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Crime Alert – Burglary

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

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Good Afternoon,

I recently shared some good news in relation to Burglary Crime reductions across Hall Green Constituency when compared to figures from last year. I am under no illusion that these reductions will probably have been influenced by the Covid 19 situation and people being at home more often, which makes life much more difficult for the burglar.
The next few weeks will see further relaxation of Covid guidelines by the government which will mean many more people will return to work or leave home more often to socialise. This in turn will mean there is more opportunity for the burglar.

Over the last week in particular, there has been a small increase in Burglary offences across Hall Green Constituency and in particular Moseley and Kings Heath. We have seen some offences occur overnight where offenders have been able to gain entry to houses by ‘lock snapp- ing’ the locks on front doors and then stealing car keys and vehicles off the drive. Two Audi cars have been stolen in this way recently.
This type of offence can be made much more difficult by reviewing the security of your home. Anti snap locks for example make it much more difficult for a burglar to enter your home. A burglar alarm is also a great deterrent. The warm weather in particular means we are more likely to have windows open and then forget they are left open when we go to bed… I have  even done this myself recently and woken up in a panic in the early hours to go and shut a window, so I know how easy it is to forget!

Just some things to think about. Why not spend half hour assessing the security of your home and any improvements that can be made?

Inspector Neil Kirkpatrick
Hall Green Constituency
Message Sent By
Neil Kirkpatrick (Police,Inspector,BE Hall Green)

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Florida: Scientist Fired for Posting real COVID Numbers

Florida: Scientist Fired for Posting real COVID Numbers (GOP ordered fake low numbers reported…as we knew all along)

Rebekah Jones says the Florida Dept. of Health pressured her to manipulate numbers.

By: VT Editors 

Undercounts for infected, for dead and a massive overcount for number tested

Newser: You might call them dueling dashboards. A Florida data scientist who got fired for insubordination has set up a dashboard tallying the state’s coronavirus numbers—which eclipse the official count, the Washington Post reports.

“I wanted to build an application that delivered data and helped people get tested and helped them get resources that they need from their community,” says Rebekah Jones. “And that’s what I ended up building with this new dashboard.”

Fired in mid-May, Jones claims her old supervisors at the Florida Dept. of Health pressured her to alter numbers in the public-facing portal. She says the official tally underestimates the infection total and reinforced the state’s move to loosen lockdown restrictions in early May.

Florida Today reports, Jones’ site showed 77,799 “positive people” while the health department’s had 70,971—nearly a 10% difference—while her death toll was 2,967 compared to the state’s 2,877.

Her dashboard counted 895,947 statewide tests, while the official tally was over 1.3 million. Why such gaps? The reasons are complex, but Jones says she brings in non-state numbers (from hospitals and a volunteer organization) and counts nonresidents in her death count, as some states do. Her case count is higher because she includes antibody tests, but the CDC warns they’re not always reliable.

The 30-year-old Tallahassee resident invested heavily in her new project, but found financial relief in a GoFundMe site that has already raised over $100,000.

(Read more coronavirus stories.)

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Bank of England admits economy will not return to pre-pandemic levels

Andrew Bailey claimed that in the early stages of the crisis the UK “came within a whisker” of not being able to sell its debt

Bank of England governor gives downbeat economic assessment in rare interviewrom 

PressTV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: There is no big surprise here. Notice the dearth of British coverage on how leaving the EU was always going to be a double whammy with the virus crisis. EU reporting on working out a Brexit deal describes Britain’s attitude as that of a conqueror talking to its vanquished enemies.

Everyone will be losers now, as they will experience to a degree what Iran has been going through with having to go substitute imports to keep as much of their workforce employed during decreased exports.

The Brits will still have their own currency, but as you will read below, it came close to not being able to sell its debt recently, quite an admission, and a failure to do so could devalue its currency.

Everyone in Europe will be under the strain and trying to pass the problem onto someone else, which was certainly the British post Brexit negotiators’ goal.

