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The Nazi occupation forces arrested a student in Birzeit Samah Jardat


By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Palestine: Occupied West Bank :  Nazi Gestapo launched raids in different parts of the occupied West Bank, it resulted in a university student and the arrest of desolation in the prisoner and his relatives houses.

The Nazi occupation forces arrested at dawn today, a student at Birzeit University, Samah Jaradat, during a raid on her home in Al-Bireh.

Earlier, the Nazi occupation arrested the student at the Faculty of Information at Birzeit University, Mays Abu Ghosh, and the lecturer at the same college, Widad Barghouthi, after the arrest of her two sons, Carmel and Qassam.

In the village of Ein Qinya, west of Ramallah, the Nazi occupation forces stormed the dawn today, the house of the prisoner Aysar Maarouf and a number of houses of his relatives.

Nour Hamed, the wife of the prisoner known, said that the Nazi occupation wreaked havoc in her home and the homes of her husband’s relatives, before they withdrew and seized storage memory.

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After suffering with the disease .. Sayeh prisoner martyr

the tourist

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Palestine – Jerusalem: The Nazi Camp Service announced on Sunday, the death of the prisoner Bassam Sayeh inside the hospital, “Assaf Harovi”.

He was suffering from bone cancer, acute leukemia, myocardial insufficiency up to 80%, acute and chronic lung inflammation, and other health problems .

The Nazi Gestapo arrested Sayeh on 8 October 2015, while he was going to attend a hearing of his wife, who was then detained.

He was charged with “involvement in the killing of an Nazi officer and his wife” near the village of Beit Furik east of Nablus in the northern West Bank, days before his arrest.

It is noteworthy that some (700) prisoners are suffering from difficult health conditions, of which about (160) prisoners need to be followed up with vigorous medical care..

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The factions hold the Nazi occupation responsible for the martyrdom of Bassam al-Sayeh


By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

GAZA – Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip on Sunday blamed the Nazi occupation for the death of Bassam al-Sayeh in a hospital as a result of medical negligence.

In this context, the official of the prisoners’ file in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Allam Kaabi occupation full responsibility for the martyrdom of the prisoner Bassam Sayeh in prisons .

Kaabi said in press statements, “This is an affirmation of the occupation’s implementation of the policy of slow execution of Palestinian prisoners,” stressing that “a clear assassination of this prisoner, which requires everyone to stand before his responsibilities .”

Kaabi called “the Palestinian resistance to deliver messages so as to block the occupation so as not to repeat this crime with other prisoners.”

For his part, the Qassam Brigades called the martyr Sayeh in a military statement issued in which said: “Our hero martyr is one of the perpetrators of the Itamar Qassamiya operation, which formed the first start of the Jerusalem uprising on 01/10/2015, which killed two Zionist rapists . “

She added: “We affirm that his bright blood will not be wasted, and it will be a curse chasing the occupier in the occupied West Bank and every inch of the land of Palestine. In our throats and that we will hold the enemy accountable for their crime against them, and that the dawn of freedom comes despite the nose of the occupier. “

For its part, the Hamas movement, on Sunday evening, the Nazi occupation repercussions of the martyrdom of the Palestinian prisoner Bassam Sayeh from Nablus in the West Bank .

“The occupation bears the repercussions of the martyrdom of journalist Bassam al-Sayeh in the prisons because of medical negligence, ” said Abdel Latif al-Qanu, a spokesman for the movement .

“This heinous crime reflects the brutal face of the occupation and its criminal behavior towards the captive heroes, which requires a swift action by the International Criminal Court to try its criminal leaders,” he said.

For its part, the Islamic Jihad movement that the pain of the martyr prisoner Bassam Sayeh will remain a witness to the crime of occupation and the dullness of conscience, which failed to suffer.

