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68 years after ‘al-Nakba’ in Palestine

68 years after ‘al-Nakba’ in Palestine

Originally published in 2008, this article has been edited to reflect the passage of time. Richard Becker is the author of Palestine, Israel and the U.S. Empire.

May 15 marks the 68th anniversary of what is billed in the U.S. and Israeli mainstream media as Israel’s “independence,” and what the Palestinian and Arab peoples as a whole know as al-Nakba—the Catastrophe. To make way for the creation of the Israeli settler state, more than 80 percent of the Palestinian population was driven out of their homeland by means of terror


Historic Palestine

Washington played an irreplaceable role in the formation of Israel. The U.S. government continues to provide billions of dollars annually and vast supplies of modern weaponry to perpetuate Israel’s continued role as a key instrument in U.S. domination of the strategic Middle East region.

On May 15, the exact day that Palestinians worldwide commemorate al-Nakba, President George W. Bush will address the Israeli Knesset (parliament). It would be hard to imagine a more hostile and insulting diplomatic action.

Leading Democrats were not to be outdone in expressing imperialist “solidarity” with the country that has repeatedly attacked and occupied neighboring states while instituting a brutal apartheid system against the Palestinians inside its 1948 borders, as well as in the West Bank and Gaza. The remaining Democratic presidential candidates both ignored Israel’s history of military aggression. According to news stories, neither even bothered to mention the Palestinian people in their remarks.

On May 9, 2008,  Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, expressed her “heartfelt congratulations to the people of Israel. … In every generation, Israel faces serious challenges to its security and threats to its existence.”

The leading presidential Democrat, Barack Obama, was more fulsome in his praise: “So let us honor the independence of this great nation; let us celebrate the achievements of six decades; and let us renew the friendship between our nations, and the solemn promise to seek lasting peace and security for the people of Israel,” he said in a May 8 statement.

The same day, presumptive Republican nominee John McCain followed his “heartfelt congratulations,” with another reality-turned-upside-down statement: “Challenges to Israel have perhaps been the norm, rather than the exception, and its people have been tested in the crucible of conflict time and again. Those threats continue, and it is incumbent upon all free people to stand by Israel in her defense of our common values and ideals.”

Resolution 181 and the creation of Israel

The barrage of disinformation and distortion from the media and the politicians makes the Palestinian struggle complex and confusing even for the closest of observers.

Palestine flag

Like all great struggles, it has had many twists and turns, and will have many more. But the root cause of the conflict—the forcible expulsion of a people from their homeland—is neither ambiguous nor mysterious. Sixty years ago, that is precisely what happened to the Palestinians in the al-Nakba.

Al-Nakba, one of the key events in modern Middle Eastern history, began on Nov. 29, 1947. That day, the United Nations General Assembly passed Resolution 181 to partition the British Mandate (colony) of Palestine into two states, one Jewish and one Arab. The United Nations made this decisive step without consulting the Palestinian Arabs, who at the time comprised two-thirds of the population.

Most of the Jewish population was made up of settlers who had arrived in the previous three decades, mainly from Europe. More than 100,000 were survivors of the Nazi genocide.

While the U.S. and British imperialists had done little before or during World War II to aid the Jewish victims of fascism, they used the horrors of Hitler’s death camps to rally support for the establishment of the state of Israel after the war.

The Palestinians—who had had nothing to do with European anti-Semitism or genocide—were not consulted before the U.N. vote. There was no plebiscite or vote of the people. If there had been, the outcome would not have been in doubt: One unitary state would have been the overwhelming choice. The U.N. vote was an illegitimate act and a violation of the Palestinians’ right of self-determination.

The two-thirds majority required to pass Resolution 181 was only achieved through intense U.S. pressure. The vote ended up 33 to 13 with 10 abstentions. The Truman administration leaned heavily on its neocolonies and client states, particularly the Philippines, Liberia, Haiti and Thailand, all of which initially opposed the resolution.

Without those four votes, the resolution would have failed. For narrow and short-term interests, the Soviet Union voted for the resolution. This represented a betrayal of the Arab anti-colonial struggle and did great harm to the socialist and communist cause in the region. Later, the Soviet Union would become a major ally of the Arab national liberation movement.

The forced displacement of a people

The U.N. vote led to celebration among the Zionists, the settler movement working to create an exclusively Jewish state in Palestine. Despite owning just 6 percent of the land, Resolution 181 awarded them 56 percent of Palestine. On the Palestinian side, there was anger and rebellion. As all parties knew ahead of time, partition meant war.

Palestinian refugee camp school following the al-Nakba
School at a refugee camp formed
following al-Nakba

Fighting broke out immediately.

In January 1948, the better-armed Zionist military forces began to carry out “Plan Dalet.” The point of the plan was to terrorize and drive out the Palestinian population. Before Plan Dalet, Palestinian villagers left their homes during battles, but typically went only as far as the next village.

On April 9, 1948, a Zionist terrorist organization, the Irgun, massacred the entire village of Deir Yassin, raising “Plan Dalet” to a new level of brutality. When the dust had cleared, more than 200 Palestinian children, women and men lay dead. The massacre was meant as a warning to all Palestinians. The leader of the Irgun was Menachem Begin, who later served as Israeli prime minister. Irgun, as well as another paramilitary, LEHI, were both self-proclaimed terrorist groups. LEHI, also known as the Stern Gang, was headed by another future Israeli prime minister, Yitzhak Shamir.

While the Jewish Agency formally “condemned” the Deir Yassin massacre, on the same day it incorporated the Irgun into the official military “Joint Command.” Twelve days after Deir Yassin, Zionist forces launched a lethal attack on the Palestinian areas of the mixed city of Haifa. They rolled barrel bombs filled with gasoline and dynamite down narrow alleys in the heavily populated city while mortar shells pounded the Arab neighborhoods from overhead. Nearly the entire Arab population fled.

Within a week, similar tactics led 77,000 of 80,000 Palestinians to flee the port city of Jaffa.

By May 15, 1948, when Israel’s independence was proclaimed, 300,000 Palestinians were living and dying in abominable conditions of exile in Lebanon, Gaza, Syria and the Jordan Valley. By the end of that year, the number of dispossessed Palestinians had grown to 750,000.

In the 1948 war, Israel, with its superior economic and military resources and support from the Western powers, conquered 78 percent of Palestine. The Israeli military strategy was to not only conquer land, but also to drive out as much of the Palestinian population as possible from that land.

Nearly 80 percent of the Arab population was forcibly “transferred” to make way for the new Israeli state. Their farms, workplaces and homes were stolen, forming an indispensable foundation for the new Israeli economy and state.

In the 1967 “Six-Day War,” Israel seized the remainder of historic Palestine: the West Bank and Gaza. This created 300,000 more refugees, many of whom were second-time exiles, having already fled the Israelis 19 years earlier.

None of those driven out in 1948 and 1967, nor their descendants, now numbering more than six million, have ever been allowed to come back or been compensated for their loss. This injustice remains despite U.N. Resolution 194, passed in December 1948, stating unequivocally that all refugees must be allowed to return and have their homes, lands and other property restored to them. The U.S. and Israeli governments have ignored the U.N. resolution for more than half a century.

While forcibly preventing the return of any exiled Palestinians, the new Israeli state proclaimed that any person living anywhere in the world who had proof of one Jewish grandparent, regardless of whether they or their family ever stepped foot in the Middle East, had the “right of return” to Israel. Those “returning” would be granted immediate citizenship in the new exclusivist state.

