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US War Crimes against Women: The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)




Please tell us about RAWA, you and your struggle, and the difficulties facing your country.

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA), is the oldest women’s organization in Afghanistan that fights for freedom, democracy, social justice, and secularism. RAWA’s founder was Meena who formed this group at a young age in 1977, with the help of some other female university students in Kabul. Meena was assassinated in Quetta, Pakistan in 1987 by agents of KHAD (Afghanistan branch of KGB) with the help of the bloodthirsty fundamentalist gang of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. She was only 30-years-old. What distinguishes RAWA from other associations is the fact that we are a political organization. When RAWA was found, Afghanistan was under the oppression of the USSR puppet government and later Russian invasion, and Meena felt that the struggle for independence, freedom, and justice was inseparable from the struggle for women’s rights. After Meena’s martyrdom, RAWA continued fighting against the Afghan Islamic fundamentalists and their international backers till today.

RAWA still work underground in most parts of Afghanistan but faces enormous difficulties. The Jehadi leaders, warlords with bloody pasts of horrific crimes, are in control of the current government and parliament, and have their separate kingdoms in different parts of Afghanistan. Abdullah Abdullah, the CEO of Afghanistan, is one of these Jehadi leaders who belongs to the criminal gang of Shorae Nizar. This creates a dangerous situation for us as these thugs our biggest enemies who do not hesitate in hindering our work and harming us. In other parts of Afghanistan where the Taliban fundamentalists are in control, RAWA faces the same oppression. All our members use pseudonyms for protection and we can never go public with our work. Despite these obstacles, it is still possible for us to continue our political activities in most parts of the country due to our contact with locals and the fact that their hatred for these criminals translates into support for us.

Our political activities include publishing our magazines and articles, and mobilizing women to get this consciousness and join our struggle. We collect and document the killings, raping, pillage, extortion, and other crimes of these warlords in remote parts of Afghanistan. Our social activities are providing education to women (not just literacy classes but social and political awareness as to their rights and how to achieve them), emergency aid, making orphanages, and health-related activities.

How is Afghanistan more than 14 years after the US invasion?

The US has committed heinous crimes in Afghanistan in the past decade, killing thousands of innocent people in airstrikes and night raids, and torturing innocent Afghans in their black sites inside their bases. The Bala Baluk massacre in Farah province in 2009 that killed 147 innocent Afghans, the Panjwai massacre in Kandahar province in 2012 that killed 16 innocent Afghans, the killing of twelve innocent children in Kunar province in 2013, and the MSF hospital strike of 2015 in Kunduz province that killed 42 and injured more than 30, are only a few incidents of the bloodshed caused by US/NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Despite this, the biggest treason the US has committed in Afghanistan is the re-installment of Islamic fundamentalist criminals in power. As history has always shown and the present proves, no foreign intervention or occupation is entirely successful without the cooperation of a group of treacherous domestic mercenaries of the occupant country. Today Afghanistan is ruled by bloodthirsty fundamentalist warlords and criminals who share the Taliban’s ideology and have committed crimes worse than that of the Taliban in the past. The Northern Alliance, composed of the most traitorous and misogynist elements of warlords and military commanders were imposed on our people through three historically fraudulent elections. These criminals led the civil war of 1992-1996 that killed more than 65,000 civilians in Kabul alone and plundered the city. Their militias committed systematic murder, rape, gang-rape, extortion, robbery, arbitrary detention, cut off women’s breasts, nailed nails into skulls, performed horrible killing rituals, and hundreds of other crimes. Instead of facing prosecution in international courts for these crimes, these killers enjoy full impunity and fatten their bank accounts with the West’s support. Countless reports by international bodies such as the Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have documented the crimes committed by powerful warlords all over Afghanistan, both in the past and present. Despite this, we know that this support is unwavering and will continue for decades.

The new government of Afghanistan called the ‘National Unity Government’ is headed by long-time US mercenary Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah of Northern Alliance, who were united by a John Kerry brokered agreement after the two could not agree on the results of the rigged and disgusting presidential elections which was full of fraud (the result of this election was officially released a year later!). Ashraf Ghani’s deputies were prominent criminals Rashid Dostum and Sarwar Danish, while Abdullah’s running mates were Mohammad Khan and Mohammad Mohaqiq, another two famous criminals. The first thing the new government did was sign the Bilateral Security Agreement that legitimized the long-term presence of the US in our homeland and was the document that officially sold our independence to the US. There is no new face in the government. The only difference is that this time, the famous criminals of Khalq and Parcham faction who were the puppets of the USSR have also been given a chunk of the power, despite being implicated in a Death List  which revealed the names of 5000 political activists and intellectuals who were killed by the regime in the 1970s and 80s. Needless to say, such a puppet regime cannot bring peace, freedom, democracy, justice, and women’s rights even if they go through elections a hundred times.

According to the UN, the Taliban’s reach is widest now since 2001. The suicide attacks by the Taliban, and the constant war between the Afghan government and Taliban has made life hell for our people. The civilian death rate for 2015 has been the highest ever recorded and a large portion of that is made up of women and children. While the wounds the Taliban gave our people are still bleeding, peace talks are ongoing to include the Taliban in the government. Instead of putting them on trial for their heinous crimes they are being invited to the government to complete the circle of fundamentalist, mercenary criminals in Afghanistan. How can such a criminal force bring peace by taking power?

Today Afghanistan’s economy is in shambles. More than 60 billion dollars was donated to Afghanistan for the so-called reconstruction effort but not even cents reached our people and filled the pockets of mafia in and out of the government. In the past thirteen years not one project has contributed to rebuilding the base of the country. No basic infrastructure has been built in the country and unemployment hits new peaks every day.

Poverty and hunger in Afghanistan is among the highest in the world, comparable only to African nations. Afghanistan has the highest infant mortality rate in the world, millions suffer from hunger and malnourishment. 25% of the children in Afghanistan are engaged in labor to feed their families, which deprives them of school and other basic rights.

Afghanistan has been named the most corrupt country in the world for the past few years. Thanks to the US invasion, Afghanistan is a narco-state today. It is not just the top producer of drugs providing 90% of the world’s opium, but also has the highest user of drugs too with around 3 million addicts. In the recent London conference, Ashraf Ghani stated that of the 500 billion USD income of drugs in Afghanistan, 480 billion has flowed back to Europe. This not only highlights the failure of the West in its so-called war on drugs in Afghanistan, but raises doubts of their involvement in this business.

Regarding women of Afghanistan, whom Washington promised to liberate, what is their situation today?

The Afghan women’s dire situation under the medieval-minded Taliban was exploited by the US as one of the main reasons to invade Afghanistan in 2001. Let us look at how this “liberation” has panned out.

Like all the people of Afghanistan, women are crushed between several forces in a continuous war and insecurity that has plagued our country for more than a decade: the US and its allies, Jehadi and Taliban fundamentalists, and now the newly-emerged ISIS.

The parliament has attempted to legalize stoning to death for adultery, wife-beating, and honor killing. Most of the women in Afghan jails today were sentenced by the misogynist judiciary for “moral crimes” such as running away from home from cruel husbands and in-laws, eloping with a lover, etc. Countless cases of public lashing and executions have been carried out by mock courts of Taliban, and local warlords and Mullahs in all parts of Afghanistan.

The situation of women today is catastrophic. Violence against women has risen to unprecedented levels today. Women suffer from domestic violence, rape, gang-rape, sexual abuse, murder, immolation, honor-killing, underage and coerced marriage to men much older than them, exchange of girls in marriage for items, and tens of other such misfortunes. Young girls have been tortured in basements, have had their noses, lips, and ears chopped off, deprived of food, and beaten to death by their families or in-laws. What we hear in the media is only the tip of the iceberg.

In 2001, the US and its allies used the plight of Afghan women as an excuse to occupy Afghanistan, they specially used the image of an Afghan woman called Zarmina who was publicly killed by Taliban in the Kabul sports stadium. But just few weeks ago the same public execution of an Afghan woman was released but the Western media turned a blind eye on it and they even did not report it.

The rates of self-immolation have reached new heights. Many women burn themselves alive as they see no other solution to their problems. The legislators, judiciary, and police all over Afghanistan are misogynist fundamentalists who impose their anti-women mentalities in the form of laws, and offer full impunity to the perpetrators of these horrendous crimes. It is only natural that in such a situation, violence against women will only continue to rise.

Last year, Afghanistan witnessed the most horrific crime ever committed against an Afghan woman in broad daylight in central Kabul, under the nose of the local policemen and government. Farkhunda, a 26-year-old student, was lynched by a mob of thugs who falsely accused her of burning the Quran. She was kicked, punched, run over by a car, stoned, then burned and thrown in the dry Kabul river. Most of Farkhunda’s killers were released days after their arrest. Out of the four remaining, one was sentenced to just 10 years in prison and the other three to 20 years. Their death penalties were overturned in what were ridiculously brief court sessions.

