How I$raHell pressures BBC into changing headlines

Amena Saleem Media Watch

Before (left) and after: a BBC headline was changed to obscure the fact Israeli killed a Palestinian in cold blood. (Screenshots by Media Lens)

In the early hours of 12 November, approximately two dozen Israeli gunmen, one disguised as a pregnant Palestinian woman, others wearing fake beards, invaded a hospital in Hebron and gunned down a 28-year-old man.

In a rare burst of reporting on an Israeli atrocity, the BBC ran an article on its website headlined: “Israelis shoot dead Palestinian in Hebron hospital raid.”

It was a straightforward headline which summed up the story. But later in the day, a different headline appeared above the report, reading: “Israelis in disguise raid Hebron hospital, seizing suspect.”

As is standard practice for the BBC, the amendment was not noted at the bottom of the page, so newcomers to the story would not have known the headline had been altered.

It was spotted, however, by the watchdog Media Lens, which posted a screengrab of the two headlines on its Facebook page, asking: “What happened? Pro-Israeli flak? Bending to pro-Israeli pressure?”

These questions are even more pertinent in the light of a documented exchange which took place between the BBC, the Israeli Government Press Office (GPO) and the Israeli embassy in London at the beginning of October about another of the broadcaster’s headlines.

Headline changes

The Times of Israel reported then on Israeli fury sparked by the 4 October BBC Online headline “Palestinian shot dead after Jerusalem attack kills two.”

The headline is factually correct, but offense was caused to Israel’s PR machine because the killing of 19-year-old Muhannad Halabi took precedence in the headline over the slaying of two Israelis.

The Times of Israel wrote: “The [Israeli] Government Press Office on Sunday warned the BBC it could face sanctions for running a news headline highlighting the death of the Palestinian terrorist shot by the police Saturday after fatally stabbing two Israelis, rather than the attack itself.”

The website added that a “harshly worded letter was sent to Richard Palmer, the head of the BBC Bureau in Israel, by the head of the GPO,” and that “the Israeli Embassy in London asked the network to change the headline.”

Whatever the GPO’s harsh words were, they appear to have been enough to scare the BBC into changing the headline, which went through three alterations – documented by the Zionist lobby group BBC Watch – before it met with the satisfaction of the Israeli embassy and the Israeli GPO.

The Israeli-approved headline ran: “Jerusalem: Palestinian kills two Israelis in Old City.”

(This headline has since been changed again, apparently unnoticed by either the Israeli embassy or the GPO, to Israelis killed in Jerusalem, Palestinians banned from Old City.”)

In its report of 4 October, The Times of Israel noted: “According to a GPO official, Israel expects an official apology from the network, and said the office was considering annulling the press cards of BBC journalists, a decision that if implemented would not allow the network to continue operating in Israel.”

This is not an idle threat, and BBC staff know it.

“A very evil light”

In 2003, the Israeli government severed ties with the corporation, accusing it of the “worst of Nazi propaganda” after it broadcast the documentary Israel’s Secret Weapon which shed light on the country’s nuclear and chemical arsenal.

Danny Seaman, then head of the Israeli GPO, said it was “because of what we feel to be a bias and an anti-Israel line … that portray Israel in a very evil light.” Seaman said government officials would no longer help BBC journalists get expedited press accreditation.

When Orla Guerin, then a BBC Middle East correspondent, questioned Israel’s repressive attitude towards the corporation, she too found herself in the Israeli government’s line of fire.

In an interview with the London Evening Standard in 2003, she said“How can you still be a democracy and try to harass the press? This is not how a democracy behaves.”

Guerin was later pulled from the Middle East, the decision being announced just days after the BBC’s director general at the time, Mark Thompson, returned from a visit to Israel in 2005 where he met with then Nazi Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.


Journalist Keith Dovkants, writing in the London Evening Standard in 2012, noted that “on [Thompson’s] return to London the corporation instituted the Middle East reporting regime that exists today and which, many believe, influenced the decision to refuse to show the charity aid appeal for Gaza.”

This is a reference to the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal of January 2009, which was aired by major television channels to raise money for Gaza as another Israeli massacre there came to an end. But the BBC, in an unprecedented move, refused to show it.