London might have gotten a better deal sooner than the one it will eventually get. Boris would get the blame for that, but with a weakened Labor Party, it does not hurt him much politically … Jim W. Dean ]

In a rare interview the governor of the Bank of England has claimed the government would have become insolvent had the Bank not intervened at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis.

In an exclusive interview with the new Sky News podcast, the World Tomorrow, Andrew Bailey claimed that in the early stages of the crisis the UK “came within a whisker” of not being able to sell its debt.

Bailey, who was appointed the governor of the Bank of England (the UK’s central bank) on March 16, said that in the early days of the coronavirus-induced economic crisis the markets were in “freefall” and it appeared the government was unable to sell its debt to private investors, an unprecedented development in modern British economic history.

In the interview Bailey put up a robust defense of the Bank’s decision to intervene directly in the crisis in the form of £200 billion worth of quantitative easing, which has been described as the biggest single cash injection in the British central bank’s history.

Discussing the crisis more broadly, Bailey claimed that many “viable” British companies will not survive the coronavirus-induced recession.

“There will be companies who won’t survive [the crisis] – that’s unfortunately the case”, Bailey said curtly.

 Bailey also pulled the rug on the widespread assumption that pandemic-induced job losses will be reversed once the crisis has abated.

According to Bailey, there will be some “structural change [to the economy] which will cause jobs to be lost”.

Bailey’s downbeat assessment is likely to demoralize the government and its supporters who are banking on a quick economic recovery once the pandemic subsides.

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Murderous Criminal State of Turkey Still Seeks to Hide Armenian Genocide

By: Ian Greenhalgh 

[Editor’s note: Turkey’s Army was decimated and humiliated by the Russians during the Caucasian campaign and especially at the Battle of Sarikamish. War Minister Enver Pasha then publicly blamed the Armenians for his own failings and humiliation.

Thus began the Armenian Genocide of 1915 which killed at least 1.5 million Armenians. The men were simply shot or bayoneted on the spot, then the women and children were driven south on a brutal and murderous forced march into the wastes of the Syrian desert. Many died along the way, denied water and brutally driven on by the boots of the Turkish soldiers. Those who made it to Syria soon succumbed to thirst and exposure.

Even today, over a century later, Turkey denies this genocide ever happened and modern day Turks, like the moron who emailed me the other day and described the Kurds as ‘low IQ apes’ remain a disgustingly racist, utterly inhumane pack of bastards who refuse to accept their forebears committed an appalling crime against humanity.

As Turkey continues to carry out ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Kurds and is poised to carry out another genocide in Libya, recognition of their past crimes becomes more important than ever. Until that happens and the brutal police state of mafia boss Erdogan is removed from power, Turkey will remain a cesspool of brainwashed morons all too ready to emulate past generations by committing appalling crimes against humanity for no other reason than Turkey is great, or some other bullshit. Ian]

Daily Sabah
Turkey to set up independent body for 1915 events

Turkey is planning to set up an independent civilian body solely responsible for addressing allegations regarding the 1915 incidents upon the instructions of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, a report said Tuesday.

The decision to establish such a body was made at the High Advisory Board meeting at the Presidential Complex last week, according to Hürriyet daily.

The new approach to address the 1915 events had actually been on the government’s agenda since the U.S. Senate passed a resolution referring to the events as the “Armenian Genocide,” but discussion on the matter was delayed due to the COVID-19 outbreak in Turkey.

Presidential High Advisory Board member Cemil Çiçek and presidential adviser Seyit Sertçelik, who introduced the proposal, briefed attendees about their proposal, saying that Turkey did not have an institution directly involved in dealing with genocide allegations.

They noted that relevant ministries stepped in when necessary, but there was a lack of a holistic policy and strategy to effectively address the allegations.

