Why don’t tax dodgers ever go to jail?


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Dear All,

HSBC has been caught helping some of the richest people in Britain dodge hundreds of millions in tax. [1] The scandal has been snowballing for a week now – but the bankers still haven’t been brought to justice. [2]

Politicians have spent the last week slinging insults at each other instead of tackling the problem. But the story isn’t going away, so a huge petition now will pile the pressure on the government to prosecute the bankers and tax dodgers involved.

Things are moving fast, so we’ve only got 48 hours to make this petition huge before it’s delivered straight to the government on Wednesday. Click here to add your name:


These taxes could have helped pay for our NHS or schools. It’s just not fair that while the rest of us pay our fair share to keep the country going, HSBC and their wealthy clients are allowed to get away with breaking the law.

This time, we’ve had enough of the rich playing by different rules. Public anger is at breaking point. If we can force the government to prosecute these tax dodgers, we can set the bar for them to fix our unfair tax system for good.

Politicians, bankers and tax dodgers have had a tough week. [3] They’re desperate for this story to go away – so now’s the time to turn up the heat instead. 90,000 of us have already demanded that these bankers and tax dodgers are brought to justice. Can you add your name before it’s handed in on Wednesday?


Thanks for being involved,

Amy, Bex, Laura, Nat, Maddy and the 38 Degrees team

PS. 38 Degrees members are also gearing up to crack down on another tax dodging scandal – you might have seen the email a few weeks ago. Over 5,900 38 Degrees members chipped in to fund an expert report into a multi-million pound tax dodge used by private equity bosses. The investigation’s nearly ready – you’ll be the first to know when the campaign gets going!


[1] BBC News: HSBC bank ‘helped clients dodge millions in tax’:


Guardian: HSBC files:


[2] Daily Mail: MPs slam ‘pathetic’ tax authorities for prosecuting just ONE person on leaked list of 6,800 using Swiss HSBC bank accounts:


[3] The Telegraph: Lord Green quits amid HSBC row:


BBC News: Miliband attacks ‘dodgy’ PM in HSBC donor row:


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Britain and Canada Involved in Foiled US Venezuelan Coup Plot

Global Research
Venezuela leaders

Britain and Canada were co-conspirators in the latest plot to topple Venezuela’s government.

TeleSUR provided detailed coverage of Washington’s war on Venezuelan democracy. Its dirty hands manipulate violence and instability worldwide.

US funded and supported key opposition fascist figures Antonio Ledezma, Maria Corina Machado and Leopoldo Lopez released a joint February 11 communique a day before the foiled coup.

Titled “A Call on Venezuelans for a National Accord for the Transition,” it promoted regime change. Called for Venezuela to be handed back to monied interests.

Called Bolivarian fairness “anti-democra(tic)…inefficient and…corrupt.” Run by “an unscrupulous elite (making) the State totalitarian.” Creating “a humanitarian crisis.”

“(T)he Maduro government has entered a terminal phase.” Claimed it’s “the duty of every democrat to help resolve the current crisis, to defend freedom…to make the transition…(to restore) democratic order.”

Ledezma, Marhado and Lopez want Maduro’s government violently overthrown, democracy crushed.

Washington, Britain and Canada hatched the latest plot to return Venezuela to its bad old days. TeleSUR reported new details.

“Fresh evidence” showing their involvement, saying:

“Many of the individuals being charged, included a military general – whom has confessed to participating in the plans – and a retired lieutenant colonel – have indicated you (fascist Justice Party president Julio Borges) as being a key participant in meetings, which resulted in the decision to carry out a series of bombing attacks as a part of the coup, targeting the Presidential Palace, the National Assembly,” key ministries, TeleSUR’s offices, and other Caracas sites.

Venezuelan authorities identified US embassy personnel involved. So were a Royal Canadian Mounted Police official and UK diplomatic core member, according to National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello.

They sought information on airport capabilities in case needed in an emergency.

Computers seized had detailed coup plans, including maps showing targets to be bombed.

A video showed military officials announcing Maduro’s government no longer was recognized. It was scheduled to be aired after planned bombings were launched. Either by a Venezuelan or Miami TV station.

Cabello showed a 10-year visa given to one of the plotters days ahead of the planned coup.

He noted Obama’s recent statement about “American leadership at times entail(ing) twisting the arms of states which don’t do what we need them to do.”

He said coup plotters planned to topple Venezuela’s government forcefully on the anniversary of US-manipulated 2014 street violence.

