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We are closer to Jerusalem and to its liberation

The scene of the printers and the surrendered is not the true picture of our nation … We are closer to Jerusalem and to its liberation

By: Sammi Ibeahem,Sr

The Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Hassan Hassan Nasrallah, stressed that “the resistance paves all the ground for the day that will inevitably come and we all pray in Jerusalem,” stressing the “firm commitment of Hezbollah” to the Palestinian cause.

During a speech on the occasion of the International Day of Jerusalem, Nasrallah said: “Today we are as close as possible to Jerusalem and to its liberation despite all the international and regional transformations and all the temptations.”

He added that “Jerusalem Day this year misses a great leader on the road to Jerusalem, Leader Hajj Qassem Soleimani,” noting that “Soleimani was the largest paving for the great victory of the resistance coming to liberate Jerusalem.”

He reiterated that “the nation today is as close as possible to the liberation of Jerusalem through faith, steadfastness, patience, honesty, sincerity, and communication between states and powers of the axis of resistance.”

Nasrallah also stressed that “the scene of the printed and the surrendered is not the true image of our nation,” and said that “the real scene on which it is built is the steadfastness and escalation of the resistance forces, governments, countries, factions, movements, peoples, and elites.”

This, and the Secretary-General of Hezbollah believed that “World Jerusalem Day is” from the blessed legacy of Khomeini, “noting that” Khomeini expressed a firm and final commitment to Iran and all of the resistance fighters towards the question of Palestine and Jerusalem. “

Nasrallah called “all the people of our nation to revive Jerusalem Day in the appropriate ways medialy, culturally, politically, socially and technically as part of all the preventive measures required in connection with the Corona epidemic,” concluding his speech by saying that “Jerusalem is the goal to which all eyes, minds, hearts, forearms and feet go, and we will reach it.”

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