Corbynistas prefer denouncing critics to engaging with criticism

By: David Hirsh

Jeremy Corbyn looks like he might win the contest for the leadership of the Labour Party in the UK, making him Labour’s candidate for prime minister at the next general election. Corbyn is very English in manner; softly spoken, self-effacing, a kind of left-wing Hugh Grant but without the charm. Unlike his losing predecessor Ed Miliband, he will never appear “too clever by half” but neither does he have anything of the blue collar about him.

He’s like the guy who assigns allotments for the local council; and he can’t be bought.

His rhetoric centers on opposing what he calls “austerity” and he is surfing a growing wave of radical energy and excitement.

This is in one sense surprising because he seems to be very austere in his personal life.

Nobody suspected Corbyn of over-claiming his expenses; he is the last person to be worried about the Ashley Madison leak; he is said to buy his clothes at a charity shop.

Corbyn wants the rich to be made to suffer the austerity which the recession and the Conservatives have already forced on the low paid and on social security claimants; slightly different from austerity which he and his supporters already embraced as a life-style choice. He says that instead of cutting public spending the government should borrow more money, invest in people, skills, jobs, infrastructure and kick-start the economy. He says that he will grow the economy, expand the tax base, give generous benefits to the needy and nobody will have to suffer. Except perhaps the greedy, the bankers and other moral failures.

Well good, this is a Keynesian social democratic politics which should be offered to the British people as an option. Tony Blair’s New Labour, the only kind of Labour to have won a general election in the era of color TV (he won three), was famously “intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich.”

The problem, however, is that these current challengers of the Thatcher/Reagan economic consensus appear to be intensely relaxed about anti-democratic politics, so long as it is anti-American; anti-Semitism so long as it is anti-Israel; and jihadi Islamism, which is seen as a defensive response to the real enemy, imperialism.

Pictures of Corbyn arm in arm with Hugo Chavez have been published. Corbyn has called for a warmer British relationship with Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Youtube videos have emerged of Corbyn hosting a show on Press TV, the propaganda channel of the Iranian regime. Tweets have been published in which he commends Russia Today, the Russian equivalent.

Corbyn has come under criticism for hosting spokespeople for Hamas and Hezbollah in Parliament, people he addressed as “friends.” When challenged, he claims that this was just diplomatic language, he wants to encourage peace negotiations he says, even with Hamas. But he does not host Likudniks in Parliament and he does not refer to them as friends. In truth, Corbyn says that Hamas and Hezbollah are “dedicated towards the good of the Palestinian people.” He says that they are dedicated to “bringing about long-term peace and social justice and political justice in the whole region.” He presents himself as a democratic supporter of a two-state solution but actually he supports and embraces those in Palestine who oppose peace with all the resources of their Iranian paymasters.

Corbyn does not understand the distinction between criticism of Israel and anti-Semitism, and the distinction does not seem to interest him.

His political support for anti-Semitic movements leads him into a series of encounters with anti-Semitic individuals.

He says he is being smeared by association, a backbencher is busy, anyone who supports liberation movements meets some strange people along the way. But his associations with anti-Semites are not random accidents.

Raed Salah is a Palestinian Islamist who visited the UK. The Jewish community warned that Salah had a record of employing medieval blood libel to incite against Jews. Corbyn leapt to Salah’s defense, saying that he was “far from a dangerous man.”

Steven Sizer is a vicar with a record of pushing anti-Zionist conspiracy theory who was finally banned by the Church of England from social media after sharing an anti-Semitic article claiming: “9/11: Israel did it.” Corbyn had also jumped to Sizer’s defense, saying that Sizer was under attack by a “pro-Israel smear campaign.”

Corbyn recently pulled out of a meeting where he was due to appear on a platform with Latuff, second prize winner in Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust Denial cartoon contest, and Azzam Tamimi, a London defender of Hamas who says that suicide bombing is a “noble cause” and he would do it if he had the opportunity.

Corbyn is a patron of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, an organization dedicated to fighting for a boycott of Israel and which has a record of tolerating anti-Semitism within its ranks. Corbyn supported Deir Yassin Remembered for years after it had become clear that its founder Paul Eisen was an open Holocaust denier.

Corbyn is the national chairman of Stop the War, the organization which selectively opposes Britain, Israel and America in any war in which they are involved. Corbyn, for example, opposed the Royal Air Force playing what turned out to be a pivotal role in saving Kobani and the Yazidis from Islamic State.

Corbyn was pictured hosting spokespeople for the IRA days after that organization had tried to kill prime minister Margaret Thatcher in the Brighton bombing. Pictures have emerged of Corbyn sitting next to Dyou Abou Jahjah on a platform, a man who says that the “death of every British soldier is a victory.”

How can it be that hundreds of thousands of socialists, greens, trade unionists and peace activists are so excited by the Corbyn candidacy? Diane Abbot, a prominent left-wing Labour MP angrily dismissed criticism of Corbyn. She claimed that these are all smear tactics mobilized by the “political class” which is terrified of this new wind blowing.

Rather disarmingly, Corbyn calmly announces that he “doesn’t do personal” and he isn’t going to respond to these vulgar personal attacks. He is for peace. He is against war. He is for the underdog. He opposes imperialist wars against oppressed peoples. He promises to issue an apology on behalf of the Labour Party for going to war against Saddam Hussein and the Taliban.