Killing 43. Injuring hundreds. Causing billions of dollars in physical and economic damage.

US planned, funded, implemented and directed economic, political, and street warfare continues to topple the hemisphere’s most vibrant democracy.

On Saturday, Maduro addressed Venezuelans a second time on national television. Following up on his Thursday coup plot revelations.

Explaining more details of Washington’s scheme to oust him forcefully. “Almost all (opposition) leaders knew about this plan, this ambush, almost all of them, including the four-time losing candidate,” Maduro explained.

Referring to Henrique Capriles Radonski. One of many Venezuelan fascists wanting power back the old-fashioned way.

“I’m not saying all of them were actively involved,” Maduro said. “But it was a rumor circulating amongst them, that something was about to happen.

Figures arrested confessed to the plot, Maduro explained. They provided more evidence of Washington’s scheme.

It involved enlisting Venezuelan political and military officials. Bribing them with large cash payments. America’s Caracas embassy was coup plot headquarters.

Maduro called on Obama to stop interfering in Venezuelan affairs, saying:

“In your name, they are organizing coup plots against (Venezuela’s) democratically elected government…”

Bolivian President Evo Morales expressed solidarity with Maduro saying “(w)e all have the obligation to enforce respect for democracy and elections, and if we have a clear conscious, not even the empire can defeat us.”

Maduro received numerous other messages of support. Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega condemned the “criminal and futile attempts of the empire to undermine the Bolivarian Revolution.”

From Mexico City, the Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Movements in Defense of Humanity expressed solidarity in an official statement. It condemned plans to topple Venezuela’s government.

TeleSUR reported civil and political organizations worldwide expressing solidarity with Venezuela.

Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) Secretary General Ernesto Samper denounced plans to oust Maduro.

Venezuelan opposition spokesman Jesus Torrealba lied saying “(t)he government makes up these stories about coups to avoid talking about how the country is breaking down.”

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki lied calling accusations about Washington plotting Maduro’s ouster “ridiculous.”

She absurdly added:

“(T)he United States does not support political transitions by non-constitutional means.”

“Political transitions must be democratic, constitutional, peaceful, and legal.”

“We have seen many times that the Venezuelan Government tries to distract from its own actions by blaming the United States or other members of the international community for events inside Venezuela. These efforts reflect a lack of seriousness on the part of the Venezuelan Government to deal with the grave situation it faces.”

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UK dispatches troop carriers to Ukraine



Press TV

Britain has delivered a number of troop transporters to Ukraine as fighting rages on unabated in the eastern parts of the former Soviet country despite a peace deal.

Ukrainian media reported on Friday that 20 British Saxon armored vehicles were handed in to Kiev, with another 55 expected to arrive soon.

The UK’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) said that the vehicles were transferred by a private firm under a 2013 deal with the eastern European country.

The troop carriers were first used by the MoD in the 1980s, but went out of service some three years ago, according to an MoD spokesperson.

The spokesperson stressed that the British government has been supplying “non-lethal assistance” to the Ukrainian army since the beginning of the crisis in the country.

“There has been no change to this and we have not provided lethal assistance. These vehicles were provided unarmed under a commercial contract dating 2013 by a private company,” the spokesperson added.

Earlier this week, British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond also noted that London was keeping under review a decision not to arm Ukraine, adding it could not allow the Ukrainian army to collapse.

This is while Russia has repeatedly criticized plans by Western countries to supply weapons to Ukraine, saying it would only aggravate the situation in the country’s restive provinces.

The UK’s decision to send troop carriers to Ukraine came one day after Kiev reached a ceasefire agreement with pro-Moscow forces operating in the country’s volatile east following marathon peace talks in the Belarusian capital, Minsk, with leaders of Russia, Germany and France.

The mainly Russian-speaking regions of Donetsk and Lugansk in eastern Ukraine have been the scene of deadly clashes between pro-Russia activists and the Ukrainian army since Kiev launched military operations to silence protests there in mid-April 2014.

More than 5,500 people have died and some 12,200 wounded in the conflict, the UN says. Around 1.5 million people have been also forced from their homes over the past months of turmoil.