Arthur Neslen, a journalist who worked at the BBC for four years, told me: “They take Israeli calls very seriously, and critical stories about Israel get shot down through official pressure and the fear of official pressure. These are very powerful lobbyists — people know their careers can be broken.”

Swedish academic and media expert Leon Barkho told Dovkants: “I have investigated this and I am convinced [BBC] policy is dictated from the top because of the enormous sensitivity … The message is: don’t antagonize the Israelis.”

And so the questions asked by Media Lens when the BBC amends a headline to soften public perception of an Israeli crime — “What happened? Pro-Israeli flack? Bending to pro-Israeli pressure?” – answer themselves.

It is a sad state of affairs for a news organization which prides itself as a leader in global journalism. BBC journalists and editors, it would seem, sit at their desks in London and cower in fear at the thought of an angry phone call from the Israeli embassy.

They let us all down, but, most of all, they let down the Palestinian people, whose cry for freedom goes unheard at BBC Broadcasting House, drowned out by the undemocratic machinations of the Israeli PR machine.

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UK’s Muslim women bear the brunt as hate crimes jump 300pc

Ireland’s New Muslim Implants Are Already Committing A Rising Number Of Hate Crimes

Islamophobic hate crime in the United Kingdom against British Muslims increased more than 300 per cent to at least 115 incidents of anti-Muslim crime over a period of seven days in the week following the Nov 13 Paris terror attacks, The Independent reported.

Muslim girls and women aged 14-45 years were those targeted the most due to their traditional Islamic garb while perpetrators in most incidences of hate crime were white males aged 15-35 years, says a report to the government’s working group on anti-Muslim hatred seen by The Independent.

The spike in attacks mimics that observed in the wake of the 2013 murder of British soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich.

The report says the number is “concerning since the cases show that women who wear the hijab are the ones being targeted for general abuse and threats”.

It goes on to say that a large portion of the attacks occurred in public places, including buses and trains. At least 34 victims of hate crime were women wearing hijab, while at least eight instances of crime involved young children.

“Out of these cases on public transport, eight involved young children who had heard the comments against their mothers, and their mothers said their children had seen them being fearful as perpetrators took aggressive physical postures against them… Sixteen of the victims even mentioned that they would be fearful of going out in the future and that the experiences had affected their confidence,” the report says.

It claims that many of the victims suggested no one came to their assistance or even consoled them, meaning they felt victimised, embarrassed, alone and angry about the hate crimes.

An eyewitness, Ashely Powys, describes a racist rant witnessed on the Tube: “He was reeling off abuse, calling her things like ‘rag head’, ‘terrorist’, ‘scum’, and saying ‘her people’ murdered the victims of the Paris attacks … He was aggressively close and was clearly terrifying her.”

Read editorial: Islamophobia in the West

A mother pulled her daughter out of an Edinburgh claiming intensification in anti-Muslim bullying following the Paris attacks.

“They called my daughter the ‘F’ word and insulted her for being Muslim … The bullying has got worse since the Paris attacks,” she claims, adding, “Nobody deserves to be treated like she has been.”

The report claims the language of anti-Muslim prejudice reverted from “groomers” or “paedos” following the Rotherham grooming scandal to “terrorists” and “bombers”.

The report calls on the British government to do more to combat the problem, saying it undermines community relations. It follows a statement by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) which claims police cuts could impact trust and inter-community cooperation.

MCB Security and Counter-terrorism Spokesman Miqdaad Versi says “Cuts in policing budgets have affected the opportunity for community organisations to build links and relationships with the police as officer numbers have been drastically reduced. It is difficult to see how new cuts will not make the situation worse.”

“To develop a more effective policy in combating terrorism that blights our society, it is key for police to engage, consult and build trust with communities as partners.”

The figures in the report were compiled by the Tell Mama helpline which records incidents of verbal and physical attacks on Muslims and UK mosques ─ and may be underestimated due to under-reporting for a variety of reasons, including fear.

