[ed notes:bio on head on kuwait center for strategic studies....[[[[Sami al faraj runs kuwait centre for studies….b4 that he organized the government of kuwait in exile with Saudi monarchy and americans prior to first gulf war…most recently he attended munich security conf alongside pig emir of qatar calling for regime change in Syria…he also admitted to us papers in 2007 that  [[[[[gcc and israhell secretly have intelligence ties and pacts on security, especially against Iran]]]] Google and you can verify all im stating above(all well documented)…now below is what he said on Syria on cnn … [[[[[[Ed note, sami al faraj admitted he gcc work secretly in past to working with israhell mind you…now consider that as you read what hes saying about Syria]]]]…
SEF, GCC member “for months….we have been providing logistics, communication, intelligence on the ground as well as money & arms” “we are actuallygiving very substantial aid especially with regard to what we can provide defensive weapon”.“with regard to how get them there there are many routes into Syria…don’t forget there are these smuggling routes that have been used to smuggle weapons against the American army in Iraqso we are using the same routes,same routes from Iraq,same routes from Lebanon, from Jordan[ed notes:notice the us(zionist ran,never closed those routes and its allies are using them still,basically those routes used to funnel weapons to attack us soldiers in iraq thru us allies proves us gov allowed its allies to arm some sunni resistance so it (u.s.) could maintain continual occupation of Iraq!
…I cannot put a number to it is quite substantial..the aid also the money that can provide other defensive weapons is going through very easily from the South but we can penetrate as far as we wish to do”.  “There is a form of war by proxy happening in Syria, we are fighting Iran,we are not going to allow Iran to win in Syria, so there are no limitations to what we want to do. We actually expressed our disunity with theUnited States with regard to the course in Syria a few months ago and Mrs Hilary Clinton came to Riyadh and met in the strategic forum of the GCC.

We have different priorities as I said, we are fighting Iran there, we are fighting intervention by outside powers though we have to provide as minimum something to tip the balance in favour of the opposition…. Becky Anderson – “how far will you go”
Sami [[[[[[“as far as it takes.We are not going to allow Iran to win, and take.. grab another Arab country for us and for the Sunni Muslims all over the world. If Iran were to penetrate from Iran to the meditteranean itwill cut the Arab speaking Sunni world from the Turkish speaking Sunni world. This is not acceptable, neither for us, nor for Turkey. You will see different course of action taking place & taking shape”]]]]
[ed note:there is more…sami al faraj is also responsible and headinga project called silk road drom gulf directly to ISRAHELL!!! 

Kuwaiti Silk City ‘to connect with Israel’  Kuwait plans to invest $132 billion in a project that will include a one-kilometer high tower and house 700,000 people. To be called Madinat al-Hareer (Silk City), the project takes its name from the Silk Road trade route that once connected Europe and China via the Middle East. However, the project’s planners do not intend to dispatch caravans but instead aim to build an international rail network connecting Kuwait not only with its neighbors in the Gulf but as far away as Israel. The project’s chief planner is Dr. Sami al-Faraj, president of Kuwait Center for Strategic Studies and an adviser to the Gulf Cooperation Council. “We hold the keys to a lot of things, but it is not just money. For small states like us the important thing is not oil, it’s not money – it is influence. If we do not use oil or money to increase our influence in a peaceful way, we have no existence,” the Kuwait Times quoted Faraj as saying. Regarding opposition to the proposed link to Israel, Faraj said such thinking was outdated, particularly as Israel was forging ahead as a global technology leader. “People in the Gulf are smart enough to understand the impact of technology on their development and they know that the technology is in Israel,” he said.
Israel and the Arab Gulf States: An Undeclared Alliance  Middle East Newsline reported on July 27, 2010 that Sami Al-Faraj, president of the Kuwait Center for Strategic Studies declared that “the GCC states have been engaged in consultation and intelligence exchange with Israel, particularly regarding the Iranian threat.” He asserted moreover that “Egypt and Israel were vital to Gulf security as the U.S. leaves Iraq, and prepares to accommodate a nuclear Iran.”


