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New Study Claims Trauma Of Holocaust May Have Shrunken The Brains of Jewish ‘Survivors’

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

A new study claims that the alleged trauma of what Jews refer to as “The Holocaust” has permanently altered the brain structure of survivors and may have even had a biological impact on their children and grandchildren:

Groundbreaking research which saw Holocaust survivors undergo MRI scans of their brains has revealed not only the psychological cost but also the biological toll of Hitler’s persecution of Europe’s Jews.

Over the course of three years researchers examined the brain function of 28 Holocaust survivors living in Slovakia and the Czech Republic and compared them with 28 individuals from the same region who were unaffected by the Holocaust.

The research, presented at the 5th European Academy of Neurology Congress in Oslo this week, revealed that the survivors — who on average were aged between 79 and 80 — showed a significantly decreased volume of grey matter in the brain compared to the similarly aged control group.

The Holocaust subjected millions of people and their communities to significant traumatic stress, through killing, propaganda, persecution and legislation, and researchers set out to explain the effect this has had on the behavioural, psychological and neurobiological functions of survivors. According to Professor Ivan Rektor, who led the study, the reduced areas of grey matter affect parts of the brain responsible for stress response, memory, motivation, emotion, learning and behaviour.

The study differentiated between survivors who were 12 or under in 1945 and those who were older. Researchers found that the reduction in grey matter was significantly more evident in younger survivors. This, they believe, may be because a child’s developing brain is more vulnerable to stressful situations.

The researchers are now investigating the impact of the Holocaust on survivors’ offspring and even their grandchildren. Early results in their children show reduced connectivity between structures of the brain involved in processing emotion and memory. Further research is set to identify biomarkers of stress resilience and post-traumatic growth as well as determining whether transmission to offspring is based on behavioural and psychological factors or on genetic factors.

Speaking to the JC from Oslo, Professor Rektor — who is head of the research centre at the Centre for Neuroscience at Masaryk University in Brno in the Czech Republic — said his research had a personal motivation. His parents, both Jewish, survived the Holocaust as they fled to the mountains of the former Czechoslovakia and joined a partisan group to fight the Nazis.

At 95, Professor Rektor’s mother was the oldest participant in the study, while his then 15-year-old daughter was the youngest. Born in 1948, the professor said: “Preliminary results from the second generation show that some changes in certain aspects are similar to the first generation.

“After more than 70 years, the impact of surviving the Holocaust on brain function is significant. We revealed substantial differences in the brain structures involved in the processing of emotion, memory and social cognition, in higher level of stress but also of post-traumatic growth between Holocaust survivors and controls and early results show this is also the case in children of survivors too.”

Of his own experience, he told the JC: “I feel myself that I am unable to look at a movie of a concentration camp. My emotions are involved, so I know that it’s had an impact on me and probably my children too. But the question is whether the transmission is social or genetic.

“Essentially, the findings suggest that we have the history of our ancestors in our biology.”

The Jews have been furiously trying to prove that Holocaust trauma can be genetically passed on from one generation to another so as to make sure that their “reparations” payments from Germany continue indefinitely even after the last official jewish Holocaust survivor dies around the year 2027, according to some experts.  Geneticists long ago abandoned this spurious Lamarckian idea that traumas can be transmitted from one generation to another, but jewish “scientists” like Rektor are trying to revive it for obvious financial incentives.

However, if what this study shows is true, and Holocaust survivors do, in fact, have reduced brain capacity and function, then this would go a long way to explain why so many survivors, such as Morris Hubert or Irene Zisblatt, have been caught making up completely fabricated stories about their alleged experiences in the concentration camps.  People all too often have accepted their questionable testimonies at face value, but now we have scientific evidence that shows how they could lie about what happened to them with a straight face, and when confronted with the truth, as Herman Rosenblat was, they merely say, “It was real in my mind.”

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