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Moscow Warns Zionist Cameron Against Seeking to ‘Destroy Syria’s Sovereignty’



British Prime Minister Zionist David Cameron said earlier this week he would prefer to have UN backing for UK military operations in Syria, but added he feared Russia would use its veto power to block a UN resolution.

Britain should start a dialogue with the UN Security Council on its plan to extend UK airstrikes against ISIL in Iraq to Syria, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Saturday.

“If it [UK] wants to push its ideas through the Security Council it should… give an order to its ambassador at the United Nations to start consultations, including with Russia,” ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

She stressed that Russia had never vetoed “sensible” initiatives as long as they conformed with international laws, but warned that the UK’s operation in Syria should not seek to “destroy Syria’s sovereignty.”

UK media cited Zionist Cameron as saying in the parliament on Wednesday that the UN Security Council’s endorsement was not vital for the UK’s operation that would still be legal and would help the government protect its citizens.

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Islam’s trivia-mongering hate preachers

Abu Hamza al-Masri

Nuruddin Sabir, Editor, Redress Information & Analysis, writes:

Hardly a day passes nowadays without an atrocity being committed somewhere in the world by Islamists of one kind or another – the “Islamic State” group, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab, Army of Islam, Army of Conquest, and many others.

Muslim-majority countries – Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Somalia, to mention but a few – are the prime victims, and then there is Nigeria and Kenya, and, lately, we have the Paris massacre of 13 November, and the 20 November attack on a hotel in Bamako, Mali.

Behind these atrocities lies a whole infrastructure of hate. This ranges from the Muslim Brotherhood, which has long been recognised by some as forming a critical part of the swamp from which Islamist terrorists emerge, to the bigoted preachers who glorify trivia and inculcate hate and violence into the young and the lost souls in search of an identity and a purpose.

While Western politicians have not yet woken up to the pernicious role played by the Muslim Brotherhood in their societies, the subject of hate preachers is spoken of only occasionally and, even then, mostly by non-Muslims.

So, it was somewhat heartening to hear Mona Siddiqui, Professor of Islamic and Inter-religious Studies at New College, Edinburgh University, address this problem head on.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s “Thought for the Day” programme on 19 November, she reminded Muslims that the hate preachers are fulfilling the Prophet Muhammad’s prophesy that a time would come when nothing would remain of Islam but its name, nothing of the Quran but its word, and that many “Mosques would be splendidly furnished but destitute of guidance”.


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This article was published last week in the print edition, there have since been further incidents of anti-Muslim graffiti at the university which are reported on here.

By Daniel Lindley

In June of last year, a Warwick University student named Alex Davies was outed as a leader of the fledgling fascist group National Action. Slaney Street contacted the university regarding the news, here’s a summary of our email exchange with their press spokesperson Peter Dunn:

Slaney Street: I was just wondering what exactly is going on with the student referred to in the Mirror article… it would appear to me that Warwick should make some sort of a public announcement.

University of Warwick: The University has been actively examining allegations… which, if true, would be in breach of the University’s dignity at work and study policy. The student has confirmed that the substance of the allegations is true and he has asked to permanently withdraw from the University with immediate effect…

Indeed the very next day after we received this response, student media reported that Davies had left the university. The swift action taken by Warwick seems at odds with the flailing attempts by the University of Birmingham to deal with members of the same organisation carrying out attacks in and around their main campus.

Firstly though, who are National Action?

They’re a very secretive fascist group who emerged in late 2013. They’re openly Nazi and quote Adolf Hitler in their literature as an inspiration, and unusually their membership is apparently student-led. They have a particular admiration for the Greek fascist party Golden Dawn – a party whose leader is currently on trial suspected of links to several political murders – who they describe as “a perfect example of what we’d like to replicate.” Amongst National Action’s first actions was attaching a banner reading “anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white” off a bridge in Lozells last March, which they claim was up for some 45 minutes. Anonymous members of the white supremacist website discussed this action, one saying the NA members were masked because “They are university students and don’t want to be identified for obvious reasons.” So let there be no doubt that these are university students we’re talking about.