Jeffrey Blankfort to Ali Abunimah


I know you have great ambitions, Ali, but Abe Foxman does not plan to retire yet although you do give a very good imitation of him as grand inquisitor. Perhaps, he will hire you as the ADL’s expert on “anti-Semitism” in the solidarity movement since at the moment you seem to be doing the job for free. After reading what you have written about Greta Berlin, one of the leading activists in the struggle for justice in Palestine and the Free Gaza Movement, in particular, you obviously did not learn any lesson from your earlier scurrilous denunciation of Gilad Atzmon.

But who in hell (because we have to look everywhere for the source and that’s the most obvious place to start) commissioned you to be the decider of who is and who isn’t a part of this movement and the judge on high of his or her activities?  While you remain silent, I must note, about those in the movement in leadership positions who dismiss or minimize the face of the enemy in this country, namely the American Zionist Jewish Establishment, and who deny its control over Congress and  ignore its stable of syndicated columnists and propaganda ministries parading as “think tanks” that dominate the Washington beltway. I have to assume that you agree with them.

For quite some time, Ali, the Electronic Intifada put out good information, (except about The Lobby) but it seems its success has gone to your head and allowed you to think you are some kind of an oracle. I would advise you to cut it out before your last name becomes an unbecoming verb. (as in, “Did you hear? So and so has been Abunimahed?”)

Jeff Blankfort

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UAE Zionist Regime: State Terrorism – Online Activist Stripped of Citizenship – Sent into Exile


Comoros Islands Government Agrees to Provide UAE Terror Victims ‘Exile’ Passports for $200 million Cash Deal

 by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor

featuring  Press TV

Is the Ship of State Going Adrift?

We have a common saying around here at VT, “You just can’t make this stuff up!”

Every time we think a top shocker will never be broken along comes another one to prove us wrong.

Autocratic governments being hostile toward reform is not a new story by any means. It’s the historical norm.

But the UAE is a unique example. Despite the one man rule the economic transformation there has been incredible.

This is a country where once a major cause of death was blood poisoning from untreated tooth abcesses, a result of high consumption of dates and poor oral hygiene.

When the country’s budget was being poured into infrastructure while social services were taking a back seat, the Emir went on record stating that the old generation was being sacrificed so that the new could live better lives. He did not include sacrificing himself with the old folks.

The Press TV report below has news of the unfortunate Ahmed Abdul Khaleq’s deportation…and the message being sent to other reform activists in the UAE.

If anyone thinks I am hyping this with the State Terror tag, I am not.  We are on this slippery slope ourselves. Here is what the Global Arab Network had to report back on May 31rst:

[UAE]…The Gulf Arab state, a U.S. ally, revoked the [7] men’s citizenship late last year, saying they posed a threat to national security. Some of the men had demanded greater powers for the Federal National Council, an elected body that advises the government.

 They were arrested for refusing to sign documents that asked them to “amend their status” by applying for residency visas in the UAE or seeking new nationalities, their families said.

The catch words here are ‘posed a threat to national security’…for promoting political reforms. Do you grasp what a wide net that is? Do you see the tie in with other wide nets being constructed as a trip wire for extreme state responses?

Abe Foxman and the ADL have been clawing away at America’s first Amendment so they can prosecute opposition to their domestic terrorism

Take for example Hate Crime legislation creep in America to undermine our first amendment.

The definitions are broadened every few years by Jewish Lobby groups who actually write the expanded legislation.

Our corrupt Congress generally does whatever they are ordered to by these domestic terrorists who seem to have ‘protected entity status.

If you want to see a Congressman turn white as a ghost, ask him to stand up to these gangsters.

In Europe they have these KKK laws, also. You can get five years for challenging the ‘official history’ of WWII.

What this is really for is punishing anyone who informs the public about horrible lies that have been told as to who really did what to who, and why.

The public might then get the idea that, “Well if they lied to us so ruthlessly back then, maybe they continue to do the same today.”

They don’t want you to go there. They don’t even want you to think about it, hence the felony laws as a reminder that you only live in a free country, to a degree.

These same groups cooked up, a la UAE style, that any criticism of Israeli state policy was a national security threat to them, thus triggering any and all methods to eliminate said opposition. 

This begins with mass smearing them with the anti-semetism virtual public lynchings, the terror tactic of choice by the Hebrew Klan.

The common anti-semite smear has become the Neo-N word of our times, one that to the nation’s disgrace is an in vogue acceptable hate term to use.

