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Pakistan cautiously reacts to UAE -Zionist deal

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan addresses people during opening ceremony of U21 Games 2020 at Qayyum Sports Complex, in Peshawar, Pakistan on March 9, 2020. [Hussain Ali - Anadolu Agency]

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan addresses people during opening ceremony of U21 Games 2020 at Qayyum Sports Complex, in Peshawar, Pakistan on March 9, 2020. [Hussain Ali – Anadolu Agency]August 14, 2020

Pakistan on Friday cautiously reacted to the controversial deal between the UAE and the Nazi regime to normalize ties, declaring the development with “far-reaching implications.”

“We have noted the Joint Statement announcing agreement of UAE and Israel to have full normalization of relations. This is a development with far-reaching implications, ” said a statement from the Foreign Ministry.

Islamabad said its approach would be guided by “our evaluation of how Palestinians’ rights and aspirations are upheld and how regional peace, security and stability are preserved.”

“Pakistan has an abiding commitment to the full realization of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, including the right to self-determination. Peace and stability in the Middle East region is also Pakistan’s key priority,” it went on to say.

For a just, comprehensive and lasting peace, it added, Pakistan has consistently supported a two-state solution in accordance with the relevant UN and OIC resolutions as well as international law.

The Nazi regime and the UAE Zionist puppet regime have agreed to normalize relations, US President Donald Trump said Thursday, in a move forestalling ‘Israel’s’ controversial plans to annex large swathes of the occupied West Bank.

The development marks only the third time an Arab nation has opened full diplomatic ties with the Nazi regime, and the Emirates is now the first Gulf Arab state to do so. Other Arab nations with diplomatic ties with ‘Israel’ are Zionist puppets in Egypt and Jordan.

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UAE- Zionist deal: Treacherous stab in back of Palestinians

The national and Islamic forces and factions in Gaza, including Hamas and Fatah, reach an agreement on a unified national plan of action to confront the US' 'deal of the century' and Israel's annexation plans on June 28, 2020 [Mohammad Asad / Middle East Monitor]

The national and Islamic forces and factions in Gaza, including Hamas and Fatah, reach an agreement on a unified national plan of action to confront the US’ ‘deal of the century’ and Israel’s annexation plans on June 28, 2020

Speaking as one, Palestinian groups Thursday slammed the new agreement between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel to normalise relations, Anadolu Agency reports.

Hamas condemned the agreement, saying it does nothing to serve the Palestinian cause and ignores the rights of the Palestinian people.

The UAE peace deal with Israel is a “treacherous stab in the back of the Palestinian people,” Hamas said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) stressed that the deal shows a vast conspiracy against the Palestinian people.

The Islamic Jihad Movement also decried the new deal, comparing it to a “surrender.”

Israel and the UAE have agreed to normalize relations, US President Donald Trump said Thursday, in a move forestalling Israel’s controversial plans to annex large swathes of the occupied West Bank.

READ: UAE, Israel agree to normalise relations

A joint statement from the US, UAE, and Israel said the “breakthrough” will promote “peace in the Middle East region and is a testament to the bold diplomacy and vision of the three leaders,” referring to Trump, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, and Netanyahu.

Under the deal, Israel will “suspend” plans to annex parts of the occupied West Bank “and focus its efforts now on expanding ties with other countries in the Arab and Muslim world,” according to the statement.

“The United States, Israel and the United Arab Emirates are confident that additional diplomatic breakthroughs with other nations are possible, and will work together to achieve this goal,” it added.

The development marks only the fourth time an Arab nation has opened full diplomatic ties with Israel, and the Emirates is now the first Gulf Arab state to do so. The other Arab nations with diplomatic ties with Israel are Egypt, Jordan and Mauritania.

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INTERVIEW: Dr Marandi on Beirut Blast Aftermath & Lebanon’s Future

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


SUNDAY WIRE show, host Patrick Henningsen is joined by global affairs analyst Mohammad Marandi from the University of Tehran, to discuss the recent developments in Beirut, Lebanon in the aftermath of the tragic explosion which destroyed the city’s port area and resulted in many dead and injured, as well as 300,000 made homeless due to ancillary damages.

Dr Marandi explains some of the legacy issues in Lebanese politics, as well as the true aims of US and its allies in the region, the geopolitical motivation behind punishing economic sanctions by Washington, and how these policies actually prevent delivery of regional aid, cooperation and prosperity among neighboring states. Listen:

Lebanon: The Paradise from Hell In “Wars for Israel”

Lebanon: The Beirut Blast, Destabilisation, Chaos, And An Attempt At Regime Change In “Wars for Israel”

Iranian scholar Mohammad Marandi banned from BBC debate at American University of Beirut In “Full Spectrum Dominance”

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CIA Behind Guccifer & Russiagate – a Plausible Scenario

Israel Undercover: Secret Warfare and Hidden Diplomacy in the ...
Strategic Culture Foundation

William Binney is the former technical director of the U.S. National Security Agency who worked at the agency for 30 years. He is a respected independent critic of how American intelligence services abuse their powers to illegally spy on private communications of U.S. citizens and around the globe. Given his expert inside knowledge, it is worth paying attention to what Binney says.