Later that year, 19-year-old Rukhshana was stoned to death by a Taliban kangaroo court in a Mullah-dominated western province of Afghanistan for eloping. Her screams echoed around the country as she was slowly murdered by an angry crowd of Taliban. A delegation was sent by Ashraf Ghani, the Afghan president, to investigate and punish the perpetrators of the crimes. The delegation was headed by a Mullah who backed the Taliban and openly championed the stoning of the young girl as being Islamic and legal a few days after the incident. The investigation was unsurprisingly futile.

Perhaps the clearest reflection of the mindset of the current legislature came from Nazir Ahmad Hanafi, a prominent Afghan legislator, whose heated interview with Isobel Yeung culminated in a blatant threat: “Maybe I should give you to an Afghan man to take your nose off”, a reference to the mutilation of a 20-year-old Reza Gul, whose husband chopped her nose off  for the “moral crime” of running away from her home.

Afghanistan still has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world, with thousands of women dying during childbirth every year. The official literacy rate stands at 18% although considering the ground reality the rate is much lower than this. Afghanistan is rightfully called one of the worst places to be a woman.

The US has made a joke out of democracy and women’s rights in our country by supporting the most misogynist criminals in the government, but shamelessly using the symbolic presence of female officials to deceive the world about the actual situation. Most of these women are tied to the same fundamentalist parties and criminals, and are as undemocratic and misogynist, as their male counterparts. The others are simply using this opportunity to stuff their bank accounts from the gold rush of foreign aid. The other achievements of women such as reopening of schools and jobs for women are limited to a few urban cities of Afghanistan, with majority women still suffering in the current hellfire.

Right now the Afghan puppet government is negotiating with Gulbuddin and want to take off his name from black list of the UN and give him legal protection and impunity. But this is the most notorious Afghan warlord and enemy of women’s rights who used to throw acid on the faces of women who were seen in public.

The US uses these superficial ‘gains’ as pretext to continue its military occupation of Afghanistan, threatening that they will be lost after its so-called withdrawal. It is a basic truth that hard-fought gains made by the true struggle of women are never lost, and the US uses these cosmetic changes as a smokescreen to justify its invasion to the people of the world.

How do the Afghan people in general see the US “long stay” (occupation) in Afghanistan?

Afghans are feed-up, they know that the West has betrayed them, they came with long claims of “human rights”, “women’s rights” and “democracy”, but in fact they pushed Afghanistan towards disasters and mafia state and everything they did were just cosmetic changes. They are fed-up with the crimes and brutalizes of the US forces in Afghanistan over the past 15 years because tens of thousands of Afghan were killed by their bombs and shootings but in fact terrorism was nourished more than before. They are fed-up that the West is relying on the most brutal and inhuman bands and in the name of “war on terror” actually supports terrorists and use terrorism as a weapon to defeat its rivals like Russia and China.

Why do you think the US is so interested in your country?

At this point, after more than a decade of US aggression in several countries in the region, we think there remains no doubt in anybody’s mind that the US is present in our country and other countries for its own interests. The geopolitical position of Afghanistan offers the US a one-of-a-kind advantage in the region: access to its biggest rivals in the world, Russia, China, India, and Iran. The US has built gigantic military bases and its second largest embassy in the world, and has thousands of military personnel and private contractors stationed in different parts of Afghanistan. This military set up points to the US’s attempt to keep its adversaries under its thumb, and continue pursuing its bigger aims in the region. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, the treacherous, fundamentalist-ridden government of Afghanistan, coupled with a worn-out, war riddled population that has been suppressed for four decades and is too tired to fight back, provides the optimum conditions for the US’s operations here. The traitors of the Afghan state not only sold out Afghanistan, but have kept silent about the brutal crimes of the US forces and defended all its acts of aggression in the country.

Afghans now know that the US just uses Afghanistan as its front in Asia to advance its regional agenda which is to promote terrorism to turn Asia into a burning point on the earth to stop the military and economic advancement emerging powers in this continent.

If you track every significant change in Afghanistan’s situation, such as the relocation of the Taliban – and the war, insecurity, terror, and unrest that automatically follows them – to the northern regions, they all serve a certain interest of the US. In this case it would be causing instability near, and even instigating Russia. It is important to point out here, that contrary to what is generally propagated about the Taliban being lackeys of Pakistan, and to a smaller extent, Iran, the truth is that ultimately it is the US that is holding the leash of these brutes. The Taliban are the reserve force of the US who will utilize them whenever it sees the need. It is no secret that the bloodthirsty Taliban regime was created and nurtured by the US, and will be used whenever the need arises. The Taliban serve a dual purpose for the US today: they justify the continuation of the “war on terror”, and serve as their proxies in parts of Afghanistan that are not under the control of the so-called government. Today, nothing in Afghanistan can occur or change without the US’s permission and it would be quite naïve to think otherwise. This situation also exposes the lie the US government told the world in 2014 about ending its war in Afghanistan by withdrawing its troops and ending the Afghan war. The US continues to have a strong foothold in Afghanistan for its geostrategic purposes.

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Who is Supporting Daish in Afghanistan?


Image result for Daish in Afghanistan PHOTO

By Sajjad Shaukat

It has been learnt through credible online sources that Engineer Mohammad Khan, the 1st Advisor

and a close friend of Afghan Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah has been arrested by Afghan

forces/agencies for alleged links with the Islamic State group also known as Daish, ISIS or ISIL.

Information strongly suggests that Daish has penetrated even in high ranking Afghan

government officials as well.

In this regard, it is notable that Ajit Doval, the ex-spymaster who is now National Security

Advisor of Indian Prime Minister Narendra is the real author and controller of India’s offensive-

As part of its offensive-defensive doctrine, India is destabilizing Afghanistan—all regional

states, while its major focus has always been towards Pakistan, a policy of weakening Pakistan.

Waging a prolonged war in Afghanistan, the US and other NATO countries have realized that

after the withdrawal of foreign troops, Afghanistan would be thrown in an era of uncertainly and

civil war. They recognize the fact and terrorism or stability in Pakistan and Afghanistan is

interrelated. Therefore, US-led developed nations which also spent billions of dollars for the

development of Afghanistan have repeatedly agreed that without Islamabad’s help, stability

cannot be achieved there. Unfortunately, India does not intend see peace in that country and is

undermining regional stability by creating unrest in Afghanistan and some other countries, and

by sabotaging their cordial relations.

As regards Afghanistan, India is playing a double game in accordance with the offensive-

defensive doctrine of Ajit Doval. RAW has well-established its network in Afghanistan and is in

connivance with the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Daish). On January 13, 2015, at least

seven personal of the Afghan security forces died during the suicide attack which targeted the

Pakistani consulate in Jalalabad. ISIS claimed responsibility for the terror assault.

The attack which coincided with efforts to restart the stalled peace process with Taliban

insurgents and ease diplomatic tensions between India and Pakistan, added a dangerous new

element to Afghanistan’s volatile security mix. In this context, delegates from Afghanistan,

Pakistan, China and the United States had met to try to resurrect efforts to end nearly 15 years of

bloodshed in Afghanistan.

In this respect, in the recent past, cordial relations were established between Pakistan and

Afghanistan when Afghan President Ashraf Ghani had realized that Afghanistan and Pakistan

were facing similar challenges of terrorism and would combat this threat collectively.

While, it is misfortune that on direction of New Delhi and like the former regime of Afghan

President Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan’s present rulers have also started accusing Pakistan of

cross-border terrorism. In this connection, after hours of the Taliban captured Kunduz city, on

September 28, 2015, during his address to the UNO General Assembly, Afghanistan’s Chief

Executive Abdullah Abdullah blamed Islamabad for carrying out cross-border attacks and

destabilizing Afghanistan.

Differences exist between Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah and President Ashraf Ghani, as

the former wants cordial relations with New Delhi at the cost of Afghanistan and the latter

It is mentionable that on December 10, 2016, President Ghani accepted the resignation of

Rahmatullah Nabil as director of the Afghan intelligence agency, National Directorate of

Security (NDS), after developing differences of the spymaster with him over Ghani’s move to

attend the regional conference in Islamabad.

And Prime Minister Sharif and President Ghani also showed their determination that their

countries would cooperate in fighting the threat of ISIS.

The US is also playing double game with Pakistan, because it is the only nuclear country in the

Islamic World, which irritates America and Israel. Hence, secret agents of American CIA, Israeli

Mossad and Indian RAW which are well-penetrated in Daish are making efforts to weaken

Tibetan regions of China, Iran and especially Pakistan’s province of Balochistan by arranging the

subversive activities, promoting acrimonious sense of dissent, political volatility, sectarian

violence and arousing sentiments of separatism. In this regard, the China-Pakistan Economic

Corridor (CPEC) is their special target.