I remember looking at the old photos of former black lynching victims with the smiling dummies in the crowd thinking that going to a lynching was so cool.

Here is the famous 1930 Marion Indiana lynching photo of Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith, with the smiling idiot over on the left. We have virtual lynchings continually going on today that use different methods. Groups like the ADL replace the KKK and the smiling idiot above.

I see them now as Congressmen, academics, religious leaders and ‘God please punish them’, human rights groups who think anti-semite smear lynchings are cool to participate in as they think it ‘keeps them in their places about getting uppidty’.

And they have the same stupid self satisfaction looks on their faces, too.

All of you engaged in bending over for these creeps have disgraced every shred of American decency that survives, no thanks to you.

You are ‘aiders and abettors’ in assisting subversion of your own country and we will never forget or forgive.

So no, I am not hyping this with the Terror Tag. That is what their (the UAE and others) game is, to scare people into not daring to speak out. And they have plenty of company.


[Editors Note: Two items on how you have been scammed on the lynching game…the collective guilt hustle. One, all lynchings victims statistically reflect the various ethnic populations of an area. Most people, including children, only have seen black victims lynch photos, well…that is on purpose, for imprinting. 

And two, the definition of what a lynching actually was…got ‘adjusted’.  Remember the definition creep I mentioned above. It was changed to be a group attack by whites on a black person, and did not necessarily have to be a hanging or even involve a death. And it could have been done by white hoodlums, not a community.

Why was this done? To inflate the traditional public’s version of lynching numbers. My source was a booklet I bought at the Vicksburg National Battlefield Park bookstore, a federal publication.]


UAE – The Good, the Bad, and Now the Ugly.

For a country like UAE that does this to continue to maintain UN membership is an outrage, but of course many do. UN membership should not be a right, but a privileged, one that is earned and maintained.

Israel comes to mind as they have made a science out of playing the victim while being the victimizer. I’ll take the good honest crook any day of the week :-)

Maybe it is time to split the UN into two different groups…the thugs, and the wannabe thugs.

We could then set up a section on VT where they can leak nasty things they know the other side is doing and this would save us a lot of work.

But if poor Mr. Khaleq cannot vote his concience, let us be substitute voters for him.

Those of you who would like to call the UAE Embassy to tell them what you think of their formalized State Terrorism here is their number:

UAE Washington, DC Embassy media number:  202-243-2448

I would address your remarks to the Ambassador and please advise in a firm but polite delivery as impolite ones are just put in the trash can.

The next call, to have some fun with the phony UN, is to give them a call and ask what a member must do to get kicked out of the UN. I would suggest testing them on whether crimes against humanity or state sponsored terrorism would do the trick.

I am not joking here. It’s time to see if the VT audience can be a contact brigade when we need one so we can test what the impact is, as I can assure you we will hear.

United Nations, New York, main number… (212) 963-8302

You can also call your respective country UN delegation and ask them what they think of this. They may give you the run-a-round as in ‘call so-and-so’. But they do log call in topics and report above what phone traffic concerns are. This is always step number one.

Dear Mr. Khaleq,  If this finds its way to you please contact us about joining VT as a staff writer. You are just the sort of new talent that we are looking for.   The VT editors and staff.


From Press TV

Mr. Ahmed Abdul Khaleq

The United Arab Emirates has stripped an activist of citizenship and deported him to Thailand over his online campaign for reform in the Persian Gulf littoral state.

According to the London-based Emirates Center for Human Rights, Ahmed Abdul Khaleq was deported on Monday on a Comoros Islands passport arranged by UAE authorities.

Abdul Khaleq and four others, including blogger and rights advocate Ahmed Mansour and economics professor Nasser bin Ghaith, were arrested in April 2011 for signing an online petition demanding constitutional reforms and free elections in the UAE. They were convicted of committing crimes against the state.

UAE officials have revoked the citizenship of several other activists, who had called for reforms, but it was not clear whether Abu Dhabi will seek to carry out any more deportations.