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Pegida UK promoter has ties with far right, wants to ‘ban Islam’

Members of KOEGIDA, Cologne's anti-immigration movement affliated with Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA), protest during a demonstration against Islamisation in Cologne, January 14, 2015. (Reuters / Ina Fassbender)

Members of KOEGIDA, Cologne’s anti-immigration movement affliated with Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA), protest during a demonstration against Islamisation in Cologne, January 14, 2015. (Reuters / Ina Fassbender)

The official spokesman for Pegida UK has admitted to spreading anti-Islamic hate and was found to have social media links with far-right organizations, despite saying that Pediga “would not want to associate ourselves with them.”

Matthew Pope, who has given interviews to local newspapers in Newcastle upon Tyne, in northeast England, as the official spokesperson of Pediga UK, said the group is protesting the supposed Islamification of Britain.

The Facebook group for the first UK rally, scheduled to take place in Newcastle upon Tyne on February 28, shows around 600 people are planning to attend.

A number of anti-fascist groups are already planning to resist the march, labeling Pegida UK racist and Islamophobic, at the same time as voicing concerns over violence toward members of the general public.

Unfortunately, we’ve witnesses a spike in attacks on the Muslim community and I think it’s very important that everyone stands out and says that we don’t want the Muslim community targeted,” joint secretary of Unite Against Fascism (UAF) Weyman Bennet told Sputnik News.

We want people to stand together, we don’t want division. We want a society where people can stand together — black, white, Muslims, gay, straight, young and old to say that we oppose division and people that want to divide our society.”

Pegida, which translates from German as Patriotic Europeans Against The Islamization Of The West, has staged rallies thought Germany and drawn thousands to the streets, both in support of its aims and to oppose it.

In Dresden, 25,000 people marched with the group, which German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called “full of prejudice, a chilliness, even hatred.” The growing popularity of Pegida mirrors the rise of anti-Muslim feeling throughout Europe, which has seen the rise of neo-Nazis in Greece and the National Front in France.

Pope told the Newcastle Chronicle that Pediga UK chose to hold its march in the northeast city rather than London so as not to conflict with far-right “extremist” groups in the capital.

There are a lot of right-wing extremists there and we wouldn’t want to associate ourselves with them,”Pope said.

He claimed Pediga UK only protests Islamic extremism. However, the activist’s Facebook page suggests otherwise.

Pope’s personal account shows he likes other far-right British groups such as the British National Party (BNP), Britain First, the English Defence League (EDL), and Anti-Islam (England Division).

In December, Pope claimed he was going to quit the “anti-Islam” movement and focus on Christianity.

I have decided to leave the anti-Islam movement. I am now focusing on Jesus only. I feel the people involved in most of it are in it for the wrong reasons,” he posted on Facebook.

“I should be promoting Father’s kingdom instead to promoting hatred (even though that was never my intent). I confess that I spread hate through ‘Ban Islam’ with over 90,000 followers, I should have been more responsible.

“After my walk with Christ started, I tried educating about Islam through ‘Islam, Deceiver,’ but I can see there is too much hatred from people to continue my work.”

Since supposedly moving away from the spread of anti-Islam sentiment, Pope has since become involved in the promotion of Pegida UK. He claims the prevailing nationalism of other far-right groups is detracting from the main aim of fighting Islam, however.

“I support the anti-Islamic movement. But I do not support groups that emphasize the patriotism. Any group that deliberately draws attention away from the real issue (Islam) is going to fail,” he wrote.

You, like the EDL and Britain First, are just going to be labeled as racist bigots. It’s the price for being nationalist. Until people ditch the patriotic side of things the general public will only label you as racist.

“The problem is not the terrorists. Policing, governments and [the] army will control that. It is the moderate Muslims that need to be exposed.”

“And I am afraid all the St George’s crosses and skinheads can’t solve that. Making the moderate Muslims drop their guard and show Islam’s true intent is a game of intellect.”

Pope, who claims to be a qualified mental health nurse, has been unemployed for a number of months. He blames immigration for the lack of UK jobs.

He has previously been charged with grievous bodily harm.

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UK Taxpayers Have Spent Over $15M To Police Julian Assange

It’s cost over $15 million to keep cops watching the Ecuadorean Embassy in London where the wanted WikiLeaker has holed up for nearly three years.
British police officers stand guard outside the Ecuadorian Embassy, where WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is taking refuge, in London. Photo: Alastair Grant/AP

You can do a lot with 10 million British pounds in London.

It’s equal to over $15 million. Here that’s a year’s worth of public education for roughly 1,000 kids. Or a year’s worth of street policing by more than 300 officers. Or just one really nice one-bedroom apartment.

