The Brexit “Blame Game”: Bashing Jeremy Corbyn


By William Bowles

Global Research

Now I know Jeremy Corbyn is a bit of a wimp when it comes to the cut and thrust of politics but blaming him for Brexit is surely a step too far? But that’s just what the BBC has been doing all day.

The BBC, along with some renegade Labour Party members, spent much of its ‘news’ coverage asking why hasn’t Corbyn resigned? Interviewed as he left his home this morning, the BBC reporter shouted at him:

“Most of your shadow cabinet cabinet has resigned! Surely Mister Corbyn your position is now untenable?”

The argument goes as follows: Corbyn was, let us say less than enthusiastic in his support for the Remain camp, which ‘allowed’ those lumpen proletarians who helped elect him, the ones who never vote–that crucial few percent that made the difference–to vote the ‘wrong way’. So if the Establishment despised Corbyn before its debacle of an own goal, they now hate him with a vengeance!

Looking back on the past two days (is that all it’s been?), it’s clear the Establishment was stunned by the result. This is especially true of the state broadcaster, the BBC, which has spent millions of our license money trying to persuade us to vote Remain. How galling eh, not to say embarrassing. All those university degrees in journalism and public relations came to nought.

Hence the vitriolic attacks by the BBC itself, not just the elite that it interviews, on Corbyn. It’s all his fault because he didn’t lead his flock to the slaughter.

Losing the Referendum wasn’t in the plan! This wasn’t meant to happen!

And now, the rest of the political elite have to contend with Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage. It’s all well and good wheeling them out on Question Time but what do you do with a posse of racists, plus some hangovers from Middle England, led by a fat guy who wants Cameron’s job, when they appear to have captured the Tory Party and of course, the government? How embarrassing. In all likelihood, the Tory Party and the Labour Party will split. It’s the end of an era.

And, as I predicted, now the elite and its minions have recovered somewhat, the search is on for a way out of the democratic result. One BBC minion today on the news, remarked that perhaps now the people who voted Brexit have woken up to the enormity of their ‘mistake’, they probably wish they’d voted the other way! Ah, if only we could do it all over again? And of course, what’s really insulting about this comment, is that it implies that those who voted Brexit are too stupid or ignorant to to know the ‘right’ way to vote!

Well, Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland to the rescue as it’s likely that she will try to veto the result on the grounds that the English, well some of them, well actually most of them, and the Welsh, voted the ‘wrong’ way and thus illegally deprived Scotland of its membership of the EU (Scotland voted overwhelmingly to Remain). Lawyers to the rescue!

This is fascinating, if true. Perhaps we’ll see just how much stock capitalism really does put in its much vaunted democracy now that it’s recovered somewhat from its stunning defeat at the polls.

Watch this space…

PS: Why isn’t the media and especially the BBC attacking Cameron and the Tory government? After all, they created this situation, not Corbyn

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Second UK Referendum Petition Rife with Fraud. Gush of Fake Names…


Borrowing a line from librettist WS Gilbert: “Things aren’t always as they seem. Skim milk masquerades as cream.”

Venezuelan extremists wanting democratically elected President Nicolas Maduro ousted stacked their recall petition with hundreds of thousands of fraudulent signatures – some fake names, others deceased, as well as minors too young to vote, discrediting the legitimacy of their campaign.

Britain is following suit. Anti-Brexit proponents petitioning parliament for a second referendum so far collected around 3.5 million signatures since Friday – a red flag. This many this fast suggests something rotten.

Signatures include already discovered tens of thousands of fake names from America, Germany, France, Italy, other EU countries, even Middle East, Asian, Latin American and African nations as well as virtually uninhabited Antarctica.

Despite its population of less than one thousand, 41,118 signatures came from Vatican City as of Sunday afternoon, nearly 25,000 from North Korea.

According to a House of Commons petition committee spokeswoman, fraud is so rampant it’s already removed 77,000 signatures, likely many more to come. Perhaps most are fake.

What’s already known discredits the campaign. It should be abandoned straightaway even though holding a second referendum would be unprecedented, extremely unlikely to happen.

Brexit campaigner Evelyn Farr urges rejecting the second referendum petition, saying “(i)t is headline news abroad that three million people are anti-Brexit and the same false impression is being conveyed by our own press.”

“Given that some MPs are proposing not to vote through Brexit legislation, thereby ignoring the will of the people in a fair and democratic referendum, the implications are quite serious. This is fraud, and it needs to be exposed and stopped.”

Analysis so far shows only 353,000 of the 3.5 million signatures are from Britain. Perhaps most are also fake.

The petition will remain open for six months unless invalidated and shut down. Evidence shows it’s rife with fraud, a discredited sham.

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Industry matters: TUC touts for the EU


Proletarian issue 71 (April 2016)
South Korea: workers resist new labour laws
In previous issues, we have detailed the escalating repression in south Korea against workers and their leaders, as rail workers went on strike against plans to privatise parts of the rail system and against draconian new labour laws being pushed through. (See Industry matters, Proletarian, February 2016)

In November and December last year, mass protests and strikes were met with repeated police raids on trade union offices, confiscation of documents and hard drives, suspension of nearly 8,000 workers, the arrest of union leaders and 130 workers, and violent attacks upon protestors which included the use of pepper spray. These developments followed on from earlier attacks on organised labour, with, for example, the Korean teachers’ union being stripped of its legal status in 2013. (See FIghtback in Korea by Gregory Elich, Counterpunch, 12 November 2015)

Now the repression has gone up another notch, as the leader of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) has been charged with sedition, a charge not used since 1986. President Park Geun-hye has further raised the temperature by provocatively comparing protestors to Islamic State terrorists and pushing through bills to intensify surveillance and ban masks at demos.

