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Palestine: Why the Nazi entity as Above the Law

Stop Treating Israel as a State Above the Law and End Annexation

Trump and Netanyahu’s plans and actions are an attack on the international community as well as Palestinians

By: Saeb Erekat

With only a few days left until 1 July, the date included in the Israeli government coalition agreement to further advance the annexation of occupied Palestinian territory, it has become clear to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump’s team that their next colonial mission will be more challenging to execute.

Worldwide campaigns, a firm position by the Arab world, the prospects of an ICC investigation and unprecedented Congress efforts, as well as the significant grassroots efforts in the US, are all elements that were not taken into consideration when the Trump team drafted Israel’s annexation plan.

Even for some of the current US administration’s closest allies, such as the pro-Israeli evangelical camp, Israel’s annexation is not a priority. Evangelical voices against annexation in the US are growing louder.

Likewise, many leading US Jewish voices have strongly opposed annexation, which if it took place could jeopardise their sacred bi-partisan support for the Israel lobby in Washington. A few days ago, over a hundred Democratic members of Congress signed a letter against annexation, while Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has expressed his own opposition to it.

All regional actors, as well as all Arab countries with strong connections in Washington, have warned against Israel’s plans. They have been clear that annexation undermines their national interests.

The secretary general of the Arab League has played an important role in the diplomatic efforts. The European Union has made it clear that annexation will negatively affect its relations with Israel. So, why would the US and Israel keep moving ahead with it?

‘Now or never’

Trump and his team have dismissed international law and UN resolutions as tools for peacemaking and have instead endorsed some of Israel’s most hardcore views. For the advocates of annexation, this is their historic moment and their short-term goals are clear.

November’s US election is pushing this camp to say: “It’s now or never.” The messianic cohort represented by US Ambassador David Friedman deeply feels that this moment will mark their legacy.

In their calculations, it is also possible that Israel’s leading trading partner, the European Union, is not going to be able to impose sanctions. They count on governments such as Germany’s, which while firmly declaring that annexation is a violation of international law, also called upon the ICC not to conduct an investigation into Israeli crimes.

As Israel continues to reiterate its intentions to annex, no country has yet taken concrete measures such as recalling its ambassador to Israel or summoning Israeli ambassadors to their countries. On top of that, only last Friday, no EU country voted in favour of a resolution in the UN Human Rights Council calling for basic principles of accountability for Israeli violations in Palestine.

Several steps

Our position remains that stopping annexation is doable. Ending Israel’s illegal colonial-settlement occupation is also achievable. We have taken several steps with this in mind, including ending all interim bilateral agreements after years of systematic Israeli violations.

A few days ago, thousands of Palestinians were joined by dozens of diplomats in Jericho to say no to annexation and yes to freedom for Palestine: a powerful image that showed the unanimous rejection of annexation outside the Trump-Netanyahu bubble.

UN resolution 3414 of 1975 requested “all States to desist from supplying Israel with any military or economic aid as long as it continues to occupy Arab territories and deny the inalienable national rights of the Palestinian people.” In 2004, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) advisory opinion on the annexation wall also included a set of responsibilities for the international community.

If this was implemented, Israel would not be talking today about annexation. The calls for annexation are a reminder for the need for accountability, including sanctions.

Our vision of peace was detailed to the UN Security Council and is based on international law and relevant UN resolutions.

This requires bold steps to reaffirm the international support for this formula, including the recognition of the State of Palestine and to stop treating Israel as a state above the law. An international peace conference has been one of our requests.

Neither Trump nor Netanyahu expected major condemnations or challenges to their annexation plans. But this is an understanding that their actions are not only an attack against the rights of the Palestinian people but about the international community as a whole.

As the world has spoken loudly against annexation, we shall continue working in coordination with international parties, from governments and parliaments to civil society, to stop with concrete measures Israel’s attempts at perpetuating apartheid in Palestine.

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Get Ready for ‘Shock and Awe’ Brexit Propaganda Campaign

By: True Publica

The governments’ overuse of militaristic, Churchillian and war-time cliches over Brexit and the pandemic is wearing thin and getting tiresome. But as Brexit day approaches, this is the mentality of a government obsessed with public relations. A mass propaganda invasion is to be aimed at every adult to overcome the Remainer enemy.

The tactics to be used will be based on behavioural science to get businesses and the public on side and to prepare for the end of the Brexit transition period.

The term ‘shock and awe‘, more often used to describe a military strategy of overwhelming force and closely associated with the disaster that was the Iraq war, is contained in a document setting out the government’s communications plan.

The information campaign is huge and is set to warn the public about the “consequences of not taking action,” before moving to a new phase focusing on avoiding losses as a result of the post-Brexit disruption.

If ever there was more evidence needed that the government themselves are pushing the country to a no-deal Brexit – this just adds more weight to it.

The plan forms part of a £multi-million advertising deal the government has struck with media agency MullenLowe London, reports This is the same outfit which has also been working on communications around the coronavirus pandemic. One might observe from the sidelines that communications throughout the pandemic has been a catastrophic failure on just about every level. The contract was found on the Tussell government procurement database.

Britain is set to leave the transition period on December 31, even if it fails to strike a trade deal with Brussels. Either way, there is expected to be new administration and checks on cross-border trade next year, as well as action needed by EU nationals in Britain, British nationals on the Continent and other groups in order to avoid disruption.

The Transition Campaign is the most important government campaign this year,” says a tender document. It says the ‘advertising blitz’ will begin in July and could stretch as far as May 2022.

Be ready to be ‘nudged’ or ‘shoved’ because this is in the plan, which split the publicity campaign across four “bursts.” Between July and August, there will be a drive to “nudge” or “shove” people to take action by warning of the “consequences” of Brexit, before moving to a “shock and awe” approach between September and November.

When we get to December when the realisation of Brexit is a reality, the propaganda campaign moves into the “loss avoidance” stage and in January, the indoctrination programme then moves to the final stage called “new opportunities.” By the end of the first quarter of 2021, most people will then know most of Brexit contained more ‘losses’ than ‘opportunities’ and will probably look to shifting blame onto Boris Johnson and Co as the economy does exactly what the governments’ own economic forecast said – ‘decline for a decade.’

It won’t be of much a surprise to learn that this cunning plan was drawn up with the help of so-called behavioural experts after the “Get Ready for Brexit” campaign, which sought to prepare people and businesses for Brexit throughout last year. That plan was heavily criticized by the National Audit Office so, no doubt we can expect more of the same.

Internal government data from October last year showed 61 per cent of businesses had not even looked for information on how to prepare for a no-deal scenario. The government said the numbers showed “there must still be a large degree of complacency amongst businesses.”

By May this year, business leaders were panic-struck over how to deal with the pandemic and then Brexit when in survival mode. The most recent survey of the general public found that the majority (55%) believe Brexit should be delayed to allow businesses time to adapt given issues caused by the pandemic.

Government research showed businesses are reluctant to take action without certainty, which is understandable given the circumstances. Those businesses working in cross-border trade were also more likely to prepare because of their concerns about the impact of Brexit. The government noted that because of their worries they “will not respond well to overly positive messaging.”

Meanwhile, it should be noted that the report also stated that Brexit voters are “less likely to prepare as they don’t believe in any potential negative consequences of leaving.”

Polling in January this year showed 74 per cent of U.K. adults had done nothing to prepare for leaving the EU and did not plan to. Eight per cent had taken action and 9 per cent intended to do so. This means the campaign needed to convince people that Brexit is going to have a big impact on the country will need to be both large and sustained.

The behavioral science team will use some nongovernment channels to convey messages because “people have a higher level of trust in third parties and peers than they do in government.” In other words, most people do not believe what the government says – trust has fallen to all-time lows after the chaos and confusion caused by government miscommunications and poor handling of the pandemic.