Right of return remains key demand

Six decades after Al-Nakba, the right of return remains a key issue despite the Israeli and U.S. leaders’ constant efforts to dismiss it.


It is obvious why the cause remains so vital for Palestinians. If a people are deprived of their land, their very existence as a people is threatened. Defending the right of return is a key element in the struggle to maintain the unity of the Palestinian people between those who remain inside historic Palestine and those families that have been illegally expelled.

Israeli opposition to Palestinian return is not really because there is “no room” for the Palestinians in Palestine, as Zionist ideologues often claim. That argument is blatantly racist. Palestinian demographer Dr. Salman Abu-Sitta has pointed out that most of the more than 500 demolished Palestinian towns and villages remain unoccupied today. They were destroyed and their residents driven away for mainly political purposes—the creation of an exclusivist state.

Nor is this some long-resolved issue buried in the sands of time. Hundreds of thousands of people forcibly exiled in 1948 and 1967 are alive today. Many hold among their dearest possessions the keys to their homes in Palestine. Some of those houses, particularly in the demolished villages, were bulldozed into the ground. Many others, however, especially in cities like Haifa, Jaffa, Jerusalem and elsewhere were expropriated and turned over to Israeli settlers, who live in them to this day.

Today, 46 percent of the six million Palestinian refugees reside inside historic Palestine, the 1948 borders of Israel, or the West Bank and Gaza. Another 42 percent live within 100 miles of its borders, in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria. (Roane Carey, ed., “The New Intifada,” Versa, 2001)

Put another way, nearly nine out of 10 Palestinian refugees could be home in the time it takes many people in this country to commute to work.

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinian families live in extreme poverty in 59 refugee camps, with no prospect of a better future. For them, the right of return is not abstract or academic, but an issue that speaks to their very survival. The situation is especially dire in the camps of Lebanon and Gaza, which are home to more than one million people.

The return of the exiled Palestinians would not mean, as is commonly claimed by the supporters of Israel, that the Jewish population would be forced to leave.

But it would mean that Israel could not continue as an apartheid-style state, with special rights for one group, serving the interests of imperialism in a key strategic region of the world.

This goes to the heart of why Israeli and U.S. ruling circles so adamantly oppose the Palestinian right of return. It also speaks to the need for all people who stand for justice and self-determination to defend the right of return as a fundamental democratic right.

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Extremist Nazi Jewish settlers attack Palestinian human rights activists 

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

A group of extremist Nazi Jewish settlers on Saturday attacked two Palestinian human rights activists in the Tel Rumeida area in the southern occupied West Bank city of Hebron, video footage showed.

Human Rights Defenders spokesperson Badee Dweik told Ma’an that Nazi Jewish settlers attacked Emad Abu Shamsiya and Yasser Abu Markhiya, who work with the group’s Hebron office. The two were taking footage of extremist settlers carrying rods near Palestinian homes in Tel Rumeida in Hebron’s Old City.

Abu Shamsiya, who serves as coordinator of the group in Hebron, said the settlers “were preparing to attack and intimidate Palestinian residents, especially children,” and that he rushed toward the scene with Abu Markhiya after they heard children screaming.

Their video shows a group of three Nazi Jewish settlers, two boys and one adult, begin to pass by. The adult settler can be heard saying in Hebrew, “if you take footage of me I’m going to kill you.”  The children approach Abu Shamsiya and Abu Markhiya and order them to put down the camera before the adult strikes Abu Shamsiya.

“They punched me and broke my camera,” Abu Shamsiya told Ma’an, highlighted that Nazi soldiers were watching when the settlers attacked him and his colleague without intervening.

Dweik told Ma’an that attacks by Nazi Jewish settlers and Nazi soldiers against activists attempting to document settler attacks on Palestinian residents have increased recently, especially after footage captured by Abu Shamsiya in March of Nazi soldier shooting and killing Abd al-Fatah al-Sharif while he was lying motionless on the ground stoked widespread international criticism.

A day after release of the video, Nazi Jewish settlers gathered outside the home of Abu Shamsiya in Hebron to threaten him.

Tel Rumeida — where Shamsiya’s house is located and the site both Saturday’s incident and al-Sharif’s killing — has long been a flashpoint for tensions between Palestinians and Israeli settlers and military, and is location to an illegal Nazi Jewish settlement.

Mistreatment of Palestinians in the Hebron area has been common since the city was divided in the 1990s after a US-born Nazi Jewish settler, Baruch Goldstein, massacred 29 Palestinians inside the Ibrahimi Mosque.

The majority of the city was placed under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority, while the Old City and surrounding areas were placed under Nazi military control in a sector known as H2.

The area is home to 30,000 Palestinians and around 800 Nazi Jewish settlers who live under the protection of Nazi forces. Hebron residents frequently report attacks and harassment by the settlers carried out in the presence of the forces.

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Marking Al-Nakba 68: Events Around the World for Palestinian Return


Events and actions are being organized around the world to mark the 68th anniversary of the Nakba, the expulsion of the Palestinian people from their homes and lands in order to create a Zionist Nazi settler-colonial state on the land of Palestine. These events both remember over 68 years of Palestinian struggle, steadfastness, and resistance, but also support the ongoing struggle for Palestinian refugees’ return and the liberation of Palestine.

The imprisonment of Palestinians has always been a tool of the colonial project in Palestine, meant to maintain occupation, apartheid and oppression and criminalize the existence and resistance of Palestinians. From the martial law imposed in 1948 on the Palestinians who remained in the 78% of historic Palestine occupied at that time, to the imprisonment of 7,000 Palestinian political leaders, journalists, and freedom fighters today, the imprisonment of Palestinians and their leaders has always been part and parcel of the Nakba.

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network is directly involved in Nakba events in several cities internationally and supports mobilizations around the world on this critical day. Numerous events will be taking place throughout occupied Palestine and in the refugee camps of Lebanon, Jordan and Syria.

This list focuses on international events organized by Palestinian communities in exile and diaspora and solidarity movements. In order to add your city’s event to the list below, please email or message us on Facebook.This page will be updated regularly!



Saturday, 14 May – Palestine Will Be Free Panel, Facebook:
12 pm, part of the Socialism for the 21st Century Conference, University of Sydney.

Sunday, 15 May – Commemorating the Nakba Demonstration: 68 Years On, Facebook:
1 pm, Town Hall, Sydney. Organized by Palestine Action Group Sydney


Friday, 13 May – Al Nakba 2016 Vigil. Facebook:
nakba-southafrica6 pm, King George Square, Brisbane. Organized by Justice for Palestine Brisbane.



Sunday, 15 May – Nakba 1948: Palestinian Catastrophe and Israeli Ethnic Cleansing
1 pm, Zoo Lake, Jan Smuts Avenue, Johannesburg. Organized by Women’s Boat to Gaza, BDS South Africa, Media Review Network, Palestine Solidarity Alliance, South African Jews for a Free Palestine, Food for the Soul



Saturday, 14 May – Performance at School of Decolonization. Facebook:
5:00 pm, Puerta del Sol, Madrid.

Saturday, 14 May – Demonstration followed by performances, dance and Palestinian, African and Latin American food. Facebook:
6:00 pm, Glorieta de Marques de Vadillo – General Ricardos – Luisa Munoz, followed by La Kupula sala.