Meanwhile, the advisors also said lobbyists have been attempting to pursue a policy of changing genocide allegations to crimes against humanity, as they brought up a report prepared in collaboration with five Turkish universities.

The new body will take into consideration the cultural, historical and legal dimensions of the so-called “Armenian Genocide” allegations and will solely focus on the matter but will not have direct connections with the government or the state, the meeting concluded.

Turkey’s National Security Council (MGK) had been responsible for dealing with the issue of the “Armenian Genocide” until 2015, but the Prime Ministry Historical Research Center took care of the matter after an amendment. However, the institution has been dysfunctional after Turkey abolished the post of prime minister after a constitutional change referendum in 2017.

Turkey objects to presenting the 1915 incidents as “genocide,” rather calling them a tragedy in which both Turks and Armenians suffered casualties in the heat of World War I.

The U.S. Senate unanimously passed a resolution in December that recognizes the so-called “Armenian Genocide.”

The resolution had been blocked several times in the Senate, even though the Democratic-led House of Representatives passed the resolution by an overwhelming 405-11 late October.

The resolution asserts that it is U.S. policy to commemorate the 1915 events as “genocide.”

In 1915, the Ottoman Empire relocated Armenians in eastern Anatolia following revolts when some sided with invading Russians, which resulted in some Armenian casualties.

Armenia has demanded an apology and compensation, while Turkey has officially refuted the Armenian allegations over the incidents saying that although Armenians died during the relocation, many Turks also lost their lives in attacks carried out by Armenian gangs in Anatolia.

The Turkish government has repeatedly called on historians to study Ottoman archives pertaining to the era in order to uncover what actually happened between the Ottoman government and its Armenian citizens.

Rebuffing the “genocide” allegations, Turkey has officially acknowledged past experiences as a great tragedy in which both parties suffered heavy casualties, including hundreds of Muslim Turks.

After 105 Years, the Turkish President Still Planning to Cover up the Genocide

By Harut Sassounian

The High Advisory Board of the Turkish Presidency met last Tuesday for five hours to discuss how to respond “to groundless and anti-Turkey allegations” regarding the Armenian Genocide of 1915. The Advisory Board includes President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Ismail Kahraman (former Chairman of Parliament), Bulent Arinch (former Deputy Prime Minister), Cemil Chichek (former Chairman of Parliament), Koksal Toptan (former Chairman of Parliament), Mehmet Ali Shahin (former Chairman of Parliament), Yildirim Akbulut (former Prime Minister), President’s Chief of Staff Metin Kiratli and Presidential Communications Director Fahrettin Altun.

It is very satisfactory to Armenians worldwide that the Turkish government, after lying about the occurrence of the Armenian Genocide for a century, going to extraordinary lengths to blackmail other countries economically and politically, spending hundreds of millions of dollars on hiring lobbying firms and publishing denialist propaganda, is spending long hours wondering how to counter “the Armenian lobby.”

This means that all of the Turkish efforts for 105 years to deny the Armenian Genocide have been in vain. Turkey has wasted a huge amount of resources and time to deny the undeniable! The Turkish government is welcome to try again to convince the world that no such genocide has taken place. Eventually, the Turkish leaders will give up seeing that they cannot persuade anyone to believe their lies. The day will come when the Turkish government will admit that it is much easier to tell the truth than to continue its useless strategy of distorting a well-established historical fact. It is in Turkey’s best interest to come to terms with the Armenian government and its Diaspora and negotiate a proper compensation and restitution for the damages caused to the Armenian people during the Genocide. Once Turkey acknowledges the historical facts and makes amends, it will no longer have to worry about the world’s reaction to the Armenian Genocide. On the contrary, the Turkish leader will receive accolades from the international community for facing the facts and dealing honestly with its past crimes.