A 2009 report showed that the Arab emirates has struck a USD 200 million deal with the government of Comoros to provide passports for people it makes stateless

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United Arab Emirates (UAE) lead Anti-Iran Alliance on Behalf of Washington and Tel Aviv

By Kourosh Ziabari
Global Research,

The United Arab Emirates officials are burning with a low blue flame. They have once again started insulting the Iranian nation using an arrogant and offensive language. What has irritated them this time is the recent visit paid by the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the Iranian island of Abu Musain the Persian Gulf as part of his provincial trip to the southern province of Hormozgan on April 11. They claim that the island belongs to their soil and that Iran has violated their territorial integrity by continuing its “occupation” of the strategic island.


Of course fueling anti-Iranian sentiments has been constantly on the UAE officials’ political agenda. The statesmen of the newborn, tiny Arab sheikhdom think that by launching verbal attacks against Iran, they can gain power and popularity. But they have brought their eggs to the wrong market. Hostility and rivaling with Iran will backfire and fail. The hullabaloo of the Emirati officials is a tempest in a teapot and there’s no trace of logic and rationality in it. What is annoying and painful is that by credulously neglecting the principle of peaceful neighborhood and coexistence, the Arab officials are muttering the words ofIsrael, the U.S. and UK about Iran and upsetting a neighbor which has always contributed to their progress and development.


Over the past days, I was following the headlines and articles of the Arab newspapers and magazines. To my utmost surprise, I found that they have been collectively pursuing a unified policy of vilifying and denigrating Iran over the Abu Musa dispute. In line with their politicians and statesmen, the Arab media have used the most odious and abhorrent language against Iran, as if they were talking about a sworn enemy with which they have been at odds for centuries.


The public atmosphere of the Arab nations since the short trip of Iranian president to the Abu Musa island has been an ambience of hatred, antagonism and hostility. Iran believes that the UAE follows the path of the Western powers and Israel by saying that Abu Musa is occupied by Iran. But the UAE officials deny the charge as Anwar Mohammed Gargash, the UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs has rudely claimed that “we have fed up with the record of foreign pressure which the Iranians kept parroting.”

Peter Hellyer, an American executive associated with the UAE Ministry of Information and Culture has discourteously called as “ludicrous” the statement by Iranian parliamentarians that the UK drives UAE in citing territorial claims against the Iranian island of Abu Musa. Albeit, it was consequently proved that Iranians’ suspicion about the possible role of the U.S., UK and other Western states in the UAE’s anti-Iranian scenario was right when the foreign ministries of Italy, France, UK and the U.S. Department of State issued separate statements, backing the tiny sheikhdom’s claims on the Abu Musa island.


An article run by the UAE newspaper “The National” written by Michael Theodoulou has impolitely called the Iranian president “publicity-loving and populist” and condemned his trip to the Abu Musa island. The other Arab nations in the region were not hesitant in rushing up to attack and insult Iran over the island row. Ali Bluwi, a columnist with the Saudi-based “Arab News” wrote an impertinent article titled “Iran’s political bluff,” describing Iran as a country suffering from “superiority complex.”


“Iran lives in self-denial and as if it is an angel free of defects and flaws. Psychologically, those suffering from superiority complex believe they can set a good example for others to copy,” he wrote.


Other Arab media have also shown the same reaction. They published articles and editorials with bombastic and insolent language, attacking Iranian people and officials in an impudent way.


Historical evidence confirming that the islands of Abu Musa, Lesser Tunb and Greater Tunb have always been an inseparable part of Iran’s soil is so abundant and plentiful that takes several research projects and scholarly articles to be cited. Historical documents including hundreds of precious ancient maps kept in the world museum give proof to the fact that the triple islands of Persian Gulf constitute the southernmost parts of Iran and that the claims of Emirati officials are unfounded, illegitimate and baseless. However, what is unfortunate and regrettable is that the UAE officials and statesmen from other Arab countries have all joined an ill-fated anti-Iranian scenario which bears no fruit and only costs them the friendship of a committed and faithful ally.


Over the past four decades and following the establishment of the United Arab Emirates, Iranians have enormously invested their money in different financial and economic sectors of the small Arab state, helping the vast, extensive desert turn into a prosperous country which has now become the hub of tourism in the Persian Gulf.


