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India Implodes Its Own New Silk Road


An Indian Train Ride. Credit: Asia Times/Facebook.

There was a time when New Delhi was proudly selling the notion of establishing its own New Silk Road – from the Gulf of Oman to the intersection of Central and South Asia – to compete with China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Now it looks like the Indians have stabbed themselves in the back.

In 2016, Tehran and New Delhi signed a deal to build a 628-km rail line from strategic Chabahar port to Zahedan, very close to the Afghan border, with a crucial extension to Zaranj, in Afghanistan, and beyond.

The negotiations involved Iranian Railways and Indian Railway Constructions Ltd. But in the end nothing happened – because of Indian foot-dragging. So Tehran has decided to build the railway anyway, with its own funds – $400 million – and completion scheduled for March 2022.

The railway was supposed to be the key transportation corridor linked to substantial Indian investments in Chabahar, its port of entry from the Gulf of Oman for an alternative New Silk Road to Afghanistan and Central Asia.

Upgrading rail/road infrastructure from Afghanistan to its neighbors Tajikistan and Uzbekistan would be the next step. The whole operation was inscribed in a trilateral India-Iran-Afghanistan deal – signed in 2016 in Tehran by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and then Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.

The unofficial New Delhi excuse revolves around fears that the project would be slammed with US sanctions. New Delhi actually did get a Trump administration sanctions waiver for Chabahar and the rail line to Zahedan. The problem was to convince an array of investment partners, all of them terrified of being sanctioned.

In fact, the whole saga has more to do with Modi’s wishful thinking of expecting to get preferential treatment under the Trump administration’s Indo-Pacific strategy, which relies on a de facto Quad (US, India, Australia, Japan) containment of China. That was the rationale behind New Delhi deciding to cut off all its oil imports from Iran.

So far all practical purposes, India threw Iran under the bus. No wonder Tehran decided to move on its own, especially now with the $400 billion, 25-year “Comprehensive Plan for Cooperation between Iran and China”, a deal that seals a strategic partnership between China and Iran.

In this case, China may end up exercising control over two strategic “pearls” in the Arabian Sea/Gulf of Oman only 80 km away from each other: Gwadar, in Pakistan, a key node of the $61 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), and Chabahar.

Tehran, so far, has denied that Chabahar port will be offered on a lease to Beijing. But what is a real possibility, apart from Chinese investments in an oil refinery near Chabahar, and even, in the long run, in the port itself, is an operational link between Gwadar and Chabahar. That will be complemented by the Chinese operating the port of Bandar-e-Jask in the Gulf of Oman, 350 km to the west of Chabahar and very close to the hyper-strategic Strait of Hormuz.

How corridors attract

Not even a Hindu deity on hangover could possibly imagine a more counter-productive “strategy” for Indian interests in case New Delhi backs off from its cooperation with Tehran.

Let’s look at the essentials. What Tehran and Beijing will be working on is a de facto massive expansion of CPEC, with Gwadar linked to Chabahar and further onwards to Central Asia and the Caspian via Iranian railways, as well as connected to Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean (via Iraq and Syria), all the way to the EU.

This game-changing progress will be at the heart of the whole Eurasian integration process – uniting China, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and of course Russia, which is linked to Iran via the International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC).

For the moment, for all its hefty reverberations in multiple areas – upgrade of energy infrastructure, refurbishing of ports and refineries, construction of a connectivity corridor, investments in manufacturing, and a steady supply of Iranian oil and gas, a matter of national security for China – there’s no question that the Iran-China deal is being effectively downplayed by both sides.

The reasons are self-evident: not to raise the Trump administration’s ire to even more incandescent levels, considering both actors are considered “existential threats”. Still, Mahmoud Vezi, chief of staff for President Rouhani, guarantees the final Iran-China deal with be signed by March 2021.

CPEC, meanwhile, is on a roll. What Chabahar was supposed to do for India is already in effect at Gwadar – as transit trade to Afghanistan started only a few days ago, with bulk cargo arriving from the UAE. Gwadar is already establishing itself as a key transit hub to Afghanistan – way ahead of Chabahar.

For Kabul, the strategic factor is essential. Afghanistan essentially depends on overland routes from Pakistan – some can be extremely unreliable – as well as Karachi and Port Qasim. Especially for southern Afghanistan, the overland link from Gwadar, through Balochistan, is much shorter and safer.

For Beijing, the strategic factor is even more essential. For China, Chabahar would not be a priority, because access to Afghanistan is easier, for instance, via Tajikistan.

But Gwadar is a completely different story. It’s being configured, slowly but surely, as the key Maritime Silk Road hub connecting China with the Arabian Sea, the Middle East and Africa, with Islamabad collecting hefty transit funds. Win-win in a nutshell – but always taking into consideration that protests and challenges from Balochistan simply won’t disappear, and require very careful management by Beijing-Islamabad.

Chabahar-Zahedan was not the only recent setback for India. India’s External Affairs Ministry has recently admitted that Iran will develop the massive Farzad-B gas field in the Persian Gulf “on its own” and India might join “appropriately at a later stage”. The same “at a later stage” spin was applied by New Delhi for Chabahar-Zahedan.

The exploration and production rights for Farzad B were already granted years ago for India’s state company ONGC Videsh Limited (OVL). But then, again, nothing happened – due to the proverbial specter of sanctions.

Sanctions, by the way, had been in effect already under Obama. Yet at the time, India and Iran at least traded goods for oil. Farzad B was scheduled to be back on track after the signing of the JCPOA in 2015. But then Trump’s sanctions iced it again.

It doesn’t take a PhD in political science to ascertain who may eventually take over Farzad B: China, especially after the signing of the 25-year partnership next year.

India, against its own energy and geostrategic interests, has in fact been reduced to the status of hostage of the Trump administration. The real target of applying Divide and Rule to India-Iran is to prevent them from trading in their own currencies, bypassing the US dollar, especially when it comes to energy.

The Big Picture though is always about New Silk Road progress across Eurasia. With increasing evidence of closer and closer integration between China, Iran and Pakistan, what’s clear is that India remains integrated only with its own inconsistencies.

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Should We Compete with China? Can We?


The size of China’s displacement of the world balance is such that the world must find a new balance. It is not possible to pretend that this is just another big player. This is the biggest player in the history of the world. Lee Kwan Yew.

In 2003 I published a book charting America’s decline in thirty-six social and economic indicators. I mailed copies to the Administration, Congress and department heads and received one reply, from the Director General of the Central Intelligence Agency, saying that the Agency had been providing almost identical information to the government for decades. Since then our decline and China’s rise have both accelerated and momentum has carried us so far so quickly that competition is unrealistic.

• • •

If China resembled the caricature our media has drawn for the last seven decades then yes, we should compete with her repressive, extractive, authoritarianism and invest our bounty in advanced technologies to ensure that we remain the envy of the world.

But what if China is neither repressive, extractive nor authoritarian? What if we have no bounty left to invest? What if Chinese leaders are more popular, respected and competent than ours? What if her economy is thirty percent bigger and growing three times faster, with one-third the debt burden? What if she is already ahead of us scientifically technologically, is militarily impregnable, and possesses more–and more powerful–allies than we do? What should we do then? Here’s an inventory:

Government: Confucius, the supreme political scientist said, “If people have no faith in their rulers then the state cannot exist.” Our trust in government is at its lowest ebb in history. Gallup says most of us rank government as our most pressing problem and just 54 percent of us even ‘consistently express a pro-democratic position.’ China’s system of professional, non-factional government has returned it to its role as the Central Kingdom. Compared to ours, China’s government is forward-looking, decentralized, efficient and thrifty. The Government Entrance Examination selects the top 2% of graduates each year and success is the only avenue to power, responsibility. The 200 members of the State Council–all promoted on their ability to work cooperatively–have collectively governed billions of people for a combined 5,000 years and their publicly available stats are jaw-dropping. Most have a PhD and an IQ over 140. All began their careers in the country’s poorest villages and left only after raising incomes by 50%. They repeated that performance at every level, including the presidency, as Xi is doing.

Leadership. We choose leaders by acclamation–a Greco-Roman custom favoring eloquent rascals–and that is exactly what we have while, as President Trump observed, “China’s leaders are much smarter than ours. It’s like taking the New England Patriots and Tom Brady and having them play your high school football team.”

Economies. Today, China generates 20% of global GDP vs. our 15%, its imports and exports are in balance, its trading relationships are excellent, its currency fairly valued, its economy one third larger and growing three times faster, its manufacturing wages at parity with ours and its plans for 2025 are breathtaking.

Infrastructure: New highways, railways, subways and ports and, next year, the fastest, most advanced Internet and entire cities built around 5G.

Geopolitics. In 2018 China’s 34% world approval rating beat America’s 31% and Gallup says, “As the global balance of soft power continues to shift, it may prove even more difficult for the US to counter this influence.” They are focusing their attention on Eurasia and, Zbigniew Brzezinski[1] warned, “Control over Eurasia would almost automatically entail Africa’s subordination, rendering the Western Hemisphere and Oceania (Australia) geopolitically peripheral to the world’s central continent. Seventy-five percent of the world’s people live in Eurasia and most of the world’s physical wealth is there too, both in its enterprises and underneath its soil. Eurasia accounts for about three-fourths of the world’s known energy resources.”

We ceded control of Crimea and the Black Sea to Russia and, increasingly, the Middle East, too. With the Belt and Road, China and Russia are amalgamating The Eurasian Economic Union (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic and Russia with Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Moldova in consideration); The Shanghai Cooperative Organization, SCO (Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, India, China, and Pakistan; with Afghanistan, Iran, Mongolia and Belarus as observers and Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Turkey as dialog partners); and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, RCEP (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan, India, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand). Once the Nord Stream II and South Stream pipelines are completed in December, how can the EU resist joining them

Finances. The Financial Times says, “America will need to sell $12 Trillion of bonds in the coming decade..Who on earth–or in global finance–will buy this looming mountain of Treasuries, the US borrowing requirement even before Trump’s major upgrade of America’s weapons systems? ..These borrowing needs [will all] have to be financed in the context of already high global dollar debt exposure. One of America’s biggest hedge funds privately concluded that in five years’ time the Treasury will need to sell bonds equivalent to 25 percent of gross domestic product, up from 15 per cent now. This level of debt has occurred just twice in the past 120 years, first during the second world war and then again during the 2008 financial crisis”. Russia and China have no foreign debt, and China has abundant savings and carries a debt burden one-third America’s or the EU’s.

Science. Their five IQ point advantage over us means that they have 300,000 people with 160 IQ, compared to 30,000 in the West. China has overtaken the US to become the world’s largest producer of scientific research papers, making up almost a fifth of the total global output, according to a major new reportChina dominates a global ranking of the most-cited research papers published in the 30 hottest technology fields. Though the U.S. accounted for 3.9 million research papers overall compared with 2.9 million from China, the Asian country produced the largest share in 23 of the 30 fields that drew the most interest, while America took the crown for the remaining seven.

As we can infer from the chart, the social groups controlling our surplus used it for non-productive, ego-satisfying purposes which distributed the surpluses to consumption but did not provide more effective methods of production. China is the most influential country in four of eight core scientific fields, ranking first in computer science, mathematics, materials science and engineering and is rapidly catching up in physics. The U.S. led in physics, environmental and earth sciences, basic life science and clinical medicine. Twenty years ago Samuel Huntington[2] said, “Civilizations grow because they have an instrument of expansion, a military, religious, political, or economic organization that accumulates surplus and invests it in productive innovations and they decline when they stop the application of surplus to new ways of doing things. In modern terms we say that the rate of investment decreases. This happens because the social groups controlling the surplus have a vested interest in using it for non-productive but ego-satisfying purposes which distribute the surpluses to consumption but do not provide more effective methods of production.”

