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Venezuela Receives 6th Aid Shipment from China to Fight COVID-19

Vice President Delcy Rodriguez thanked China and the bilateral cooperation between nations.

The vice president reiterated that with this shipment a historic step is taken to solidify the relations of both nations. 

Venezuela received Saturday about 80 tons of humanitarian aid from China, marking the sixth delivery of its kind since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

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“We thank President Xi Jinping and the Chinese people represented here by their ambassador for this humanitarian aid that they have provided to combat COVID-19 in our country,” Vice President Delcy Rodriguez said at the Simon Bolivar International Aiport in Caracas.

The vice president reiterated that with this shipment a historic step is taken to solidify the relations of both nations. 

“More than 800 quick tests arrive in this shipment, technology with machinery and all the accessories to process the PCR tests for the detection of COVID-19, which represents a historic step in building our strategic bilateral relationship,” she added.

Jorge Arreaza M@jaarreaza

Hoy recibimos el 6to vuelo con asistencia humanitaria para la atención del #COVID_19 desde la República Popular China. Pruebas PCR y rápidas, nueva tecnología china para pruebas moleculares, mascarillas, trajes de bioseguridad, ventiladores y muchos insumos más. ¡Gracias China!

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The shipment also includes health supplies, personal protective equipment for health workers, and two million masks. In total, the Venezuelan government confirmed they have received about 300 tons of aid from the Asian giant. 

“It is an achievement of the effort of both parties for the implementation of the agreements between President Maduro and Xi Jinping,” China’s Ambassador to Venezuela Li Baorong added.

As of Saturday, Venezuela reports over 2,300 cases with more than one million tests carried out. 

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The Shallow Deep-State Goes Deeper as It Moves Toward Martial Law

By: Edward Curtin

I am not trying to be cute and play with words.  That title is meant to convey what it says, so let me explain.

The people who own the United States and their allies around the world have a plan.  It is so simple that it is extremely devious.  Their plan has been in operation for many years.  It has most people bamboozled because it is Janus-faced by design, overt one day, covert the next, but both faces operate under one controlling head.  Some call this head the Deep-State. Even the Deep-State calls itself the Deep-State in a double fake. It is meant to make people schizoid, which it has.

The so called Deep-State has been given many names over the years.  I will not bore you with them, except to say that it was once called the power elite. They are the upper classes, the super wealthy who control the financial institutions, Wall Street, the intelligence agencies, the corporate media, the internet, the military, and the politicians. They are multinational.

They are the wealthy nihilists who care not one jot for the rest of the world. They operate in secret, yet also run above-ground organizations such as the World Bank (WB), the World Health Organization (WHO), the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), etc. Their bloodstream runs on war, the preparations for war, and economic exploitation of the world. All wealthy people are not party to their machinations, but they are almost always complicit in profiting from their crimes, unless they are very stupid.  Or play stupid.  Since I am talking about a great confidence game, that is quite common.

Other people, all other classes, the poor, middle-classes, even a portion of the upper middle classes mean nothing to the power elite unless they can serve their interests.  They are always waging class warfare to maintain their domination and control. Their recent version of this class war is underway in the United States and in many other countries. As of today, they are using race fears to create chaos and outrage to disguise their class warfare that is leading to the imposition of martial law.  Soon they will shift back to the coronavirus fraud. Back and forth, in and out, now you see it, now you don’t.

By shutting down the world’s economy, they have destroyed the livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people and are creating poverty on a vast scale. Much famine and death will follow.  In the United States alone, 40-45 million people have applied for unemployment insurance and job loss is the greatest since the Great Depression. The reason: a massive propaganda campaign created around Covid-19 fear porn.

This class war is not new, but it is conducted today at warp speed since these people control the technology that has allowed them vastly increased power. In the U.S.A., it is conducted as usual under the guise of Republicans versus Democrats, the two representative political factions that are the faces of the controlled “opposition,” who are actually allies in the larger confidence game.  Keeping “hope” alive is central to their strategy.  Mind control is what they do.  Speed is their greatest ally.  Race is central to their game plan.  They always say they are protecting us.The Deep State Goes Shallow. “Reality-TV Coup d’etat in Prime Time”

It is all a lie.  A show.  Nothing but a spectacle for the gullible.  A shadow play.

The current president, Donald Trump, is the choice of one faction of these psychopaths.  This year, Joseph Biden, is the shaky presumptive choice of the other. Both are deranged puppets.  Regular people fight over who is better or worse because they are living inside what Jim Garrison, the former District Attorney of New Orleans and the only person to ever bring a trial in the assassination of President Kennedy, long ago called “the doll’s house.”

It is a place where illusions and delusions replace reality.  It is 24/7 propaganda. It keeps people engaged. It gives them something to argue about, one team to root for.  It’s a sport. It is similar to Plato’s Cave.  Fire has been replaced with electronic lighting and screens, but little has changed.

The sick system of exploitation is oiled and greased with the tantalizing bait of hope dangled for the masses.  Shit slogans like “We are all in this together.”

But there is no hope for this system.

But when the propaganda is so slick that it creates a double-bind, people grasp at any neurotic “solution” out of frustration.  As I write, huge angry crowds are out in the streets protesting the sick murder of a black man, George Floyd, by a white cop. Police infiltrators have started violent looting.  Chaos reigns, as planned. Such killings are routine, but someone turned a switch for this one when just yesterday operation corona lockdown with its fear and fake statistics had everyone cowering behind masks at home as the economic lives of vast numbers were destroyed in a flash.  For today, the masquerade is in the streets. Many good people are caught up in it.  In a few days the scene will shift and we can expect another “bombshell.”  These surprises will keep happening one after another for the foreseeable future.  Shock and Awe for the home crowd.  The war come home.  The controllers know you can’t wage war against the rest of the world unless you do so at home as well.

When one group within the deep-state won the internecine battle in 2016 and “shocked” the country with the election of the comical Trump, the other deep-state group called the Democrats, immediately set in motion a plan to try to oust him or to make it seem as if they were trying to do so. The naïve thought this may happen, and their deluded yearning has been stretched until the 2020 presidential election, although some probably think Trump might go before then.  He won’t.

So many people have destroyed their minds and relationships because they can’t see through the fraud.

Early in 2017, as the outgoing front man for the CIA/warfare/Wall St. state, Barack Obama, left his time bombs for the future. The pink pussy hats were sent out marching to open the show.  Russia-gate was launched; eventually impeachment was tried. The Democrats. with their media allies, went on a non-stop attack. It was all so obvious, so shallow in its intent, as it was meant to be. But millions who were in the doll house were outraged, obsessed, frantic with rage. They bought the con-game. Both those who hate Trump and those that love him have spent almost four years foaming at the mouth, breathless.

Trump was cast as the personification of evil.  A relentless attack on Trump began and has continued all this time. It is pure theater. Trump remains at the helm, as planned, holding the Bible aloft in a style reminiscent of a Bible thumping Klansman from TheBirth of a Nation. Only the ignorant thought it might have been different. He knows how to perform his role. He is a fine actor.  He outrages, spews idiocies, as he is supposed to do. That Mussolini style stance, that absurd hair, the pout.  Just perfect for an arch-villain. It’s so obvious that it isn’t. Herein lies the trick.

And who profits from his policies?  The super-rich, of course, the power-elite. Who just stole 6-10 trillion dollars of public money under the hilariously named Cares Act?  The super-rich, of course, the deep-state.  It was a bi-partisan bank robbery from the public treasury carried out under the shadow of Covid-19, whose phony hyped up numbers were used to frighten the populace into lockdown mode as the Republican and Democratic bank robbers smiled in unison and announced forcefully, “We care!”  We are here to protect you.

Remember how Barack Obama “saved” us by bailing out Wall St. and the big banks to the tune of trillions in early 2009.  Then waged unending wars. Left black Americans bereft.  He cared, too, didn’t he.  Our leaders always care.

Obama was the black guy in the white hat. Trump is the white guy in the black hat. Hollywood on the Potomac, as Gary Wills called it when Ronald Reagan was the acting-president.  Now Obama’s war-loving side-kick, the pale-faced, twisted talking Biden is seriously offered as an alternative to the Elvis impersonator in the White House.  This is the false left/right dichotomy that has the residents of the doll’s house in its grip.

If you can’t see what’s coming, you might want to break out of the house, take off your mask, go for a walk, and take some deep breaths.  The walls are closing in.

Knees will be on everyone’s necks in the months ahead.

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The Rhetoric of Democracy-building in Ukraine. NATO and the Militarization of Eastern Europe

Part I:“Linking People to Reforms”

By Lital Khaikin

Buying Freedom on the Free Market

Obscured by the mythology of pursuing economic and political autonomy, Ukraine plays the latest role in a long, unfolding process of western corporate, political and military interests establishing the “territorial integrity” not of independent Eastern European states, but of “NATO’s border” under the monolithic control of the United States. Ukraine has long served as a Western frontier—its political and economic ambitions co-opted by Washington’s pundits and financiers—and what the NATO Association of Canada has described as “the only country standing between Russia and the EU”.  

While NATO regularly conducts military training at the Russian border, including intensified military exercises through Forward Presence in Latvia, Canada maintains a presence in Ukraine through Operation UNIFIER, and in the Balkans through NATO’s Operation Reassurance. Canada’s own slogan for its military mission, Operation UNIFIER—“Linking people to reforms”—reflects much more than the military aid it has given to Ukraine, signifying the vast economic reforms imposed upon an “independent” Ukraine.

NATO has recently intensified its US-led military exercises in Eastern Europe by launching Defender Europe 2020, the largest exercise in 25 years, based on an imaginary war in 2028. The exercise shipped 20,000 American soldiers to Europe, and spans Russia’s borders with the Baltic States, Poland and Georgia.

In the media’s flaunting of NATO militarization in Eastern Europe, however, it’s often overlooked that the encroachment of NATO bases and intensifying military exercises in Eastern Europe have long been in blatant violation of an agreement that “broadening of the NATO zone is not acceptable”, “not one inch eastward”—as was agreed between U.S. Secretary of State James Baker and Mikhail Gorbachev on February 9, 1990. The question of NATO’s military expansion was deliberated within the context of competing economic systems.

“You are moving to a price system that is very important,” Baker had praised the perestroika during their conversation, “I am delighted that you made the decision and it is not easy to get there.”

Just three years earlier, during a meeting on March 30, 1987, Gorbachev had confronted Margaret Thatcher about the “whiff of the spirit of the 1940s-1950s” that was present in Thatcher’s earlier speech in the English resort town of Torquay. “Again Communism and the Soviet Union were presented as the “evil forces”, he stated, “again the same words about the need to grow a position of power in the West.”

“We duly appreciate the contribution of the bourgeoisie to the historical process,” Gorbachev quipped, remarking on what he called the “sophisticated mechanism” created by the powerful class under capitalism. “It is you who does not acknowledge socialism’s contribution, or even its historical right to exist. With this we emphatically disagree.”

When Margaret Thatcher visited Ukraine three years later—in June 1990, while the country was still part of the Soviet Union—her visit was seen as symbolic of Ukraine’s transition to a “market economy”, prescient of the first privatization law that Ukraine adopted in March 1992. Thatcher’s guiding light has since left a strong impression on Ukraine. In an interview with Euronews in 2013, former Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Leonid Kozhara—who is presently under investigation for the murder of an advertising executive—praised Thatcher, “Her personal contribution into the new composition of a new Europe is a great one. That’s why we are all today in great sympathy to this great person.”

As NATO continues to scoop up the Baltic States—including North Macedonia on March 27, 2020—Washington’s stance has been to aggressively push for the integration of Ukraine and Georgia. Former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma famously declared the intention for Ukraine to join NATO in May 2002.

Proposals have since been floated for Ukraine to act as a neutral buffer state—notably proposed by political scientist John Meirsheimer in his controversial critique of the West’s role in aggravating conflict in Eastern Ukraine. This “buffer” role would supposedly position Ukraine akin to Finland or Switzerland, though even Finland has experienced pressure to align with NATO.

