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Jason Greenblatt should abandon his one-eyed approach towards the Palestinians

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By Motasem A Dalloul

Last week, the US Special Envoy to the Middle East, Jason Greenblatt, took to Twitter to attack the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement — Hamas, the de facto government of the Gaza Strip — for dispersing violent protesters in Deir Al-Balah and Jabalia. The protesters — some of whom were rioters — claimed that they were demonstrating against high taxes imposed by the government which, they alleged, had led to price hikes.

“Hamas continues to exploit the Palestinians of Gaza and to rule by brute force,” claimed Greenblatt. “Hamas abuses the money belonging to the people of Gaza, using these funds for terrorism & other illicit activities to devastating effect, instead of rebuilding Gaza and helping its people.” His words could have been written by the Israeli Ministry of Propaganda.

The less than objective or neutral Greenblatt then tweeted: “Hamas violently suppresses its own people demonstrating against Hamas’ rule & failures today and NOW fires rockets at cities in Israel. OUTRAGEOUS! This is what prevents the world from helping the people of Gaza! We strongly support Israel in defence of its citizens. Always!”

In a third tweet, he wrote: “My words now: So true. So sad. So awful. So scary. Hamas, PIJ [Palestinian Islamic Jihad] etc. is this what you want for your people? You’re the cause of this misery. You choose violence. You’re ruining lives day after day after day. No one else. Time to choose something else!”

Without making any apparent effort to check the facts about the disturbances in Gaza, Greenblatt took aim indiscriminately at the Palestinian factions in the besieged territory. The Israeli-led siege and occupation did not figure in his calculations, of course. Not only did he criticise Hamas, but he also targeted Islamic Jihad and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, even though both factions are themselves critical of the movement. This suggests very strongly that the “Special Envoy” — for which read “there to advance Israel’s interests only” — was not concerned about the Palestinians or the alleged “violence” inflicted upon them by Hamas; that his sole aim was to demonise the Palestinian resistance factions, including Hamas, because they oppose the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

The demonstrations in Gaza are not actually against price hikes or high taxes, as was also claimed by Fatah spokesman Usama Al-Qawasmi in the occupied West Bank. The people on the streets are rioters ordered and paid to be there by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and his intelligence chief Majed Faraj, who could find no other excuse for their action against Hamas. Israel’s support for the violent protests was obvious, with Ofir Gendelman, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokesperson for the Arab media, involved openly on social media backing the riots. Israel’s ambassador to the UK Mark Regev, who is well-known for trying to justify the unjustifiable, was also involved.

The clearest proof that these riots were intended to destabilise Gaza in order to topple the de facto government is that Hamas has actually reduced more than 50 per cent of the taxes imposed by the PA, and prices, when compared with the West Bank, are much lower. The price of one falafel sandwich in the West Bank, for example, is around $2, while in Gaza it is just 25 cents. If you have your hair cut in the West Bank, it will cost you $15, but in Gaza, you pay only $1.50. The rioters were calling for their salaries to be restored and for the siege to be lifted; given that it is the PA which has cut the salaries of civil servants in Gaza, their anger should have been directed at Abbas and the administration in the occupied West Bank as well as the Israeli occupation, not Hamas which has been fighting to lift the siege and get their salaries back to normal levels.

As far as Greenblatt’s accusation that Hamas “exploits” the Palestinians and rules “by brute force” is concerned, as a senior US official he should not forget that the movement won an overwhelming majority on the last occasion — in 2006 — when Palestinians were allowed a “free and fair” election. The result was not accepted by Washington, Israel and the PA in Ramallah, and the siege was imposed. Why? Because Hamas sticks to the struggle for legitimate Palestinian rights and principles, whereas Abbas and Fatah, which controls the PA in Ramallah, is more easily bought.