Technology. Two thirds of the world’s fastest computers are Chinese but nothing reveals the emptiness of our IP closet more than Chinese dominance of enhanced mobile broadband. We will take twice as long and spend twice as much integrating a less affordable, functional, compatible, upgradeable system. Yet our feckless media derided President Trump when he called for America to dominate 6G, despite the publicly known fact that Huawei has had 600 mathematicians, physicists and engineers working on 6G for over a year. China leads the world in most of the top ten ‘hot’ fields like battery research and accounted for more than seventy percent of all papers on photocatalysts and nucleic-acid-targeted cancer treatment, which ranked 12th and 14th. The US led in three biotechnology fields, including #7 genome editing and #10 immunotherapy. China leads the world in basic research and in most technologies, especially hot areas.

China also leads in all fields of civil engineering and of sustainable and renewable energy, in manufacturing, supercomputing, speech recognition, graphenics, thorium power, pebble bed reactors, genomics, thermal power, ASW missiles, drones, in-orbit satellite refueling, passive array radar, metamaterials, hyperspectral imaging, nanotechnology, UHV electricity transmission, HSR, speech recognition, radio-telescopy, hypersonic weapons, satellite quantum communications, quantum secure direct communications and quantum controls. “Approximately 72% of the academic patent families published in QIT since 2012 have been from Chinese universities. US universities are a distant second with 12%.” China will overtake the US in the most-cited 50% of Artificial Intelligence research papers this year, the top 10% of research papers next year, and the top 1% by 2025. Six of the eleven AI unicorns are Chinese. We have no entrants in quantum encryption or face recognition, nor 100 mph maglev subways, nor lossless power transmission.

  • Aerospace: China launched more space missions in 2018 than Russia or America and its first indigenous airliner will take to the air this year, despite FAA foot-dragging. It is the world’s leading provider of UAVs and the largest manufacturer and exporter of light combat aircraft. Now that its WS-15 fighter jet engine is in production, its J-20 will outcarry and outspeed our fighters.
  • Ocean engineering. China is the go-to builder for LNG transporters and naval vessels that require technical expertise (the USN approached it about building a floating dock) It designs, builds and operates the most powerful surface combatants afloat, the Type 55 cruiser, ensuring that its claims in the South China Sea and the East China Sea will not be contested.
  • Advanced railway equipment: China leads in all aspects of railway engineering and wins the bulk of global rail contracts. The first of five low speed maglev lines has completed testing and two more will open this year.
  • Energy-saving and new energy vehicles: China leads the world in batteries and electric cars and has more than 20 manufacturers competing to survive.
  • Power equipment: China leads the world in basic research and manufacturing of renewable energy and nuclear energy and installed more renewable and nuclear power last year than the rest of the world combined. It owns the market for long distance UHV transmission.
  • Materials Science. China’s share of the most cited nanoscience papers grows 22% annually and overtook the US in 2014. Its contribution–in quantity and quality–is now greater than the rest of the world’s combined. Most of the world’s graphene is manufactured in China, home to most graphene startups and the country is even with us in nanomaterial development.
  • Biomedicine and high-performance medical devices. Judged by papers in 82 high-quality research journals, China is the second leading contributor to biomedical engineering articles after the US and will overtake us in three years.

TradeMidway in the sixteenth century China became the great repository of the early modern world’s newly discovered wealth in silver. Long a participant in international maritime trade, China experienced the consequences of the greatly enlarged patterns in world trade. In that commerce China was essentially a seller of high-quality craft manufactures. Other countries could not compete either in quality or price. The colonies of the New World and the entire Mediterranean sphere of trade, from Portugal and Spain to the Ottoman Empire, began to complain that the influx of Chinese goods undermined their economies. F.W. Mote, Imperial China 900-1800. China’s most significant trade relationships are with Asia and Europe, with the US third. As Parag Khanna[3] says, Beijing must wonder why #3 would launch a trade war against #1. Though we are self-sufficient in many things,we may be more dispensable than we imagine. ‘America first’ sounds great except when it actually means ‘America alone’.

Social IndicatorsRulers who led their people to the Realm of Lesser Prosperity, a xiaokang[4] lifestyle, were themselves pillars of courtesy, sincerity, justice and virtue while those who did not lost power and everyone regarded them as pests. China’s GINI, which never reached our nosebleed levels, is dropping like a stone and extreme poverty will be gone next year, when every Chinese will have a home, a job, plenty of food, education, safe streets, health and old age care (there will then be more drug addicts, suicides and executions, more homeless, poor, hungry and imprisoned people in America than in China). 500,000,000 urban Chinese will have more net worth and disposable income than the average American, their mothers and infants will be less likely to die in childbirth, their children will graduate from high school three years ahead of–and outlive–our kids. Ninety-eight percent of Chinese listed as ‘poor’ already own their homes and Xi has scheduled 2021-2035 to bringing GINI below Finland’s.

Education: No country has so many intelligent, well trained, devoted engineers. One-fourth of the world’s STEM workers are Chinese, an intellectual workforce eight times larger, growing six times faster and graduating high school students three years ahead of ours. By 2025, China will have more technologically skilled workers than the entire OECD–the US, EU, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Israel, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, and Turkey–combined.

Low crime, no religious nonsense or Islamic violence. Companies can invest safely without fear of religious unrest, violence or robbery.

Faith in the future, nationalism, a belief in building a better China: the Chinese have a strong belief in the future and willingly sacrifice time and effort for the next generation. The Chinese are feeling as we did in the 60s, except that their wages and wealth have doubled every decade for seventy years.

Their Market: There are twice as many people in China than in the US and Europe combined and domestic consumption of China is growing 7% annually thanks to 200 million rural people moving into new cities. China will have abundant low salary workers in its western provinces for the next 15 years. Chinese companies are flexible beyond imagination. They can change products, management, focus or whatever literally overnight. The Chinese are incredibly flexible and their culture has already outlived the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans. Western companies are hierarchically organised whereas in Chinese companies decisions are made fast, often on the phone.

Politics. China is the world’s leading democracy. Though this claim enrages many Westerners, regardless of the metric employed, electively, popularly, procedurally, operationally, substantively, financially, and technologically, China is a thriving democracy and America is not.

DefenseThe PLA fields some of the most modern weapon systems in the world at half the cost of America’s defense budget. Its more modern missiles outrange ours in every weight and class thanks to the tight coupling between their world leading chemists and rocket propellent manufacturers. Russian weapons systems fill any gaps.

Morale. A highly cohesive society, 95% support their government’s policies and most are willing to fight for their country.

The Future. By 2025, nine provinces will enjoy higher average incomes than the US. By 2040, all will.


[1] The Grand Chessboard

[2] Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of the World Order, Samuel Huntington

[3] The Future is Asian: Commerce, Conflict, and Culture in the 21st Century← Corruption in China

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New Normal Gleichschaltung

The Storming of the Reichstag Building on 29 August, 2020


On March 21, 1933, the Nazi-controlled Reichstag passed a law making it a crime to speak out against the government. The “Regulations of the Reich President for Defense from Treacherous Attacks against the Government of the National Uprising” made even the slightest expression of dissent from Nazi ideology a criminal offense. This new law, among other totalitarian measures, was part of a process known as Gleichschaltung … the process of achieving rigid and total ideological coordination and uniformity in politics, culture, and private communication by forcibly repressing (or eliminating) independence and freedom of thought and expression.

GloboCap hasn’t done anything that heavy-handed in the course of rolling out the New Normal totalitarianism, but that’s mainly because they do not have to. When you control the vast majority of the global corporate media, you don’t need to pass a lot of ham-fisted laws banning all dissent from your totalitarian ideology. This isn’t the 1930s, after all. Over the last ninety years, the arts of propaganda, disinformation, and perception management have advanced to a point that even Goebbels couldn’t have imagined.

The skill with which GloboCap and the corporate media delegitimized the anti-New Normal demonstrations in Berlin, London, and other cities last weekend is a perfect example of the state of those arts. I’ll focus on Berlin, as that’s where I live, and the so-called “Storming of the Reichstag” incident, but it works pretty much the same way everywhere. I believe there was a curious incident involving a person with a fascist flag in London, and that the UK media have now officially chosen David Icke to be the movement’s figurehead.

In Berlin, in the days leading up to the protests, government officials and corporate media propagandists did what officials and propagandists do … they relentlessly repeated their official narrative, namely, that anyone protesting the New Normal (or doubting the official Coronavirus narrative) is a “violent neo-Nazi extremist,” or “conspiracy theorist,” or some other form of existential “threat to democracy.”

This official narrative was originally disseminated following the August 1 protest in Berlin, the scale of which took the authorities by surprise. Tens or hundreds of thousands of people (depending on whose narrative you believe) gathered in the city to protest the New Normal and its increasingly absurd “emergency measures.” The German mediaCNNThe New York Times, and other “respectable news outlets” uniformly condemned them as “neo-Nazis,” or insinuated that they were “neo-Nazi-sympathizers.”

Despite the finding of Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution that only “individual members of far-right-groups” had taken part in the August 1 protest, and that “far-right extremists had no formative influence on the demos,” both the German and international corporate media pumped out story after story about the ultra-violent neo-Nazi hordes that were about to descend on Berlin, again!

Der Tagespiegel, a major German newspaper, reported that the demo was being “infiltrated by Nazis.” Die Tagesschau, the German BBC, shrieked that “neo-Nazis are mobilizing!” RBB, another public broadcaster, reported that the “traveling circus of Corona-deniers” was heading straight for the city! (N.B. Any reference to any kind of “deniers” in Germany evokes Holocaust deniers, i.e., Nazis). Ver.di, the German journalists union, warned their members that they were expecting reporters to suffer “double-digit physical attacks.” And these are just a few of countless examples.

The American and UK corporate media also did their Gleichschaltung duty, disseminating the official “Nazis are Coming!” narrative. (I don’t need to do the citations, do I?) And, of course, Antifa joined in the chorus.

On Wednesday, three days before the demo, having successfully whipped the New Normal masses up into a state of wide-eyed panic over the imminent neo-Nazi invasion, the Berlin government banned the protests. The New Normal masses celebrated. A few concerns about … you know, democracy, were perfunctorily voiced, but they were quickly silenced when Interior Senator Andreas Geisel explained that abrogating the people’s constitutional right to freedom of assembly, and freedom of speech, and to petition their government, was not in any way a totalitarian act, but was purely a matter of “protecting the public health.”

For good measure, Geisel also added:

“I’m not willing to accept a second time that Berlin is being abused as a stage for Corona deniers, Reichsbürger, and right-wing extremists.”

Then, in a particularly Orwellian twist, although the protest itself had now been banned, the Berlin government decided to approve a “counter-protest” against the banned protest. I’m not quite sure how that was supposed to work.

The night before the demo, an administrative court overturned the protest ban. It didn’t really matter, as the authorities knew they couldn’t stop the demo in any event. Banning the protest was just part of the show (and the Gleichschaltung process the show was part of), meant to emphasize the existential threat posed by the bloodthirsty Nazi legion that was on its way to sack the city.

On Saturday, hundreds of thousands of protesters (the overwhelming majority of whom were not neo-Nazis, or Nazi-sympathizers, or any other kind of monsters) poured into the streets of central Berlin. The police surrounded them, trapping them on the avenues, closed off the side streets so they couldn’t get out, and, once again, tried to ban the protest on the grounds that they weren’t “social distancing.” Everyone sat down in the street. Cops stalked around in their masks and body armor, sweating heavily, and occasionally pushing people. Lawyers made phone calls. It was very hot. This went on for quite a while.