The document stated:

With nine months to go, now is the time to ensure that clarity and certainty is communicated wherever possible about what will happen at the end of the year. Therefore we need to frontload preparation wherever possible, and ensure that any early misunderstanding is ironed out and appropriate actions are taken.

The communications drive to prepare businesses and citizens is one of five “strategic goals” of the overall government plan for quitting the EU institutions at the end of this year.

Another goal is to convince the EU that the U.K. is ready to leave the transition period without a deal, while others include minimizing short term disruption and implementing necessary changes.

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MSM “Fake News” Against Syria. Describe Al Qaeda as “Rebels”, Elected President as “Dictator”

New US Sanctions Escalate Suffering of Syrian People

By: Steven Sahiounie

The Editorial Board of The Washington Post published an opinion on June 24, “Syria’s brutal dictatorship suffers a severe setback”. It is an opinion; however, they must be held responsible for factually incorrect statements.  

They call the Assad government of Syria the “Middle East’s most brutal dictatorship”.  President Assad is an elected president, having won the majority in an open election in 2014 of three candidates, which was observed by an independent international team.  The term brutal may have alluded to accusations of the use of chemical weapons; however, according to James Mattis, while serving as Defense Secretary under President Trump, the US has no evidence that Assad used chemicals.  President Obama drew a red line at chemical use, and when the famous attack occurred in East Ghouta in 2013 the world held their breath waiting for a US military attack, but after Obama was informed by the UK Defense Lab at Portadown that the chemical sample from East Ghouta was not from Syrian government supplies, Obama terminated the attack, refusing to be duped by the terrorists into attacking Syria based on a lie.  The US invasion and destruction of Iraq was based on a lie, which made Obama wary to repeat what George W. Bush had done.

The editorial refers to Idlib as “the last major rebel stronghold”.  Idlib is under the occupation of Al Qaeda terrorists.  Al Qaeda is not “rebels”,  Al Qaeda is an internationally outlawed terrorist group according to the UN, EU, US, and many other countries.  The UN Charter, which the US signed, states all members must fight Al Qaeda wherever they are found.  The war on terror is a global fight. The Al Qaeda branch in Syria was called Jibhat al-Nusra, which changed its name to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham. Regardless of their name-changing attempt at disguise, they have never been “rebels”, but are fighting to establish an Islamic government in Syria, with Islamic law as the constitution. The establishment of an Islamic State in Syria is against all American values, both politically and culturally.

The editorial continues praising the new sanctions recently enacted “sanctioning of any foreign actors who provide support to the Assad regime, its air force, its oil industry or reconstruction projects”.  This is misleading, as it implies those sanctioned would have been dealing with the Syrian government.  The truth of the sanctions, which the editorial board skillfully left out, is that anyone in Syria who would like to rebuild their home, farm, factory, store, office, private school, private hospital, or any personal or private property is prevented from using any foreign products to do so.  These sanctions are not only against foreign companies selling reconstruction supplies to the Syrian government but are the threat of sanctions against any company outside of Syria who would dare to sell anything to any private person, or private company in Syria.

Dr. Yazji, who owned a private hospital in Syria for decades, which was attacked, occupied, looted, and destroyed by terrorists following Radical Islam in the early years of the conflict, is prevented from buying the medical equipment he needs to restock the hospital.  Specialty machines and supplies from medical firms in the UK, France, and Italy are prevented from entering Syria, even though the Syrian government has no role or benefit from the imported items.  Dr. Yazji, who had dreamed of refurbishing his hospital, re-hiring staff, and serving his community, will remain unemployed because of the US sanctions which the Editorial Board “credits” the US Congress with.

The US media has written countless articles about the dire conditions of the medical sector in Syria after 9 years of war.  However, the US sanctions prevent repairing any hospital, whether it is a Syrian Public Hospital under the Ministry of Health or one of the hundreds of private hospitals. The US Congress and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are well aware that the sanctions they have enacted against the people of Syria will prevent their health care from improving.

Another glaring untruth stated by the Editorial Board is “The initial round of Caesar Act sanctions announced by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was relatively modest, targeting the Assad clique and Iranian militia leaders”.  The sanctions are not targeting a small group at the top of the Syrian government.  The sanctions are targeting every person who lives in Syria today and includes Syrians living abroad who had been waiting for peace to be restored so that they could go home and rebuild their lives.  Now, those dreams are dashed, as they realize they can never rebuild their home and business and start generating a sustainable income once more.  The US sanctions are designed to keep the Syrian refugees outside because if the refugees start coming home again that means the conflict is over and Syria is recovering.  That is a political message that the US Congress never wants to tell.  The US foreign policy on Syria is clear and easily understood: keep the citizens in a constant state of suffering and deprivation, and keep blaming the Syrian government for their suffering.

A healthy, prosperous Syrian economy must be prevented.  Syrian refugees must be kept far-away from home, and they should be encouraged to not return home.  By keeping the economy in ruins, the US Congress keeps the Syrian war going, even though Trump cut off the CIA funding of terrorists in 2017.

The Editorial Board admits the sanctions are a “squeeze on the average Syrian”, as the sanctions “helped crash the Syrian currency, which has lost two-thirds of its value since the beginning of the year.”  The Syrian Lira (SL) held at 50 SL to $1.00 from 1992 to 2011.  From the effects of the newest US sanctions, the currency rose to 3,800 SL to $1.00 recently.  Imagine a dinner for two which you were used to paying $50.00 for in a US city, and then you go back to the same place and order the same meal and the bill is suddenly $4,000.00.  Imagine the hardship of Syrians trying to feed their families in this economic crisis, and remember that not one loaf of bread from the US has ever arrived in Damascus to feed the poor.  The billions of US AID goes to Idlib and the foreign countries which host Syrian refugee camps.  The law-abiding Syrian citizens who never left home or supported Al Qaeda or ISIS are deprived of aide.

While the media often portrays Syria as a ghost town, with the majority of the population having left during the years of greatest conflict, the truth of the matter is the vast majority of the Syrian population never left.  The experts consistently state that approximately one-third of the population left Syria, but that leaves about two-thirds inside Syria today, and suffering from the US sanctions, which began in 1979 but are now hitting a crescendo.  The US Congress should be concentrating on how to help the UN process for peace, which is outlined in resolution 2254, instead of concentrating on how to make the Syrian people suffer.  But, after all, that is just my opinion.

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Spanish Government Moves Forward on Hypervigilance Project. Towards a Surveillance Police State

By: Lucas Leiroz de Almeida

Several experts suggest that the post-pandemic world will be very different from the world we know. It is speculated that a new order, based on the prevention of the spread of diseases, will be put in place and that, for this purpose, governments and intelligence organizations in all countries will use advanced control and surveillance systems, in order to track infected people and keep them in quarantine, preventing the circulation of infections. Despite possible benefits, such as preventing a new pandemic, this model of organization also has some problems, as it sacrifices several civil liberties in the name of disease prevention, annihilating the right to privacy and the right to come and go.

In several countries, the tests for a post-coronavirus order has already begun. Israel is one of the most advanced nations in this regard, already having complex control and surveillance systems and exporting its technology to other countries, such as India. Now, another country that is gaining notoriety on this issue is Spain, which is advancing more and more in surveillance and hypercontrol projects.

Recently, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation proposed a pilot project to test a control model on the Spanish island of La Gomera, where a cell phone application will be used to control private health data. The goal is to create a large infection and control simulation to test the model before implanting it in the rest of the country. The Council of Ministers has already approved the project, which will start soon. Although several countries are already testing similar systems, Spain is the first nation to simulate contagions for better data capture. The company responsible for the technology is the Spanish multinational Indra, which Works in military industry, mainly in the field of telecommunications and strategic technology. The contract signed between the company and the Spanish government is valued at more than 330,000 euros.

