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Confessions Kinda Sermons: Here’s what I did for 300,000 Lebanese Liras

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

“Al-Manar” channel sources confirmed that “the arrested Zionist puppet kinda al-Khatib admitted during her interrogation by the General Security that she“ communicated with an Israeli journalist through social media, and the journalist asked her to photograph Jewish churches in Lebanon, but she refused and informed the head of the Public Relations Division of the Internal Security Forces Colonel Joseph Muslim about this. ”

The sources pointed out that “Al-Khatib did not break the relationship with the journalist who sent his number to communicate with him, so Al-Khatib informed him that she wishes for peace between Israel and Lebanon,” noting that “Al-Khatib admitted to providing the journalist with information about the demonstrations in Lebanon, especially in Beirut and Tripoli, and provided the Israelis with information Security for some Lebanese individuals related to the resistance, and then visited Jordan and entered the occupied Israeli entity through the fifteenth crossing, but pointed out that it claimed that to show off only. “

The sources stressed that “Al-Khatib admitted that lawyer Nabil Al-Halabi commissioned her to prepare and transport 15 demonstrators to the center of Beirut, specifically on the 14th of February, with the aim of launching insults against former Prime Minister Saad Hariri and carrying out riots, and obtained from Al-Halabi the amount of 300,000 pounds for this task.”

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