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Why US Police Kill Almost On a Whim

By Ian Greenhalgh 

History of Joint US-Israeli Police Training Might Explain The Rising Killings of Black Americans by the Police

The killing of George Floyd by a white police officer in the US State of Minnesota has been drawing growing worldwide attention, especially as protests in the US and several countries around the world continue to take place, demanding justice for black people.

As photos of the killing of George Floyd and many other African Americans by the police spread online, Middle Eastern commentators were reminded of similar violations committed by the Israeli forces against unarmed Palestinians over the years.


The knee-on-neck, long a staple of #Israel’s occupation of #Palestine Amnesty Int’l warned hundreds of police depts have been training in Israel alongside military officers, who “have racked up documented human rights violations for years.” …The knee-on-neck, long a staple of Israel’s occupation of PalestinePalestinians living under Israeli military occupation have long dealt with the kind of brutality being enacted by some US police officers against African-Americans.trtworld.com212:29 AM – Jun 2, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacySee pdjmoo’s other Tweets

Social media users shared various photos of several unarmed Palestinian young men who experienced similar use of force, highlighting the remarkable resemblance between what could be described as “politically or racially motivated attitudes” amongst policemen.

Last Saturday, the Israeli press reported the killing of Iyad Hallak, a 32-years-old man with Autism, who was shot dead miles away, when he didn’t respond to police orders at a checkpoint in Jerusalem. Investigations conducted later on revealed that the police suspected his cell phone for “a harmful device” prompting them to shoot at least 7 bullets at Hallak.

Social media activists linked the incredible similarities in aggressive police behaviors in both the US and Israel to the long history of cooperation and joint-training held between police departments in the two countries, arguing that “police officers could be encouraged to commit human rights abuses against minorities, or at least not taught any better.”

report published by Amnesty USA referred to actual training trips to Israel taken regularly by police departments in US states, despite “US Department of State statements condemning the Israeli police for extrajudicial executions and other unlawful killings.”

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