But opposition to Ukraine as a “buffer state” has been louder, claiming without a hint of irony that neutrality would be “meddling” by “external actors”, and that “buying sovereignty with neutrality simply does not compute”. Clearly, Ukraine’s independence from Washington, and its Canadian military support base, is not realistic. Ukrainian political leaders have consistently proven that the country will be harnessed to serve American interests in Washington’s wars on Afghanistan and Iraq—despite majority domestic opposition to Ukrainian deployment in the early 2000s, and polls that reflected more concern from Ukrainians over George W. Bush as a threat to world peace than Saddam Hussein.

On February 5, 2020, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s Cabinet of Ministers approved the 2020 Annual National Program, which intends for Ukraine to join NATO within five years—on the basis of what the Cabinet has referred to as the “human-centric approach the North Atlantic Alliance is committed to”. Additionally, this past May 27, Zelensky signed off on an agreement that pushes ahead Ukrainian military and civil reforms to meet the criteria for NATO membership. Zelensky’s acceleration of reforms is just a continuation of former President Petro Poroshenko’s own pledge for reforms in 2017, which was intended for Ukraine to meet NATO requirements already by 2020.

Yet, even within NATO there has been no consensus on Ukraine’s place in the US-led military alliance. Washington’s push for the addition of both Ukraine and Georgia has consistently been met with reservation from some European members—notably France and Germany—as it would risk further destabilization in Eastern Europe. During the Bucharest NATO Summit in April 2008, leaders of France and Germany opposed George W. Bush’s position on Ukraine and Georgia joining NATO, although it was ultimately agreed that Ukraine would eventually join the alliance.

Eastern European militaries are widely introducing reforms and upgrades for “interoperability” to meet NATO military standards, which are essentially set by the United States. In September 2019, for example, the U.S. approved the “potential” sale of 32 F-35 fighter jets to Poland, worth $6.5 billion (USD). The fighter jets are described in the United States’ 2018 Nuclear Posture Review as an integral part of NATO military capacity, and are ultimately intended to carry upgraded B61 nuclear bombs.

For Ukraine to meet the conditions required to join NATO, it must introduce both military and economic reforms. In 2015, Ukraine adopted a National Security Strategy that would prioritize a “maximum level of interoperability” and the implementation of NATO standards. Its Annual National Program also includes reforms for the introduction of a civilian, parliamentary oversight committee for the Ukrainian military—which, since 2014, has integrated extremist, far-right militias like the Azov, Dnipro and Donbas battalions. These reforms go hand in hand with the privatization of state-owned weapons manufacturing enterprises.

Bulgaria, for example, had begun the process of privatizing its arms production companies in 1997, apparently to recover from debt but also as a strategy to join NATO—leading up to its admission to the alliance in 2004. During Bulgaria’s early years of privatization, Human Rights Watch (HRW) warned of the dangers posed by Bulgaria’s stocks of surplus weaponry as, in its reforms to meet NATO standards, the country sought to buy new weapons from the West. This is particularly an issue when military technology quickly becomes obsolete.

Already in 1998, HRW reported that a suspicious arms deal of surface-to-air missiles was halted, en route for Zambia from Bulgaria—while the Angolan government claimed that Bulgaria was in fact arming Angola’s UNITA, following the party’s shift from socialism to supporting capitalism. HRW was informed by government officials, and an end-user certificate, that the missile deal “was brokered by a U.S.-Ukrainian company registered in the United States, Miltex”—though, at the time, this was denied by Ukrainian officials. Bulgaria is still considered to be the centre of European manufacturing of AK47s; the town of Kazanlak subsists on the Arsenal factory’s continued manufacturing of the assault rifles, now for Europe and NATO, despite growing illegal proliferation.

“Bulgaria has a long record of exporting surplus weapons to war-torn countries,” wrote HRW in those first years of Bulgaria’s reforms. “Such sales demonstrate the potential for NATO-inspired military modernization to generate a dangerous “cascade” effect, providing a source of weapons to abusive military forces.”

The story is no different for Ukraine today, as the privatization of weapons manufacturers creates “favourable investment conditions” for opportunistic Western companies to set up shop with their own weapons and munitions factories in Ukraine. The privatization of Ukraine’s weapons manufacturing was part of an Agreement on Friendship and Cooperation signed between Kuchma and former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien on October 24, 1994, which sought for the Ukrainian military industry to become “technologically and economically competitive”.

The Canadian Liberal Party under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau jumped at the opportunity to construct a jointly-owned ammunition factory in October 2017, shortly before Canada added Ukraine to the Automatic Firearms Country Control List (AFCCL) in December 2017, allowing the export of Canadian-made sniper rifles. By July 2019, Trudeau had confirmed that an unnamed Canadian company had invested in an ammunition factory, and Zelensky confirmed during a joint meeting on defense cooperation, “We already see the investments from Canadian companies in the production of ammunition in Ukraine.”

Amid the ongoing Donbass conflict and NATO’s aggressive maneuvers on Russia’s borders, Washington’s own pundits are salivating at the thought of turning Ukraine into “a leading supplier of weapons”. Michael Carpenter of the Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement at the University of Pennsylvania, and non-resident fellow of the Atlantic Council, clearly reflects this perspective and has been widely quoted in the media.

Ukroboronprom is a state-owned association of around 130 enterprises in the military sector, and regulates export licenses and imports of foreign military equipment. The association should face reforms that “essentially gets rid of Ukroboronprom in its current form,” Carpenter wrote in 2018, and should be replaced with an “independent” supervisory board that consists of, naturally, representatives from the United States, the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Canada, Germany, and Poland. The “corporatization” and “injection of foreign capital” into Ukroboronprom’s newly formed constituents, Carpenter described, would groom Ukraine’s military companies for privatization.

Ukroboronprom’s reforms began in 2015, eliciting support from Anthony Teter, former head of the US’ Advanced Defense Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and later DARPA director Steven Walker, who provided Ukraine with assistance on information warfare. Under the guidance of Teter, Ukraine and its American partners have endorsed the creation of a DARPA analogue through the Kiev Polytechnic Institute.

The “corporatization” of Ukroboronprom is but one part of Ukraine’s Annual National Program, accompanied by other requirements for a “shaped market economy”—considered to be part of ongoing “democratic transformations”. Ukraine’s extensive privatization is also a condition pushed upon the country by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as part of its provision of a $17.5 billion loan to the country.

The IMF has been pushing Ukraine to “accelerate reforms” including privatizing remaining state-owned enterprises, introducing pension reforms that include an increase in age of retirement (called “modernizing”), and restructuring “excessive regulation” that currently deters foreign investment. Poroshenko’s government approved the privatization of 23 large state-owned companies in July 2018, primarily in the industrial and medical sectors. These included an insulin manufacturer that sells within Ukraine, as well as to Moldova, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Brazil; electricity companies; as well as mining and chemical companies. That same year, Ukraine invited a delegation of twelve “large American companies” for an exclusive tour of the state assets being sold off. But while these “market-friendly” reforms characterized Poroshenko’s own term, such neoliberal reforms have just accelerated under Zelensky.

It was only recently, on October 28, 2019, that Zelensky overturned a two-decade old law that prevented the privatization of state-owned companies. Zelensky also lifted a moratorium on selling Ukrainian agricultural land, a move that was opposed by Ukrainian farmers, with fears that foreign land owners would take away Ukrainians’ ability to farm and work on their own lands, on their own terms.

Ukraine has also been obligated by the IMF to raise gas prices for domestic consumers, though the IMF claimed in 2017 that utility subsidies were “hiked to limit the impact on the poor”. Clearly, this wasn’t the case for long, as cuts to subsidies have been ongoing—such as those in 2016, and more recently in 2019 to “reduce budget deficit”. The latter cuts under Poroshenko proved to be an election issue in May 2019, gaining votes for Zelensky.

The IMF describes these cuts to subsidies as beneficial for Ukraine, reducing corruption from businesses that divert subsidized gas from households to their own purposes. Meanwhile, American policy analysts have centered US interests in Ukraine’s gas, advocating for the privatization of Ukraine’s gas production, which would “prove popular among the international donor community and those looking to do business in the country”.

More recently, at the World Economic Forum in Davos on January 22, 2020, Zelensky offered a five-year “tax vacation” to lure foreign capitalists willing to invest at least $10 million into state enterprises now being privatized. Ukrainian debt bonds were put up for sale following this “tax vacation” overture, shortly before the quarantine and pressures of COVID hit with full force—with recent buyers including Abderdeen Standard Investments.

One of Ukraine’s early debt owners was American investment firm Franklin Templeton, which bought $7.4 billion in debt bonds between 2011 and 2014, and was notoriously accused of money laundering, selling its bonds in 2017. Franklin Templeton has also bought bonds out of Italy and Spain’s economic troubles—when the appeal of Italian debt was described by Franklin Templeton’s David Zahn as “a sweet spot between too risky and too safe”, and Spain’s debt was summarized as “No risk, no return”.

Under the economic pressures of COVID, Ukraine’s intensifying austerity measures have also included cuts to the cultural sector—usually one of the first social sectors to see devastating cuts. Zelensky’s government announced in April 2020 that funding will be cut for all activities of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy, threatening the very existence of cultural funds and organizations like the State Film Agency of Ukraine, the Ukraine Cultural Fund, and the Book Institute.

Meanwhile, in the months to come during the economic fall-out of the COVID crisis, the US is expected to push for Ukrainian partnerships between companies like Lockheed Martin and Raytheon. American exceptionalism is fully on display with similar investments by China denounced as “predatory”, and US investments described as “an opportunity”.

As George Soros proclaimed that South Africa was “in the hands of international capital” at the 2001 World Economic Forum in Davos—a new bourgeois business class ushered into the post-apartheid era by foreign capital—so it is with Ukraine today1. The IMF describes its reforms as intended to “fight corruption” and “reducing the role of the state and oligarchs in the economy”. But the IMF’s missions to Ukraine make no note of the role of international financiers and Western oligarchs.

Back in 2014, Greek economist and former member of Syriza, Yanis Varoufakis wrote, “the IMF cannot wait to enter Russia’s underbelly with a view to imposing another ‘stabilization-and-structural-adjustment program’ that will bring that whole part of the former Soviet Union under its purview.” Varoufakis has recently remarked on how Greece itself has remained in the chokehold of the IMF and its demands for cuts to social services and sweeping privatization reforms—despite the comfortable returns for foreign investors on their debt bonds. Indeed, last March, the IMF stated that “Greece should reconsider recent changes in collective bargaining policies and press ahead with its unfinished reform agenda.”

History has shown that promises by the IMF, the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization of “trickle down” wealth and empowering a middle class—dare they even mention the unnamable working class and poor—have proven to only enforce reforms that exacerbate income inequality. In this long-game, the conditions are being created in order to concentrate income among a few, foreign capitalists and their Ukrainian partners. Clearly, Ukraine’s future is being shaped into only one possible form—that of free market capitalism. Ukraine’s democracy, and political and economic autonomy, has ultimately been equated with reforming the country in a vision that suits American foreign policy, and the model is being strong-armed by the IMF, WB, and WTO. But these reforms rarely meet the criticism they deserve, lest this critique trample on the fragile illusion of a so-called democracy.

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The Multiple Hands of British Intelligence. “The Real British Empire is A Nasty Beast”

From Dodgy Dossiers to the Sacking of Whitlam: The British Empire Stands Exposed

By Matthew Ehret-Kump

In my last article, I reviewed the case of Gough Whitlam’s firing at the hands of the Queen’s Governor General Sir John Kerr during a dark day in November 1975 which mis-shaped the next 45 years of Australian history. Today I would like to tackle another chapter of the story.

I used to believe as many do, in a story called “the American Empire”. Over the last decade of research, that belief has changed a bit. The more I looked at the top down levers of world influence shaping past and present events that altered history, the hand of British Intelligence just kept slapping me squarely in the face at nearly every turn.

Who controlled the dodgy Steele dossier that put Russiagate into motion and nearly overthrew President Trump? British Intelligence.

How about the intelligence used to justify the bombing of Iraq? That was British Intelligence too.

How about the Clash of Civilizations strategy used to blow up the middle east over decades? That just so happened to be British Intelligence’s own Sir Bernard Lewis.

How about the CFR takeover over of American foreign policy during the 20th century? That is the British Roundtable Movement in America (created as Britain’s Chatham House in America in 1921).

Who did Kissinger brag that he briefed more than his own State Department at a May 10, 1981 Chatham House seminar? The British Foreign Office (1).