The new labour laws give employers wide new powers to hire and fire at will. For example, under previous regulations, agency staff could be hired for a maximum of two years before becoming permanent employees, during which period they would not be eligible for health and unemployment insurance or accident compensation. Now this period is to double to four years, so that an employer can easily replace his permanent workforce with a constant turnover of disenfranchised and disposable temps.

Worse, the government is also bringing in a ‘peak-wage’ system, whereby wages can automatically be cut at age fifty-five, on the assumption that workers are so burnt-out by then that their productivity dips, justifying a corresponding dip in their pay. The government seeks to prettify this brutal policy by pretending that what companies thereby save on labour costs will be used to employ some of the thousands of unemployed young workers.

And if an employer wants to push a worker into early retirement, he will be able to do so without, as now, having to shell out a month’s wages for each year of service completed. Under a new law, he will be able simply to decide that a worker is guilty of ‘low performance’ and sack him without spending a penny. (See South Korea: key labour reforms set to face intense union opposition, PGI Intelligence, 19 January 2016)

How British unions ‘fight back’

Meanwhile, in Britain, whilst the latest union-busting labour law coasts through Westminster, Unite has jumped into action by printing millions of leaflets saying “I love my union”, which counsel its members to “speak out and be heard”. It exhorts us to “put up some posters, organise an event, leafleting session or street stall”, “send us your selfie” and “get on Facebook and share the memes” – anything, in fact, other than build a fighting union that recognises the enemy is capitalism, not just ‘the Tories’, and leads a mass campaign of non-cooperation with austerity, legally where possible and illegally where necessary. (See Heart Unions campaign website)

Instead, the union bosses would rather save their fighting spirit for something really important, like protecting the nuclear Trident programme from closure for fear of losing jobs. No matter what untold death and destruction will be caused to millions of workers when they are used – and British imperialism manufactures such weapons of mass destruction for use, not as a generous make-work scheme for highly skilled engineers – the unwavering focus remains fixed upon one issue: the preservation of British jobs.

Nothing better illustrates the blinkered and reactionary character of a union leadership that is deeply imbued with social-democratic prejudices.

It seems that ‘I love my union’ Unite is so panic-stricken at the (very unlikely) prospect of Jeremy Corbyn overturning Labour’s pro-Trident position that it is even trying to prevent the issue being discussed at all.

At a recent Momentum meeting held on Unite premises in Bristol, a very mild proposal of the ‘swords into ploughshares’ variety was raised in discussion. Sources in Momentum report that a subsequent flurry of emails from the Unite hierarchy insisted that no discussion whatever on Trident be tolerated on Unite property!

Sir Paul Kenny, general secretary of GMB, likewise reacted like a scalded cat to Corbyn’s threat to mobilise grassroots Labour sentiment to turn party policy against Trident via a referendum. The knight fulminated on Radio 4’s The World at One: “If anybody thinks that unions like the GMB are going to go quietly into the night while tens of thousands of our members’ jobs are literally swannied away by rhetoric then they’ve got another shock coming.” (See GMB boss warns Corbyn not to risk defence jobs with Trident plans, The Guardian, 11 January 2016)

He wasn’t knighted for nothing.

Goodyear workers threatened with jail

In January, in Hollande’s social-democratic France, eight former workers from the Goodyear tyre factory in Amiens-Nord were sentenced for up to two years for their role in trying to keep the factory open.

Back in February 2013, management had announced its closure after a lengthy period of resistance to lay-offs and shift-changes. With the support of thousands of workers throughout France, Goodyear employees took their protests to the company’s HQ in Amiens, culminating in the detention by the workers of two company executives in January 2014 for 30 hours as the only way to bring them to the negotiating table.

Despite this bold tactic of ‘boss-napping’, the plant eventually closed, with the loss of 1,173 jobs. Undaunted, the former Goodyear workers have launched an international campaign to free the eight jailed activists. (See International solidarity campaign for Goodyear workers sentenced to prison, Left Voice, 27 January 2016)

For probably the first time since May 1968, the French government is now demanding that there should be mandatory prison sentences for workers engaged in sympathy strikes. Meanwhile, in a timely reminder that it is not Tory governments alone that steal workers’ rights, Hollande is busying himself with the deletion of more than a thousand articles of the Code du Travail (the French labour code). (See ‘End of term’ protests threaten François Hollande’s labour legacy by Angelique Chrisafis, The Guardian, 9 March 2016)

TUC touts for the EU

The TUC, true to its social-democratic tradition of seeking to lock the labour movement into the interests of imperialism, is loudly campaigning for Britain to remain in the EU imperialist club, claiming that membership guarantees workers’ rights.

TUC chief Frances O’Grady says: “Working people have a huge stake in the referendum because workers’ rights are on the line. It’s the EU that guarantees workers their rights to paid holidays, parental leave, equal treatment for part-timers, and much more. These rights can’t be taken for granted.

“There are no guarantees that any government will keep them if the UK leaves the EU. And without the back-up of EU laws, unscrupulous employers will have free rein to cut many of their workers’ hard-won benefits and protections.

“The current government has already shown their appetite to attack workers’ rights. Unions in Britain campaigned for these rights and we don’t want them put in jeopardy. The question for everyone who works for a living is this: can you risk a leap into the unknown on workplace rights?” (See Labour leave: workers worse off in than out by Conrad Landin, Morning Star, 25 February 2016)

The reality is that the global overproduction crisis of capitalism is everywhere driving the whole of imperialist society into a leap into the unknown – or, more accurately, into fascism, slump and war – making it more urgent than ever for the proletariat to tear off the social-democratic blinkers and hasten to its own emancipation.

The ‘workers’ rights’ that the EU conceded (at a time when such concessions were both possible and necessary) were never more than the flimsiest of window dressing, designed to hide the predatory nature of this capitalist club. And even these limited ‘rights’ could without too much difficulty be compromised or waived – as, for example, with the European Working Time Directive.