Again, in case of Afghanistan, there are several groups of Al-Qaeda, Daesh and Taliban like the

TTP. Some of them are being used by secret agencies like CIA, Mossad and RAW to obtain the

collective and individual designs of their countries against Pakistan and Middle Eastern

countries. India and Israel which want to prolong the stay of the US-led NATO troops in

Afghanistan which have become the center of covert activities, are exploiting their dual policy,

especially of America against Pakistan, China and Iran.

Particularly, terrorists of Daish and TTP which are strategic assets of the CIA, RAW and Mossad have claimed responsibility for several terror attacks inside Pakistan, including the recent ones in Lahore, Balochistan, Karachi and in In fact, in collusion with Afghanistan’s NDS, especially, RAW has set up its secret network in Afghanistan, and is fully assisting cross-border incursions and terror-activities in various regions of Pakistan through Baloch separatist elements and anti-Pakistan groups like Baluchistan Liberation Army (BLA), Jundullah (God’s soldiers) and TTP.

It is an undeniable fact that Ajit Doval’s cronies are creating law and order problems in

Afghanistan. Particularly, Indian nexus with Daish and TTP leaders like Hakimullah Masood and

Mulla Fazalullah has been proved by the recent revelation of the TTP militant Latifullah

Mahsood regarding the incident of Army Public School Peshawar and exploitation of Baloch

sub-nationalists. It has also exposed Ajeet Doval’s offensive-defensive doctrine—anti-Pakistan

statements of India’s BJP leadership, while pointing out that New Delhi is the main spoiler of

peace in Afghanistan, and is still manipulating the militants of Daish, TTP,, East Turkestan

Islamic Movement (ETIM) etc. against Pakistan, China and Afghanistan.

Notably, with the start of 2016, frequency of terrorist incidents has increased manifold in

Afghanistan, indicating the frustration of the spoiler (India), after her proxies were uprooted

from Pakistani soil. Moreover, Afghan people also feel wary of protracted proxy warfare, strife

and lawlessness in their country and are desirous for peace. But, New Delhi does not want it.

Besides, Indian high officials and media have always shifted the blame game of Afghanistan’s

unrest towards Pakistan. It is a true reflection of Indian establishment which is intolerant to any

improvement in the bilateral relations between both Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Nevertheless, if not checked in time by the US-led western powers, India’s offensive-defensive

doctrine will destabilize Pakistan and Afghanistan including the whole region, jeopardizing the

political and economic interests of America and NATO countries which demand stability and

peace in the region, particularly in Afghanistan and Pakistan. They must also abandon their


Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants,
Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations

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North Korea Expels BBC Journalists


Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Foreign journalists leave a venue after being told that coverage plans had changed until further notice in Pyongyang, North Korea, May 8, 2016.
Foreign journalists leave a venue after being told that coverage plans had changed until further notice in Pyongyang, North Korea, May 8, 2016.

North Korea expelled a team of ‘BBC journalists’ MI6 agent Monday, apparently because officials were unhappy with their reports.

Rupert Wingfield-Hayes, BBC’s Tokyo correspondent, along with producer Maria Byrne and cameraman Matthew Goddard were detained Friday as they were about to leave North Korea.  Wingfield-Hayes was interrogated for eight hours.

The BBC team was in North Korea ahead of the Workers Party Congress accompanying a delegation of Nobel prize laureates conducting a research trip.

The team also joined 130 invited foreign journalists to cover the beginning of North Korea’s Workers’ Party Congress, the biggest political convention held in North Korea in generations.

The journalists, however, have been kept far away from thousands of party officials gathered at the event and government minders have closely managed their movements.

Foreign reporters and their government guides follow, in newspapers and broadcasted on television, the address by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) congress, at a hotel in central Pyongyang, North Korea, May 8, 2016.
Foreign reporters and their government guides follow, in newspapers and broadcasted on television, the address by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) congress, at a hotel in central Pyongyang, North Korea, May 8, 2016.

Nuclear state

The party congress itself has tried to show unity and support for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s  policy of jointly pushing forward economic development and nuclear armament.

On Monday, the congress announced a new title for the North Korean leader, party chairman.

In his address to the congress over the weekend, Kim received extended applause for his speech, he offered serious proposals for reducing international tension over North Korea’s nuclear program.

The United Nations imposed illegal harsh new economic sanctions on North Korea in March for its last nuclear test and rocket launch earlier this year.

Kim declared his country a nuclear state, but said he would refrain from using nuclear weapons unless the North’s sovereignty is violated.  Kim also said he is willing to normalize ties with states that had been hostile towards it.



The international community, including North Korean allies China and Russia, want the Kim Jong Un government to return to talks to dismantle its nuclear program in return for economic assistance and security guarantees.

In this frame taken from TV, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, center, applauds during the ruling party congress in Pyongyang, North Korea, May 7, 2016.
In this frame taken from TV, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, center, applauds during the ruling party congress in Pyongyang, North Korea, May 7, 2016.

In his speech Kim Jong Un again refused to give up his nuclear program, but promised to “fulfill its obligation for non-proliferation and strive for global denuclearization.”

Kim Yong-hyun, a North Korean studies professor at Dongguk University in Seoul said the North Korean leader made clear he is not willing to compromise.

“North Korea is trying to get a complete recognition as a nuclear state, and in this process, North Korea is also trying to approach the U.S. and international community on the nuclear issue,” he said.


Kim’s economic plan offered few specific details but praised the country’s socialist system and promised greater agriculture yields, factory production and coal output.

South Korea’s central bank said last year the North’s economy grew by one percent in 2014.

Much of the North’s economic activity, however, is happening in unofficial private markets that have been growing steadily in recent years.

FILE - Restaurant diners watch a broadcast of the seventh congress of the Workers' Party of Korea on local television, where North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is seen delivering a speech, in Pyongyang, May 6, 2016.
FILE – Restaurant diners watch a broadcast of the seventh congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea on local television, where North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is seen delivering a speech, in Pyongyang, May 6, 2016.

Professor Andrei Lankov, a North Korea analyst with Kookmin University, said the fact the North Korean leader did not mention the privatization of the economy is itself a kind of tacit approval.

“It can be seen as a sign that he’s going to continue with his current economic policy, which is essentially benign neglect of the fast-growing market forces within North Korea, and this is good,” Lankov said.

The North’s economy is expected to suffer under the new U.N. sanctions that restrict the country’s lucrative mineral trade and bans most bank transactions.

The ruling party congress, in its fourth day, is the first to be held in 36 years and is happening amid speculation that North Korea will soon conduct its fifth nuclear test.

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India permits free energy technology despite threats from UK, US, Saudi Arabia


India considers its own free energy program a matter of national pride, and is very much willing to risk antagonizing Petrodollar countries with its support on Reactionless AC Synchronous Generator (RLG) invented by its own Paramahamsa Tewari, an electrical engineer and former Executive Director of Nuclear Power Corporation of India.

Years ago, Tewari has also proven the theories inside Bruce de Palma’s homopolar engine which first exposed this writer to the world of free energy technologies.

Obviously, a country cannot implement its own free energy program without considering all possible consequence including a military response from Petrodollar countries, e.g. Saudi Arabia, UK, US. That’s why India has been aligning its own military program with that of Russia which at present is standing up, together with the BRICS countries, against the Nazionist cabal imposing all sorts of sanctions to destroy it.

The BRICS alliance has in the past promised to release all suppressed technologies, e.g. free energy, for our responsible utilization. It looks like they are keeping their word.


“Ere many generations pass; our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point in the universe.” – Nikola Tesla

Breaking News: Over-Unity Reactionless Generator Invented In India

(Collective Evolution) A Reactionless AC Synchronous Generator (RLG) has been invented by Paramahamsa Tewari, electrical engineer and former Executive Director of Nuclear Power Corporation of India. His background includes engineering project management for construction of nuclear power stations. The efficiency of models he has built, which have also been independently built and tested, is as high as 250%.

In November 2014, I made one of many visits to the laboratory of Paramahamsa Tewari. I had seen the basis for the RLG design in September of 2010. Mr. Tewari showed me a stiff conductor about a foot long which was allowed to rotate at the center and connected at each end with small gauge wire. A magnetic circuit was placed under the conductor. When a current was allowed to flow through the conductor it rotated, due to a torque induced on the conductor according to Flemings Left Hand Rule and standard theory, verified by experiments at the dawn of the electrical age. With a simple rearrangement of the magnetic circuit, the same current produced no rotation – the torque was cancelled. I later duplicated the setup and experiment on my workbench. It is ingenious and lead to his breakthrough, the invention of a reactionless generator with greatly improved efficiency.