In the meantime, the Turkish government is foolishly continuing its hopeless campaign of denial of the Armenian Genocide. After last week’s five-hour High Advisory Board meeting behind closed doors, President Erdogan’s Communications Director Fahrettin Altun relayed the President’s following statement: “hostility seeds that were tried to be sown through distorted historical events would not be able to find the opportunity to flourish in the land of truth.” He accused the “Armenian lobby” of exploiting the “challenging and painful era endured by all Ottoman citizens for the sake of political calculations through lies and slanders that were invented by various power groups.” Furthermore, he said that during the meeting, “comprehensive steps” were discussed to prevent the Armenian lobby from using the 1915 events to “defame Turkey and our nation and also the propaganda made by countries through unrealistic allegations that manipulate the issue with political calculations.” The Turkish Presidential meeting also deliberated on projects and activities set to “shed light” on the issues with historical and legal aspects, along with “facts for the national and international public,” he added.

This new Turkish Genocide denial plan may have been triggered by the resolutions acknowledging the Armenian Genocide by the U.S. House of Representatives (405-11 votes) and the unanimous vote of the U.S. Senate last fall.

The question is why would Turkey’s leaders spent five hours deliberating on genocide denial at a time when the coronavirus pandemic is raging in the country, its economy is in shambles, the Turkish Lira has collapsed and Erdogan is losing the public’s support. According to some analysts, this is Erdogan’s tactic to deviate the Turkish public’s attention from his misrule and misadventures both within and outside the country.

Last month in a TV speech, Pres. Erdogan, showing his exasperation at the multiple problems of his government, once again lashed out at the “Armenian lobby,” among others. He vowed: “We will not give up before the forces of evil, either FETO, the PKK, the Armenian and Greek lobbies, or centers of hostility in the Persian Gulf.”

The Armenian government quickly reacted to Pres. Erdogan’s lies about the Armenian Genocide. This is a welcome development, as previous Armenian governments ignored all such Turkish outbursts. The Armenian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman Anna Naghdalyan responded: “The statements made by the Turkish President on justifying the Armenian Genocide and insulting its victims are not a novelty and are manifestations of hate speech, which have an impact on maintaining and strengthening the atmosphere of xenophobia against Armenians in that country…. Denialism has no future, no matter who and how frames it. Despite the efforts of the authorities of Turkey to suppress the truth, the truth has been prevailing.”

The European Armenian Federation for Justice and Democracy also issued a statement calling Erdogan’s latest plans to deny the Armenian Genocide a “dangerous xenophobic policy of the Turkish authorities, directed against the activists of the Armenian cause…. Unfortunately, the denial of the Armenian Genocide and the incitement of hatred against Armenians are a state policy in Turkey.”

In addition, the Armenian National Committee of America Western Region along with Assyrian, Greek and Jewish organizations issued a joint statement slamming the Turkish government’s latest announcement on countering the Armenian Genocide: “Understanding that denial is the final stage of genocide, enforcing the erasure of a people’s history and suffering, we call on people of good conscience to bring awareness to the plight of the victims of genocide both past and present, to hold accountable those who seek to distort historical truth, and ensure that never again will the world watch in silence while genocide is perpetrated.”

My advice to President Erdogan and his cronies is to abandon Turkey’s century-long failed efforts at denial of the facts of the Armenian Genocide, acknowledge the truth and embark on a mutually agreed plan to compensate for the losses suffered by the Armenian nation as a result of the Genocide.

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Trump Preparing For War With Russia While USA Burns?

Avia Pro

The United States deployed more than 30 fighters and 2 thousand military men at the border of the Kaliningrad region

Washington has ordered increased military pressure on Russia.

The US military continues to transfer its combat aircraft, armored vehicles and military personnel to the western Russian borders. If until recently it was believed that the appearance of thousands of American troops in Poland does not bear real risks, then, as it turned out, instead of thousands of troops there will appear twice as many representatives of the American army, however, which is much more frightening – the United States intends to place near the Kaliningrad region and three dozen of its F-16 fighters.