Sunday, 15 May – Nakba demonstration for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. Facebook:
1:30 pm, Puerta del Sol, Madrid.

Sunday 15 May – Anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba
5:30 pm, Recinto Ferial, Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain.
Includes collaborative mural, debate with Majed Dibsi, Palestinian journalist and political analyst, theatrical action, photo exhibition. Organied by Madrid Para Todos, the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine, CJA and Alco Sanse en Lucha


11 May – 15 May – Series of events organized by the Coalició Prou Complicitat amb Israel (CPCI). Facebook:

Wednesday, 11 May – Seminar: Why is it important to break ties with Israel? Ways toward a just peace. 7 pm, Aula Magna, Faculty of Geography and History, University of Barcelona. With Raji Sourani, Riya Hassan, and Blanca Campos. Moderated by David Bondia and joined by Catalan municipalities who have adopted BDS.

Thursday, 12 May – Raji Sourani at Catalonia Parliament. 4 pm, Parliament of Catalonia.

Friday, 13 May – Hope Award to recognize individuals and groups defending Palestine. 7 pm, Palau Robert, Passeig de Gracia 107, Barcelona. Organized by the Palestinian Community of Catalonia, and hosted by actress Rosa Boladeras.

Saturday, 14 May – Film Screening, “The Land Speaks Arabic.” 6 pm, La Sedeta, Carrer de Sicilia 321, Barcelona, with the participation of Riya Hassan, BNC. Organized by Sodepau and Association Helia.

Sunday, 15 May – Demonstration for Palestine – Long live Palestine! 6 pm, Plaza Catalonia.



Sunday, 15 May – Nakba Day Demonstration, Facebook:
3:00 pm, Karl-Marx-Platz, Berlin. Organized by the Nakba-Tag-Bundnis


Saturday, 7 May – Palestine Nakba Day
1 pm – 6 pm, Schlossplatz, Stuttgart. With speakers George Rashmawi, Shir Hever, Attia Rajab, Reiner Weigand, Annette Groth, and performers Aeham Ahmed, Muhammad Tamim, Yalla Dabke. Organized by Palestine Solidarity Committee Stuttgart and the Palestinian Community of Stuttgart.



Saturday, 14 May – Demonstration in Commemoration of the Nakba. Facebook:
2 pm – 4 pm, between Markthal and Hoogstraat, organized by Palestijnse Gemeenschap Nederland, Aidoun-Group Nederland, al Awda, Palestijnse Vrouwenunie, het Samenwerkingsverband Rotterdam voor Gaza and Nederlands Palestina Komitee


Saturday, 14 May – Demonstration in Commemoration of the Nakba
1 pm – 3 pm, on the Grand Market by the town hall, organized by Palestijnse Gemeenschap Nederland, Aidoun-Group Nederland, al Awda, Palestijnse Vrouwenunie, het Samenwerkingsverband Rotterdam voor Gaza and Nederlands Palestina Komitee

Den Haag

Event TBA,


Event TBA,


Saturday, 14 May – Demonstration in Commemoration of the Nakba
1 pm – 4 pm, on the Dam and the Spui, organized by Palestijnse Gemeenschap Nederland, Aidoun-Group Nederland, al Awda, Palestijnse Vrouwenunie, het Samenwerkingsverband Rotterdam voor Gaza and Nederlands Palestina Komitee

Sunday, 15 May – Forum on the Nakba, 1948-2016. Facebook:
3 pm, International Institute for Research and Education, Lombokstraat 40, Amsterdam. With speakers Mohammed Matter, Hatem Bazian, Amin Abou Rashed, Mohammad Altamary, Sami Shabib and Saleh Salayma, Sarah, and Khouloud Ajarma. Organized by Back to Palestine



Series of events from May 9-May 15
Organized by the Nakba Initiative (Democratic Palestine Committees in Denmark, Boykot Israel, FN Forbundet, Human Rights March, Palaestina Orientering)Facebook:,

Monday, 9 May  – Palestinian film screenings, 5 pm – 9 pm,  Verdenskulturcentret, Norre Alle 7, 2200 Norrebro

Tuesday, 10 May – History of Al-Nakba – presentation by Professor Nur Masalha of the University of London,  7 pm – 9:30 pm, Verdenskulturcentret, Norre Alle 7, 2200 Norrebro

Wednesday, 11 May – Palestinian culture and music, with dabkeh dance and traditional music performed by Nassim al-Dogom, 6 pm – 9 pm, Verdenskulturcentret, Norre Alle 7, 2200 Norrebro

Friday, 13 May – Demonstration for justice for Palestine, remembering the Nakba of 1948.  Facebook: , 3 pm – 5 pm,  Radhusplads, Copenhagen. With speakers: Trine Petrou Mach, Bilal al-Issa, Gerd Berlev, and music with Nassim al-Dogom,



Saturday, May 14 – Rally to Commemorate the Palestinian Nakba, Facebook:
1 pm – 4 pm, Place de la Monnaie, Brussels, Belgium. Organized by the Palestinian Community of Belgium.


Sunday, 15 May – Movie Screening for Al-Nakba: 5 Broken Cameras. Facebook:
6:30 pm, Valkeniersplein 19B, Maasmechelen. Organized by the Palestine Committee Maasmechelen.


Sunday, 15 May – Silent Wake to Commemorate Al-Nakba, Facebook:
7:00 pm, Koning Albertpark, Kiosk, Antwerp, Belgium. Organized by Antwerp for Palestine.



Saturday, 14 May – What Road for Palestine? Marking the Palestinian Nakba, discussion with Khaled Barakat.Facebook:
6:30 pm, Manifesten, 59 Rue Thiers, 13001 Marseille. Organized by the General Union of Palestinian Students (GUPS) Aix-Marseille and Generation Palestine Marseille


Saturday, 14 May – Demonstration to Support the Palestinian People, Facebook:
2:30 pm, Place Bellecour, 69002, Lyon



Friday, 13 May – Palestinian Family Dinner and Evening Facebook: 7 pm – 10 pm, Byblos Restaurant, Storgatan 75, Huvudsta Centrum. Organized by the Palestinian Association in Stockholm.

Saturday, 14 May – Palestinian Cultural Festival 2016, Facebook:
11:30 am – 6 pm, Hallunda Folkets Hus, Borgvagen 1, 145 69 Norsborf (Stockholm)


Sunday, 15 May – Demonstration in memory of the Nakba, Facebook:
12:30 pm, Gustav Adolfs Torg, Malmo. Organized by Malmo Palestine Network

Sunday, 15 May – Public Meeting on Palestinian Right of Return
3 pm, Studieframjandet, Ystadgatan 53 (following demonstration). Organized by Group 194



Friday, 6 May – Nakba – The Catastrophe after 68 Years. Facebook:
7:30 pm, CSOA Lambretta, Milan. Featuring a speech by Rajeh Zayed and concert by Al-Raseef. Organized by UDAP (Arab Palestinian Democratic Union.)

Sunday, 15 May – Commemoration of the Palestinian Nakba. Facebook:
3 pm, Piazza Gabrio Rosa, Milan. Organized by Fronte Palestina, Palestina Rossa, Global Campaign to Return to Palestine


Monday, 16 May – Nakba 1948-2016, the Catastrophe Continues Facebook:
8:30 pm, Qoelet di Redona. Presentation by Nandino Capovilla, Pax Christi. Presented by Gruppo Iabbok.