Eventually, the court instructed the police to let the demonstration go ahead. And the rest is history … except that it isn’t. According to the official narrative, there were no hundreds of thousands of protesters. There were “tens of thousands,” and they were all “neo-Nazis,” and “Nazi-sympathizers,” and “Coronavirus deniers,” and “stark-raving mad conspiracy theorists.” (Full disclosure: I was there with them, and, yes, indeed, there were some neo-Nazis among the hundreds of thousands in the streets, but, just like at the August 1 protest, these far-right boneheads were a small minority and not at all welcomed by the majority of the participants, no more than the Trotskyists and anti-Semites were welcomed at the 2003 anti-war protests before the US invasion of Iraq, although, yes, they were definitely there.)

In any event, hundreds of thousands of protesters made their way down Unter den Linden, through the iconic Brandenburg Gate, and onward to the main demonstration, filling the Straße des 17. Juni from the Brandenburg Gate to the Siegessäule. By now, I assume you’ve seen the pictures. Or maybe you haven’t. It’s actually fairly hard to find any photos in the media that give you any real perspective.

And, finally, we have come to the main event … which, of course, was not this enormous gathering of totally non-violent, non-Nazi people peacefully protesting the New Normal totalitarianism, nor the speech of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. No, the “story,” the official main event, was the “Storming of the Reichstag building by Nazis.”

I’ll let Mathias Bröckers handle this part. Here’s an excerpt from his recent blog post:

Storming of Reichstag Averted – Democracy Saved!

How do you manage to delegitimize a peaceful mass protest against the corona measures in such a way that the media report not about a protest by hundreds of thousands, but about the “storming” of the Reichstag?

Quite simply: you approve an application by a group of Reichsbürger to assemble directly in front of the Reichstag (N.B. the official applicant for this assembly was Ex-NPD-member Rüdiger Hoffmann) and station only three policemen in front of the west entrance despite the large police presence everywhere in the area. Then you let a crazy Q-Anon-chick scream into the microphone that “Donald Trump has declared freedom,” that “the police have laid down their weapons,” and that “everyone should now occupy the steps of the Reichstag,” and, presto, you have the images you need to dominate the coverage … a mob of a few dozen people with Reichsbürger flags “storming the Reichstag.”

Never mind the fact that the massive demonstration at the Siegesäule (i.e., Victory Column) organized by Querdenken 711 had absolutely nothing to do with this incident, which was carried out by a right-wing-extremist splinter group. The demonstration had already been delegitimized as a protest staged by Reichsbürger extremists and tin-foil-hat lunatics in the days leading up to it, and now the visual confirmation was provided.

In a video of the lead-up to the “Reichstag storming” incident, Tamara K., a natural health practitioner, and pretty obviously a far-right wacko, is the “crazy Q-Anon-chick” in question. You can clearly hear her advising the crowd that “there are no more police here,” which the video confirms. Or rather, the few police that were there had left the building completely unguarded and pulled back to well behind this assembly of obviously far-right-extremist-type clowns (who, remember, had been granted official permission to stage their assembly at the steps of the Reichstag). This, despite the days and weeks of warnings of a “neo-Nazi invasion” from government officials and the corporate media.

Go ahead, call me a “conspiracy theorist.”

Anyway, once the Reichstag steps were thoroughly occupied by far-right loonies and the Reichsflagge were in the right positions (approximately four minutes into the video), the police finally arrived to mount their defense. It was touch-and-go there for a while, but at the end of the day, democracy triumphed. Naturally, there were plenty of journalists on hand to capture this historic drama and broadcast it all around the world.

And there you have it, the official narrative, which Saskia Esken, SPD co-leader, succinctly squeezed into a tweet:

“Tens of thousands of far-right radicals, Reichsbürger, QAnon followers, Holocaust deniers, anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists, and esoterics, who declare the media, science, and politicians ‘guilty’ and openly call for the storming of the Reichstag and a coup d’état. That is the 29 August Berlin demonstration.

Oh, and yesterday, as I was writing this column, I saw that the Berlin Senate had passed a new regulation requiring the participants of any future protests to all wear masks … so I take back what I wrote in the beginning. It looks like GloboCap, or at least its German branch, has some ham-fisted totalitarianism left in it.

I’ll keep you posted on the Gleichschaltung process, and the advance of the New Normal totalitarianism, generally. In the meantime, remember, this is just about a virus! And the Nazis really are coming this time! And looting is a powerful tool to bring about real, lasting change in society … oh, yeah, and the chocolate ration has been increased!#

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POLL: 66% of Young Muslims in France Want Blasphemy Punished by Law

26% do not oppose the assassination of cartoonists mocking Mohammed


With the beginning of the trial of 11 Muslims accused in the 2015 Charle Hebdomassacre, the notorious French newspaper is republishing the cartoons of Mohammed which got 12 of their colleagues murdered. Bernard-Henri Lévy and secularist establishment are celebrating this brave expression of free speech as a triumph of the Values of the Republic.

Meanwhile, this same politico-media establishment is condemning en masse the right-wing magazine Valeurs actuelles for publishing an alternative history in which a left-wing Black MP is portrayed as being enslaved by her fellow Africans. This, of course, was racist, not a legitimate expression of the spirit of Voltaire.[1]

But are the Muslims of France really assimilating to Republican secularism? A recent poll by the highly-respected IFOP institute suggests not and that there is a growing cultural cleavage between Muslims and non-Muslims in France.

The pollsters asked: “Do you understand the indignation regarding the publication of the Mohammed cartoons?” 73% of Muslims said yes, as against 29% of French people at large (including Muslims).

69% of Muslims believe the press was wrong to publish such cartoons as “a useless provocation,” as against 31% for the general population.

66% of Muslims believe it is right to prosecute Charlie Hebdo for publishing such cartoons, as against only 21% for the general population.

18% of Muslims – about 2 million people – “do not condemn” or “are indifferent to” the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks. The figure rises to 26% for young Muslims (aged 15-24). Interestingly, the proportion of Muslims aged 15-17 refusing to condemn the attacks rose from 1% in 2016 to 22% in 2020. This makes for a very large pool of terrorist sympathizers and potential Islamic terrorists.

Finally, 40% of Muslims in France “put their religious convictions ahead of the [French] Republic’s values.”

The figure rises to 74% for Muslims under 25.

All this raises dire questions for France’s future as a society divided along ethno-religious lines. In 2016, Jérôme Fourquet – a leading pollster – estimated that 18% of babies in France were given Muslim first names. This constantly-rising figure represents a critical mass easily large enough to sustain a religious subculture quite at odds with of the old generation of aging left-wing secularist and “assimilationist” Boomers and Jews.

For left-wing Boomers and Jews, anti-racist colorblindness and the holocaust are effectively a religion – that’s why they support State censorship against what amounts to blasphemy against the sacred tropes. Muslims have their own concerns and religion however.

This has long caused problems for the French left – divided between White secularists and Arab/Turkish Muslims. As the French working class has defected en masse to nationalism, the far-left in particular has had to turn from militant colorblind secularism to left-wing racial and religious identity politics which resonates more with Blacks and Muslims.

The French racial nationalist website Démocratie participative writes:

[Far-left leader Jean-Luc] Mélenchon knows very well how his bread is buttered, and it isn’t with Bernard-Henri Lévy. He does not hesitate to encourage this political realignment by comparing Charle Hebdo with the far-right because of its attacks against Islam. His goal is to forge a banlieu populism combining the leftism of smalltime bureaucrats and the Islamism of immigrant riffraff.

Mélenchon had explained the travails of another far-left party in 2012 saying: “Do you know why is the [New Anticapitalist Party] is screwed? Because you cannot transform a micro-movement of Jewish intellectuals of the Latin Quarter [in Paris] in a mass party of the Muslim banlieues.”

Mélenchon has in the past criticized Jewish activist organizations in France and has often ignored the Jews’ sensibilities. This is a sign of a decline of Jewish influence over a large portion of the increasingly Afro-Islamic French far-left.

It is hard for me to judge the state of play among Muslims in France.

Will French Arabs and Turks become the functional equivalent of Hispanics? That is to say, a fairly low-functioning and apolitical group, prone to educational failure, welfare use, and crime, but not particularly capable of revolutionary activity. In this scenario, Islam and headscarves become of no more than folkloric interest and politically Muslims become little more than voters at the social-democratic trough.

Or will Muslims in France maintain a distinct culture, a parallel society, at once alien and capable of domination? That is the Soumission scenario.

And while I have lived in many multicultural neighborhoods and had many exchanges, typically productive, with Arabs, I cannot tell you which scenario is more likely.

Anyway, expect many more aging French leftist secularist cartoonists to bite the dust at the hands of their Muslim guests. As the Boomers and their inane obsessions pass away, things will simultaneously get much worse and somewhat better. The hegemonic postwar culture will dissolve and in its wake a thousand stupidities, and few truths, will bloom.

The French colorblind secularist left to make way for left-wing ethno-religious identity politics. As Blacks and Muslims in France assert themselves as Blacks and Muslims, more and more native French will awaken to their own identity and organize on that basis.


[1] Even Marine Le Pen’s National Rally piled on against Valeurs, proving yet again that her “nationalist” party is an epiphenomenal manifestation of the French politico-media system and exists only by the tolerable limits set by that system.

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Pro-‘Israel’ groups reportedly break law, media & Congress look the other way

Pro-Israel groups reportedly break law, media & Congress look the other way

Co-chairs of the Congressional Israel Allies Caucus. The bipartisan caucus is connected to the Israel Allies Foundation, reported to have violated US law. The caucus is said to have 80 members, but the list is not public. (Top L-R) Eliot Engel, D-NY; Doug Lamborn, R-CO; Brad Sherman, D-CA; (lower L-R) Chris Smith, R-NJ; Juan Vargas, R-CA;  Steve Chabot, R-OH. (Image from Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post)

Documents obtained from the Israeli government show US pro-Israel organizations secretly used Israeli money to influence US policies. Such behavior is illegal under US law. Yet, mainstream media so far are ignoring the information, and Congress shows no interest in investigating this evidence of foreign tampering. A Congressional caucus with 80 members is connected to one of the groups…

By Alison Weir

While mainstream media have been eager to report sometimes highly dubious allegations* of Russian interference in U.S. political processes, they are ignoring detailed reports of Israel secretly funding U.S. organizations to influence Americans. It is illegal in the United States to use money from a foreign government to advocate for that country without declaring the funding.

Yet, there seems to have been no coverage of this matter in the New York Times, Washington Post, Associated Press, Fox News, etc. (Such media omission on Israel is not rare. Mainstream media have also failed to report on current legislation to give Israel a $38 billion aid package; this amounts to over $7,000 per minute.)

According to reports in the Israeli media, Jewish publications in the US, and one Christian news site (see below), documents have been obtained from the Israeli government that detail covert Israeli actions to funnel money to pro-Israel organizations in the United States.

This is not the first time that pro-Israel organizations have used Israeli money to influence American political discourse, and it’s not the first time that the media have covered it up.

In the early 1960s Senator William Fulbright conducted hearings that produced nearly 300 printed pages of testimony exposing the Israel lobby to be one of the “most effective networks of foreign influence” in the United States. Author Alfred Lilienthal reported:

“This penetration by masked funds, as revealed by Senator Fulbright, […included] such techniques to influence public opinion in favor of a pro-Israeli foreign policy as ‘placement of articles on Israel in some of America’s leading magazines,’ arranging for radio and TV programs ‘sympathetic’ to Israel, and subsidizing trips to Israel by such ‘public opinion molders’ as Christian clergymen, academics and mass media representatives.”