The only rights the EU really guarantees in times of crisis are those of monopoly capital to maximise its profits and crush down the conditions of existence for the working masses – both in terms of wages and in terms of the social wage, as huge swathes of public services come under the privateers’ hammer. In this regard, we should note in particular the TTIP fait accompli being negotiated between the EU and the US, under which corporate courts will be able to sue governments for restraint of trade should they attempt to unwind privatisations.

Staying in the EU will not guarantee workers’ rights. For that matter, neither will leaving it. But seizing the opportunity afforded by the Brexit campaign to expose the EU as a glorified capitalist club, no more to be trusted than the gang of crooks in Westminster, can usefully contribute to the revolutionary education of the British working class.

Health and safety in Britain’s construction industry

In 2014-15, thirty-five builders were killed in the UK, making the construction industry the most dangerous industry in the country.

Yet figures released on a Freedom of Information request by the building workers’ trade union Ucatt revealed that the total number of unannounced inspections by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) over the same period were down 8.7 percent on the previous year, dropping from 10,577 to 9,656 – and this at a time when the industry was on an upward blip and building activity was increasing. The figures for Scotland alone were still more damning, with a drop in 55.7 percent for inspections.

The HSE has long faced downward pressure on its budget, and the consequences of successive redundancies are now plain to see. (See New figures reveal fall in construction inspections, Ucatt, 7 March 2016)

Health and safety in the New York construction industry

Meanwhile, builders in New York face much the same threats to life and limb as builders in Britain, under similar circumstances of a speculative boom in the property market.

According to the Financial Times: “The number of workers injured in New York City construction accidents rose by more than 50 percent last year, stoking fears that builders are cutting corners to cash in on the rally in the metropolitan area’s trillion-dollar-plus property market.” Deaths in the construction and mining industries rose by 5 percent in 2014 to 885. Last year, 356 workers were hurt in construction accidents, up from 237 in 2014.

This deterioration of safety standards correlates with the failure of unions to mobilise across the industry, with only around 50 percent unionisation on big city construction projects and only about 20 percent on buildings of ten storeys or under.

Father Brian Jordan, a catholic priest who organises an annual ‘hard hat’ mass in memory of builders killed at work, has blamed contractors for cutting corners in the scramble for profits. With bitterness he recounted recently: “They are rushing for a buck. Every time a contractor tells me, ‘Father, we are on a deadline,’ I say, ‘Every time you have a deadline, you have a line of dead people.’” (‘Rise in accidents reveals dark side of New York’s building surge’ by Gary Silverman, Financial Times, 13 January 2016)

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Workers should vote to LEAVE the EU on Thursday 23 June!

As Britain’s first — and very likely last — opportunity tovote to leave the EU approaches, the CPGB-ML calls upon all workers to vote for Brexit on 23 June 2016.

In this powerful interview, CPGB-ML chairman Harpal Brar reviews the history of the EU project.

Following the bloodshed of WW2, with the rise of the USSR and the European and Asian people’s republics, and faced with a tidal wave of militant anti-colonial and independence struggles across the globe, the European imperial powers cast around some way to try to save their fading power.

They hit upon the EU as being the best way to combine forces — both in order to oppose the socialist countries and to stifle the socialist strivings of the working classes of western Europe.

Huge numbers of European workers at that time, inspired by Soviet successes, were set on emulating the USSR’s socialist model and bringing about a new order that would transform their economic, political and cultural conditions, bringing peace and security to the masses and enabling them to live in cooperation with the peoples of all nations. Socialist revolutions in Greece, Italy and France (where, as elsewhere, the resistance to Nazi occupation had been led by the communists) were averted by a whisker, and the native capitalists only clung onto their rule with the assistance of British soldiers and massive injections of American cash.


The communist call for workers of all countries to unite was never so strong and appealing as then, following the charnel-house of the Nazi fascist-inspired world war of plunder, conquest and domination. It was clear to workers after WW2 that US, Britain and France — the chief colonial and imperial powers, who had already divided the vast continents of Africa, the Americas and Asia among themselves — had been reluctantly dragged in to fight the fascists when the USSR and Chinese people had already broken the back of the German, Italian and Japanese fascist powers that had ‘united’ most of Europe and much of Asia under their respective bloody imperial tyrannies.

Soviet soldiers present captured nazi banners

Soviet soldiers present captured nazi banners

This is the context in which the EU was conceived – a ‘United States of Europe’ to save the skin of European imperialism. The newly-formed EU accepted the US’s leadership in the battle to preserve capitalist exploitation globally, banding together to form the neo-nazi Nato alliance. The aim of this offensive military block was then, as now, to preserve the economic domination of imperialism and to perpetuate the enslavement of the world’s people to monopoly capital.


We should understand that, while leaving the EU will not end capitalism in Britain, or destroy the British imperialist class, it will weaken our ruling class and bring the final goal — of a world in which no man exploits another, and no nation exploits another — one step closer.

The fact that Jeremy Corbyn has deserted his long-held anti-EU beliefs and is campaigning, as Labour party leader, to remain in the EU, shows just what a Labour party under ‘left’ social-democratic leadership is worth.


For the faint-hearted souls who feel Corbyn’s ‘left-wing’ credentials lend authority to the idea that the EU is an institution for workers, we would ask them to answer one question: why then did Winston Churchill, that notorious bigot, champion the idea of the EU? Why did Maggie Thatcher support the campaign to take Britain into the EU in 1975? And why are David Cameron, Jeremy Hunt, George Osbourne and all the major bourgeois parties also intent upon us staying in the EU — despite the waverers in their ranks?

Do the ‘Labour left wing’ brigade of pseudo-left intellectuals feel that these impeccably imperialist representatives, too, have the best interests of the workers at heart? We must look deeper than these superficial indicators, to the real issues.

churchill racist copy

Meanwhile, the fact that so many ‘little Englanders’ cannot put the interests of their ruling class above their national feeling merely shows the limitations of the strategy of social control through divisive propaganda that the bourgeoisie routinely uses to secure its interests. Xenophobia, in this instance, looks likely to rebound. If that does indeed happen, British capital and nationalists alike will find their wings clipped by Brexit — a consummation most devoutly to be wished, and one which all true progressives will be happy to witness!