“The United States will redeploy to Poland up to two thousand soldiers, Warsaw will be given command of the 5th Corps of the American Army from Kentucky. Tomorrow in Washington they will confirm how the US military presence will be strengthened. It is known about plans to transfer from Germany to Poland about 30 American F-16s.

Now in Poland about 5000 US troops are deployed. About 60% of local residents, according to surveys, support an increase in the US military contingent in the country. “- The media report. Thus, the total number of US military in Poland will reach 7 thousand people.

What exactly is the reason for the active buildup of the military grouping near the Russian borders is not known.


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Deadly consequences of India’s ‘punga’ with China!

Crescent International
Deadly consequences of India’s ‘punga’ with China!

by Zia Sarhadi

How did 20 Indian soldiers die in clashes with Chinese forces in Ladakh in the disputed Kashmir region, when both sides admit no bullets were fired?

It seems the Chinese beat the hell out of Indian soldiers during the June 15 fracas high up in the Himalayas.

Those familiar with Punjabi and Urdu would understand what ‘punga’ means. It’s slang for provoking someone that can have serious consequences.

“How a clash that did not involve an exchange of fire could prove so lethal is unclear. There are reports that it was fought with rocks and clubs,” mused the BBC.

“Local media outlets reported that the Indian soldiers had been ‘beaten to death’,” continued the BBC.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian accused Indian troops of crossing the border twice on June 15, “provoking and attacking Chinese personnel, resulting in serious physical confrontation between border forces on the two sides”, according to AFP news agency.

Initially India reported three casualties on its side—two soldiers and an officer.

Delhi also claimed there were casualties on the other side.

The Chinese did not mention any casualties on their side but said they had captured a number of Indian soldiers, including a major.

The soldiers were released but the Indian major, reportedly, was still in Chinese custody.

Early today, the Indian army said three of its soldiers, including an officer, had died in the clash.

Later in the day, it said that “17 Indian troops who were critically injured in the line of duty” had died from their injuries, taking the “total that were killed in action to 20”.

According to reports from the region, both sides used rocks and clubs in the skirmish.

It seems the Chinese were far more agile in the use of these otherwise non-lethal weapons.

In any case, Indian troops are thoroughly demoralized as a result of low pay and poor living conditions.

Many suffer from depression and are unmotivated to fight, especially against a powerful adversary like China.

While India regularly threatens Pakistan, even resorting to firing artillery at Kashmiri villagers on the Pakistani side, with China, it is much more circumspect.

In November 1962, in the only war with China, India was convincingly beaten with Indian troops fleeing their posts.

In the nearly 60 years since, China has become a global power both militarily and economically while India, despite a very large army, is no match for Beijing.

Economically, India is still a third world country with more than 400 million people living in absolute poverty.

The border between the two countries in the frosty Himalayas is unmarked. Each side accuses the other of occupying its territory.

In recent weeks, however, India tried to take advantage by building a new road and an air strip in the most remote and vulnerable area along what is referred to as the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh.

This seems to have upset China that warned India to desist.

Last month, there were minor skirmishes between the two sides. It led to a meeting between the two countries’ top military officials and diplomats earlier this month in an attempt to defuse tensions.

India is desperate to avoid a clash, fully aware of the disastrous consequences.

It bares its fangs to threaten its smaller neighbors.

The latest clashes occurred around Ladakh’s Galwan Valley.

Military officials from both sides are meeting to defuse tensions and not allow these skirmishes that gave the Indians a bloody nose, from escalating.

India can ill-afford to pick up a fight with China, especially at a time when its economy has tanked amid the pandemic.

COVID-19 has left hundreds of millions of people in India without food or any assistance.

While Indian media continues to indulge in jingoism, its military knows the reality and is unwilling to take on a powerful adversary like China.

The moral of the story is, don’t take ‘punga’ with China!