Last month several buildings at the University of Birmingham were daubed in racist graffiti including swastikas, the words ‘Islam Must Die’ and images of the Jewish Star of David being thrown in a bin. There was also similar slogans daubed on the doors of university toilets. The nearby Selly Oak Jalalabad Mosque was also vandalised in what police described as a ‘linked’ incident. National Action later released a YouTube propaganda video of their masked members committing these acts.

What has the University done about it?

Photo by Eva Momtaz

Photo by Eva Momtaz

The university’s initial response some three days later was to put out a statement on their Facebook account saying “We have been saddened by the graffiti on campus over the weekend” and asking followers to send in photos of themselves enjoying life on campus. This got a mixed reaction, with some social media users expressing disdain that the university would “use this as a neo-liberal marketing ploy” and that their statement didn’t even mention the content of the graffiti. It took another six days of public criticism, a protest on campus and much berating over Twitter etc before the university eventually put out a second and then a third statement, the final one at last acknowledging that this was a racist incident.

Not all fascist students at the University of Birmingham have managed to remain anonymous. Emmerson Collier is currently studying for a BA in Political Science and describes himself as co-ordinator of the Young Patriots League, the youth wing of Britain First. Britain First was founded in 2011 by former BNP members (Collier is a former BNP activist) who felt the party needed to focus on street direct action as opposed to more ‘respectable’ electoral politics, and they’ve since been carrying out mosque invasions (their own term) on Muslim places of worship.


He also gives himself the title ‘Director of Communications’ for the National Culturists, a thinly-veiled fascist group who made headlines in Liverpool in 2013 but seem to have been inactive lately. Their Chairman Jack Buckby has addressed the Alliance of European National Movements, an alliance of European far-right parties such as Hungary’s Jobbik, which has recently organised mass-protests against ‘Jewish attempts to buy up Hungary.’ Buckby has also said of the EDL that “ideologically I am totally on their side.” UoB’s Collier has been spotted attending fascist gathering with Buckby, for instance they both attended the Traditional Britain Group’s ”Reclaiming the right” conference in 2013, along with other mostly ex-BNP members who felt the party had become too moderate. Collier is also reported by the anti-fascist publication Searchlight to have been one of the 59 attendees the founding of the new British Democratic Party, led by former National Front leader Andrew Brons and whose national committee includes the old-timer John Bean, a veteran acolyte of WWII-era Fascist Party leader Oswald Moseley who describes himself as ‘the British Joseph Goebbels.’ Nick Lowles of Hope not Hate is quoted in the New Statesman as saying “The BDP brings together all of the hardcore Holocaust deniers and racists that have walked away from the BNP over the last two to three years…”

Whether the University of Birmingham will act like Warwick University and remove this fascist leader from their institution is yet to be seen. There’s a legitimate debate to be had whether taking such action is an appropriate thing to do, on the one hand the presence of fascist students organising on campuses poses a serious danger to other students, those from oppressed groups in particular. However it’s also a real concern that allowing universities to remove students because of their ‘extremist political activities’ is a slippery slope that can later be used to justify further repressive treatment of other politically active students.

That two students at University of Birmingham (Kelly Rogers and Simon Furse) are cu- rrently on a nine-month suspension for involvement in a peaceful protest against tui-tion fee rises illustrates the dangers in trusting university authorities with grea- ter powers. Their priority is not protecting their students from racist attacks but  protecting their ‘brand’ in the higher education market.

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University of Liverpool students vote for BDS

Image result for BOYCOTT LOGO

Students at the University of Liverpool have voted to support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, in a significant victory for Palestinian solidarity campaigners.

The motion commits the Liverpool Guild of Students to, among other things, advocate divestment from companies complicit in the Nazi Jewish occupation, and to lobby the university to similarly divest. The motion also mandates the Guild to stop stocking ‘Israeli’ products.

The full BDS motion can be read here.

More than 1,000 students participated in the Liverpool Guild of Students preferendum, where they were presented with three options: ‘Yes’, ‘No’, or an alternative solution that rejected BDS, but encouraged the union to “raise awareness of the issue.”

Under the preferendum system, students could choose their favourite option from the three choices, or “your top two or rank all three in order of preference.” Points were then assigned “to each option based on the order of preference.”