Corbyn’s claim not to indulge in personal abuse deserves closer examination. The Corbyn campaign tends not engage directly with the examples, evidence and argument which its opponents raise. It prefers to respond with a counter-charge of bad faith, saying that people who make these wicked accusations are enemies of the progressive; they have hidden political motives. The worry is not only that the Corbynistas fail to recognize and to oppose totalitarian politics around the world. The worry is also that in their response to mounting criticism here in Britain, the Corbyn campaign is happiest denouncing its critics – as Tories, neo-liberals, Zionists or Blairites. It prefers to de-legitimize opponents than to relate rationally to their criticism.

In other words Corbyn’s supporters are tempted by totalitarian methods and practices, as well as alliances and worldviews.

Some Labour activists believe that if Corbyn wins then this will condemn Britain to decades more Tory government. They imagine the dismal fate of a Labour candidate in a general election who is associated with people who hope for the death of British soldiers, with anti-Semites, with homophobes and with woman-haters. But we should not entirely discount a more troubling possibility. Perhaps Corbyn could be successful in knitting together the resentments and the prejudices of those who feel all at sea in today’s frightening world: those who are anti-European Union, anti “Westminster elite,” isolationist, anti-banker, anti-Zionist, anti-American, anti-democracy and pro-conspiracy theory.

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Palestine protesters to march to Cardiff City Stadium



Ahead of Wales’ Euro 2016 qualifier with I$raHell


Hundreds of people, including Labour leadership high-flyer Jeremy Corbyn, are expected to attend

Pro-Palestine protesters are coming to Cardiff

Pro-Palestine demonstrators could travel to Cardiff from across Britain to protest against Israel ahead of the country’s European Championships qualifier with Wales next month.

Chris Coleman’s side face the Middle Eastern outfit in their next encounter at Cardiff City Stadium as they look to secure qualification for Euro 2016 in France.

But a demo organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign is planned to coincide with the match, on Sunday, September 6.

Protesters in support of Gaza 

A march from City Hall culminates with a rally – at which hundreds of people are expected to gather – outside the ground.

Labour leadership frontrunner Jeremy Corbyn is among those touted by organisers as planning to attend, less than a week before the party unveils its new boss.

‘Apartheid state’

Mr Corbyn could be alongside Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans, Welsh Green Party chief Pippa Bartolotti and Palestinian ambassador to the UK Manuel Hassassian.

Ronnie Kasrils, former a former South African minister, has also sent a message of support to protesters.

The campaign group accuses Israel of being an apartheid state by treating Palestinians as second-class citizens, and demands football governing bodies Fifa and Uefa expel the country from its competitions.

It says the example of South Africa, which, as an apartheid nation, was frozen out of international sporting events during the 1980s, should apply to present-day Israel.

Adam Johannes, secretary of Cardiff Stop the War Coalition, accused Israel of bombing Palestinian stadiums and invading the its Football Association’s HQ.

He also pointed to the example of Mahmoud Sarsak, who was imprisoned in Israel for three years accused of having links with Islamic extremists but who was later released without charge.

Eric Cantona was among those to lead calls for his release.

Gareth Bale celebrates scoring against Israel with teammate Chris Gunter

Mr Johannes said: “Imagine if players in Wales’ national football team were regularly prevented from playing football and competing in tournaments by a military occupation, blocked from leaving Wales to play matches, some held in prison for months or years on end without trial, with armed forces sent to invade the headquarters of the Welsh FA, and Cardiff City Stadium bombed.

“This is what Israel does to Palestinian football. On September 6 Wales will play a country which regularly blocks Palestinians from participating in the beautiful game, competing in tournaments, and stops players travelling to matches.”

‘Naive and ill-educated’

But Welsh Conservative MP Guto Bebb, who said it was not helpful to conflate a political issue with a sporting event, defended the Israeli state, describing it as a “culturally diverse democracy”.

The Aberconwy MP and vice-chairman of the Conservative Friends of Israel group, also questioned why that country alone appeared to be the target of protestors’ ire, adding: “I can’t remember these people protesting at the Olympics against Iran or China or Saudi Arabia.

“They all have much, much worse human rights records than Israel.

Police in front of pro Palestine marchers


“Unfortunately the protesters in this are naive and ill-educated on the issue.

“The fact you may have a few hundred people marching through Cardiff is not indicative of public opinion. They will represent nobody’s views but their own.”

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Jordan: Alert: 21st Aug 2015 – Demand Freedom For Jubran & Allan


Date: Friday 21st August 2015 3pm-5:30pm

Location: Jordanian Embassy, Upper Phillimore Gardens, London W8 7HA (few minutes walk

from High Street Kensington tube station), move to Israeli Embassy around 4:30pm


Assalaamu Alaikum

Please join us as we hold two vigils this friday for Palestinian prisoners. At 3pm we will be outside the Jordanian Embassy demanding freedom for Palestinian father and human rights activist Amer Jubran who is facing a 10 years prison sentence in Jordan at the behest of Israel for refusing to betray the Lebanese resistance against Israel. Then at around 4:30pm we will move to the Israeli Embassy a few streets away to demand the unconditional and immediate release of Palestinian lawyer and hunger striker Muhammed Allan.

Muhammed Allan is again in a comma, breathing through a respirator, after having suffered brain damage whilst in Israeli custody. Muhammed launched his hunger strike on 15 June 2015 to protest Israel’s illegal practice of Administrative detention – of caging Palestinians indefinitely without charge or trial. He has been caged by Israel without charge since 6th Nov 2014 on never ending rolling detention orders. Allan ended his hunger strike after 65 days on 19th Aug after the Israeli Supreme Court on health grounds ordered the suspension of the administrative detention order against him. But Israel is still threatening to reimpose his administrative detention and imprisonment should he recover, its imperative at this time that we maintain the pressure and demand his immediate and unconditional release.