No socialist, communist, anti-capitalist or progressive thinker, no opponent of TTIP and TTP ‘globalisation’, defender of state-provided social services or of the NHS; no anti-austerity campaigner, peace-lover, anti-racist, true humanitarian or anti-imperialist can support the EU imperialist project.

The struggle against capitalist imperialism is incompatible with support for the EU. Therefore, a vote for Brexit is essential on 23 June.

We should note that the Remain campaign is busy prettifying the EU just now, ascribing it with noble notions of internationalism, and crediting it with having abolished war through “Europe banding together”.

Gordon Brown’s set-piece speech at Coventry Cathedral was a stomach-churning affair, but if you haven’t seen it, you should do so. He made much of ours being a “generation at peace, thanks to the EU”!

Yet Europe, in fact, is at war. There has not been a day’s peace since 1945. Did no-one tell him?

Has he heard of the conflicts that have taken place inside Europe because of EU capitalism? Of Nato’s bloodbath in Yugoslavia, to dismember and colonise it? Of the EU agreements with fascism in the Ukraine that have led to her de facto division and the misery of her people?

ukraine EU

Brown talked at length about the supposed “internationalism” of Britain, and all it has done to “promote peace” in the world. (Seriously: watch it!) In fact, his own government committed genocide in Iraq, together with the US various of its European and Nato allies. Has he forgotten? Is this the leadership of the “little nations” of which he is so proud?

And what of EU’s pivotal role in bringing carnage death and destruction to Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Sierra Leone, Cote D’Ivoire, and the Democratic Republic of Congo? Is there a crime that the EU imperialists will notcommit for profit?


He talked about the EU “civilising” the east European states (the workers’ democracies that have been recolonised since 1989-91) and leading them from communism into “democracy”. Contrary to this cosy little fable, however, the truth is that since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the life expectancy of its people has fallen by seven years for men, and five years for women, and the rights of workers across Europe have been rolled back — and not just the security, jobs, homes, pensions and other rights of the east european peoples, but also all of us in western Europe, where social provision is being dismantled, and poverty is the new expectation of future generations. If you can’t see the evidence in Britain, then ask the Greeks.


Brown talked of “a world at peace thanks to the civilising role of Europe under EU control”. Is he having a laugh? One billion people live on $1 a day; three billion people live on less than $2 per day. Sixty-two billionaires — 62 people!! — have between them as much wealth as half the world’s population combined — 3.5 billion people, and through that wealth they are able to control much more.

Richest 62 As Wealthy As

And as a result of the regime these parasites impose in order to make sure that the wealth generated by the creative labours of the world’s people flow into their greedy hands, some 40 million people die worldwide every year from the malnutrition and disease caused by their poverty and privation. Sixteen million of those who die each year are children under 5.

mogadishu CFFA58AE-BB55-46B0-B799-BE4DD5BE9E81_w640_r1_s

This is a true, ongoing genocide — but few books, articles and news editorials are written about it. Our children do not have these facts drummed into their heads, despite the fact that they really dominate our lives. Instead, they are taught to participate in the system that keeps them enslaved, learning that no other way (than monopoly capitalism, individualism, the drudgery of wage slavery) is possible, and they are truly ‘free’ under capitalism.

bristol EU grim reaper street art

These are the crimes of European capitalism in combination, collaborating with US imperialism. These are the barbaric crimes brought about because of the financial regime enforced by the US/EU capitalists. Put in context of these salient facts, the hypocrisy of Gordon Brown and yearnings of the Labour party’s ‘socialist’ wing to stay in the ‘internationalist’ EU is breathtaking.

The EU is an institution of imperialism and war, and we must take this small opportunity to help accelerate its decay — which is already coming to pass under the force of its internal contradictions.

‪#‎Brexit‬ ‪#‎VoteLeave‬

Watch Comrade Ella Rule’s excellent presentation on the EU here:

Read: British workers need a Brexit!


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British workers need a Brexit!


Issued by: CPGB-MLIssued on: 27 April 2016

TBritish workers need a Brexit!emporary agreements are possible between capitalists and between states … a United States of Europe is possible as an agreement between the European capitalists … but to what end? Only for the purpose of jointly suppressing socialism in Europe … under capitalism, a United States of Europe would signify an organisation of reaction.” (Our emphasis)

Although there have been many changes in the century since Lenin wrote these words, the essence remains the same: a union of imperialist states can only be a reactionary entity – and it can’t last.

For those of us who enjoy interacting with other peoples and cultures, and who identify with workers of all countries, it feels counterintuitive to stand against the European Union, whichseems to be a vehicle for enhancing communication and bringing workers together.

But the EU is in essence an imperialist club, not a workers’ one. It is designed to give Europe’s capitalist rulers the economic and militarily strength to safeguard their imperialist status against (a) their imperialist rivals (the USA, Japan), (b) the oppressed peoples they exploit abroad, and (c) the working classes at home.

Enemies on both sides

In opposing the EU, socialists often find themselves in nauseating company – from anti-immigrant, xenophobic and islamophobic hatemongers to little Englanders pining for a return to the imperial ‘glory’ days when Britannia ‘ruled the waves’ alone.

There are also miserly types who don’t want to pay the price of EU membership, believing that the cost outweighs the significant advantages to British imperialism: all they can see is the price of maintaining a common agricultural policy, of keeping afloat countries bankrupted by capitalist crisis; or of providing certain minimal conditions to workers.

One such miser is the Sunday Times’s Luke Johnson: “Europe has 7 percent of the world’s population and 25 percent of its GDP, but 50 percent of its welfare spending. In a competitive world, this is unsustainable.”