In a media interview this week, he dismissed the so-called Russiagate scandal as a “fabrication” orchestrated by the American Central Intelligence Agency. Many other observers have come to the same conclusion about allegations that Russia interfered in the 2016 U.S. elections with the objective of helping Donald Trump get elected.

But what is particularly valuable about Binney’s judgment is that he cites technical analysis disproving the Russiagate narrative. That narrative remains dominant among U.S. intelligence officials, politicians and pundits, especially those affiliated with the Democrat party, as well as large sections of Western media. The premise of the narrative is the allegation that a Russian state-backed cyber operation hacked into the database and emails of the Democrat party back in 2016. The information perceived as damaging to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was subsequently disseminated to the Wikileaks whistleblower site and other U.S. media outlets.

A mysterious cyber persona known as “Guccifer 2.0” claimed to be the alleged hacker. U.S. intelligence and news media have attributed Guccifer as a front for Russian cyber operations.

Notably, however, the Russian government has always categorically denied any involvement in alleged hacking or other interference in the 2016 U.S. election, or elections thereafter.

William Binney and other independent former U.S. intelligence experts say they can prove the Russiagate narrative is bogus. The proof relies on their forensic analysis of the data released by Guccifer. The analysis of timestamps demonstrates that the download of voluminous data could not have been physically possible based on known standard internet speeds. These independent experts conclude that the data from the Democrat party could not have been hacked, as Guccifer and Russiagaters claim. It could only have been obtained by a leak from inside the party, perhaps by a disgruntled staffer who downloaded the information on to a disc. That is the only feasible way such a huge amount of data could have been released. That means the “Russian hacker” claims are baseless.

Wikileaks, whose founder Julian Assange is currently imprisoned in Britain pending an extradition trial to the U.S. to face espionage charges, has consistently maintained that their source of files was not a hacker, nor did they collude with Russian intelligence. As a matter of principle, Wikileaks does not disclose the identity of its sources, but the organization has indicated it was an insider leak which provided the information on senior Democrat party corruption.

William Binney says forensic analysis of the files released by Guccifer shows that the mystery hacker deliberately inserted digital “fingerprints” in order to give the impression that the files came from Russian sources. It is known from information later disclosed by former NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden that the CIA has a secretive program – Vault 7 – which is dedicated to false incrimination of cyber attacks to other actors. It seems that the purpose of Guccifer was to create the perception of a connection between Wikileaks and Russian intelligence in order to beef up the Russiagate narrative.

“So that suggested [to] us all the evidence was pointing back to CIA as the originator [of] Guccifer 2.0. And that Guccifer 2.0 was inside CIA… I’m pointing to that group as the group that was probably the originator of Guccifer 2.0 and also this fabrication of the entire story of Russiagate,” concludes Binney in his interview with Sputnik news outlet.

This is not the first time that the Russiagate yarn has been debunked. But it is crucially important to make Binney’s expert views more widely appreciated especially as the U.S. presidential election looms on November 3. As that date approaches, U.S. intelligence and media seem to be intensifying claims about Russian interference and cyber operations. Such wild and unsubstantiated “reports” always refer to the alleged 2016 “hack” of the Democrat party by “Guccifer 2.0” as if it were indisputable evidence of Russian interference and the “original sin” of supposed Kremlin malign activity. The unsubstantiated 2016 “hack” is continually cited as the “precedent” and “provenance” of more recent “reports” that purport to claim Russian interference.

Given the torrent of Russiagate derivatives expected in this U.S. election cycle, which is damaging U.S.-Russia bilateral relations and recklessly winding up geopolitical tensions, it is thus of paramount importance to listen to the conclusions of honorable experts like William Binney. The American public are being played by their own intelligence agencies and corporate media with covert agendas that are deeply anti-democratic.

‘We Have Absolute Proof’ DNC Leaks Were Not Hacked, NSA Whistleblower Says In “Deception”

‘All the Evidence’ Suggests Guccifer 2.0 is Linked to CIA, Not Russia, NSA Whistleblower Says In “Deception”

Russiagate’s Last Gasp In “Fake News”

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Iran: Our Approach to UAE Will Change Due to Abu Dhabi’s Deal With ‘Israel’

On 13 August, US President Donald Trump announced that the United Arab Emirates had agreed to recognise and establish normal relations with the State of Israel, with a formal signing ceremony expected to take place at the White House within the coming weeks. The UAE will be the third Arab nation, after Egypt and Jordan, to do so.