She continued: “The prisoners will remain the top national priorities and will spare no effort to achieve their freedom, God willing, and the martyrdom of the prisoner Sayeh is a cry in our consciences to activate efforts and work to save the prisoners from the clutches of the prison and the relentless pursuit for their freedom and salvation.”

She called for raising the level of support and support for hunger strikers and sick prisoners, especially at the popular level. Our families are not alone, but they are behind a united people in front of their suffering and in front of national and moral duties towards the issue of prisoners in Nazi Camps.

She stressed the need to activate the legal efforts to prosecute the occupation for its crimes against prisoners and the right of the Palestinian people who are subjected to a fierce war in which the occupation violates all conventions and customs

For its part, the Fatah movement confirmed that the martyr prisoner Bassam Sayeh was killed in cold blood by the Nazi occupation as a result of deliberate medical negligence, in flagrant violation of international law and the Fourth Geneva Convention, which clearly states how prisoners of war are treated

The Revolutionary Council member Osama al-Qawasmi said that the decision to execute the sick prisoners is racist and inhuman, warning that the fate of the sick prisoner Sami Abu Diak and dozens of sick prisoners will be the same fate before this Nazi racist policy.


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The Nazi occupation transports 23 prisoners on hunger strike for solitary confinement


By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Palestine: – The Nazi Camp Service on Wednesday transferred 23 Palestinian prisoners of solitary confinement in Nazi camp Ramon after announcing an open-ended hunger strike to protest the installation of carcinogenic jamming devices.

This comes at a time, gave the prisoners in the camp “Raymond” management of the occupation prisons for 24 hours to respond to their demands to activate the public phone for five days, remove jamming devices, and return the strikers who were transferred from the Camp to the “Nafha” Nazi camp number of 23 prisoners, in addition to Stop the inspection campaigns .

The Prisoners Club said in a statement on Wednesday evening that the decision of the prisoners came after a meeting held today with the administration in the prison “Raymond”, stressing that the prisoners continue in their struggle, including a hunger strike .

 He confirmed that 23 prisoners have been on hunger strike since yesterday, including five stopped drinking water in a decisive struggle, after a crackdown carried out by the administration of the detainee against them, where they oppressed and arbitrarily transferred from the Nazi Camp “Raymond” to the prison “Nafha”, after they announced the open strike In response to the administration’s repudiation of an earlier agreement with the prisoners, the same demands were made .

The Prisoners Club said in a statement that “it is clear that the situation is moving towards escalation, especially as the prisoners informed the administration that they are developing a series of steps to struggle to resolve the confrontation around the jamming devices .”

In April, hundreds of prisoners carried out a struggle that lasted for days and ended after an agreement was reached between them and the Camp administration, which included meeting a number of their demands, most notably the installation of jamming devices, and the beginning of installing and activating the use of public telephones.

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Nazi regime: NIS 22 thousand fines on child prisoners


By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Palestine – Nazi courts imposed fines in August that exceeded 22,000 shekels for minors held in Ofer Nazi camp.

In a statement, the PA Authority said that 21 minors were admitted to the Cubs Prisoners Section during the past month, 17 of whom were arrested from houses, one of the roads, two for lacking permits, and a prisoner arrested after being summoned .

Among those Cubs captured during the month were two prisoners who were brutally assaulted and beaten by the Gestapo officers during their detention .

The Authority noted that the number of children sentenced in the same month 15 cubs, note that the number of minors currently languishing in the prisons of the occupation of 220 children, 95 of whom are in the Nazi detention “Ofer “.

She promised that “the imposition of heavy financial fines on the Palestinian prisoners by the Nazi courts is a retaliatory measure and an arbitrary punishment practiced by the Nazi occupation against prisoners and their families, in order to restrict them and burden them by paying fictitious sums, in light of the difficult economic conditions of the Palestinian people. ” .