Tuesday, 17 May – 68 Years of Nakba, Solidarity with Palestine. Facebook:
6:30 pm – 8 pm, Espaco Bento Martins, J.F. Camide, Largo das Pimenteiras, 6A (Junto ao Colegio Militar). Speeches by Hikmat Ajjuri, Pezarat Correia, Jorge Cadima.



Saturday, 14 May – Groovy Palestine, Alternative Music from Palestine on Nakba Day, Facebook:
7 pm, OKAZ, Gusshausstrasse 14/3, 1040 Vienna. Includes discussion and performance by Jowan Safadi, Palestinian musician, followed by DJ sets by Kolonel Blip, El Captagon and Neva-i Solomon. Organized by OKAZ, Österreichisch Arabisches Kulturzentrum



Thursday, 12 May – BADIL Speaking Tour on Palestinian Refugees
Time and Location TBA. More info: Organized by Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Sunday, 15 May – Tesco, Stop Trading With Israel Nakba Vigil 2016. Facebook:
2 pm, Tesco, 2 Royal Ave, Belfast. Call on Tesco to boycott Israeli goods.


Monday, 9 May – BADIL Irish Speaking Tour on Palestinian Refugees. Facebook:
7 pm, Quay Co-Op, 24 Sullivan’s Quay, Cork. With speakers Lubnah Shomali and Nidal al-Azzah from BADIL. Organized by Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Tour info:


Tuesday, 10 May – BADIL Irish Speaking Tour on Palestinian Refugees. Facebook:
7 pm, Perys Hotel Limerick, Glentworth Street, Limerick. With speakers Lubnah Shomali and Nidal al-Azzah from BADIL. Organized by Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Tour info:


nakba-dublinWednesday, 11 May – BADIL Speaking Tour on Palestinian Refugees.Facebook:
6:15 pm, Academy Plaza Hotel, 10-14 Findlater Place, Dublin. With speakers Lubnah Shomali and Nidal al-Azzah from BADIL. Organized by Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Tour info:

Saturday, 14 May – March and “Moving Gallery” for Palestinian Refugees. Facebook:
2 pm – 3 pm, St. Stephen’s Green (Grafton St Entrance), Dublin 2. March down Grafton St to the Spire. Organized by the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign.


Friday, 13 May – BADIL Speaking Tour on Palestinian Refugees.
7 pm, UNISON Building, Clarendon St, Derry. With speaker Lubnah Shomali from BADIL. Organized by Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign.


Wednesday, 11 May- Al-Nakba, 68 Years of Exile. Facebook:
6 pm, Sala Auditorium, Austral University of Chile, Valdivia, Chile. With speaker Karmach Elias, Nakba survivor born in Palestine in 1948. Organized by Arab Youth for Palestine Valdivia.


Montreal, Quebec

nakba-montrealSaturday, 14 May – Nocturnal Demonstration to Commemorate the Nakba; Facebook:
7 pm – midnight, Station Metro Mont-Royale, Montreal. Organized by Palestinian and Jewish Unity (PAJU), Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights – UQAM (SPHR-UQAM) and Tadamon

Sunday, 15 May – Palestinian commemoration festival, Facebook:
11 am – 5 pm, Concordia University, 1455 boulevard de Maisonneuve W., Montreal. With Palestinian cultural show, dance, music and children’s activities.


Tuesday, 10 May – Personal stories of Palestinian Nakba Survivors. Facebook:
7 pm, Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham St, Toronto. Part of the North America Nakba Tour, organized by Free Palestine Movement and Al-Awda Coaliation and co-presented in Canada by the Palestinian Canadian Congress and Canada Friends of Sabeel.

nakba-torontoSunday, 15 May – Commemoration of the Palestinian Nakba, Facebook:
2 pm – 5 pm, Celebration Square, Mississauga. Organized by the National Committee to Commemorate the Nakba 68 – Toronto

Sunday, 15 May – Toronto Palestinian Film Festival Nakba Commemoration, Facebook:
2 pm, Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham St, Toronto. Film Screening of Encounter with a Lost Land with director Maryse Gargour over Skype. Organized by TPFF, Palestinian Canadian Congress, Students for Justice in Palestine – Ryerson.


Sunday, 15 May – Commemoration of Al-Nakba 1948-2016, Facebook:
1 pm – 4 pm, Memorial Park, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Including commemoration, community voices, Palestine dance, flag making and film screening. Organized by Winnipeg Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid, Canadian Palestinian Association, Canada Palestine Support Network, Independent Jewish Voices, Peace Alliance Winnipeg


Sunday, 8 May – Personal Stories of Palestinian Nakba Survivors. Facebook:
7 pm, Ben Franklin Place, Chamber Hall, 101 Centrepoint Dr, Ottawa. Part of the North America Nakba Tour, organized by Free Palestine Movement and Al-Awda Coaliation and co-presented in Canada by the Palestinian Canadian Congress and Canada Friends of Sabeel.


Wednesday, 11 May – The Exiled Palestinians. Facebook:
6:45 pm, Forest Hill United, 121 Westmount St. E., Kitchener, Ontario. Part of the North America Nakba Tour, organized by Free Palestine Movement and Al-Awda Coaliation and co-presented in Canada by the Palestinian Canadian Congress and Canada Friends of Sabeel.

London, ON

Thursday, 12 May – Personal Stories of Palestinian Nakba Survivors. Facebook:
7 pm, MAC Youth Centre, 366 Oxford St E, London. Part of the North America Nakba Tour, organized by Free Palestine Movement and Al-Awda Coaliation and co-presented in Canada by the Palestinian Canadian Congress and Canada Friends of Sabeel.


New York

Sunday, 15 May – Nakba Day March for Resistance and Return, Facebook:
1:30 pm, Rally at City Hall Park before march over Brooklyn Bridge to Cadman Plaza for activities. Organized by NY4Palestine coalition.


Sunday, May 8 – Nakba commemoration, with speakers, and entertainment and a children’s program, Facebook:
1:30 pm – 6:30 pm, speakers including Dr. Ahmad Tibi, Debkeh performances, Palestinian food and fashion show; Prayer Center of Orland Park, 16530 104th Ave, Orland Park, Illinois. Hosted by American Muslims for Palestine – Chicago.


Sunday, 15 May – Al-Nakba Protest. Facebook:
1 pm, Loring Park, Minneapolis. Initiated by Anti-War Committee with many endorsers.

Oakland/Bay Area

Sunday, 15 May – George Jackson in the Sun of Palestine. Facebook:
4 pm, Uptown Auto Body and Fender, 401 26th Street, Oakland. Remember the Nakba, Black Panthers and Indigenous Resistance. Art exhibition and performance highlighting a multimedia exhibition, curated by Greg Thomas. Organized by Art Forces and AROC.


nakba-oaklandSunday, 15 May – Nakba Day 2016 – Performances by Ryan Harvey and Kareem Samara. Facebook:
6 pm, Location TBA. Check Facebook, organized by Baltimore – Palestine Solidarity.


Saturday, 14 May – Still Walking: Nakba 68, Facebook:
5 pm – 8 pm, Joe Chillura Courthouse Square. 600 E Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, FL. Street theatre and reenactment of the Nakba of 1948. March from Joe Chillura Courthouse Park past Jose Marti Park, to the Immigration Statue in Centennial Park.