This experiment has lead to the design and testing of generators with efficiencies far above any previous design. The design uses the same types of materials used in current generators, but the magnetic circuit within the machine is configured to cancel back torque while inducing current and producing power. This might be compared to the rearrangement of materials by the Wright Brothers to build a surface with lift that resulted in manned flight in a time when many, including scientists, said it was impossible. Indeed, physicists who cling to an outdated model of the properties and structure of space have declared what has been done by Tewari to be impossible.

During the November testing I witnessed two tests of efficiency on the new model in Tewari’s lab. The second test was several percent better than the first and produced 6.6 KVA with an efficiency of 238%. A second set of stator coils was not connected yet but is expected to increase output to 300%. This is a 3 phase, 248 volt Hz, AC synchronous generator operating at 50 Hz. State of the art, true RMS meters on the input and output that measured KW, KVA, and power factor confirmed the readings of meters we had supplied for tests I observed in April of 2014.

We were able to visit a 130-acre factory site of one of the top electrical machinery manufacturing companies in India. At this site the company manufactures rotating electrical machines, including generators. When the chief electrical engineer first saw the drawings and design of the RLG he knew immediately what it meant for efficiency! Because of their confidence in the design, and the results of the tests on the smaller model, the company has assembled a self-excited machine designed to produce 20 KVA.

When we arrived at the factory a vice president of the company, the factory general manager, and the chief engineer greeted us. We then inspected the new machine and met the engineering design team assigned to this project. They are electrical and mechanical engineers who design and build conventional generators with output as high as 500 KVA. They are very enthusiastic and understand the breakthrough. A second machine rated at 25 KVA is now under construction at this company in India.


I believe, as do the engineers in India, that this is the biggest breakthrough in rotating electrical machine design since Faraday’s invention of the electrical motor in 1832. The elimination of back torque allows all the energy generated to pass through the machine. Power output is determined by the strength of the excitation magnets and the synchronous reactance (resistance at 50/60 Hz) of the stator windings. Current models can be cascaded for higher output. Each machine can produce at least 2.38 times the input and can be configured in a self-running mode. Due to concentration on efficiency and design improvements the machine has not yet been configured in this manner.

During a visit to witness tests in December of 2012, we were guests of the engineering director of a large utility company, and we toured a generation facility which the director pointed out was ready for RLG systems as soon as they are scaled to the required size. In March 2015 we returned to India for licensing discussions. Current plans call for introductory models to be marketed at 10 KVA and 25 KVA. A second company is involved in manufacturing discussions and the Karnataka Power Corporation, which supplies Bangalore, is investigating the use of 200 KVA units in a wind farm application as described in the April 7th edition of Asia Times.

The November 2013 issue of The Atlantic magazine features an article on The 50 Greatest Breakthroughs Since the Wheel. The RLG is more than just a product or a technical innovation. It is a fundamental change in the way that energy can be generated. It overcomes the inherent inefficiencies of AC generators. Patents have been filed and the RLG is ready to be licensed to companies that manufacture rotating electrical machinery. In fact, discussions with companies on three continents are underway.

We believe that the RLG is a fundamental discovery, not an innovation. Mankind’s first fundamental discovery was harnessing and controlling fire. The second was the wheel. The third was harnessing and controlling electricity. The fourth was harnessing and controlling the atom. The RLG can turn wheels without the use of fire (fossil fuels) or the atom (nuclear plants). It is a 21st century innovation. The first four of these innovations involved an understanding of material elements. The RLG is based on an understanding of the non-material properties of space. Paramahamsa Tewari’s search for the nature of reality has led him from study of the ancient Vedas of India to the formulation of Space Vortex Theory. It is a new theory unifying the relationship between space, mass, inertia, light, and gravity. Starting with principles described in the Vedic texts, Tewari was able to delineate a mathematical model that explains the words of Tesla when he said:

“All perceptible matter comes from a primary substance, or tenuity beyond conception, filling all space, the akasha or luminiferous ether, which is acted upon by the life giving Prana or creative force, calling into existence, in never ending cycles all things and phenomena.” – Nikola Tesla,“Man’s Greatest Achievement,” 1907

In Tewari’s words:

“The universal matter is created out of prana since prana is aakaash in motion, and aakaash is the primordial superfluid substratum of the universe.”

The concept that efficiencies cannot be greater than 100% is due to an incomplete understanding of the properties of space. The second law of thermodynamics must be modified to account for the fact that space is not empty, as has been taught for the last 150 years. The RLG operates at what has been called “over unity.” Many experienced electrical engineers engaged in the manufacture of AC generators have independently tested the RLG and confirmed the efficiency ratings that I have observed. It’s time for the physicists to get out of the way and modify their theories while the engineers go about the business of design and production.



Paramahamsa Tewari, Background

Paramahamsa Tewari was born on June 1, 1937, and graduated in Electrical Engineering in 1958 from Banaras Engineering College, India, and held responsible positions in large engineering construction organizations, mostly in nuclear projects of the Department of Atomic Energy, India. He was also deputed abroad for a year at Douglas Point Nuclear Project, Canada. He is presently the retired Executive Nuclear Director, Nuclear Power Corporation, Department of Atomic Energy, India, and is the former Project Director of the Kaiga Atomic Power Project.

Fundamentals of physics attracted Tewari’s imaginations right from the early school and college days. Over the last four decades his new ideas on the basic nature of space, energy, and matter have solidified into definite shape from which a new theory (Space Vortex Theory) has emerged. The theory reveals the most basic issue of relationship between space and matter precisely pinpointing that space is a more fundamental entity than matter. The physical significance of mass, inertia, gravitation, charge and light are revealed by extending the analysis in the theory beyond material properties and into the substratum of space, which again is broken down into fieldless voids, thus showing the limit to which a physical theory can possibly reach. The real universe is shown to be opposite to the current concepts of concrete-matter and empty space. The books that he has authored on Space Vortex Theory are:

  • The Substantial Space and Void Nature of Elementary Material Particles (1977)
  • Space Vortices of Energy and Matter (1978)
  • The Origin of Electron’s Mass, Charge Gravitational and Electromagnetic Fields from “Empty Space” (1982)
  • Beyond Matter (1984)

tewariHe has lectured as invited speaker in international conferences in Germany, USA, and Italy on the newly discovered phenomenon of Space Power Generation. For the practical demonstration of generation of electrical power from the medium of space, Tewari has built reactionless generators that operate at over-unity efficiency, thereby showing physicists have been wrong about the nature of space for 110 years and he has shown that space is the source of energy for the generation of basic forms of energy.



It wasn’t long before carriage makers were driving horseless carriages. It wasn’t long before people crossing the continent on trains abandoned the railroads for airliners. Natural gas is replacing coal and there is nothing the railroads, the coal miners, or the coal companies can do about it. Cheaper and more efficient energy always wins out over more expensive energy. Coal replaced wood, and oil replaced coal as the primary source of energy. Anything that is more efficient boosts the figures on the bottom line of the ledger. Dollars chase efficiency. Inefficiency is suppressed by market forces. Efficiency wins in the market place.

The Engineering Director (electrical engineer) of the Karnataka Power Corporation (KPC) that supplies power to 6 million people in Bangalore and the entire state of Karnataka (10,000 megawatt load) told me that Tewari’smachine would never be suppressed (view the machine here). Tewari’s work is known from the highest levels of government on down. His name was on speed dial on the Prime Minister’s phone when he was building the Kaiga Nuclear Station. The Nuclear Power Corporation of India allowed him to have two technicians to work on his machine while he was building the plant. They bought him parts and even gave him a small portable workshop that is now next to his main lab.

Cropmton Greaves Ltd. (the GE of India) have funded his work and corporate directors CGL as well as Reliance (oil and energy) know of his work.

I have also been told by many Indians that the work of Tewari will never be suppressed. It is a matter of national pride. India is ready to take on the world. You can feel it everywhere you go. I realized, the first night here, while mediating at 3:00 AM in the morning, dealing with serious jet lag, that in just over 100 years. since Vivekananda came to the U.S. and introduced the west to Vedic teachings, that in every country of the world, during every minute and every second of the day or night, people are practicing yogic styles of meditation.

Bottom line; efficiency always wins. There will be no suppression of machines with efficiencies higher than those currently on the market.

Toby and Tewari

Toby and Tewari
The Best Way to Eliminate Carbon Emissions

  1. Eliminate Carbon Fuels.
  2. The USA has spent trillions of dollars on fossil fuels. Renewable Energy Systems have no fuel costs. A Utility that has no fuels costs can provide cheaper electricity and do it without releasing CO2
  3. Nothing Lasts Forever. Coal production has already peaked in terms of BTUs per pound. Peak Volumetric production is not far off, probably by 2025.
  4. If we do not use the energy we have now to build an energy system that does not rely on non-renewable energy, we will live in a preindustrial world when fossil fuels run out.
  5. We have a 50 year window to build a new energy system based on the worldwide fossil fuel depletion rate. We need to start now while protecting the health and safety of the coal miners, who will provide the energy we need to get the job done.