It seems to have escaped Mr Johnson’s attention that most of those who benefit from welfare spending are not exactly living in luxury; to remove any part of their benefits is quite ‘unsustainable’ from their point of view.

The fact that capitalists regularly need to reduce workers’ living standards below what is ‘sustainable’ in order to stay in business only proves that capitalism is dysfunctional and needs to be got rid of; it is not an argument for heaping more misery onto the working class.

Moreover, although it may suit politicians to blame ‘Brussels bureaucrats’ for unpopular decisions, the fact is that Britain’s rulers have made a point of exempting themselves from aspects of EU law that they don’t like. Britain opted out of the European working time directive, refuses benefits to unemployed Europeans and is presently removing human rights safeguards, for example.

Meanwhile, TUC chief Frances O’Grady and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn have both joined the social-democratic chorus exhorting workers to remain in the EU, saying that a British exit would lead to a “bonfire of rights” and assuring us that a benign EU is our best protection from ‘nasty Tories’.

Ms O’Grady asks: “If we left the EU would you trust the current Conservative government to keep [workers’ rights]? If the Brexit camp gets its way, the British government would get to pick and choose which rights to water down or scrap altogether.

“Without an EU legal safety net it wouldn’t be long before bad employers started cutting back on paid holidays, pushing workers to work longer hours with fewer breaks, and stopping pregnant workers getting time off …”

The workers of Greece, whose pensions and welfare benefits have been decimated, and whose hospitals now lack basic medicines, might have something to say about how the kindly EU ‘safeguards’ workers’ rights!

Securing our rights

In fact, the high watermark of rights for British workers came after WW2 (well before Britain joined the EU), as a result of militant struggle by workers here backed up by the brilliant successes of Soviet socialism – first in building a strong and prosperous society and then in defeating German fascism.

With socialist revolution spreading across Europe, Britain’s rulers had no choice but to concede certain social provisions in order to shore up their failing system. This was also the situation that gave rise to the EU, set up to be a bulwark against the spread of socialism and as a union to defend the declining power of Europe’s imperialists.

The truth is that we cannot pin our hopes on the kindness of this or that group of capitalists, but must prepare ourselves to defend the interests of our class by any means necessary – and fight to win.

Too many of those who ought to be in the front line of organising this struggle (eg, Ms O’Grady) are instead working overtime to reconcile us to imperialism. They spend their days begging employers to please be just a little kinder to the workers (to no avail) and doing everything in their power to preserve social peace: we will certainly have jam tomorrow, they tell us, if only we will patiently wait.

Weakening our rulers

Despite the best efforts of these misleaders, the British bourgeoisie is in real danger of being hoist with its own petard. It has encouraged xenophobia as a way of rallying mass support for its wars and brigandage abroad, and as a means of dividing the working class at home. But now this carefully inculcated racism is impeding our rulers’ ability to secure cooperation with other imperialist powers.

It is possible that the votes of the xenophobes will be what is needed to pull Britain out of the EU on 23 June – and this could prove disastrous for our rulers.

According to The Economist: “Europe’s links to America would become more tenuous … the loss of its biggest military power and most significant foreign-policy actor would seriously weaken the EU in the world …

“Without Britain, it would be harder for the EU to pull its global weight – a big loss to the west in a troubled neighbourhood, from Russia through Syria to north Africa. It is little wonder that Russia’s Vladimir Putin is keen on Brexit – and that America’s Barack Obama is not.”

In other words, not only would Britain outside the EU be less able to bully other countries, but the EU’s power would also diminish, and US imperialism would be weakened by the weakening of its ally. Without the presence of Britain in the EU, the US-EU imperialist alliance would probably become much more fragile – which would only be a good thing for workers and oppressed people everywhere.

Naturally, if the British ruling class becomes more fragile; if its ability to superexploit abroad is diminished, it will try to make good its losses at the expense of the working class at home. Life may become more difficult for the British proletariat for a time.

But since we will be left facing a weakened enemy class, we will also have moved one step closer to the goal of ridding ourselves of these leeches altogether.

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Brexit, Bernie, Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street 


Brexit may be the first citizens’ revolt against the bankers’ system to succeed anywhere in the world, at least in my lifetime. Congratulations, Brits, I didn’t  think you had it in you.  Warmaker, UK Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned!  The ice is broken, and it’s very likely that other EU members will follow this same path, and perhaps, put that disgusting EU multi-central banking monster to rest forever. 


The every day, not too rich, not too poor Brits, both old and young, have spoken in the face of overwhelming odds from organized political and banker power, and the press.   The swing issue may have been the millions of homeless war refugees who are swamping Europe, victims of wars that its own leaders, Cameron, Brown and Blair supported and promoted.  They helped make the homeless by backing every US led war in the Middle East.

Brexit is a milestone.  The world financial markets  tell us the truth, near chaos today, June 24, 2016!  Just look at the US stock market and the gold market; those who are use to having total control fear Brexit!  Congratulation to everyone in the UK who would not quit, but we in the United States have a chance to do much more.

The same revolt is alive and well here in the USA. We saw it in Occupy Wall Street for a brief flash before it was crushed and discredited.  And, we have seen this revolt that carried along both the Sanders’ and Trump’s campaigns…both are revolts.   Both phenomena are a part of this same, “I MAY NOT BE INFORMED BUT I AM FED UP” movement right here in the USA.  One of these seems to be a genuine reformer named Bernie Sanders, who has already made history, running into as much headwind as Brexit did, gaining huge popularity and financial support from millions.  Right or wrong, Burnie is trusted, no-one else is.

Sanders must now run for President as an Independent, or on some third party platform, but run he must. Like him or lump him, he is our best chance for an American Brexit.  He is logical and believable, and he is here at an appointed hour when we need him, never mind his faults.  Sanders like Brexit, has captured the imagination of both the millennials and the aging, ‘I AM FED UP’ crowd.   Tell him Run!  He might just win, and If he quits now, we will surely get War Queen Hilary as our President. What if Brexit sponsors had given up when everyone said it could not win, and the forces of politicians, banks, and media were stacking a fear campaign?