The occupation bombed resistance positions in Gaza

Palestine wins third place in the International Quran Competition

The annexation of West Bank settlements between electoral promises and actual implementation

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Deterioration of the health condition of the prisoner, Sultan Khalaf

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Palestine: The Mujahed al-Quds Foundation for the Martyrs, Prisoners and the Wounded said that the health condition of Mujahid Sultan Ahmed Mahmoud Khalaf (38 years), who continues his open hunger strike for 56 days in a row, refused to transfer him to administrative detention without being charged with any deterioration. Continued due to the intransigence of the Israeli occupation authorities to end his administrative detention.

Sultan Khalaf said in a letter that the administration of the Nazi camp Authority transferred him from the isolation of Nitzan Nazi camp to Kaplan Hospital due to the continuous and serious deterioration in his health, where it is at a very difficult stage .

In the letter, which arrived in Jerusalem, he said that he refuses to take salt or sugar, medical examinations, and supports .

Regarding his health, he explained in his letter that he suffers from severe aches all over his body, permanent headache, pressure on his chest from the left, his inability to sit or sit, difficulty in movement, as well as the emaciation and weakness in his body, and his inability to speak. -This in addition to persistent dizziness, significant weight loss .

He pointed out that the so-called occupation prisons informed him that there is a trend by the Nazi Gestapo intelligence to renew his detention for four months substantially in return for stopping his hunger strike, but he refused this offer, insisting to continue his open-ended hunger strike despite the seriousness of his health until he gets freedom or Certificate .

It is worth mentioning that the occupation forces arrested the prisoner Sultan Khalaf on 08/07/2019, he is married and is from the town of Burqin district of Jenin, and was born on 27/02/1981, and on 18/07/2019 informed the administration of Megiddo prison Mujahid Sultan Khalaf the issuance of a ruling Al-‘Askari was transferred to administrative detention for six months without charge.

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Arrests and injuries in a campaign of intensive raids of the Nazi occupation army


By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Illegally Occupied West Bank – Quds News : Israeli occupation forces launchedcampaignarrests in different parts ofoccupied West Bankdawn today, resultedarrestsix Palestinians and injuring others, during intense raids.

In Nablus, the Nazi occupation forces arrested the two brothers, Ahmad and Mahmoud Abu Zeitoun, after they raided the house of their relatives in Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus, during the storming of the city at dawn today, amid heavy gunfire, tear gas canisters and sound, injuring a number of residents of the area.

Nazi occupation soldiers arrested two students at Birzeit University, Amir Hazboun, 22, and the liberated prisoner Yazan Maghames, 21, during their incursion into Birzeit, north of Ramallah. Mohammed Turkman, a journalist , was  wounded by rubber-coated metal bullets while covering clashes between dozens of youths and troops. Occupation that stormed the town.

In Ramallah, local sources reported that the Nazi occupation forces stormed the villages of Kober, Abu Qash, Barham, Abu Shkheidim, Al-Mazra’a Al-Gharbiya, Jifna and Birzeit, north of Ramallah, Ein Sinaia, Dura Al-Qara’a and Al-Jalazoun refugee camp northeast of Ramallah.

Nazi soldiers arrested Abdel-Karim Athamneh after storming the village of Faqou’a and raiding his family’s home.

In Bethlehem, the Nazi occupation forces arrested the young Bakr Musa Kawar, “20 years”, after raiding his father’s house and searched in the town of Doha, west of the city.# Arrest# Israeli occupation# raids

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Stolen Land: When the Denial Bubble Bursts…

A sign describing the house where the Ma’in exhibit took place. The house was build by Abu Breisha, yet, some Israelis insist the British built it.

Salman Abu Sitta

Inserted historical photos found here

“The old settlers said they bought the land. But none would give any proof they owned a single plot for miles around, legally or otherwise.”

What happens when a people are confined to a bubble where the “truth” has one book to read, to follow and obey, then suddenly the bubble bursts and the sun shines on a whole new truth, verifiable, clear, and sound? 