Eliminating carbon emissions is an imperative, not requiring a best way; rather it is the only way.


Writen by Toby Grotz. (You can see a picture of him with Tewari here)

He is an electrical engineer and researcher of new energy technologies since 1973. He has organized numerous conferences and travelled the world interviewing and assisting inventors since 1992. He has been involved on both sides of the energy equation: exploring for oil and gas and geothermal resources and in the utility industry working in coal, natural gas, and nuclear power plants. While working in the aerospace industry, he worked on space shuttle and Hubble telescope testing in a solar simulator and space environment test facility. He has also been involved in research for new energy sources and novel forms of hydrogen production.

 Collective Evolution

We can mitigate the effects of any chemicals and neutralized all types of parasites without using drugs or expensive procedures, but only with a very simple and complete protocol that defeats all known and unknown diseases for good, without any long-term side-effects. Find more about it here.

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India: CPI(ML) and AICCTU May Day Events


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May Day saw gatherings all over India protesting the attacks on workers’ rights and the open and covert erosion of labour laws by the Modi Government.

In Delhi, workers and students charged with ‘sedition’ showed solidarity with each other. Jawaharlal Nehru University students have been punished by the University authorities for hosting or supporting a poetry reading event against atrocities in Kashmir. On May Day, contractual workers of the University, including sanitation and mess staff, who are part of the AICCTU-affiliated All Indian General Kamgar Union marched with students on the campus to the spot where 19 students are on hunger fast against the vindictive punishments. Comrades Urmila and Anju, who are leaders of the Union, reminded people that it was united student and worker protests that forced contractors and the University to implement minimum wage laws, maternity entitlements, provide gloves and masks, and so on. N 2007, students protesting for these workers’ rights had been rusticated by the University. They said the Government and University was branding those students as ‘anti-national’, who had stood up for the rights of workers and all oppressed people. The protest was also addressed by JNUSU GS Rama Naga and other hunger striking students, JNUSU VP Shehla Rashid and CPIML Politburo member Kavita Krishnan. In the evening, as a token of their love and solidarity, the workers also presented ‘PRICOL Solidarity’ postcards (supporting the workers of the Pricol factory of Coimbatore who have been unjustly convicted) to the hunger striking students.

In the evening, a massive march by all trade unions was held in Delhi, from Ramlila Grounds to the Town Hall, calling for a campaign to make the All India Workers’ Strike of September 2 a success.

AICCTU and Chhattisgarh Mukti Morcha jointly organized a rally and meeting on the occasion of May Day at Rasmarha Industrial area in Durg district, which was addressed by Chhattisgarh Mukti Morcha leaders Bhimrao Bagde and Janaklal Thakur, AICCTU leaders Brijendra Tiwari, Ashok Miri, and others. The speakers condemned the anti-worker policies of the Raman Singh government.

At 5 PM a joint trade union meeting was held at Ambedkar Chowk, Power House, Bhilai, attended by AITUC, AICCTU, HMS, CMM, and AIUTUC. A workers’ meeting was held at the stone quarry in Mura, Raipur. A meeting of AICCTU activists was held at Korba which was addressed by BL Netam and others. CMM organized a meeting at Kota, Bilaspur.

In Punjab May Day rallies were organised in Barnala and Gurdaspur in which several hundreds of workers participated.

In Hyderabad, the May Day was celebrated by holding a programme with building construction workers in the city.

May Day programmes were also held in Guwahati, Nagaon and Tinsukia. In Chennai and Ambattur of Tamil Nadu, workers from OLG, Innovator, Jay Engineering, Standard Chemicals, Mercury Fittings and TI Diamond Chain assembled in front of their respective factory gates in the morning and hoisted red flags. In the evening, a Public meeting was organized in Ambattur Industrial estate, thronged by workers belonging to both organized and unorganized sectors. The meeting was addressed by Comrade Kumarasamy, All India President of AICCTU and the MLA candidate for the Ambattur constituency, Com. Palanivel, a worker in TI Diamond Chain factory. In Coimbatore red flags were hoisted at Pricol plant 1, plant 3, Suba Plastics and Shanthi Gears factories. Mass meeting here were addressed by AICCTU, Pricol Union and CPIML leaders as well as Comrades Velmurugan and Natraj, MLA candidates of Goudampalayam and Mettupalayam constituencies. After the meeting, 200 workers joined the election campaign for these candidates. In Tiruvellore, Namakkal and several other districts also, after the hoisting of the flag, the workers left to campaign for CPIML candidates in the Assembly elections. In Tirunelveli, a motorbike rally marched through main streets of the town and culminated at Metal Factory at Industrial Estate.

In Puducherry also May Day was observed with much enthusiasm in midst of election campaign.

AITUC, AICCTU and CITU observed May Day together in Bhubaneshwar.

In Jharkhand, the Labour Ministry in Ranchi to snatch May Day from the workers. The Ministry tried to lure the workers by presenting them with shoes and caps and trying to convince them that the unions were no longer needed as they governments were taking care of them. The workers rebuffed these attempts and independently observed May Day in protest against the rampant violations of labour laws by State and Central Governments.

Colliery workers under the banner of the CMWU observed May Day in several areas of Dhanbad District. CMWU held a ‘May Day Week’ with week-long gatherings and protest events in the district. Colliery workers also held events in the Ara and Topar Collieries in the Kujju area. In Bokaro, the AICCTU organised a gathering of construction workers. In the evening, AICCTU together with CITU and UTUC held a May Day mass meeting. A march was held in Bermo and a mass meeting at Chandankyari. AICCTU, CITU and AITUC held a mass meeting together at Giddisi in Ramgarh district, announcing their intention to hold a May Day Week with week-long events. Workers at the Steel Plant in Hesla also held a mass meeting.

Workers of the Banjhedih Thermal Plant in Koderma District held a meeting at the Plant gate. Workers held meetings at Gumla and Palkot in Gumla district. Mid Day Meal workers in Garhwa District held a May Day mass meeting together with the Karmchari Mahasangh employees association. The Akaal Virodhi Manch (Platform Against Drought) comprising CPIML, All India People’s Forum, Jharkhand Jan Sangharsh Morcha, the Daily Wagers Union and other groups held a May Day street corner meeting. Workers marched on May Day in Kundhit block, Jamtada district. The Construction Workers’ Union held a March in Ranchi.

The Mid Day Meal Workers Union – Rasoiya Sangh held meetings all over Ranchi, Palamu and Hazaribagh districts.

– See more at:

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Corporate Plunder From Public Sector Banks A Scam Even Worse Than The 2G Scam


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The Modi Government has made it clear that while it will help corporations loot and scoot from India, it will brand activists defending the rights of India’s poor as ‘anti-nationals’.

The Modi Government prevented the environmental activist Priya Pillai from flying out of India, branding her ‘anti-national’ for seeking to discuss concerns about MNC plunder of adivasis’ land and destruction of the environment.

But the same Government has just facilitated the super-rich Vijay Mallya in fleeing Indian shores to avoid paying his massive debts to public sector banks and evade criminal charges of money laundering.

The police issued ‘lookout notices’ to Ms Pillai and to two JNU students facing ‘sedition’ charges. But the CBI under Modi ‘modified’ the original lookout notice seeking Mallya’s detention at the country’s exit points, instead seeking only ‘information’. For the Modi Government, then, dissenting students can be treated as dangerous criminals and arrested, but corporate scamsters are given a free hand to plunder the country and then go scot free to evade justice. Mallya’s company Kingfisher called itself ‘The King of Good Times’ – and indeed Modi’s promised acche din has materialized for the likes of Mallya and Ambani alone.

Another notable contrast is between how different categories of loan defaulters – depending on whether they are poor farmers or corporate cronies of the Government – are treated in the country. Farmers who take loans of modest amounts and fail to repay them are hounded and humiliated by the police and loan recovery agents – resulting the suicide of some 15000 farmers every year. But Mallya, who owes public sector banks upwards of Rs 9000 crore, is allowed to flaunt his lavish lifestyle of yachts, parties and private islands, and simply quit Indian soil rather than life itself.

Both the UPA and NDA Governments promoted cronyism, forcing the public sector banks to bear the burden of the unpaid debts of the Mallyas, Ambanis and other corporations. In 2010, when Mallya’s Kingfisher airlines was heading for a crash, the UPA Government facilitated a safe landing, with a debt-restructuring agreement. Mallya handed over goodwill and trademarks of the Kingfisher brand to the public sector banks as security in the event of non-payment of dues – but today, the brand value of Kingfisher has plummeted and the banks are unable to find buyers! In 2015, the Modi Government facilitated a debt restructuring agreement for Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Gas, allowing it to repay its massive loans to public sector banks by 2031 instead of 2019!