For perhaps the first time in a lifetime, the world central banking money printers who created the European Union (EU) and control our FED, are running scared. They feared Brexit, they said so, and they are showing it by their acts. They have shot off their heavy weapons in London, and the public was not hearing them.  They lowered interest rates to zero, yet the economy is stagnant.  They have played the controlled-War card, time and time again, and it no longer stimulates growth.  We must be aware of the Big War Card vs Russia, that our banker warmakers still hold as a last resort.  We must not let them play it.  We need one peace candidate for president who others can rally around.

Bernie, you are not perfect to all of us, but you are here and you are known. Remember, both the Democrats and Republicans were once third parties looking in from the outside.  Run Bernie, give us someone to vote for, give us a chance for a USexit.

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Pro-Brexit Campaign Back In Lead Hours Before EU Vote

The pro-Brexit campaigners in the UK have once again pulled ahead of the “Remain” campaign, hours before the country’s future in the European Union (EU) is decided in a crucial referendum, a new poll shows.

The survey, released by Opinium on Wednesday, found that 45 percent of Britons were in favor of leaving the bloc while 44 percent opposed the idea.

The remainder of those who were surveyed said they prefer to not declare which side they were going to support.

According to the pollsters, the nearly zero margin between the both sides hinted at a “statistical dead heat” as the one percent lead fell in the margin of error.

In a last-ditch effort before the Thursday vote, both sides of the debate continued their efforts to win more support among voters.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron was joined by former PM John Major and ex-Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman in a bid to convince Britons to remain in the EU.

UK opposition Labour party leader…

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Who Should We Blame for Brexit — and Where Do We Go From Here?


By Joe Macaré

 A Vote Leave rally in London, June 15, 2016. Britons on Thursday will vote on a referendum to decide whether to remain in the European Union, or leave it. (Adam Ferguson / The New York Times)A Vote Leave rally in London, June 15, 2016. Britons on Thursday voted on a referendum to decide whether to remain in the European Union, or leave it. (Adam Ferguson / The New York Times)

An unexpected future in which the United Kingdom no longer remains a member of the European Union is suddenly, shockingly imminent. Moreover, it may no longer be the “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland” for much longer.

The United Kingdom’s referendum on whether to remain in the European Union was non-binding, but its consequences have already been immediate, global and drastic. British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced he will step down before October, but those of us who would like to celebrate the departure of the man who took an axe to the National Health Service cannot, since he is likely to be followed to by someone even worse, from his party’s further-right wing. Meanwhile, leaders in Scotland and Northern Ireland, whose residents overwhelmingly voted to remain within the EU, are now openly calling for independence from the UK, which in the latter’s case could mean a united Ireland. And the British pound has sunk to its weakest value against the US dollar in more than 31 years.

Americans trying to understand the Brexit dynamic should know that there’s a very Anglo-Saxon form of racism at work here, in which the parameters of Anglo-Saxon whiteness exclude not only the refugees from the global South who are supposedly coming to the UK via Europe, but also continental Europeans usually understood to be white by Americans. The noxious continuum of this long-standing Anglo-Saxon racism is apparent in everything from The Sun’s coverage of any football match against “the Germans” to the fact that respectable liberal broadsheets offer a platform for pundits such as Julie Burchill to complain about immigrants from within Europe — specifically Albanians, Poles and other Eastern Europeans, whose whiteness is questioned.

This explains why the pro-Brexit rhetoric tends to bundle together and conflate tropes of “lazy and irresponsible” Greeks, “Brussels bureaucrats” and “scary” refugees. EU power is antagonistic to refugees and to the people of Greece, but these distinctions are irrelevant to English nativists. The prospect of the definition of Europe being widened to include Turkey instills even more racist animosity among these nativists, and this has been exploited and propagated by the “Vote Leave” campaign.

Placing Blame

So, who is responsible? The generational and regional divides evident in the results might appear to point to one answer, but as ever, more blame lies with those institutions and individuals who hold more power and influence.

Firstly, we can blame the mainstream parties. This includes not just the Conservatives — who have always been a force for nationalism, prejudice and ahistorical nostalgic folly even on their best days — but also the right wing of the Labour party: in other words, its dominant wing from the time when Tony Blair made it “New” until Jeremy Corbyn clawed back a tenuous hold for its embattled left.

For 20 years, Blairism and the Tory party have combined xenophobic rhetoric (sometimes dog whistles, sometimes blatant) with economic policies that have put the screws to the British public. Blair himself really perfected the modern art of scaremongering about immigrants (“We know we have to tighten the asylum system further,” he said in 2005) and about the EU imposing its allegedly soft-on-terror human rights laws, while cozying up to people like Silvio Berlusconi. Berlusconi was and remains among the most flagrantly corrupt of Europe’s rich and powerful: Blair’s closeness to the then Italian Prime Minister was as off-putting an example as any of UK elites working closely with their continental European equivalents to line the rich’s pockets and impoverish everyone else. Yet Blair posed with a sign reading “I’m voting Remain!” in the run-up to the referendum, still shameless as ever about the consequences of his time as prime minister.

Secondly, we can blame the British media across the political spectrum that have either tolerated or encouraged racism while obscuring the real causes of economic misery. The “across the political spectrum” part of this statement cannot be emphasized enough, because while a driving force for the “Leave” campaign has been the UK’s powerful right-wing newspapers (The Sun, owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News International; The Daily Mail; The Daily Express), more reputable media sources often enviously revered by US progressives have also been complicit.