(courtesy Samidoun Palestinian Prisoners Solidarity Network)

20th Aug: Reports state Palestinian hunger striker Muhammad Allan again in a coma, on respirator

19th Aug: Breaking News: Reports state Muhammad Allan has ended his strike after decision of the Israeli Supreme Court

18th Aug: Muhammad Allan regains consciousness, pledges to continue hunger strike

17th Aug: Muhammad Allan rejects attempt to forcibly deport him from Palestine as Supreme Court considers case

17th Aug: Israeli Supreme Court to hear petition for release of hunger striker Mohammed Allan

16th Aug: Palestinian doctor denied access to Muhammad Allan as he faces life-threatening infection

14th Aug: Muhammed Allan on ventilator in coma; Palestinian prisoners under Israeli lockdown


Palestinian activist Amer Jubran has a long history of being targeted for his activism on behalf of Palestine, first in the US and then in Jordan.

In the US he formed the “New England Committee to Defend Palestine” and in November 2002, two days after leading a demonstration in Boston calling for justice in Palestine, the FBI stormed Amer Jubran’s home and arrested him under the Patriot Act initially holding him without charge. When public outcry made it difficult to continue holding him they initiated deportation proceedings against him and he was deported to Jordan in January 2004 where he continued his activism for Palestine.

In Jordan he was under constant surveillance of the notorious Jordanian secret police. On 5th May 2014, 20 armed me in black uniforms stormed his home where he lived with his wife and four young children, smashing the doors and windows. The secret police abducted Amer, and for months he was interrogated at an undisclosed location without charge and without access to a lawyer.

Finally in August 2014 Amer Jubran was charged under a new law that didn’t exist when he was arrested, that makes “harming the relationship with a foreign government” a crime of “terrorism”. Last month on 29th July 2015 we was sentenced by a military court to 10 years hard labour, reduced from a 15 year sentence. Following his visit to Lebanon to speak an an Anti-Apartheid week function he was accused of working with the Lebanese resistance Hizbullah against Israel, hence ‘harming’ Jordan’s relationship with a friendly country. During his interrogation he was told by the secret police that any decision made about him involves “our American and Israeli friends”. Amer says it “all started when I refused to be a sell-out and work against the Lebanese resistance. I was told then that I will be sent behind the sun for such a refusal. And frankly it is very easy for me to disappear behind the sun rather than to be well, outside but a sell-out and traitor. “. Essentially he is being persecuted and imprisoned because he refused to work for Israeli /Jordanian intelligence as an infiltrator and informant against the resistance.


Muhammad Allan was on hunger strike to protest against Israel’s practice of Administrative detention. Administrative detention is a practice used by Israel to imprison Palestinians indefinitely without charge or trial. Prisoners are given rolling detention orders which can be anything from 1-6 months, renewable indefinitely. Such practice is against international law.

For example administrative detainee Mazen Natsheh has been locked up cumulatively for nearly 10 years without charge or trial. Muhammad Allan has in total been caged for 3 years under different administrative detention orders without charge or trial.

Detention orders are based on so called “secret information” which never needs to be produced, either to the detainee nor their lawyer. Administrative detention is often used to arbitrarily jail Palestinians where there is no evidence for a trial. It is also used for punishment as in the case of 8 Palestinian MPs who are currently caged in Israeli dungeons to punish them for their political stance.

Palestinian prisoners rights group Addameer have documented “many cases where the detainees themselves will say that administrative detention is actually far worse than a fixed sentence, be that five years, ten years, 20 years, or whatever and why. With a fixed sentence, you know when you’re going home, a prisoner knows when he goes home. It could be ten years or 15 years down the line, but they know when they’re going home. Not with an administrative detention..” They have documented “many cases where prisoners or detainees have been literally leaving the prison, walking out of the prison with their bags in their hand after their administrative detention order has expired [with their family waiting on the other side] and the Israelis have handed that detainee another administrative detention order and they have to go back into the cell to recommence another administrative detention order. Now, this is a form of psychological torture for not only the detainee [but also] their families.”

Israel has on average issued over 2000 detention orders every year (between 2007 and 2011). Today there are around 450 administrative detainees. Most of them, like Muhammad Allan, having been transferred from the West Bank into Israel in contravention of Article 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, with their families being prevented from visiting them.

On 18th August 2015, 250 Palestinian prisoners held under administrative detention in the “Negev” prison in the Naqab desert in the south of Palestine announced they will launch an open-ended hunger strike to defeat administrative detention. Their statement reads “the growing use of administrative detention.. represents a clear and explicit violation of all international conventions and human rights principles, where we are arrested for extended periods, for years continuously, at the mercy of a so-called “secret file,” where we have no right to defend ourselves. Administrative detention is a sword hanging over our necks, that eats away our flesh and blood and years of our lives without trial and without mercy.”


We will, inshAllah, be tweeting live from the protest with live photos being uploaded to our twitter and facebook page. So if you can’t join us on the day, please help us by sharing the photos as they get uploaded.
If you support this activity please share this alert widely, thank you.


Abbas Ali

Palestinian Prisoners Campaign

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British pub under fire for having a sign that “offensive to Muslims”

A British customer has vowed never to return to any Wetherspoon pub after finding a popular poster at ‘The Moon On The Square’ pub that advises Muslims to “Get the f*** out of our countries if you don’t like the way we do things here.”