Congressional oversight?

Today, US politicians such as Adam Schiff have pushed numerous investigations into alleged foreign and domestic wrong-doing, but have ignored Israeli actions. The cause of this neglect is unknown, but it could be related to the fact that some, like Schiff and Engel, are Israel partisans themselves, and that many others with no personal connections to Israel often rely on pro-Israel campaign funders in both parties whose donations are predicated on support for Israel.

Another factor could be the bipartisan, 80-member strong Congressional Israel Allies Caucus, which is associated with the Israel Allies Foundation. The latter is one of the groups reported to have violated US law.

An international organization, the Israel Allies Foundation (IAF) has established entities all over the world. The foundation was founded in 2007, according to its Wikipedia entry, by Israeli rabbi Benny Elon, a well-known figure in the radical settler movement who favored annexing the Palestinian territories, and “voluntary” transfer of Palestinians. Elon had previously served as Israeli Tourism Minister and used his position to establish ties with the American evangelical Christian community.

IAF boasts that it has influenced numerous actions in the US regarding Israel through its associated Congressional Israel Allies Caucus. The list of the caucus members does not appear to be public, but the foundation says it contains over 80 members. Its co-chairs are listed as Eliot Engel, D-NY; Steve Chabot, R-OH; Brad Sherman, D-CA; Chris Smith, R-NJ; Doug Lamborn, R-CO; and Juan Vargas, R-CA. (Phone calls and emails to co-chairs offices requesting information on the caucus’s membership were not returned.)

The fundraising arm is the Israel Allies Caucus Foundation, registered as an American tax exempt organization. Its president is Josh Reinstein, who has been listed among “The Jerusalem Post‘s 50 most influential Jews.” The Post notes: “Reinstein, who also serves as an external adviser to the Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs Ministry, believes that Christian support for Israel is vital to its interests. As the producer and founder of Israel Now News, a half-hour TV weekly broadcast to 35 million Christians in 191 countries, Reinstein transforms Christian grassroots support into legislation.”

Below is a promotional video from the Israel Allies Foundation.

(The video ignores the fact that Israel was established through ethnically cleansing Christian and Muslims, who had made up the large majority of the inhabitants of the land originally called Palestine, and routinely discriminates against them. It ignores Israel’s long documented human rights abuses, ignores Israel’s history of spying on the US and trying to sink a US Navy ship, and makes false claims about Iran, long targeted by the Israel lobby.)Video Player00:0004:28

Additional organizations

Some of the additional organizations that the Israeli documents name are Aish Hatorah’s Hasbara FellowshipsStandWithUsChristians United for Israel (CUFI’s founding director is David Brog, listed in The Forward‘s “most influential Jews in America”), and the America-Israel Friendship League, whose upcoming gala will honor Michael Mukasey, a former federal judge who served as the 81st Attorney General of the United States. (Mukasey is currently lobbying for a group called “National Council of Resistance of Iran,” which is working to topple the Iranian government. The Council is the political arm of MEK, known for its terrorist actions).

Other groups – including the ADL, Jewish Federations of North America and the Jewish Council of Public Affairs – turned down the money out of concern about the requirements of US law. According to The Forward, they were also concerned “that they’d be accused of ‘dual loyalty,’ or that the grants would complicate their claims that they represent American Jewish interests, which are often similar but not identical to Israeli ones.” (There is no evidence that these organizations reported the secretive project to US authorities.)

It’s time for mainstream US media and the US government to investigate the evidence provided in these reports. No one should be above the law, including U.S. Congress members.

For the recent reports revealing this information see:


Israel Funds America’s Israel Lobby, While U.S. Taxpayers Pay for Endless Fraud Against Themselves

America’s Defense Line: The Justice Department’s Battle to Register the Israel Lobby as Agents of a Foreign Government

Leahy Law would cut aid to Israel, but no one wants to enforce it

Lawsuit Warns $234 Billion In Aid To Israel Violates US Law Against Supporting Secret Nuclear States

Human rights reports on Israel-Palestine

Air attacks: Gazan rockets and Israeli airstrikes

WATCH: IAK video on Peace Plan “Deal of the Century” – history & context

Israel is cited often in Senate report as link to Russian interference (but our media ignore connection)

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Wikileaks Tracked to Haifa, Trump’s Real Campaign Headquarters

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor 

Screenshot shows Israelis in an organized digital “war” room posting tweets against the flotilla to Gaza in the summer of 2011.

By Gordon Duff and Ian Greenhalgh, Editors

– Originally published 24 October 2016 on Veterans Today –

Q: If a thousand monkeys with typewriters will give you Shakepeare, what does a thousand Haifa trolls with internet access give you?

A: Wikileaks….

Those who think Wikileaks is moving against Hillary aren’t paying attention, of course, many never pay attention – they fail to note who Wikileaks targets and who it serves. Wikileaks is here to take down Russia, they are going to use the USA to do it, the result is going to be chaos.

In the real world, there is no question that Russia knows Israel did 9-11; Russian intelligence got the evidence first, Russian spy satellites that watch America’s nuclear subs coming and going off Connecticut saw everything – they saw the nuclear weapons arrive at Teterboro airport in NJ, they picked up the jammers in Fort Lee, NJ and we know for a fact that Russia met with representatives of American news organisations in Moscow, including CNN and presented this material. VT Editor Jeff Smith helped with the presentation, drawing on his experience as a UN nuclear inspector. The same presentation that was done in Moscow was then done in Oklahoma City, Smith was there as was the head of Russian Naval Intelligence. The meeting was hosted by Justice Anthony Scalia and included every American corporate head, particuary the oil and defence sector. Local airports were lined with private jets.

For those of you who don’t follow such things, and if you don’t, perhaps you shouldn’t be reading this: ‘all things chaos’ originate from the homeland of the ‘Masters Of the Universe’ the authors of the Oded Yinon Plan, those tasked with creating ‘Greater Israel’. ‘Chaos Theory’ is the Israeli science bred by a nation of Nobel Prize winners who know that pulling the strings, blackmail, manipulation and disinformation are even more powerful than the ‘war on the cheap’ terror organisations – the Mossad, CIA and their partners have unleashed on the world. There are many incarnations to this monstrosity, Wikileaks and Infowars are two; we’ll teach you a little bit about how they operate. As for Donald Trump’s role, we don’t believe he is one of the ‘Masters of the Universe’, though Alex Jones loves to tell him so and the arch-narcissist Trump laps it up. This is the same world of high-level briefing where Adamus lives, this is why the doors close, the room gets quiet and when Duff taps the microphone and says ‘hey, is this thing  working?’

Today we are seeing Trump’s friends out the knife in his back. Go to Russia Today or Sputnik News to see the knife go into Putin’s back as well. You see, it isn’t about Putin or Trump or Clinton, this is multi-generational, it’s about the destruction of Christianity and the obliteration of the last remaining shreds if democracy that didn’t fall victim to 9/11.

Sadly, Russia has demonstrated time and again that it is very bad at managing the media, they seem to not yet have grasped that the media has the power to greatly damage them.

The Russians must be genuinely desperate when their sworn enemies turn up working for their media – Russia Today and Sputnik have been completely infiltrated, just as we exposed that The Moscow Times was actually run by Booz Allen Hamilton, a CIA contractor. Anyone failing to come to grips with the fact that Wikileaks is the Mossad is someone who has clearly suspended all reason, as we have made clear to anyone with at least the intelligence of a rabid chipmunk. Then again, the number of morons who support Trump has clearly shown that one thing America is exceptional in is breeding dumbfu$ks.

Sadly, we are living in a world today where all the really smart people who are capable of cutting through the crap to produce really pointed analysis have long ago been weeded out of the intelligence services, which is very worrying as these are the people who provide the briefings to the likes of Obama and Hillary. Instead, we have a new generation of ‘useful idiots’ like Jim ‘I don’t care if it’s true’ Fetzer, Israel Shamir, Paul Joseph Watson, and the bulk of internet disinformation websites, meaning “all of them.”

There is a handful of “real deal” activists out there, none the overgrown pseudo-intelligentsia types that the Russians are drawn to, the Trotsky clones.  Most burn out quickly.  Some are killed.  Almost all go “sourceless,” and are forced through changing times and evolving strategies to move to writing books and eventually become irrelevant defending their own misconceptions.

Behind it all, a lesson Israel learned when they were forced to create the anti-Zionist movement, a mirror of the ADL.  The ADL was created, and its sister organisations such as the Southern Poverty Law Centres, Jewish Defence League, JINSA and dozens of think tanks, then the evangelical, Freemasonic and even Satanic/Jesuit cults within the military, police and intelligence organisations of the West.  All fell under control, victims of their own weaknesses and hubris, by weaknesses we are of course, referring to their pedophiliac activities.  Listening to Trump talk about torture, it is clear he never faced anything close, maybe fear of drowning or, as in his case, admittedly fear of getting AIDS from alleged $10k nights with porn queens, as was reported recently.  We are not judging.

Only one in a thousand stands up, stands against, refuses the “do nothing job” or the hotel room romp with the magic “10” that shows up at the bar or in the elevator.  In America, the poor get poor health care, their kids do without and only the morally repugnant get to live the life, country clubs, Cuban cigars and someone there always ready to pull the strings, put in the fix, pay the debt or call off the ferrets.  And on we go:

Israel’s black propaganda workforce and the attempt to influence the US Election

The 17th email dump from Wikileaks just hit.  All are aimed at Hillary and, as is always the case with Wikileaks, they are sexed up, falsified and fabricated.  The language is always the same as well, never quite on, that infamous mix that Israel uses at its Haifa based “Troll Academy.”  Israel uses American foreign aid subsidies intended to support Jewish immigrants, mostly Russian and almost all non-Jews, who are unemployable and sent off to exile in walled communities built on the ruins of Palestinian villages and olive groves in the West Bank. Watch below and see the real “Julian Assange,” a frumpy Israeli housewife:

These “housewives” are bussed into Haifa where they join the already army of Israeli students paid to stalk Facebook.  This is the group that is the real Wikileaks, cleaning out material that goes against the “slant” and sexing up and fabricating emails, State Department cables, and burying it among the huge flood of real documents as Zbigniew Brzezinski termed it, “seeding material” into Wikileaks.  Brzezinski said Wikileaks was run by an intelligence agency.  He didn’t name the one, we have.  Wikileaks is the Mossad.  From Electronic Intifada:

The Foreign relations Department of NUIS: A hasbara auxiliary force

There is a program run by the National Union of Israeli Students (NUIS) to pay Israeli college students $2,000 to spread hasbara – propaganda favorable to Israel – on social networking sites.

Who pays for this and what role do Israel’s government and other organizations play in this use of students to deliver propaganda?

The NUIS is deeply committed specifically to spreading the propaganda of, and training students to spread the propaganda of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Hasbara and the US-based anti-Palestinian organization StandWithUs.

Moreover, NUIS receives funding from these ministries and from the Jewish Agency to carry out many of these activities. How do we know all this? Because it is openly stated in NUIS’s 2011-2012 workplan and budget, demonstrating the deep involvement of the NUIS in government propaganda efforts.

Page 77 of the NUIS work plan the Foreign Relations Department sets out its vision:

The Foreign Relations Department will act to strengthen the link between the student population in Israel and students around the world, and to develop their dialogue. The Department will represent the union with international organizations and will be a partner in the general national effort of explaining [hasbara] Israel around the world.

Under “targets,” the document further specifies:

The Department will harness itself to the national effort to explain [hasbara] the position of Israel in the world.