The BBC’s international coverage may still be far more reliable than that of US cable news, but in reality the BBC has pandered to Nigel Farage, leader of the nationalist UK Independent Party, as much as anyone has ever pandered to Donald Trump, inviting Farage onto its flagship political discussion show Question Time more often than any other politician between 2009 and 2013. The BBC helped create Farage as a prominent figure, then claimed to only be responding to his popularity. Meanwhile, liberal and left-leaning publications like the Guardian and Independent have delighted in giving column inches and pixels to “contrarian” pundits such as Nick Cohen and Julie Burchill, eager to tell us that it’s not actually racist to say that the UK has too many immigrants and that we’d better keep an eye on Muslim immigrants especially, and so on.

Thirdly, the European Union itself should not escape blame for this turn of events. It is an undemocratic, business-class institution with blood on its hands from imposing punitive austerity measures on member states like Greece. As George Monbiot puts it, it is “a festering cesspool of undue influence and opaque lobbying,” though the alternative offered by the political forces driving Brexit is worse. Anyone under any illusions that the EU represents a shiny beacon of democracy and progress should have that dispelled by the petty, punitive response from its leaders: EU president Donald Tusk, European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker and others have said the UK must quit “as soon as possible,” even as Cameron and Johnson insisted the actual process of leaving would not be rushed. Yet it’s the handful of EU laws that are preferable to those the UK political class would impose on its own — health and safety regulations, some degree of protection for refugees, and other human rights laws — to which the “Leave” camp has most objected, despite occasional forays into denouncing European bankers.

Finally, of course, we can blame the rising English nativist parties and tendencies within parties themselves. From UKIP to Britain First, these borderline fascist and explicitly fascist groups are very bound up with anti-EU sentiment and are demonstrably violent: They have already claimed the life of UK parliament member Jo Cox. However, without the factors above, these groups would have much less traction. They have been emboldened every time the media and mainstream parties adopted their talking points while claiming this was necessary to keep them on the margins.

Lessons for US Onlookers

What lessons can those of us residing in the United States take from this?

The first is that it is always a mistake to underestimate the forces of right-wing nationalism and nativism.

Much like Donald Trump, several of the winners in the “Leave” campaign have previously been dismissed as national jokes, whilst simultaneously being coddled and celebrated by the media. Boris Johnson has been called the British Trump, but he actually predates Trump in politics — he became mayor of London after fusing media-savvy and deliberately clownish antics with very real racism and putting the super-rich first. Now he may be the next prime minister. Meanwhile, Farage, once seen as even more of a fringe outlier than Trump, gave a horrifying speech claiming the “Leave” vote as a victory for “the real people, for the ordinary people, for the decent people.” The fascism here is barely coded, and the actual decent people of the UK — those who oppose this fascistic and anti-immigrant turn — will need to scramble to protect those defined by Farage as not “real.”

The second lesson for US onlookers is that when far-right nationalist parties, figures and campaigns are successful, there are immediate consequences, and it is extremely reckless for the left not to oppose them. There is a left-wing case for leaving the EU. That is not what triumphed yesterday. Farage, like Trump, sometimes produces rhetoric that sounds anti-corporate: “We have fought against the multinationals, we have fought against the big merchant banks,” he said in his speech on Wednesday night.

But it is not the multinationals who will feel the painful results of an emboldened UKIP and an emboldened Britain First. Nor is there any guarantee that the damage this result does to the Conservative Party will create any opportunities for the left in UK, not when some Labour MPs are already using it as another pretext to call for Corbyn’s head. There are lessons here for people on the left who swallow Trump’s isolationist and protectionist flourishes, for those who would like Trump to win just to spite the political establishment and accelerate a political shakeup, and for the Democrats who cackle over Trump’s rise, believing that the GOP is being “destroyed.” All should pay attention to what happens next in the UK and how it actually affects the most vulnerable people living there.

Thirdly, and perhaps the toughest pill to swallow, is the fact that centrist political parties will reap what they sow if they pursue a course in which they slyly invoke nationalist and racist sentiments when it suits them. Voters will not subsequently be convinced by professed outrage at the rise of political demagogues for whom racism and nationalism are the unchecked primary driving forces. This is especially true if the political center continues economic policies that pile on the misery and increase the likelihood that voters will be looking around desperately for someone to blame.

How was anyone supposed to take pro-EU Conservative David Cameron or the Blairites seriously as opponents of nationalism, anti-immigrant sentiment and nostalgia for British imperialism? They had gone back to that well far too often to credibly claim it was poisoned. The US parallels are clear: How are US voters supposed to take it seriously when Democrats decry Trump’s Islamophobia and anti-immigrant values as “not American values,” when the Democrats have been so willing to support policies steeped in xenophobia and fear mongering?

The prospects for both US and European politics were already looking bleak before Brexit, but the urgency is now undeniable. Those who would oppose white supremacist nativism, imperialistic nationalism and violent xenophobia on both sides of the Atlantic will need to move quickly, boldly and resolutely to protect the people vilified by these resurgent right-wing forces and avert a truly grim future.

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A ‘Brexit’ Blow to the Establishment


Exclusive: British voters turned a deaf ear to scary warnings about leaving the E.U. and struck a blow against an out-of-touch, self-interested and incompetent Western Establishment, a message to the U.S., too, writes Robert Parry.

By Robert Parry

The United Kingdom’s “Brexit” vote may cause short-term economic pain and present long-term geopolitical risks, but it is a splash of ice water in the face of the West’s Establishment, which has grown more and more insular, elitist and unaccountable over recent decades.

The West’s powers-that-be, in both the United States and the European Union, too often display contempt for real democracy, maintaining only the façade of respecting the popular will, manipulating voters at election time with red-meat politics and empty promises – before getting back to the business of comforting the comfortable and letting the comfortable afflict the afflicted.