It’s also the amount of money the British taxpayer has spent so far keeping Metropolitan Police officers stationed 24/7 for almost three years outside the Embassy of Ecuador, on the off chance that one high-profile occupant strolls out.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been holed up in the brick building since June 20, 2012. Ecuador granted him asylum after he lost an appeal at the UK Supreme Court against extradition to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning on sex crime allegations.

The police have orders to arrest Assange as soon as he sets foot on British soil. So every day for almost 1,000 days, officers with not much to do have stood outside the building in London’s Knightsbridge neighborhood, just across the street from Harrods’ department store.

There, a crystal-encrusted bottle of Robert Piguet perfume sells for 10,000 pounds — just under the 10,500-pound ($16,000) daily cost of the embassy’s police detail.

To the best of anyone’s knowledge, Assange — who looked like a man who hadn’t seen the sun in a while, even before his asylum claim — hasn’t been outdoors in more than two and a half years.

Sometimes he peeks out the window, said an officer stationed in front of the building on Wednesday afternoon.

“A personal trainer’s been around lately,” the officer said. “We can see him doing his boxercizing.”

The Met, as London’s police force is known, is facing massive budget cuts as a result of austerity measures, as is virtually every public institution in Britain.

Playing an extended game of cat-and-mouse with an eccentric Australian may not be the ideal use of public money.

“There’s no doubt that it’s a drain,” Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe told London’s LBC Radio, which broke the cost story last week.

“We’re gonna have to look to see what other opportunities we have, how we can do that differently in the future, because it’s sucking our resources in.”

Sweden issued an international warrant for Assange’s arrest in November 2010 so he could be questioned about sexual assault claims made by two different women.

Assange has said publicly he believes that going to Sweden would lead to his being extradited to the United States to face charges related to WikiLeaks’ publication of secret US military files and diplomatic cables.

On Aug. 18, Assange held a press conference where he said he expected to leave the embassy “soon.”

That was almost six months ago. There is no sign that he’s going anywhere.

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England’s biggest hospitals veto NHS budget over patient safety fears

Hospitals that provide 75% of all NHS services refuse to sign deal, saying £1.7bn cuts involved will put patient care at risk
A health worker and patient on a ward in Addenbrooke, one of the hospitals which refused to sign off the NHS budget deal.
A health worker and patient on a ward in Addenbrooke’s hospital in Cambridge, one of the hospitals which has refused to sign off the NHS budget deal. Photograph: David Levene for the Guardian

England’s biggest hospitals are refusing to sign off their annual budget deal with the NHS, claiming that the £1.7bn of cuts involved will mean they can no longer guarantee the safe care of patients.

In an unprecedented move, hospitals that provide 75% of all NHS hospital care have vetoed plans drawn up by Monitor, the NHS’s financial regulator, to reduce their income to help the service balance its books. “We have now reached the point where patient care is at risk,” the hospitals said.

NHS Providers, which represents 94% of hospitals, said its members could no longer “achieve the impossible” by absorbing a fifth successive year of cuts to the payments they receive for treating patients under the tariff system.

“After five years of unprecedented price cuts, with NHS providers realising more than £20bn of savings over this parliament, objecting to the tariff for many represents a last resort to have their concerns heard, as they can no longer guarantee safe and effective care unless they are properly and fully paid for the patients they treat,” said Chris Hopson, the chief executive of NHS Providers.

Some patients could end up not being treated at all as a result of the public row over where the NHS’s money went, he warned.

If hospitals were not paid the full amount for the care they provided, he said, they might only provide as much care as they could, based on their budget.

An estimated 80% of England’s 160 acute hospital trusts are either already in the red or at risk of ending the 2014-15 financial year in late March with a deficit.

Hospitals are already facing the loss of another £1.9bn of their £40bn annual income to help fund the Better Care Fund, which starts in April and is meant to keep patients healthier at home to relieve the growing pressure on hospitals.

NHS England, which distributes the service’s £97bn budget, said giving in to the hospitals’ demands would mean less money for GP services, accident and emergency units, mental health care and ambulance services.

“Since the overall NHS funding totals for 2015-16 are now agreed, any fundamental changes to benefit one set of providers would in practice mean robbing Peter to pay Paul,” a spokeswoman said.

The row leaves the NHS in uncharted waters because there is now no agreement over how much hospitals should be paid for work done from 1 April.