How about William Yandall Elliot who trained a generation of neocon strategists who took over American foreign policy after the murder of JFK? Well, he was a Rhodes Scholar and we know what they are zombified to do.

How about the financial empire running the world drug trade? Well HSBC is the proven leading agency of that game and the British Caymen islands is the known center of world offshore drug money laundering.

Who ushered in the Cold War? Churchill.

Where did the nouveaux riche oligarchs go after Putin kicked them out of Russia? Back to their handlers in London.

What about the creation of ‘too big to fail’ banks that took over the world over the past decades? That was launched by the City of London’s Big Bang of 1986

Who created Saudi Arabia and the state of Israel in the 20th century (as well as both nations’ intelligence agencies?) The British.

What was the nature of the Deep State that Presidents Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Harding, FDR, and JFK combatted within their own nations?

What the heck was the American Revolution all about in the first place?

I could go on, but I think you get my point.

The Disrupted Post-WWII Potential

Franklin Roosevelt described his deep understanding of British operations in America, telling his son in 1943:

“You know, any number of times the men in the State Department have tried to conceal messages to me, delay them, hold them up somehow, just because some of those career diplomats over there aren’t in accord with what they know I think. They should be working for Winston. As a matter of fact, a lot of the time, they are [working for Churchill]. Stop to think of ’em: any number of ’em are convinced that the way for America to conduct its foreign policy is to find out what the British are doing and then copy that!” I was told… six years ago, to clean out that State Department. It’s like the British Foreign Office….”

Where the British Empire certainly adapted to the unstoppable post-WWII demands for political independence among its colonies, it is vital to keep in mind that no empire willfully dissolves or “gives its slaves freedom” without a higher evil agenda in mind. Freedom is fought for and not given by empires which never had a reason to seek humility or enlightenment required for freedom to be granted.

In the case of the post-war world, the deliverance of political freedom among colonies of the “former British Empire” was never accompanied by an ounce of economic freedom to give that liberation any meaning. Although it took a few years to iron out America’s anti-colonial impulses over the deaths of such figures as JFK, Malcolm X, MLK and RFK, eventually the rebellious republic was slowly converted into a dumb giant on behalf of the “British brains” controlling America’s Deep State from across the ocean.

The Case of Africa and the Crown Agents

Take the case of Africa as a quick example: Over 70% of the mineral control of African raw materials, mining, and refining are run by companies based in Britain or Commonwealth nations like Canada, South Africa or Australia managed by an international infrastructure of managers called “Crown Agents Ltd” (founded in 1833 as the administrative arm of the Empire and which still runs much of Africa’s health, and economic development policies to this day).

Crown Agents was originally set up as a non-profit with the mandate to manage British Empire holdings in Asia and Africa and its charter recognizes it as “an emanation of the Crown”. While it is “close to the monarchy” it is still outside governmental structures affording it the ability to get its hands dirtier than other “official” branches of government (resulting in the occasional case of World Bank debarment as happened in 2011).

In 1996 Crown Agents was privatized as ‘Crown Agents for Overseas Government and Administration’ where it became active in Central and Eastern Europe with its greatest focus on Ukraine’s economic, energy and health management. The agency is partnered with the World Bank, UN and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and acts as a giant holding company with one shareholder called the Crown Agents Foundation based in Southwark London.

A big part of Crown Agents’ program is designed to embed Africa with “green energy grids” as part of the anti-BRI OSOWOG Plan (surnamed “Sun Never Sets Plan”) announced by Modi in 2018.

As outlined in the 2016 report New Colonialism: Britain’s Scramble for African Energy and Mineral Resources:

“101 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) — most of them British — have mining operations in 37 sub-Saharan African countries. They collectively control over $1 trillion worth of Africa’s most valuable resources. The UK government has used its power and influence to ensure that British mining companies have access to Africa’s raw materials. This was the case during the colonial period and is still the case today.”

As we can see by this most summary overview of the modern imperial looting operations of Africa, the spirit of Cecil Rhodes is alive and well. This will take on an additional meaning as we look at another aspect of Rhodes’ powerful legacy in the 20th century.

The British Takeover of American Intelligence

Although many falsely believe that Britain was replaced with an American Empire after WWII, the sad truth on closer inspection is that British assets embedded in America’s early deep state (often Rhodes Scholars and Fabian Society assets tied to the Council on Foreign Relations/Chatham House of America) were behind a purge of leaders loyal to FDR’s vision for the post-colonial world. These purges resulted in the dismantling of the OSS months after FDR died, and the formation of the CIA in 1947 as a new weapon to carry out coups, assassinations and subversions of leaders within America and abroad seeking economic independence from the British Empire. This history was outlined brilliantly by Cynthia Chung in her paper Secret Wars, Forgotten Betrayals, Global Tyranny: Who is Really in Charge of the U.S. Military.

The Five Eyes grew out of these British imperial operations which essentially followed the mandate set out by Cecil Rhodes in his 7th Will calling for a new global British Empire and recapturing of the lost colony. In his will, Rhodes asks:

“Why should we not form a secret society with but one object the furtherance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole uncivilised world under British rule, for the recovery of the United States, and for the making the Anglo-Saxon race but one Empire…”

Later on in his will Rhodes stated: “Let us form the same kind of society, a Church for the extension of the British Empire. A society which should have its members in every part of the British Empire working with one object and one idea we should have its members placed at our universities and our schools and should watch the English youth passing through their hands just one perhaps in every thousand would have the mind and feelings for such an object, he should be tried in every way, he should be tested whether he is endurant, possessed of eloquence, disregardful of the petty details of life, and if found to be such, then elected and bound by oath to serve for the rest of his life in his Country. He should then be supported if without means by the Society and sent to that part of the Empire where it was felt he was needed.”

Among the four Anglo-Saxon members of the Five Eyes that have the Queen as the official head of state (Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand), all feature irrational forms of government structured entirely around Deep State principles organized within two opposing forms of social organizing: democratic and oligarchical… with the true seat of power being oligarchical.

Because this peculiar self-contradictory form of government is so little understood today, and because its structure has made Britain’s globally extended empire so successful, a few words should be devoted to it now.

A House Divided Against Itself…

In the case of Westminster-modelled Parliamentary systems, Senates represent the House of Lords, while Houses of Commons (for the Commoners) represent the elected parts of government. A prime minister selected by the governing party is assumed to be that nation’s leader, but unlike republican forms of government, instead of the “buck stopping there” (at least legally speaking), it is precisely there that the true sphere of power only begins to be felt.

Here parliamentary/quasi-democratic systems projected for public consumption find themselves enshrined within a much more shadowy and Byzantine world of Governor Generals (acting as the heads of state) who give Royal Assents to all acts and wielding the infinite prerogative powers of the Queen (aka: the “Fount of All Honors”). In the British Imperial system, hereditary power is seen as the source of all authority for all aspects of government, military, and economic- whereas in republican forms of government that authority is seen as deriving from the consent of the governed.

Where rights are “granted by the sovereign” within hereditary governments, republican forms of government recognize correctly that rights are fundamentally “inalienable” to humanity (in principle though not always in practice as the troubled history of America can attest).

By being essentially the legal “cause” of all authority among every branch of the British official and unofficial corridors of power, an obvious absurdity strikes which the empire would prefer plebs not think too seriously about: The queen and her heirs cannot themselves be UNDER any law, since they “cause” the law. This means that the queen, her heirs and anyone whom she delegates authority to literally have “licenses to kill”. The queen cannot be taken to court and she has no need of a passport or even a drivers’ license… since these items are issued by her crown’s authority alone. Within the logic of British legal systems, she cannot be held legally accountable for anything which the Crown has done to anyone or any nation of the world.

Although much effort goes into portraying the Crown’s prerogative powers as merely symbolic, they cover nearly every branch of governance and have occasionally been used… although those British spheres of influence where they most apply are usually so self-regulating that they require very little input from such external influence to keep them in line.

These powers were first revealed publicly in 2003 and in an article titled ‘Mystery Lifted on the Prerogative Powers’, the London Guardian noted that these powers include (but are not limited to):

“Domestic Affair, the appointment and dismissal of ministers, the summoning, prorogation and dissolution of Parliament, Royal assent to bills, the appointment and regulation of the civil service, the commissioning of officers in the armed forces, directing the disposition of the armed forces in the UK (and other Commonwealth nations), appointment of Queen’s Counsel, Issue and withdrawal of passports, Prerogative of mercy. (Used to apply in capital punishment cases. Still used, eg to remedy errors in sentence calculation), granting honours, creation of corporations by Charter, foreign Affairs, the making of treaties, declaration of war, deployment of armed forces overseas, recognition of foreign states, and accreditation and reception of diplomats.”

When a 2009 bill was introduced into parliament proposing that these powers be limited, a Privy Council-led Justice Ministry review concluded that such limitations would ‘”dangerously weaken” the state’s ability to respond to a crisis’ and the bill was promptly killed.

Acting on Provincial levels, we find Lieutenant Governors who (in Canada) happen to be members of the Freemasonic Knights of St John of Jerusalem (patronized by the Queen herself).

All figures operating with these authorities within this strange Byzantine world are themselves a part of, or beholden to figures sworn into the Queen’s Privy Council- putting their allegiance under the total authority of the Queen and her heirs, rather than the people or nation in which that subject serves and lives. If this is hard to believe, then take the time to listen to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s oath upon entering the Privy Council to get a visceral taste of this medieval policy in action (every cabinet member, Prime Minister and opposition leader must take this oath if they are to be granted intelligence briefings from her majesty’s intelligence services.)

Take note that not even once does the welfare of the people or the nation arise in this oath.

Standing Defiant Against Natural Law

Despite these un-natural power structures, history has shown that from time to time, good leaders have found themselves in executive positions of high office. As rare as they are, such anomalies occurred in the cases of Canada’s Prime Ministers Wilfrid Laurier (1896-1911) and John Diefenbaker (1957-1963), Quebec Premiers Paul Sauvé (1959), Daniel Johnson Senior (1967-68), and Australia’s Gough Whitlam (1972-1975). Yet when these anomalies arise and such figures trespass beyond their acceptable sphere of action into policy territories reserved only for the governing elite, then more often then not a Rhodes Scholar-run coup occurs [Laurier 1911 (2), Diefenbaker 1963], an untimely death strikes [Sauvé 1959 and Johnson 1968] or a sacking by the Queen’s Governor General happens [Whitlam 1975].

In all aforementioned cases, Democratic institutions that are premised around the concept that all citizens are made equal and free in the image of a creator are never long tolerated within the cage of a system of oligarchism premised upon the belief that only one person is sovereign and her/his word is absolute law for all slaves, and minions of the ruling bloodline.

As Gough Whitlam discovered in 1975, the real British Empire is a nasty beast, and probably one which should have gone extinct a couple of centuries ago. Unfortunately, until this moment, history has been tainted by more than a few disruptions of progressive leaders who sacrificed their comfort, careers, and often their lives to resist this stubborn parasite which would rather suck its host dry than admit that the system of organization upon which it is based is an abomination to natural law and morality.

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Muslim Heroines Find Their Way into New American Literature

By Barbara Nimri Aziz

Years ago in John Killens’s  writers’ workshop of largely African Americans, one member woefully explains the thwarted plot of her novel in progress: — how, despite her effort to feature a Black hero: “By the second chapter, I had killed him off”. That Black character, even in her imagination, was irretrievably doomed; in a fictional scenario she still can’t rescue a Brother from his overriding Black American destiny.

My memory of that dilemma becomes personal as I review more and more books authored by American Muslims. These writers may find themselves in a similar quandary, namely how to overcome, in our case, the established Muslim terror scenario, and re-imagine our heroes.

Forty years ago, our history included no 911 attacks, no American assaults on Middle East nations, and only a handful of Muslim mosques. Most of us originating from those yet-to-be-targeted lands were not ‘Muslims’ then; we were simply immigrants– Arab, Turkish, Iranian –trying our best to pass unnoticed.

How fellow Americans view Arabs and how we perceive ourselves under their gaze has dramatically changed these past decades. Today, while scanning the range of our literary output, I wonder: will we ever break through our fraught and stereotyped identities?