This what happens to the kibbutzim in Nirim, Nir Oz, Magen and Ein Hashloshla.  These four kibbutzim were established after the Nakba of 1948 on my land, Al Ma’in, (65,000 dunums — 16,000 acres). Al Ma’in was and is the home of my Abu Sitta family for centuries, now refugees in the Gaza Strip and elsewhere.

The one who burst the bubble was Eitan Bronstein Aparicio, founder of De-Colonizer (previously founder of Zochrot, an Israel-Palestinian group that educates Israelis about the Nakba). Eitan set up a simple and modest exhibit. He collected maps, books, videos, and an RAF aerial photo of Al Ma’in in 1945, showing fields and features of the village and curated them in two rooms and a courtyard.

The exhibit was held on July 25, 2019 in ‘The White House’, a lone Palestinian house which survived the Israeli demolition of the village in 1948 and was converted to a gallery by Haim Peri, a Nir Oz artist.

Eitan invited the settlers in Al Ma’in and neighboring areas to come and see the exhibit. His message was simple. These were the people who lived here and are now refugees two kilometers away behind the barbed wire in the Gaza Strip. The presentation implied that Israel took their property and now you live in it.

Although the number of visitors was modest, probably four or five dozen, the responses were indicative of those who have been denied access to the truth, the victims of silencing Al Nakba.

The angriest comments. and indeed threats, came from an old Kibbutznik, over 80, who witnessed and participated in the attack on Al Ma’in. The Haganah militia attacked Al Ma’in on May 14, 1948 in 24 armored vehicles, destroyed and burned homes, demolished the school that was built in 1920, blew up the motorized well and the flour mill.

They were resisted bravely for several hours by 15 Palestinian defenders armed by old rifles. As a child, I witnessed the smoldering remains of my village while I was huddled with other children and women in a nearby ravine. I never saw a Jew before and did not know who the attackers were or why they came to destroy our life. 

On the fourteenth of May 1948, I became a refugee.

On that day Ben Gurion declared the state of Israel on the ruins of my country Palestine.

Following the attack and occupation, the four kibbutzim were built on Al Ma’in land in the period 1949 to 1955. The Abu Sitta family who were then about 1000, and now about 10,000, became refugees mostly in the Gaza Strip.

The old settlers, who were present in 1948, accused Eitan with sedition and suggested he find another country to immigrate to. They threatened to tell the authorities to deny entry to foreign visitors who may come especially to see the exhibit. Ironically, these elders were the first to visit the exhibit, probably to find how to explain their story of denial.

Their story of course does not deserve rebuttal. They said there were no people there. ‘We came to an empty desert’. How could they explain the fields in the aerial photo? Who planted them? The exhibit house, the motorized well and its flour mill, the remains of which are still there, how could they explain those?

The oldest settler from Nirim, Solo (aka Chaim Shilo or Solo Weicheck), 94, a German of Russian extraction, was indignant when a British journalist asked him repeatedly, why you don’t allow the Abu Sitta family to return home?

The old settlers said these houses were built by the British. This is a strange claim as anyone with rudimentary knowledge of Palestinian history will know we had been fighting the British since Balfour. In particular, my eldest brother Abdullah was the leader of the 1936-1939 Revolt in the southern district. He and his comrades expelled the British from the Beer Sheba district for one year from October 1938 to November 1939. 

The old settlers said they bought the land. But none would give any proof they owned a single plot for miles around, legally or otherwise. 

The most common response for young and old was: ‘We won the war. Since when has the victor returned what he won?’

To suggest that being strong in winning a war against a weak party is a justification for a crime would relieve Nazi Germany from their crimes because they could and did these crimes. Under the same argument, the British would be exonerated from the Amritsar massacre in 1919, the Russians from executing Polish officers in Katyn Forest in 1940, and the French from throwing hundreds of Algerian prisoners into the sea by helicopter death flights in 1957.

