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New virus appears in China ‘could turn pandemic’

Source: Russia Today –

Scientists in China said they have identified a new strain of influenza virus, pointing to the possibility of becoming a global pandemic.

The scientists explained in a study that the virus called “G4 EA H1N1” is transmitted from pigs to humans, and since the virus has a new strain, humans do not have immunity against it, which requires careful monitoring.

One of the authors of the study, Professor Ken Chow Shane, was quoted by British media as saying: “Currently we are busy with the emerging coronavirus and we have the right to do so. But we must not lose sight of new viruses that can be dangerous. ”

The study says, “G4 viruses (to which this virus belongs) bear all the basic features of a virus that is considered to be a pandemic,” noting that there is evidence that slaughterhouse workers in China and other employees dealing with pigs have contracted the virus.

The authors of the study indicated that the currently available influenza vaccines do not protect against the new strain, but there is a possibility to modify them and make them effective.

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