Goal: the Department will act, in cooperation with government ministries and additional organizations, to improve the explanation [hasbara] of Israel’s position around the world.

This is where Wikileaks are created.  They begin life as shared US domestic intelligence from the NSA, who by agreement sends Israel everything they get on American citizens including all private email accounts of politicians and business leaders.  Israel needs this to secure themselves from political enemies and to beat American companies in world markets.  This is “good business” by Trump standards.

Early on, lets get the motivation clear.  Trump has promised to support Israel’s move to ethnically cleanse not only the West Bank (a war crime) but to drive all Palestinians, numbering over 1 million, out of Gaza as well.  Israel’s defense minister announced today they plan to do exactly that, based on the perhaps dangerous assumption that Trump will win the election.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton as with every other American leader, follows the policy of opposing West Bank settlements and for pushing for a regional settlement.  No American leader, not even Bush and Cheney, trust Israel, least of all Obama or Clinton.  Who do you think sent Monica Lewinsky into the White House, armed with knee pads and an intelligence agent as a roommate?  Those who claim Hillary is working for Israel are missing a few key points.

We first begin looking at how Trump was sent to InfoWars and moved into the Breitbart camp.  This is where his policies were formulated.  For those who are unaware, InfoWars is the most blatant anti-Russian propaganda site in the world.  From Google:

ALEX JONES RANT Russian Troops to Police U S…

Russian Forces to Provide “Security” At US Events…

Russia Positions Troops 50 Miles From Alaska » 

Prison » RussianTroops To Target…

Feds Preparing to Invade Texas, List State as…(Using Russian Troops)

Russiantroops in US for “peace keeping operations”

Winds Of War: Is Russia Conducting A Massive Mobilization …

RussianTroops Are Planning to Invade | Planet Infowars

FEMA Plans to Use RussianTroops in U.S. – YouTube

DoD Confirms Russian Troops To Train On U.S. Soil » Alex Jones …

Foreign Troops Are Already Operating Inside America » Alex Jones …

U.S. Wants to Deploy Marines 60 Miles From Russia » Alex Jones …

Russian Forces to Provide “Security” At US Events » Alex Jones …

US General Warns NATO Helpless to Prevent Russia … – Infowars

Russia warns against US attack on Syrian forces » Alex Jones …

Then, only a year ago, Alex Jones and “Mini-Me” Paul Josef Watson began joining the VT line on Syria, dropping not only their war drumming against Russia but showing up at “Russia Insider,” a CIA front publication as well.  From then on, they were about “all things Putin,” having forgotten about their claims of Russian troops at secret FEMA bases across the Midwest or their part in the infamous Jade Helm hoax that took down their “weak sister” shills in the right wing fringe blogosphere.

You see, there is nothing but pure contradiction here.  Trump loves Russia but InfoWars that advises Trump is virulently anti-Putin. Thus it isn’t just the would-be anti-Zionists and, of course the GOP “mainstream” Jew haters that are being played, it is Russia as well.  A dozen emails broadcasts a day laud Trump as Putin’s “boy toy” or brag about how Trump is planning to “wipe out the Jews” once he is in office.  However, some of these sites as well track down to the same Haifa IP block that is not only Wikileaks but now seems to control the “9/11 Truth” movement as well.

From Veterans Today:

There is a strange story here, not just Wikileaks and Trump but a strange tangle of history that goes back to the McCarthy era and the homosexual scandal around the muckraking senator and his chief counsel, Roy Cohn.


Cohn was a mentor to Trump and Bush and a close confidant of Rupert Murdoch, who was mentor to Julian Assange.  We are going to limit the dots connected, too much of that leads to nice stories but little else.  However, there is real fire behind this smoke, as this journey will prove.  Be sure to peruse the addendums.

For those of you who don’t remember, Wikileaks supposedly is secretly funded by a Swedish billionaire who had an underground fortress built to house Wikileaks servers.  Power was supplied by diesel engines intended to power Nazi U Boats.

Story sound familiar?  This is where the tale began, told by Donald Rumsfeld, the man who invented not just this, but much more as well, like two wars he pulled out of his behind:

So, let’s talk a bit about Wikileaks.  Do you know who they are?  Well, according to their website, these are their financial partners:

You will see a “who’s who” of controlled corporate and, surprise surprise, Zionist media.  Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal is there as is MI5’s “Guardian.”

For those of you who are unaware, Wikileaks has views.

  • Wikileaks is pro-neocon
  • Wikileaks is anti-Palestinian
  • Wikileaks is anti-Pakistan
  • Wikileaks is anti-Iran
  • Wikileaks loves Saudi Arabia
  • Wikileaks loves Israel
  • Wikileaks loves India
  • Wikileaks supports the bombing of Yemen, now recognized as a war crime even by Obama.
  • Wikileaks supports the continual bombing of Gaza
  • Wikileaks supports ISIS, al Nusra in all her incarnations and anyone else fighting against Syria or Iraq and butchering their people.
  • Wikileaks loves Erdogan.
  • Wikileaks loves George W. Bush
  • Wikileaks loves Tony Blair.
  • Wikileaks adores Benjamin Netanyahu.
  • Wikileaks worships Rupert Murdoch.

Taking this into account, how might one find such an organization to be other than an analog of the Mossad, MI6 and CIA?

Let’s look at efforts to persecute Wikileaks for it’s efforts to promote whatever the hell it promotes, which from my viewpoint seems to be Israeli exceptionalism.

Well, Julian Assange, who is quite probably not very heterosexual, is hiding out from obscurely worded “date rape” charges brought against him by two young Swedish women.

Call me suspicious but when I look at Assange or even Donald Trump, perhaps throw George W. Bush into the group as well, I tend to believe I am looking at homosexual males who use publicists to make them seem to be virile and powerful through imaginary sexual exploits.


Remember the Larry Flynt story about Bush and his secret abortions?  Our sources tell us that this story was fed to Flynt to cover for the Bush gay affair with phony White House correspondent Jeff Gannon. Gannon’s 12 “sleep overs” in the Bush White House and 32 “nooner” visits (Source:  United States Secret Service logs) are only a series of bizarre and improbable coincidences.

With Trump, I can only reflect on my own experiences.  I was a Marine in training at Camp Pendleton, prior to being deployed to South Vietnam in 1969.  The “locker room” tales told by recruits who had just spent the weekend in Tijuana at whore houses was far less sleazy than Trump’s typical banter. Guys, heterosexual guys at least, don’t really talk like that. I’ve never heard it, none of us at VT have.

Nobody has because men just don’t talk like this, it is not only tasteless, it is stupid. If I were a billionaire who despises women but has an addiction to dirty sex, as Trump is actually trying to tell us, sophomoric crotch grabbing is not going to make sense. It would be like offering Dracula a cherry coke.

As for Assange, totally gay, end of story.

Let’s now get to that other part, about law.  Assange is locked up for imaginary rape, something I believe was set up by an intelligence agency in order to keep him in the spotlight, with major help from the controlled media, for year after year.

But what about the millions of stolen documents?  Assange didn’t do it?  Who did? Why is there never an attempt to find out who Wikileaks really is and who hacked Army intelligence or the State Department classified cables, things like that?

Nobody ever asks.  No discussion of an investigation is brought up anywhere.  The CIA isn’t looking for Wikileaks, there are no grand juries yet, were any other “group” to steal classified documents and leak them endangering America’s national security, they would be “droned and renditioned” to death.

In fact, Assange has never been charged with anything.  From a Reuters story in 2014:

By Mark Hosenball
Despite claims by Julian Assange that Washington is plotting to extradite and execute him, U.S. and European government sources say the United States has issued no criminal charges against the WikiLeaks founder and has launched no attempt to extradite him.

According to the US, there are no other personnel that make up Wikileaks other than Assange and Manning.  With Assange under wraps and Manning in prison, there is, in fact, no Wikileaks operation at all, according to the US Department of Justice.

There is no active investigation, there are no suspects, no hackers, no servers, no leakers.  Wikileaks material appears out of nowhere, passed on by no-one and there are no laws being violated by any living human being even though the material is often highly classified or fabricated to seem as such, generally a mixture of both.

So, who hates Iran and loves Netanyahu?  Why do they love the Donald?

Why does nobody ask?

Addendum I

David Schine

David Schine

David Schine was born on 11th September, 1927. His father was the owner of the Schine Hotel Corporation. Educated at Harvard University he produced a six pamphlet on the dangers of Communism that was distributed free to those staying at his father’s hotels. In the Definition of Communism, Schine argued that the Communist Party was guilty of “stealing words, such as freedom, security, and equality from the Bible, and other good covenants to confuse issues, and deceive the mind into ensnarement.”

Schine was very friendly with the anti-communist lawyer, Roy Cohn. In 1951 Joseph McCarthy appointed Cohn as the chief counsel to the Government Committee on Operations of the Senate. Soon afterwards, Cohn recruited Schine to become his chief consultant.

For some time opponents of Joseph McCarthy had been accumulating evidence concerning his homosexual relationships. Rumours began to circulate that Schine and Roy Cohn were having a sexual relationship. Although well-known by political journalists, it did not become public until Hank Greenspun published an article in the Las Vagas Sun in 25th October, 1952.

Joseph McCarthy considered a libel suit against Greenspun but decided against it when he was told by his lawyers that if the case went ahead he would have to take the witness stand and answer questions about his sexuality. In an attempt to stop the rumours circulating, McCarthy married his secretary, Jeannie Kerr. Later the couple adopted a five-week old girl from the New York Foundling Home.

In October, 1953, McCarthy began investigating communist infiltration into the military. Attempts were made by McCarthy to discredit Robert Stevens, the Secretary of the Army. The president, Dwight Eisenhower, was furious and now realised that it was time to bring an end to McCarthy’s activities.

The United States Army retaliated by passing information about Joseph McCarthy to journalists known to be opposed to him. This included the news that Roy Cohn had abused congressional privilege by trying to prevent Schine from being drafted. When that failed, it was claimed that Cohn tried to pressurize the Army to grant Schine special privileges. The well-known newspaper columnist, Drew Pearson, published the story on 15th December, 1953.

After serving in the United States Army Schine returned to the family business. He married a former Miss Sweden and became involved in show business. As well as acting in Batman (1966) he produced two movies, The French Connection (1971) and That’s Action (1977).

On 19th June, 1996, David Schine, his wife and son perished in an air-crash in California. The single-engine plane, piloted by Schine’s son, crashed shortly after taking off from Burbank Airport.

Addendum II

Lustful Utterences”
Lustful Utterances is the true inside story Kitty Kelly’s ( The Family: the Real Story of the Bush Dynasty, couldn’t tell you.

Part I (Roy Cohn to George Bush: 1981-1986) is scheduled for e-release on July 6, 2007

In 1832, there was William E. Gladstone, Conservative MP, who later became four-time Prime Minister of Great Britain, and his BDSM relationship to infamous flagellation Dominatrice Theresa Berkley. In 1984, there was George W. Bush, the son of Vice President George H. W. Bush — who became Governor of Texas and two term President of the United States, and his BDSM relationship to muscle Domina Leola McConnell. The political and personal parallels are striking. In 2007, Domina Leola McConnell (who ran as a Democrat for Governor of Nevada in 2006 (, and plans to run for Congress in 2008) tells all in her eBook Lustful Utterances. Part I (Roy Cohn to George Bush: 1981-1986) is scheduled for e-release on July 6, 2007 (President Bush’s birthday).