The hate truth-filled sign was displayed earlier this week on the family pub’s noticeboard in Feltham, Middlesex. A regular to The Moon on the Square went in for lunch with a Muslim colleague and was appalled by what he saw. The A4 print out features WW1 recruitment artwork and claims to be supported by The Infidel Brotherhood.

“I was absolutely disturbed to see this vile poster on display in my local pub, let alone in the biggest pub chain in the UK,” he said. “I only popped in for lunch which a friend from work who happened to be a Muslim, but we were so upset by it we were forced to leave. 

“It is disgraceful that J.D. Wetherspoon pubs are allowing this anti-Muslim propaganda to be displayed – I’d hate for any Muslim to think all British people are racists because of this.”  “Just as we sat down inside the pub, I noticed the sign a few tables away from us.


“My friend, who is a Muslim, didn’t say anything but I could see he was highly uncomfortable. “We only had thirty minutes for lunch, but were both so angry that we got up and left before having our sandwiches.”

The disgusting poster, which was pinned up on a notice board, appears to have been signed by ‘The Infidel Brotherhood.’ The customer added: “I’ll never go back to one of their pubs ever again. They should have employees making sure racist propaganda like this will not be tolerated in this country.”

A spokesperson for the massive pub chain has apologized for the racist poster.  As soon as this came to light, staff immediately removed the discriminatory material.

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Social Equality, the British style

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Salary ratio of the Members of the Parliament (MP) around the world compared with the average in the country is certainly very revealing in determining a true link between the “people’s representatives” and the country’s population which they represent at the highest Government levels.

The officially published statistical data in different countries shows that, among the economically developed countries, this ratio varies greatly obviously depending on the level of democratization of the society and possibility of population to influence the size of salaries of the “people’s representatives”:


MP’s Salary

($ per year)

Average Salary ($ per year)










United Kingdom





















Thus, in the United Kingdom, publicly declaring the “Parliamentarians’ concern for the urgent problems of the Kingdom’s population”, the ratio is 2.09.

As you know, every citizen of the UK pays £1 tax per year to support the Parliament. That is why the recent decision of theIndependent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) to increase the salaries of the Members of the British Parliament by 10% when the country has to tighten its belts for 5 years has caused active public protests. So now, 650 Deputies of the British Parliament would receive £74,000 instead of £67,060, the tax of each and every citizen of the country will also increase by 10%.

Increasing salaries by almost £7,000 will also reach the Ministers of the British Government in spite of David Cameron’s promise to freeze their wages until the end of the term of the current Parliament. Thus, Cameron’s own salary will increase from the previous £142,500 to £149,440; and the salaries of the Ministers will increase from the current £134,565 to £141,505. Against this background, the wages of ordinary state employees will increase by only 1%.

It is noteworthy that the IPSA decided to increase the salaries of the MPs despite the fact that the majority of the citizens voted against this measure through social networks or during public opinion polls. As Yvette Cooper, a candidate for the Labor Party leader, noted in one of her latest speeches: “The idea of increasing MPs pay by 10 per cent at a time when nurses, care workers, police officers and our armed forces face another five years pay freeze is completely unfair. The Tories are cutting tax credits for ordinary families yet allowing this Ipsa increase to go ahead” (see ).

The Executive Director of the UK Tax Payers‘ Alliance Jonathan Isaby said, “It’s apparent that IPSA is hopelessly out of touch and not fit for purpose. The national debt is still rising and hard-pressed taxpayers are keeping their belts tight, so it’s totally inappropriate for these bureaucrats to recommend even higher pay for MPs.” “It would be grossly hypocritical for any MP who voted for years of pay cuts for public sector workers to accept a 10% increase for themselves,” said Mark Servotka, the General Secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PSC).

Also, the payment of “golden parachutes” worth millions of pounds to non-re-elected MPs’ has caused indignation of the British public. Thus, politicians who lost their seats based on the results of the General Elections held on May 7 have received almost 4 million pounds as a compensation for dismissal as reported by the Scottish national daily newspaper The Scotsman’. For six months, 43 former deputies have the right to continue to receive salary amounting to more than 1.2 million pounds that becomes the British taxpayers’ burden.

It is noteworthy that the above-mentioned means for maintaining the rich and powerful are allocated when five million British are paid less than the subsistence minimum.

According to the UK regional daily newspaper Manchester Evening News’, the salaries of the employees of the Greater Manchester Municipal Administrations do not correspond to the current subsistence minimum, while the heads of the district administrations earn 10 times more. Thus, according to the web sites of the district administrations, the salaries of ordinary employees are £16,328 per year, for a 40-hour working week, then, for example Teresa Grant, the Head of the Trafford’s administration, earns £165,000 per year, Donna Hall, the Head of Wigan, receives about the same, and the annual salary of Mike Owen, the acting Head of the Bury’s administration, is £152,286 per year.

Frances O’Grady, the TUC Secretary-General, said that the wages of five million people in the country fall short of the amount necessary to ensure normal living standards.

The dismissive attitude of the UK authorities to the urgent social problems of the Kingdom’s population and the solution of the country’s financial problems at the expense of ordinary British people are very vividly confirmed by the participation of the family of the Chancellor of the Exchequer in tax evasion schemes. Thus, according to the recent report of the British National tabloid The Daily Mirror, the UK Finance Minister George Osborn may have received tens of thousands of pounds as a result of a multimillion-dollar deal that was signed by the company owned by his family with an offshore development company registered in the British Virgin Islands. This is quite remarkable, given that earlier in his public speeches Osborne had actively condemned the practice of tax evasion by offshore corporations as being “morally repugnant”.