Iran’s military considers the UAE-Israel deal to establish diplomatic ties “unfortunate,” and the Iranian military’s calculations in relation to Abu Dhabi will shift, given the new circumstances, Maj. Gen. Mohammad Bagheri, chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, has said.

“Certainly, Iran’s approach to the UAE will change fundamentally and the Armed Forces will look at this country with different calculations. And if something happens in the Persian Gulf region and our national security is damaged, however small, we will hold the UAE responsible and will not tolerate it,” Bagheri warned, his remarks cited by Tasnim.

Bagheri stressed that “it is not too late for the UAE to reconsider its decision and to avoid pursuing a path which is detrimental to the security of the region and to itself.”

The UAE’s military consists of approximately 100,000 personnel, and the country regularly takes part in regional wars, including the Gulf War in 1990-1991, the War in Afghanistan (starting in 2007), and the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen, starting in 2015. The UAE formally announced a partial withdrawal of its forces from the latter conflict in 2019, and a shift in focus from fighting the Shia Houthi millitia to Daesh (ISIS) and al-Qaeda* terrorists operating in Yemen). The Al Dhafra Air Base outside Abu Dhabi is also known to host US Air Force combat, intelligence-gathering and tanker aircraft for Washington’s anti-Daesh operations in the region.

Last year, amid heightened tensions in the Persian Gulf in the wake of a string of tanker sabotage attacks, ship seizures and the destruction of a US spy drone by Iranian air defences, Iran proposed the creation of a coalition of Gulf nations, including the UAE, to help ensure the security of the Persian Gulf. In July 2019, coast guard commanders from the two countries met in Tehran to work to improve cooperation in the Strait of Hormuz.

Iranian officials have made no secret of their antipathy toward the UAE-Israeli diplomatic deal on normalisation of relations known as the ‘Abraham Accord’ announced last week by US President Donald Trump. On Saturday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called the agreement a “huge mistake” and a betrayal of the Arab World and the Palestinians. Also Saturday, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps warned that the deal would have “dangerous” consequences for both parties if implemented.

A formal signing ceremony for the agreement is expected to take place in the coming weeks, and to be held in Washington. The UAE will be the first Arab nation in the Persian Gulf region to establish diplomatic ties with Israel, and the third Arab nation overall to do so after Egypt and Jordan, which normalised relations with Tel Aviv in 1979 and 1994, respectively.

Most Arab countries’ relations with Tel Aviv remain poor, and this state of affairs has reigned since the establishment of Israel in 1948.

Israel, UAE reach US-brokered agreement to establish full diplomatic ties In “Corruption”

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‘No change’ of West Bank annexation plans after Israel-UAE deal, Netanyahu says In “Deception”

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Russia’s Proposal on UNSC Summit With Iran Remains on Table After Trump’s Refusal

Unsc Logo Wallpaper posted by Ryan Cunningham

The proposal by Russian President Vladimir Putin to hold an online conference of leaders of the UNSC states, Germany, and Iran to discuss the Persian Gulf and Iran remains on the table after US President Donald Trump’s refusal to support it, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov affirmed on Sunday.

“Of course, yes”, Ryabkov said when asked whether the initiative is still on the table after Trump’s statement.

Trump said on Saturday that he would unlikely support Putin’s initiative to hold the online summit on Iran adding that he would wait until [after] the election.

On Friday, Putin suggested holding a remote videoconference around tensions in the Persian Gulf with the participation of the leaders of the UN Security Council members, Germany and Iran.

He urged Washington to assess the advantages of the implementation of this initiative in order to avoid further escalation of the situation in the Persian Gulf.

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The World Must Work to Peacefully De-nuclearise the “Israeli” Regime

By Adam Garrie

Now that the DPRK, a former signatory to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) which later withdrew has agreed to a full de-nuclearisation process, it is time to focus on other nations that possess nuclear weapons that have yet to sign the NPT.

Of all the world’s nuclear powers only “Israel”, India and Pakistan have refused to sign the NPT and of these three only “Israel” refuses to officially declare its nuclear capability even though unofficially, officials of the Tel Aviv regime have boasted of their illegal nuclear arsenal. While India and Pakistan only became nuclear capable in the late 1990s, Tel Aviv’s first successful nuclear tests came in the early 1960s and were privately a bone of contention between US President John F. Kennedy and the Tel Aviv regime. Even more worryingly, Tel Aviv maintains a plan to launch a large scale nuclear war on its neighbours and the wider region should it fear that it is on the verge of losing a traditional conflict. The award winning journalist Seymour Hersh first revealed the existence of the Samson Option – a classified “Israeli” military doctrine advocating for the use of nuclear weapons on a wide scale should the regime feel sufficiently threatened. As the regime recently stated that it feels threatened by the kites and balloons being flown by Palestinains to attempt and disrupt airstrikes on Gaza, it is clear that Tel Aviv has a very low threshold for what it considers “threatening”. Against this background, the existence of the Samson Option should be incredibly worrying to the so-called international community.