These corporate bailouts combined with a larger economic slowdown, have precipitated a banking crisis in India, with Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) of banks surging to 17 per cent in the past couple of years. A report of the Credit Suisse titled ‘House of Debt’, has listed the 10 most indebted corporate houses in India – Lanco Group, Jaypee Group, GMR Group, Videocon Group, GVK Group, Essar Group, Adani Group, Reliance ADA Group, JSW Group and Vedanta Group – pointing out that the bulk of these unpaid debts are owed to public sector banks.

These unpaid loans point to a scam even larger than the 2G scam. Rs 1.14 lakh crore – amounting to 40% of corporate bad loans – have been written off during the last three years (2013-15). According to the India Ratings Report, a further Rs 52,227 crore is expected to be written off in the financial year 2016 – taking the total up to 1.66 lakh crore. This does not count the huge loans which have been ‘restructured’ to delay repayment periods or slash interest costs. RBI governor Raghuram Rajan pointed out that “this money would have allowed 1.5 million of the poorest children to get a full degree from the top private universities in the country, all expenses paid.” Imagine, then, how many degrees from public universities this amount could have funded? Yet, the BJP machinery brands subsidies to JNU, where a substantial percentage of students are from socially, economically and regionally deprived backgrounds, as a ‘waste of public funds’, while presiding over an open plunder of public funds by crony capitalists!

The phenomenon of crony capitalism extends also and especially to crony ‘godman’ businesses – where godmen close to Governments, like Asaram, Ramdev and Sri Sri Ravishankar are allowed to flout laws with impunity. Recently the Modi and Kejriwal Governments have together allowed the godman Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and his Art of Living organizations to organize a massive extravaganza on the banks of the Yamuna, irreversibly destroying the fragile riverine ecology and grabbing land forcibly from Dalit peasants. Sadly, even the National Green Tribunal and the courts, while noting the illegality and the damage, disciplined and restrained themselves rather than the offenders. Instead of putting a stop to the Ravishankar extravaganza, the NGT merely imposed a fine to ‘compensate’ for the damage – of which Ravishankar arrogantly refused to pay a paisa.

Why are the public sector banks not declaring the names of serial offenders in terms of unpaid loans – and the pending unpaid amounts? The country deserves to know the amount stolen from the public banks and the names of plunderers – and the Government must be made to answer for this loot. Crony capitalists and crony godmen cannot be allowed to practice the ‘Art of Cheating’ and the ‘Art of Looting and Leaving’ India.

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A Manifesto for May Day 2016 : Resist India, Resist!


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It has been two years since Narendra Modi became India’s Prime Minister unleashing a trajectory of governance that is proving to be nothing short of a political calamity for our society and polity. Never before has India seen a government so callous and indifferent to the plight of the people. Even as large parts of the country are reeling under severe drought and famine-like conditions, and dozens of farmers continue to be driven daily to suicides under a crushing burden of debt and insecurity, the government nonchalantly congratulates itself for promising to double farm income by 2022. The CM of Maharashtra, the worst drought-affected state, is least concerned about this alarming agrarian distress, he is busy issuing deportation threats to whoever does not chant ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and his cabinet colleague makes her tour of drought-affected areas memorable by taking selfies on her smartphone! The PM is of course busy touring foreign lands, addressing election rallies, occasionally taking time off to deliver his radio gospels or appreciate his own wax statue in a Madame Tussauds museum.

It is a government which came to power with only 31% of the polled vote, but almost from day one it has been in a state of permanent war with large sections of the citizenry including many who had voted it to power. Its land acquisition ordinance has been rejected by all, but it continues to promote large-scale diversion and acquisition of agricultural land in flagrant violation of the mandates of the 2013 Act for compensation and rehabilitation.

To push its ‘Make in India’ agenda it is desperately trying to subvert every law and institution of the land – labour rights, environmental safeguards, natural resources, the entire framework of democracy are all being mortgaged to lure foreign investment. Dissenting students in premier educational institutions are being branded ‘casteist’ and ‘anti-national’ and subjected to systematic political persecution. RSS cadres have been planted in influential positions across the institutional spectrum and in key Constitutional posts, and President’s Rule is being imposed to destabilize elected non-BJP governments while in BJP-ruled states governance has become a metaphor for state-sponsored anarchy, terror and relentless communal polarisation.

Accompanying this war on the people and their constitutional rights and liberties, is the Sangh brigade’s sinister invasion of history. Modi came to power with the slogan of ‘Congress-mukt Bharat’ – in the guise of this slogan he not only spearheaded a campaign to oust the discredited Manmohan Singh dispensation at the Centre and other tainted Congress-led regimes in the states, but also sought to produce a narrative that would trash the Congress teleologically and construct a non-existent past for the BJP. Patel was the first Congress leader to be hijacked in the process, and during his first year in power Modi also tried his level best to appropriate Gandhi through his much hyped ‘Swachh Bharat’ campaign. With the declassification of Netaji files and the celebration of Ambedkar’s 125th birth anniversary, now the Sangh-BJP establishment is out to claim the legacies of Subhas Bose and Ambedkar. Sangh ideologues would like us to believe that Ambedkar’s call for ‘annihilation of castes’ was meant to unify Hindus as a community, the RSS mouthpiece ‘Organiser’ describing Ambedkar as a ‘great unifier’. No wonder Rohith Vemula and his comrades have been dubbed ‘anti-national’ and activists and intellectuals spreading the ideas of Bhagat Singh and Ambedkar have been attacked virulently by Sanghi goons.

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Stop Massacre of Civilians in Kashmir


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Less than ten days after the PDP-BJP Government assumed power in Kashmir, Kashmir has witnessed a fresh bout of killings of civilian protesters by Army bullets. Five civilians have been killed, and several have suffered injuries that may cripple them for life. Once more, Kashmir has been plunged into the cycle of killings, protests, more killings, accompanied by curfews and internet bans.

The episode was triggered when civilians came on the streets of Handwara to protest the alleged molestation of a minor girl by Army personnel. The Army responded by firing on and killing three civilians. When people came on the streets in other parts of northern Kashmir to protest the killings, the Army again responded by killing more civilians.

The handling of the complaint of alleged molestation by the J&K Police has been rife with shocking violations of laws and norms. By law, the police should have promptly registered an FIR and recorded the girl’s statement before a magistrate. Instead, the police instead illegally recorded and released a video of the girl that denied molestation by the Army and revealed the identity of the girl, thus compromising her privacy and safety. The girl’s statement before the magistrate (denying molestation by the Army) has been recorded only after the police held the girl, her father and aunt in illegal custody for several days. While such a statement might have carried credibility and calmed tempers had it been recorded on the very first day, it can no longer do so now, because the J&K Police itself has fatally compromised the credibility of the process and sent the unmistakable message that it cared more to protect the Army’s reputation than to ensure well-being and justice for a Kashmiri teenage girl. And whatever the facts about the alleged molestation, there can be no excuse for the killings of civilian protesters.

The Handwara episode has once again underlined how the heavy military deployment in civilian areas of Kashmir promotes a callous disregard for the value of Kashmiri lives and the right of Kashmiris to protest. Time and again, we see how civilian protests and stone pelting by young people in Kashmir are invariably met with bullets aimed to kill, while similar protests in other states are generally handled with more restraint, with police action intended at dispersing rather than killing protesters. The Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has made some token expressions of anguish and has appealed to the Union Defence Minister to rein in the Army and prevent civilian killings. But the very ineffectualness of these gestures expose the opportunism of the PDP, and the yawning gap between Kashmir’s main political parties and the agony of Kashmir’s people. The BJP Government at the Centre and its increased footprint in the Valley is undoubtedly intensifying the alienation of Kashmiri people. The attempts by vested interests including Central Ministers to create polarization and hatred by fanning up hyper-jingoist frenzy in NIT Srinagar are a case in point. The calculated attacks on Kashmiri students in various campuses all over India, and the use of sedition laws to suppress protests against the execution of Afzal Guru, are all sending the message to Kashmiris that their voices will be gagged and criminalised.

The Congress and National Conference have condemned the current round of killings. P Chidambaram, who was Home Minister in the UPA Government has preached against a militarized approach to Kashmir and has even called for a repeal of the AFSPA. But when he himself was Home Minister, he and his Government presided over a spree of killings of civilian protesters in Kashmir in 2010, and the cover-up of the Shopian rape and murder in 2009.