It could force the chancellor, George Osborne, to give the NHS more money for 2015-16 in his budget on 18 March, over and above the extra £2bn a year he promised to provide from April in his autumn statement.

The Monitor deal would reduce hospitals’ income by £1.2bn by applying a 1.9% cut to tariff payments, forcing them to save 3.8% of their entire budget by being more efficient – a target hospitals say is completely unrealistic.

They also object to the regulator’s plans to cut £220m from the amount they receive for providing specialised medical services to patients with rare conditions and to an attempt to save another £290m by giving hospitals only half the real cost of treating some A&E patients.

NHS England said the extra £31bn hospitals had received over the past two years for specialised services should mean they could accommodate the £220m cut.

Although the identity of the hospitals rejecting Monitor’s plans was not disclosed, they are understood to include large teaching hospitals which provide many of the NHS’s most vital services, such as the Kings College Hospital and University College London trusts in the capital, University Hospitals Birmingham and Cambridge University Hospitals, which runs Addenbrooke’s hospital.

Richard Murray, director of policy at the King’s Fund health charity, said of the hospitals’ move: “It signals that the policy of implementing year-on-year reductions in the prices paid to hospitals for their services has reached the end of the line.

Murray, a former senior official with the Department of Health and NHS England, added: “It is not clear what the outcome will be but, with just three months to go before the start of the financial year, it will throw financial planning in the NHS into disarray.”

With growing evidence that holding down NHS staff pay is not sustainable, the row shows that the two main ways the NHS has tried to save money since 2010 “have now been largely exhausted”, Murray said.

Under the rules governing how tariffs are set, Monitor can be forced to rethink its proposals if objections are raised by more than 51% of trusts, measured either by number or their share of all NHS activity.

Trusts which undertake 75% of hospital work, and 13% of the 211 GP-led clinical commissioning groups, objected.

Monitor will now have to revise its plans, call in an independent arbitrator or ask the Competition and Markets Authority to settle the dispute. In total, 37% of trusts signalled their opposition.

A Monitor spokesman said the regulator and NHS England were “now considering the feedback received from the consultation and possible next steps, in the context of what the legislation permits in the event that an objection threshold is breached”.

One of its options included “engaging with the sector then reconsulting on revised proposals”.

Andy Burnham, the shadow health secretary, said the spat showed that the NHS was deteriorating rapidly under the coalition.

“Once again, [the health secretary] Jeremy Hunt is failing to provide the leadership the NHS desperately needs,” Burnham said.

“The NHS is becoming mired in a sense of crisis and confusion because of his mismanagement.”

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UK: The NHS privatisation experiment is unravelling before our eyes


As Circle Holdings, the first private firm to manage an NHS hospital, looks to leaving its contract, we have a depressing example of how privatisation can go badly wrong.


Hinchingbrooke Hospital is to lose the private firm that runs it. Photo: YouTube screengrab

What a difference (less than) a year makes. In a press release back in February last year, private healthcare company Circle Holdings spun that it had, “transformed services at Hinchingbrooke”. The hospital, it boasted, “is now secure for the future”.

Which would make the news today that it was walking away two years into a 10-year contract to run Hinchingbrooke – the UK’s only privately-run NHS hospital – a shock, were it not for the sheer, abject predictability of it.

The fact that Circle is dumping the contract on financial grounds, citing a lack of funding and pressure on the casualty department, is certainly no surprise to many, not least the National Health Action Party founding member and Save Lewisham Hospital veteran Dr Louise Irvine.

She says: “This is exactly what we warned and predicted would happen and illustrates the folly of private sector involvement in our NHS. When the going gets tough, the private sector gets going – and dumps NHS patients. The privatisation experiment has lamentably failed”.

It isn’t unexpected, not least because in September last year, when Health Service Journal obtained a damning report by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in which a litany of shocking failings were revealed, the writing was on the wall.

It was a miserable list. The CQC found, “little internal or clear external oversight of how the trust managed risks to the quality of care”; a lack of “clarity or coherence” over who was “responsible for the oversight and scrutiny of the trust’s quality agenda”; poor hygiene standards; “poor care provided to patients”, and, perhaps most damning of all, a “blame approach, rather than that of a supportive and patient focused approach”.

Circle had been held up as a shining example of a private company stepping in to triumph where the NHS had failed. It’s impossible to see how this rhetoric can be maintained with any integrity given this monumental failure; the privatisation experiment is unravelling before our eyes.