Greenblatt’s claim that Hamas uses Palestinian money to fund terrorism and other illegal activities instead of rebuilding Gaza and helping the people is pathetic. Resistance to a military occupation is a right guaranteed by international laws and conventions. Instead of asking why Hamas does not rebuild Gaza, he should ask himself who destroyed Gaza in the first place, and who replenished its stocks of arms and ammunition to do so. If he is honest — a big if — he would tell the world that it was Israel and Washington, using US taxpayers’ money, not Hamas.

Even though reports in the Palestinian media run by opposition factions, as well as the Israeli and Arab media, claimed that Hamas used violence to suppress “its own people”, there were actually some incidents where the Palestinian police, not Hamas, dealt harshly with the rioters, very few of whom required hospital treatment. It is alleged that images from Iraq and old videos were used to depict the “beatings by Hamas” in Gaza.

Even Haaretz reported that one of the videos which went viral on social media was not related to the riots. “Viral video of Palestinian man setting himself on fire not connected to current protest, human rights activists say,” the Israeli newspaper pointed out. Not all of the videos were fake, but the depiction of the way that the rioters were treated was not as claimed on social and other media.

My advice to Mr Greenblatt, therefore, is to abandon his one-eyed approach towards the Palestinians; he should not turn a blind eye to Israeli atrocities or the injustices of the US-backed Abbas and PA. “For every Palestinian rocket, Israel commits thousands of crimes,” wrote Amira Hass, Haaretz correspondent in the occupied territories, on Sunday. She pointed an accusatory finger at the Israeli officials who demolish the houses of the Palestinians, who demolish water networks and who prevent Palestinians from having water.

The reality of the situation in Israel-Palestine requires a far more nuanced discourse than posts on Twitter can ever convey. US Special Envoy Jason Greenblatt should open both eyes if he wants to have any credibility whatsoever in his role.


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The number of ambassadors of freedom increased to 88 children

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Nazi occupied Ramallah: The Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies stated that the number of children who were smuggled out of the occupation prisons and succeeded in having children rose to reach (88) children.

The media spokesman for the center, Riyad Al-Ashqar, said that the prisoner Ammar Al-Zaben was the first to undergo that experience and gave birth to the first baby boy through sperm in August 2012, and the number gradually increased until he reached 62 prisoners who gave birth to 88 children.

He added that “the issue of reproduction from behind bars through the smuggling of sperm has remained a hope and a dream that captures prisoners for many years, especially the old ones, and those with high rulings, as their ages are in prison, and the dream of paternity slowly fades with age, until they decided in 2012 to enter the adventure.” .

Al-Ashqar asserted that the occupation was unable to discover all methods of smuggling sperm from inside the prison, “although he knew some ways, but the prisoners are creative in finding alternatives to the continuation of their struggle with the Nazi occupier who is trying to kill the spirit of hope and life in them.”

According to the Palestine Prisoners’ Center statement, the prisoners consider the continuation of child and childbirth from inside prisons despite the procedures and penalties against them, constituting a moral victory and expressing a steel will, despite the cruelty of the prison, and the long years that passed from their lifetimes deprived of their freedom.

Jihad responds to the Nazi occupation’s allegations regarding the recent aggression against Damascus

The Nazi occupation claims to target weapons development sites for Islamic Jihad in Syria

4 injuries, by the shelling of the occupation air forces, east of Gaza

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Nazi Occupation arrests seven Palestinians from Jerusalem and the West Bank

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Nazi Occupied Palestine : Seven Palestinians were arrested, at dawn, today, after the Nazi occupation forces raided their homes in occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Local sources reported that during the early hours of the Nazi occupation, the occupation police and intelligence arrested the young men; Waseem Nayef Obaid, Mahmoud Saadi Al-Rajabi, Yazan Amjad Obaid, and Younis Sufyan Obaid, after they demolished their homes in the village of Issawiya, northeast of Jerusalem.

She added that the Nazi occupation army arrested the two captured prisoners, Ahmed Jamal Al-Amour and Qusay Mahmoud Al-Amor, from the town of Taqqou ‘, east of Bethlehem.

It also arrested the freed prisoner, Humam Bani Fadl, from Aqraba village, south of Nablus.