There were a total of 1,866 points in support of BDS, with 934 opposed to the motion and 1,479 points supporting the alternative solution.

In a press release responding to the victory, the University of Liverpool Friends of Palestine (ULFOP) hailed “a landslide victory” despite a voting system they claimed meant the odds were against them.

“The ballot had one option to pass the motion and two options not to pass the motion. If students didn’t rank all of these options, then their one chosen option was given less weight.”

Despite this and other challenges, ULFOP stated that “the scale of the victory for BDS clearly shows that a large majority of the student body is, or has been made, aware of ‘Israeli’ apartheid regime and oppression of the Palestinians, and is prepared to make a stand against it.”

Zohra, a ULFOP member quoted in the press release, described the result as “a genuine reflection of the mood on campus – where students from all faiths and backgrounds believe that the Nazi Jewish occupation of the Palestinian people and their territories is unjust, akin to an apartheid system and thus cannot be allowed to continue.”

In a reference to objections by Zionist Student, ULFOP said “they wholeheartedly reject any claims that BDS is divisive on campus, instead recognising that the BDS movement is a non-violent and effective means of applying pressure on the ‘Israeli’ government and the companies benefitting from the occupation of Palestine.”

Meanwhile, the Union of Jewish Students, who sent an official to Liverpool to support the ‘No’ campaign, described the result as “disappointing”, vowing to work with the Liverpool Jewish Society to continue making “the case against BDS” on campus.

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Some popular fallacies about Islamism

British Islamists

By Magdi Abdelhadi

Get your facts right.

Al-Qaeda and its most recent clone, the so-called “Islamic State” group, did not come about as a result of the invasion of Iraq or the civil war in Syria.

It was born out of the unholy alliance between America and the Wahhabi zealots of Saudi Arabia to defeat communism and bring down the Soviet Union. Remember the Cold War and Afghanistan? That was the primal sin for which we are all paying the price.

Islamism itself is, of course, a much older phenomenon which received an enormous boost with the arrival of oil money in the Gulf. It will continue in all its heinous forms even after the Islamic State group is defeated, as long as there are people who believe that there are moderate and radical Islamists. Islamism is extremism.

Draining the swamp

Do European leaders really want to do something about it, as they say? Here is what they must do:

  • Cut Qatari and Saudi funding to all Islamic activity in Europe, whatever form it takes: mosques, schools, charities, so-called “think-tanks” that justify violence, Muslim victim mentality and legitimise the dictionary of hate.
  • Train European imams who the study history and psychology of religion. Do not import imams from such countries as Egypt and Pakistan, and certainly not those who studied in Saudi Arabia.

Allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to continue to operate inside European mosques or schools or charities or student associations under any guise means allowing the cancer to grow and metastasise.

There is a direct line between the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood and that of global jihad. In fact, it is not even a line. It is the same ideology. Allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to continue to operate inside European mosques or schools or charities or student associations under any guise means allowing the cancer to grow and metastasise. If you ban Hizb al-Tahrir, why not ban the Muslim Brotherhood, the mother of all terrorist organisations? Don’t be taken in by their suave and media savvy spokespeople in European capitals. Look at the basics of their ideology: the Koran is our constitution, jihad is our way, martyrdom is our ultimate goal. What more evidence do you need?

Poisonous discourse

Keep on the look out for any discourse that uses the vocabulary below. These are the building blocks of the hate doctrine that demonises non-Muslims and underpins the Islamist narrative to justify the killing of “infidels”, or kuffar, Westerners, Christians, Jews, apostates, women, Yazidis, homosexuals and anyone who is not a Muslim or does not subscribe to the Islamist doctrine:

  • Muslims are victims of the West
  • The West is decadent and has no principles
  • Palestine is the principal cause of Islam and all Muslims (actually, Palestine is the principal cause of the Palestinians)
  • Islam is the only true faith and will and must prevail
  • Islam is under attack
  • Branding any criticism of Islam or Islamism as Islamophobia

False links

To those who still entertain the fallacy that there is a link between poverty or lack of opportunity and Islamic terror, I would like to remind them that Osama Bin Laden was a millionaire, the current leader of Al-Qaeda, the Egyptian Ayman al-Zawahiri, comes from a well-off middle class family, as did Anwar al-Awlaqi, the leader of Al-Qaeda in Yemen, and many more Islamist leaders.