Not only has “Israel” had its illegal stockpile of nuclear weapons for longer than India or Pakistan, but “Israel” has been at war with and has occupied more countries over the last 50 years than either south Asian nuclear power. Since its inception, the Tel Aviv regime has been at war with Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and Syria. It has occupied Palestine since 1947 and part of Syria since 1967.

The regime also occupied part of Egypt between 1967 and 1982. 1982 was also when “Israel’s” full scale occupation of southern Lebanon began while hostile regime forces only vacated in 2006, subsequent to a  partial withdrawal in the year 2000. The regime had also occupied parts of Lebanon as early as 1978 while in 1981 the “Israeli” air force launched an illegal aerial assault on Iraq. While continually occupying Syria, recent years have seen ever more unprovoked “Israel” bombardments of south-western Syria which have increased in terms of their frequency and intensity in recent months.

While India and Pakistan have had a hostile relationship ever since both nations became independent of UK imperial rule, they have nevertheless engaged in fewer conflicts than those inaugurated by “Israel” and this fact in and of itself is quite remarkable. Furthermore, in spite of an alliance dating back many decades, “Israel” has also engaged in hostilities with the United States.

In 1967, the American Naval Ship USS Liberty came under a sustained attack from the “Israeli” air-force and torpedo boats without any warning or justification. In spite of Liberty’s commanders sending communications informing “Israel” that they were an “allied” US ship, the attack persisted for hours. Archival material has revealed that some of the pilots were aware that the ship was American, but that they were ordered by their superiors to keep attacking. Ultimately, 34 Americans died in the attack while 171 were severely wounded. The incident was systematically hushed up by the US government and media. Many researchers suspect that “Israel” had attempted to stage a false flag incident that would later be blamed on Egypt, in order to coerce the US into attacking Egypt and its Soviet ally. Because “Israel” was not able to kill all the men on board, the plan failed as the survivors knew full well that it was “Israel” and not Egypt nor any other Soviet ally that had attacked their ship.

While the ultimately non-lethal incident of the American Navy ship USS Pueblo being captured by the DPRK in 1968 received a great deal of attention in the US media, the USS Liberty incident from the prior year was quickly hushed up. Later, many scholars and journalists accused then US President Lyndon B. Johnson of covering up “Israel’s” wanton aggression upon a US flagged ship.

With Donald Trump publicly declaring that the DPRK no longer poses a threat to the United States, it remains clear that the undeniably aggressive “Israeli” should be the next nation to de-nuclearise for the benefit of wider global peace. While nuclear weapons in south Asia are indeed a worrying prospect, no regime has been so wantonly aggressive, so frequently in violation of UN resolutions and so threatening to all of its neighbours than the “Israeli” regime has been since its dubious inception.

With the DPRK out of the equation, it now remains a matter of focusing on countries which continue to stockpile nuclear weapons without signing the NPT. Of all such nations, “Israel” is by far the most dangerous and should be the next to be pressured by the wider world to give up its nuclear weapons.

Unfortunately, the close and frequently sycophantic US relationship with Tel Aviv means that this might not happen until it is too late. Such a worrying prospect ought to galvanise a wider support throughout the world for such a peaceful de-nuclearisation process to begin at once.

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‘No change’ of West Bank annexation plans after ‘Israel’-UAE deal, Netanyahu says



Israel is still committed to annexing parts of the occupied West Bank, PM Benjamin Netanyahu said, after a peace deal with the UAE was reached. As part of the deal, Tel Aviv agreed to suspend the annexation.

The revelation was made by Netanyahu in a televised speech on Thursday.

“There is no change in my plans to apply sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, with full coordination with the US,” Netanyahu said, referring to parts of the West Bank region by their biblical names.

The remark came shortly after the peace deal between the United Arab Emirates and Israel was unveiled. Among other things, it contains a provision that Tel Aviv agrees to ‘suspend’ its annexation plans.

Netanyahu did not give any timeframe for when exactly his land-grabbing plans will go through, but apparently sought to reassure his hardline supporters, disappointed by the sudden U-turn on the annexation issue.

The Israel-UAE deal was first announced by US President Donald Trump on Twitter earlier in the day. Trump called the agreement a “HUGE breakthrough” and labeled the whole deal a “historic” achievement.

Most of the Arab world does not officially recognize the Jewish state, but countries like Saudi Arabia have enjoyed quite cozy relations with Tel Aviv for years.