Racist-based school bullying of our children, endless wars in our homelands, misconceptions of our faith, alarming news headlines and pressures from our overriding culture are so insistent, we feel compelled, even through art, to explain ourselves in terms of the smothering American framework.

Muslim writers are caught in this net. Honing our artistic skills and determined to speak for ourselves, we are turning to fiction, devising new themes and redefining our heroes. Still, unceasing references to terror threats and pressure to explain or defend our faith worm their way into novels, even by writers only faintlyMuslim.

Afaf Rahman is the heroine in The Beauty of Your Face, a first novel by Chicago-based writer Sahar Mustafah (image on the right).  We’re just introduced to challenges Rahman faces as headmistress of Nurrideen School for Girls when a crisis explodes:–the school is under armed siege. But we barely detect the attack when the author abruptly transports us back when Afaf was 10 and one of three children in a family of struggling Arab immigrants. Alienated from the surrounding American culture, the Rahmans are adrift with no cultural or religious bonds to anchor them.

Nada the oldest child has run away leaving Afaf and her brother to muddle on, their fate complicated by an embittered mother and an inattentive, discomfited father. We follow Afaf through her teenage years, aimless and friendless, incapable of dealing with bullying classmates and the disdain of teachers. How this floundering child stumbles through a tangle of impediments becomes the core of the novel.

This portrait of Arab and other peasant immigrants who settled in the U.S. between World Wars I and II isn’t completely fictional. With ties to their homelands ruptured, many newcomers lacked meaningful cultural foundations, including religious faith.  (To personify that cultural barrenness, the author gives us Muntaha, Afaf’s hapless mother. Muntaha’s perfunctory offerings of Arab food are no substitute for love; they neither save her marriage nor redeem her children.)

Ongoing crises in the Rahman family reach a climax when the father, a heavy drinker, has an auto accident. After members of a local mosque reach out to assist him, he begins to rebuild his life, joined by Afaf but not Muntaha or his son. (Mosque membership is not the answer for everyone.)

The author, drawing on a sober picture of Arab-American life, offers her heroine redemption less through lofty Islamic ideals than from solid emotional sustenance proffered by a community of confident women. Among those sisters, Afaf finds friendship and respect she’d never known. Moving forward with pride and direction, she learns to pray with others and covers her hair in a gentle rite of passage.

The only interlude in this long narrative is a brief return to the siege where we find ourselves with the killer rampaging through the school. We learn how his own unhappy childhood, a lost brother, and his personal failures had bred the vengeance he eventually directs at Muslims.

The siege ends. Afaf recovers from a gunshot wound, although many students have perished. And the terrorist is captured and convicted.

The issue of how Muslims might move on after such trauma is never resolved, however. This dilemma is manifest in Afaf’s naïve determination to visit and dialogue with the imprisoned killer. There’s no satisfactory resolution. Although Afaf resumes her life reasonably healed, her society is unrepentant.

Another newly released Muslim family’s story is No True Believers.  It’s by Rabiah York Lumbard (image on the left), an award-winning children’s author, also Muslim-American. The heroine in this invigorating, fast-paced conspiracy thriller for young readers is 18-year-old Salma Bakkioui, a computer geek at Franklin High in Arlington, Virginia, where we (again) find anti-Muslim bullying entrenched.

Unlike Afaf, Salma enjoys solid friendships and savvy parents (Moroccan-origin father and Georgia-born Muslim-convert mother) who are with her all the way. This spunky, non-nonsense teenager invokes her hacking skills to counter attacks by fellow students whose spite and bias are reinforced by school staff and police.

Author Lumbard exhibits masterful skill in contemporary teen language while her young Muslim sleuth uncovers and foils a white supremacist plot against the town. It’s a fast moving adventure offering suspense, action and a rich cast of characters at the same time that it educates readers about the ‘cool’ daily life of a hip Muslim family.

These two novels signal a real advance in Muslim literary narratives. Yet, terror threats seem to remain essential to their plots.

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Prime Minister Modi Can’t Put the Genie of Indian Jingoism Back in the Bottle

By: Andrew Korybko

Prime Minister Modi released the genie of Indian jingoism after coming to power six years ago, irresponsibly hoping that the state-sponsored cultivation of hyper-nationalist sentiment would lead to the false domestic perception of the country as the “superpower” that it claims to be, which has actually been more successful than he planned since the indoctrinated masses are now becoming very disillusioned upon experiencing severe cognitive dissonance and are thus asking politically uncomfortable questions of his government after the disastrous aftermath of its brief border conflict with China last week.

The Genie Of Jingoism

The state-sponsored cultivation of hyper-nationalist sentiment is a dangerous tiger that few leaders in history have ever been able to tame, something that Indian Prime Minister Modi is quickly learning the hard way after he let the genie of Indian jingoism out of the bottle over the past six years as part of his irresponsible strategy of cultivating the false domestic perception that his country is truly the “superpower” that it claims to be. Nothing could have been further from the truth, but the indoctrinated masses were successfully conned after hearing this narrative multiple times a day in practically every media out in the country. Following the disastrous aftermath of India’s brief border conflict with China last week, however, many can’t help but feel disillusioned after the government itself was forced to acknowledge that it lost at least 20 soldiers and counted several times as many injuries as a result of non-firearm clashes with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). Furthermore, Prime Minister Modi made an epic mistake when he told an all-party meeting on Friday that “no one has intruded into our territory“, which has been widely interpreted as ceding India’s claims to the recently disputed Galwan Valley and tacitly admitting to provoking the latest incident by invading Chinese territory, which essentially means that India’s servicemen were killed for no domestically justifiable reason.

Modi In Panic Mode

The author wrote more on this topic in his recent piece about how “Modi’s Major Himalayan Mistake Crushed The Indian Military’s Morale“, which explains that India expected to impress its new American ally by taking a high-profile lead in “containing” China at its behest. What it didn’t anticipate, however, was that the much more formidable PLA would so brutally expose India’s Bollywood dreams as nothing more than a dangerous self-delusion, which in turn prompted Modi to panic and instinctively try to “save face” in pretending that New Delhi had never laid claim to the Galwan Valley in the first place. That’s not factual true, but it goes to show just how much the Chinese have shaken the Indian leadership to its core that the country’s chief jingoist, Prime Minister Modi, was cowering in fear to such a degree that he conveniently forgot about his past six years of chest-thumping. A rapidly growing segment of Indian society is furious that their leader, who handily won re-election last year in a sweeping landslide largely due to his hyper-nationalist rhetoric, would behave in such a weak way that’s totally at odds with his strongman reputation and even arguably disrespects the recent losses that the Indian military recently experienced. The Prime Minister’s Office has since attempted to walk back his controversial statement by attacking its “mischievous” interpretation by many, but the damage is already done.

Cognitive Dissonance

Many Indians are experiencing severe cognitive dissonance after having been brainwashed into believing that their country was a “superpower” but then realizing that it’s really a “paper elephant” like the author described it in his previously cited analysis from last week. This is extremely dangerous for the country’s stability because the resultant psychological stress brought about by this revelation can provoke people into acting in ways that they otherwise wouldn’t, be it participating in violent protests or more peacefully disowning the ruling party that they used to sincerely look up to. Either way, the situation is untenable and Modi knows that he has to do something more to “save face” otherwise his, his party’s, and India’s reputations are all irreversibly ruined. There’s a chance that he might simply sit back and hope that the genie of jingoism that he unleashed over the past six years will go back into the bottle, but the likelihood of that happening is nil and some form or another of blowback is bound to occur in the coming future. For that reason, last week’s unconfirmed report by Nepal 24 Hours alleging the presence of “RAW And Indian Guard Commando Force With Weapons In Soaltee Crowne Plaza Nepal” deserves to be taken more seriously than it might initially seem.

India’s False Flag Plot

The report cites unnamed Nepalese security officials who allege that Indian intelligence agents and highly trained military forces are surreptitiously surveilling the capital from a safe house owned by the former King, who they claim is passively facilitating this treasonous activity out of hope that the conventional, unconventional, or false flag attack that these foreign forces might be planning could restore the monarchy. It’s unclear whether the details of Nepal 24 Hours’ report are true, but suspicions about Indian intentions towards Nepal are certainly warranted considering the recent thawing of their long-frozen border dispute that was caused by India’s jingoistic publication of a map last November that included the disputed Kalapani region as its own. The author analyzed the situation a month ago after Nepal’s tit-for-tat publication of its own map claiming Kalapani caused India to go into a tizzy. Titled “India’s Hybrid War On Nepal Backfired By Creating A Geopolitical Nightmare“, it explores the origins of this dispute and points out how the recent escalation might have been avoided had Indian leaders not been drunk with Bollywood-driven neo-imperial dreams of carving out “Akhand Bharat” (“Greater India”) in order to impose a “Hindu Rashtra” (Hindu fundamentalist state) in the region. The past month has seen relations between the two formerly “fraternal” countries deteriorate real drastically.

Hybrid War Blowback

Regarded as an Indian puppet state for decades, Nepal began liberating its foreign and military policies from de-facto Indian suzerainty following New Delhi’s disastrous unofficial blockade of the landlocked country in fall 2015 in response to the promulgation of a new federal constitution for ending the landlocked country’s long-running civil war. After India decontextualized, over-amplified, and propagated Nepal’s tit-for-tat cartographic response to New Delhi’s provocative publication of its jingoist map in November as “unprovoked aggression”, the tiny state realized that it was one of the next targets in India’s “Akhand Bharat” crosshairs. Accordingly, it began beefing up its border defenses, and some of its security forces even engaged in a lethal shootout with India two weeks ago. Shortly thereafter, the Nepalese Chief Of Army Staff visited the disputed Kalapani border area, following which it was revealed that Nepal will deploy its troops to that part of the frontier for the first time in India’s post-independence history. Quite clearly, Nepal perceives India to be a credible threat to its national security, which is a direct result of the larger state’s Hybrid War on its much smaller neighbor. It’s for this reason why Nepal 24 Hours’ unconfirmed report should be taken seriously because it conforms with the expectations that an objective observer might have of the next phase in India’s Hybrid War on Nepal.

The Reverse-Donglang Scenario

That said, it remains to be seen whether Modi will go through with the scenario of launching some sort of attack (whether conventional, unconventional, or false flag) against Nepal in a desperate attempt to “save face” before India’s uncontrollably jingoistic population that his government is entirely responsible for provoking to this point. Perhaps the only thing causing him to think twice is his fear that China might undertake a “reverse-Donglang” in response. Just like Bhutan requested Indian assistance during the months-long summer 2017 border incident with China over the Donglang Plateau (referred to as “Doklam” by India and therefore most of the world’s media), so too might Nepal do the same in any forthcoming border incident over the disputed Kalapani region or any other part of their extensive frontier. The prospect of Chinese troops rushing to assist their Nepalese counterparts upon request, in spite of such a request being at odds with Nepal’s 1950 “Friendship Treaty” with India (but justified on the basis that India was the first to violate it by provoking whatever incident might eventually transpire), could worsen the nightmarish blowback from India’s Hybrid War on Nepal by possibly resulting in the PLA being deployed all along the Terai plains bordering India’s most populous state of Uttar Pradesh in the “worst-case” scenario.

Concluding Thoughts

Modi is visibly panicking after realizing that the genie of Indian jingoism can never be put back in the bottle after he irresponsibly unleashed it over the past six years as part of his party’s mistaken belief that it’ll unify the nation behind his Hindu nationalist leadership. The utter humiliation that the PLA inflicted on the Indian military last week without a single shot being fired, on top of Modi’s mistake in tacitly acknowledging Chinese sovereignty over the recently disputed Galwan Valley, is leading to tremendous pushback from his disillusioned population that’s now suffering in the throes of severe cognitive dissonance after having previously fallen for the lie that their country is truly the “superpower” that it professes to be. Faced with yet another looming disaster entirely of his own making, this time one which credibly runs the risk of further delegitimizing the ruling party and its ideology, Modi might desperately seek to “save face” by bullying what he wrongly regards as the weakest of his neighbors that India has some sort of dispute with. The unconfirmed report from Nepal 24 Hours suggests that some sort of operation might already be in the works, but that would be among the most epic mistakes that Modi ever made if he actually goes through with such a scheme because it could very easily result in the “reverse-Donglang” scenario of PLA troops being deployed all along India’s border with Nepal.