The application operates via Bluetooth and emits signals to other cell phones with the same technology installed, watching them constantly. When two users physically approach each other, a contagion alert is issued in the event of an approach of less than 2 meters for more than 15 minutes. If one of the users is tested positive for COVID-19, he will receive an alert informing him of the risks and those who approached him will receive tips on how to avoid contagion. While this whole process takes place, user data is constantly captured and analyzed by remote monitoring centers – and here lies the danger of misuse of this technology.

Formally, the application follows rules of respect for privacy to the individual rights of users, who will not be obliged to use it or accept to receive notifications, however there are several unclear points about the project, as informed by the Spanish Data Protection Agency, who complains about the lack of transparency on the part of the Indra company and the government. The Agency published an official note severely criticizing the lack of details in the elaboration of the project, which prevents a more rigorous evaluation by the Agency. In its note, the criticisms were particularly directed to the Spanish Secretariat of State, which said that the Agency participated in the entire process of evaluating and reviewing the project, which the Agency vehemently denies, saying it needs more information and that it prioritizes the protection of data above all issues.

In fact, it is clear that even within the Spanish government there is a disagreement regarding the nature of the project, which reveals the controversy surrounding the issue. Indeed, what the ministers who approved the system and the company that developed it are planning is to move forward on a very dangerous global agenda, which prioritizes the violation of all personal rights in order to prevent a contagion. It is necessary to take into account a series of issues and rigorously evaluate the benefits and costs of the project, taking into account that this type of technology can be used for absolutely any purpose, including espionage and hypervigilance.

The coronavirus seems to have opened a new Overton Window, in which the control of personal information data and total monitoring have entered the sphere of public debate. The so-called “western democracies”, based on liberal values ​​such as the individual freedom, increasingly admit totalitarian speeches in the name of “public health”. It remains to be seen, however, whether it is really only in the name of collective health that Western governments want to violate the rights of their citizens. It is very likely that there are much deeper and more obscure interests behind the disease prevention discourse, and all of this should be taken into account when discussing projects as bold as this one.

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Venezuela, Minneapolis, Iran, Europe – Trump’s Last Gasps of Collapsing World Control. Or Is It?

By: Peter Koenig

There comes a time when shooting around in circles just hits walls, bullets splinter off sidewalks, and shatter a window here and there. But people are in safety. They watch from a distance and with self-assurance.

Venezuela has received five tankers from Iran loaded with hydrocarbons – petrol gas, additives – shipped through a totally US-militarized Caribbean Sea, amidst warnings of attacks and retaliations – and as usual, sanctions ’no end’. How much more sanctions can a country get?

There is an immune system, called sovereignty and fearlessness – confidence and dignity. Knowing your rights. That’s what makes the whole difference.

Granted, the tankers were escorted by the Venezuelan Navy and Air Force; especially through Venezuelan waters. And they made it undisturbed to the port of El Palito, a small Venezuelan port run by Venezuela’s state oil company PDVSA.

The American shooting didn’t take place and the event was not televised.

Another aggression against Venezuelan sovereignty is the Bank of England’s withholding totally illegally some US$ 1.2 billion worth of Venezuelan gold, deposited voluntarily by Venezuela in times of trust – as part of Venezuela’s reserve funds. With oil prices collapsed, Venezuela decided to use part of her gold reserves to purchase medication and food to counter the disastrous corona effects.

Venezuela claimed the gold deposited at the Bank of England (BoE) which offers gold custodian services mostly but not exclusively to developing nations; and so, does the New York FED and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basle and several other international institutions and central banks considered safe and trustworthy. These are legal arrangements under which the depositing country may withdraw the funds at any time and at will.

Venezuela has a sovereign right to claim these funds without any explanation or justification. The BoE refused, claiming the Government of Nicolas Maduro was not the legitimate government recognized by the UK. Can you imagine – if any government decides to confiscate funds from another government, because they don’t like its leadership — where would we end up? – Well, there is not much guessing. We are already there. The Anglo-Zionist world makes its own rules and decides over and above any international law. And the spineless European puppets follow their cue. It is high time that this matrix collapses and gives way to a civilization that recognizes the values of democracy, justice, basic ethics and human rights.

In this case, Venezuela explained that the money is needed to buy food and medication to counter the nefarious effects of COVID-19.  The UN, intervening on behalf of Venezuela, has requested the BoE to return the money. That gesture or action by the UN is in itself is an act of ‘independence’ by the UN against the US, for whom the UN otherwise does the bidding. But to no avail. The BoE didn’t release the Venezuelan-owned gold. As a compromise, Venezuela suggested that the funds be handed over to UNDP (United Nations Development Program) which would buy vital food and medication for Venezuela.

Already at the end of 2018, Venezuelan Finance Minister Simón Zerpa and Central Bank President Calixto Ortega, travelled to London to demand that Venezuela be allowed to take the gold back to Venezuela. In January 2019, the BoE refused the request. All it said publicly was that it did not comment on customer relationships. However, the real reason was clear.

The US-trained and self-proclaimed, US supported Juan Guaido, an Assembly member, who was never elected – who never faced a presidential election – asked Downing Street that the gold was not returned to the legitimate Maduro Government which Washington, the UK and other EU members, out of the blue and without any legal reasons declared illegitimate. What a world! – Imagine that some 40 or 50 countries in the world would decide that Donald Trump and Angela Merkel were illegitimately in their high offices. Well, you laugh. It would never happen.Venezuela – US Attack Imminent?

Under pressure from Washington, and her own neofascist government, the UK and her central bank didn’t budge. The case was brought on May 14, 2020, to a Court in London. A Venezuela-favorable judgement is however unlikely. The case will then go to the International Court of Justice in The Hague. Will the ICJ have enough backbone to decide against Washington? That  remains to be seen. It would be another sign that Trump’s last trumps are gone.

On yet another account, the Trump Administration has seized all Venezuelan assets in the US, including in 2018, the CITCO refinery and gas station network, in a further attempt to hurt their self-made archenemy, socialist Venezuela. CITCO’s assets in the United States, are estimated at about 8 billion dollars, plus about 30 billion dollars of annual revenues. CITCO covers about 10% of the US domestic gasoline market. Overall Venezuelan assets confiscated – or more accurately described as stolen – in the US and overseas are estimated at about 50 to 70 billion dollars.

In addition to other strangulating sanctions and coercive actions by Washington against Venezuela, just think what these illegally US-appropriated funds could do to ease living conditions of Venezuelans whose hardship has exclusively been brought about by Washington and Washington’s coercion of its so-called western allies – alias vassals, especially Europe – to economically sanction Venezuela. A hardship being exacerbated by the Covid-19 crisis. Mind you, Venezuela has done no harm, has never threatened any of the countries that follow the US dictate on “economic sanctions”.

Yet, through this all, Venezuela remains calm, non-aggressive, non-conflictive, self-assured and survives; and Venezuela has actually mastered the Covid-crisis better than most of Latin America. According to WHO, as of 4 June Venezuela registered 1819 confirmed cases and only 18 deaths.

Venezuela’s strength of resistance and self-determination is extraordinary. It is THE recipe for success and for overcoming western oppression. This autonomy and Iran’s undisturbed solidarity and sovereign action to help Venezuela with oil tankers despite the US threats, are signals to the world that Washington’s empire is crumbling.

Or, as Andre Vltchek pointedly says in his article about the brutal police murder of Mr. George Floyd,

“The World Cannot Breathe!” Squashed by the U.S. – A Country Built on Genocide and Slavery: Now more and more people can finally see what few of us have been repeating for years: The entire world has its neck squashed by the U.S. boot. The entire world “cannot breathe”! And the entire world has to fight for its right to be able to breathe!”

Let’s add to this: And the entire world is no longer afraid to stand up and defend and fight for their rights.

This “fight” is increasingly a battle of the 99 % against the 1% – the rich and powerful wanting to control ever more of the globe’s resources.