And to those who claim lack of democracy is another reason for Islamic terror or radicalisation, I refer them to the many European Muslims who joined the ranks of global jihad.

… the Muslim Brotherhood… continues to enjoy the full rights and freedoms of democracy while working to undermine that same democracy by brainwashing the minds of young European Muslims, inculcating into them the ideas of jihad, Muslim victimhood and Islamic superiority.

Take the most recent example of French Muslims who perpetrated the barbaric horrors in Paris, or the British Muslim dubbed “Jihadi John” (Muhammad Emwazi) who beheaded American hostages in Syria: it is not the abject poverty of Yemen, Egypt or Waziristan, not lack of opportunity and certainly not the lack of democracy that drove him to jihadist criminality: he grew up in one of the most democratic societies in the world.

The likes of Emwazi are the agents of a pernicious ideology called Islamism, an ideology that thrives in our midst in Western societies. The main carrier of this virus is an organisation called the Muslim Brotherhood, which continues to enjoy the full rights and freedoms of democracy while working to undermine that same democracy by brainwashing the minds of young European Muslims, inculcating into them the ideas of jihad, Muslim victimhood and Islamic superiority.

If the West really wants to stop the recruiting to Islamic State group or Al-Qaeda, it knows where to go and what it should do. Islamism is extremism. There is no such thing as moderate Islamists. Stop believing in Muslim Brotherhood propaganda and its apologists in Western think-tanks.

Islam and Islamism

Another fallacy is that Islamism is not Islam. The answer is yes and no.

Islamism draws upon, and is sustained by, the canonical texts of mainstream Islam. That is why it is difficult to challenge it from within Islam.

Only if there is radical overhaul of Islamic teachings to bring them into line with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights can you deny Islamism the legitimacy it currently enjoys.

There are plenty of textual and historical evidence to justify the use of the sword against infidels or those perceived as the enemies. And once you designate anyone as such using Islamic texts (as the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda and Islamic State often do) you cannot challenge them by playing the same game of textual quotation. Textual evidence weighs in their favour.

There is no shortage of texts that are, by modern standards, pretty nasty. Only if there is radical overhaul of Islamic teachings to bring them into line with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights can you deny Islamism the legitimacy it currently enjoys.

That is not happening, and is unlikely to happen any time soon. Only a cultural and religious revolution can pave the way for such change. As long as the fundamental dogma of Islam and its teachings are understood literally – meaning what was valid in 7th century Arabia is valid today – Islamism will thrive.

This way – to use a concept from biblical exegesis – the letter killeth the spirit in Islam.

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Some Questions for Obama and His Gang

By Christopher Black 


Mr. Obama, Mr. Cameron. Mr. Hollande, Madame Merkel, Mr. Erdogan and all the other members of the criminal conspiracy to dominate the world, I ask you, do you intend to test our patience to its limit? How much longer will your killing frenzy madden us? At what point do you stop your reckless push to the very brink of world war. Have the Nuremberg trials, the UN Charter, international law, have the fears and protests of the people, have your continual defeats in one war after another, your crimes against mankind revealed to the light time and time again, had no effect on you at all? Do you not know that your plans have been exposed, that the conspiracy and the conspirators have been identified? Which of us does not know what you were up to yesterday evening, what you were up to last night and this morning, who you talked with, what plan of action you decided on? For the plan is always the same, and never changes, to dominate, to control or to destroy.

Many think they are lucky if they can just stay out of your way but we know better. We know that no one is safe from your criminality and depravity. Not even children returning from Sharm El Sheihk, from their holiday, are safe from the blade of death you hold in your hands, nor the citizens of Paris enjoying a night out on the town. You proved that when Metrojet Flight 9268 was destroyed in mid-air. No official cause has yet been determined but circumstances indicate the possibility of a bomb on board is a strong one. You proved it again when attackers murdered scores of people in Paris on Friday November 13th. ISIS is reported to have claimed responsibility but the claim that a Syrian passport was found on the body of one attacker, an Egyptian passport on another and a French one on another forces the question as to why anyone conducting such an attack would walk around with identification especially passports and more why would a French national carry his passport in France? The Paris attack and the Russian airliner attack both smell of false flag operations and when we ask the first question in any criminal investigation, who benefits from these attacks on civilians, then it is you who fall in line, one after the other, as the prime and usual suspects.