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US Senate Initiates Legislation Which Would Categorize Cuba’s Medical Missions as “Human Trafficking Operations”

In an act of pure hypocrisy and obsessive cruelty, GOP Senators Marco Rubio, Rick Scott and Ted Cruz joined together to penalize developing nations who seek to take advantage of Cuba’s hands-on humanitarian work.

By Raul Diego

In what has already become a parody of a shrinking empire’s habit of clutching at the vestiges of its Cold-War era mistakes, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and fellow war-hungry reactionaries in the United States Senate, Rick Scott (R-FL) and Ted Cruz ((R-TX) have put a bill on the Senate floor meant to undercut Cuba’s medical missions program, which sends trained medics all around the developing world to assist in general healthcare services and emergencies in more than 60 countries.

The bill, if passed, will require the U.S. State Department to publish a list of nations contracting with the Cuban government for their medical services and consider that as a factor to include said nations in the Department’s annual Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report; opening the door for further economic sanctions and other measures against any country on that list.

class-action lawsuit brought against the D.C.-based Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in 2019 by four defectors out of the 50,000 Cuban doctors who participate in the program alleged that the “Mais Medicos” program run by the Brazilian government from 2013 to 2017 was an “illegal, forced labor enterprise,” which profited from the Cuban medical workforce in collusion with the Castro government, whom they accused of pocketing money they claim should have gone to them.

The lawsuit was filed in the Southern District Court Division of Miami, Florida – a bastion of anti-Castro sentiment and a republican stronghold led by generations of Cuban exiles with entrenched Cold War politics. Ramona Matos Rodriguez, Tatiana Carballo Gomez, Fidel Cruz Rodriguez, and Russela Margarita Rivero Sarabia are the plaintiffs named in court documents accusing PAHO of human trafficking and seek full compensation for what the organization allegedly paid for their services.

Coinciding with the filing that September, U.S. officials publicly urged “nations to stop using Cuba’s medical missions” and called the international medical programs a form of “modern slavery” following statements made by Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro a year earlier on the eve of assuming office when his invectives caused Cuba to withdraw thousands of doctors from the South American nation, who were serving that country’s most marginalized communities.

The political spat may have ended up costing thousands of Brazilian lives given the severity of that nation’s COVID-19 toll, which reportedly reached 1 million cases and 50,000 deaths yesterday. The Cuban government has deployed over 1,400 doctors to fight the pandemic and has been one of the brightest hopes for the world’s most voiceless nations, while the United States has targeted nations fighting and struggling with COVID-19 with crippling sanctions.

The Height of Hypocrisy

Cuba’s free healthcare system is funded largely by these international medical assistance programs and provides critical financial support for medical research projects in the Caribbean nation, which have yielded some important breakthroughs over the years and boasts one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates, despite a multi-decade embargo imposed on the nation by the world’s most powerful economy.

The “Cut Profits to the Cuban Regime Act” proposed by Senators Rubio, Scott, and Cruz represent yet another attempt to sabotage Cuba’s historic efforts for self-determination in a political and economic landscape dominated by predatory capitalism. But, it is especially egregious when we consider the history of one of the bill’s sponsors, former Florida governor Rick Scott, who administered the largest case of Medicare fraud in the history of the United States, siphoning over $300 million into his own personal bank account.

Trump’s pick to lead the GOP’s healthcare reform, pled the fifth no less than 75 times during his deposition in the year 2000, including to the simple question of whether or not he was “employed.” Scott would reach a settlement with the federal government before it pursued criminal charges against his company Columbia/HCA, that eventually resulted in a $1.7 billion-dollar fine over convictions involving investors and physicians who bought equity stakes in the company and defrauded senior citizens who depended on its 380 hospitals, 200 home health agencies and 130 surgery centers.

Scott was able to walk away largely unscathed, later becoming governor of Florida supplanting termed-out GOP governor Jeb Bush and taking his place in the conveyor belt of arch-conservative, reactionary Cold War Republicans of that state.

The End of Duplicity

The accusations levied by Scott against the Diaz-Canel government in order to justify the absurd bill are the height of hypocrisy, to say the least. The “ultimate Medicare thief” claims that “Cuba is using the coronavirus pandemic for profit at the expense of […] hardworking physicians” and deems “any country that requests medical assistance from Cuba” to be aiding and abetting human trafficking.

The Canadian of Cuban-descent Ted Cruz, for his part, joins the chorus of duplicity and projection by painting Cuba’s genuine efforts to present an alternative to U.S. hegemony for the world’s poorest nations as “a tactic used by Raúl Castro and Miguel Díaz-Canel to exert power and fill government coffers.”

The same dynamic employed in the Cuban embargo, which the United States has enforced against Cuba and any nation doing business with it since the early 1960s, is at play with the bill now a vote in the Senate. As the power and influence of the world’s only superpower begins to wane and the imminent reality of capitalism’s total failure to provide for basic human needs like universal healthcare, the sheer political opportunism and crass hypocrisy of legislative proposals like these become more and more transparent.

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Compulsory Vaccination That Genetically Alters the Human Body … No Longer a ”Human Being”?

By:  Prof. Claudia von Werlhof

Will the ”Gate(s)keepers” of the so-called Corona-pandemic force a vaccination upon us, without which we will not be allowed to return to normality? What is really meant by the ”new normality”?

It is these questions that are intensely debated at the moment: there are speculations, insinuations, then again denial.  Resistance is rising among the population, if anything, out of a sense of premonition. 

According to Dr. Claudia von Werlhof, sociologist and political science professor, the central issue in this entire debate has not even begun to be touched.

The current events should be viewed in a much larger context. In her analysis, she anticipates a variety of scenarios, all of which are following an already existing, much larger ”plan”– belonging to the field of ”transhumanism”, the seemingly unavoidable paradigm of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Unless….


”We are human beings and not machines!” shouted one of the speakers during the May 1st demonstration in Vienna, receiving applause from the crowd. In fact, all the measures taken against the Corona virus could be summarized under this motto:

we are asked to behave as if we were not human beings, but machines.

We are discouraged from having any empathic feelings towards one another, thinking our own thoughts, speaking our minds, or acting spontaneously. Least of all should we be singing, dancing and exercising together, or even rising up together. We should not be close to each other, definitely not touch each other and in the whole get out of each other’s ways. We should be leaving the elderly alone and indoctrinating our children with the idea that they represent a threat to grandma and grandpa, so they too may already learn what it is like to be a machine –   without any empathy.

As such machine-like human beings, the only emotion we are allowed to maintain and are even encouraged to have, is the feeling of fear. Fear of the virus because the virus could be harmful to us, as a ”pest“, and as all those who have to be considered as potential carriers of it.

In this way fear settles in; fear of not following the instructions carefully enough to protect ourselves from the ”pest“ – via the constant pushing of the hygiene message – handwashing, general cleanliness and disinfection – turning away from the body and its ”dirt”, which is now defined as a danger, for ourselves and in relations to others.

We are even a danger to ourselves by still being alive and still having a bodily being, a sensory organism, instead ofbeing a machine; in this way, we become afraid of ourselves.

We should be ”purging” ourselves of our bodily self. We should feel disgust towards ourselves and even towards our somatic, bodily being, not to mention that of others.

From a technological perspective, ”a human being” is an outdated model and in urgent need of being ”transformed”. In this process, s/he will allegedly be ”improved.”

What are the results of this? We should really wish to be more a machine than a human being, more dead than alive, better to be in a high security prison than living in freedom where invisible and omnipresent dangers threaten us.

A real conspiracy theory from above

My proposition is that the relentless propagation of the dangers of Corona virus functions like a conspiracy theory from above.

It is intended to terrorize us to such a degree that we consent to practices we otherwise would have never accepted (1). To be precise, we are being made to fear an alleged danger from nature, which is now, with the help of massive counter measures, supposedly being circumvented in order to ”protect” us.

Furthermore, I argue, the corresponding practices are intended to turn us into beings who are better equipped against such alleged dangers from nature. In this way, we would be allowed to turn into ”better” humans, i.e. be altered increasingly in the direction of machines; so we would cease having to be only natural human beings. In this case: medical advancement makes it possible!

Surely, the script for this alteration has already been written for some time, visible in the especially deliberate course of action currently being taken (2). At this point, however, we are far from knowing everything. This Corona-mania has not been put into the world – from above – just for the fun of it, bringing life around the globe to a standstill, only to return later to ”normality” as we knew it.

The expected, so-called ”new normality” has to be concluded from what we already know today. A return to the same economy as before Corona is not intended, nor is it intended that we shall dispose of a stronger and healthier body after Corona. We shall now stay with this latter topic, that of our physical health, the somatic part of the problem, because so far this part remains completely unexplained.

Because, before a sufficiently tested vaccine is developed, there is already talk about a comprehensive compulsory vaccination program soon to be implemented for all people on this Planet, and the necessary legal regulations are currently being prepared, as well.

What we are dealing with here and now, to further my argument, is not a measure in service of our health, but a new definition of what we, as living human beings, are to be in the future, or rather, should no longer be in the future, as well as the practical implementation of such a concept.

The transformation of ourselves as human beings

This problem is as such not yet a part of the public discussion. The current discussion focuses mainly on money, on the profits of the pharmaceutical industry and its scandalous measures to increase them. A further focus is on the attempt to establish the utmost control over people and, in order to do so, the abolition of their rights.

However, what has not been focused on so far, is the ”technological progress” which has taken place behind closed doors and which is now being implemented. The issue at stake is the transformation of ourselves as human beings. This topic is not addressed anywhere in the public realm. It is not considered to be a matter worth of a public debate.

The ”technological progress”, I am speaking about here, is not only utilized to ”dominate“ external nature, by dissecting and re-assembling her in new ways, thus transforming her into a ”second”, supposedly ”better” nature – the machine – but this is also what paradoxically seems to be in store for us ourselves, the alleged ”pride of creation”. From the perspective of technological advancement ”a human being” is a worn-out model, in urgent need of being ”transformed”. In its course, s/he will allegedly be ”improved”. Human beings are supposed to become something like ”machines”.

The first we are hearing on this is ”inoculation”. This is precisely what is in store for us soon, after being sworn in on the fear of nature, the fear of the other and the fear of ourselves. We are supposed to become inoculated with something, even if we should not want it – any resistance being considered ”backward” or even ”ruthless” – this much heralded possibility of salvation from fear, via globally decreed mass vaccinationas the final liberation from the evil ”pest”.

In this context, it can mean only two things: it is supposed to become a gigantic multi-billion dollar business, that much is clear. Furthermore, this could be the big chance to begin the transformation of mankind into something like man-machine-chimeras, ”cyborgs” or ”transhumans”.

The machine as an alleged improvement of nature, a nature-substitute is – in congruence with its very invention – not a democratic, but a totalitarian construct. 

The debate on machine-humans and human-machines

This debate is now taking place in very concrete ways (3), not only as fantasy, as was the case in the past. The reason for this is obvious: technological advancement has led to the invention of the machine as the central technology of modern times. The machine is in the process of gradually taking over all areas of life. It functions in imperialistic ways, so to speak, and does not stop at any thing, i.e. it does not stop for human beings. The machine’s principle is to transform anything of nature into machine. That means, us as well, we, the ones who are living already next to, with and even within the machine. This is the machine’s– apparently so far largely unacknowledged – logic.

Generally, at first, there was an adaptation of human behavior towards that of the machine – from soldiers to factory workers. And today it is from all of us towards the computer, ”the machine of the machines”. We must follow the orders (prompts) of this machine (4) as if we were a part of it or, just like any machine, it won’t function properly.

Because the machine as an allegedly better than nature substitute is – in congruence with its invention – not a democratic but a totalitarian construct (5). The machine takes precedence over nature, and the violent act of destroying her is always required. However, since the advent of science and its violent methodology, science has defended itself by claiming that nature is ”dead matter“ anyway which is not true, of course (6).

We should not be surprised that contact with the machine has already had consequences that have changed us. There have been applied increasing external measures for a”mimetic”approximation and a convergence of the body with machine – ”aesthetics”.

The ”fitting” of artificial limbs has taken place and even substitute organs have been implanted into the human body.