With every day this battle is turning more in favor of We, the People.

The worldwide corona-lockdown and the social and economic calamity of uncountable unemployment, famine and misery – unheard of in human history – is unwittingly inciting  billions of victims worldwide into an important awakening, of which the masters behind this nonsensical lockdown, behind the power and control thirst – the Gates, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Et Al, are possibly not aware of.   

The ruthless killing of George Floyd has set in motion a series of riots throughout the US – affecting some 150 US-cities.

These unrests will likely gain their own dynamic, as the wave spreads to Europe and possibly also to the Global South.

While the generous financiers of Antifa, Black Lives Matter (supported by the Ford Foundation and Soros) and other protest organizations may have as a clear objective, namely the  outright “Militarization of the West”, the dynamics of an awakened people may potentially derail this diabolical project and ring in a new set of societal values.

The resisting forces and perseverance of the people of Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, let alone, Russia and China, have magical power.

Never mind the physical losses of stolen assets, of economic sanctions, of attempted humiliation by the neoliberal western alliance breaching contracts and agreements at will, i.e. the Iran Nuclear Deal, several disarmament agreements with Russia – and more – the new wave of spiritual and universal consciousness gains, far outpace these losses.

The forces of Light may overcome the Darkness which has engulfed humanity over the last 5,000 years – laying the foundation for a new society with values of equality and peace for a common future for mankind.

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Young Nazi: Clear Tel Aviv of minorities

“The riots prove that there is no chance for coexistence in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, and all the minorities must leave the city,” Yair Naziyahu tweeted.

YAIR NETANYAHU at a recent court hearing. (photo credit: AVSHALOM SHOSHANI)

YAIR NAZIYAHU at a recent court hearing.

PM Benjamin Naziyahu’s son, Yair, called on Sunday for minorities to be banished from Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Naziyahu made the comment in response to riots that began because of the city’s plan to build the Center for the Homeless on a site that was an old Muslim cemetery. He was reacting on Twitter to Blue and White minister Alon Schuster saying there was no chance for coexistence of Arabs and the Jewish minority in Hebron.

“The riots prove that there is no chance for coexistence in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, and all the minorities must leave the city,” Yair Naziyahu tweeted.Joint List MK Ofer Cassif, who is the only Jewish MK on the Joint List of Arab parties, blamed the prime minister for his son’s statement.”The rotten apple does not fall far from the tree,” Cassif said. “The little racist learned hate and ignorance from their father’s house. There is no chance for coexistence with haters like them, and they should leave Israel.” 

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The first Syrian response to “Caesar’s Law” after it came into effect!

An official source in the Syrian Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday that the first package of US measures against his country in implementation of the so-called “Caesar Law”, reveals Washington’s transgression of all international laws and norms.

The source added that this also reveals the level to which the officials of this administration have descended to touch the behavior of gangs and bandits.

He declared that “the American administration that chases its citizens in the various streets of its states, kills people in cold blood, and practices the most heinous forms of racial discrimination in reproduction of the crimes of its founding fathers against the indigenous people of the country, is the last person entitled to rant the talk of human rights.”

And he continued, “The American administrations have built their state on the culture of killing, and they do not value any values, and they met with contempt for all norms and laws.”

He stated that the administration’s talk about human rights in Syria goes beyond the worst forms of lies and hypocrisy, and its policies lie in supporting terrorism that has killed the Syrians ’blood and destroyed their achievements.

The Syrian diplomat stressed that the escalation of sanctions against the Syrian people comes to add a new dimension and form to this terrorism and an attempt to float its staggering project and defeat its tools from the terrorists.

The source stressed that the Syrian people and their army, which steadfastly aborted the American project in defense of Syria’s sovereignty and territorial and territorial integrity, would not allow black crime professionals in the White House to revive their lost project.

بالتفاصيل – أسماء الشخصيات والكيانات الـ 39 المشمولة بعقوبات “قيصر”

أعلنت الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية اليوم الأربعاء فرض عقوبات اقتصادية على 39 شخصية وكياناً مرتبطين بالدولة السورية بموجب قانون حماية المدنيين في سوريا “قيصر”.

AL-ASSAD, Asma (Arabic: اسماء الاسد) (a.k.a. AKHRAS, Asma; a.k.a. AL-AKHRAS, Asma), Damascus, Syria; DOB 11 Aug 1975; POB Acton, United Kingdom; nationality Syria; alt. nationality United Kingdom; Gender Female (individual) [SYRIA-EO13894].

AL-ASSAD, Bushra (Arabic: بشرى الاسد) (a.k.a. SHAWKAT, Bushra), Dubai, United Arab Emirates; DOB 24 Oct 1960; POB Egypt; nationality Syria; Gender Female (individual) [SYRIA-EO13894].

AL-ASSAD, Manal (Arabic: منال الاسد) (a.k.a. AL-AHMAD, Manal; a.k.a. AL-AKHRAZ, Manal; a.k.a. JAADAN, Manal), Damascus, Syria; DOB 02 Feb 1970; POB Damascus, Syria; nationality Syria; Gender Female (individual) [SYRIA-EO13894].

ALDABBAS, Rania (a.k.a. AL DABAS, Rania Raslan; a.k.a. AL DABBAS, Rania Raslan (Arabic: رانية رسلان الدباس); a.k.a. DABAS, Rania Raslan; a.k.a. DABBAS, Rania Raslan), Damascus, Syria; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; DOB 02 Jun 1974; POB Damascus, Syria; nationality Syria; Gender Female; Passport N003000785 (Syria) (individual) [SYRIA-EO13894].

AL-DANA, Samer (Arabic: سامر الدانا), Damascus, Syria; DOB 01 May 1968; POB Damascus, Syria; nationality Syria; Gender Male; Passport 3463215 (Syria); Brigadier General; Commander of the 41st Brigade of the FOURTH DIVISION of the Syrian Arab Army (individual) [SYRIA-EO13894].

AL-OLABI, Adel Anwar (Arabic: عادل انور العلبي) (a.k.a. AL-OLABI, Adil Anwar; a.k.a. AL-‘ULABI, ‘Adel Anwar; a.k.a. EL-OULABI, Adel Anouar), Damascus, Syria; DOB 1976; POB Damascus, Syria; nationality Syria; Gender Male (individual) [SYRIA].

AL-ZUBAIDI, Khaled (Arabic: خالد الزبيدي) (a.k.a. AL-ZUBAIDI, Khaled Bassam; a.k.a. AL-ZUBAIDI, Mohammed Khaled Bassam; a.k.a. ZUBAIDI, Mohammed Khaled; a.k.a. ZUBEDI, Khalid), Syria; Canada; DOB 10 Apr 1976; nationality Syria; alt. nationality Canada; Gender Male; Passport N 006540969 (Syria); alt. Passport HC246053 (Canada) (individual) [SYRIA] [SYRIA-CAESAR].

BILAL, Ghassan Ali (Arabic: غسان علي بلال) (a.k.a. BELAL, Ghassan), Damascus, Syria; DOB 1966; nationality Syria; Gender Male; Commander of the 555th Regiment and Director of the Security Bureau of the Fourth Division of the Syrian Arab Army (individual) [SYRIA-EO13894].

HAMCHO, Sumaia Saber (Arabic: سعمية صابر حمشو) (a.k.a. HAMSHO, Somaya Saber), Doha, Qatar; DOB 16 Apr 1965; POB Damascus, Syria; nationality Syria; alt. nationality Qatar; Gender Female; Passport 01175686 (Qatar) (individual) [SYRIA-EO13894].