Israel, UAE reach US-brokered agreement to establish full diplomatic ties In “Ethnic Cleansing, Racism, Zionism”

Palestinian president ends agreements with Israel, US over annexation In “Ethnic Cleansing, Racism, Zionism”

Yemen’s Ansarullah slams UAE-Israel deal as ‘great betrayal’ of Palestinians In “Corruption”

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No to normalization, escalate the boycott: Confronting the US-‘Israel’-UAE agreement

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network expresses its clear rejection of yet another sham of injustice, repression and capitalist exploitation, the so-called “diplomatic breakthrough” between the United States, Israel and the United Arab Emirates. In reality, this provides no peace and no justice, just a plan for continued collaboration between the forces of imperialism, Israel, Zionism and Arab reaction, along with escalated war on the Palestinian people and all people of the Arab region.

We stand firmly together with the Palestinian people and all progressive and anti-imperialist forces in the region against every form of normalization with Israel, including those of the Palestinian Authority. 

We also stand with equal strength and commitment with the Palestinian prisoners’ movement, which has clearly rejected normalization. The prisoners’ movement’s clear position is a compass that directs our struggle and our political commitment. 

The camp of aggression – imperialism, Israel, Zionism and Arab reaction – has dismantled the unity of peoples in the region and opened its people and resources for exploitation by local and global capitalist forces, to the benefit of the Zionist project and imperialism globally. The statement from the UAE, the U.S. and Israel is perhaps the clearest expression of the forces confronting the Palestinian people and all forces seeking justice and liberation throughout the region. 

The triangle of normalization: An assault on the Palestinian people

This is only another part of triangle of normalization, represented by Camp DavidWadi Araba and Oslo, the so-called “peace” agreements brokered by the U.S. with Egypt, Jordan and the P.A., at the expense of the Palestinian people, the Arab people and the people of the region and the world. It is not only this latest agreement with the UAE that must be brought down, but this entire mechanism of injustice that falsely gives the name “peace agreement” to alliances for further colonization, war and apartheid. The UAE’s clear complicity in ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people is only made clearer through Trump’s announcement.

All of the reactionary Arab regimes that engage in these normalization projects – now including the UAE, as well as the P.A. – claim to pursue them for the benefit of the Palestinian people. In reality, the Palestinian people share a broad consensus in rejection of all of these normalization projects that come only at their expense. This agreement does not even pretend to stop the ongoing annexation and Zionist colonization of Palestinian land, merely to “suspend” it, attempting to provide Arab legitimacy to an illegitimate settler-colonial entity in Palestine. 

On one hand, this announcement reflects the petty interests of the Trump administration in boosting a sagging re-election campaign. But it also reflects the long-term commitment of U.S. imperialism to divide, repress and exploit the people of the region and their resources, with the Israeli settler-colonial project forming the sharp edge of imperial domination while local agents, particularly monarchies, reaped personal wealth from their deals with imperialism. 

The UAE has long been engaged in overt and covert normalization with Zionism, just as it has played a reactionary role throughout the region. The UAE remains directly involved in the so-called coalition waging war on the people of Yemen in an attempt to maintain imperial domination in line with the interests of fellow reactionary regimes, such as that of Saudi Arabia.

The UAE has played a dominant role in the manipulation of Egyptian politics, propping up the Sisi Camp David regime, which imprisons thousands of political prisoners in Egyptian jails while hailing the latest move toward normalization. This is not to mention the enrichment of the UAE ruling class at the behest of imperialism while engaging in the most brutal practices of super-exploitation of international migrant laborers and attempting to silence all criticism, let alone organizing efforts.

While the public announcement reflects a new step toward official normalization, the relationship between the U.S., UAE and Israeli state is nothing new. UAE and Israeli officials met in 2016 to undermine the Iran nuclear agreement and reimpose sanctions, building on previous alliances for the sale of advanced U.S. military technology to the UAE with the full support of the Israeli state. As noted in The Electronic Intifada, “These secret relations have included military and intelligence cooperation and even joint military exercises. The ground for Thursday’s announcement was laid in recent years with athletic competitions and business cooperation. Just weeks ago, an Emirati firm struck a deal with two Israeli arms giants…”

Such normalization projects represent only the narrow interests of the reactionary ruling class of these regimes, not the people of the Gulf. It is the responsibility of all forces that stand with the resistance to make clear that the masses of the people stand firmly against colonization and imperialism, and to escalate all forms of boycott and isolation of the Israeli regime and its partners in colonization. 

Further, we note that as the U.S. announces this latest attack on the Palestinian people alongside the UAE and the Israeli state, we see that it is also ramping up its sanctions on Syria through the “Caesar Act” while threatening even more sanctions on Lebanon, only one week after the devastating Beirut explosion, in an attempt to enforce total compliance with Zionist colonialism and imperial domination throughout the region. 