The settlers repeated the same old mantra, ‘We accepted the Partition Plan, you did not. Would it be possible for France to give more than half of the country to African immigrants?’ 

Had the settlers been informed, they would know that the Partition Plan was a mere recommendation, had no binding legal value. The UN had no authority to divide countries and said so. Moreover, the UN, and surprisingly the U.S., abandoned the Partition Plan in favor of UN Trusteeship over Palestine.

Not one Israeli source mentions that. The poor settlers would be the last to know. 

The settlers claimed that, ‘If you did not wage a war against us, there would be peace between us.’ This is very odd. I do not recall that my family or any group of Palestinians deployed an army and marched to Poland and Russia to attack the Jews there. The reverse was true. Who then waged the war? They did not know the answer.

What they certainly do not know is that the abandonment of the Partition Plan in mid-March 1948 triggered a major event in the history of the Nakba. Ben Gurion decided to conquer Palestine and ordered Plan Dalet to be implemented at once.

Thus started the Zionist invasion of Palestine. In six weeks from first of April to 14 of May 1948, the Haganah conquered critical locations in Palestine and established Israel on the ground, after Herbert Samuel (1920- 1925) laid its legal foundation 28 years earlier.

In these six weeks, 220 villages including most cities were attacked and depopulated, almost half of all Palestinian refugees were expelled, and 22 massacres out of 50 that took place over the course of the Nakba were committed. During those same six weeks 17 military operations were carried out by nine brigades.

In any attack there were superiority of numbers up to 1:10 against the defenders. In total, Israel mounted 31 military operations to occupy several regions of Palestine thus increasing their control from 6% of Palestine at end of the mandate to 78% by the middle of 1949. New land was occupied to form a solid spine from the mid-coastal plain to Merj bin Amer to western bank of the river Jordan from Beisan to Metulla. 

That was the real invasion of Palestine. It was a Zionist invasion. 

Enter Adele Raemer, a new settler in Nirim. She came from the Bronx in 1975 to settle on my land. She writes a blog about the suffering of the kibbutzim in the ‘Gaza Enclave’ and laments Palestinian kites burning ‘her’ wheat fields. I responded by saying these are my wheat fields. I told her that I remember as a child being allowed to sit on our combine harvester.

She wanted to know: How long did the Abu Sitta family live in Al Ma’in?

I refused to answer. I could have replied that Abu Sitta name was on Allenby maps when he took Beer Sheba in 1917, that my great-great-grandfather was mentioned by name in an 1845 Ottoman document copied in Cairo and Jerusalem. I could have said that the name Abu Sitta (Father of Six) was coined in about 1720 on account of my early ancestor was a well-known knight accompanied by six companions/guards.

I refused to answer because I do not have to prove my heritage to a settler whose relatives came from the shtetel to the shores of Palestine in a smuggler’s ship in the dead of night.

Her lamentations about the hardship of life in Nirim were echoed by her cousin, Gil Troy, a professor of history at McGill University. His academic background did not save him from the confines of the denial bubble.  He writes, in response to the devastating Israeli attack on Gaza in August 2014, that Nirim was established in 1946, that is before the Nakba. Wrong. It was established on my land in the spring of 1949 after we were attacked and expelled.

He admired the “true farming community” but omitted to mention it was established on a stolen property, and the owners are watching them behind the barbed wire two kilometers away. He praises the settlers as “farmers who even under fire continue reaching out to their Gazan neighbors, confuse the world with their remarkable Jewish, Zionist and democratic generosity”.

The bubble of denial prevented the learned professor to note that the population of 247 depopulated villages are crammed into the tiny Gaza Strip at a density of 7000 persons per km2 while the settlers are roaming their land at a density of 7 persons per km2.

Nirim itself has 173 members and their families exploiting 20,000 donums (5,000 acres) of my land while my Abu Sitta extended family are 10,000 refugees living two kilometers away.