HAMSHO, Ahmad Sabir Mohammed (a.k.a. HAMCHO, Ahmad Saber (Arabic: احمد صابر حمشو); a.k.a. HAMCHO, Ahmad Saber Mohamad; a.k.a. HAMSHOU, Ahmed Saber Mohammed), Damascus, Syria; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; London, United Kingdom; DOB 25 Nov 1992; POB Damascus, Syria; nationality Syria; Gender Male; Passport N005364444 (Syria) (individual) [SYRIA-EO13894].

HAMSHO, Ali Muhammad (Arabic: علي محمد حمشو) (a.k.a. HAMCHO, Ali; a.k.a. HAMCHO, Ali Mohamad; a.k.a. HAMSHOU, Ali Mohammed), Damascus, Syria; Paris, France; DOB 03 Nov 1998; POB Damascus, Syria; nationality Syria; Gender Male; Passport N005361042 (Syria) (individual) [SYRIA-EO13894].

HAMSHO, Amr Mohamed (a.k.a. HAMCHO, Amre (Arabic: عمرو حمشو); a.k.a. HAMCHO, Amre Mohamad; a.k.a. HAMSHO, Amrou Mohammed; a.k.a. HAMSHOU, Amrou Mohammed), Damascus, Syria; DOB 07 Mar 1995; POB Damascus, Syria; nationality Syria; Gender Male; Passport N005361043 (Syria) (individual) [SYRIA-EO13894].

JAMALEDDINE, Nazir Ahmad Mohammed (Arabic: نذير احمد محمد جمال الدين) (a.k.a. JAMAL EDDIN, Mohammed Nazer; a.k.a. JAMAL EDDINE, Natheer Ahmed Mohammed; a.k.a. JAMAL EDDINE, Nathier Ahmed Mohammed), Damascus, Syria; DOB 02 Jan 1962; POB Damascus, Syria; nationality Syria; Gender Male; Passport N011612445 (Syria); alt. Passport 002-17-L022286 (Syria); National ID No. 010-30208342 (Syria) (individual) [SYRIA] [SYRIA-CAESAR].

KALAI, Nader (Arabic: نادر قلعي) (a.k.a. AL KALAI, Nadir; a.k.a. KALAI, Nader Mohamad; a.k.a. KALAI, Nader Mohammed Wajieh; a.k.a. KALEI, Nader; a.k.a. QALAI, Nader; a.k.a. QALEI, Nader), 871 Young Avenue, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 2V8, Canada; Ain El Mraisse, Beirut, Lebanon; Saifi Street, Jemayzeh, Beirut, Lebanon; Capsurville, Dekwaneh, El Metn Jemayzeh, Beirut, Lebanon; Ghrayeb Bldg, Sami Soloh St, Badaro, Beirut, Lebanon; DOB 09 Jul 1965; POB Damascus, Syria; nationality Syria; alt. nationality Canada; Gender Male; Passport N 010170320 (Syria); National ID No. 010-40036453 (Syria); alt. National ID No. 34191608 (Canada) (individual) [SYRIA] [SYRIA-CAESAR].

The following entities have been added to OFAC’s SDN List:

AL-AMAR ONE-PERSON LLC (Arabic: شركة العمار ذات الشخص الواحد المحدودة المسؤولية) (a.k.a. AL-AMMAR LLC ONE PERSON COMPANY; a.k.a. “AL-AMMAR”), Rural Damascus, Syria; Organization Established Date 18 Jan 2017; Organization Type: Real estate activities with own or leased property [SYRIA] [SYRIA-CAESAR].

APEX DEVELOPMENT AND PROJECTS LLC (Arabic: شركة القمة للتطویر والمشاریع المحدودة المسؤولیة) (a.k.a. AL ‘QIMA DEVELOPMENT AND PROJECTS LLC; a.k.a. SUMMIT DEVELOPMENT AND PROJECTS LLC), Rural Damascus, Syria; Organization Established Date 17 Jan 2018; Organization Type: Real estate activities with own or leased property [SYRIA] [SYRIA-CAESAR].

ART HOUSE GMBH, Sieveringerstrasse 164, Vienna 1190, Austria; National ID No. FN292891 y (Austria) [SYRIA] (Linked To: CASTLE HOLDING GMBH).

BUNYAN DAMASCUS PRIVATE JOINT STOCK COMPANY (Arabic: شركة بنيان دمشق المساهمة المغلفة الخاصة) (a.k.a. BUNYAN DAMASCUS), Marota City, Eastern Villas, Mazeh, Damascus 096311, Syria; Organization Established Date Apr 2018; Organization Type: Construction of buildings; alt. Organization Type: Real estate activities with own or leased property [SYRIA] (Linked To: DAMASCUS CHAM HOLDING COMPANY).

CASTLE HOLDING GMBH (a.k.a. “CASTLE HOLDING”; a.k.a. “CASTLE HOLDING INVESTMENT”; a.k.a. “CASTLE INVEST”; a.k.a. “CASTLE INVEST HOLDING”), Sieveringerstrasse 164, Vienna 1190, Austria; National ID No. FN292092Y (Austria) [SYRIA] (Linked To: KALAI, Nader).

CASTLE INVESTMENT HOLDING (Arabic: شركة كاسل إنفست هولدنغ ش.م.ل.) (a.k.a. CASTLE INVEST HOLDING COMPANY SAL; a.k.a. CASTLE INVEST HOLDING SAL; a.k.a. CASTLE INVESTMENT HOLDING PRIVATE JSC; a.k.a. “CASTLE HOLDINGS”), West Mazzeh, Damascus, Syria; First Floor, Sami Saleh Avenue, Beirut, Lebanon; Registration Number 1900127 (Lebanon) [SYRIA] (Linked To: KALAI, Nader).

DAMASCUS CHAM FOR MANAGEMENT LLC (Arabic: دمشق الشام الادارة) (a.k.a. DAMASCUS CHAM MANAGEMENT CO. LTD.; a.k.a. DAMASCUS CHAM MANAGEMENT ONE-PERSON CO. LTD.), Marota City, Eastern Villas, Mazeh, Damascus 096311, Syria; Organization Established Date 2018; Organization Type: Real estate activities with own or leased property [SYRIA] (Linked To: DAMASCUS CHAM HOLDING COMPANY).

DAMASCUS CHAM HOLDING COMPANY (Arabic: شركة دمشق الشام القابضة) (a.k.a. DAMASCUS CHAM HOLDING PRIVATE JSC; a.k.a. DAMASCUS CHAM PRIVATE JOINT STOCK COMPANY), Marota City, Eastern Villas, Mazeh, Damascus 096311, Syria; Organization Established Date 17 Dec 2016; Business Registration Number 17951 (Syria) [SYRIA].

EBLA HOTEL (Arabic: فندق إيبلا) (a.k.a. EBLA HOTEL AND OMAYAD PALACE FOR CONFERENCES), Airport Road – 4th Bridge, Damascus, Syria; P.O. Box 6416, Damascus, Syria; Organization Established Date 1989; Organization Type: Short term accommodation activities [SYRIA].

FOURTH DIVISION OF THE SYRIAN ARAB ARMY (Arabic: الفرقة الرابعة في الجيش العربي السوري), Syria [SYRIA-EO13894].

GRAND TOWN TOURIST CITY (Arabic: غراند تاون المدينة السياحة) (a.k.a. GRAND TOWN; a.k.a. GRAND TOWN TOURISM PROJECT (Arabic: مشروع غراند تاون السياحي); a.k.a. ZK GRAND TOWN), Airport Road, after the Fourth Bridge, Damascus, Syria; Website; Organization Established Date 2017; Organization Type: Real estate activities on a fee or contract basis [SYRIA].

KALAI INDUSTRIES (Arabic: قلعي للصناعات) (a.k.a. KALAI INDUSTRIES MANAGEMENT; a.k.a. MOHAMMED KALAI), Dara Autostrad (Amman Highway), Kessweh, 500m after the Katakir Bridge, Damascus, Syria; Organization Established Date 1990; Registration Number 38372 (Syria) [SYRIA] (Linked To: KALAI, Nader).