There has been a lot of speculation that the attack on the Russian plane was made by you or your allies in ISIS to “punish” Russia for its assistance to Syria and to try to affect public opinion in Russia against that assistance. But that never made sense since Russians know the high stakes for Russia in this struggle. The real reason for the attack is made clear by you every day in your mass controlled media. Your thinking, your plans, your crimes are exposed in the very propaganda you use to manipulate the minds of your own peoples and what you have told us is that the Russian plane was destroyed, all those innocent people trying to enjoy a small holiday were murdered, in order to justify your calls for an invasion of Syria. It is as clear as the deaths heads etched into your souls that those Russian men, those Russian women and those Russian children were sacrificed, used, as means of justifying a great war in the middle east. And now the citizens of France are sacrificed as well.

On CNN the other day your prime time king of war propaganda, Wolf Blitzer, showed an interview between the CNN queen of war propaganda, Christiane Anampour, and the Turkish Prime Minister. I use it because he says what you, Obama, Merkel, Hollande, and Cameron have all said in complete synchronicity, that the “plane attack is a call to action.” Prime Minister Davutoglu said,

“This is not an attack against a Russian airplane, but it is an attack against all of us. So therefore it shows that if the crisis is not solved in any particular country or region, then it is going to affect us all.” The same is now claimed by western leaders about the Paris attack.

On the same programme Blitzer hosted Senator Lindsay Graham, one of the most rabid of the American dogs of war who stated, “I believe you have to have boots on the ground to destroy ISIL, ….you need Turkey and the Arabs coming together with us, and you need 90 per cent them and 10 per cent us. 5,000 to 10,000 of Americans to be part of a regional force to go on the ground to destroy ISIL in Syria, or they will never be destroyed and they will hit us here at home.” And now Paris has been struck.

We have seen the same calls made from all the NATO capitals in recent days and all made just after the NATO leaders, with one notable exception, expressed their insincere condolences to the families of the victims of the airliner disaster but not to Russia or its government. The exception was President Obama who kept a sinister silence.

CNN stated on November 5th that the possibility that ISIS is behind the plane crash raises the spectre of a new potential for devastating attacks on Americans. “If another Islamist group has acquired the motivation and the capacity to attack civilian airliners, a future target could be U.S. jets.’ said a man named Aaron David Miller a “former middle east peace negotiator” with the Wilson Center in Washington who also said ‘It’s a long war and you, we have just seen maybe a very significant turn and escalation in that war…. and this will increase pressure … to forestall similar strikes against a US target.” But Paris was hit first.

I could cite many other similar statements in which your propagandists claim ISIS to be the new Al Qaeda. You and your fellow conspirators plan to amplify this propaganda to hysterical levels to generate overwhelming fear in your domestic populations in order to justify a large scale war against Syria where your proxy forces are being defeated by the combined arms of Russian air power and the fighting spirit and skills of the Syrian Arab Army. This has been achieved with the attack in Paris. The sudden flow of refugees into Europe is being used for the same purpose.

No doubt we can expect similar attacks in other NATO capitals. It does not matter to you if you use the misery of millions fleeing war and poverty to justify your plans for war or Russian children returning from happy days on the beach, or people enjoying a concert or football match in Paris. All deaths are the same to you. And so, when we ask who murdered those children, who murdered those Parisians, are you surprised if we turn our heads your way?

We owe a great debt of gratitude to those who defeated fascism in the Second Word War, and we cannot permit those forces of reaction and tyranny to torment us again for now you are not threatening this country or that, this leader or that, you are threatening the existence of civilization itself. Is this not madness? Is there anything that gives you pleasure except death and more death? Is there a single person on the planet that does not fear you, not a single person who does not hate you? Is there any mark of disgrace with which you have not been branded, any dishonour that does not stain your reputation? From what crime have you ever abstained?

