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German Court Sends 93 Year-Old Ex-Guard To Prison For Only 3 Years For Helping ‘Murder’ 5,230 Jews

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

German prosecutors are recommending that a 93-year-old ex-guard who is on trial for allegedly being an accessory in the murder of 5,230 Jews at the Stutthof concentration camp should be given a inexplicably light prison sentence of only three years:

The accused is charged with accessory to murder on 5,230 counts,” prosecutor Lars Mahnke told a court in Hamburg.

The defendant, Bruno Dey, was aged 17 and 18 when he served as an SS guard at the Nazi concentration camp in Stutthof between August 9, 1944 and April 26, 1945.

He is being tried by a juvenile court, because of his age at the time of the World War II crimes.

The prosecution argues that Dey had known at the time what was happening at the camp, located near the city of Gdansk, namely that people were being shot in the crematorium. He is said to have recognized that the regime’s mass murder of Jews was wrong.

“In such a situation, loyalty to the perpetrators must end,” Mahnke said, arguing that the man should have quit his post in the watch tower.

The elderly defendant confessed at the beginning of his trial at to having served as a guard at the Stutthof camp, where more than 60,000 people are thought to have died. It was one of the last Nazi death camps to be liberated.

He was drafted to the Wehrmacht armed forces in 1944 but sent to Stutthof — purportedly against his will — because he was not deemed fit to serve on the front lines.

Dey said he saw many dead bodies during his time there but never used his own weapon.

The German national is accused of having “supported the insidious and cruel killing of mostly Jewish prisoners,” according to the prosecution.

One of his tasks was allegedly to prevent prisoners from escaping, revolting or being liberated.

During the trial, Dey also acknowledged witnessing inmates being locked behind a door but insisted that he did not know that it was a door to a gas chamber.

Yes, you read that correctly — this ex-prison guard is accused of preventing prisoners from escaping.  Let that sink in.

His other ‘crime’?  Seeing prisoners being locked behind a door at a prison.

Why bother putting this man on trial if you’re only going to sentence him to 3 years in prison for killing over 5,000 Jews?

Why aren’t Jewish groups protesting this judicial slap on the wrist?

They probably don’t want people looking into what really happened — or didn’t happen — at Stutthof.

Up until 1944 toward the end of the war, most of the internees at Stutthof were ethnic Poles, not Jews.

As the Soviet army advanced west through the Baltic states in the second half of 1944, the Germans evacuated many Jews — mostly women and children — to the safety of Stutthof — and these Jews were not required to work at this camp.

In January of 1945, as the Soviet army approached the camp, the Germans evacuated the Jewish inmates at Stutthof to the safer interior of Germany — a historical fact that Jewish Holocaust ‘expert’ Yehuda Bauer has acknowledged completely contradicts the notion that Stutthof was a ‘death’ camp.

In March and April of 1945 Soviet planed bombed the Jewish hospital at Stutthof, killing 28 Jews who were too sick to be evacuated — according to Jewish eyewitnesses.

A West German court ruled in 1964 that the eyewitness testimony of ‘homicidal gassings’ at Stutthof lacked credibility and had not be proven — a fact that is conveniently absent from the show trial of wheelchair-bound Bruno Dey.

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