Palestine: Life under Nazi occupation

Nazi Bulldozers Raze Palestinian-owned Farmlands near Salfit

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

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Nazi illegal occupation bulldozers levelled several dunams of Palestinian-owned farmlands, on Monday, in the northern occupied West Bank, to extend sewage lines for an illegal Nazi colony, according to a local official.

Mayor of Bruqin, Marwan Abdul Rahman, told Palestinian WAFA News Agency that Nazi bulldozers razed land belonging to local residents in Bruqin town, west of Salfit city.

More Palestinian-owned agricultural land was destroyed to extend sewage lines for the benefit of the Nazi illegal colonists of the illegal Brukhin settlement.

Palestinian farmers who have been taking care of their land, will no longer have access to it.

Also on Monday, in the besieged Gaza Strip, the Nazi occupation army levelled large areas of Palestinian farmlands.

Nazi illegal Military Invade, Raze Palestinian Lands in Southern Gaza Strip

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Nazi bulldozers invaded, on Monday morning, Palestinian lands east of Rafah, in the southern besieged Gaza Strip, Alray reported.

Local sources stated that Nazi D-9 bulldozers carried out a limited incursion beyond the so-called ‘security fence’ east of Rafah.

The sources noted that as the Nazi bulldozers razed the area, Nazi drones flew overhead, and intermittent shooting was heard.

Several army bulldozers infiltrated hundreds of meters into Rafah, and levelled large areas of Palestinian-owned farmlands, under heavy fire of live ammunition and tear-gas, the Palestinian Information Center reported.

There were no reports of any injuries.

Illegal Nazi Jewish Settlers Burn, Vandalize Mosque in Al-Bireh

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Illegal Nazi Jewish settlers vandalized and burned a mosque, early Monday morning, in the city of Al-Bireh, next to Ramallah in the southern West Bank, according to Palestinian WAFA News Agency.

The mayor of al-Bireh, Azzam Ismail, said that that illegal Nazi colonists entered the city overnight, filled the walls of the mosque with racist graffiti, and set it on fire, partially destroying it.

Ismail and the Palestinian Ministry of Religious Affairs condemned the arson attack, adding that this act uncovers the radical, racist state of mind of the Nazi regime.

They stated that they hold Israel fully responsible for damages due to its “support of these terror groups.”

Palestinian Prime Minister, Mohammad Shtayyeh, as well as other officials, condemned the arson attack of a mosque by illegal colonists, describing it as a criminal and racist act.

The graffiti, scrawled in Hebrew across the walls of the holy place, “siege to the Arabs,” and “this land is for the Jews.”

At the weekly cabinet meeting, Shtayyeh stated that arson is a criminal act, and noted that he also holds the Nazi regime responsible for it.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry also condemned the arson attack in a statement, “The Ministry, while taking the settlers’ attacks against places of worship very seriously, holds the Israeli government and its prime minister fully and directly responsible for this attack.”

Secretary-General of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Saeb Erekat, called the attack “racism and apartheid.”


Photos: Moin Shadid

Nazi Soldiers Abduct A Palestinian Near Bethlehem

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Nazi soldiers abducted, on Sunday evening, a Palestinian young man near Bethlehem for allegedly attempting to snatch an Nazi soldier’s weapon.

According to Zionist TV Channel 12, the young Palestinian man attempted to snatch the soldier’s gun near the Gush Etzion colony, south of Bethlehem, in the southern occupied West Bank.

Nazi soldiers assaulted the Palestinian and dragged him away, before moving him to the nearby military base and security centre.

The army did not provide any further information about the incident, including the identity of the abducted

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