The glaring contrast in the ways the BJP in power deals with protests and agitations in Kashmir and other states can only further alienate and anger the common people of Kashmir. In Haryana Jats were allowed to go on a veritable rampage in the name of reservations and the Khattar government came to a political settlement. In Gujarat, militant protests by the powerful Patel lobby do not lead to an unleashing of state terror. But protests in Kashmir, on any issue whatsoever, are always sought to be silenced and crushed militarily. The largely biased coverage of the killings by the Indian media, painting protesting Kashmiri civilians as violent and the Army brutality as a display of nationalism, adds further to Kashmir’s agony and alienation.

The rhetoric of ‘development’ and ‘governance’ is no substitute for a political solution to the central issue of Kashmiri self-determination and questions of denial of justice in Kashmir. The first precondition for meaningful political dialogue must be the withdrawal of Army from civilian areas in Kashmir; the scrapping of draconian laws like the AFSPA and PSA; a credible process of truth and justice in the various instances of fake encounters, disappearances, mass graves, and sexual assaults in Kashmir; and the freedom of political expression and protest for the Kashmiri people, both in the Valley and in the rest of India.

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India: 11 Years of Irom Sharmila’s Fast: AFSPA Must Go!


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On November 2, 11 years back, a young woman in Manipur, disturbed by the terrible Malom massacre in which the Assam Rifles killed 14 civilians, went on a hunger-fast in mourning and protest. Some days later, on November 5, she decided to begin an indefinite fast – to be broken only when the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act 1958 – instrument of the humiliation and repression imposed on Manipur and the North East – was scrapped.

This November, the debate over AFSPA has sharpened when the J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah tried to stem the outrage over the custodial death of an activist of his own party, and the acknowledgement of thousands of mass graves in the state, by declaring that AFSPA should be lifted from some of the civilian areas of the state. This intention – a far from adequate measure in light of the extent of human rights violations – has been met with vitriolic protests on part of Army leaders and their propagandists. All those seeking repeal of AFSPA are being branded as foreign-funded anti-nationals, and the shameful history of torture, fake encounters, massacres and custodial killings by security forces are sought to be silenced in the name of ‘patriotism,’ which in turn is sought to be equated with a blind defence of the armed forces. The Central Government too is taking the line that any partial lifting of AFSPA, let alone repeal of AFSPA, can be possible only with the consent of the Army. And the BJP has termed the campaign against AFSPA as a motivated attack on the army’s morale.

The writ of AFSPA runs in most of the North East states, as well as in Kashmir – in all regions where there is heavy deployment of armed forces in the name of combating insurgency. The very presence, for decades on end, of such huge contingents of armed forces in civilian areas, of course, inevitably brings severe repression and rights violations in its wake. What the AFSPA does is to provide a cloak of impunity to the armed forces for acts of violence meted out by them to civilians. It gives the armed forces a licence to kill civilians on mere ‘suspicion’, and it protects the armed forces from prosecution in the case of any such acts of violence on civilians. Prosecution is possible only with sanction from the Central Government: and in the hundreds of cases of fake encounters, rapes and custodial killings reported from the North East and Kashmir, the Government has withheld sanction in most cases. The Army claims it will be ‘handicapped’ without AFSPA. Can we allow the Army in a democratic country to claim that it is ‘handicapped’ without the right to conduct fake encounters and custodial killings of thousands and bury the victims in mass graves, no questions asked?

In 2004, following the rape and murder of a young woman, Thangjam Manorama, by jawans of the Assam Rifles, a huge protest movement erupted on the streets of Manipur. The Meira Paibi women of Manipur protested without clothes outside the army headquarters in Imphal, with banners saying, ‘Indian Army Rape Us.’ In an effort to contain those protests, the UPA Government set up the Justice Jeevan Reddy committee to look into the AFSPA. The Jeevan Reddy Committee did recommend that the AFSPA be scrapped. But the UPA Government has taken no action on that recommendation.

As we salute the courageous struggle of Irom Sharmila and express solidarity with her ongoing fast, we must demand the immediate scrapping of AFSPA. The scrapping of AFSPA can only be a first step in restoring peace and justice to the North East and Kashmir. The truth about custodial disappearances, rapes and ‘encounter’ killings must be established and the guilty punished. And above all, the army deployment in civilian areas must be withdrawn so that the people of these regions can breathe free and without fear.

PSA Amendment: Far From Enough

Recently, the J&K Government amended the Jammu and Kashmir Public Safety Act. But the amendment brings no joy to the people of Kashmir.

The PSA, in force since 1978 is what is used to jail Kashmiri youth when they raise slogans on the streets. The very name is a mockery since one wonders how this act provides safety to the people of Kashmir! In its 2011 report, the Amnesty International termed this a ‘lawless law,’ used “to secure the long-term detention of individuals against whom there is insufficient evidence for a trial”. The amended Act, however, does nothing to reduce the unconstitutional lawlessness of the PSA: it merely reduces the detention period somewhat.

PSA and AFSPA are being used to crush the voices of people from J&K seeking freedom and dignity. These symbols of the humiliation of a repressed people must go!

– M F Janawari, student, JNU

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China: Preserving Sovereignty or Sliding into Western Sponsored ‘Color Revolutions’


Washington and its Vassals are Demonizing China for Keeping a Check on Foreign NGOs


On April 28, the New York Times was blasting “Clampdown in China Restricts 7,000 Foreign Organizations”. A perfect reason for demonizing China for infringing on the liberties of foreign NGOs – NGO’s that try to help and do good in China. The ‘doing good’ is a concerted effort by foreign agents, including international and national organizations and NGOs that receive foreign training and funding to influence public opinion and eventually to cause civil unrest. Imagine, foreign agents teaching and influencing students at Chinese universities with western interests of, for example, privatizing China’s public and social services; or directly interfering in sovereign state affairs, by for instance attempting to rig the Shanghai stock exchange.

Let’s put this Chinese ‘clampdown’ in perspective. What would Washington say and do, if thousands of Chinese and Russian ‘NGO’s were to infiltrate US territory under all sorts of philanthropic pretexts, but in reality to subvert the US population against their government? – Well, there is no need to speculate with the answer. It’s very clear, they would simply be banned. So, this is not even a game on equal footing. It’s as usual – Washington pretends making the rules.

When China announced in March 2015 a planned reduction in GDP growth from 12%-14% of the past years to 6%-7% for at least 2016 and possibly beyond, it was a well-calculated move by the Chinese Central Bank. The past more than 10% growth was not sustainable – not for Chinese internal equality and stability, nor for the stagnant western export markets.

The stock market plunge was made to look like a reaction to a ‘faltering’ Chinese economy. It peaked at a drop of about 30% in mid-July 2015. The decline had nothing to do with the ‘Chinese economy failing’, as western pundits wanted the general public to believe. Something even Forbes journalists argued, the “stock market crash does not indicate a blowout of the Chinese physical economy”, but it may indicate a “shift from a focus on manufacturing to service industries.” After all, a 6% to 7% growth rate is more than any western country can claim.

The Shanghai stock crash had much to do with foreign ‘agents’, in this case Wall Street banks, some of which have been accredited to the partially liberated Shanghai bourse. A bust in the Chinese stock market meant the Chinese economy is faltering – negative propaganda, so much needed these days by Washington and its minions, to boost their own empty glory. The western media were immediately lambasting the Chinese economic model as failure. In order for foreign banks to intervene so drastically, foreign trained and funded local counterparts are necessary. To exacerbate the propaganda message, such prominent financial institutions, as Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and Bank of America warned that China’s market was a “bubble”.

On 29 June 2015, the market regulator, China Security Regulatory Commission (CSRC) called out on their Sino Weibo site, “There have been people calling out the Chinese economy in an attempt to destabilize faith in the stock market and to disrupt the order of the market. The CSRC wishes investors to act independently of such rumors, not to fall for such claims, and not to follow them blindly.”

Western Interference

No wonder under these circumstances, and merely observing what is going on around the globe with western interference in national elections, organizing ‘regime change’ by all possible illegal means, ‘Color Revolutions’, parliamentary ‘coups’, proxy wars and conflicts, it is but common sense for President Xi Jinping, as reported by the New York Times, to take a major step on Thursday, imposing greater control and limit Western influences on Chinese society, as [the government] passed a new law restricting the work of foreign organizations and their local partners, mainly through police supervision.”

This affects some ‘good-hearted’ 7,000-plus NGOs working in the fields of environment, philanthropy, cultural exchanges, and maybe even in business promotion. What a shame. The authoritarian Chinese Government clamps down on those foreign agencies, which attempt to destabilize China by influencing people via the media, universities, industries and by associating with local civil society. Most of these foreign and dissident local ‘groups’ and individuals are trained and funded by the ‘National Endowment for Democracy’ – NED, a Washington based, fully State Department sponsored and funded agency, receiving hundreds of millions of dollars for precisely the purse of training and financing local dissidents and ‘NGOs’.  There are others in the US doing similar work. They are very strong and determined. They set an objective and won’t let go.