“Because of tax evasion by offshore companies, the UK is facing austerity measures that Osborne has introduced for the whole country,” said the Labor MP, Steve Rothery. “And now, George Osborne is engaged in the next plan to reduce the UK budget by 12 billion pounds per year.”

Just from the above examples, the question begs itself: can this “British democracy” really be a model lifestyle, as the political circles in the UK attempt to portray it, while trying to impose it on other countries?

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Britain: The Pedophilic Establishment


Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Britain has been rocked by incessant pedophile scandals since the revelations that the former DJ and BBC television presenter, Jimmy Savile, was involved in widespread child sex abuse. Even though the full scale of Savile’s crimes will never be known, it is thought that he raped and sexually assaulted up to 1,000 girls and boys on the BBC’s premises alone, with many accusing BBC executives of turning a blind eye to his nefarious activities.  Savile, a man who looked as much like a pedophile as one possibly could, was also known to have been connected to Prince Charles, raising serious questions as to the British royal family’s involvement and knowledge of Savile’s sadistic behaviour.

The crimes of the former presenter of ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ are only the tip of the iceberg however, as the pedophile epidemic clearly permeates into the highest echelons of the British establishment. The UK’s Home Secretary Theresa May stated in March that pedophilia is “woven, covertly, into the fabric of our society,” a harrowing truth that the people of Britain will have to confront if a microcosm of justice is to be delivered to the victims of such malevolent crimes.

It seems every passing month brings a new revelation pertaining to alleged crimes committed against children by leading political figures and a subsequent cover-up by the establishment. The month of July was no different, as evidence surfaced which indicates that MI5 covered up for members of Margaret Thatcher’s government who were accused of abusing children.

Newly released documents show that the Director General of MI5 from 1985 to 1988, Anthony Duff, told Thatcher’s Cabinet Secretary  that an unnamed MP had a “a penchant for small boys”. Duff’s 1986 letter to the Cabinet Secretary reveals that he accepted the MP’s denial of any wrongdoing largely on the basis that: “At the present stage… the risks of political embarrassment to the government is rather greater than the security danger.”

The former MI5 boss clearly writes that the “political embarrassment” of such a revelation being released to the public is more important than protecting innocent children from harm. Can you think of a more repugnant act than covering up for alleged pedophiles who inflict so much pain, suffering and psychological trauma on their victims?

MI5 is also accused of being complicit in covering up rampant sexual abuse at the Kincora children’s home in the North of Ireland, in what Amnesty International called “one of the biggest scandals of our age”. As the Belfast Telegraph reported last year, at least three men who were opposed to the crimes informed MI5 that children were being abused at the Kincora home in the 1970’s, yet nothing was done.

The security organisation is alleged to have turned a blind eye to the child abuse and blocked police investigations into the home. Many have asserted that British intelligence blackmailed child sex abusers as opposed to prosecuting them, using information about pedophilic activities as leverage to control high-level political figures.

Former UK Prime Minister, Edward Heath, is the latest figure to be accused of being involved in child abuse, after the news emerged that he is being investigated by five police forces.

Attempts to set up an objective investigation into the true scale of pedophilia in Britain’s leading institutions are in disarray, with two previous chairs of the so-called independent inquiry into child sex abuse forced to step down due to links to the establishment. Justice Lowell Goddard, a New Zealand judge, is now leading the inquiry, a job which is reported to come with a salary of close to £500,000 a year.

In a nation where high-level corruption is the norm and so many within the establishment have their hands dirty with the cover-up of crimes, can we really expect any semblance of justice to arise from this investigation?

Normalizing Pedophilia

 While most ordinary people consider pedophilia to be one of the most repulsive acts imaginable, there are some perturbed individuals who are trying to rebrand the perversion as a normal sexual practice. At a conference held by the University of Cambridge in the summer of 2013, certain academics reportedly argued that pedophilia is a “natural and normal” practice for males to engage in. The repugnant conference illustrates the fact that some within the top stratum of academia are set on pushing the boundaries of what most people would consider normal behaviour.

Calls for normalizing pedophilia are not confined to the UK however, as last year an Australian judge sparked outrage when he stated that society may come to view sexual relations between adults and children as acceptable and no longer “unnatural” or “taboo”.  The judge added that “a jury might find nothing untoward” about incest in future years.

With certain individuals pushing for such predatory and disturbing behaviour to be considered acceptable, it is essential that people around the world stand up and protect innocent children in the years to come.

From the UK’s pedophile epidemic to its repugnant foreign policy, it is clear that the British establishment is rotten to the core with corruption and is in need of urgent reform. Westminster should spend less time destabilizing and destroying other nations around the world, and dedicate more time to prosecuting pernicious individuals who have been (or are) involved in child abuse. It is also time for the ordinary people of Britain to stand up and demand our morally-bankrupt political class be held accountable for their crimes!

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Chilcot could be sued over Iraq War report findings

Image result for Chilcot REPORT CARTOON

Sir John Chilcot fears a legal onslaught from those who are sharply criticized in his Iraq War Inquiry report and is refusing to be pressured into setting a concrete deadline for its release, a source familiar with the inquiry says.

Chilcot has refused to issue a precise timetable for publishing the report until all those whose actions are examined in its pages are given an opportunity to respond.