On a daily basis, the Nazi occupation forces storm several cities in the occupied West Bank, as well as the towns and villages of the city of Jerusalem, and arrest a number of Palestinians and take them to investigations in several detention centers under the pretext of “suspicion”. 

Jihad responds to the Nazi occupation’s allegations regarding the recent aggression against Damascus

The Nazi occupation claims to target weapons development sites for Islamic Jihad in Syria

4 injuries, by the shelling of the Nazi occupation air forces, east of Gaza

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Difficult and difficult conditions for prisoners of children in Damoon Nazi Camp

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Nazi occupied Ramallah: For more than 40 days, the Nazi Occupation Nazi Camp Administration has continued to detain 27 children in the Damon Nazi Camp, in conditions that lack the minimum conditions for human life.

The Prisoners’ Club confirmed, in a statement, today, Sunday, that the Nazi Camp Administration is trying to impose a new reality that affects the fate of the child prisoners, to constitute a shift in their issue inside prisons, especially since all dialogues on the issue have not led to a solution yet.

He reviewed again, the repressive policies imposed by the Nazi Occupation Camp Administration on the child prisoners in the Nazi Camp Damon, which consisted of carrying out repression, severe attacks, spraying them with gas, and imposing isolation policy as a punitive tool, in addition to threats and intimidation that were carried out against them around the clock, specifically in The first period of the transfer process, and during this period, the prisoners faced the children with these measures by returning meals and hunger strikes, as the children were exposed, as a result of their protests, to increasing repression, including those who were threatened with stripping his clothes if he did not end his hunger strike, except for imposing collective penalties against them. , from him No denial of visits, and fines.

The prisoners described the children in which they remained through their testimonies, “It is an underground cellar in which cockroaches and mice are spread, and sunlight does not enter it, and windows for ventilation are not available, and it smells bad,” aside from the narrowness of the “fortune” square, it is just a passage between the main section and the rooms , And the bathrooms are exposed, children are forced to use mattresses intended for sleeping as curtains, and the mattresses are dirty, and caused some of them to have pimples on their bodies, after they had to open them and sleep inside them in an attempt to bring warmth, moreover, children were forced to carry their shoes at night to get rid of insects.

As for food, the prisoners confirmed to the children that the food smelled foul, and even the meals in which the chicken were provided were filled with feathers, and the water was polluted, and its color was yellowish.

On the health level, these conditions caused the children to suffer from diseases that appeared in the chest, colds, influenza, and severe coughing. In return, the prison administration would provide them with painkillers.

It is noteworthy that the occupation prisons administration, on the date of the thirteenth of January 2020, transferred 33 children from Ofer Nazi Camp to Damoon Camp without their representatives, where their representatives manage their detention life, protect them from any exploitation of them, and organize their time in prison And helping them overcome many difficulties, knowing that the presence of representatives of the child prisoners was one of the most prominent achievements that the prisoners achieved during the years of their struggle.

The Prisoners Club renewed its demand for human rights institutions, headed by the Red Cross, to put an end to the issue of child prisoners in the Damon Nazi Camp, and all forms of abuse, including ill-treatment, and physical and psychological torture, to which child prisoners in general are subjected, and that actually begins from the moment of arrest.

It is noteworthy that the occupation authorities detain about 200 children in its prisons, and during the month of January 2020, prisoners’ institutions monitored 67 cases of detention among children, most of them from the illegally occupied Jerusalem.

Prisoner Miqdad Al-Hayeh … a body exhausted from the bullets of the Nazi occupation

The prisoner Muwaffaq ‘Arouq is being held in a critical health condition

The wounded prisoner Muhammad Sarma suffers from a difficult health situation

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The prisoner Muwaffaq ‘Arouq is being held in a critical health condition

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Nazi Occupied Palestine: According to human rights sources, the health of the prisoner afflicted with cancer, Mowaffaq Orouq (77 years old) is very critical.

The Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority said in a statement today, Sunday, that the prisoner ‘veins live in a disturbing and critical health situation in the “Barzalai” hospital.