Sunday, 15 May – Nakba Day Poetry Reading. Facebook:
12 pm, Market Square, Knoxville, Tennessee. Palestinian poetry read by friends, poets and community members.

nakba-sandiegoSan Diego

Saturday, 14 May – Commemorating 68 Years of Al-Nakba. Facebook:
5 pm, Balboa Park, 1549 El Prado, San Diego. Includes Palestinian dinner, talk by Dr. Jamal Nassar, music by Naima Shalhoub, testimonies of Nakba survivors. Organized by Nakba Committee (includes Jewish Voice for Peace, KARAMA, BDS San Diego, PAWA SD and CAIR)


Saturday, 7 May – Commemorating Al-Nakba with Nadia Ben-Youssef. Facebook:
11 am – 1:30 pm, Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice, 202 Harvard Drive SE, Albuquerque. With speaker Nadia Ben-Youssef of Adalah.


List of activities below via Palestine Solidarity Campaign Nakba Week Schedule. Additional events below.

nakba-weekTue 3 – Dr. Christos Giannou, A Surgeon in the Siege of Shatila, Guilford

Tue 3Prof. Manuel S. Hassassian, Palestinian Ambassador to the UK, Milton Keynes

Wed 4Mahmoud Zawahra, Nottingham

Fri 6Film screening: The Lab (dir. Yotam Feldman), Wolverhampton

Fri 6Mahmoud Zawahra, Cardiff

Sat 7Prof. Karma Nabulsi, Palestine, Freedom of speech and Prevent, Luton

Sat 7Nakba presentation, Bradford upon Avon

Sat 7Tower Hamlets-Jenin Friendship Association Stall for Nakba, London E3

nakba-london1Sat 7Nakba commemorative vigil, Hereford

Sat 7Sabrina Tucci, Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme, Birmingham

Sat 7Nakba stall, Bradford

Sun 8Sponsored Walk for Palestine, Bristol 

Sun 8Olive & PSC present- Palestine: A Journey Through The Culture, London NW10

Sun 8Nakba Week stall, Peterborough

Mon 9 – Live music, poetry & film screening, Tatreez Cafe, London N16

Mon 9Tim Sanders and Mahmoud Zawahra, Tower Hamlets, London E2

Mon 9Film Screening: Nakba, Bristol

Mon 9 Eat for Palestine, Fundraiser, Norwich

Tue 10Nakba, Round Table Discussion with Prof. Karma Nabulsi, Parliament

Tue 10Film screening: Jaffa, the Orange’s Clockwork (dir. Eyal Sivan), London W4

Tue 10Screening of Miko Peled, The General’s Son, London SW9

Awad-Abdul-fattah-11th-May-1Tue 10Mahmoud Zawahra, Oxford Town Hall

Wed 11Film screening: Five Broken Cameras, Wellingborough

Wed 11Awad Abdelfattah (National Democratic Assembly / Balad), London N15

Wed 11Kate Cargin, Living Under Military Occupation, Norwich

Wed 11Dr Khader Abu-Hayyeh, Nakba survivor, Hastings

Thu 12Haya al Farra (Palestinian Mission), Darlington

Thu 12Jafar Ramini, The Catastrophe that is Palestine, Salisbury

Thu 12Film screening: Life in Occupied Palestine (by Anna Baltzer, JVP), Exeter

Fri 13Film screening: The Time That Remains (dir. Elia Suleiman), SOAS, London WC1

Fri 13 – The Israel lobby and the European Union, Report Launch, London NW1

Fri 13Film screening: When I Saw You (dir. Annemarie Jacir), Shrewsbury

Fri 13Film screening: Palestine Blues (dir. Nida Sinnokrot), Hereford

Sat 14 – Day-School Conference: Prof Nur Masala, Awad Abdelfattah & more, London WC1

Sat 14Palestinian Forum in Britain, Nakba anniversary protest, London W8

Sat 14Remember the Nakba in quiet contemplation, Lancaster

Sat 14 Nakba commemoration, Sheffield Town Hall

nakba-tubeSat 14 – Mahmoud Zawahra, Portsmouth

Sat 14Friends of Al Aqsa: Palestine Exhibition and Fun Day, Edinburgh

Sat 14The Nakba: Palestine Exodus, Video Conference with survivors, Bristol 

Sat 14Nakba stall, Kettering

Sun 15Nakba stall, Northampton

Sun 15Interpal: Nakba Tube Trail, London E17

Sun 15Nakba Day, Lest We Forget, Kingston upon Thames

Sun 15Rafeef Ziadah, We Teach Life Sir album launch, Birmingham

Sun 15Nakba Day Vigil, Manchester

Sun 15 – Nakba Day, ‘Registered Alive’, with Maxine Peake, Ahmed Masoud & more, London N1


nakba-islingtonFriday, 13 May – Evening for Palestine. Facebook:
7 pm, Hargrave Hall, Hargrave Road, Islington. Palestinian music, food, short film and talks by Palestinian youth. Organized by CADFA.


Saturday, 14 May – Nakba Day Commemoration. Facebook:
12 pm – 9 pm, Piccadilly Gardens, Live Feed from Gaza, talks, music, drama and poetry. 9 pm, Film screening and music.


Monday, 16 May – Book Launch and Seminar, “Mapping My Return, A Palestinian Memoir,” by Salman Abu Sitta. Facebook:
6:30 pm, Khalili Lecture Theatre, SOAS, London. Organized by Palestinian Return Centre and Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Saturday, 21 May – Nakba Narratives 2016 Annual Dinner. Facebook:
6 pm, Royal Nawaab London. Annual dinner for Interpal with speakers Majdi Aqil, Ang Swee Chai, Yvonne Ridley, Ibrahim Hewitt.


Monday, 16 May – Nakba Talk – One Democratic State with Awad Abdelfattah and Karl Sabbagh. Facebook:
7:30 pm, Friends Meeting House, Jesus Lane, Cambridge. Event chaired by Dr Ruba Salih (Reader at SOAS) and supported by One Democratic State (ODS) and Cambridge Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

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Nazi forces open fire on Palestinian farmers in southern Gaza

Image result for Palestinian farmers PHOTO

Nazi forces on Sunday morning opened fire on Palestinians farmers in the southern Gaza Strip, local sources said.

Nazi forces deployed east of Khan Yunis opened fire on farmers, preventing them from reaching their lands. No injuries were reported.

Nazi army spokesperson said they could not confirm the incident.

The incident comes after Nazi forces targeted the southern region of the small Palestinian territory with airstrikes for four consecutive days beginning Wednesday evening. Several were injured and a Palestinian woman was killed by Nazi shelling.

Nazi said air strikes were launched in response to Palestinian resistance groups targeting its troops with mortar rounds in an attempt to thwart Nazi military excavation activities in search of Hamas-made tunnels. However, Nazi army regular incursions inside Gaza’s border areas were perceived by many as the instigator of the hostilities.

The exchange was seen as an unusual escalation of violence in the Gaza Strip since a 2014 ceasefire was brokered after Nazi devastating 50-day assault on the besieged coastal enclave that left some 2,200 dead and 11,000 injured.

Hamas, Gaza’s de facto ruler, had widely observed the 2014 ceasefire; Nazi Moshe Yalon in March said Hamas hasn’t fired a bullet” since the war, and following Thursday’s hostilities, Zionist newspaper Haaretz quoted a senior Nazi army officer as saying that Hamas had even been instrumental in preventing ‘terrorist’ attacks and rocket fire directed at the Nazi regime.