President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron talk at the G8 Summit in Lough Erne, Northern Ireland, June 17, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron talk at the G8 Summit in Lough Erne, Northern Ireland, June 17, 2013. After the ‘Brexit’ vote, Cameron announced that he would resign.(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

That has been the grim and tiresome reality with America’s two parties and with the E.U.’s bureaucrats. The average American and the average European have every reason to see themselves as a lesser concern to the politicians and the pundits than the special interests which pay the money and call the tune.

In the stunning “Brexit” vote – with 52 percent wanting to abandon the 28-nation European Union – U.K. voters rejected the West’s politics-as-usual despite dire warnings about the downsides of leaving. They voted, in effect, to assert their own nationalistic needs and aspirations over a commitment to continental unity and its more universal goals.

But, in the vote, there was also a recognition that the West’s Establishment has grown corrupt and arrogant, routinely imposing on the people “experts” who claim to be neutral technocrats or objective scholars but whose pockets are lined with fat pay checks from “prestigious” think tanks funded by the Military-Industrial Complex or by lucrative revolving-door trips to investment banks on Wall Street or The City.

Despite the Establishment’s self-image as a “meritocracy,” its corrupted experts and haughty bureaucrats don’t even demonstrate basic competence anymore. They have led Europe and the United States into catastrophe after catastrophe, both economically and geopolitically. And, there is another troubling feature of this Establishment: its lack of accountability.

In the United States, the rewards and punishments have been turned upside-down, with the benighted politicians and pundits who pushed for the Iraq War in 2003 still dominating the government and the media, from Hillary Clinton’s impending Democratic presidential nomination to the editorial pages of The New York Times and The Washington Post.

And, the Iraq War disaster was not a one-off affair. The neocons and their liberal interventionist sidekicks have their fingerprints on other “regime change” messes, from Libya to Ukraine to Syria (still in the works), with their predictable recommendations for more violence and more belligerence. Yet, they have impunity for their crimes and incompetence. They fail up.

Establishment Doesn’t Know Best

So, the West’s Establishment can’t even argue that it knows best anymore, which always had been its ace in the hole. The various insurgents could be painted as the dangerous option – and that is sometimes true as we’ve seen with Donald Trump – but it is arguably a toss-up as to whether Clinton or Trump would be the bigger risk to the world’s future.

Billionaire and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Billionaire and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Trump may be a blustering buffoon but he challenges the neocon “group thinks” about the wisdom of expanding the West’s war in Syria and launching a costly and existentially risky New Cold War against nuclear-armed Russia and China. Clinton surrounds herself with neocons and liberal hawks and shares their obsession with overthrowing the government of Syria and provoking Russia and China with military operations near their borders.

Trump and “Brexit” advocates also reject the Establishment’s neoliberal consensus on “free trade,” which has depressed (or eliminated) the wages of American and European workers while the benefits accrue mostly to financial and political elites. The Establishment’s embrace of the “winners” and its disdain for the “losers” have further enflamed today’s populism.

Yet, there are undeniably ugly features in the populist sentiment sweeping the U.S. and Europe. Some of it is driven by bigotry toward non-whites, especially immigrants. Some is inspired by wild conspiracy theories from a population that has understandably lost all faith in what it hears from Washington, Brussels and other capitals. Trump has espoused the scary know-nothing notion that the scientific evidence of global warming is “a hoax.”

There is always something unsettling when an incipient revolution takes shape and starts tearing down the old order. What follows is not always better.

In the end, the American election – like the “Brexit” referendum – may come down to whether voters feel more comfortable sticking with the status quo at least for a while longer or whether they want to blow up the Establishment and gamble on the consequences.

Right now, Clinton and the Democrats are carrying the banner of the Establishment, while Trump and his Republican insurgents fly the Jolly Roger. In a political year when the anti-establishment wave seems to be cresting, the Democrats may regret their choice of a legacy, status-quo candidate.


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Saddened by the abrupt and disgraceful exit of British war criminal and genocidal freak, David Cameron, Dr. Bashar Al-Assad demonstrates true empathy for the blackguard.

The British people have spoken and, quite candidly about their relationship with the murderously tight association of gangsters called the European Union.  Not satisfied with the specious arguments of those Zionists who support the EU because it makes Zionist control over the lives of Europeans so much easier, the people of the U.K. hoisted a middle finger at the whole blithering project and told Obama, Merkel, Junker and the rest of the no-gooders pulling the oars of that sinking ship that they wanted to be free of it.  Cameron, a most dishonorable and cheap variety of bathroom scum, felt the pressure of his indecorous financial missteps, his support for terrorism in Syria and his inability to secure the confidence of his own people, and did what he would have to do anyways and that was to go back to his cesspool in Saudi Arabia and permit Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn to finally rise to their position as premier, as though they were born to it.  Boris Johnson’s encomium upon Cameron’s resignation was hilarious for its irony.

Mr. Cameron has no role to play in Britain’s future.  Cameron was illegitimate.  He must go. He must oblige Mr. Johnson by allowing him to bring in a transitional government to unite the people of Britain.


And so, with an heavy heart, Dr. Assad bids “Farewell to David Cameron”.  Bye bye. Toodley-doo.  Hasta la Vista, Arrivederci, Khodaa Haafez, Ma’a Al-Salaama, Sayonara, Ja-jing, On yong o-sayo, Au revoir, Auf Weidersehen, Salve tibi, Grrrrr, you swine!  Just as he said goodbye to Sarkozy, Guido Westerwelle, Sergio Berlusconi, King Abdullah, Hamad and Madame Banana, Hillary Clinton, Zapatero, Morsi, Hamad bin Jaassim, inter alia.





ISIS suicide driver seen here after being killed by Syrian Army regulars. (Thanks, Khaled)

image: 9/13524462_10210027211981474_6751385722251135609_n.jpg?oh=6e6d3ab91b49ce843f23732255be817d&oe=57F23DC7

That was his vehicle with the words “The Islamic State, Army of the Caliph” written on it.

CARTOON OF THE DAY (Thanks, Khaled)


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