The learned professor talks about Israel’s “border”. He should have known that Israel never had a border neither by its own admission nor in international law. He was probably referring to the line of the Armistice Agreement February 24, 1949. But the second article of this Agreement states that it does not grant rights to Israel, neither to its sovereignty nor to ownership of occupied land.

No doubt the learned professor does not know that the border he speaks of is only a ‘modus vivendi’ temporary line agreed to in February 1950. The real Armistice Line is three kilometers inside the land occupied by Israel in 1948, which makes Nirim, Ein Hashlosha, and Nir Oz falling in un-occupied Palestine, now called the Gaza Strip. 

Source of map: Salman Abu Sitta, Atlas of Palestine 1917- 1966. London, Palestine Land Society, 2010.

Source of map: Salman Abu Sitta, Atlas of Palestine 1917- 1966. London, Palestine Land Society, 2010.

This thought alone would terrify the settlers and transform Eitan’s exhibit into a bombshell of facts which undermines all their claims. But it was not mentioned.

Curiously absent from all conversation is the horrendous rape and murder of a 12 year old Arab girl captured by a Nirim platoon in August 1949. The platoon soldiers took turns to rape the girl, then they shot and buried her. Only her hand sticking out of the shallow grave remained a sign. Ben Gurion mentioned it briefly in his war diary. Not one mentioned this crime, not even the older settlers, like Solo, who were there at the time.

But there is a ray of hope, a ray so tiny as to expose the volume of denial. This is a response from Efrat Katz, a settler in Nir Oz. It is worth quoting in full:

What I’ve seen here today was very moving and even painful. In spite of living here more than 35 years I feel the need and the hope to return to the land and revive it with the past emotions, to revive it with the culture and habits of yours, the residents. 

A land is not a brick. A land is a value, it is roots, it is a love of a place. There’s no room for deportation. My heart is with you.

It may appear to settlers that the bubble of denial is a safe place to hide. The logic is clear.  If a crime is exposed, the perpetrator would be a criminal due for punishment and remedy. Eitan’s exhibit is a clear reminder. 

But now there is not much space left in the denial bubble to hide. When the whole world knows about the crime, justice will catch up with them and the remedy will be too heavy a price to pay.

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A Strained Encounter at Trump’s Embassy

[I read a story from an “Israeli” woman who was driving one day  and taking a wrong turn, found herself driving on the Palestinian road. She went into hysterics thinking of how she could have been murdered by Palestinians had she not driven out of there in time. I mean whew! One of those murderous terrorists could have jumped out from anywhere!  I thought, how strange  because as an American I find the Palestinians most welcoming and accommodating, I just wander everywhere. And it’s not all that comforting to be an American anymore…but no one makes me feel it.]

‘How sad it is that Jerusalem, the city that for millennia was blessed with an amazing range of humanity, is today cut off as it has never been before.’

Sep 05, 2019

I was standing in line for a visa to the United States. The woman ahead of me said it was the first time she had come to the embassy, in advance of what would be her first visit to the United States. She spoke angrily about how hard it was to find enough money for the trip, and complained that we are living in a country that doesn’t take care of its citizens – after all, she deserves to travel and have a good time, she works hard.

The Palestinian Jewish Rabbi’s were kicked out of leadership positions with the Zionist occupation.

Is this the first time you’re traveling to the United States, she asked me. I gave her a brief reply, in the hope of ending the conversation. It didn’t help. She edged even closer and kept talking. At one stage, she whispered that she was glad Trump moved the embassy to Jerusalem and showed the Arabs what’s what. Another woman, who overheard the conversation, butted in and said it’s really good that at long last someone is taking care of the Arabs in this country. Those Arabs, they have no limits.

IDF ordered to break the bones of young Palestinian males (fighting age)

The line moved slowly, and I kept quiet. Not because I had nothing to say – I always have something to say – but because I didn’t feel like arguing on a hot and sluggish morning like this.The line continued to inch along.