She explained that serious complications occurred in his health condition, as the prisoner suffers from severe pain, high temperature, lost a lot of weight, is unable to eat or drink, and is provided with food through a dedicated feeding tube that is inserted through a surgical opening in the stomach.

The authority pointed out that the Nazi occupation doctors had examined his cancer in the liver and stomach during the month of July, but the Nazi occupation Camp administration delayed his transfer to the hospital to receive chemotherapy until last November, which led to the aggravation of his condition.

At the beginning of this February, veins underwent surgery to remove stomach and cancerous intestine tumors, but he is still in urgent need of urgent medical follow-up of his condition. 

It is noteworthy that the prisoner Veins of Yafa Nazareth, in the occupied Occupation, has been detained since 2003, and is imprisoned for 30 years.

The veins of at least one of ten prisoners suffering from cancer in varying degrees, and the Nazi occupation authorities continue to detain them in a tragic detention situation that is not suitable for their difficult health conditions.

Difficult and difficult conditions for prisoners of children in Damoon Nazi Camp.

Prisoner Miqdad Al-Hayeh … a body exhausted from the bullets of the Nazi occupation

The wounded prisoner Muhammad Sarma suffers from a difficult health situation

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The Nazi occupation turns the captive Yaqoub Hussein into investigation


By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Nazi Occupied Palestine : The Nazi occupation intelligence turned the captive Yaqoub Hussein (27 years old) from Jalazoun camp, into an investigation into the “Ashkelon” detention Camp. 

In a statement today, Wednesday, Al-Asir Club stated that Hussein has been an administrative detainee since April 2019, and he was issued with a six-month administrative detention order, during which he was transferred to the solitary confinement in Ramla Nazi Camp for a week.

He pointed out that the prisoner Hussein was transferred to the Megiddo Nazi Camp and continued his isolation for 55 days, where he went on a hunger strike for ten days, and that he ended after promises to end his isolation, then was transferred to the Hadarim Nazi Camp, knowing that a second administrative detention order for six months was issued against him . 

He explained that the Nazi Occupation Prison Administration recently transferred him to the isolation of Gilboa Nazi Camp, and he carried out a hunger strike for 13 days, and he ended it again based on promises, until he was transferred yesterday to the investigation. 

Palestine is affected by a new air depression

Announcement of a package of country projects in Gaza

watched| NaziOccupation patrol to remove decorative balloons from the Chapel of Mercy

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Nazi troops ambushed in West Bank street battle as Intifada looms

US Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) (L) talks with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) during a rally with fellow Democrats before voting on H.R. 1, or the People Act, on the East Steps of the US Capitol on March 08, 2019 in Washington, DC. (AFP photo)

Image shows Nazi soldiers deployed in the illegally Nazi occupied West Bank city of Jenin

Amid a rise in violent clashes between Palestinians and Nazi security forces after the unveiling of the so-called ‘deal of the century’ last week, an Zionist paper has revealed details of a heavy gun battle in the West Bank as Intifada memories loom.

Zionist media outlets on Thursday reported clashes between Nazi soldiers and Palestinian protesters which led to the deaths of at least two Palestinians in the West Bank city of Jenin.

The leading Zionist Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, however, revealed on its English website that clashes in the city were simultaneously accompanied by a “heavy” gun battle in which Nazi soldiers were “ambushed on all fronts”.

The report said Nazi soldiers from the “Nahal Brigade”, backed by snipers from the Combat Engineering Corps, had entered Jenin late on Wednesday to demolish the home belonging to the family of a Palestinian accused of attacking an Nazi Jewish settler.

From the first minutes upon arriving in the area, the Nazi soldiers were met with heavy gunfire from at least four groups of masked fighters, armed with AK-47 and M-16 assault rifles.

The ensuing violent exchange lasted nearly two hours and resided after Nazi forces were “evacuated from the area” at around 3:30 a.m. local time.

The report added that “explosives – somehow planted under the military’s vehicles” had also been detonated during the battle.