And what’s striking about this example is that it is not only a failure of patient care standards, but in hard-nosed economics as well. As I pointed out in October, one of the many severe consequences of marketisation – one totally overlooked in Simon Stevens’ big rescue plan – is that when private companies bin their contracts with the NHS in such a self-serving fashion, it is the trusts’ time and precious taxpayer funds that end up being wasted on picking up the pieces.

What cost will Circle’s walking away be to Cambridgeshire and Peterborough? I shudder to think. And, thanks to the Health and Social Care Act, the next chapter in this woeful saga will have to be another gruelling and costly tendering process, administrated by the trust.

And it goes full circle – if you’ll excuse the pun. Why are A&E departments in crisis? It’s extremely complex, but it would help if the limited resources trusts are being asked to survive on weren’t wasted in such gross examples of false economics, and privatisation going so drastically wrong.

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‘Rotten Core of Banking’ Exposed: Global Outrage Follows HSBC Revelations


‘These bankers are too big to fail and too big to jail, so they just keep engaging in illegal activity.’

Image result for HSBC LOGO

New details about how HSBC bank helped tax evaders and money-launderers—from political figures to celebrities to arms dealers—conceal billions of dollars in assets have sparked international condemnation, from elected officials as well as public interest groups around the world.

Documents leaked by whistleblower Hervé Falciani, who worked for HSBC, show how a Swiss division of the U.K.-headquartered bank routinely allowed clients to withdraw bricks of cash, often in foreign currencies of little use in Switzerland; aggressively marketed schemes likely to enable wealthy clients to avoid European and U.S. taxes; colluded with some clients to conceal undeclared “black” accounts from their domestic tax authorities; and provided accounts to international criminals, corrupt businessmen, and other high-risk individuals.

“These bankers are too big to fail and too big to jail, so they just keep engaging in illegal activity.”
—James Henry, Tax Justice Network

“This exposes once again the rotten core of banking—it would be shocking if it weren’t for the frequency with which we hear of such scandals,” said David Hillman, spokesperson for the U.K.-based Robin Hood Tax campaign. “It shows a sector not content with dodging its own obligations, but also conniving to help the richest people shirk their responsibilities to society as well.”

“It’s clear our…approach to the banking sector is wholly inadequate,” Hillman continued. “It’s time we ensured banks were working in the public’s interest instead of conspiring against us.”

James Henry, former chief economist at the international consultancy firm McKinsey & Co. and now senior adviser with the U.K.’s Tax Justice Network, noted that HSBC got hit with a $1.9 billion fine for sanctions-busting and money-laundering in 2012, “but only a $12 million fine from the SEC related to this tax dodging.” Regardless, such fines do little to change systemic corruption, he said.

“These bankers are too big to fail and too big to jail, so they just keep engaging in illegal activity,” Henry declared. “There’s a widespread pattern of using fines to penalize the top 20 global big banks—$247 billion since 1998, for 655 separate major infractions of all kinds. But they just pass along the costs and continue with business as usual, with client secrecy preserved. It’s like a criminal syndicate.”

In the U.S., Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) called on the federal government to explain “its actions—or lack thereof—upon learning of these allegations in 2010.” The Guardianestablished that the leaked data was shared with U.S. regulators five years ago.

Meanwhile, Jack Blum, a former tax investigator at the U.S. Senate, said on 60 MinutesSunday evening that any bank that helped an American citizen to evade taxes was guilty of a felony.

“First of all, for the average American taxpayer it’s beyond shocking,” he said. “But, perhaps, not that surprising. Swiss banks have been caught protecting tax dodgers before, but never has this much detail been revealed. Under U.S. law, any bank that does that, that assists a U.S. person in evading U.S. tax is guilty of a felony. And it doesn’t matter where the bank is located or where the bankers are located.”

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UK priest Stephen Sizer silenced by Zio-Nazi stooges

Stephen Sizer at Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Priest sent to the “naughty corner”

Christian principles sacrificed in bishop’s anxiety not to offend a pro-Israel hardcore

By Stuart Littlewood

The Reverend Stephen Sizer is an outspoken priest in leafy Surrey, England. He has a long history of standing against the Israeli regime, its policies and its sheer nastiness.

No problem with that, except his tendency to go a little over the top on occasion can be irritating to more moderate campaigners.

In 2012-13 the Church of England agreed to a “process of conciliation” between Sizer and the unsmiling Board of Deputies of British Jews, who fume over his remarks.