Some Iranian lawmakers have suggested that it’s better for Tehran to sever its ties with Abu Dhabi so that the tiny Emirates may learn a lesson not to interfere in Iran’s internal affairs in the future and refrain from making provocative statements about Iran’s territorial integrity. Iran’s Army Commander Ahmad Reza Pourdastan has also implied that all options are on the table vis-à-vis those who question Iran’s territorial integrity: “if the sedition is not resolved through diplomacy, military forces are ready to show the prowess of the establishment to the claimant.”


Iran‘s cultural managers have also showed their diplomatic finesse and skill by saying that they will hold the next edition of Persian Gulf cultural festival in the Iranian island of Abu Musa. Vali Esmaili, a member of Iranian Parliament’s Domestic Policy Committee has also said that Iran is preparing the plans for establishing a new province called “Persian Gulf” with the “Abu Musa” island as its capital.


At any rate, when it comes to territorial integrity, Iranians have always shown a firm stance and demonstrated that they will not retreat an iota from their rights. In the 1980s when the United Statesand several European countries backed and equipped the late dictator Saddam Hussein in the war which he waged on Iran, the Iranians didn’t surrender an inch of their soil to the enemy.


Now, perhaps the UAE can win a psychological war against Iran with the help of numerous Arab and Western media outlets who are ready to blast and blitz Iran on every occasion, but the fact on ground is that Abu Musa and the two other Persian Gulf islands will remain an eternal and indissoluble part of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s soil.

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Mercs, R2, Blackwater And The UAE



This is an informative article on a successor to that terrible company, Blackwater.

R2, a creation of Erik Prince, are essentially upmarket mercenaries, who will work for anyone with money and are finalising a deal with the UAE, according to the Nation:

“Erik Prince did leave the US, but he isn’t teaching high school and is certainly not out of the mercenary business. In fact, far from emerging as a neo-Indiana Jones, the antithesis of a mercenary, Prince is more like Belloq, offering his services to the highest bidder. Over the weekend, The New York Times revealed that Prince was leading an effort to build an army of mercenaries, 800 strong—including scores from Colombia—in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. They would be trained by US, European and South African Special Forces veterans. Prince’s new company, Reflex Responses, also known as R2, was bankrolled to the tune of $529 million from “the oil-soaked sheikdom,” according to the Times, adding that Prince was “hired by the crown prince of Abu Dhabi” Sheik Mohamed bin Zayed al-Nahyan. Erik Prince is not mentioned by name in corporate documents outlining the deal, but is instead referred to as “Kingfish.”

The contract between R2 and the UAE kicked in last June and is slated to run through May 2015. According to corporate documents on the private army Prince is building in the UAE, its potential roles include “crowd-control operations,” defending oil pipelines from potential terrorist attacks and special operations missions inside and outside the UAE “to destroy enemy personnel and equipment.” Other sources said the Emiratis wanted to potentially use the force to quell potential rebellions in the country’s massive labor camps that house the Filipinos, Pakistanis and other imported laborers that fuel the country’s work force. Prince also has plans to build a massive training base, modeled after the 7,000 acre private military base Blackwater built in Moyock, North Carolina.

When Prince moved to the UAE last summer, he said he chose Abu Dhabi because of its “great proximity to potential opportunities across the entire Middle East, and great logistics,” adding that it has “a friendly business climate, low to no taxes, free trade and no out of control trial lawyers or labor unions. It’s pro-business and opportunity.”

The timing of Prince’s move was auspicious to say the least. It came just month after five of Prince’s top deputies were hit with a fifteen-count indictment by a federal grand jury on conspiracy, weapons and obstruction of justice charges. Among those indicted were Prince’s longtime number-two man, former Blackwater president Gary Jackson, former vice presidents William Matthews and Ana Bundy, and Prince’s former legal counsel, Andrew Howell. The UAE does not have an extradition treaty with the United States. “If Prince were not living in the US, it would be far more complicated for US prosecutors to commence an action against him,” said Scott Horton, a Columbia University Law lecturer and international law expert who has long tracked Blackwater. “There is a long history of people thwarting prosecutors simply by living overseas.”

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Blackwater to form secret army in UAE



The UAE has hired Blackwater mercenaries to quell possible uprisings (file Photo)

The founder of the notorious security company Blackwater is reportedly hired by the crown prince of Abu Dhabi to form a secret mercenary army in the UAE.