Up to now, however, the transformation of the human body from within, in order to make the body machine-like or machine-compatible and even the gradual transformation of the body into a living machine or machine-life, on the whole, has not yet taken place. However, this is exactly what is now on the agenda of new technologies (7). It has already been on the agenda for a fairly long time.

The famous American sociologist Daniel Bell declared: ”People can be created anew or released, their behavior can be controlled and their consciousness can be altered” (8)He intends this as a positive statement, just as his colleagues in the field of science do. Is this naiveté? Where, otherwise, does this optimism come from that still surrounds technological progress and which, so far, has prevented most of us from systemically challenging it?

What is the relationship between the ”pandemic” and such ”progress”?

We are now confronted with the fact that the ”pandemic” could indeed have a relationship to such a ”progress”. At the moment, it looks like there is a plan to vaccinate all of humankind in an alleged attempt to free humanity from the hostage of the virus.

After all, vaccination now offers the one-time opportunity to get directly into as many bodies as never before, and, on this favourable occasion, to place something into the body that will transform it from the inside. Furthermore, it will make the body ”available” from the outside, i.e. connect it with a larger technological system, the Mega-Machine (9). Consequently, in the meantime, questions need to be asked about what technological progress has to offer in this respect.

Bill Gates, former head of Microsoft and planner of the worldwide Corona-vaccination, effectively wants to vaccinate all possible 7.8 billion people on planet earth, including pregnant women, newborns as well as those who have already recovered from Corona (!). However, for the time being, the German government has not yet decided to implement the anticipated, so- called ”immunity identity card”.

Furthermore, and of concern in the meantime, is the ongoing surveillance of citizens via artifical intelligence, artifical intelligence systems and censorship of the internet, i.e. the abolition of freedom of speech in the internet (10). Apparently, there is an expectation that not everybody will be excited about the alleged relief a vaccination might bring, despite the related promises of freedom of travel and freedom of professional choice seeming to be tempting. Inversely, i.e. in the case of refusal of vaccination, there is the threat that those liberties will be withheld, which is nothing less than the abolition of essential civil rights!

In the treatment of the pandemic and its aftermath, our health is not the issue.

For our health is threatened by much more serious dangers, e.g. radioactivity, particulate pollution, glyphosate, food that is a health hazard and 5G, none of which is mentioned anywhere. Even the prescribed facial masks are not serving our health, quite the contrary. They are a health hazard as they can lead to self-infection and cut us off from oxygen supply. Thus, they can even cause the objected symptons of the illness, not to mention the psychological repercussions. The issue is precisely not the battle against the virus, even though this is what we are made to believe for months.

Because, according to genuine medical perspectives, the Corona-virus is not more dangerous than other influenza viruses, the virus mutates constantly and most notably, it cannot be regarded as an enemy one could eradicate with one vaccine, least of all in the long run (11).

Besides, at this point, a vaccine has not been developed since the virus itself has not yet been properly identified. Upon discovery of a vaccine, it must be tested over a period of several years before it should be allowed to be administered, not to mention the likely mutation of the virus.

It is not logical, and it is not responsible to push for a quick mass compulsary vaccination, possibly by the end of 2020, and incidentally, without anyone having the legal right to hold anyone responsible for possible noxious effects (12). Such effects often occur even with vaccines that have been tested over many years and that are regularly administered. This means, it is not about a vaccination in the medical sense. The planned vaccination can thereby only be explained in such ways that itis intended for very different purposes.

What all this is really about

We are currently in the midst of the so-called 4th Industrial Revolution. This means the mass introduction and massive expansion of all new technologies, i.e. genetic engineering including synthetic biology, articificial intelligence, and nanotechnology, as well as geo-engineering, coupled with increased utilization of electromagnetic technologies in the higher atmospheres of the earth and also, in our bodies (13).

At the same time, in light of the current success of companies working with such technologies, respectively, the military-industrial complex, one can recognize what the new structuring of the global economy, using its ”controlled collapse” through the ”lockdown“, is all about (14).

The now propagated economic model and form of society, connected to the new technologies is also called the ”Green New Deal”. It is supposedly about the introduction of a post-capitalistic, de-globalized and a nature-friendly society.

The now propagated economic model and form of society, connected to the new technologies is also called the ”Green New Deal”. It is supposedly about the introduction of a post-capitalistic, de-globalized and a nature-friendly society.

However, in this context – and puzzingly so – the new technologies are largely considered to be ”green”, including even nuclear energy, the new industrial revolution and the means by which it is intended to be introduced and to implement these technologies. This ”deal”, that amongst others, the EU Commission and especially also the ”green” parties are propagating, is actually the opposite of what it claims to be (16). How is this to be understood ?

Digitalization is a new project that – amazingly – receives nothing but extensive consent, so far however, digitization is an expression of the new technologies, especially in the form of ”the Internet of Things” IoT. This is a digitized Mega-Machine of artificial intelligence in and through which all related ”things” are now to be ”cybernetically” connected.

Digitization, now propagated everywhere, makes precisely this possible. Each ”thing” deposits its ”information” in the IoT. This information is the ”energy” on which the IoT runs, i.e. it is considered its ”oil” – as Chancellor Angela Merkel called it, figuratively speaking.

The IoT activities are fed into the system via sensors that need to be mounted on all equipment, buildings, the entire infrastructure, also outdoors, as well as on human beings who are supposed to interact with IoT (17).

In and via the IoT machine, all information receive ”equal treatment”, i.e. factual information as well as human information. Hence, there is no longer any differentiation between different types of information.

As a result, human beings are not considered to be different from things and their information. There is a software program regulating the treatment of these things, i.e. this information, being able to forward or to delete them. It is like working on our personal computer, which we have become used to in the last decades.

What is new, however, is the fact that it is applied to us ourselves, i.e. we are the ones being turned into a ”thing” or into ”information” in the IoT.  This means that we ourselves need to be fitted with sensors that will report all our activities. It is only in this way that we can participate, or be made to participate in the Mega-Machine. This new ”participation” is supposed to become the premise for the new norm for all citizens. The cellphone or smart phone are already its precursors.

The ”transformation of human kind”

We are now supposed to become linked to the machine also from the inside of our bodies, not only from the outside. We are intended to become a part of the Mega-Machine of the IoT, and even turn into quasi-machines ourselves.

For, soon, weare perceived of not only being like machines, and this means we should not only just aspire to such behaviors, but could rather be technically forced to become machines:

Predictable, quantifiable, reduced in our complexity, to be operationalized, obedient to practical constraints, to be regulated from the outside, identically reproducible, interchangeable, able to be controlled, made transparent and unquestionable within the closed-loop control system”, in a way, to operate without fail one hundred percent in intended ways (18).

In order to function as reliably as machines function, we need to be altered on a bodily level, i.e. in the inside of our bodies. The external adaptation to the machine, i.e. unconditional obedience, is no longer sufficient to the system, because of the ”residual risk of being human”. Part of the agenda is that we should have diverse chips implanted, a practice already established with animals since some time. We should be ”vaccinated” with sensors and other memory storage devices or mini-machines including nanobots. Provided that such devices, including their ability to self-replicate, i.e. self-reproduce, will have been developed, which is precisely foreseen to be the case during this year (19).

Through this treatment we would be ”linked”, registered and able to be reached from the outside, via electromagnetic waves and soon also via satellites in space (20). It is even possible that this procedure of an internal ‘mechanization’ could turn into a progressive one and gradually transform humans into machines. One model for tracking and identifying an individual at the moment is the ID2020-implant (21).

…the issue at stake here is none less than to intentionally turn the entirety of human evolution into chaos

This attempt culminates in the development of new vaccines that, with the help of genetic engineering, can genetically alter the human body. This seems to be intended (directly via our DNA and indirectly via mRNA)

This is planned to be accomplished via specific 3-way injections, making sure that cell resistance against foreign DNA is broken down, by „electroporation”, i.e. quasi inner electro shocks, forcing the cells to open their membranes for foreign DNA, or mRNA transmitters (22).

Thereby we would be transformed by force into genetically modified organisms, GMO’s and we can guess what we should then be: Chimeras? Machines without a will? Definitely we would no longer be human beings in full possession of our natural power.

The issue at stake here is none less than to intentionally bring the entirety of human evolution into chaos:the fundamental trust into the human body we could have had until now will basically become obsolete. Nobody knows how the body will react and what kind of consequences such interference will have, nor how to deal with these, if we can no longer rely on the self-healing capacities of the human organism.

Genetic messages, which nature has preserved to stay seperate since millenia…are supposed to be mingled and freak chimaera will populate the future…apprentices of molecular sorcerers are already waiting to finally beginn the genetic rearrangement of the human being…What frightens me is the irreversibility of such a process”, commented Erwin Chargaff (23), the great chemist, geneticist and genetic engineering critic on this kind of technological advancement.

It seems it has come to this point now. Jeremy Rifkin, a former critic of genetic engineering, now recommends the Green New Deal, which propagates the introduction of new technologies, pleads for a ”comprehensive transformation of human kind” and for ”a fusion of computer technology and genetics towards a powerful new technological reality”(24).

Thus, he is spot-on with Mr. Bill Gates.

What is at stake is nothing less than a ”new creation of the world” and alongside it, the new creation of humans. It is also about a:

second creation story, sourced in the halls of laboratories (and) the establishing of an artificially created nature through a bio-industry, intended to replace the original concept of nature’s evolution”(25).

A ”New World Order” with ”new humans”?

It would indeed be a ”new world order” if such outrageous, per se damaging, irreversible, even inheritable invasions of our right to physical integrity, of our genetic heritage on into the future, would succeed in being implemented on a global scale.

Such interference would even affect the Conditio Humana itself, i.e. our reproduction as a human species. It would not be an exaggeration to call such an intervention the biggest possible crime against humanity.

However, even if we were able to escape this kind of massacre on being human, an existence outside of the Mega-Machine of the IoT is not intended in the long run. China is the first country that surged ahead, but probably only on an organisational level, so far regarding the external forms of ”mechanization“or ‘machinization’. It is not by chance that China is increasingly mentioned as a positive example of a future development. Besides the problem with political totalitarianism and the eventual technical transformation of the human being, there is, however, already a general juridical problem.

Human Rights – technically obsolete?

Since in the IoT there is no differentiation between information and human beings, asall are treated as ”things”, we are no longer defined or treated as human beings within the Mega-Machine of the IoT. That is why our rights as human beings will effectively fall apart under such conditions, because they are technically ”obsolete”. This even applies to basic human rights, not only to civil liberties. Things, information and machines have no such rights. In an equal treatment, based on the norm of ”things”, such rights would dissolve, and with them eventually the legal effects regarding our contingent artifical genetic transformation, i.e. the Conditio Humana itself, too! With technological progress, legislation can be polished off, so to speak. Or what?

The Mega-Machine, like any other machine, is by definition totalitarian in character and it is actually a weapon. It consists of order and obedience. Whoever or whatever is not obedient is becoming harmful to him- or herself.

Civil liberties are already largely restricted or have fallen apart with the lockdown due to the Corona-pandemic.

Furthermore, it is apparently not planned to fully re-instate these liberties. Rather, on the contrary, human rights themselves, such as the right to physical integrity and human dignity could be next to go; at some point possibly even the right to life… That is the lasting logic of ‘machinization’. This means there would be no life except that of the machine which is indeed defined as such. For, the machine itself now means ”life”, even a ”better” form of life. In such a world, humans become ”obsolete”, even an ”endangered species” (26). How will this be reflected bylegislation?

In the context of new technologies, all this has already been verbalized and discussed at length. When it comes to artifical intelligence, human rights are not an issue, neither in a general nor an individual sense. This also applies to the field of genetic engineering and even to synthetic biology, a fieldactively trying to create humans in artifical ways.

Rather, in the end, it is about us as possible ”inventions”, upon which someone may, for example, claim a patent, presumably the one who has genetically altered us.

If patents on human life and not only on the lives of animals and plants, were to be recognized, we then would belong to our inventor and this person could annihilate us, could wipe us out– ”delete“ us.

Within the Mega-Machine, which belongs to artifical intelligence, this is already established. Only in the ”community” of the IoT as a machine are we something or somebody. We do not exist independently. In this way, we would no longer be considered free, souvereign and independent ”individuals”. (Strangely enough, some people call this ”socialism”).

Democracy and nature – technically obsolete?