The U.S. and its partners also continue to escalate their war threats and brutal sanctions against Iran, a project in which both the Israeli state and the UAE are fully engaged. This represents not only a threat to Iran but to all forces in the region and internationally that chart any course independent of imperialism. One of the most important responses to this latest attack on the peoples of the region at the hands of Israel, Zionism, imperialism and Arab reaction is to fight to end all sanctions on Lebanon, stop new sanctions from being imposed, end the sanctions on Syria and end the war drive and sanctions on Iran. All of these unilateral coercive measures are part of an illegal imperial war of aggression being carried out through economic means as well as direct military attacks.

Confronting the Attack, Escalating the Boycott

This announcement further makes clear our responsibility to take action and intensify the boycott campaign against Israeli products, cultural institutions, academic institutions and complicit corporations. Normalization of colonialism must be met – and can be defeated – with popular anti-normalization, boycott and confrontation, and the international isolation of Israel. By building the boycott campaign on a popular level, as well as the official one, we can elevate solidarity with the Palestinian people and undermine these destructive normalization projects.

There is a powerful international example – the Plurinational State of Bolivia, under legitimate President Evo Morales, cutting ties with Israel, expelling its ambassador, and formally declaring the settler-colonial entity “a terrorist regime.” A key part of the strong support for Palestine and its national movement shares by progressive governments and popular movements across Latin America, this clear declaration of sovereignty and rejection of colonialism was almost undoubtedly a factor in the U.S. support for the coup regime that targeted the Morales government in November 2019, alongside the Bolivian government’s commitment to sovereign resource development and rejection of U.S. domination. Indeed, only weeks after the coup, its self-proclaimed officials announced their renewed ties with the Israeli regime. 

The people of Bolivia have not given up and continue to struggle to bring down the coup regime. Standing in solidarity with the Bolivian people’s fight against the coup and against imperialism in Latin America is part and parcel of building a meaningful boycott movement for the international isolation of Israel. 

Further, we urge all supporters of Palestine around the world to organize demonstrations and actions outside U.S., Israeli and Emirati embassies to hold them accountable for their ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people and denounce their active participation in the violation of Palestinian rights, including the detention of thousands of political prisoners, the demolition of homes, extrajudicial executions, the siege on Gaza, the confiscation of land, the construction of settlements, the apartheid regime ruling over Palestinians in ’48 and the denial of the right to return of millions of Palestinian refugees. 

The boycott of the masses is stronger than the normalization projects of Israel, Zionism, imperialism and Arab reaction. This agreement must only strengthen our resolve to mobilize, organize and act to defend Palestine, confront imperialism and uphold the resistance. 

Samidoun: Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network is an international network of organizers and activists working to build solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in their struggle for freedom, and for the liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea. Samidoun’s chapters and affiliates in Palestine, the United States, France, Canada, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Greece and elsewhere work together to build this movement. We invite you to contact us at to share your actions, responses, or get involved with Samidoun. 

Samidoun condemns Palestinian Authority normalization meetings

Large march in Athens confronts Netanyahu, demands end to Greece-Israel gas pipeline deal

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FALSE FLAG OPERATION: Beirut Targeted By Devastating 9/11-Level Terrorist Attack—Who did it and Why?

by State of the Nation

WHO? Everything points to a joint MOSSAD-IDF operation.