The billionaire Erik Prince, who relocated to the UAE in 2010 in the wake of mounting legal problems in the United States, received over USD 500 million to organize an 800-member battalion of foreign troops in the Persian Gulf state, the New York Times reported on Saturday. Posing as construction workers, dozens of Colombian men entered the UAE last November and were stationed in an Emirati base called Zayed Military City. 

The Colombians, along with South African and other foreign troops, are recruited and trained by retired American soldiers and veterans of the German and British special operations units and the French Foreign Legion, the daily said.

Documents show the force is intended to conduct special operations missions inside and outside the country, defend oil pipelines and skyscrapers from terrorist attacks, and quell possible uprisings across the state, it added.

The UAE is a close ally of the US and officials in the Obama administration said that Washington was informed about the program.

“The [Persian] Gulf countries and the UAE in particular, don’t have a lot of military experience. It would make sense if they looked outside their borders for help,” said one Obama administration official.

“They might want to show that they are not to be messed with.”

However, legal experts doubt that the project has the US official blessing as the company is already enmeshed with a series of scandals related to operations in Iraq, Afghanistan.

Blackwater, which was later renamed Xe Services, came to spotlight after its forces killed over a dozen civilians and injured many more in Iraq’s capital Baghdad in 2007.

Blackwater mercenaries were hated by the Iraqis as they were able to kill many civilians with impunity.

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When I was in Lebanon last January, I learned so many things that I forgot to report on so many things. I will be there in late May, so I will learn more. Here is another one that I forgot about. I was talking to a friend the other day, and he reminded me of the story that I had told him in Beirut in January (in light of the Dubai assassination and the high-profile role of the Dubai chief of police.) Months ago (in 2009), the UAE sent a very high envoy to Beirut on a secret mission to meet with Hasan Nasrallah. The man met with Hasan Nasrallah for several hours.

His message from UAE rulers was that they want Hizbullah to use its influence among the Shi`ites of the Gulf to prevent disturbances in the event of an Israeli/US war on Iran. I am told, that what the man heard from Nasrallah left him terrified and he told aides that he is not comfortable in relaying the message to UAE rulers. I am told that the message said in effect that those countries would suffer if they host an attack on Iran, and a reference was made to the high rises in Dubai. The man was shaking when he left to the airport to leave on his private jet.

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“At only one point in his story did Naji Hamdan cry. Sitting in an office chair as he recounted how he was arrested, tortured and ultimately convicted of terrorism charges in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), his voice barely wavered. Only when he described how Emirati interrogators threatened to rape his wife in front of him if he did not confess to charges of supporting Al Qaeda did he lose control, pausing to accept a fistful of Kleenex before he continued his story.”
Posted by As’ad at 10:38 AM

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The brave Egyptian journalist, `Abdul-Halim Qandil writes on Mubarak’s sixth term in office. PS I am disappointed that Qandil has endorsed Al-Baradi`i (or Baradeeh as it is pronounced in US TV news) for president, and told him my opinion. PPS The widely circulated email to the effect that Qandil is missing is a hoax. Please stop sending it to me and stop asking me about his condition.
Posted by As’ad at 6:26

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I watched an interview with Dubai’s police chief on Aljazeera TV. The man does not deserve to be lionized or admired or praised. He did the minimum of his job and he was very effective indeed against the dumb Zionist Mossad hit team. In the interview, he strikes you as competent and intelligent and is fully aware of investigative work. He also challenged the view that the investigation was all based on electronic surveillance and said that there is a human investigative element, and said that he has Hebrew speakers among his staff. But what is bothersome is the extent to which he views himself as subservient, politically speaking, to the Sons of Zayid and to Sheikh Mo.

He was so careful in everything he said not to offend the Zionist regime in ‘Israel’. He made it sound that this was the sole deed of the head of the Mossad. He even said that the Zionist public would not approve of such methods ??.

 He repeated the lousy statement that Zionist and others should settle their scores elsewhere, i.e., Zionist can kill but not under his watch. He was so afraid and careful and deliberate about everything he said about Zionism, which only confirms that I was told (based on a conversation with him) regarding political pressures on him to avoid embarrassing the Zionist. He spoke against the killing of Zionist soldiers.

All in all, this skillful and dogged police commander is a tool of a lousy corrupt royal family which would sell its children to please Zionism/US. Dont make this man a hero. He is not.

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