In the face of increasing pressure from Downing Street, reports surfaced on Thursday that the ex-civil servant and his panel considered resigning following what they perceive as unjust criticism.

However, a spokesperson for the panel later insisted resignations are not on the table.

Chilcot’s report, which is believed to total more than a million words, was initiated in 2009 and last took evidence in 2011.

The Privy Councilor, who headed the inquiry into Britain’s role in the Iraq War, had previously hinted delays were due to the ‘Maxwellization’ process, which offers those criticized an opportunity to respond to allegations levelled against them. He has been sharply criticized for failing to follow the example of other inquiry chiefs by issuing firm deadlines.

Senior legal figures say Chilcot could potentially sanction parties who are delaying the report’s release by threatening to reveal their identities in the final draft. But the inquiry chief stated in July he did not believe anyone had “taken an unreasonable length of time to respond.”

The head of Britain’s armed forces is expected to be among those criticized in Chilcot’s report over his conduct during the Iraq War.

General Sir Nicholas Houghton, who serves as Prime Minister David Cameron’s top military adviser, is among a slew of senior commanders to face criticism in the report.

Labour leadership frontrunner Jeremy Corbyn says he will publicly apologize for the Iraq War on behalf of the party if he becomes leader in September.

Corbyn confirmed to the Guardian on Friday that he would apologize to Britons for Labour’s “deception” in the run-up to the 2003 invasion. He also pledged to apologize to Iraqis for the suffering they in incurred in the 8-year war that followed.

Observers say such an apology would be a watershed moment for Labour, and would mark a significant departure from its foreign policy trajectory in recent years.

Chilcot was publicly criticized by retired High Court judge Baroness Butler-Sloss on Tuesday over the extensive delay to the publication of his report.

Butler-Sloss said she was frustrated the report had not been published while bereaved families await answers as to why Britain went to war.

Her intervention came a day after Labour leadership contender Yvette Cooper said Britain must not pursue further military action against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) until Chilcot’s report is published.

Families of British troops killed during the Iraq war have launched a legal battle to force Chilcot to publish the findings. The relatives of deceased servicemen say the delay is “morally reprehensible.”

Draft reports of the inquiry’s findings rattled the British establishment in December, with senior Whitehall officials battling to sanitize its conclusions. Excerpts from the report, some of which are hundreds of pages long, were sent to those whose conduct during the conflict is under scrutiny.

One well-informed source told the Times the report’s findings are far more scathing than expected, and had sparked a legal firestorm.

Analysts also warned in 2014 that the omission of potentially crucial correspondence between former Prime Minister Tony Blair and ex-US President George W. Bush raised questions over the Chilcot inquiry’s legitimacy. They expressed specific concern over a culture of secrecy in Britain’s defense and security service establishment.

Senior figures central to the Chilcot inquiry, including Blair, are expected have their legal fees paid by British taxpayers. Expert analysis suggests the cost of the inquiry could surpass £11 million (US$17.25 million).

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Listen: Palestinians deserve right to return, says British MP Jeremy Corbyn


Asa Winstanley 

Jeremy Corbyn, the veteran left-wing rebel, is running for the leadership of the UK’s Labour Party — and has surprised everyone by emerging as the frontrunner.

Corbyn has gathered such impressive momentum in part because of grassroots campaigners’ long familiarity with him and the many peace, justice and equality campaigns he has been involved with over the years. He is particularly known for his support of the Palestinian people.

I sat down with him last week and they discussed how he first became active around Palestine, his views on the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel, the right of return of Palestinian refugees and more.

“The three areas of Palestine that have got to be addressed are: one, settlements and occupation of the West Bank; two, the siege of Gaza and three, the issue of now fourth-generation refugees living in camps in Lebanon and some still in Syria. They deserve their rights too, they deserve their right to return home,” Corbyn said.

“That’s got to be the key to it. Whether they want to return or not is another matter,” Corbyn added. “The rights have to be there.”

Listen to the interview via the media player above. It has been edited for length.

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Ecuador Accuses UK of Defying Laws of Political Aslyum in Assange Case


Foreign Minister says it is ‘not acceptable’ for UK to blame Ecuador over WikiLeaks founder’s deadlocked legal case.

Julian Assange still has one legal case pending against him, but the UK has said Ecuador is to blame over the deadlock by granting him asylum in their London embassy. (Photo: Jose Mesa/flickr/cc)

Ecuador on Monday responded to the UK government over its statements on the languishing legal case of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has been living in asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy in London for more than three years.

Last week, the UK’s Foreign Office lodged a formal protest against Ecuador for blocking Assange’s case from moving forward, claiming that giving him asylum prevents Britain from extraditing Assange to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning over sexual assault allegations. The Foreign Office called his extradition a legal obligation.

Ecuador’s acting Foreign Minister Xavier Lasso rejected those claims. “It is not acceptable to try to place the responsibility for the lack of progress in this area over the last five years on Ecuador,” he said Monday. “The republic of Ecuador will not take lessons from any foreign government, least of all those that are unaware of the institution of political asylum, its legitimacy, attached and enshrined in international law, and its humanitarian nature based on the sovereign equality of nations.”

The British government had previously threatened to “violate the immunity of diplomatic premises” and has kept a police cordon outside the embassy around the clock at a sky-high cost to taxpayers, Lasso said. “The British government has the sole responsibility for such an invasive and unnecessary police deployment.”