However in the almost two years since the ceasefire was declared, regular violations have been committed on the Nazi side.

Nazi bulldozers frequently enter Gaza territory, carrying out land-leveling and excavation operations while accompanied by military vehicles, with four such incursions recorded by the UN between April 26 and May 2.

On a near daily basis, the Nazi army fires “warning shots” on Palestinian fisherman, farmers, and shepherds entering the Israeli-enforced “buffer zone,” implemented after Nazi Gestapo imposed a blockade on the Gaza Strip a decade ago.

Due to the high frequency of the attacks, live fire often goes unreported.

While Nazi regime typically cites security concerns when targeting Palestinian agricultural areas, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights has reported in the past that fishermen are often targeted when they pose no threat.

Approximately 35 percent of Palestinian agricultural land in Gaza is inaccessible without high personal risk, according to the center.

In 2015, Nazi naval forces opened fire on Palestinian fishermen at least 139 times, killing three, wounding dozens, and damaging at least 16 fishing boats, according to the UN Agency for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

Nazi forces also regularly open fire on Palestinian protesters during Friday demonstrations held along Gaza’s border, with injuries sustained by live fire and rubber-coated steel bullets reported nearly every week. At least 25 Palestinians have been shot dead by Nazi forces in Gaza clashes since the beginning of October, according to UN documentation.

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Palestinians – 68 Years and Counting

Female IDF confront Palestinian woman

Female Nazi confront Palestinian woman










Every May, Palestinians around the world and under occupation “celebrate” or let us say “mourn” what is referred to as “Nakba” or “catastrophe”, and it seems every day is a Nakba for Palestinians under Israeli Occupation and those who lost their homes and position to the Israeli state in 1947-48.

I too must not allow this occasion to pass without having something to say.

This time, I am not going to go into how the Israeli militias and terrorist groups drove over 700,000 Palestinians from their homes in Jaffa, or Acre or Lod or Ramleh, or Beersheba or Safad.

I will not talk or write about how the Jewish terrorist groups, such as Haganah or Irgun terrorized people to leave, or how they committed massacres in Deir Yassin and bombed the King David Hotel or detonated bombs in market squares, as happened years later in Sarajevo.

This time, I am devoting my article to the stupid, reckless, incompetent, corrupt even collaborating Palestinian leadership, including the late Yasser Arafat and present-day Mahmoud Abbas, and the utterly deafening silence even acquiescence of the Palestinians under occupation and in the diaspora; and how they were able, through their inaction, to enable a bunch of incompetent crooks and thieves and collaborators to take charge of what is perhaps the most noble cause of modern history — the disposition and continued exile of some 8 million Palestinians.


What must be done

Abbas and Netanyahu in DC

Abbas and Netanyahu in DC

I do not want to blame the so-called leadership of the PLO, an illegitimate, corrupt incompetent, organization and an illegitimate leadership as anything the world has seen in decades. The PLO and its leadership have every reason to have nothing but contempt for the Palestinian people who sat in silence, and who simply enabled such organization and leadership to lead it from one Nakba to another.

The people never held Yasser Arafat or the PLO leadership accountable for their reckless criminal behavior in Amman, Jordan in 1970 that still today leaves scars and suspicion between Jordanians and Palestinians.

The people never held Yasser Arafat and the PLO leadership accountable for their reckless endangerment of Palestinians in Lebanon, when Arafat boasted that he governs Lebanon from his seat in “Fakhani”, which resulted in the Lebanese Civil war and the invasion of Lebanon; and the exile of the PLO, leaving behind a community of 300,000 at risk without jobs, without protection from the Lebanese state and denied the right to engage in or practice 35 professions; and of course we all remember the massacres of Sabra and Shatila and Tal-Zaatar and the Camp wars, when residents of camps resorted to eating cats and dogs.

Once again, the people never held Arafat or the PLO leadership accountable for the exile of 350,000 Palestinians from Kuwait after Arafat’s buddy Saddam decided to invade Kuwait. They lost everything — over $15 billion in assets, and no one was ever held accountable for.

Then Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin meeting in Casablanca with then PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat

Then Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin meeting in Casablanca with then PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat

The people talked and complained, but never took action when Arafat and Abu-Jihad decided to “abort” the First Intifada, injecting into Israel a few million of the billions lost and unaccounted for, in order to save Rabin and save Arafat and the PLO from oblivion after they sided with Saddam.

Both Arafat and Abu-Jihad were caught off guard with their pants and guns down when the First Intifada broke out with the Israeli army in the news every day, as the world watched on television — the killing, the breaking of bones, and putting entire cities under 24-hour curfew.

Arafat thought this was his chance, and it was, to save his “ass” and his looted corrupt PLO from extensions, making secret overtures to Rabin, with a deal that ended the First Intifada. (Perhaps the closest thing the Palestinians had to ending the Israeli Occupation.)

In return, Rabin opened secret channels with Arafat.


Oslo Accord, the Strategic Disaster

Arafat dispatched money and agents to take over and abort the Intifada, and with the help of Israel, dispatched two of his cohorts to Tunis, only to return with Arafat to manage his security forces under Oslo.

Of course, I should not blame only the people, but must also blame the shameless, faceless Palestinian National Council — a farce, a big Zero, selected by Arafat and his cronies masquerading as the Palestinian Parliament that never took an independent decision, never held anyone accountable for looting, nor for in-house political assassinations and murders committed within the ranks of the PLO, and never really had the backbone to represent the interests of the Palestinian people.

Arafat, desperate to fulfill his promise to Rabin, entered into secret negotiations with Israel in Oslo — sending perhaps incompetent, inept and corrupt teams of negotiators with no clue about anything, and without legal, geographical or demographic data to negotiate an agreement in Oslo — under which the PLO and Arafat returned to the Occupied Territories to manage and pay for the Israeli Occupation, while Israel continues to have military and settler control over the Palestinian territories.

In more criminal collaboration with the enemy, Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas agreed to give full, unconditional recognition to Israel, even with its undefined borders, and to declare that all resistance prior to and after Oslo would be deemed “acts of terror” against the State of Israel, with a commitment that the cohesive mission of the Palestinian security forces is to give security and comfort to the IDF and to the armed, trespassing settlers and to act as as auxiliary force to Israeli security forces, even as Israel continues with targeted killings, home demolitions, and arrest of “agitators”.

None of the mission statements of the Palestinian Security Forces allows for providing safety and security for the Palestinian people with Israel.

Since Oslo, over 650,000 Israelis have settled in the West Bank; over 800,000 olive trees were uprooted; and a 360-km Apartheid Wall was built, separating families from each other and separating people from their own farms, not to mention the more than 550 security checkpoints, where over 3 million Palestinians are subjected to daily humiliation.

With corruption rampant and with security chiefs running the organization like a mafia enterprise, things were bound to explode, especially in Gaza.


Follow the Money?

Palestinian national congress

I never understood why Hamas, an organization committed to “armed resistance”, decided to enter the political arena and compete with corrupt Fatah to manage the Israeli Occupation.

Hamas leadership no less stupid and reckless like Fatah should have known better that Abbas, the US, Israel, Jordan and Egypt will never allow Hamas to govern.

It was an ambitious undertaking that backfired setting the stage for the takeover of Gaza by Hamas and the never ending political and geographical split between Hamas and Fatah.

