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Lebanon: Tortured … cuts, burns, assault with a sharp instrument and malnutrition

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

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The General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces announced that on 30/6/2020, a phone call was received to the Barja family in the regional gendarmerie unit, about the exposure of two children of Syrian nationality to intimidation by their father and wife, in the town of Baasir – Chouf.

Immediately, a patrol of the aforementioned platoon brought the two children, the father and his wife, who are:

P. H. (Born in 1983), father

to. M. (Born in 1989), stepmother

M. H. (Born in 2009)

R. H. (Born in 2011)

The two children were presented to a forensic doctor, and he reported in his report that they were subjected to intimidation, the presence of traces of wounds, burns throughout their bodies – as well as in sensitive places – and the effects of teeth (bites), cyanosis, redness, swelling, and severe machine assault, in addition to that they suffer from ill feed.

By listening to the testimony of the two children – in the presence of the juvenile delegate – they stated that their father’s wife had always incited the latter against them to taunt them, and was depriving them of food, as it was only served to her children.

By interrogating the father and his wife, they confessed to taunting the two children as a form of discipline, as they beat their other siblings.

Both the father and his wife were arrested and deposited the Judicial Detachment of Beiteddine in the Judicial Police Unit to expand the investigation with them.

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