Again, ask yourself – what would Washington do, if similar Chinese and Russian trolls were to intrude the US of A with the same objective – mobilizing the American public against their government?

Fragmented and Twisted News

This piece of fragmented and twisted China news reported by the NYT was copied and blasted into the airwaves every hour on the hour by every European mainstream radio and TV station for every European to once more getting the message, China is an oppressive police state.

Most of these 7,000 NGOs, if not all, are foreign agents with one purpose – destabilizing ‘unaligned’, sovereign and autonomous China. Russia is facing the same phenomenon, especially now, shortly before parliamentary elections. Heeding the lessons from the various ‘NGO’ initiated coup attempts and demonstrations before the 2012 elections, and in foresight of this year’s elections, Mr. Putin has already put similar laws in place, especially the so-called ‘undesirable’ organization legislation which he introduced soon after his re-election in 2012. It requires those agencies or NGOs receiving foreign funding to register as ‘foreign agents’, who may be surveilled by police and whose finances are subject to government control.

In March 2015, Mr. Putin called NGOs a threat to national security. Western special services continue their attempts at using public, non-governmental and politicized organizations to pursue their own objectives, primarily to discredit the authorities and destabilize the internal situation in Russia. They are already planning their actions for the upcoming election campaigns of 2016-18.”

A similar law limits foreign ownership in Russian media to 20%. Of course, the western media in which neither Russia or China would be allowed to own a single percent, lambasted Russia for censuring freedom of press and freedom of expression. Vladimir Putin was personally accused of stifling dissent. As you know by now, this has nothing to do with censuring freedom of expression. It is just a means of limiting the public damage caused by propaganda-lies propagated by the western media throughout any territory they have access to and want to conquer. Curtailing foreign media influence is what all of sovereign South America should have done long ago, especially Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela. Now it’s (almost) too late. The Washington ‘backyard’ is nearly cooked, ready for usurping and atrocious consumption.

Foreign Funded and Trained NGOs

Foreign-funded and trained NGOs and other politicized ‘groups’ can be extremely dangerous, as many of them are so well camouflaged and integrated into society that they become almost invisible. They may be in a country for several years before they act, pulling the ‘trigger’ when the right time arrives to launch an act of unrest and destabilization, almost always with the goal of ‘regime change’. The new puppet chief of state is usually groomed by Washington, ready to take over at command.

The various ‘Arab Springs’, were the brainchild of the CIA, prepared during several years and executed by foreign groups and nationals, trained for subversion and funded abroad. The Arab Spring, launched in Tunisia in December 2010, also known as the Tunisian Revolution, spread subsequently and conveniently throughout the Arab League countries of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) – and is ongoing, always guided by foreign trained, funded and armed locals; and supported by the secret services of Washington and its allies. It was successful in creating sufficient chaos to justify foreign military intervention – US-CIA, NATO, Mossad, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Gulf States, applying the old principle: divide to conquer – a doctrine still valid after hundreds of years – and counting.

This Washington sponsored, State Department funded around-the-globe destabilization program has been a success story in most cases. One of the most glaring examples in recent history was breaking the tenacity of the Soviet Union, where they, the Masters of the Universe, used heavier artillery than just NGOs – with the final financial blow coming from the Washington Consensus – FED, IMF, World Bank. The Washington Consensus moved in quickly after the Soviet Unions manufactured collapse, ‘restructuring’ the new Russia with billions of dollars in loans, as well as privatization of almost the entire state apparatus, leaving behind a country in shambles; a country that was not prepared with legislation to deal with the private ‘market place’ western-style. The ensuing chaos, corruption and mafia-type crimes have since become legendary. Only with President Putin after 2000 order and control with the appropriate legal framework was re-instated.

The destabilization effort continued almost seamlessly to the former Soviet Republics which became the CIS countries (Commonwealth of Independent States). Internal subversion by foreign sponsored groups early on in their new found identity as ‘free’ states was necessary for the west, lest these new republics may stay in the Russian orbit, and not allow expansion of NATO closer to Moscow. The German-US promise to never expand NATO eastwards was a farce.

Here is what the Spiegel-Online of 26 November 2009 says about the promise: On Feb. 10, 1990, between 4 and 6:30 p.m., Genscher spoke with Shevardnadze [Soviet Foreign Minister]. According to the German record of the conversation, which was only recently declassified, Genscher said: “We are aware that NATO membership for a unified Germany raises complicated questions. For us, however, one thing is certain: NATO will not expand to the east.” And because the conversion revolved mainly around East Germany, Genscher added explicitly: “As far as the non-expansion of NATO is concerned, this also applies in general.” Shevardnadze replied that he believed “everything the minister (Genscher) said.”

So much for trusting the West. NATO was expanded in 1999 to Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, followed in 2004 by the Central and East-European countries Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. In 2009 Albania and Croatia joined. Under debate is now NATO membership of Sweden, Finland and Serbia. At its creation in 1949 NATO had 12 members. At present it has 28members; all in an expansion towards the east, encroaching Russia.

Al this goes to say that without the infamous ‘NGOs’ or foreign trained and funded political ‘inserts’ into the former Soviet Republics, countries the west needed to convince that NATO was good for their protection, NATO expansion may not have been possible. The ‘convincing’ was done with massive anti-Russia propaganda, the danger to be absorbed again by expansionist Russia, leading to the so-called ‘Color Revolutions’, a western invention, promoting western friendly parties in the country targeted for ‘regime change’, with massive displays of brightly colored flags.

Secretary of State, John Kerry’s sidekick, Victoria Nuland is famous for boasting in a recorded telephone call with US Ambassador Pyatt in Kiev with such infamous words, fuck the EU; we have spent 5 billion dollars for regime change [in Ukraine] and won’t let others interfere. She and US Ambassador Pyatt, with the help of CIA and NATO intelligence, instigated the bloody coup in Maidan Square in February 2014. Ukraine, for hundreds of years was part of old and new Russia; today it is a shambles, a bloodbath; corrupted to the bones by a US-NATO installed and maintained pro-western Nazi Government.

Color Revolutions in Latin America

A Latin formula of ‘Color Revolutions’ was also conceived to destabilize Washington’s backyard – Central and South America – also ongoing. Already under US control are Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay, and since December 2015 Argentina. Currently thousands of foreign (US) trained destabilizing local ‘politicos’ are working hard on a parliamentary coup in Brazil. After having turned the Venezuelan Parliament from the left to the extreme right last December, they – Washington’s Secret Services, be sure, always with the help of Mossad – using their local patsies, have now initiated a referendum with the objective to overthrow President Maduro.(left)

There is apparently no way of halting them. And there is no decisive move by affected governments in peril, aka Brazil and Venezuela, to use constitutional legislative forces to stop these illegal coups. Have the leaders of these countries and their families been threatened with their lives? – John Perkins’Economic Hit Man, the old and the new versions, tell plenty of such stories. This website, albeit incomplete may also give insight.

Concluding Remarks  

In this western instigated moves to subdue ‘non-obedient’ governments, NGOs and other foreign trained, funded and often also armed groups and individuals, merely prepare the ground. They make sure the time is right and are in constant communication with CIA and other secret services under the Empire of Chaos. Before Washington’s actual move to check-mate, they – Washington and its stooges – put the appropriately bought local puppets into key positions, using to the extent possible constitutional procedures – no matter whether the executioners are crooks, corrupt or even murderers. The empire has no scruples. Why should they? They get away with murder all the time.

China has first-hand experience with the student uprising in Hong Kong, the so-called Umbrella Revolution that lasted from 24 September to 15 December 2014, protesting against what they called the Beijing influenced Hong Kong Congress electoral process. After all, Hong Kong is part of China. Although it was clear to most observers that this show of force was foreign funded, instigated and supported throughout, nobody in the western media reported the truth. Every Anglo-Saxon MSM bashed China for using dictatorial means in imposing electoral rules in Hong Kong. The Umbrella Movement failed miserably.

Mind you, those swell-sounding NGOs like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Green Peace and more of the sort, they are all majority US-western funded and know very well who is their master. For example, you probably have never seen any Amnesty International Report accusing the United States of America of human rights abuses. Yet, by all accounts the US and its minions are arguably by far the most atrocious human rights abusers on this globe, being responsible for the death of at least ten to twelve million people over the past 60 years by wars and conflicts carried out directly by US-NATO forces, or indirectly by Washington instigated and paid proxy wars and conflicts. Obama boasts about being involved in 7 wars around the globe, let alone the thousands and thousands of drone killings carried out under his personal command.

No wonder President Xi and President Putin put measures in place to stop these Washington directed, paid and often armed aggressive and violent separatist groupings, camouflaged as NGOs. The lies, uncomplete and biased reporting have turned the New York Times and similar – once-upon-a-time – prominent and credible media outlets into a ridiculous farce.

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