The report did not provide any details about possible casualties among Nazi soldiers and the Palestinian fighters.

The development in Jenin, known for its historic role in the Second Intifada which took place from 2000 till 2005, marks the first instance of widespread armed clashes in the West Bank in the past years.

The reported gun battle, among other clashes across the occupied territories, come after Trump unveiled his so-called deal of the century on January 28.

Israeli forces kill three more Palestinians amid tensions over US deal

Nazi forces kill three more Palestinians amid tensions over US deal Nazi forces have shot and killed three Palestinians amid rising tensions over a US-devised Mideast scheme.

The scheme, negotiated with ‘Israel’ but without the Palestinians, enshrines Jerusalem al-Quds as “Israel’s undivided capital” and allows the Nazi regime to annex illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank and the Jordan Valley.

The proposal further denies the right of return of Palestinian refugees into their homeland, among other controversial terms.

Thousands of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and besieged Gaza Strip have taken to the streets in condemnation of the plan.

Kushner blames Palestinian president for rising violence by Israel


Muslims all across the world have also expressed solidarity with the Palestinian cause and denounced Trump’s proposed plan.

Protesters march on US embassy in Jordan to slam Trump deal

Protesters march on US embassy in Jordan to slam Trump deal Hundreds of Jordanians march on the American Embassy in Amman, raging against Donald Trump’s pro-occupation “deal of the century.”

Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, has said that Trump’s pro-occupation plan is doomed to die even before the US president’s own death, adding that Washington’s push “will definitely end in failure.”

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Naziyahu gives OK for thousands of Jewish illegal homes in occupied Jerusalem

From right: Jerusalem Nazi Mayor Moshe Lion, Prime Minister Naziyahu, Jerusalem Affairs Minister Nazi Yariv Levin and Prime Minister’s Office acting Director-General Nazi Ronen Peretz visit an overlook of the illegal occupied Jerusalem neighborhood of Har Homa, Feb. 20, 2020.

Prime Minister Benjamin Naziyahu said Thursday that his Nazi regime will build thousands of homes for Jews in predominantly Palestinian eastern illegally occupied Jerusalem.

Naziyahu said he would lift the construction ban on the Nazi Jewish Givat Hamatos settlement , giving the go-ahead for 3,000 housing units that were first approved in 2012, and announced the approval of 2,200 units in the Har Homa . Har Homa, established in 1997, has about 37,000 residents.

“We are connecting Jerusalem,” Naziyahu said while visiting Har Homa with Jerusalem Mayor Nazi Moshe Lion. “We are connecting all parts of the united Jerusalem, the rebuilt Jerusalem. It is a source of great pride and is great news for the entire people of Israel.”

Peace Now criticized the approval as an election ploy — voting in ‘Israel’ is on March 2 — and said the new settlement housing would be a serious blow to a future Palestinian state.

“This is the last point that can allow territorial contiguity between Bethlehem and East Jerusalem — the most significant Palestinian metropolitan area — and if the neighborhood is built, it will not be possible to connect the two cities,” Peace Now said in a statement. “Such a policy change cannot be passed in a transitional government without a mandate from the public.”

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The Unbreakable Bond of Ireland and Palestine

Among European nations, Ireland has been one of the most vocal in its support of the Palestinian national struggle

By Creede Newton

Global Research,

In December, a wave of support for the recognition of a Palestinian state swept over Europe, culminating in the European Parliament’s (EP) vote on a motion that expressed support for an independent Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders and a continuation of stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

The motion, largely symbolic, passed with 498 EU parliamentarians voting in favour, 88 voting against, and 111 abstaining.

While it does not require any concrete action on the part of any European Union (EU) member state, certain EU member states, such as Sweden and Ireland, have taken steps towards formal recognition of Palestine.

Ireland in particular has been a vocal supporter of the Palestinian cause. The origins of this solidarity come down to both the similarities and differences between the Irish and Palestinian national struggles.