Unlike the memoirs of Dominatrice Theresa Berkley, Domina Leola McConnell names names and shines the spotlight into some very dark corners concerning the domestic and international political agenda of the neo-conservative movement (toppling the governments of Iraq, Iran, Syria and Venezuela). Neo-con racialist William Bennett told Leola McConnell, how valuable [then] Congressman Gibbons (now governor of Nevada and currently the target of a FBI investigation) was to the next phase of the neo-con strategy of installing certain lesser known, but equally important members of their PNAC movement into important regional positions of political power throughout the United States, particularly in the Western US.

LU — Chapter one; “Go East young woman.”

Roy Cohn and [then] Governor George W. Bush of Texas, giving America the finger on national TV. Both are described by Leola McConnell as two of the most morally bankrupt people she ever met in her life as a Domina.

Domina Leola McConnell on Roy Cohn, whom she first met in 1981:

“[T]he term that best describes Roy [Cohn] would be to say he was blood drunk. The BDSM community on the Eastern seaboard, that I was a part of in the 80’s had many players, some were political power players, others were captains of industry and the like, that I would describe as being blood drunk as well.

Roy told me once, Muscles, I was born to end lives – and that he did, along with the lives he simply ruined out of pure meanness delaying their trips to the actual graveyard. All the while wallowing in a massive contempt for the human race, a pedophile-like contempt for innocence, well hidden from the lay eye but not to the trained eye of a competent Domina, poised to be suspicious of an inferiority complex masquerading as a superior one.

Roy’s need for revenge (for being born) was insatiable. He [Roy] was one of a kind as far as self loathing, closeted gay men (of the day) went. Roy introduced me to Alfred Bloomingdale, in late 1981. Bloomingdale liked to play in Domination/submission (D/s) scenarios, what is referred to in the BDSM community as a switch. Asphyxiation, rope play, bondage and verbal humiliation were the primary D/s flavors he savored, both giving and receiving, but mostly giving.

Coupled with not being interested in a 24/7 Domina or dominatrix type in general, I was too muscular to be of any real interest for him. A woman that could quite literally strangle him ( to death, and he’d be utterly powerless to stop her, didn’t gel with his brand of misogynistic [faux] megalomania, something both Bloomingdale and Roy had in common. The D/s interactions between Bloomingdale and I were to be short lived based on the simple fact my Irish temperament was then, and is now, ill suited to misogynistic males who try and flip the script or switch — wrong woman, wrong century.”

From 1981 to 1984, I had Roy Cohn in with the worst of the worst in the BDSM community — that was until I had the misfortune to meet [then] Vice President of the United States, George H.W. Bush’s eldest son, George W. Bush, in 1984. He and Roy were two of a kind, cut from identical cloth. As it would turn out a decade later, as governor of Texas, he [George] too was also born to end lives, and talented indeed — then and now. There were worse and more troubled people, both male and female, in the BDSM community, but very few (at that time I was aware of) were people who came from silver spoon origins as they both had. The BDSM community was large but some things were like living in a goldfish bowl, they just couldn’t stay contained — people like Roy and Bush stood out when they behaved badly. The mainstream media has known of George Bush’s actions since forever, but as a favor to his father, and others, they set about systematically pressing the erase button to cover his tracks. I was first approached and asked if I knew him while he was still governor of Texas by a guy who claimed to be a former staffer for the Al Gore camp during his senatorial run in 1984 who had media connections, who later offered to sell me photos of myself and Victor Ashe walking together with George Bush in the background. Why would I want to buy a photo of some dark, morose asshole that got on my nerves the first time I met him? Just because that same dark, morose asshole became governor of Texas? He didn’t need me to use them, they never would have saw the light of day in the Texas MSM anyway.

Of course, Jeff Gannon is familiar with George W. Bush’s love for male-prostitutes:

Transvestite homosexual George W Bush fXXks transvestite homosexual Knoxville mayor Victor Victoria Ashe ( – Dominatrice hired as expert witness ( in murdered DC Madam trial of Dick Cheney – Ambassador Ashe is now running death camps for CIA in Poland ( ficials.htm) for torturing kidnapped suspects to death ( tions.htm) using CIA rendition jets for cocaine trafficking ( as part of the Bush Gang’s ongoing Iran Contra covert op (

James Dale Guckert (born 1957 ( a conservative ( columnist ( who worked under the pseudonym ( Jeff Gannon as a White House ( reporter between 2003 and 2005 , representing the virtual organization ( Talon News ( Gannon first gained national attention during a presidential press conference on January 26 (, 2005 (, when he asked United States President ( George W. Bush ( a question that some in the press corps considered “so friendly it might have been planted.”[1] ( Gannon stated that this question was not meant to be friendly, but to expose the hypocrisy of the left (

Gannon routinely obtained daily passes to White House briefings, attending four Bush press conferences and appearing regularly at White House press briefings. Although he did not qualify for a Congressional press pass (, Gannon was given daily passes to White House press briefings “after supplying his real name, date of birth and Social Security number (”[2] ( Gannon came under public scrutiny for his lack of a journalistic background prior to his work with Talon[3] ([4] ( and his involvement with various homosexual ( escort service ( websites using the professional name “Bulldog”. Gannon resigned from Talon News on February 8 (, 2005 ( Continuing to use the name Gannon, he has since created his own official homepage and worked for a time as a columnist for the Washington Blade ( newspaper, where he admitted to be gay ( after he was outed as a homosexual prostitute.[5] (

Currently, Gannon operates, a blog ( where he criticizes those who exposed him, the “Old” Media and the “Angry” Gay Left, for what he promotes as a double standard (”[6] ( He recently published a book titled, The Great Media War.

Jeff Gannon Denies He is a Gay Male Escort

The former White House reporter talks to The Young Turks. Watch the entire show at

Jeff Gannon male prostitute

Time has come to expose george w. bush as the deginerate he is…

Jeff Gannon is back… two seats down from Dick Cheney @ NPC

Jeff Gannon at National Press Club on October 18, 2007, sitting two seats down from Dick Cheney.

Bush’s gay dossier:

Bush’s gay lover:

Odd comment in Canada:

Underage male prostitutes given tour of Papa Bush’s White House … anklin.htm (

Addendum III

PM’s office recruits students as paid social media propagandists for Israel

The report from Ha’aretz is followed by the two 2012 reports by Ali Abuminah, who broke the story.

David Seaman. heading the recruitment of students who will  do covert propaganda for Israel, directed at the Jewish diaspora, on Facebook and Twitter

Prime Minister’s Office recruiting students to wage online hasbara battles

PMO and national student union to create covert units at universities to engage in diplomacy via social media; unit heads to receive full scholarships.

By Barak Ravid, Ha’aretz
August 13, 2013 

The Prime Minister’s Office is planning to form, in collaboration with the National Union of Israeli Students, “covert units” within Israel’s seven universities that will engage in online public diplomacy (hasbara).

The students participating in the project, who would post on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter on Israel’s behalf, will be part of the public diplomacy arm of the PMO, but would not identify themselves as official government representatives.

About a week ago, the outgoing deputy-director general of the Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs Ministry, Daniel Seaman, sent a document to the government tender committee seeking to exempt the national student union from being chosen as the partner in the project through a public bidding process.

The PMO is looking to invest close to NIS 3 million to recruit, organize and fund the activities of hundreds of university students, as part of the country’s public diplomacy effort.

The Public Diplomacy Ministry is being closed and its staff are being integrated into the national public diplomacy unit in the Prime Minister’s Office. Seaman, who previously served as head of the Government Press Office and also ran as a candidate in the Likud party primaries, is expected to assume a new position shortly – that of head of an office with the very official sounding name of “the interactive media unit.” In practice, this is the entity that is expected to coordinate the public diplomacy efforts of the Prime Minister’s Office on the Internet and social networks.

Seaman informed the public tender committee that the Prime Minister’s Office was interested in having the student union recruit up to 550 students with knowledge of foreign languages from Israel’s seven universities. The student union is to publicize the project among tens of thousands of students and be responsible for the screening process, which will include submission of resumes, submitting answers to questionnaires, providing translation samples and participating in individual interviews. It is also the student union that is to provide computers and work space for a project headquarters on each campus.

Seaman informed the committee that the diplomacy units at each university would take direction from staff at the Prime Minister’s Office, but its public face would be one of an independent student entity. “The entire idea of the setup is based on activity of students and by students,” Seaman wrote to the committee. “The idea requires that the state’s role not be highlighted and therefore it is necessary to insist on major involvement by the students themselves without any political link [or] affiliation.”

It is apparent from Seaman’s document that a diplomacy group will be set up at each university and structured in a semi-military fashion. The head of the unit will be a student “senior coordinator,” who will receive a full scholarship from the Prime Minister’s Office. Working under the senior coordinator will be three other student coordinators, each of whom will head one of three desks, responsible for languages, graphics and research. These coordinators will get smaller scholarships. A group of student activists, who will receive nominal student stipends, will work under each coordinator. The Prime Minister’s Office will fund a total of NIS 2.78 million in scholarships for the program in the upcoming academic year.

“In light of the success in the battle for awareness during the Pillar of Defense Operation [the Israeli military operation against the Gaza Strip in November of last year] and the experience gained in activating a large number of situation rooms on university campuses and work with students in general, it was decided to establish a permanent structure of activity on the Internet through the students at academic institutions in the country,” Seaman wrote. “The students are an organized population that is familiar with, and active on, the Internet on an ongoing basis, trained in use of the field, [who] live and speak the language of the [medium].”

The Prime Minister’s Office said in response that the project is designed to strengthen Israel’s public diplomacy and adapt it to changes in how information is being consumed. “The national public diplomacy unit in the Prime Minister’s Office places an emphasis on social network activity,” the office stated. “As part of this, a new pro-Israel public diplomacy infrastructure of students on Israeli campuses is being established that will assist in advancing and disseminating content on the social networks, particularly to international audiences.”

Sources in the Prime Minister’s Office said the main subjects that the campus-based units will deal with are diplomatic- and security-related issues, efforts to combat the boycott of Israel and anti-Semitism and the delegitimization of Israel. The students will emphasize Israel’s democratic values, freedom of religion, pluralism and “other subjects that give expression to the Israeli government’s public diplomacy policy.” The Prime Minister’s Office added that similar efforts with students were successful in recent years. “This model significantly advances Israel’s public diplomacy capabilities so that concurrent with messages conveyed by the country’s official spokespeople, content will also be conveyed that has been developed and disseminated by the students that is adapted to social media.”

We believe that this involves an essential tool to strengthen Israeli public diplomacy and addresses the major importance that we attach to advancing public diplomacy of the State of Israel on the social networks.

Hagar Yisraeli, a spokeswoman for the Union of Israeli Students, added:

Israel is dealing with an extreme, ongoing delegitimization campaign that is being conducted against it on the social networks. The student population is a talented, educated group of people with independent and diverse views and speaks [a variety of] languages and can therefore assist in dealing with such an [anti-Israel] campaign… The students are an integral part of the Israeli reality and it is therefore appropriate, in our view, that they take an active part in dealing with the delegitimization. It is accepted in the world that students are integrated and take part in various diplomatic activities. The student union is not a political organization and is not identified politically [with one school of thought]. The members of the union hold a range of views from across the Israeli political spectrum, and it is our intention to preserve that.

Israeli students to get $2,000 to spread state propaganda on Facebook

By Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada
January 4, 2012

The National Union of Israeli Students (NUIS) has become a full-time partner in the Israeli government’s efforts to spread its propaganda online and on college campuses around the world.

NUIS has launched a program to pay Israeli university students $2,000 to spread pro-Israel propaganda online for 5 hours per week from the “comfort of home.”