MIRZA COMPANY (Arabic: شركة ميرزا) (a.k.a. MIRZA CO.), Marota City, Eastern Villas, Mazeh, Damascus 096311, Syria; Organization Established Date 14 Jan 2018; Organization Type: Construction of buildings; alt. Organization Type: Real estate activities with own or leased property [SYRIA] (Linked To: DAMASCUS CHAM HOLDING COMPANY).

RAMAK DEVELOPMENT AND HUMANITARIAN PROJECTS LLC (Arabic: راماك للمشاريع التنموية و الانسانية) (a.k.a. RAMAK COMPANY FOR DEVELOPMENT AND HUMANITARIAN PROJECTS LLC), Rural Damascus, Syria; Organization Established Date 08 Aug 2011; Organization Type: Real estate activities with own or leased property; alt. Organization Type: Construction of buildings [SYRIA] [SYRIA-CAESAR].

RAWAFED DAMASCUS PRIVATE JOINT STOCK COMPANY (Arabic: شركة روافد دمشق المساهمة المغفلة الخاصة) (a.k.a. RAWAFED DAMASCUS INVESTMENTS COMPANY; a.k.a. RAWAFED DAMASCUS PRIVATE JSC; a.k.a. RAWAFID DAMASCUS PRIVATE JOINT STOCK COMPANY; a.k.a. TRIBUTARIES DAMASCUS PRIVATE JSC), Marota City, Damascus, Syria; Organization Established Date 08 Apr 2018; Organization Type: Real estate activities with own or leased property; alt. Organization Type: Construction of buildings [SYRIA].

TAMAYOZ LLC (Arabic: شركة تميز المحدودة المسؤولية) (a.k.a. EXCELLENCE LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY), Damascus, Syria; Organization Type: Real estate activities with own or leased property [SYRIA] [SYRIA-CAESAR].

TELEFOCUS CONSULTANTS INC (a.k.a. TELEFOCUS CONSULTANTS INC CANADA), 871 Young Ave, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 2V8, Canada; Commercial Registry Number 3234614 (Canada) [SYRIA] (Linked To: KALAI, Nader).

TELEFOCUS SAL OFFSHORE (Arabic: تيليفوكوس ش.م.ل.(اوف شور)), Mir Bachir St, Riad El Solh, Beirut, Lebanon; 7th Floor-Riad-Solh Lazarieh Tower, Beirut, Lebanon; 1470 Bachoura – Azaria Building – 7th Floor, Beirut, Lebanon; Registration Number 1802940 (Lebanon) [SYRIA] (Linked To: KALAI, Nader).

TIMEET TRADING LLC (Arabic: شركة التيميت للتجارة المحدودة المسؤولية) (a.k.a. ULTIMATE TRADING LLC), Rural Damascus, Syria; Organization Type: Real estate activities with own or leased property [SYRIA] [SYRIA-CAESAR].

WINGS PRIVATE JSC (Arabic: شركة الاجنحة المساهمة المغفلة الخاصة) (a.k.a. WINGS PRIVATE JOINT STOCK COMPANY), Rural Damascus, Syria; Organization Type: Real estate activities with own or leased property [SYRIA] [SYRIA-CAESAR].

ZUBAIDI AND QALEI LLC (Arabic: شركة زبيدي وقلعي المحدودة المسؤولية) (a.k.a. ZUBEDI & KALAI; a.k.a. ZUBEDI AND KALAI; a.k.a. “ZK HOLDING”), Airport Road, Damascus, Syria; P.O. Box 6416, Damascus, Syria; Organization Type: Real estate activities on a fee or contract basis [SYRIA].

The following changes have been made to OFAC’s SDN List:

AL-ASAD, Mahir (a.k.a. ASSAD, Mahar; a.k.a. ASSAD, Maher); DOB 1968; Lieutenant Colonel; Position: Brigade Commander in the Syrian Army’s 4th Armored Division (individual) [SYRIA]. -to- AL-ASSAD, Maher (Arabic: ماهر الأسد) (a.k.a. AL-ASAD, Mahir; a.k.a. ASSAD, Mahar; a.k.a. ASSAD, Maher), Damascus, Syria; DOB 08 Dec 1967; POB Damascus, Syria; nationality Syria; Gender Male; Diplomatic Passport 4138 (Syria); Major General; Commander of the Syrian Army’s 4th Armored Division (individual) [SYRIA] [SYRIA-EO13894].

AL-ASSAD, Bashar (a.k.a. AL ASSAD, Bashar Hafez; a.k.a. AL-ASAD, Bashar; a.k.a. ASSAD, Bashar); DOB 11 Sep 1965; POB Damascus, Syria; President of the Syrian Arab Republic (individual) [SYRIA]. -to- AL-ASSAD, Bashar (Arabic: بشار الأسد) (a.k.a. AL ASSAD, Bashar Hafez; a.k.a. AL-ASAD, Bashar; a.k.a. ASSAD, Bashar), Damascus, Syria; DOB 11 Sep 1965; POB Damascus, Syria; nationality Syria; Gender Male; President of the Syrian Arab Republic (individual) [SYRIA] [SYRIA-EO13894].


HAMSHO, Muhammad (a.k.a. HAMCHO, Mohamed; a.k.a. HAMSHO, Mohammad; a.k.a. HAMSHO, Mohammed Saber; a.k.a. HAMSHOU, Mohammed; a.k.a. HAMSHU, Muhammad Sabir); DOB 20 May 1966; POB Damascus, Syria; nationality Syria; Passport 002954347 (individual) [SYRIA]. -to- HAMSHO, Muhammad (a.k.a. HAMCHO, Mohamed; a.k.a. HAMSHO, Mohammad; a.k.a. HAMSHO, Mohammed Saber; a.k.a. HAMSHOU, Mohammed; a.k.a. HAMSHU, Muhammad Sabir), Syria; DOB 20 May 1966; POB Damascus, Syria; nationality Syria; Gender Male; Passport 002954347 (Syria) (individual) [SYRIA] [SYRIA-EO13894].

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Vandalism and riots in Beirut and Tripoli refer to the Baha Hariri and Turks group?

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

… attempts to impose federalism in Syria began with imposing de facto militia control over part of the Syrian geography supported by the Turkish and American occupation, and seeking to weaken the state’s capabilities and institutions, and its control over geography, so what is witnessing the northern Lebanese regions is a path similar to what began in Syria years ago under the title of protests Which ended with the domination of some foreign-backed militia on some geography, and today it overlooks the federal project,

According to questions posed by security sources, after information was received about Turkish intelligence involvement in standing behind groups that have consistently formed the title of confrontations with security forces in the Beirut squares, and today stand behind clashes with the army in the north, while other security sources talked about information and indications of the involvement of groups supported by Businessman Bahaa Al-Hariri of the riots and sabotage witnessed in the capital Beirut and the northern capital Tripoli, after elements from different regions were recruited in exchange for financial allowances to carry out the riots, in a way that dropped their repetition in Tripoli after Beirut, the absence of any credibility to accuse those close to the Amal movement and Hezbollah to carry out them.

Pending what investigations will say about what happened in Beirut and Tripoli, after the army and security forces tightened control in the two cities, the speech of Prime Minister Dr. Hassan Diab about the overthrow of the coup project was the focus of internal and external attention, and questions about information that he said would come at the time of its disclosure, about those involved who targeted To overthrow the state and the goals of change that the October 17 uprising symbolized, not just the government, linking this to the government’s confrontation against corruption and the path it has taken in removing the rubble left by those who have ruled the country for decades, using the term grabbing the keys to the structure of corruption, and the coup plotters’ efforts to recover it,

A new disease whose symptoms are similar to “corona” and caused by an insect!

