After four days of Nazi negligence… Body of Palestinian artist found on Haifa beach

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

 Pulling the body of Ayman Abu Safiyyeh from water.

Nazi occupied Haifa: The Nazi police on Wednesday found the body of the Palestinian artist and dancer Ayma Abu Safiyyeh (29 years old, from the village of Kafr Yasif. Abu Safiyyeh was reported missing last Sunday during a camping trip with his friends in the depopulated village “Atlit” in Haifa.

A statement by the Nazi police said that an Israeli helicopter spotted the body of a dead person on the beach near Atlit.

Palestinian artist and dancer Ayman Abu Safiyyeh.

Quoting local sources, Arab 48 reported that the body was found at the beach between the depopulated villages of Tantoura and Kafr Lam.

The family and friends of Abu Safyyeh, who have been searching for him for four days, stated that the Nazi racist police deliberately ignored searching for Abu Safiyyeh because he is a native Palestinian.

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