WHY? ISRAEL has repeatedly
threatened to remove Hezbollah
from Lebanon … … …
by any means necessary.

~~~ End of Story ~~~

*Click on the above photo to enlarge.

State of the Nation

Not one, but two enormous explosions rocked Beirut today.  When there are 2 bomb attacks, just like there were on 9/11, you know the terrorist attack has Israel’s fingerprints all over it. (See two explosions clouds in the photo below.)

EDITORS NOTE: Graphic content / This picture taken on August 4, 2020 shows a general view of the scene of an explosion at the port of Lebanon’s capital Beirut. – Two huge explosions rocked the Lebanese capital Beirut, wounding dozens of people, shaking buildings and sending huge plumes of smoke billowing into the sky. Lebanese media carried images of people trapped under rubble, some bloodied, after the massive explosions, the cause of which was not immediately known. (Photo by STR / AFP)

What follows is a video of one of the immense explosion that occurred today, August 4th, at Beirut Port, Lebanon.

Now here’s another video perspective of the same explosion.

And here’s one more video:

This terrorist attack was predicted yesterday

SOTN was sent an email yesterday, Monday, August 3 — the day before this terrorist bombing — by an experienced Russian investigator and Israel research historian which stated the following:

“Attention: An Israeli citizen journalist recently
explained that Israel is ready to start a war with
two countries [Lebanon & Iran]. The Israeli military
is moving soldiers, tanks, etc.  Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu is currently charged with three crimes,
and he can be jailed soon if found guilty. He wants
to start a new war, and instead of going to prison he
has hopes of becoming an Israeli hero messiah who
would exterminate Hezbollah and other ‘enemies’
of Israel.”

The same email also included the following 32-minute video that goes into great detail about what Israel has planned for the Middle East between now and the U.S. election.  This video presentation is an interview between two Russian speakers so a translation of the transcript in now being made.

‘Israel started to move’ — Ariel (Video) 

Plausible Deniability

As always, Israel’s MOSSAD/IDF conducted this 9/11-level bombing operation in such a way so they could plead plausible deniability to the world community of nations.  After all, the Zionists who control the Modern State of Israel have been directly responsible for every single major terrorist attack on planet Earth since September 11, 20o1 and before.  What follows is a definitive analysis of how MOSSAD executed the 9/11 terrorist attacks and cover-up.

9/11 was both an “Inside Job” and “Mossad Job”

Now, posted just below is a tweet about a Lebanese official who is already suggesting that the cause of the explosion was ammonium nitrate.  The Zionist propagandists and prevaricators are always in motion within minutes of the crime spree being perpetrated.  While ammonium nitrate may very well be the combustible material, the true cause of the detonation is what really matters at crime scenes of such utter devastation as this one in Beirut.

Photos of bomb explosions

Clearly, the various photographs reveal a thermonuclear explosion that could only have been detonated to produce such an awesome effect via an expertly planned terrorist operation.  While ammonium nitrate may have been the primary explosive, the signatures of the initial detonation and mushroom explosion reflect a clear-cut thermonuclear blast.[1]  It’s also quite likely that DEWs (Directed Energy Weapons) were also employed to carry out these attacks.

Israel Hits Beirut with Nuclear Missile

Both the white dust cloud and fire red burst shown below reveal that a complex weapon system was utilized.  The evolution of the explosion from beginning to end also demonstrates that this black operation was carried out by highly professional, military-trained bomb experts.

For example, the following photo shows an initial high, narrow red cloud that’s a dead giveaway for a thermonuclear explosion, probably using a micro-nuclear weapon or tactical nuclear device.

As for the extraordinary damage caused by this horrific terrorist attack, the photos below offer only a glimpse of what is taking place on the ground in Beirut at this very moment.

EDITORS NOTE: Graphic content / A man reacts at the scene of an explosion at the port in Lebanon’s capital Beirut on August 4, 2020. – Two huge explosions rocked the Lebanese capital Beirut, wounding dozens of people, shaking buildings and sending huge plumes of smoke billowing into the sky. Lebanese media carried images of people trapped under rubble, some bloodied, after the massive explosions, the cause of which was not immediately known. (Photo by IBRAHIM AMRO / AFP)

Just how much death and destruction?

The current statistics presented in the following Wikipedia entry will prove to be a fraction of the actual number of dead, injured and homeless in Beirut.  When the final tallies are confirmed, the death and destruction may very well be on par with the 9/11 terror attacks.

On the evening of 4 August 2020, at 18:08 EEST, multiple explosions occurred in the city of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.[1] The blasts occurred at the Port of Beirut and left over 100 people dead and at least 4,000 injured.[2][3][4][5] Beirut Governor Marwan Abboud estimated that between 200,000 and 250,000 people were left homeless by the explosions.[6][2]

What better way to paralyze Hezbollah than to totally destroy the Port of Beirut.  How convenient it was that “approximately 2,750 tonnes (3,030 short tons) of ammonium nitrate that had been confiscated by the government from an abandoned ship and stored in the port without safety measures for the previous six years”[2].

Oh, really, we’re supposed to believe that this was just an accidental detonation of such a colossal amount of explosive material?!

As always, the official storyline fits the Zionist narrative that these were just accidental explosions … while at the same time the IDF is surreptitiously back-channeling the real back story throughout the Lebanese and Iranian Hezbollah networks.

KEY POINTS: The Neocon Zionists are masters of the geopolitical con.  The mere hint of nuclear bombs being detonated in Beirut will cause many to leave the city forever.  This is exactly the desired outcome so that there is substantially less support, both material and moral, offered by the Lebanese to the Hezbollah military network that has been firmly established from Beirut to the Israeli border.  Likewise, even prospective Hezbollah recruits will think twice before they enter a future war zone that the Israel Defense Force will not hesitate to nuke.


