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An honorable stance for the people of Tripoli … Tripoli refuses to be a mailbox targeting the resistance weapon

Source: Al-Ahd News site

Tripoli has never been and will not be the home of party delegations with political purposes that came from Beirut to the heart of the city to raise consumer slogans that touches national constants.

A verbal altercation between Traboulsion youths and partisan party groups affiliated to the battalions soon developed into a stampede, after which the army intervened to break up the shapes in Abdel Hamid Karami Square at the southern entrance to the city of Tripoli.

Those coming from the capital will return to their inclusion, and incitement to the resistance weapon will fail. The
rightful demands of the Traboulsi citizen fall into the trap of those working to exploit them to achieve political goals.

On the other hand, reactions continued in the Tripoli street on what happened today, as the people were unanimously agreed that the sedition was rejected in Tripoli and that it is not a mailbox to exchange messages according to the expression of Abdullah Al-Tuwaishi, one of the symbols of the popular movement.

In turn, one of the activists, Khaled Al-Deek, who was beaten by partisan groups, says, “We are demanding living, not political, and whoever wants to target the party’s weapons, let him leave his area, we reject the strife on our street.”

In the context, statements were issued calling for action to support the resistance weapon from the heart of Tripoli.

The Secretary-General of the Peace Federation of Arab Tribes, Sheikh Hossam Al-Ali, said that the weapon of the resistance today has become one of the national constants and the foundations of steadfastness and the restoration of rights, and Lebanon was not dear as long as the years in which this weapon accomplished victories that destroyed the dreams of the Zionist entity to control Lebanon and dominate its land and sea wealth.

In a statement to him, Al-Ali stressed that some prepaid voices that rise from time to time will not resonate, there is no color, taste or smell for such defeatist narratives other than the color of shame, the taste of shame and the smell of employment for the Zionist-American.

For his part, the leader of the Sons of Minya, Asaad Al-Khair, considered that the weapon of the resistance is the title of the renaissance of the nation in the modern era and its pride and dignity, saying, “If hundreds of millions of dollars that were paid to media distortion and the massive Israeli-backed American military war have all failed previously, then what place for these dissonant voices today? And any response to it in light of all these facts? ”

Al-Khair called for intensive participation in the demonstrations announced to support the resistance weapon in the face of the emerging conspiracy, stressing that it will be the first standing beside the weapon of pride and dignity, the weapon of the free and honorable everywhere, the weapon of the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine.

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