Zionist censorers

Then, last year, the Board of Deputies demanded an investigation by the Church into why Sizer attended a conference in Iran which included the showing of a video of the anti-Zionist French comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala.

Jonathan Arkush, Vice-President of the Board of Deputies, said: “His appearance at a conference sponsored by a regime that actively persecutes Christians and other minorities is inexplicable…”

I love the cheeky accusation that Iran persecutes Christians etc, as if their beloved Israel is squeaky clean on that score, don’t you?

“The Iranian government denies the holocaust and openly calls for the destruction of Israel, which is tantamount to bringing about another holocaust,” Arkush continued. “Rev. Sizer’s participation might be seen as lending pseudo credence to an event whose premise is clear from its programme: to lay blame on Israel and Jews for the world’s ills, including, it would seem, 9/11. The Church of England should investigate why one of its ministers deemed it appropriate to take part in an anti-Semitic hate-fest.”

Apparently under duress, Sizer has solemnly promised his bishop he’ll “refrain entirely from writing or speaking on any theme that relates, either directly or indirectly, to the current situation in the Middle East or to its historical backdrop”.

Why the Church didn’t tell the Board, politely, to mind their own business isn’t explained.

In the latest episode of this soap opera, Sizer has just had his knuckles rapped, and his wings clipped, in an alarming over-reaction by his bishop. He posted a link on Facebook to an article entitled “9/11 Israel did it,” saying it “raises so many questions” that he was “encouraging debate” about “serious allegations”. He added that he couldn’t be sure Israel was not behind the great atrocity in 2001 in the US.

We’re not told, but I’m guessing the link was to the 800 Hundred Pound Gorilla website.

You bet 9/11 raises questions, especially when there’s no reason to believe the official story. But if Sizer wanted to bring it up (and as a truthseeker why shouldn’t he?) he ought to have known it would send the Zionists ballistic and he’d need be ready with a barrow-load of 9/11 research material and articles , such as this one, to throw at them as soon as they began foaming at the mouth. He also should have waited a few days because the Zionists have no sense of humour at the best of times and especially during the holocaust memorial season.

Ignorant bishop

But the real shocker turns out to be Sizer’s boss, the bishop of Guildford. He put out a statement saying Sizer had “demonstrated appallingly poor judgement in the material he has chosen to disseminate, particularly via social media, some of which is clearly anti-Semitic”. He said the suggestion that Israel may have been complicit in the events of 9/11 was “ridiculous” and his “increasingly undisciplined commitment to an anti-Zionist agenda” had become a liability.

Ridiculous? How can the bishop be so sure? He should at least acquaint himself with the Top Ten Questions. We may see him eat his words when the truth is finally known.

Sizer doing penance

The poor priest has had to face the Church’s Inquisition, make a grovelling apology to the Jewish community and sign a written undertaking virtually castrating himself. All very reminiscent of Liberal Democrat MP David Ward who underwent humiliatingre-education for similar language indiscretions because craven party leaders had no balls.

Apparently under duress Sizer has solemnly promised his bishop he’ll refrain entirely from writing or speaking on any theme that relates, either directly or indirectly, to the current situation in the Middle East or to its historical backdrop”.

His Facebook account is suspended for six months.

So let’s get this straight. A Christian priest is gagged. He mustn’t mention in his ministry what’s going on in the Holy Land or the historical roots of the struggle, and say nothing about the persecution of Christian communities in the cradle of Christianity which is to him and the rest of Christendom the very source of inspiration for Christian teaching. So he’s barred from bearing witness to the crushing evil that stalks the holy places.

And we all know how important “bearing witness” is to a true man of God.

Or maybe it isn’t any more. Things once thought right and proper are discarded as we slide further into the swamp of moral decay.

So Sizer, after doing so much to open up the can of worms that is Zionist power, ishors de combat (for the time-being).

Grovelling to Israel’s stooges

The bishop announced: “The Diocese of Guildford has been in contact with the Board of Deputies of British Jews throughout this matter. Most importantly of all, I am hugely sorry for the hurt which has been caused to members of the Jewish community.” Good grief, is he responsible to God or a bunch of complainers who support and promote a belligerent foreign power?

Aggravation invariably arises from the expectation that everyone snaps to attention and salutes the Jewish holocaust and no other. The bishop should perhaps remind himself of what Howard Zinn, writing in 1999, had to say about holocausts more generally:

To remember what happened to Jews served no important purpose unless it aroused indignation, anger, action against all atrocities, anywhere in the world.