American medical authorities have warned of the emergence of a new disease whose symptoms are similar to infection with “Corona” virus, but who is behind this disease is a tick insect that is spreading in the American state of New York.

According to the American “Fox News” network, the new disease, which is called “cracks disease,” is caused by bacteria that are caused primarily by tick bite bites, and can lead to fever, headache, chills and muscle pain.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, bites caused by a tick insect cause symptoms similar to those seen in patients with the Corona virus and can be fatal, indicating an increase in the number of patients who have been bitten by a tick insect in New York State recently.

“This is really increasing, especially in the northeastern part of New York,” the network quoted Byron Buckinson, deputy director of the Office of Infectious Diseases, of the US Department of Health, as saying.

“There are areas in New York State where more ticks have had more infections than other common bacterial diseases,” he added, warning of the seriousness of the new disease in light of the spread of the “Corona virus.”

General Security arrested 3 terrorists belonging to the terrorist organization ISIS

The General Directorate of General Security announced, in a statement today, that “in the context of following the movements of sleeper terrorist cells and pursuing their elements, and based on the indication of the competent public prosecutor, the General Directorate of Public Security arrested both Lebanese: (A.Z) born in 1997, 1996 and (EK) born in 2000, for their affiliation with the ISIS terrorist organization.

On interrogation, they admitted the following:

They pledged allegiance to ISIS and advocated it on social media and incited other people to pledge allegiance to the organization.

They sought to travel to Syria and Egypt to join the ranks of ISIS.

They conducted military and archery drills with weapons of war in preparation for terrorist acts.

– They planned to kill soldiers from the security services.

After completing the investigation with them, they were referred to the competent court, and work is underway to arrest the remaining persons involved.

China projects for Lebanon: more than 12 billion dollars

The Chinese carry on to Lebanon nine development projects and suggestions for solutions to chronic crises, which in turn produced economic, demographic and political crises. From railways to electricity and money, Lebanon is at a crossroads, but the Americans will do their best to prevent it from choosing the path that best suits its interests.

The Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, did not break the unilateral economic options imposed by America, and France and Britain before Lebanon, by announcing the day before yesterday about future cooperation with the People’s Republic of China, until the Chinese responded, publicly and privately, to the same message.

Nasrallah’s speech is not an improvisation or a result of the development of the current crisis, but rather the culmination of a path of contacts and discussions within Lebanon and within China, and between parties in the two countries that started years ago, slowly and with great caution.

But today, with the increase in the US dollar war on Lebanon and the region, with the aim of starving its people and imposing political concessions on it, the Chinese option is no longer a luxury, but rather an economic and development outlet, that changes the nature of economic relations in Lebanon, and rearranges strategic infrastructure, as long as it is an obstacle to any Evolved, causing a cycle of dependency and dependence on consumption.

Most of the potential activities of the Chinese in Lebanon revolve around building an infrastructure that guarantees the building of a Lebanese economy capable of moving from the role of the recipient to the role of the producer. From electricity to railways, waste treatment, and power generation from multiple sources, Chinese interests in the country appear to be a “shake” of old infrastructure, made to measure narrow cities and small numbers of residents, yet they do not have public space. This “bloating” was a condition, along with the rule of the sectarian quotas to secure stability in various stages for the role of Lebanon, as a bank, through which the Americans govern a large part of the movement of the Eastern Mediterranean funds.

Today, the massive increase in the population, the absence of any real economic trend, and the persistence of the quota policy have led to cities melted in the suburbs and the majority of the productive sectors have become lost. Toward a disguised “federalism”. And all this ruin does not guarantee the production of solutions. Rather, it guarantees the fragmentation of the country, in crises and in treatment alike, towards a disassembled central state and sectarian and doctrinal states that take palliative forms.

On the other hand, the Chinese approach to Lebanon does not have the intention of “charitable work”, but the development of the infrastructure in Lebanon is commensurate with the “Belt and Road” initiative, which was launched by China seven years ago, to redraw the Silk Road from the east towards the ancient West and Africa, with railways and lines Sea and air transportation, from the South China Sea to London in the north and Johannesburg in the southernmost part of Africa.

Lebanon, inactive, was not even on the map of “Belt and Road” in its first version. Had the initiative continued to neglect Lebanon’s importance, and with the presence of alternative ports within the initiative instead of the Lebanese ports, Lebanon would have lost the opportunity to turn it into a financial oasis and a passage for Chinese transportation lines and companies.

Undoubtedly, the American pressure on Israel, which was cited by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in his recent visit to occupied Palestine, and the leaders of the occupying power warning him against cooperation with China, especially the Chinese investments intended to be implemented in the field of maritime transport, Ashdod port and technological industries, are in the interest of Direct Lebanese, and allows Lebanon to place its ports on the Chinese transportation map.

Nine strategic projects

More than one source concerned with the file of Chinese companies interested in investing in Lebanon, which is by the way one of the first ten major companies in China, estimates that the value of offers for Chinese investments exceeds the total of what the Cedar Conference can secure, and will reach more than 12.5 billion USD.

This amount includes the implementation of 9 major projects, most notably the railways and the electricity sector. The Chinese do not adhere to a single railway that extends along the coastline, but rather to an integrated network that makes Lebanon interconnected from one end to the other, through the coastline and linking the ports and the road to the Levant, including the Hammana tunnel, and the internal lines connecting the south to the Bekaa and the coast in the west, Damascus, and Homs in the east. This is complemented by an offer to qualify and manage a seaport.

The Chinese are also interested in setting up plants to produce electricity with fuel or gas, as well as solar electricity production facilities, which studies have been developed to generate over the course of the Litani River and its dams, in addition to other areas. The Litani River does not miss the Chinese concern, as the Chinese offer to clean up the riverbed and treat the pollutants that have made the river water and its course a non-viable place, instead of being a source of development and agricultural production development, and a factor of demographic stability. The same applies to the waste file, where the Chinese can offer advanced solutions to the worsening crisis, by building sorting, treatment and recycling plants to stop draining and pollution.

Sources have previously participated and organized meetings between the Chinese delegates and Lebanese officials, “The nature of financing in these projects takes various forms, from long-term loans up to 30 years with interest not exceeding 1.5%, and others through the BOT system, and the partnership between the public sector or the state and the sector The private”.

Next week, Lebanon will receive an official Chinese “message of interest” to implement the projects

And the day before yesterday, hours before Nasrallah’s speech, a Chinese message had landed in Beirut, confirming China’s desire to conclude deals it was conducting studies to buy a financial institution and a bank that would be a financial center for transferring Chinese companies money.

According to “Al-Akhbar” information, a group of major companies working in an integrated manner with each other expressed their actual willingness to work in Lebanon, despite the current circumstances. The sources confirm that “the reason why the Chinese delegations did not come to Lebanon is SK”, stressing that “the delegations will attend at the first opportunity that allows mobility and movement, and there is a high readiness at the official Chinese level.” The sources confirm that “several delegations had previously come to Lebanon and met with several political leaders, most notably Hezbollah, to discuss the possibility of cooperation.”

According to “Al-Akhbar” information, next week, it will carry a new official “message of interest” for the Lebanese government from Beijing, in which China pledges to implement the aforementioned projects, bearing in mind that the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, during the days of Minister Yusuf Fenianos, has previously signed a memorandum of understanding on transport and railways.

As the Chinese embassy in Beirut broke its silence, announcing its country’s readiness to fully and practically cooperate with Lebanon with an official statement, the American Ambassador Dorothy Shea tried to evade the burden of the country on the dollar crisis and the exchange rate of the lira in Lebanon in response to Nasrallah’s speech the day before yesterday, forgetting the recognition of the American envoy James Jeffrey, to Syria a few days ago, that “the cause of the collapse of the Syrian pound is the American actions”, based on developments in the situation in Lebanon, and specifically in the Lebanese banking sector.