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Turkey drew up plans to invade Greece and Armenia

Turkey drew up plans to invade Greece and Armenia

YEREVAN, JUNE 16, ARMENPRESS. Turkey developed a plan for a possible invasion of Greece named after an 11th century Turkish military commander, Nordic Monitor reported citing secret documents, ARMENPRESS reports, citing the Jerusalem Post.

The documents were part of a PowerPoint presentation that was supposedly planned by the Turkish general staff for internal planning review.

Titled “TSK Çakabey Harekât Planlama Direktifi” (Turkish Armed Forces Çakabey Operation Planning Directive), the presentation was dated June 13, 2014. According to the Nordic Monitor report, this suggests the plan was likely updated and finalized after a review of some earlier draft, and that the plan could still be active.

Also included in the same document were plans to invade Armenia, the operation in this case being titled “TSK Altay Harekât Planlama Direktifi,” which was dated August 15, 2000.

The documents were exchanged by top general staff commanders via a secure internal email system, the news portal reported. They appear to have been accidentally leaked in a court case file in Ankara that prosecutor Serdar Coşkun submitted to the court as part of an investigation into the failed military coup against Erdoğan in July 2016.

All of the general staff’s emails from the two months preceding the coup were seized by the prosecution.

The general staff had panicked over the possible leaking of the classified documents and urged the court to allow the documents to be screened before being presented. It appears, however, that the prosecutors ignored these concerns, the Nordic Monitor reported.

However, while the plans were named in the document, any specific details were omitted, likely being classified and therefore not shared through the network.

It is believed that the plans were prepared as a contingency regarding developments in Syria, in order to maintain offensive and deterrence capabilities on the Western front while moving troops, according to Nordic Monitor.

The inspiration for the operation’s name, Çaka Bey, better known as Chaka Bey and Tzachas, was a Seljuk Turk military commander and ruler of an independent state based in modern day Izmir. Chaka Bey was originally a commander in the service of the Byzantine Empire, but rebelled and began seizing power through conquest. At one point, he even declared himself Byzantine emperor.

Chaka Bey is a much revered figure in Turkey, with the Turkish Naval Command listing him as the first Turkish admiral and founder of the first modern Turkish navy; there is even a statue of him in their museum in Istanbul, the Nordic Monitor reported.

The revelations also come in the wake of renewed anti-Greek rhetoric on the part of the Erdoğan regime, which according to the report it has been scaling up since 2013, giving the example of a March 2019 announcement publicly supporting calls to convert the Hagia Sophia from a museum back into a mosque – which they announced as a response to US President Donald Trump’s recognition of ‘Israeli’ sovereignty of the Golan Heights and east Jerusalem.

The decision sparked backlash from Greece, with the building having had a long history as a Greek Orthodox cathedral before being converted into a mosque following Ottoman conquest of the city. It was converted into a museum in 1935.

Greek Foreign Minister George Katrougalos criticized Erdoğan’s remarks at the time, saying: “Any questioning of this status is not just an insult to the sentiments of Christians, it is an insult to the international community and international law,” according the Middle East Eye.

They also come amid Turkey’s attempts to increase its sphere of influence in the region, including its involvement in conflicts in Syria and Libya.

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‘Arab’ League Urges Ceasefire in Libya

By: Sammi Ibrahem, Sr

House of the Zio-Wahhabi rat’s

The ‘Arab’ League of Foreign Ministers called Tuesday for a truce in Libya as the warring sides, with the support of their foreign backers mobilise near Sirte, the main oil region, and threaten an escalation.

“Libya is passing through a dangerous turn in the course of its conflict,” ‘Arab’ League Secretary-General Zionist puppet Ahmed Aboul Gheit said in a statement.

“The military option will not achieve victory for any side … and the military action will not bring peace or establish stability on the Libyan soil,” Zionist puppet Gheit told an online emergency meeting called by Egypt to debate the latest developments in the North African country.

“The political solution is the only way to settle the Libyan crisis,” ZP Gheit said.