From this perspective we can see why democracy would no longer be necessary and can no longer exist, because the machine functions strictly hierarchically, solely according to ”practical constraints“ as part of the closed-loop control system. According to this definition no ethical or moral law can penetrate it.

Furthermore, in the Mega-Machine, sex, gender, parents, genealogy, or relatives no longer exist, since anything to be a fact of nature is no longer planned in the matrix.

The Mega-Machine itself is expression of a technology that transforms nature into machine and in thisprocess, destroys nature and afterwards allegedly ”substitutes” it (27).

So, we can see that the machine not only emerges from destruction but continues with destruction. In this way, everything becomes inverted – living matter turns into dead matter, society turns into prison, humans turn into something mechanical…

The trick is that all these new creations have to appear as something ”better” and according to Rifkin: ”must be presented and justified as continuation of natural principles and processes.” (28)

That is the reason why the machine-made, new creation is now considered to be ”green”. It is simply called green, because it aims at the ”green”, the living! In the inversion words have in many cases taken on the opposite meaning they had before.

Mega-Machine – Weapon with ”Mind-Control” 

The Mega-Machine, like any machine is, by definition, totalitarian in character and it is actually a weapon. It consists of order and obedience. Whoever or whatever is not obedient, becomes harmful to him- or herself. S/he/ it cannot continue, ”crashes”, or, points are deducted because s/he no longer delivers information/data. It is simultaneously about ”surveillance and punishment” (Foucault); about total control of everything and about the ability to exert direct influence from the outside, possibly going as far as ”deletion”.

The chip, sensor or nanobot can be located and, via computer software, be fed with information. Such information, in the form of electromagnetic waves in various frequencies can be aimed at the brain, as a form of ”mind control” and induce certain feelings and behavior. This has been experimented with since decades (29). Furthermore, soon there will be widespread 5G, which will connect us to satellites and to an extensive, global electromagnetic-net or grid (project ”Starlink” (30)).

Then we will also be in a ”lockdown” from above and not only from below (31) and, it is unclear if and how we are going to survive this – maybe only as quasi machines.

However, what is talked about is concern for our ”health”. Even young children are intentionally burdened with a potential guilt, that is to say, of possibly being the cause of the death of their grandparents, which of course traumatizes them…

PLANdemic:  Orwell’s ”1984” and Huxley’s ”Brave New World” all in one

I am not saying that we are already at this point. But we are on a direct path towards it. For the last 40 years this path has beendiscussed in professional circles and it is in the process of being established. Hence, it is completely incomprehensible that to this day, there is no critical debate on this explosive topic. Nobody is discussing it.

This seems to be the path that will be followed on various levels during and after the pandemic, the ”PLANdemic”. To assume anything different would not only be naive, but also completely unrealistic.

The future task of medicine is to begin turning us into machine-humans or human-machines

The future task of medicine is to begin turning us into machine-humans or human machines and, according to AI-hero, Ray Kurzweil, by ”merging with the computer ”(32) thus contributing to the victory of ”transhumanism”. The ”beautiful new human”(33), who, so far exists only in the propaganda and the alchemical fantasy of the ”extropians” (those who advocate the end of ”humans”) is seen as the ”improved human” – by no longer being a human being.

It is a matter of scornful rupture from us, mammals, dinosaurs and the primordial jelly (34), of those who are still being born from a mother and who are allegedly long outdated by the ”evolution of intelligence” (35). The new god-like creators are greeting us, who, after the forceful destruction of matter and all its manifestations, believe they have arrived at the Big Bang again and hence, can re-create anything at will.

This truly is patriarchy, imagining being ”the fatherly source of life” as opposed to the common origins of life from the mother, trying to irrevocably establish itself today. (41)

Why does nobody read the works of the madmen in the AI, genetic engineering and the nano-tech scene? They have long since begun to put this into practice – because in this field, further billions of Dollarsare to be made!

The ”new evolution” – a ”eugenic civilization” with a ”synthetic human race”

In the long run, the allegedly possible new evolution no longer counts with any human beings. Rather, it will be populated by the ”post”- human ”Homo Deus”. The god-human is supposed to be part of the ”god-machine”, the so-called ”Singularity”, which will have transcended thehuman being in the old understanding, and which is allegedly assuming leadership over the universe itself (36). Behold, Yuval Harari, the author of Homo Deus, is world-renowned and a favorite, second to none, of all those in power, from Obama to Merkel.

This is what the heros from the field of the new technologies are telling us. They openly propagate a ”eugenic civilization”, even a ”synthetic humanity” (37) and Bill Gates, following in his father’s footsteps, is determined to serve this purpose. It is not by chance that he intends to combine AI-technology with his vaccines and genetic engineering.

We know that he is interested in eugenics. He himself said so: vaccinations are and should continue to be used for the purpose of reducing the world’s popluation (38). In this eerie logic, de-population would be a topic for discussion. But even this, so far, is not the case.

Already a century ago, Rudolf Steiner cautioned us:

The soul will be eliminated via a medication. Based on a ‘reasonable perspective’ one will develop a vaccine, that will affect the organism, beginning in early youth, preferably at the moment of birth, so that this human body will not arrive at the thought: (that) there is a soul and a spirit. – The two worldviews will oppose each other in such fierce ways. One worldview will have to think about how to develop terms and concepts that will enable people to cope with the true reality of the soul and the spirit. The other one, the successors of today’s materialists, will search for the vaccine to make the body ‘healthy’, so that this body via its constitutional conditions will not speak of such foolish things as soul and spirit, but instead will speak in ‘healthy’ ways of the forces that live in machines and in chemistry, which constitute the planets and suns within the planetary nebula. This will be achieved through somatic procedures. It will be left to the materialistic physicians to eliminate the the soul from humankind.” (39)

In the course of time, the transformed ones will be considered the ”better ones.” However, the question is: how ”healthy”, in the broadest sense, these better ones might be? Either they will be lacking the orginal body and/or soul and spirit. A third category would remain made up of those who will have escaped such measures, the non-vaccinated ones – besides Mister Gates and his children, by the way. The debate about the exclusionof such disobedient ones has already begun. The ”great transformation” everybody talks about, is indeed on the way.

Farewell being human?

So, wasn´t he always ”evil”? And doesn’t that serve him right? By now, however, it is clear who the evil one is, and not only in trivial but in radical ways. The age of humankind, the Anthropocene, of which one is so proud in our times – will it be an age without human beings in the end? What would remain is ”post-humanism”, liberating us finally from this foolish ”life”…

Technological advancement is now showing its real face. It is the face of the holy ”productive forces.” But the ”Luddites“ as those who question machines were and still are taunted and ridiculed for being backward.

Today, we are paying for our obedience. It stands in the way of truly recognizing what has been and what is really going on, and what significance it bears. This failure is now coming home to us. Nobody is quite prepared for this. The debate is about nothing less than ”life” itself– not, however, the zombie-like ”life” of the machine, which saps our life force and thatof the planet.

The real issue is about our life and our living existence, that we now have to defend against the obscene new creations, against those who claim to possess the ability to improve life beyond the inherent abilities of our Planet Earth and Mother Nature.

Should we continue to believe in such claims? Now that it is first and foremost about us? Now that we have the opportunity to revoke this reversal of life into death and destruction instead of falling prey for good to the ”technotronic era”? (40)

What an embarrassment for the self-proclaimed ”resistance” if its protagonists still have not comprehended what this is all about today – beyond money and power.

At the same time, I see them everywhere, emerging from the bottom, many clear faces are appearing in the crowd and wonderful people are raising their voices. They see what needs to be done and they see the path that now needs to be taken. It is a true joy!


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This was originally published in German on, May 14th 2020. Translation from German by M.L.Oberem.

Prof. Claudia Von Werlhof, is a distinguished author, professor of political science and women’s studies, University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria. She is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG)


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Canada’s UN Security Council Loss Shows Its “Foreign Policy Weaknesses”

Will it Embolden a Reform Movement?

By: Nino Pagliccia

India, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, and Kenya after a second round, won the June 17 elections at the 74th United Nations Assembly for five non-permanent seats on the UN Security Council for a two-year term starting on January 1, 2021.

The biggest loser was Canada in its competition with Ireland and Norway for two seats available. A total of 128 votes were needed to secure a two-thirds majority. Norway secured 130 votes while Ireland got 128. Canada received just 108 votes. All efforts of phone calls by the Canadian officials to countries ambassadors to the UN did not help. This is the second loss following the one in 2010 under a Conservative government.

In the next few days we will read several analyses trying to ascertain why Canada lost what it considered a coveted position at the UN. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was campaigning for it since 2015. But the result was not totally unexpected as we suggested before the vote took place.

A very active campaign undertaken by Canadians asking the international community and Ambassadors at the UN not to vote for Canada had already laid out several reasons and may have had a small role in the outcome of the vote.

It is significant to note one of the most glaring contradictions or double standard. Ottawa professes to value the rule of law, however it can’t even abide by the resolutions of the same body it aspired to sit on UNSC. The Canadian government has refused to abide by the 2016 UN Security Council Resolution 2334, calling on member states to “distinguish, in their relevant dealings, between the territory of the State of Israel and the territories occupied in 1967.” The resolution also urges “the intensification and acceleration of international and regional diplomatic efforts and support aimed at achieving, without delay a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East on the basis of the relevant United Nations resolutions”. On the contrary, Ottawa has stated that it will act as an “asset for Israel” on the Council. Further, it has consistently voted against the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination together with the US, “Israel” and a handful of other countries.

The Canadian government continues to promote its long-gone value as a “peacekeeping” country. However, that may just be rhetoric or wishful thinking. Canada’s political closeness to the war-prone US government leading to interventions in other countries is more the real image in the era of Hybrid Wars. The Liberal Trudeau government has also signed off on a $14 billion Light Armoured Vehicle sale to Saudi Arabia that was negotiated by the previous Conservative government.

Canada is aligned to most US foreign military incursions by ideology and by deed providing willingly its soft power in the guise of military and police training to countries with questionable records on human rights. In 2017-2018, the Canadian Directorate of Military Training and Cooperation delivered training to more than 1,500 candidates from 56 member countries across the globe. That may not be the offending part of it’s foreign policy as several countries provide similar service, but doing that while stating as part of its mission to “Promote Canadian democratic principles, the rule of law, and the protection of human rights in the international arena”, may well be seen as another contradiction.

Geopolitical reality seems to reveal Canada’s policy incongruity and UN member States may see through that pretentious presupposition. Canada’s silence about the military coup in Bolivia last November and its forceful determination to regime change in Venezuela against the legitimately elected government of Nicolas Maduro betray precisely a disregard for “democratic principles” and the “rule of law” in the international arena. The UN recognises the Venezuelan Ambassador appointed by the legitimate government of Venezuela.

Canada is not a peace-loving internationalist country anymore. It has lost the appeal that may have held in the past, and is criticised today for letting its mining corporations abuse the human rights and the environment in other – mostly – African countries.

At a time when the issue of racism managed to take over the world media stage over the killing of George Floyd in the US replacing the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been suggested that the block of “black and brown countries” of Africa may have rejected Canada’s bid to the UNSC. When pressured to give his opinion on the anti-racism protests in the US at the beginning of June, Justin Trudeau avoided criticising Trump’s administration and chose instead to recognise that there is “systemic discrimination” against racialised groups in Canada.

In concluding, the loss of the Canadian government on the international stage may be a victory for Canadians at home. Usually the Canadian public doesn’t seem to care about foreign policy, which is never on the top 10 list of voter priorities. Only Canadians following regularly foreign policy would react to the news of a lost vote at the UN.

However, the campaign launched by Canadians questioning Canada’s bid to a UNSC seat perhaps shows that Canadians care about Canada’s international image and the possible links to domestic policy. They are willing to speak up and in fact, a new campaign has already being launched calling on the Prime Minister “to fundamentally reassess Canadian foreign policy.” This in itself is a victory.

The international community has not given a vote of confidence to Canada’s foreign policy by denying a seat to the UNSC. That’s all the international community can do. It is up to Canadians now to demand changes to the Canadian government.