The union is also partnering with Israel’s Jewish Agency to send Israeli students as missionaries to spread propaganda in other countries, for which they will also receive a stipend.

This active recruitment of Israeli students is part of Israel’s orchestrated effort to suppress the Palestinian solidarity movement under the guise of combating “delegitimization” of Israel and anti-Semitism.

The involvement of the official Israeli student union as well as Haifa University, Tel Aviv University, Ben-Gurion University and Sapir College in these state propaganda programs will likely bolster Palestinian calls for the international boycott of Israeli academic institutions.

Paying students to spread Israeli propaganda online

This is our opportunity, as Israeli students, to provide hasbara [state propaganda] that is correct and balanced, to help in the struggle against the delegitimization of the State of Israel and against hatred of Jews in the world.

That is one of the exhortations in a Hebrew document issued by NUIS, and translated by The Electronic Intifada, inviting Israeli students to apply for a program to help spread Israel’s message.

The project seeks to take advantage of the fact that “Many students in Israel master the Internet and are proficient at using the Internet and social networking and various sites and are required to write and express themselves in English.”

The paid scholarship will allow them to get training and then work from home for five hours per week for a year to “refute” what it calls “misinformation” about Israel on social networking sites.

Among the stated goals of the scholarships is “to deepen and expand hasbara activities of students in the State of Israel.” The document explains:

The Internet allows uncontrolled access to content from marginal groups and therefore can influence many audiences who are exposed to such information, particularly young people who are more easily influenced.

The Internet, then, is used as a major tool for the dissemination of anti-Semitism, hatred of Israel and of Jews and thus the Internet is also the place to battle against such sites, pull the ground from under them and to provide reliable and balanced information.

Work from the “comfort of home”

The NUIS program document explains:

After training, the student will begin his activities. The student will do the activities in the comfort of his home, where every week he will be obligated to about 5 hours of activities for a period of one calendar year (not academic year). Students will be paid a total of NIS 7,500 [$2,000] to perform the tasks of the project, at least 5 hours weekly for a total of 240 hours of activities under the project umbrella.

What is completely missing from the program is any indication that criticism of Israel could be valid. Rather the National Union of Israeli Students apparently seeks to indoctrinate Israeli students that every criticism of Israel is “hate” and “anti-Semitism” and that the Internet should be seen as a battlefield on which they are foot soldiers.

Using e-learning tools for government propaganda

An interesting aspect of the NUIS program is that it uses the common open source virtual learning environment Moodle as its interface with program participants. This interface can be found at

Whereas Moodle was designed for education – to spread mind-opening learning beyond the constraints of geography – the Israeli innovation here is to use it for mind-narrowing propaganda: getting students to be uncritical, to not think for themselves, but rather to spread Israel’s state-sponsored propaganda.

See the world, spread more propaganda

NUIS has also partnered with the Jewish Agency, the Israeli state body that encourages Jews from around the world to settle on stolen Palestinian land, to spread propaganda on college campuses around the world.

The Jewish Agency website announces, as translated from Hebrew by Dena Shunra for The Electronic Intifada:

For the first time in Israel – a unique, world-encompassing scholarship, in cooperation between the Student Union and the Jewish Agency.

Every year the Jewish Agency of Israel sends approximately 150 emissaries to various places around the world – North America, England, South Africa, Australia, Germany, Italy and South America, who engage in Jewish education and hasbara in three main streams – Hillel emissaries (to campuses around North America), community emissaries and youth movement emissaries.

Training for these overseas missions for successful applicants will take place at Haifa University, Tel Aviv University, Ben-Gurion University and Sapir College, after which the would-be missionaries “will set off for a one-year mission in the various Jewish communities around the world, and will also receive a scholarship of up to NIS 5,000 [$1300].”

Applications are open to Israeli citizens who have lived in the country for three years, those who have completed service in the Israeli army, and those who speak foreign languages, among other criteria.

A student union in the service of the state

In most countries student unions often find themselves at odds with state authorities, fighting for the rights of students. But it would appear that Israel’s “student union” does not so much represent students and fight for their rights, but represents the state in the state’s efforts to recruit students to do its political bidding.

In this sense, the NUIS functions in a very similar way to Israel’s “trade union” the Histadrut.

Translation: Students in the Struggle against Anti-Semitism on the Internet

National Union of Israeli Students

Students in the Struggle against Anti-Semitism on the Internet

Vision and background:

The National Union of Israeli Students [NUIS] unites about 300,000 students from all over the country. NUIS promotes the goals and objectives of students, guards the status of students and impacts the public agenda in all aspects from the perspective that the future generation should be a full partner in shaping the Israeli reality of tomorrow.

For young people the Internet is first of all a tool for work and study. Many students in Israel master the Internet and are proficient at using the Internet and social networking and various sites and are required to write and express themselves in English. Like other web users, students encounter anti-Semitic websites disseminating hatred of Israel and hatred of Jews on the Internet.

In recent years use of the Internet for work, finding information and leisure has become accepted and common all over the world. Alongside the development of the Internet and its use, websites have developed that disseminate anti-Semitic and false information that one could not find a publisher [for] in the pre-Internet age.

The Internet allows uncontrolled access to content from marginal groups and therefore can influence many audiences who are exposed to such information, particularly young people who are more easily influenced.

The Internet, then, is used as a major tool for the dissemination of anti-Semitism, hatred of Israel and of Jews and thus the Internet is also the place to battle against such sites, pull the ground from under them and to provide reliable and balanced information.

In the present reality, in which the Internet has become a key tool in spreading anti-Semitism, and given that most students use this medium, it is requested that Israeli students will be the ones to lead the battle against hostile websites.

The following proposed scholarships will allow students to map the anti-Semitic websites and to deal with what is said on them. During the project students can work on social networks to refute misinformation comprehensively available throughout this medium.

This is our opportunity, as Israeli students, to provide hasbara [state propaganda] that is correct and balanced, to help in the struggle against the delegitimization of the State of Israel and against hatred of Jews in the world.

Project goals

To deal with, struggle [against] and reduce dissemination of anti-Semitism on the Internet;

To deepen and expand hasbara activities of students in the State of Israel;

To increase the awareness and involvement of the National Union of Israeli Students, local student associations, and students in general about what is happening in the world concerning Jews and the status of Israel.

Student activities

After training, the student will begin his activities. The student will do the activities in the comfort of his home, where every week he will be obligated to about 5 hours of activities for a period of one calendar year (not academic year). Students will be paid a total of NIS 7,500 [$2,000] to perform the tasks of the project, at least 5 hours weekly for a total of 240 hours of activities under the project umbrella.

The scholarship will be given to the student at three periods; in April, in August at the NUIS scholarship award ceremony, and in November.

Students will be admitted into the project only if they are members of student union at their institution of higher learning, provided such institution is a member of NUIS. Applications are made through the NUIS website at the scholarships page.

Translation: Student Union and Jewish Agency scholarship

Shacham Scholarship – Jewish Agency and Student Union

A scholarship which is a mission – the Jewish Agency and Student Union

Shacham – Mission, Education, Action

For the first time in Israel – a unique, world-encompassing scholarship, in cooperation between the Student Union and the Jewish Agency.

Every year the Jewish Agency of Israel sends approximately 150 emissaries to various places around the world – North America, England, South Africa, Australia, Germany, Italy and South America, who engage in Jewish education and hasbara in three main streams – Hillel emissaries (to campuses around North America), community emissaries and youth movement emissaries.

The scholarship introduces program participants with content relevant to the position, in a 12-meeting course, which is held every other weeks and deals with various issues:

Jewish identity

Israeli society

Tikkun Olam [the religious obligation to repair the world – or make it better]

Hasbara skills

History of the Nation of Israel in modern times

and more…

The course is experiential and includes lectures from the very best lecturers in the country, an active and reflective workshop, an educational experience of collaboration and coping both intellectually and emotionally with a variety of different topics. In August 2012, course graduates will set off for a one-year mission in the various Jewish communities around the world, and will also receive a scholarship of up to NIS 5,000.

The course will be held in four regional centers:

South: Sapir College/Ben Gurion [University]

Center: Tel Aviv University

Jerusalem: the Hebrew University

North: the Haifa University.

Eligibility for application:

Students in their last years of study for an academic degree;

Holding Israeli citizenship and having lived in Israel for at least 3 years.

Having completed military or national service.

With good command of English/Russian/Spanish/French/Portuguese/or other languages.

Having experience as camp counselors, teachers, and the ability to speak publicly.

Having an affinity to Judaism and the Israeli culture and familiarity with Diaspora Jewry.

Admittance to the program is conditional upon passing the screening process, which will be held in November-December 2011 at the various campuses.

Israel’s “pretty face”: How National Union of Israeli Students does government’s propaganda dirty work

By Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada

January 05, 2012

Yesterday I wrote about a program run by the National Union of Israeli Students (NUIS) to pay Israeli college students $2,000 to spread hasbara – propaganda favorable to Israel – on social networking sites.

This raised a further question: who pays for this and what role do Israel’s government and other organizations play in this use of students to deliver propaganda?

When asked by Jillian C. York and Joseph Dana about these issues via Twitter, Avi Mayer, the head of social media for the quasi-state Jewish Agency played innocent…He also dismissed the notion that students involved in this paid propaganda effort would be encouraged to promote a specific viewpoint…

But in fact, contrary to the suggestions of Mayer, the NUIS is deeply committed specifically to spreading the propaganda of, and training students to spread the propaganda of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Hasbara and the US-based anti-Palestinian organization StandWithUs (which recently used fabricated quotes to try to smear me and others as anti-Semites).

Moreover, NUIS receives funding from these ministries and from Mayer’s Jewish Agency to carry out many of these activities. How do we know all this? Because it is openly stated in NUIS’s 2011-2012 workplan and budget – albeit in Hebrew.

Dena Shunra translated for The Electronic Intifada the sections of these documents relating to the NUIS’ Foreign Relations Department. The translation is attached at the end of this post, and what follows is some analysis of key parts demonstrating the deep involvement of the NUIS in government propaganda efforts.

The Foreign relations Department of NUIS: A hasbara auxiliary force

Starting on Page 77 of the NUIS work plan the Foreign Relations Department sets out its vision:

The Foreign Relations Department will act to strengthen the link between the student population in Israel and students around the world, and to develop their dialog. The Department will represent the union with international organizations and will be a partner in the general national effort of explaining [hasbara] Israel around the world.

Under “targets,” the document further specifies:

The Department will harness itself to the national effort to explain [hasbara] the position of Israel in the world.

Goal: the Department will act, in cooperation with government ministries and additional organizations, to improve the explanation [hasbara] of Israel’s position around the world.

Using students as Israel’s “pretty face”

The NUIS Foreign Relations Department is not content merely to “harness” itself to national propaganda efforts but is determined to take a leading role, with funding and support from government ministries, as the work plan explains:

Plan: In the face of the multiplicity of organizations in Israel that do hasbara and the lack of any real coordination and cooperation among them, the Union will act to form “a round table” where the various organizations will take part. The cooperation is meant to empower the methods of hasbara and to pool resources. Additionally, it is the goal of the Union to expand the hasbara done by Israeli students, and through them present the pretty face of Israel. It is the Department’s aspiration that through this cooperation, the number of delegations and events in which the student population takes place will expand, and that the support by government ministries will also expand, in future, in sending NUIS delegations abroad and subsidizing them.

Compulsory training by government propaganda officials

The work plan sets as a target, “expanding the number of ambassadors who explain Israel’s policy around the world.”