From China to Iran and Iraq, Nasrallah’s understandings multiplied to secure Lebanon’s needs for fuel and grains, and to prevent the risk of hunger that Americans place as a price to adhere to the resistance weapon. Since before the formation of the new Iraqi government, which Hezbollah played a role in overcoming the obstacles before its president, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, the Iraqis pledged to secure part of Lebanon’s oil needs and defer payment for two years or more with government guarantees, as well as opening Iraqi markets to Lebanese agricultural and industrial exports, especially During the visit by General Director of General Security Major General Abbas Ibrahim to Baghdad about a month ago. The same applies to Iran, which had previously allocated a tonnage of its oil tankers to the Lebanese market, with confirmation of alternatives to the dollar, including the Lebanese pound, or even the sale of fuel to Lebanon at very low prices than its actual value in the global market. Not only that, many Asian countries are interested in investing in Lebanon.

All these potential positives do not appear to be the object of consensus among the Lebanese, at the level of political forces or at the official level, where the reactions yesterday for the start of a counter-American campaign that makes cooperation with China the focus of internal disagreement over the form of Lebanon and its role and economy, in the wake of the economic collapse The central state is eroding to its worst condition

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Lebanon: Nazi commander, “We will burn Lebanon from its south to its north.”

By: Sammi ibrahem,Sr

The Nazi army conducted complex exercises in terrain simulating war with Lebanon on the northern front, and the theater of these exercises was the occupied Syrian Golan Heights.

The head of the Nazi General Staff, General Aviv Kochavi, made an inspection visit to the Northern Command during intense military exercises.

Yediot Aharonot newspaper reported that Kochavi was losing the northern region at the training base of the Northern Area Command, “Ilyakim”, on the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, with the aim of examining the readiness of the Israeli forces to fight in Lebanon.

It reported that these maneuvers include the extent to which the Nazi regime is prepared for various scenarios, and various challenges … The newspaper added that General Kochavi urged the IDF to take advantage of every moment of training, and every spare moment to train, qualify, and learn, to be ready for confrontation at any moment and anywhere.

The commander of the Nazi northern military front, Gant Mashten, threatened Lebanon, against the backdrop of the video published by Hezbollah’s war media, entitled: “It was done,” with aggressive, high-pitched words, saying: “We will burn Lebanon from its south to its north, and we will move the arms.” The Interior to confront Hezbollah and its arsenal ».

He added, “The war is closer than ever before and will be in our favor, given the blockade imposed on Hezbollah, and the Syrian side understands that its army is exhausted and does not need much effort to destroy its units, and the Israeli interior has become entrenched and ready for a long war.”

And the Zionist media showed interest in the Hebrew-language video, published by the Hezbollah war media titled: “Get it done”, which contains coordinates of very important Zionist sites in the depth of the Hebrew state, and considered it an important message addressed to Tel Aviv, that Hezbollah’s precision missile project It has been fully accomplished and ready to enter the battle, in any future military confrontation between the party and the Nazi regime.

To this end, the commander of the Israeli army’s Home Front visited the northern area today (yesterday), to find out the preparations for the emergency there.

The visit included Nazi illegal Jewish settlements on the border with Lebanon, and the city of Kiryat Shmona. In light of the mutual threats, the Nazi army conducted complex exercises in terrain simulating a war with Lebanon on the northern front, which was launched a few months ago, according to the website «Sputnik». Hebrew Channel 7 reported that the various battalions in the Givati ​​Brigade, particularly the Shaked and Sabra battalions, conducted training in complex and difficult terrain, on the scenario of a possible war with Lebanon on the northern front.

On the borders with Lebanon, the Nazi army carried out a sweep and survey operation in the area that lasted for more than two hours, after a warning issued by him from penetrating the borders near the Nazi illegal Jewish settlement of “Zarait” in the western sector, to announce after the end of the operation, and return the situation to normal without any penetration.

The channel quoted one of the leaders of the Givati ​​Brigade, Daniel Ayla, as saying: “We are in exercises that simulate challenges that we will face in the northern square, and we combine the capabilities of each battalion here, in the infantry, armor, engineering and intelligence, in order to reach a full preparation for the upcoming war, and we will win the war.” For his part, the commander of the Givati ​​Brigade, Colonel Itzik Cohen, said: “The Givati ​​Brigade is at the end of very important and powerful exercises, and with pride, we are ready and ready for any mission.”

“During the training, the team leaders provided critical tools for the most accurate and appropriate methods, techniques and perceptions of the enemy in the upcoming Lebanon war,” he added. The head of the UNIFIL mission and its commander-in-chief, General Stefano Del Cole, was quoted as saying: “UNIFIL has noticed an increase in the movement of Israeli warplanes in Lebanese airspace.”

He pointed out in exclusive statements to the agency that “the flight of Nazi airspace in Lebanese airspace is a violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701, as well as Lebanese sovereignty.” He added, “Such violations of Lebanese sovereignty and Resolution 1701 increase tension and may lead to incidents that endanger the cessation of hostilities between Lebanon and Israel”.

It also runs counter to our goals and efforts to reduce tensions and to create a stable security environment in southern Lebanon. ” He continued, “Once again, I call on Israel to immediately halt all its flights over Lebanese territory.”

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“A common struggle against Corona” . the Emirates Peg for public normalization with the enemy

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Publicly, without shame, the UAE entered into normalization with the Zio-Nazi entity as a way to combat the Corona virus, by announcing the signing of an agreement with two companies affiliated with the Nazi entity to develop research technology to combat the Corona virus.

As soon as the head of the Nazi regime, Benjamin Netanyahu, announced during a graduation ceremony at the Air College about a “joint struggle” with the UAE to fight the Corona virus, the Director of Strategic Communications at the UAE Foreign Ministry, Zionist puppet Hind Manea Al-Otaiba, confirmed the news.

Through her account on the “Twitter” website, Al-Otaibi said that, “In light of strengthening international cooperation in the fields of research and development and technology in the service of humanity, two private companies in the Zionist puppet regime of UAE signed an agreement with two Zionist companies to develop research technology to combat COVID-19”.

The “event” was exposed by Zionist media by announcing that the UAE – which does not have diplomatic relations with the Nazi regime- was provided with an enemy entity with a hundred thousand devices to examine Corona. The publication of the news came in light of the Nazi military censorship permitting this after Naziyahu announced the growing solid cooperation between the UAE and the Nazi enemy entity in the health field.

“A common struggle against Corona” .. the Emirates Peg for public normalization with the enemy

As for the UAE authorities, they are no longer embarrassed to speak out normally with the Zionists, as the official news agency announced that two Zio-Wahhabi Emirati private companies will cooperate with two Nazi companies in medical projects, including those related to combating the emerging virus. The agency claimed that what it described as a “scientific and medical partnership” comes “to overcome historical political challenges in the region as a humanitarian priority and constructive cooperation aimed at addressing the Covid-19 pandemic and cooperation for the health of the citizens of the region,” according to its allegations.

The huge amount of aid was transported by an Emirati plane directly to Ben Gurion Airport east of the Nazi occupied Tel Aviv, and it was announced at the time that this shipment was donated by a country with which the Nazi regime has secret ties as an aid to counter the Corona epidemic.

The Palestinian Authority had lied to Emirates Airlines, as the latter announced the dispatch of the first known flight of an Emirati carrier to the usurping entity, claiming “carrying aid related to the Corona virus to the Palestinians”, and the authority denied the information and refused to receive it.

Ironically, Zionist puppet Anwar Gargash, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs in the Emirates, measures two standards. The latter announced in a speech to a conference of the American Jewish Committee – a group concerned with supporting the Zionists – on June 16 that “cooperation with” Israel “to confront the pandemic of Covid-19 does not affect the UAE’s opposition to annexing the lands of the West Bank to the usurping entity!”

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