A ceasefire will enable a re-engagement in the United Nations-brokered negotiations to reach an agreement between the rival parties in the war-torn country, ZP Abul Gheit insisted.

Libya’s U.N. recognized Government of National Accord (GNA) had rejected Egypt’s invitation to the meeting, denouncing that calls for peace talks were made by backers of the eastern-based military commander Khalifa Haftar.

Earlier in the week, Zionist puppet Abdel Fattah el-Sisi called on the GNA to stop its counteroffensive against Haftar’s forces east of the capital, Tripoli, threatening military intervention and criticizing Turkish involvement in Libya.

Likewise, French President Emmanuel Macron said Monday that he could understand the “legitimate concern” of Zionist puppet El-Sisi.

“I don’t want in six months, or one year or two, to see that Libya is in the situation that Syria is in today,” Macron said, accusing Turkey of playing a “dangerous game” in Libya.

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy hit back saying Macron must have suffered an “eclipse of the mind” to oppose Ankara’s support of the GNA.

“The current troubles in Libya are caused by the attacks of putschist Haftar, whom [Macron] supports and who is a warlord who refused ceasefire accords in Moscow and Berlin,” Aksoy said, referring to international efforts to end the fighting in January.

Libya’s front lines have shifted rapidly in recent months as Ankara’s increased backing helped the GNA drive Haftar’s eastern-based Libyan National Army (LNA) from Tripoli and the northwest.

The LNA and the GNA are now preparing to battle for Sirte, and any further advance by the latter would give it the chance to take back control over Libya’s “oil crescent,” the region where most of the OPEC member’s energy is produced and exported.

Diplomats say a new battle for the town could still be avoided, particularly if Turkey and Russia can hash out an agreement.

Russia said Tuesday that it wanted a ceasefire in Libya and denied a UN report last month that said it had up to 1,200 mercenaries fighting in the country.

Libya descended into chaos in the wake of the 2011 NATO-backed uprising that ousted and killed longtime ruler Moammar Gadhafi. Thousands of people have been killed in sporadic fighting since 2014 between factions in the east and west.

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Indian Colonization of Jammu & Kashmir

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Crescent International
Indian Colonization of Jammu & Kashmir

by Zafar Bangash

That India is ruled by a fascist clique is not in doubt. Further, that it wants to fully absorb the state of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) in complete violation of international law and its own pledges at the United Nations Security Council, is also not in doubt. Delhi’s illegal act, however, seems not to bother the rest of the world. This is evident from the lack of reaction to India’s blatant act of colonialism on steroids.

India’s latest move involves the May 18 J&K ‘Grant of Domicile Certificate (Procedure) Rules 2020’ which diminishes the indigenous people’s rights to access public employment opportunities. This is significant both economically and symbolically. The move has been opposed by all segments of the Kashmiri society including political parties that are known to be pro-India.

Two days after announcing the ‘rules’, the Indian colonial regime made the domicile certificate a condition for access to education in Indian occupied J&K. These changes are in direct violation of international humanitarian law as well as the Instrument of Accession and the now-abrogated J&K Constitution and Indian Constitutional provisions relating to J&K.

The Indigenous people of Indian Occupied J&K no longer automatically qualify for public employment or education opportunities in the state whose status is internationally recognized as disputed. Since the state is the largest employer, especially of people with higher education, they have been deprived of such opportunity at a stroke.

Indigenous people of Indian occupied J&K, or holders of the previous “state subject” or “permanent resident” status, are not automatically grandfathered under the new domicile rules that will be enforced by low level Indian bureaucrats. Indigenous Kashmiris whose families have resided in Kashmir for centuries must apply for domicile status like any non-local resident of India. Given the virulent ideology of Hindutva rampaging through India, Indigenous Kashmiris’ applications are subject to rejection. It is believed that many of them do not possess the certificate required to obtain the new domicile status (which may never have been issued, or lost, or destroyed in natural disasters like the 2014 floods, or destroyed in acts of state violence or collective punishment. Historically, such certificates have been extremely difficult to obtain and may now be practically impossible to get as far as Indigenous Kashmiris are concerned.

