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Correa: Lenin Moreno is a ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’ who was ‘With the Opposition

  • Former President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa.
    Former President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa. | Photo: EFE
Ecuador’s former president defended Vice President Jorge Glas, who faces corruption accusations, and blasted President Moreno as a “traitor.”

Former President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, denounced his Alianza Pais successor Lenin Moreno as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing,” and expressed support for the current Vice President who is accused of alleged corruption.

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In an interview with CNN Español following President Moreno’s decision to place Vice President Jorge Glas in pre-trial detention to face corruption accusations, Correa called the charges against Glas “a vulgar political persecution” that is the same thing “they used in Brazil against Dilma,” referring to the ousting of Brazil’s elected president, Dilma Rousseff on the basis of corruption charges in a move many called an “institutional coup.”

He defended the Vice President, saying that the accusations are without evidence. “Glas is a person that does not steal or allow theft, but for this one makes enemies,” he said.

As for President Moreno, Correa said that the current President had deceived him for ten years as a close political ally, who served in his government only to turn on him as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” once assuming power himself.

The founding leader of Ecuador’s Citizen’s Revolution argues that Moreno and his allies “were never with us, but were with the opposition.”

“Moreno cheated me for ten years. He is a person that was with the opposition,” Correa said.

Moreno had previously served as Correa’s Vice President from 2007 to 2013.

Underscoring the abrupt shift that Moreno took after assuming office, Correa said “I went from being the ‘eternal president’ to the ‘corrupt,’” referring to Lenin’s praising words at the inauguration dubbing Correa Ecuador’s “eternal president.”

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Correa also criticized Moreno’s upcoming consultation, which he said had the ultimate aim of preventing Correa from returning to power by eliminating indefinite presidential reelections through constitutional changes.

With Glas relieved of his duties, it was announced on Wednesday that former Housing Minister Maria Alejandra Vicuna would be taking on the role as acting Vice President.

The prosecuted Vice President, Jorge Glas, is a close supporter of Correa, and has said that the charges against him are simply a “retaliation” for criticizing the direction Moreno was taking the country.

Moreno has promoted a policy of “dialogue” with the country’s right-wing opposition,” and announced on Wednesday that the International Monetary Fund would be visiting the country to asses the economic situation. The decision marks a departure from Correa’s policies, which largely rejected the influence of international organizations in Ecuador’s economy in favor of independence.

“A wide range of measures” need to be taken, Moreno said about the upcoming IMF visit.

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Ecuador Lawmakers Reject Trump Immigration Policy, Express Solidarity with Migrants

  • “We express our solidarity with the Ecuadorean community; we reject practices that go against our compatriots’ rights and human dignity," said assembly member Marcela Holguin.
    “We express our solidarity with the Ecuadorean community; we reject practices that go against our compatriots’ rights and human dignity,” said assembly member Marcela Holguin. | Photo: AFP-Presidencia de la Republica del Ecuador
The new resolution aims to protect migrants from human rights abuses by ICE while assisting Ecuadoreans seeking legalization in the U.S.

Rejecting the anti-immigrant policies of U.S. President Donald Trump, Ecuador’s National Assembly overwhelmingly approved a resolution Tuesday in support of deported Ecuadoreans and their families, reiterating the Andean nation’s duty to stand up for the rights of undocumented migrants in the United States.

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The 14-section resolution, which passed with 127 concurring votes out of 137 seats in the assembly, blasted the policies of U.S. immigration authorities that violate the universally-recognized human rights of U.S. residents who are not citizens. Additionally, the resolution supports the Ecuadorean government’s measures to reduce the number of those deported while assisting in the legalization process faced by Ecuadorean nationals abroad.

The resolution also requests that President Lenin Moreno establishes bi-monthly Cabinet meetings for the purpose of dealing with the concerns of U.S. immigrant communities. It also asks that the South American nation’s Foreign Ministry evaluates the deportation processes applied by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and apply diplomatic mechanisms ensuring that those facing removal be treated humanely.

“We express our solidarity with the Ecuadorean community; we reject practices that go against our compatriots’ rights and human dignity but we also call on strengthening and promoting contingency actions to prevent and reduce deportation cases and provide assistance to our compatriots in and outside the country,” assembly member Marcela Holguin of the ruling Alianza PAIS told Andes Agency, adding that the resolution is in line with the concerns of the people of Ecuador.

She explained that the assembly understands its obligation to promote the government’s Contingency Plan to reduce deportees through the Ministry of Foreign Relations and Human Mobility, the Ecuadorean body for ensuring the rights of the country’s citizens abroad and foreign citizens residing in Ecuador.

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“Protecting our immigrants’ rights is our duty and responsibility,” said Holguin.

Assembly member Doris Soliz, also of Alianza PAIS and head of the International Relations Commission, noted that international organizations would be informed about any human rights violations.

Meanwhile, assembly members from the far-right CREO-SUMA party stressed the need to “express solidarity with immigrants (by working) on laws to promote entrepreneurship and creating jobs.

In 2016, 1,137 Ecuadorean nationals were deported from the United States, but assembly members credit the country’s officials with halting the increase in deportations, despite Trump’s tough-talking immigrant-scapegoating rhetoric.

Currently, flights from the U.S. to Ecuador carrying deportees arrive every 15 to 20 days. The flights are conducted by ICE Air Operations, a division of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s detention and removal apparatus. The vast majority of ICE Air flights are destined for Central America and Mexico, with a staggering 33,000 deported to Guatemala over the course of 317 flights in fiscal year 2016 alone.

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