There is no need to answer. We all know the answers to these questions.

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Fox Vilifies Muslims, Says Comparison Of Islam To Rabies Is “Applicable” Today


Winston Churchill's loss of the 1945 general election- Illingworth cartoon


Ashley Webster: Winston Churchill’s Quote “Islam Is As Dangerous In A Man As Rabies In A Dog” Is “Applicable” Today


From the November 17 edition of Fox Business’ Varney & Co.:

STUART VARNEY [HOST]: How about this Winston Churchill warned of what he called the dangers of Islam back in 1889. Here is the quote, “individual Muslims may show splendid qualities but the influence of the religion paralyzes the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.” Strong stuff 100 years ago, Ashley.

ASHLEY WEBSTER: It was. He was very famous, Winston Churchill for that line, Islam is as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog. He was very strong in his feelings for Islam, basically saying Christianity teaches tolerance, Islam simply does not.

VARNEY: The main point is he would not be able to say that in Britain today or Canada today. You can’t say that.

ELIZABETH MACDONALD: Right. And by the way the founding fathers, John Quincy Adams and his father John Adams said virtually the same thing, they warned about the dangers of Islamists basically acting with natural hatred toward infidels, who in Christianity preaches the direct opposite, I will say this that David Cameron, the U.K. Prime minister said it is dangerous to basically deny the fact that these individuals are self identifying as Muslims because it dis-empowers the very Muslims who wanted to fight and eradicate them.

WEBSTER: It’s interesting 116 years ago when those lines were written by Winston Churchill could be written today and they would be applicable.

VARNEY: But not spoken.


VARNEY: Written but not said. And if you write them you are in trouble too.




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Corbyn Accuses Turkey, Saudis of Undermining Anti-ISIL Coalition

Image result for saudi king CARTOON

British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has taken aim at the Western-led anti-ISIL strategy, criticizing Turkey and Saudi Arabia’s input in the conflict, while raising questions over the legality of the overall Western approach.

The Labour leader accused Turkey of acting in its own self-interest and undermining the campaign against ISIL through its bombing of Kurdish groups, who have previously been considered to be some of the most effective fighters against ISIL.

Corbyn, who strongly favors a political solution to the conflict, also questioned whether some Saudi organizations were involved in the funding and supporting of ISIL through the supply of weapons and sales of oil. The Labour leader told Sky News:

“I also think we have to ask some questions about the way in which ISIL has received weapons, has received money, has been able to sell oil, has been able to export it and the role that other countries have played in this. [This includes] the way in which Turkey has been bombing Kurdish positions on the border and the way in which Saudi Arabia, maybe not at government level, but certainly at aid-level, has been providing support to ISIL.”

‘At the End We’ll Need a Political Solution’

Instead of boosting military efforts, Corbyn called for greater diplomatic efforts to improve the political situation in Syria.

“In the long run there has to be a much wider political settlement in the whole region and in the Middle East, otherwise we’re going to get more of this as time goes on,” he said.

“At the end of the day, all wars have to end by a political discussion and political solution to it.”

Following the Paris terrorist attacks and France’s decision to increase its bombing campaign on the ISIL stronghold of Raqqa, Corbyn said he was doubtful the attacks alone would bring about a solution.

“I don’t think that bombing is necessarily going to bring about the solution that they believe it might.”

“There’s going to be civilian casualties from the bombing of Raqqa,” he added, noting that a combined international diplomatic approach involving the West, Russia and other regional powers would be the most effective way of coming to a resolution in the conflict.

“I think far more hopeful are the talks that took place in Vienna over the weekend, including Russia, the United States, European Union and of course the neighboring countries. I think the solution actually lies in creating some kind of acceptable government in Syria that can in turn then hopefully deal with the problem with ISIS, or ISIL.”

The opposition leader has refused to back British military intervention in Syria, arguing that he would not support such an action without a UN mandate, while he also raised questions over the legality of the UK’s shoot to kill drone program, which has been credited with killing infamous ISIL figure Mohammed Emwazi, also known as Jihadi John.

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