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Commemorating Juneteenth: The Continuing Unresolved Issues from the Civil War and the Thirteenth Amendment

After 145 years since the end of slavery, the African American national question is still a burning one

By: Abayomi Azikiwe

Author’s Note: The following is the text of a speech delivered on June 19, 2010 on the 145th anniversary of Juneteenth. This address is being republished in honor of the 155th commemoration of Juneteenth in light of the resurgence of the anti-racist struggle in the United States and the international community. The event a decade ago was held at the offices of the Moratorium NOW! Coalition and the Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice (MECAWI) located in the Midtown District in Detroit.


Today is the 145th anniversary of Juneteenth, a national holiday for the African American people who spent nearly 250 years enslaved inside the British colonies of North America and the eventual United States of America. The holiday represents the struggle of African people to end slavery, legalized segregation, lynching, wage discrimination and all other forms of exploitation and national oppression.

In a declaration issued by the Union Army after the conclusion of the Civil War with specific reference to the state of Texas said that:

“The people of Texas are informed that, in accordance with a Proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free. This involves an absolute equality of personal rights and rights of property between former masters and slaves, and the connection heretofore existing between them becomes that between employer and hired labor.” (U.S. Maj. Gen. Gordon Granger, June 19, 1865, Source: Texas State Library)

Why was this statement so significant since President Abraham Lincoln had issued the Emancipation Proclamation in August 1862 which became valid on January 1, 1863? (Celebrated as Emancipation Day)

The fact of the matter was that the ruling elites of the Confederacy were not about to abide by an executive order freeing their enslaved Africans from bondage. This was a proclamation that was imposed through the necessities of war in an effort to undermine the economic basis of Southern society and its way of life.

In 1860, Karl Marx wrote to Frederick Engels saying:

“In my opinion, the biggest things that are happening in the world today are on the one hand the movement of the slaves in America started by the death of John Brown, and on the other the movement of the serfs in Russia.” (Chronicles of Black Protest, Edited by Bradford Chambers, 1968, p. 107)

Even though the Abolitionist movement had been in existence for decades and the increasingly rebellious character of the slaves became a serious factor during the late 1850s, the ruling class in the North and the South were not prepared for the emancipation of four million Africans inside the United States. Although Lincoln had previously said that he was anti-slavery, his inaugural address in 1861 left much to be desired for the Abolitionists.

According to Bradford Chambers in his book “Chronicles of Black Protest”, Frederick Douglass, the anti-slavery agitator and journalist, believed strongly in the inevitable emancipation of African people in the United States. Douglass had freed himself from slavery and would eventually travel to Ireland during the 1840s where he would gain international support from the Irish national movement for the cause of emancipation within the United States.

However, in 1861, Chambers recounts that “Douglass’ confidence that emancipation would come about fell precipitously in the months following Lincoln’s election as President. Disenchantment began with the inaugural address. In that address Lincoln announced his intention to keep out of the affairs of states that permitted slavery, although he had previously opposed the extension of slavery in the new states being formed in the West.” (Chronicles of Black Protest, Chambers, p.108)

With further reference to Douglass’ attitude towards the Lincoln administration in early 1861, Chambers notes:

“In his disillusionment Douglass wrote in his Monthly that he planned to visit Haiti to consider it as a haven for black Americans. Haiti—the only place in the New World where black slaves had successfully revolted and formed their own country. Douglass was scheduled to sail on April 25, 1861. Then on April 12 Confederate guns fired on Fort Sumter, and the Civil War began.”

Chambers continues by pointing out that: “Douglass and other black leaders immediately began a campaign to convince Lincoln that, in Douglass’ words, ‘the Union could never prosper until the war assumed an antislavery attitude, and the Negro was enlisted on the loyal side.’ Nonetheless, Lincoln continued to avoid the Abolitionists’ demands to end slavery until the middle of 1862 when he issued the Emancipation Proclamation as a last ditch effort to coerce the South to surrender in light of the threat to free the enslaved Africans.

Nonetheless, it was the objective conditions on the battlefield, the pressure from Radical Republicans in Congress such as Charles Sumner of Massachusetts and Thaddeus Stevens of Pennsylvania, who along with Douglass and other abolitionists demanded that Lincoln issue the order to end slavery, as well as the international shift in the balance of forces between Britain, France and Russia that led to a blockade of cotton exports to Europe, that eventually forced the Lincoln administration to declare an end to slavery and to enlist Africans in the Union Army.

According to Chambers,

“Fully as important was the international objective. By adding as an aim of the Civil War the abolition of slavery, the Proclamation swung international opinion against the South and crushed its hope—a very real hope—that Great Britain and France would intervene on their behalf. Manufacturing interests in both these countries, deprived of cotton imports by the Union blockade of Southern ports, were urging their governments to declare in favor of the South. The Proclamation of Emancipation rallied the workers in Britain and France in defense of the North. Czar Alexander of Russia sent his fleet across the sea to anchor off the coast of New York, ready to do battle if England and France tried to break the blockade of the South.” (Chambers, p. 110)

The Thirteenth Amendment and the Status of African People

Despite the Emancipation Proclamation, slavery did not end until the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution in 1865. However, the Thirteenth Amendment would not resolve the national oppression of the African people in the United States. The question of the economic, social and political status of the former slaves and their free counterparts was not solved with the conclusion of the War.

African American photo and graphic commemorating Juneteenth

In many areas where slavery was the most profitable in the South, Africans constituted a majority or a substantial section of population groups in the counties and regions of various states. This was the situation in areas of Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana and other states, where as a result of the systems of cotton and other agricultural commodities production, Africans outnumbered whites both slave owners and non-slave owners.

However, in Texas, where Maj. Gen. Granger’s order was declared some 145 years ago today, the demographic situation was different than in many other areas of the South. W.E.B. DuBois, in his study entitled “Black Reconstruction: An Essay Toward A History of the Part Which Black Folk Played in the Attempt to Reconstruct Democracy in America, 1860-1880,” says that

“Texas had, in 1860, 182,921 Negroes and 420,891 whites, thus putting this state among those where the Negro population was a decided minority, and white immigration destined greatly to increase the preponderance of the whites.” (DuBois, p.552)

DuBois also notes that in Texas:

“The division of the planters and poor whites was less distinct in this state than in many others.” As a result of the Mexican-American War and the seizure of Texas by the white settlers and the United States Government there was much of what DuBois described as “plenty of rich land and the poorest white men could get a start; this increased demand for labor.” (DuBois, p.552)

The resistance to the emancipation of Africans was immediate and violent on the part of the Confederate soldiers and their supporters. DuBois recounts that:

“When the war neared its end, the Confederate troops in Texas got out of hand and began rebelling and looting. Towns like Houston were burned, and clothes and food of all sorts of goods stolen. The Texas Republican (newspaper) stressed ‘the ruinous effect of freeing four million ignorant and helpless blacks,’ and said that the people of the North would be glad to witness a return of slavery, because it would raise ‘larger crops and a richer market for Yankee manufacturers.’” (DuBois, p.553)

This pattern of destruction and looting was repeated in other cities in the South including Richmond, Virginia, where Confederate troops sought to burn down the city when the Union Troops arrived with a sizeable regiment of Black soldiers who liberated the city in April 1865.

The passage of the Thirteenth Amendment was significant because it included a provision in Section II which declared: “Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.” The Radicals in Congress like Charles Sumner believed that this granted the power to enfranchise Africans. It must be kept in mind that at the end of the Civil War many of the southern states were under minority control with appointed military governors. The planters and their allies were adamantly against the granting of suffrage to the former slaves.

This controversy surrounding the interpretation of the Thirteenth Amendment would continue with the adoption of both the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution. There have been recent statements from politicians within the so-called Tea Party movement that have questioned the constitutionality of the Fourteenth Amendment as well as the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

DuBois in Black Reconstruction points to this important debate that took place within Congress in 1865. After the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment, a Civil Rights Bill was introduced that was met with skepticism and opposition.

DuBois notes that:

“The Civil Rights Bill was taken up on December 13, but Sherman of Ohio reminded the Senate that there was scarcely a state in the Union that did not make distinctions on account of color, and wished, therefore, to postpone action until the Thirteenth Amendment had been adopted. Saulsbury of Maryland called it ‘an insane effort to elevate the African to the dignity of the white race’, and claimed that the Thirteenth Amendment would carry no such power as Sherman assumed.” (DuBois, p. 271)

U.S. History and the Right of Self-Determination of Oppressed Peoples

Two recent political acts that have gained widespread publicity in the corporate media were the proclamation of Southern Heritage Month in the state of Virginia by Gov. Robert McDonell in April 2010 and the subsequent opinion piece by Prof. Henry Louis Gates of Harvard who questioned the legitimacy of the demand for reparations among African Americans in the United States. In previous articles, “Confederate Heritage and Distortion of History” and The Atlantic Slave Trade and the Rise of World Capitalism,” examined issues related to the responsibility for and the continuing social impact of slavery. (See this)

These ideological attacks from the right to full democracy and self-determination for the African American people and other oppressed national groups in the United States are coming at a time of profound economic restructuring and imperialist military expansion around the world. The apartheid bills enacted in Arizona that legalized racial profiling and outlaws ethnic studies, much be viewed within the context of the rapidly shifting demographic composition of the U.S. and the need on the part of the capitalist class to maximize profits amid economic decline.

The Tea Party movement represents such an ideological offensive aimed at dividing and weakening the struggle of the nationally oppressed and the working class as a whole. Yet the mass outpouring on May Day of over one million people who said no to anti-immigrant bigotry and yes to jobs, full-employment and legalizations for all, far outweighs the efforts of racists and chauvinists elements backed by the capitalist class. The burgeoning unity of African Americans, Latino/as, Arab Americans, Asians and other oppressed groups will be a key element in building the people’s movement that is needed to abolish capitalism and imperialism.

Major historical events of the 19th century: the large-scale removal of the Native people, the Mexican-American War and the Civil War that abolished African slavery, still remain unresolved today. The Native people of Arizona have spoken out forcefully against the apartheid laws now being imposed that target the Mexican people whose land was stolen at the same time that Africans were being enslaved inside the United States.

In 2010, the current economic crisis has most profoundly affected the African American and Latino/as people. A recent study conducted by the Center for Responsible Lending indicates that Latino/as and African Americans have the highest foreclosure rates in the country. Both groups also have the highest unemployment rates in the U.S. labor market.

Compounding these economic realities, African American and Latino/as are disproportionately represented in the criminal justice system with incarceration rates that far outstrip their numbers within the general population. These rates of imprisonment are directly linked to racial profiling by law-enforcement and homeland security, which the passage of SB 1070 only reinforces. This is why efforts to pass such legislation in Michigan should be opposed by African Americans, Latino/as and all people of goodwill.

The struggle for genuine democracy and the right of self-determination for oppressed nations are principled questions within the socialist movement. V. I. Lenin, the leader and chief theoretician of the Russian Revolution, wrote his theses on “The Socialist Revolution and the Right of Nations to Self-Determination” in early 1916 during World War I. Although the Bolshevik Party would not seize power until the following year in 1917, Lenin was adamant that both the struggle for full democracy and self-determination for oppressed nations were equally indispensable in the program of the revolutionary vanguard party.

Lenin said during this period:

“The socialist revolution is not a single act, it is not one battle on one front, but a whole epoch of acute class conflicts, a long series of battles on all fronts, i.e., on all questions of economics and politics, battles that can only end in the expropriation of the bourgeoisie. It would be a radical mistake to think that the struggle for democracy was capable of diverting the proletariat from the socialist revolution or of hiding, overshadowing it, etc. On the contrary, in the same way as there can be no victorious socialism that does not practice full democracy, so the proletariat cannot prepare for its victory over the bourgeoisie without an all-around, consistent and revolutionary struggle for democracy.” (Lenin, Selected Writings on National Liberation, Socialism and Imperialism, p. 111)

Lenin then goes on to state as well:

“It would be no less a mistake to remove one of the points of the democratic program, for example, the point on the self-determination of nations, on the grounds of it being ‘impracticable’ or ‘illusory’ under imperialism…. (Lenin, p. 111) Increased national oppression under imperialism does not mean that Social-Democracy should reject what the bourgeoisie call the ‘utopian’ struggle for the freedom of nations to secede but, on the contrary, it should make greater use of the conflicts that arise in this sphere, too, as grounds for mass action and for revolutionary attacks on the bourgeoisie.” (Lenin, p. 113)

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