflict, the Qatari authorities refuse to issue visas to the Antioch clergy.

During services in the Qatari parish, Jerusalem clergy commemorated the Patriarch of Antioch, thus recognizing the jurisdiction of the Antioch. However, in 2013, the Patriarchate of Jerusalem suddenly created the Archdiocese of Qatar, appointed Archimandrite Macarios as its Primate and titled him the Archbishop of Qatar. In the Orthodox tradition, the appointment of an Archbishop to a particular area means claiming rights to it.

Obviously, Jerusalem’s actions provoked a protest from the Patriarchate of Antioch. However, the Patriarchate of Jerusalem not only did not change its decision, but also claimed the Syrian diocese of Bosra and Hauran, which originally was under the jurisdiction of the Antioch.Theologians: Constantinople Lost Its Weight in the Orthodox World

During 2013, the Patriarchate of Antioch attempted to resolve the conflict. Thus, in June 2013, a meeting between representatives of both Patriarchates with the participation of the Phanar delegation was held in Athens under the mediation of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece. At the same time, the Patriarchate of Constantinople could not or did not want to help find a compromise during the negotiations. Instead, it informally – directly and via the Greek Foreign Ministry – put pressure on Patriarch John and the Antiochian delegation so that they accepted the presence of the Bishop of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem in Qatar. Even those weak and tentative agreements that were reached then were not ratified by the Synods of both Churches.

As a result, the Jerusalem Patriarchate did not give up its claim to Qatar, and in 2014 the Antioch broke off Eucharistic communion with it.

After that, the Antiochian Orthodox Church repeatedly asked the Phanar to act as a judge in this dispute. There were already precedents for the influence of Constantinople on Jerusalem: in 2005, Patriarch Bartholomew organized a Pan-Orthodox Council that confirmed the removal of Patriarch Irenaeus of Jerusalem, and in 2008, the Phanar attached the Vicariate of the Palestinian-Jordanian communities, which united the churches and monasteries of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem in the United States, to the Greek American Archdiocese of the Church of Constantinople.

However, Constantinople decided not to interfere in the conflict, which obviously would have been resolved in favor of the Patriarchate of Antioch. Hoping to ensure the presence of both Churches at the Council of Crete in 2016, Constantinople was unable to fulfill the role of the supreme arbiter and peacemaker, which it claims. Instead of real negotiations, the representatives of Constantinople took the lazy way out. They put aside the most difficult diplomatic task of reconciling the two Churches, and gave empty promises to Patriarch John that the issue would be settled later, after the Council.

At a Synaxis in March 2014, Patriarch Bartholomew refused to include the Qatari issue on the agenda, despite repeated requests from Patriarch John. His All-Holiness Bartholomew again tried to put pressure on the Antiochian delegation and, in particular, handed them a letter from Patriarch Theophilus claiming jurisdiction over Jerusalem in Qatar, making it clear that there was no other solution to the dispute. The pressure was so scandalous that Metropolitan Silouan (Mousa) refused to sign the final document, and a month later the Synod of the Church of Antioch decided to break off Eucharistic communion with Jerusalem.

This behavior of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, “the first among equals”, only led to an increase in the Church of Antioch’s distrust of the Pan-Orthodox process, which was meant to take place at its expense. In 2014, Antioch first refused to participate in a meeting of Primates and representatives of Local Orthodox Churches during preparations for Patriarch Bartholomew’s Pan-Orthodox Council of 2016 in Crete, and subsequently skipped the Council itself.

So, what is impeding the Ecumenical Patriarchate’s assistance in resolving the conflict between the two ancient Churches, one of which is suffering from the war in Syria? To answer this question, we must first understand what prevents Patriarch Bartholomew from taking care of preserving the unity of Orthodoxy – his Holy duty as the first in honor. In the light of recent events, it seems that His All-Holiness seeks to act only when his exceptional role is recognized, and makes loyalty to Constantinople as the “bearer of the idea of Hellenism”, a condition for any assistance from it.

Thus, the example of the meeting in Jordan shows that Constantinople opposes any attempts by Local Churches to build a dialogue without its chairmanship. This is evidenced by angry letters addressed to the Primates of the Jerusalem Patriarchate (without any mention of the Qatari issue!) and the Orthodox Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia, and the fact that Patriarch Bartholomew thanked the Primate of the Cypriot Orthodox Church, Archbishop Chrysostom, for criticizing the meeting in Amman and refusing to participate in it – and even gifted him an expensive pen.

All this is presented as “revenge” against Moscow and Antioch for the failure of the Council of Crete and holding the meeting in Jordan: after all, in Amman there gathered those Churches that are actually wary of recognizing the decision of Constantinople to create the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. In fact, this is due to the systemic inability of the Ecumenical Patriarchate to solve Orthodox issues if it’s done not in the format of Greek solidarity. And Moscow is only a virtual threat to rally the Greek Churches around the Phanar.