As always, highly dramatic terrorist attacks like this one are always timed to DISTRACT the entire planetary civilization from shocking major revelations.

There are many crime waves, serious scandals and naked conspiracies going on right now that The Powers That Be would like to distract US all from.  Each Deep State or Democrat crime spree is a potential neutron bomb in terms of political fall-out.  Hence, the perps behind the Beirut bombing certainly see this as another necessary October Surprise, and like OPERATION COVID-19 and the transparently staged race riots, another early surprise.

Obviously, the most radioactive disclosures being made over the past couple of weeks concern HCQgate—a deliberate Deep State-Big Pharma conspiracy to deprive the American people of the COVID-19 cure protocol known as Hydroxychlorquine~Azithromycin~Zinc. See: #HCQgate: Deep State-Big Pharma Anti-HCQ Conspiracy Blown Wide Open

The New World Order globalist cabal is quite desperate at the moment to close down the Coronavirus Truth Movement.  After all, the dam is breaking regarding COVID-19 truth and the all the criminal co-conspirators are feeling heat like never before.  Bombing Beirut has given all the perps respite, then, which some of them were in dire need of.  The following explosive story alone was giving them nightmares this past week.

Anonymous D.C. Insider Exposes Ultra-Secret Covid Conspiracy
Inside the Beltway

Why August 4?

It’s of paramount importance to understand that the same Zionist tribe really responsible for dropping 2 atom bombs on Japan at the end of the Second World War also unleashed this tactical nuclear device on Beirut.[3]

During World War 2, the two nuclear weapons were used primarily to issue a threat against Russia (and China) as the war was already won by the Allies.  The distance from Hiroshima to Vladivostok, Russia is 600 miles; whereas the distance from Nagasaki to Shanghai, China is only 500 miles.  So, both of those barbaric atomic bombing served as a warning to each nation of what they might face should they engage in armed conflict with the Zionist-controlled Anglo-American Axis.

However, there’s a much greater reason why the Zionists (really the Zio-Anglo-American Axis) quite purposefully used a nuclear weapon(s) in Beirut during the first week of August.

They are sending an unambiguous message to all enemies both real and perceived that they will not hesitate to nuke any country that stands in their way. And, that they will even blow up a major metropolitan area without any hesitation whatsoever.

This is why they chose August 4th to do the evil deed in Beirut. As the Wikipedia excerpt above indicates they dropped the atom bombs “over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9, 1945, respectively” .

What better way for these Zionist nuclear terrorists to again send a message to their real targets — Russia, China & Iran — as they did during World War II. They selected the exact same time frame knowing their incendiary missive would hit the mark. And so it has!
(Source: There are reasons why the Zionist terrorists bombed Beirut on August 4th)

Key Point: Can there be any doubt that this was a classic “FALSE FLAG OPERATION”?  Even before the shock waves of the bigger bomb stopped propagating throughout the city of Beirut, there were extremely suspicious reports of a Russian cargo holding a shipment of 2,750 metric tons of ammonium nitrate as the cause.  And, that the Russian-owned vessel first arrived in 2013.  As usual, the perps wants to blame Russia for this now obvious terrorist attack, as well as provide cover for their own heinous deployment of nuclear weaponry in a major city (that’s why it’s a false flag attack).  Here’s the latest CNN headline: A Russian ship’s cargo of dangerous ammonium nitrate was stranded in Beirut port for years.


The single greatest existential threat Israel faces today is the rapidly developing missile strike capacity throughout the Hezbollah military networks scattered throughout southern Lebanon. Hence, the MOSSAD and IDF executed this nuclear attack as a HUGE warning to Hezbollah not to threaten Israel with the hundreds of missiles that have been installed over years located not very far from Tel Aviv. See: IDF Tweet: “Locations where attempts are being made to establish missile conversion infrastructure”

These attacks were also an outright threat directed at Iran.  If Israel is so reckless to blow up Beirut IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, they would be equally brash to carry out a similar black op in Tehran.  In point of fact, Iran has been the target of several suspicious fires and explosions over the past month.  Each of them has PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s fingerprints all over them.  Israel has been waging an unrelenting asymmetric terrorist war against Iran ever since President Trump took office.

Netanyahu is the Zio-Anglo-American Axis point man in the Middle East right now.  In fact, he has been indicted for three separate cases with the explicit purpose of coercing him to launch a full-scale attack on Iran.  But first Netanyahu’s hidden masters want him to neutralize Hezbollah in Lebanon; hence, the world has just witnessed this horrendous terrorist attack … against innocents who have nothing to do with Israel’s enemies. See: US ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea Issued Threats to Prime Minister Hassan Diab to Coerce the Exclusion of Hezbollah from Government

Bottom Line: This type of terrorist operation is how the Zionist leaders of Israel always victimize innocent men, women and children to compel a targeted nation-state to give into their odious and/or insane demands. (Remember 9/11!)  However, it is never the people of Israel who are behind these never-ending atrocities; rather, it ‘s the Neocon Zionists who are strategically positioned throughout the Zio-Anglo-American Axis.  These perennial terrorists will stop at nothing until their cataclysmic Greater Israel project is completed. See: “Israel caused the massive explosion at the Beirut port” — Confidential and highly-informed Israeli source


[1] BEIRUT BOMBING: Partial Nuclear Detonation (Videos)

[2] 2020 Beirut explosions

[3] Huge explosion rocks central Beirut (Video)

Video Reference

Getting To The Root Of Beirut (Video)

Tweet referencing Lebanon’s Council for Scientific Research accusation about ammonium nitrate.

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