Nazi mass arrests of more than twenty Palestinians, including a woman

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Night Arrests (1)

Nazi occupied Jerusalem: At dawn today, the occupation forces launched a massive campaign of arrests in the city of Jerusalem and its environs, and the Nazi occupied West Bank, targeting a woman and more than twenty Palestinians.

The Awad Samreen family council in Silwan reported the arrest of 50-year-old Palestinian Ibtisam Saeed Awad Samreen (Umm Muhammad Sharaf), after they raided, searched and vandalized her home.

He said in a statement, that Samreen suffers from many diseases such as scleroderma, pressure, diabetes and liver diseases, denouncing the process of storming her house and arresting her.

The Nazi forces and intelligence forces stormed Al-Issawiya village, northeast of Jerusalem, and began a raid and search of Palestinian homes in it.

He knew among the detainees; Ali Muhammad Obaid, Amjad Ali Obaid, Mahmoud Shafiq Obaid, Mahmoud Ramadan Obaid, Iyas Hussain Obaid, Muhammad Walid Obaid, Nayef Waseem Obaid, Wissam Nayef Obaid, Tamer Darwish, and Majd Mustafa.

According to local sources, the Nazi occupation forces arrested three young men from Qalandia refugee camp, north of the Nazi occupied Jerusalem. Anas Yaqoub, Abdullah Alqam and Ismail Abu Latifa, along with the arrest of Raed Nimr Mahmoud Abdel-Jawad from the town of Anata, northeast of the city, after they raided his home at dawn.

She added that clashes erupted between young men and the Nazi occupation forces in Qalandia, which led to a number of Palestinians being shot and strangled by poison gas.

In the Nazi occupied West Bank, the Nazi occupation forces arrested Mujahid Basil Al-Barghouthi from the village of Kober, north of Ramallah, Saeed Rabah Dwaikat, Aseel Nasser Dwaikat, and Ahmed Yasser Dwaikat from Nablus.

The Nazi occupation forces also arrested Nasser Bassam Baajawi, while he was in his workplace in the occupied interior, from the town of Ya`bad in Jenin.

Also arrested was Ibrahim Khamis, 18, and Nidal Ibrahim Abu Ahour, 41, from Bethlehem. 

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