Contrary to what the Israeli-oriented Hasbara keeps repeating, when Israel evacuated its 3,500 criminal trespassers, it designated Gaza as “enemy territory” subject to blockade and to be placed under siege, to be hit any time and at any place, and this is exactly what happened a number of times when Israel used its might the US supplied weapons to destroy Gaza, killing thousands and destroying more than 250,000 homes in its three major wars on Gaza.

Abbas and the Ramallah leadership are too content with Israel’s siege and war on Gaza, and blockade by both Israel and Egypt; that is why Abbas never bothered to visit Gaza even once, preferring to travel the world to enjoy five-star hotels, red carpets, shopping sprees, while perhaps generating some business deals for his cohorts, since there is no business to be gained inside Gaza.

Hamas is content with its “control” over Gaza keeping its cadre busy, generating income from the “tunnel” business and from what it gets from countries like Iran; and it too is not in a hurry to give up everything and hand over control to Abbas and Fatah.

Ramallah, as anyone who visited the city notes, is a booming town, with high-rises and high-class business and residential towers, a thriving nightlife, and restaurants generously funded and supported by the many corrupt officials who frequent the bars and restaurants.

Ministers, current and former, perhaps counting over 300 since Oslo, enjoy a lifetime salary, with present ministers enjoying cars, domestic servants, more than dozen guards, an SUV, VIP passes to travel to Tel Aviv for dinner and entertainment — while millions of Palestinians have to wait hours, if not days, in total humiliation at Israeli checkpoints.

The NGOs also experience a bonanza, with hundred of millions given by donor countries for ‘research and studies”; generating damn good incomes for the founding members and the staff, but never with a mission to advocate for the Palestinian people nor to develop a blueprint for ending the occupation.


Business is also experiencing a boom in construction and in deals with the manufacturer in settlements, while officially professing to support the BDS movements and with Palestinian businessmen investing over $2.5 billion in commercial enterprises in the Israeli settlements. Ramallah is living, while everyone is dying.

I have to conclude my article by posing a question.

How can the Palestinians ever expect to end the Israeli Occupation, while not challenging and throwing this leadership out, a leadership that has been neglecting Israel for over 22 years, giving away everything except its role as manager and financial contributor to the continued occupation, which has saved Israel over $50 billion since Oslo.

How can the people in exile from Jaffa, Haifa, Acre, Lod and Ramleh among other towns and cities ever expect to go back when they keep giving an excuse to such incompetent, corrupt collaborating leadership?

It is inexplicable why the Palestinian people simply do not take matters in their hand and simply throw Abbas and the entire PLO leadership out of Ramallah and challenge the PLO for its claimed “sole representation” for the Palestinian people.

There will never be a Palestine while the Palestinian people remain spinning their wheels and lamenting their misfortune and not taking action to change history.

But then, how can the Palestinians, who have not impeached all members of the Palestinian National Congress for malfeasance, feel they are entitled to go back home or expect the PLO to enable them go back home or end the occupation?

They will have to wait for Moses to comeback.

My best recommendation is to forget the two state solution — it will never happen. And even if it were to happen, it would be a Mafiosa police state.

It’s time to pursue the One State Solution — a state for all of its people. And yes, why not? Palestinians have lived with others for many years; Jews have lived with others for centuries. Why couldn’t the two live together?

Salam/Shalom/Peace. Until next Nakba and next year.

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Nazi Jewish settlers attack Palestinian mother and child


350395CA group of Nazi Jewish settlers attacked a Palestinian woman and her child late Friday night during an incursion into a home in the Tel Rumeida area of Hebron’s Old City in the southern occupied West Bank.

Emad Abu Shamsiya, a coordinator for Human Rights Defenders, toldMa’an settlers attacked the house of Riyad Abu Hazza and beat his wife as Nazi Jewish settlers sprayed his daughter with pepper spray and caused her to faint.

Upon hearing the commotion, a group of volunteers rushed to the house to help fend off the Nazi Jewish settlers and provide first aid to Abu Hazza’s wife and child, Abu Shamsiya said.

Jawad Abu Aisheh, a coordinator for the Hebron-based group Youth Against Settlements, said the assault occurred after a weekly Nazi Jewish settler march took place in the city — usually held on Fridays or Saturdays — where Nazi Jewish settlers chant anti-arab slogans, such as “Death to Arabs,” or “Gas the Arabs,” as they harass Palestinians and damage their properties.

Abu Aisheh told Ma’an that the near daily Nazi Jewish settler attacks are only pieces of a much larger scheme of Nazi Jewish settlers attempting to push Palestinians out of the neighborhoods by creating an environment where they must constantly live in fear.

Nazi Jewish forces declared the area of Tel Rumeida a “closed military zone” in late October, and has since renewed the military order every month, only allowing Palestinian residents of the area with issued identification numbers to enter.

However, according to Abu Aisheh, tomorrow is expected to be the last day of the closed military zone as families in the area have not yet received another military decree.

Mistreatment of Palestinians in the Hebron area has been common since the city was divided in the 1990s after a US-born Nazi Jewish settler, Baruch Goldstein, massacred 29 Palestinians inside the Ibrahimi Mosque.

Tel Rumeida is located within the area of the city designated as H2, an area taking over the bulk of the Old City that is under full Nazi military control, and the site of five illegal Nazi Jewish settlements that continually expand into the neighborhoods of the more than 6,000 Palestinians who reside within the Nazi-controlled area.

The several hundred Nazi Jewish settlers who illegally reside in Hebron have made attacks on Palestinians and their properties an almost daily occurrence for several decades.

According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, there have been a total of 30 reported Nazi Jewish settler attacks against Palestinians and their properties in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem since the start of 2016, and a total of 221 attacks in 2015.

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Majd Atwan, 22, sentenced to 45 days imprisonment for Facebook postings



Majd Yousef Atwan, 22, a young Palestinian woman from Al-Khader village, Bethlehem, and a recent beauty school graduate, was sentenced by Nazi Ofer military court to 45 days imprisonment and a 3,000 NIS ($794) fine for posting on Facebook, which the Nazi military occupation deemed “incitement.”

Atwan is one of approximately 150 Palestinians detained and imprisoned for social media postings, including the case of Dareen Tatour, a Palestinian poet from Nazareth being prosecuted for poetry posted online. She was arrested in a 2:00 am Nazi army raid on her family home on 19 April, which was invaded by Nazi occupation soldiers. She is one of 7,000 Palestinian prisoners held in Nazi camp and nearly 70 women and girls.

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‘Leave no one alive’: Senior Nazi rabbi calls for execution of all Palestinians


Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

“If a Jew has a non-Jewish servant or maid who dies, one should not express sympathy to the Jew. You should tell the Jew: “God will replace ‘your loss’, just as if one of his oxen or asses had died”.”

– Jore dea 377, 1

Nazi Jewish rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu

A senior Nazi Jewish rabbi says Tel Aviv should execute Palestinians instead of arresting them and “leave no one alive” in order to establish safety in the occupied Palestinian territories, Palestinian media report.

“Israeli army has to stop arresting Palestinians,” Nazi Shmuel Eliyahu said in a message posted on his Facebook page on Tuesday, adding, “but, it must execute them and leave no one alive,” Palestine News Network reported.

As Nazi chief rabbi of the city of Safed, Eliyahu is known for his racist behavior and remarks about Arabs and Muslims. He had earlier urged the Nazi regime to take “revenge” against Arabs in order to restore what he called Nazi deterrence.