The new domicile status is available to any Indian (subject to certain nominal qualifying criteria) and their children (in some cases, even if they have never resided in J&K). There is a special qualification category for the children of Indian government officials and military personnel who have served in Indian occupied J&K for ten years. It means, families of officials most directly responsible for gross human rights violations and acts constituting war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Indian occupied J&K can now reside in Kashmir right next to their victims. Documents required for non-locals to get domicile status are easily available.

Adding insult to injury, the new domicile status is not available to any “state subjects” or “permanent residents” of Kashmir or their progeny who are not Indian citizens. All refugees or exiles from Indian occupied J&K including those in Azad J&K (Pakistani side), who are predominantly if not entirely Muslims from Indian occupied J&K, are not eligible. Hindu refugees from “West Pakistan” are granted domicile rights. All diaspora Kashmiris and their children who are not Indian citizens are also ineligible.

Local authorities have strong incentive to not resist a mandate from Indian officials to grant domicile status to Indian citizens. Failure to comply would result in a fine of Rs 50,000, a major portion of their monthly salary. With such coercive tactics, few local officials would be able to resist the pressure from Indian bureaucrats that are hell-bent on changing the demographic composition of J&K as soon as possible.

India’s colonial settler enterprise in J&K is proceeding along the same lines as the Zionist land grab in Occupied Palestine. While there has been some criticism, albeit mild, of the Zionists’ land grab, there is deafening silence about India’s naked colonialism in Jammu and Kashmir.

If the Kashmiris resist such gangsterism by rising and fighting against it, the world will then accuse them of being “terrorists”. What should they do to protect their rights: natural, historical and human rights?

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UN Chief Urges the Nazi regime to Abandon Annexation Plan of West Bank

UN Chief Urges Israel to Abandon Annexation Plan of West Bank

“This would be calamitous for Palestinians, Israelis and the region,” Guterres said.

United Nations Chief Antonio Guterres urged Israel Tuesday to call off its plans to annex parts of the illegally Nazi occupied West Bank, declaring that such a move would be a “most serious violation of international law.”

In a report to the U.N. Security Council, Guterres said an the Nazi annexation would be “devastating” for hopes of negotiations and an eventual two-state solution. The document was sent to the Council one day before the body’s meeting on the ‘Israeli’-Palestinian conflict.

“This would be calamitous for Palestinians, Israelis and the region,” Guterres said.

Th Nazi regime of Naziyahu has planned to begin the annexation process from July 1, as part of a so-called “peace plan” presented by U.S. President Donald Trump.

The Security Council meeting, to be held Wednesday by video conference, will be the last major international meeting on the issue before the July 1 deadline.

Diplomats expect a vast majority of U.N. members to again oppose the Nazi plans, but they seem to rule out the idea that the Nazi entity could face sanctions, as it was the case for Russia after the annexation of Crimea.

“Any annexation would have quite big consequences for the two-state solution in the peace process,” an ambassador told AFP on condition of anonymity.

But the envoy said it was not a “simple task” to compare the West Bank with Crimea.

Earlier this month, Palestine’s leadership made a counter-proposal to Trump’s plan, proposing the establishment of a demilitarised and sovereign Palestinian state in the occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem, and besieged Gaza.

The Palestinian proposal also allows the possibility of adapting the borders between the proposed state and the Nazi entity, as well as exchanging land equal “in size and volume and in value,” Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh had said.

Trump’s plan, in turn, consents to the Nazi regime annexation of large parts of the illegally occupied West Bank, including illegal settlements and the Jordan Valley.

Announced in late January, it grants Palestinians a disjointed and demilitarised entity with a capital on the outskirts of Jerusalem, while the disputed city would remain fully under Nazi sovereignty.

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