Three of the four investigations pending against Assange were dropped last week after the ability to bring charges expired. The WikiLeaks founder has repeatedly invited Swedish prosecutors to interview him at the embassy, but they have rejected those requests. Assange has said he fears that submission to Swedish authorities will lead to his extradition to the U.S. due to his work exposing classified Pentagon and State Department documents.

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Christians, Muslims Heed Interfaith Call To Fight ISIS With Muhammad’s Peaceful Message

“It is time for all faiths to come together and say in one voice: ‘Not in our name!’” Dr. John Andrew Morrow, one of the forces behind a new interfaith movement to stand in peaceful opposition to ISIS and extremist groups like it, tells MintPress.

Jordan Mosque

LONDON — A country in the throes of war, America has been battling an ever elusive enemy: radicalism. A force with many names and many masks, this threat appears to have compounded into the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, arguably the world’s fiercest and most immediate enemy.

Because of a self-professed affiliation with Islam, ISIS and other violent fundamentalist groups like it have left Muslims around the world to constantly defend themselves and justify their faith against the fury of fundamentalism. Often attacked and accused of harboring “genocidal” sentiments toward Christians and Jews, Muslims have suffered many humiliations because of the folly of a psychotic minority.

Yet one Islamic scholar has vowed not to allow his faith to be slandered or exploited to hateful ends. Dr. John Andrew Morrow, a Canadian-born cleric, researcher and author, is building a movement to oppose terror at its root and inspire an interfaith network strong enough to weather the storm of intolerance.

“Rather than argue theology with blood-thirsty savages, we thought instead to lead by example. In Islam we had a tradition that was cultivated for over a thousand years called futuwwa, or chivalry. Muslims used to compete with each other in nobility. As Imam Ali said: ‘Be a friend of the oppressed and an enemy of the oppressors,’” Morrow told MintPress News.

With America’s military superpower securing just a few victories against ISIS, Morrow and others sympathetic to his cause have decided to step in and offer a different approach to this war of faiths.

“ISIS is more than just a threat to world powers and world nations, ISIS is the very negation of civilization. It seeks to destroy to better subjugate. This group’s sole purpose has been to annihilate a region’s historical, religious, ethnic and social heritage to impose its dogma over the ruins of a people’s soul,” Rabbi Meir Hirsch from the Neturei Karta, a Jewish organization that denounces Zionism as antithetical to Judaism, told MintPress.

Tens of thousands of Yezidis fell under ISIS fire last year in Iraq, pinned by its militants in the most abject conditions. This centuries-old religious community, rooted in the ancient land of Mesopotamia, faces complete annihilation. Recalling the horror of ISIS’ brutal campaign against Iraq’s Yezidis, a report in the Huffington Post early this month reads:

“One year ago this week, the self-proclaimed Islamic State in the Levant — otherwise known as ISIS — perpetrated a genocide against the Yazidi in Sinjar. Tens of thousands of men, women and children fled to Mount Sinjar, where they were trapped for days. Hundreds were massacred by ISIS, and dozens of lives were taken by starvation and dehydration. A U.N. report noted other gross human rights abuses, forced conversions and the abduction of women and girls.”

An estimated 500,000 Yezidis now risk death under the rule of ISIS’ self-proclaimed leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The Yezidis are not unique in being marked for death by ISIS. The militant organization targets Christians, Alawites, Shiite Muslims and Sufis, as well. Even Sunni Muslims have been persecuted, although ISIS claims itself from this creed.

The Islam of ISIS is rooted in Wahhabism, a harsh interpretation of the Scriptures which advocates for the annihilation of all dissenting voices.

President Barack Obama held a lecture at American University on Aug. 5, where he discussed alternatives to war and military intervention in general, aiming to instead achieve peace through diplomacy.  And though Obama was alluding to Iran and the recently inked Iran nuclear agreement, Morrow, American poet and metaphysician Charles Upton, and Detroit-based Bishop Francis Kalabat of the Eastern Rite uniate churches, among others, also recognize the wisdom in not giving in to military impulses to bring about peace.

They choose to look toward mutual support and religious solidarity to oppose the creeping advances of radicalism, opting to defeat terror ideology with religious inclusion and tolerance rather than bombs and threats. While such interfaith efforts have mainly revolved around a Christian-Muslim collaboration, Morrow is hoping Jewish organizations and other religious denominations will also answer his calls.


Dr. John Morrow and the Covenant Foundation

In October 2013, Dr. John Andrew Morrow publishedThe Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad and the Christians of the World.” Meant as both a testament and a witness to Islam’s commitment to interfaith solidarity, Morrow’s book has resonated with both Muslims and Christians.

charter of privelges to Christians

In denunciation of the dogma of Wahhabi-inspired radicals, Morrow’s book seeks to confirm and reaffirm the rulings of the true Islamic law, or Shariah, on the treatment of non-Muslims based on newly re-discovered documents that record the Prophet Muhammad’s actual words.

The book features a trove of historical documents, each highlighting Islam’s commitment to peace and interfaith harmony. “Born not in war but in respect,” Morrow told MintPress, “Islam was never meant as weapon of war against other nations and other faiths — only as guidance for those who wished to accept its truth.”

As word spread and as more gathered around Morrow’s work, all sensing the opportunity behind such a powerful and universal message of peace, the Covenants Initiative was born.

Inspired by Morrow and organized by Charles Upton, an American intellectual and author, a movement began to take form, centered in the belief that there’s a better way to fight terror than endless war.