He also described Palestinians as the enemy of the Nazi regime and claimed that they “must be destroyed and crushed in order to end violence. If they don’t stop after we kill 100, then we must kill a thousand. And if they do not stop after 1,000, then we must kill 10,000. If they still don’t stop we must kill 100,000, even a million,” the Jerusalem Post quoted him as saying in 2007.

In 2012, he was charged for making racist statements as he called the Arab culture “cruel” and accused Arabs of having “violent norms” which “have turned into ideology.” Nazi Eliyahu alleged that Arabs steal farm equipment belonging to Jews and blackmail farmers.

“The minute you make room for Arabs among Jews, it takes five minutes before they start to do whatever they want,” he purportedly said.

However, the Nazi Justice Ministry dropped the charges against him, claiming that reporters ‘may’ have changed his statements.

Back in December, the Jerusalem Post quoted Eliyahu as saying, “Should we leave them (Palestinians) alive in order to then free them in another gesture to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas? The fact that they still have a desire to commit … attacks shows that we are not operating strongly enough.”

On his Facebook page, he also called for the prosecution of those Nazi forces that keep Palestinians alive, saying, “We must not allow a Palestinian to survive after he was arrested. If you leave him alive, there is a fear that he will be released and kill other people… We must eradicate this evil from within our midst.

The comments come as tensions have been running high across the occupied Palestinian lands in recent months over Tel Aviv’s imposition of restrictions on Palestinian worshipers’ entry into the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in East al-Quds (Jerusalem) in August last year.

More than 160 Palestinians, including women and children, have been killed by Nazi forces since the beginning of last October.

Comment: See also:

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Nazi forces continue systematic crimes in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt)


(28 April – 03 May 2016)

Nazi Forces Fire Tear Gas Canisters at Journalists in Front of Ofer Prison.

  • Nazi forces continued to use excessive force in the oPt

–         A Palestinian civilian was killed after he carried out a run-over attack in the west of Ramallah.

–         Nine Palestinian civilians, including 3 children and 3 photojournalists, were wounded in the West Bank while a boy was wounded in the Gaza Strip.

  • House demolitions on grounds of collective punishment.

–         The walls of a house belonging to the family of the Palestinian prisoner Zaid Amer in Nablus were demolished.

  • Nazi forces continued to open fire at the Gaza Strip border area, but no casualties were reported.
  • Nazi forces conducted 54 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank and 2 limited ones in the Gaza Strip.

–         40 civilians, including 11 children, were arrested.

–         15 of them, including 8 children, were arrested in occupied Jerusalem.

  • Nazi forces continued to target Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Strip Sea.

–         A fishing boat sustained material damage off Khan Yunis shore in the south of the Gaza Strip.

  • Nazi forces continued their efforts to create Jewish majority in occupied East Jerusalem.

–         A family was obliged to self-demolish 3 storehouses in Silwan village.

  • Nazi forces turned the West Bank into cantons and continued to impose the illegal closure on the Gaza Strip for the 9th year.

–         Dozens of temporary checkpoints were established in the West Bank and others were re-established to obstruct the movement of Palestinian civilians.

–         5 Palestinian civilians, including human rights activist, were arrested at military checkpoints in the West Bank.


Nazi violations of international law and international humanitarian law in the oPt continued during the reporting period (28 April – 03 May 2016).


Nazi forces have continued to commit crimes, inflicting civilian casualties. They have also continued to use excessive force against Palestinian civilians participating in peaceful protests in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the majority of whom were youngsters. During the reporting period, Nazi forces killed a Palestinian civilian and wounded 9 others, including 3 children and 3 photojournalists, in the West Bank and a boy in the Gaza Strip.

In the West Bank, on 03 May 2016, Nazi forces killed Ahmed Riyadh Shehada (36), from Qalandia refugee camp, north of occupied Jerusalem, who used to live in Beitounia village, west of Ramallah. The aforementioned person was killed after he ran over a number of Nazi soldiers at a military checkpoint, west of Ramallah.

In the same context, on 28 April 2016, a 17-year-old male sustained a bullet wound to the left thigh when Nazi forces opened fire at dozens of Palestinian youngsters protesting against the Nazi forces’ incursion in Nablus to protect hundreds of Nazi Jewish settlers that raided “Joseph Tomb”, east of Nablus, to perform their racist Talmudic rituals.

On the same day also, 15-year-old Natalie Shokha, from Ramon village, northeast of Ramallah, sustained 2 bullet wounds to the chest and right shoulder. She was wounded when Nazi forces stationed at the military checkpoint between Beit Our al-Foqa and Beit Our al-Tahta, southwest of the city, opened fire at 2 Palestinian girls who attempted to stab a female soldier according to the Nazi narrative.

On 01 May 2016, a 22-year-old male sustained a bullet wound to the thigh when Nazi forces opened fire at dozens of Palestinian young men protesting against the Nazi incursion in al-Azza refugee camp, north of Bethlehem.

The full report is available online at:


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Millions around the World Followed PCHR’s “No to Silencing the Press” Campaign Concluded Today


The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) concluded today, 03 May 2016, the 2-day “No to Silencing the Press” campaign that was launched on Facebook and Twitter no the World Press Freedom Day. This campaign aimed at unveiling the Israeli crimes committed against journalists and attempts to silencing the press and hiding the truth, as well as PA violations against journalists, opinion makers and bloggers in West Bank and Gaza Strip. Moreover, the campaign displayed PCHR’s recommendations in this regard.

Mohammed Abu Hashem, Researcher at PCHR and coordinator of the campaign, highlighted the campaign “is a significant precedent in the field of human rights and a turning point for the human rights movement to outreach the target groups, especially the youth, in an unconventional way that fits the spirit of our time and meets the goals of human rights organizations to widely unveil the truth.” Abu Hashem hoped that this successful experience would encourage the youth action in the field of human rights and freedoms.

One-hundred and twenty bloggers from inside and outside the Gaza Strip participated in the campaign organized by PCHR in cooperation with the Social Media Café of al-Ameen Media Network. Seventy of them participated as a focus group and published their tweets and posts on Twitter and Facebook in English and Arabic as they started their meeting from 10:00 to 14:00 in the meeting hall at al-Salam Restaurant in Gaza City. The campaign addressed the most important data and recommendations concluded in the 2 reports issued by PCHR, which are titled as:

  1. Silencing the Press report, which is the 18thof its kind. The report covering the period from 01 April 2015 to 31 March 2016 addresses the Israeli violations against journalists working in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt); and
  2. A report on the Violations of the Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression in the PA, which is the 14th of its kind. The report covering the period from 01 April 2015 to 01 April 2016 tackles the most prominent violations against journalists and opinion makers in the Palestinian Authority (PA).

The campaign was locally and regionally covered by media and was followed by bloggers from different Arab countries, as they used the 2 hashtags#إخراس_الصحافة and #SilencePress to post on violations against the press in their countries. Some satellite channels also published posts about violations and harassments against journalists.

Millions from around the world followed the campaign on Facebook and Twitter, as the number of followers reached over 3 million during the 2-day campaign, while the number of followers on Facebook reached tens of thousands. Moreover, the hashtags were trending in respect to the number of posts, photos and videos published.

PCHR launched this campaign as part of its longstanding efforts to protect human rights and freedoms, especially the freedom of expression, which is considered the cornerstone for democracy and human rights.


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