‘Colonised people’

“The Irish people, as a colonised people living for centuries under British occupation, have instinctively identified with freedom struggles across the globe,” Gerry Adams, Irish republican and president of Sinn Féin, the largest Irish nationalist party in both the Republic of Ireland and the six counties of Northern Ireland that still belong to the United Kingdom (UK), told Middle East Eye.

The entangled history of the UK and Ireland began in the 12th century, when Norman invaders reached the island. In 1541, the English parliament formally declared that English King Henry VIII was also the king of Ireland.

That was the beginning of several centuries of English and Scottish Protestants migrating to the majority Catholic island and taking power from the indigenous population. This set the stage for sectarian conflict that would flare up over the course of the following years.

In the second half of the 19th century, nationalist movements began picking up steam and by 1922, the Green Island was split into 26 counties that were to be ruled from Dublin as part of an independent Ireland, and six that would be ruled from Belfast, still part of the UK.

In the late 1960s, the conflict known as “The Troubles” began, with militants seeking the reunification of Ireland attacking military and civilian targets, and the British army and Protestant militants responding in kind. Adams himself recounted his own memories of political activism and protest for the reunification of Ireland, and against apartheid South Africa, in the 1960s.

Speaking critically of the current Israeli government, he said their “strategies and actions are aimed at imposing an apartheid system on Arab-Israeli citizens; extending the occupation through the building of settlements in the occupied territories, as well as the separation wall; and physically and politically dividing Palestinians on the West Bank and in Gaza and the refugee camps in other states.”

The current state of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process also troubles him, he said. In December, Israel denied Adams entry to the besieged Gaza Strip, and upon his return to Ireland, he was “deeply worried”.

“I am particularly concerned at the approach of the international community,” he told MEE, “which fails to hold the Israeli government to account for its actions and its breaches of international law.”

The role of prisoners

In Ireland, prisoners jailed by the British played “an important role”, according to Adams, and Palestinian prisoners play an important role, too.

But Gavan Kelley, the advocacy unit coordinator of Ramallah-based Addameer, a non-governmental human rights group that focuses on political and civil rights issues in the occupied Palestinian territory, especially those of prisoners, thinks that those imprisoned in Israeli jails can play an even greater role.

“Overall [Addameer] is in a very difficult situation. We want to get to a stage where prisoners are playing a role in ending the conflict,” he told MEE. “That’s the exact opposite of what’s happening now.”

As of October 2014, there were approximately 6,500 Palestinian prisoners, including roughly 500 administrative detainees—those who are held in Israeli prisons without charge. Their six-month sentences can be renewed indefinitely by judges on the basis of “secret” evidence.

Other than prominent Palestinian leaders, such as Ahmad Saadat of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine or Fatah’s Marwan Barghouti, most prisoners serve their sentences in silence.

Kelley says that prisoners “are being completely excluded and used as political bargaining chips” in negotiations between Israel and Hamas, as well as the Palestinian Authority.

The human rights of prisoners in Israeli jails are routinely violated, Kelley said, much like those of Irish prisoners during the conflict with the UK.  “You have daily rights violations of the prisoners. Medical negligence, malnourishment, nightly raids by the Israeli forces,” he said.

Kelley echoed Sinn Féin’s leader in saying that prisoners were instrumental in ending the conflict.

“If you look at Ireland and South Africa,” Kelley said, “prisoners played a central role in ending those conflicts.”

But looking at the current situation in the Holy Land,

“the political conditions that brought an end to the conflicts in Ireland and South Africa are nowhere near existing here in Palestine,” Kelley concluded.

United Efforts

Meanwhile, many Palestinians are grateful for international solidarity, which some view as instrumental in their own struggle.

“International solidarity is vital for more than one reason,” Najwan Berekdar, a Palestinian citizen of Israel and activist, told MEE.

“Not only that gives hope for the Palestinians to continue their struggle knowing they have support, but it also brings our struggles closer together, as we have been learning new tactics which were used by colonised people everywhere.”

