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$ 2 billion “from Lebanon’s share”

Source: Lebanon Depet – Rashad Al-Zoghbi

In an interview with “Lebanon Depet”, the economist, Professor Jassem Ajaqa, launched a series of important ideas, which he chose to make a space of hope in a country that is full of despair and negativity and dominated by the scene of collapse.

He declared his absolute rejection of the term surrender, as he says that we can still do a lot. Most of what we have to do today is initiative and not to stand and wait for “nothing”, as this is an “unforgivable” killer.

And the economist announced via our website that “after the first July, Lebanon will live in a different situation when the airport is opened.”

Ajaqa indicates that our primary dependence on opening the airport will not be on foreign tourists as some think, but on Lebanese expatriates. Praising the custom of the Lebanese expatriate, “Kind-hearted for his homeland”, who, whatever happens, loves to come to him and visit his family. Noting that the expatriate is very excited to come to his homeland, especially after the end of the Corona pandemic.

And he adds, “At the moment, the stakes are on those Lebanese who love their country, and who will bring their money to spend it in various Lebanese regions instead of spending it on tourism in any other country, so Lebanon is first.”

And he gives a thorn through “Lebanon Depet” an example explaining what is likely to happen, and he says, “If a million expatriates come to Lebanon (which is not an exaggerated number), each of them will pay a small amount that may make a difference in the end, and it will lead to infusion The hard currency on the Lebanese market. ”

However, with the “positive dose” preached by Agaga, he stressed that the arrival of expatriates requires taking two important measures to make it successful.

The first of these measures is to mobilize the Lebanese government, and it required the economic and commercial attaches in it to work as a hive and invite the Lebanese expatriates to come to Lebanon in various ways, because “Lebanon needs you, for your support, and for your money.”

The second measure, which is very important in the opinion of the Lebanese expert, is to think carefully about how to attract these expatriates through encouraging offers, so it is suggested that cooperation take place between the Ministry of Tourism and MEA in this regard to develop serious and stimulating plans for expatriates to come to Lebanon. Middle East is a successful company that the state can cooperate with and propose, for example, to exempt it from certain taxes if offers are made to expatriates.

The professor rang the alarm bell, reminding that this precious opportunity that Lebanon should seize and will start immediately when the airport opens after a few days, has not yet been met by any mention of the authorities so far, surprising, “What is the government waiting for? Are you waiting for July 1 to do this? It is too late. “

The economic expert of the “Lebanon Depot” stressed that Lebanon is in urgent need of capital flow to it, which is the basis of our current problem, noting that Lebanon needs stability and the appropriate atmosphere, which is not what the Lebanese politicians help. He called on the parties “to put the differences aside and secure us with a” climate like manners “so that the expatriates return without any hesitation, for Lebanon does not need the silly clashes between Al-Fawani Party and the Al-Alani trend.”

He continues, “Relying on the return of the Lebanese from abroad is never an exaggeration. They can do many things by visiting them to Lebanon, so that they will play without their attention an important role in the marketing of their country, by spreading its beauty and tourist attractions, by sharing its photos on their accounts on social media. It contains foreign citizens of different nationalities.

During his conversation with “Lebanon Depan”, Jassem Ajaga played down the importance of domestic tourism. People are hungry, looted, and they have nothing to eat.

Regarding the claim of the restaurant owners union in Lebanon, to support a “tourist dollar” similar to the state’s support for the dollar for the rest of the sectors, he considered that it was a passion that we must bear and sacrifice a little. The interest of the country now requires that, and their interest is to be satisfied with little for the future of the tourism sector and also for Lebanon.

Ajaga presents a valuable idea in his opinion that it will save Lebanon, and save it from its ordeal, “For what Lebanon needs most currently is social solidarity, not only in terms of tourism institutions, but in all productive sectors in Lebanon, so what we are witnessing today contradicts the idea of ​​mutual support, for every institution says” Myself myself ”, and in this case we will harm ourselves and not be saved from this ordeal.”

On the issue of the dollar exchange rate, expert Jassem Ajaga regrets that most of the expectations and analyzes we hear about this subject have nothing to do with logic and science in anything, placing these interpretations and analyzes in the context of the expectations presented by Leila Abdel Latif.

And recalling Article 319 of the Penal Code, which holds accountable for whoever defames the Lebanese pound, and which stipulates that he will be fined and placed in prison.

And Agaga warns, through our website, of the dollar madness associated with political madness, and expresses his fear that if political disputes and rivalries persist as is happening now, “there will be no restraint in the dollar and will continue to rise in this case.

The price of the dollar on the black market is not an economic price as much as it is mostly speculation related to politics, and most of it will be solved within the corridors of politics, and the government must do its duty and do more in this regard. ”

And he asserted that the opening of the airport and the flow of dollars to Lebanon through the returning expatriates will inevitably solve a good portion of the exchange rate dilemma. What we ask from the International Monetary Fund, which will contribute positively to the exchange rate of the dollar. 

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