And specifies:

Plan: using students who go on delegations abroad on behalf of the Union (approximately 250 students a year) for hasbara purposes. Before each delegation the students will undergo a hasbara workshop on behalf of the Ministry of Hasbara, which will give them the tools and information to contend with the questions and the critical salvos and the ability to present in their stead “a different Israel.”

Training by government propaganda officials at the Ministry of Hasbara is moreover compulsory:

After selecting the students for a delegation, the students will undergo a hasbara workshop given on behalf of the Ministry of Hasbara, where the logistics are coordinated by the Department head. This training will be a condition for the student’s going on any delegation this year.

Remember that Jewish Agency propaganda official Avi Mayer dismissed the notion that students working in NUIS hasbara initiatives would be expected to present a specific – governmental – viewpoint. It could not be plainer that this is precisely what the NUIS does.

Relying on information from government ministries and StandWithUs

In its workplan, the NUIS Foreign Relations Department sets as a target: “Explaining Israeli policy in the European Student Union” (ESU). It will do this by:

Sending a quarterly report to the ESU about the situation in Israel, relying on reports issued by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Hasbara, the SWU [StandWithUs] organization, and others.

Using “humanitarian” aid for propaganda purposes

Perhaps one of the most cynical aspects of the NUIS workplan is the blatant use of humanitarianism for state propaganda purposes – known as “bluewashing.” The target set is “sending out a humanitarian delegation”:

Plan: “Tikkun Olam” [repairing the world] – a delegation of Israeli students will go on a humanitarian task in the world.

Operational organization: Foreign Relations Department head & and Nefesh Yehudi [Jewish Soul] organization.

What’s interesting however is that in order to implement this the workplan calls for:

Approaching the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Hasbara and the Nefesh Yehudi [Jewish Soul] organization with the goal of obtaining financing for the humanitarian delegation.

One might fairly ask what the Ministry of Hasbara (propaganda) has to do with humanitarian missions? It is clear of course that the main purpose – as can be seen in the rest of the work plan – is not humanitarianism, but presenting Israel in a sympathetic light.

What is also notable is the sectarian and exclusive nature of these plans. The NUIS purports to represent all students in Israel, presumably including Palestinian citizens of Israel. Yet the Foreign Relations Department plan makes no effort to include or represent such students, and by choosing the “Jewish Soul” organization as one of its main partners effectively excludes them.

“Entrenching” Israel in international student organizations

Under the heading “The Department will act to entrench the Union’s position in the international arena” the workplan states that NUIS will work to increase:

the number of Israeli representatives at the various committees of the ESU and its managing committee (EC) for the purpose of increasing the scope of influence on the ESU & especially the EC. This will be supported by the SWU [Stand With Us?] [sic].

The role of StandWithUs is particularly troubling here since among its other activities StandWithUs works with the Israeli government to harass and silence students who advocate for Palestinian rights on US college campuses.


According to its budget, NUIS receives the following grants:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs scholarship project: NIS 180,000 ($47,000)

Jewish Agency scholarship project: NIS 100,000 ($26,000)

Nefesh Yehudi org: NIS 300,000 ($78,000)

On the expenditure side, the Foreign Relations Department budget includes a payment of NIS 5000 ($1300) to StandWithUs.

[For more details of the NUIS budget, click on headline above.]

Israel’s universities

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, 1912; Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1918; Weizmann Institute of Science, 1934; Bar-Ilan University, 1955; Tel Aviv University, 1956; University of Haifa, 1963; Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, 1969; Open University of Israel, 1974. (Ariel University, 2012 – not widely recognised).

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A Hacker Said he had proof the CIA caused the Anthrax Attacks…they had him arrested for Child Porn

The new doc “Enemies of the State” examines the case of Matt DeHart, an intelligence analyst who was targeted by the authorities after allegedly gaining access to top-secret files.

By VT Editors 

Richard Porton

Sonia Kennebeck begins her documentary Enemies of the State with an epigraph from Oscar Wilde: “The truth is never pure and rarely simple.” By the conclusion of Kennebeck’s film, which premiered this week at the Toronto International Film Festival, the convoluted series of events she recounts reveal that nothing is straightforward about the case her documentary dissects—the strange saga of Matt DeHart, a man hailed by his supporters as a whistleblower and denounced by his detractors as a sex predator.

Instead of assuaging the audience’s curiosity and providing a clear-cut resolution to this murky scenario, Kennebeck, whether courageously or perversely, leaves her viewers hanging. Perhaps the opaque nature of the DeHart controversy, replete with unyielding positions from partisans on both sides, leaves her no choice.

The legal and ethical quandaries posed by DeHart’s case seemed tailor-made to polarize opposing political factions, even though the terms of the debate reflect a pre-Trump era when the FBI and CIA were still mistrusted by liberals and Julian Assange and WikiLeaks were not presumed to be linked to Russian disinformation schemes.

The frequently mind-boggling details of DeHart’s plight are intrinsically disorienting inasmuch as they easily inspire diametrically opposed interpretations. In 2009, DeHart, at the time an intelligence analyst for the Air National Guard, claimed to have discovered explosive evidence of a CIA plot to implement the anthrax attacks of 2001, ostensibly designed to draw the United States into a war with Iraq that was promoted years earlier by the Bush administration.  Read more…

Joshua Encinias @ TIFF20@joshencinias
I just watched ENEMIES OF THE STATE, about Matthew DeHart, a member of Anonymous who revealed the US government used the anthrax scare to support the war effort in Iraq #TIFF20

Glenn Greenwald@ggreenwaldThe anthrax attacks played a huge role in solidifying and escalating the post-9/11 fear levels — went from “big buildings in NYC/DC can be attacked” to “we might be killed by our mail”— and the claim that the perpetrator was caught is *very dubious*:…

A hacktivist allied with the group of online guerrillas known as “Anonymous” as well as WikiLeaks, DeHart became understandably paranoid and, in early 2010, his Indiana house was raided by law enforcement authorities and he soon takes flight, first unsuccessfully seeking asylum in both the Russian and Venezuelan embassies and then finding refuge in Quebec as he decides to prepare for life in Canada by studying French.

Robbie Martin@FluorescentGrey
CIA involvement in the 2001 anthrax attacks as alleged by imprisoned whistleblower Matt Dehart

Meanwhile, prosecutors in Tennessee claim that investigations have produced evidence that DeHart solicited child pornography from two victims. DeHart has always strenuously denied these accusations and claims they are being weaponized as subterfuge by U.S. intelligence to deflect from his efforts to expose the malfeasance of the American government during the post-9/11 era.

Ben Norton@BenjaminNorton
An ex US intelligence analyst, Matt DeHart, said he found evidence the CIA did the 2001 anthrax attacks, to try to scare people into supporting invading Iraq. DeHart was then arrested. He says the feds tortured him and planted child porn to imprison him

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Palestinian Journalist Among Four Shot, Injured by Nazi army

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

The Nazi military attacked, Friday, unarmed Palestinians during the suppression of the 3 demonstrations held against Israel’s ongoing colonial ventures in the Nazi occupied West Bank, the Palestinian Information Center reported.

Kufur Qaddoum

Palestinian villagers sang patriotic slogans, and voiced their rejection of the many operations aimed at erasing the Palestinian cause.

Demonstrators held a mock funeral for the Zionist Arab League during this week’s march, expressing their condemnation of Zionist Arab regimes at the most recent normalization agreements, made with the Nazi regime.

Locals from Kufur Qaddoum village, east of Qalqilia city, in the northern West Bank, said that a group of Nazi forces opened fire towards Palestinian youths who were throwing rocks and returning tear-gas canisters to the soldiers.

Four civilians, including a journalist who was covering the protest, were shot by Nazi troops, while dozens more suffered the toxic effects of tear-gas inhalation.

Nazi Gastapo closed the main road toward Nablus in 2002, and since 2003, local Palestinians have participated in weekly marches to show their opposition to the illegal colonies in the West Bank, and continue to demand that the Nazi army open the road.

Kufur Qaddoum


In the southern occupied West Bank city of Hebron, several Palestinians choked from Nazi army fired tear-gas, during confrontations with Nazi soldiers in the Bab Al-Zawiya area in the city center.

The area has become the frontline of the battlefield, adjacent to Nazi military sites and illegal settlements.

Kifl Hares

In Kifl Hares, northwest of Salfit, in the northern West Bank, Palestinian protesters for the sixteenth week, gathered in rejection of Israel’s ongoing colonial expansion.

Nazi troops suppressed the weekly march, which was held after the Friday prayer, in front of the military gate, entering the town.

Local sources said that soldiers closed the military gate, preventing several people access to their lands.

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News Brief: Al Mezan Issues a Fact Sheet on Water Shortage in the Gaza Strip Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Al Mezan published a fact sheet that addresses the deteriorating living conditions in the Gaza Strip as a result of Israel’s 14-year blockade and recent punitive measures, notably the ban on fuel entry to the Strip,  and their repercussions on the provision of municipal services, particularly water and sanitation.

In addition, the fact sheet sheds light on the struggle of low-income families to access alternative sources of water to offset the intermittent supply of municipal water amid a full lockdown imposed on Gaza to fight the spread of COVID-19, which further exacerbated these families’ financial troubles.The presented information are based on a compre- hensive survey of municipalities in the Gaza Strip conducted by Al- Mezan last year as well as a series of phone interviews carried out in the last two weeks with a number of mayors to better understand the impact of the lockdown and the power crisis on provision of municipal services, particularly water and sanitation.

Al Mezan also interviewed (by phone) a number of families from various parts of the Gaza Strip that are struggling to secure their basic needs, including water, under the lockdown.Al Mezan is deeply concerned for the population’s health and wellbeing, in particular, the impoverished populations in Gaza amid the declining municipal services and COVID-19 outbreak, and calls on:
1.The Palestinian Authority and concerned agencies, NGOs and internat—ional bodies to mobilize support for residents of the Gaza Strip, whose lives are threatened by the unprecedented coronavirus outbreak, and to improve the living conditions in Gaza and support the Strip’s municipalities;

2. The international community to exert pressure on Israel, the occupying power, to immediately and unconditionally lift the blockade and closure and cease all punitive measures; and

3. The Gaza Electricity Distribution Corporation (GEDC) to liaise with the municipalities to ensure water supply that is more regular and efficient to households, and prioritize the provision of power supply to municipal wells and networks to better equip residents with the amounts and quality of water necessary to fight the COVID-19 outbreak.

Read Full Document here

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Seven Palestinians, Including a Journalist Detained by Nazi army

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Nazi army, detained several Palestinian civilians, Thursday, including a journalist, and former prisoners from the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian WAFA News Agency reported.

Local sources said that Nazi soldiers, manning the Container military roadblock, northeast of Bethlehem city, in the central West Bank, detained two Palestinian citizens of Jenin refugee camp, one of whom is a former prisoner, the other whom was assaulted by the soldiers while being detained.

In the southern West Bank district of Hebron, Nazi military vehicles invaded Sa‘ir town, east of Hebron city, where soldiers took a journalist into custody.

A similar military invasion occurred in Beit Ummar town, northwest of Hebron city, resulting in the detention of another Palestinian civilian.

Nazi forces informed the family of a former prisoner from Bethlehem, that he was taken into custody by Nazi intelligence.

In the southern West Bank district of Bethlehem, Nazi soldiers invaded Aida refugee camp, north of Bethlehem city, where they detained one Palestinian civilian.

The Palestinian Information Center identified the young man from Aida refugee camp as, Marwan Fararjeh, and the journalist from Sa’ir town as Abdul-Muheisen Shaladeh.

The PIC added that a young Palestinian man was detained by Nazi police officers at the eastern entrance of al-‘Isawiya neighborhood in the Nazi occupied East Jerusalem.

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