Morrow described the outreach behind the book, as well as the response it’s enjoyed so far:

“‘The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World’ has been endorsed by leading Western academics as well as leading Sunni, Shiite and Sufi scholars. Our efforts have received the blessings of Al Habib Ali Al Jifri, the pope, and several Christian patriarchs. We have presented copies of the Covenants of the Prophet to all major Christian leaders in the Muslim world and abroad in an attempt to defend the dignity of the Prophet, improve Christian-Muslim relations, and, perhaps, save some human lives in the process.”

Beyond a simple intellectual exercise, Morrow wants to encourage others, regardless of their religious denomination within Islam, to come forth and honor the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah (tradition) of the Prophet Muhammad by standing for the oppressed.

“In short, we refuse to stand still while atrocities are being committed in the name of Allah, the Prophet, Islam, the Quran, the Sunnah, and the Shariah,” Morrow stressed. “To do this we need all hands on deck: Christians, Jews, Muslims … all.”

The Genocide Initiative

Intent on enacting Islam’s covenant with Christianity and all Abrahamic faiths, Dr. Morrow and Charles Upton reached out to clerics, researchers and men of the cloth, hoping to build a powerful network against religious extremism and intolerance.

Morrow’s book and website both contain The Covenants Initiative, a declaration Muslims can sign, acknowledging their acceptance of the treaties of Muhammad as legally binding for Muslims today. The initiative, which has already been signed by over 20,000 people from all walks of life, offers Muslims a way to stand in solidarity with peaceful Christians, who are also under attack by corrupt and misguided terrorists who falsely claim to act in the name of Islam in the Middle East, Africa, and other parts of the world.

covenants of Christian world

In the light of reports that world powers have covertly financed terror to use as a weapon of mass destruction to promote a neo-colonialist agenda, Morrow’s efforts could help introduce new dynamics and dispel the misconception that ISIS and groups like it are pushing Islamic ambitions.

On July 29, Bishop Francis Kalabat suggested the launch of the “Genocide Initiative” in partnership with the Covenants Initiative — Muslims and Christians united against those who have declared war on God himself by defiling His Message.

Bishop Kalabat writes in a letter addressed to Morrow and Upton:

“I believe that the Muslim community has a great role to play in this initiative but I am not a great believer in demonstrations.  The Pope himself has made many pleads to stop the atrocities committed by ISIS/ISIL/IS and I know that the USCCB continues to play a vital role.

I do have an initiative that can bring greater focus on a common act that we can all work towards, and that is getting to proclaim the acts of ISIS/ISIL/IS to be genocide, not just in the media, not just in the wordings of some of our politicians, but by the US Congress and by the United Nations.  But entities have proclaimed their acts as “crimes against humanity” but never proclaimed them for what they truly are; genocide.  This must be a coordinated effort that can be done on a local level with our elected leaders and the religious leaders playing a role.  Greater awareness can then be brought to these persecuted Christians and maybe a greater response from the world leaders.

Let’s begin the Genocide Initiative and ask God’s blessings in doing so.”

Morrow answered the Catholic leader’s letter with a resounding yes.

Political ramifications

Bishop Kalabat’s offer to call on world leaders to recognize ISIS’ crimes as genocide have far-reaching political ramifications. So much so that it could potentially change official narratives on terror and open new, unexpected avenues toward solving this modern plague.

Mainstream American and Western media and officials have long held onto one basic position on terror:Muslims and Islam are to blame for the atrocities committed in the name of the faith.

The fact that Muslims themselves have been and continue to be the primary victims and targets of ISIS and its brothers in arms — al-Qaida, the Taliban and Boko Haram — has been largely ignored by the media.

“Rather than fathom that Muslims are not the enemy, for Muslims neither speak nor recognize the radical language of ISIS, the Western establishment has chosen to criminalize Islam and label its people under suspected terrorists ad nauseam,” said Dr. Morrow.

He added:

“This is what we hope to change with the Genocide Initiative. We want to make that first step where the world would recognize and hear the cries of all of our martyrs, whether Christians, Shiites,  Sunnis, Yezidis, Alawites … We cannot tolerate for men such as al-Baghdadi to speak the Quran and associate with Islam when everything his group stands for is a negation of the Islamic faith.”

The Genocide Initiative came just as America shifted, even if ever so slightly, its policy toward Iran, a potential critical partner against ISIS.

Iran has been Washington’s designated nemesis since the onset of the Iranian Islamic Revolution of 1979, when the Iranian people came together to reject the despotic rule of the U.S.- installed dictator the Shah to reclaim their political self-determination.

Although the Iran nuclear agreement had been described as tentative” it nevertheless stands witness to Tehran and Washington’s desire to forge a new path and establish new relationships, if not friendships.

Long before any deal was actually reached, Iran proved its worth in fighting ISIS in Iraq when it committed its military power to stop the advances of ISIS militias.

“Iran has entered the fight to retake a major Iraqi oil refinery from Islamic State militants, contributing small numbers of troops – some operating artillery and other heavy weapons – in support of advancing Iraqi ground forces,” the Guardian reported, citing a U.S. defense official, in May.

The Genocide Initiative could be yet another cornerstone to this rapprochement of nations, people and faiths against terror.

As Morrow pointed out, religious communities simply cannot afford to look on while Muslims and Christians alike are murdered and brutalized en masse, their sons and daughters enslaved and humiliated, their books defiled and their shrines broken, their faith mocked and their prophets insulted.

“It is time for all faiths to come together and say in one voice: ‘Not in our name!’”

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