The Phanar can be reluctant to intercede for the Antiochian Patriarchate because it is “jealous” of it on account of Moscow. And to restore justice, Patriarch Bartholomew would have to spoil relations with Patriarch Theophilus, a native of Gargalianoi (Greece) – for the sake of Patriarch John, a native of Latakia (Syria). This view may seem absurd and biased, but this is how it will be perceived by the majority of the hierarchy of Greek-speaking Churches – Constantinople, Alexandria, Jerusalem, Greece, Cyprus… It is no accident that since the break with Moscow, Patriarch Bartholomew has increasingly spoken about the key role of Hellenism in Orthodoxy. Moreover, it is quite possible that the crisis is of a purely political nature, and without external intervention from Constantinople would not have lasted this long: the faithful in Doha did not want to divide into jurisdictions and continued to pray together, as the Bishop of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem in Qatar said. Constantinople benefits from maintaining contradictions between Jerusalem and Antioch, especially now, when the situation in Ukraine and attempts to interfere in the affairs of other Local Churches (in Macedonia, Montenegro, the Czech Republic) cause increasing irritation in Orthodoxy. The goal of Patriarch Bartholomew is to set the ancient Churches at loggerheads as much as possible in order to prevent the possibility of their union against him.

In fact, Patriarch Bartholomew was caught in a vicious circle. In a truly Ecumenical format, without the monolithic support of the Greek Churches, he is not able to secure the primacy it claims. And while relying on the Greeks, he loses his authority in the world Orthodoxy and splits it along national lines: into Greeks and Arabs, into Greeks and Slavs, into Greeks and Georgians, and so on. The Phanar seems to refuse to consider a possibility to return to the original, Gospel model of building relationships in the Church in which there is “no Greek, … nor barbarian” (Colossians 3:11).

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The Real UkraineGate Scandal: There’s No Longer Any Question that Joe Biden Carried Out a Cover-Up in Ukraine

By Andrew Korybko

Trump stands vindicated for accusing Biden of trying to cover up his son’s corruption in Ukraine after one of that country’s lawmakers released audio recordings of the former Vice President’s numerous conversations with former President Poroshenko to that effect, proving that the real Ukrainegate scandal has been about the Democrat front-runner all along.

Caught Red-Handed

Ukrainian lawmaker Andrei Derkach released audio recordings that he claims to have received from journalists which convincingly sound as though they’re truly of former President Poroshenko’s numerous conversations with former Vice President and current Democrat front-runner Biden. The content of their chats concerns the latter’s efforts to pressure the then-Ukrainian leader to remove General Prosecutor Shokin, which Trump and many of his surrogates have claimed was undertaken in an attempt to cover up his son Hunter’s corruption at the Burisma gas company where he was employed and which was the subject of an investigation by Shokin. The recordings are remarkably frank, with Poroshenko proudly pledging fealty to Biden and regularly updating him on the progress that he’s made in keeping what he refers to as his “promises” to the former Vice President.

The Real Ukrainegate & Russiagate Scandals

The Daily Beast reported that suspicions are swirling over whether the leak was an inside job in Ukraine or the result of so-called “Russian hacking”, but that’s just an attempt to distract from the calls, just like the unproven claims that Russia was responsible for hacking the DNC’s emails four years ago. The real Ukrainegate scandal therefore wasn’t over the now-debunked allegations that Trump engaged in a quid pro quo with current Ukrainian President Zelensky in an attempt to reopen this investigation for supposedly political reasons, but over Biden’s attempts to cover up his son’s corruption in Ukraine in order to not hurt the Vice President’s future campaign prospects. This is similar in essence to how the real Russiagate scandal wasn’t about Russia allegedly helping Trump, but about Hillary trading the US’ strategic uranium deposits for Clinton Foundation kickbacks.

Pattern Of Hypocrisy

The pattern at play is unmistakable, and it’s that the Democrats have recently taken to accusing Trump of the same spirit of what they themselves are really guilty of. Be it in carrying out shady deals with Russia, Ukraine, or whichever other country’s dirty laundry has yet to reach the light of day, the Democrats have a track record of international corruption unlike Trump, who comes off as squeaky clean in comparison. That’s not to absolve the sitting American President of whatever his administration might secretly be doing abroad, but just to point out that the two highest-profile accusations of corruption against him have been proven to be false and much more applicable to the same party that publicly made them in the first place.

Intriguing Timing

The timing of the Biden-Poroshenko leaks is intriguing and deserves some further analysis. It’s unclear why they weren’t released any earlier considering that the fake Ukrainegate impeachment conspiracy against Trump began last summer, which suggests that they might have either only been recently obtained or strategically kept in reserve to unveil at an opportune moment during the 2020 campaign. If the latter, then the current timing might be connected to the Democrats’ desperate attempts to pin the blame for the US’ controversial handling of World War C on Trump personally in yet another effort to impeach him or at the very list tilt the upcoming vote to his opponent’s favor. Regarding that selfsame opponent, Biden seems to be afflicted with dementia and is widely considered to simply be a stand-in functioning as a puppet of more shadowy party interests.

A “Dark Horse” For The Democrats?