The popular techniques used by the Irish and South Africans serve to envigorate Palestinian efforts to resist Israeli occupation, have led to innovative and interesting protests, some of which, such as the “Love in the Time of Apartheid” campaign, Berekdar organised.

“This is what will affect the public opinion. And this is what will pressure Israel and its supporting governments to change their policies.”

Great March of Return and Breaking the Siege: Worldwide Solidarity this Weekend

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Nazi regime confiscates school in Susiyah

Image result for school cartoon
Israel confiscates school in Susiyah

On February 19, 2020, the Israeli Civil Administration confiscated a schoolhouse from the village of Susiya in the South Hebron Hills. These Israeli attacks on the basic infrastructure that serves the Palestinian children of Susiya is not simply a violation of human rights, but a message to the community: Leave your village.

In 2012, the far-right Israeli NGO, Regavim, launched a public and legal campaign to advocate for the forced displacement of the indigenous inhabitants of Susiya. In June 2012, the Israeli Civil Administration  issued more than 50 demolition orders to the small Palestinian village. These demolition orders came after Regavim petitioned the Israeli Supreme Court, pressuring it to declare the village a “security threat” as well as an “illegal outpost”.

This most recent confiscation represents the continuation of Regavim’s campaign to drive the local community off of their lands. Regavim has advocated for the demolition of Palestinian homes countless times. In the past, Regavim has petitioned the Israeli courts for the displacement of Palestinians in the West Bank village of Susiyah to make way for the expansion of the Israeli settlement of Susya. In 2018, they petitioned the Israeli courts to forcefully evict the Bedouin community in Khan al-Ahmar in order to advance Israeli territorial claims in “Greater” Jerusalem. In both cases, the international community, including EU diplomats, US Senators, and US State Department cautioned against these measures and in the case of Khan al Ahmar, ICC Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda warned that evictions of the community could constit-ute a war crime.

Regavim finances its work through the use of US-based charities. The Central Fund of Israel and Israel Independence Fund enable Regavim’s work by funneling US taxpayers’ dollars through tax-exempt donations. This happens through the two organizations’ charitable status in the United States and their fiscal sponsorship of Regavim. However, for grants to overseas entities, US Treasury and IRS regulations require  the US grantor to make an “equivalency determination” to determine if the foreign entity is functionally the same as a US nonprofit. In other words, the recipient the sponsored organization overseas – must fulfill the same requirements as non-profits in the United States. These guid-elines require that tax-exempt donations “lessen neighborhood tensions; eliminating prejudice and discrimination; defending human and civil rights secured by law, and combating community deterioration and juvenile delinquency”.

Given the nature of Regavim’s work and the practical outcome of their actions, we see no evidence that such a determination has been made, or in fact could be made. A minimal good faith effort on the part of the donor organizations would have made it clear that Regavim’s mandat-e runs contrary to the spirit of the laws governing charitable organiza- tions. The organizations’ failure to comply in good faith with the equi- valency determination requirement is a primary reason for its status to be revoked.

Palestinians have long raised the issue of U.S.-based charities, such as the Central Fund of Israel, and their role in financing human rights abuses and have advocated for legal pressure to enforce the application of IRS regulations.

As the Good Shepherd Collective moves forward, we are building a grassroots movement to challenge the ways that US-based nonprofits can fund human rights abuses. To this date, GSC has collected the endorsements and video testimonies of around 130 Palestinian activists to raise the call to engage this campaign to stop charitable organizations from funding Israeli settlers organizations. We’ve received the endorsem- ents of nearly 30 Palestinian villages in municipal councils as well as leading Palestinian human rights organizations. But we need your help.

As we move forward into 2020, methodically building our coalition on the ground and international networks, we ask you to make sure you stay connected by following us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

As you see how crucial it is to develop alternative models to nonviolent resistance outside of the current NGO model, we hope that you will invest $5, $,10 or $20 dollars a month. If you are a US citizen and want to make a tax-deductible contribution, you can do it through this link. If you are a UK citizen and want to utilize GiftAid, you can do so through this link. For all other donation types, you can use this link here.

In solidarity, Cody

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