When I finally emerged from the embassy, the talkative woman from the line was also standing there. Tell me, she said, there aren’t any buses here, so maybe you could give me a lift for a few meters? It occurred to me to leave her there in the broiling sun but I took pity on her. And all of a sudden I also thought that there in the car, I would have the opportunity to show her who should be put in whose place. I would tell her what I think of her opinions about Arabs. Come on, I said, I’ll take you.

Foreign born Jews herded the people of Palestine into ghettos and called occupation of their land ‘a Jewish state’.

We walked together toward the car. We fastened our seat belts. I locked the doors and made sure she heard it. I started the car and then the radio burst into a song I don’t like, which is not at all pleasant and soothing – in Arabic. The woman next to me turned to stone. After a few minutes she asked me where I’m from. I said in a heavy Arabic accent: Baka al-Garbiyeh. Where exactly is that, she asked. Usually, I say near Hadera or Caesarea. This time I chose to say near Tul Karm. Upon hearing the name of a village in the West Bank, she clutched the safety belt in her hand and went silent.

Trump Lawyers and Casino Moguls occupy Palestine Jerusalem underground.

I thought this was it: I had managed to put her in her place and let’s see Trump come along and save her now. But right away I realized I wasn’t at all glad about the situation. I am not a bad person and I don’t scare anyone, but without even doing anything – I’d only said where I come from, in my naturally accented voice – I had aroused emotions as though I had done something bad.

Many Israelis are brainwashed and believe the shoe is on the other foot. The gov. teaches them to fear Arabs so Israelis are too afraid to venture out of their controlled bubble.

She was afraid of me, that was clear. I too was afraid. I felt that suddenly I didn’t know myself. After about two minutes of silence I pulled myself together and realized that I was not her. I would never be her. I grew up and was raised differently. I grew up on other values. I was angry for a few seconds at her for having made me lose sight of who and what I am. After a few seconds I told her I would help her find the bus she was looking for. After a long search for the right bus, as she watched me with an inquisitive but less alarmed expression on her face – I declared: I’ve found it!

Suddenly I found myself saying to her pleasantly: Ma’am, maybe before you go to the United States, you could travel around your own country. From this stop right here, buses leave for Bethlehem and Hebron; blue buses depart that are intended for Palestinians and the green buses are for Israelis. When we got to her stop, she thanked me for the ride and said maybe we would see each other in the States. I said yes just because I wanted to be polite.

All the way home I thought how sad it is that Jerusalem, the city that for millennia was blessed with an amazing range of humanity, is today cut off as it has never been before.

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Palestinians Say No to US embassy Brainwashing program for Youth in Ramallah

Not us, no thanks!

August 19, 2019

RAMALLAH, Monday, August 19, 2019, (WAFA) – Palestinians foiled an attempt by the US embassy in Israel to hold a meeting for Palestinian youth in the West Bank city of Ramallah after the hotel where the meeting was supposed to take place has informed the embassy that it cannot host it, today said Issam Baker, coordinator of the National Forces in Ramallah.

The National Forces, a coalition of political factions in the occupied territories, and Fatah movement came out strong against holding the meeting sponsored by the US-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) planned for Wednesday, urging invitees to boycott it.

Baker said the Grand Park Hotel management, venue of the meeting, has informed the US embassy that it will not be able to host the meeting, part of a program that involves Palestinian youths who previously benefited from an American program to enhance leadership training among youths.

The National and Islamic Forces and Fatah movement have said in two separate statements issued yesterday they intend to foil the meeting, accusing the current US administration of working against the national interest of the Palestinian people.

The Palestinians are boycotting all US-sponsored activity after the US recognized Jerusalem as capital of Israel and moved its embassy to the city, closed the Palestinian representative office in Washington, stopped funding Jerusalem hospitals, cut off funding from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), and cancelled the term occupied territories from the West Bank, among other anti-Palestinian steps.


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