There’s been some debate in Democrat circles about the wisdom of promoting him as their candidate of choice, but they probably didn’t have any more viable option since the other politicians in the primary either didn’t manage to generate any genuine grassroots support from their party’s base or were considered too radical and therefore unable to appeal to the on-the-fence voters in “Main Street” America who’ll likely decide this election like usual. With that in mind, these criminally incriminating leaks could either throw the party further into disarray or present an opportunity for a so-called “dark horse” replacement to be put forth by the party during its summer convention, meaning that they might have been an inside job by disgruntled Democrat “deep state” operatives who don’t believe in Biden’s ability to beat Trump and want to force the party to replace him.

Democrats = Corruption

It can only be speculated who’s really behind the leaks and why, but they’ll likely end up being extremely damaging to Biden’s campaign. He’s now been caught red-handed doing exactly what his party wrongly accused Trump of last summer, and the average American — while generally susceptible to partisan propaganda from both sides of the aisle — isn’t so stupid as to not realize that. At the very least, these leaks confirm that the Democrats are indeed the party of corruption seeing as how they denied Trump’s original accusations against Biden but then subsequently concocted a literal conspiracy to try to impeach him once it was proven that he took tangible action to revive the investigation into Hunter’s corruption. They wouldn’t have done something so dramatic if there wasn’t any corruption there to begin with, which makes them look even guiltier. in hindsight.

Concluding Thoughts

There’s no longer any question that Biden carried out a cover-up in Ukraine, with it now remaining to be seen how this will impact his campaign and the Democrats more broadly. In all likelihood, the party will be unable to recover from this enormous blow to its reputation, though there’s still a faint chance that they might seek to reinvigorate their electoral prospects by replacing Biden with a “dark horse” candidate during this summer’s convention. Should that transpire, then that individual would probably be distanced from the Obama Administration since it’s now forever tainted with corruption after the second most powerful man in the country at that time has now been proven to have engaged in high-level corruption and foreign meddling. Politically speaking, Biden is now a “dead man walking”, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the Democrats dump their puppet in favor of one who they can at least portray as being “less controversial” than Trump.

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For Women in Qatar, Lockdown Is Nothing New

By News Desk

When it comes to the issue of women’s rights in the Gulf , Saudi Arabia is most frequently cited as the most repressive country in the region, and Qatar is widely regarded as the most modern in terms of human development. Qatar has become somewhat of a darling among Western liberal intelligentsia, likely in part because of the peninsular country’s pumping tens of millions of dollars into Washington D.C.’s most influential Think Tanks, such as Brookings Institution. The United Nations has even lauded Qatar for their efforts to achieve gender equality.

It is certainly true that Qatar, as well as even Saudi Arabia, has instituted a number of legal provisions that promote the empowerment of women. They can own businesses, own property, vote, even hold political positions and judgeships (all of which, when cited as progressive steps, expose just how far away the Gulf is from modern concepts of equality); so Qatar is applauded for taking such bold action on behalf of women. What no one explains, however, is that all of these provisions only grant rights for women in Qatar that their male guardians allow them to exercise.

Everyone knows that women cannot drive in Saudi Arabia, but how many people know that Qatar is actually the only Gulf country that still does not allow women to travel without the permission of a male relative? The ban on women driving was repealed some time ago in KSA, and every Gulf nation has lifted the restrictions on women’s travel, except Qatar.Gulf Rivalries Spill onto the Soccer Pitch. The 2022 Tournament in Qatar

Business ownership, voting, owning property, working, going to school, and yes, even driving, are all available to women in Qatar only if their husband, father or brother allows.

Understandably, many Qatari women do not share the West’s admiring view of their country’s treatment of women. Aisha Al Qahtani famously fled to the UK to avoid being forced to return to Doha; just as so many others have fled Qatar’s neighbours.

“It is really quite appalling,” says Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai and founder of Due Process International, “Qatar can seemingly legislate rights for women, all the while winking to the country’s male population because nothing has actually changed. Every woman is ruled by her husband, father or brother regardless of what the law ostensibly provides. They talk about empowering women, but continue to treat them like children.”

Stirling has been involved assisting women escaping oppression in the Gulf as part of her 12 years human rights work in the gulf, including high profile cases such as Princess Latifa, Hind Al Balooki, Dua and Dalal Al-Shweiki and others.

“Every adult person, male or female, must have the right to self-determination, and no one should be allowed to overrule an individual’s choices about their own lives; obviously this cannot apply only to men, and I fail to see how Qatar exceeds any other country in the region when all of the rights that the government has granted them, their male relatives have the right to deny them.

Qatar will be hosting the World Cup, the Qatari royal family owns significant holdings in the United Kingdom, and there is considerable mutual investment and trade. All of this sends a signal of acceptance to Qatar, and is undoubtedly interpreted by Doha as Western approval.

“Our countries have been in lockdown due to the Coronavirus, and the emergency restrictions we have had to accept have reportedly caused drastic increases in mental and emotional health problems, depression, and even suicide; and that is while we know that the situation is temporary. But a person in the West under lockdown has more autonomy and freedom than a woman in Qatar, and her situation is permanent. Of course more women will flee, and many more may try and fail. We cannot continue to look the other way when an ally, a trading partner, a country that is being given the honour of hosting perhaps the biggest sporting event in the world, treats half of its adult population like minors with freedom completely conditional on male approval.” 

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