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The Chinese embassy responds to Schenker’s “accusations” regarding the relationship with Lebanon

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

The Chinese Embassy in Lebanon considered that “Assistant US Secretary of State David Schenker has made false accusations against China on a range of issues related to China, including cooperation between China and Lebanon and other countries.”

The embassy issued the following statement:

We have noticed that US Assistant Secretary of State David Schenker recently made false accusations against China on a range of issues related to China, including cooperation between China, Lebanon and other countries, during his interview with the Lebanese media. The Chinese Embassy in Lebanon, as follows:

The Chinese side has long been actively promoting practical cooperation between China and Lebanon on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. And successive Lebanese governments have taken positive positions towards cooperation with China. The Chinese and Lebanese governments signed the Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in building the “Belt and Road”. The Chinese side encourages Chinese companies with potentials and good reputation to discuss the possibility of cooperation with the Lebanese side in various fields, including infrastructure.

China is the largest developing country in the world, and Chinese foreign aid is a mutual assistance among developing countries. In recent years, the Chinese side has provided all its assistance to the Lebanese side through bilateral and multilateral channels, including in-kind and humanitarian assistance and implementation of aid projects in cooperation with UNICEF, the United Nations World Food Program and other international organizations. The new Lebanese National Higher Institute for Music project funded by the Chinese government is an integrated and huge project, benefiting from the Chinese gift.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic in Lebanon, the Chinese side has provided batches of medical assistance to the Lebanese side, including more than one million twenty thousand medical masks, 20,000 medical protective suits, 3000 units of the BCR examination, 3000 pairs of protective looks and more than 10 A device for measuring temperature, etc. China has also provided $ 50 million to the World Health Organization this year in support of global efforts to combat Covid-19 disease. China has pledged $ 2 billion in aid over the next two years to support countries affected by the epidemic, especially developing countries, to combat disease and economic and social recovery.

– As for the alleged “Chinese debt”, the Chinese side is committed in its financial cooperation with other developing countries to respecting the sovereignty of all countries, abides by international rules and is keen to enhance international cooperation to combat corruption. The Chinese side has not put any political condition on its loans. The Chinese side attaches great importance to the debt sustainability of the countries benefiting from the aid. The Chinese side takes into consideration the governments ’desires for these countries and directs the investment to the infrastructure fields and other areas that are in urgent need of development and financing. As a result, Chinese assistance has been warmly welcomed by the government and people of the beneficiary countries. With regard to Chinese debt on the regions or projects that the American side repeatedly raises, the accumulated debt in cooperation projects with China is only a very small part of the total debt. For example, Chinese loans make up only about 10% of Sri Lanka’s external debt. No country has fallen into the alleged “debt traps” because of its cooperation with China. President Xi Jinping announced during the extraordinary China-Africa Summit on Solidarity to Combat New Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) that the Chinese side will cancel the debts of the concerned African countries in the form of government loans that are exempt from interest due to be paid by the end of 2020 within the framework of the Chinese Cooperation Forum African.

The claim that “China places millions of Chinese Muslims in detention camps” is just a slander. The Chinese government protects the freedom of religious belief of citizens in accordance with the law, and the Chinese people of different nationalities enjoy the freedom of religious belief in accordance with the law. The number of Muslims in China is more than 20 million, and every 530 Muslims have a mosque. A handful of American politicians cannot change these facts, even though they are lying again and again. Meanwhile, as a country ruled by law, China will not allow criminal activities under religious cover.

The 5G technology is a common innovation for the international community. Their use and development have implications for global economic growth, the interests of all countries of the world, and the progress of human civilization. In the recent period, the American side popularized the concept of national security and used the state authority to suppress Chinese companies without providing any proof or good reason. This behavior is shameful and immoral. Everyone knows who carried out the largest operation of eavesdropping, surveillance, espionage, and penetration against other countries, extending and maintaining their influence by any means, according to the information disclosed in recent years.

The Covid-19 epidemic situation remains serious in the United States. We feel sad for the American people, hoping it will overcome the difficulties as soon as possible. We sincerely hope that American officials take care of the welfare of the American people and strive to find solutions to the chronic problems of American society, put the safety and health of the American people in mind and take care of their own affairs instead of interfering in the affairs of other countries, evading responsibility and diverting attention. ”

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