Zinn went on to say:

There have been the massacres of Rwanda, and the starvation in Somalia, with our government watching and doing nothing. There were the death squads in Latin America, and the decimation of the population of East Timor, with our government actively collaborating. Our church-going Christian presidents, so pious in their references to the genocide against the Jews, kept supplying the instruments of death to the perpetrators of other genocides…

We must atone for our allowing the Jewish holocaust to happen by refusing to allow similar atrocities to take place now – yes, to use the Day of Atonement not to pray for the dead but to act for the living, to rescue those about to die.

Since 1999 much, much more has happened clearly showing that we – correction, our leaders – have still learned nothing from the numerous holocausts, even the Jewish one. Twenty-six bishops sit on their backsides in the House of Lords. When do they ever get up “to act for the living” and loudly demand we rescue those about to die?

In his letter of contrition Sizer tells his bishop:

I am grateful for your forbearance in allowing me to continue my work within the parish. I agree that any ministry outside the parish should be subject to consultation with the Archdeacon and the churchwardens. I promise that I will stay within both the letter and the spirit of this undertaking, and – should I break it at any point while serving in any post in the diocese – will offer you my resignation.

I understand that this undertaking will need to be made public, and am content that it should be so.

And making it public reveals how weak and wobbly they both are. How can Sizer, in all conscience, continue his priestly ministry on such crap terms? As for the bishop, newly minted and still shiny from promotion, one wonders if he has ever visited the Holy Land to see, feel and smell the cruel stench of the occupation up close and personal. To his credit, however, his Lent appeal goes to support the Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza.

Academics say sending children to the “naughty corner” breaches their human rights. Isn’t it the same for priests?

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Britain seeks to combat “anti-Semitism” using sex offender laws


The Sydney Morning Herald has apologised after publishing this cartoon by Glen Le Lievre alongside a column about the conflict in Gaza

Over in the United Kingdom, in an effort to combat “the rising tide of anti-Semitism,” the organized Jewish community and the Jew-loving political establishment are seeking to treat “those spreading racial hatred online” like sex offenders. Sex offenders are often served “anti-social behavior orders,” commonly known as “Asbos,” which restrict their access to the Internet. “Anti-Semites” and those spreading “racial hatred” online would presumably be banned from the Internet and social media outlets, according to The Algemeiner.

[...] The All Party Parliamentary Inquiry Into antisemitism, which was initiated after shocking levels of antisemitism were recorded in the UK during and after Israel’s summer war against Hamas terrorists in Gaza, said that social media platforms have “increasingly been used for the spread of antisemitism”.

According to the report, the words “Hitler” and “Holocaust” were among the top 35 key words used on Twitter during the summer, and the hashtag “Hitler was right” was trending in July.

The report said: “There is an allowance in the law for banning or blocking individuals from certain aspects of internet communication in relation to sexual offences.

“Informal feedback we have received from policy experts indicates that this is a potential area of exploration for prosecutors in relation to hate crime.

“If it can be proven in a detailed way that someone has made a considered and determined view to exploit various online networks to harm and perpetrate hate crimes against others then the accepted principles, rules and restrictions that are relevant to sex offences must surely apply.”

The report also recommended that the government establish a fund to pay for security at synagogues, and called for the creation of guidelines for teachers on how to address the Middle East conflict in classrooms. [...]

Here we have yet another example of the organized Jewish community and the disgraceful British political establishment attempting to use the power of the state to enforce laws specifically protecting Jews from being criticized. “To learn who rules over you,” Voltaire is alleged to have stated, “simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” The people of the United Kingdom should be asking themselves this simple question.

Making basic, objective, and easily verifiable statements about Jews, the Jewish state of Israel, and Jewish power and influence in the West is considered “anti-Semitism,” so what we are dealing with here is the criminalization of telling the truth about and objecting to the Jews and their agenda. Additionally, anyone criticizing non-Whites – especially non-White violent crime that is regularly covered up not only in Britain, but the entire Western world – and the systematic, state-sponsored displacement of traditionally White Western European and European-derived nations by Third World foreigners will be subjected to this tyrannical legislation, assuming it will be adopted and implemented (which it likely will).

A more Orwellian situation I could not imagine. This is simply unacceptable. It is past time for the people of the West to stand up to the Jewish tyranny that has taken over our once proud and respectable nations.

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