Colonization by Bankruptcy: The High-stakes Chess Match for Argentina


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If Argentina were in a high-stakes chess match, the countrys actions this week would be the equivalent of flipping over all the pieces on the board. David Dayen, Fiscal Times, August 22, 2014

Argentina is playing hardball with the vulture funds, which have been trying to force it into an involuntary bankruptcy. The vultures are demanding what amounts to a 600% return on bonds bought for pennies on the dollar, defeating a 2005 settlement in which 92% of creditors agreed to accept a 70% haircut on their bonds. A US court has backed the vulture funds; but last week, Argentina sidestepped its jurisdiction by transferring the trustee for payment from Bank of New York Mellon to its own central bank. That play, if approved by the Argentine Congress, will allow the country to continue making payments under its 2005 settlement, avoiding default on the majority of its bonds.

Argentina is already foreclosed from international capital markets, so it doesnt have much to lose by thwarting the US court system. Similar bold moves by Ecuador and Iceland have left those countries in substantially better shape than Greece, which went along with the agendas of the international financiers.

The upside for Argentina was captured by President Fernandez in a nationwide speech on August 19th. Struggling to hold back tears, according to Bloomberg, she said:

When it comes to the sovereignty of our country and the conviction that we can no longer be extorted and that we cant become burdened with debt again, we are emerging as Argentines.

. . . If I signed what theyre trying to make me sign, the bomb wouldnt explode now but rather there would surely be applause, marvelous headlines in the papers. But we would enter into the infernal cycle of debt which weve been subject to for so long.

The Endgame: Patagonia in the Crosshairs

The deeper implications of that infernal debt cycle were explored by Argentine political analyst Adrian Salbuchi in an August 12th article titled Sovereign Debt for Territory: A New Global Elite Swap Strategy. Where territories were once captured by military might, he maintains that today they are being annexed by debt. The still-evolving plan is to drive destitute nations into an international bankruptcy court whose decisions would have the force of law throughout the world. The court could then do with whole countries what US bankruptcy courts do with businesses: sell off their assets, including their real estate. Sovereign territories could be acquired as the spoils of bankruptcy without a shot being fired.

Global financiers and interlocking megacorporations are increasingly supplanting governments on the international stage. An international bankruptcy court would be one more institution making that takeover legally binding and enforceable. Governments can say no to the strong-arm tactics of the global bankers collection agency, the IMF. An international bankruptcy court would allow creditors to force a nation into bankruptcy, where territories could be involuntarily sold off in the same way that assets of bankrupt corporations are.

For Argentina, says Salbuchi, the likely prize is its very rich Patagonia region, long a favorite settlement target for ex-pats. When Argentina suffered a massive default in 2001, the global press, including Time and The New York Times, went so far as to propose that Patagonia be ceded from the country as a defaulted debt payment mechanism.

The New York Times article followed one published in the Buenos Aires financial newspaper El Cronista Comercial called Debt for Territory, which described a proposal by a US consultant to then-president Eduardo Duhalde for swapping public debt for government land. It said:

[T]he idea would be to transform our public debt default into direct equity investment in which creditors can become land owners where they can develop industrial, agricultural and real estate projects. . . . There could be surprising candidates for this idea: during the Alfonsin Administration, the Japanese studied an investment master plan in Argentine land in order to promote emigration. The proposal was also considered in Israel.

Salbuchi notes that ceding Patagonia from Argentina was first suggested in 1896 by Theodor Herzl, founder of the Zionist movement, as a second settlement for that movement.

Another article published in 2002 was one by IMF deputy manager Anne Krueger titled Should Countries Like Argentina Be Able to Declare Themselves Bankrupt? It was posted on the IMF website and proposed some new and creative ideas on what to do about Argentina. Krueger said, the lesson is clear: we need better incentives to bring debtors and creditors together before manageable problems turn into full-blown crises, adding that the IMF believes this could be done by learning from corporate bankruptcy regimes like Chapter 11 in the US.

These ideas were developed in greater detail by Ms. Krueger in an IMF essay titled A New Approach to Debt Restructuring, and by Harvard professor Richard N. Cooper in a 2002 article titled Chapter 11 for Countries published in Foreign Affairs(mouthpiece of the powerful New York-Based Elite think-tank, Council on Foreign Relations). Salbuchi writes:

Here, Cooper very matter-of-factly recommends that only if the debtor nation cannot restore its financial health are its assets liquidated and the proceeds distributed to its creditors again under the guidance of a (global) court (!).

In Argentinas recent tangle with the vulture funds, Ms. Krueger and the mainstream media have come out in apparent defense of Argentina, recommending restraint by the US court. But according to Salbuchi, this does not represent a change in policy. Rather, the concern is that overly heavy-handed treatment may kill the golden goose:

. . . [I] n todays delicate post-2008 banking system, a new and less controllable sovereign debt crisis could thwart the global elites plans for an orderly transition towards a new global legal architecture that will allow orderly liquidation of financially-failed states like Argentina. Especially if such debt were to be collateralized by its national territory (what else is left!?)

Breaking Free from the Sovereign Debt Trap

Salbuchi traces Argentinas debt crisis back to 1955, when President Juan Domingo Perón was ousted in a very bloody US/UK/mega-bank-sponsored military coup:

Perón was hated for his insistence on not indebting Argentina with the mega-bankers: in 1946 he rejected joining the International Monetary Fund (IMF); in 1953 he fully paid off all of Argentinas sovereign debt. So, once the mega-bankers got rid of him in 1956, they shoved Argentina into the IMF and created the Paris Club to engineer decades-worth of sovereign debt for vanquished Argentina, something theyve been doing until today.

Many countries have been subjected to similar treatment, as John Perkins documents in his blockbuster exposéConfessions of an Economic Hit Man. When the country cannot pay, the IMF sweeps in with refinancing agreements with strings attached, including selling off public assets and slashing public services in order to divert government revenues into foreign debt service.

Even without pressure from economic hit men, however, governments routinely indebt themselves for much more than they can ever hope to repay. Why do they do it? Salbuchi writes:

Here, Western economists, bankers, traders, Ivy League academics and professors, Nobel laureates and the mainstream media have a quick and monolithic reply: because all nations needinvestment and investors if they wish to build highways, power plants, schools, airports, hospitals, raise armies, service infrastructures and a long list of et ceteras . . . .

But more and more people are starting to ask a fundamental common-sense question: why should governments indebt themselves in hard currencies, decades into the future with global mega-bankers, when they could just as well finance these projects and needs far more safely by issuing the proper amounts of their own local sovereign currency instead?

Neoliberal experts shout back that government-created money devalues the currency, inflates the money supply, and destroys economies. But does it? Or is it the debt service on money created privately by banks, along with other forms of rent on capital, that create inflation and destroy economies? As Prof. Michael Hudson points out:

These financial claims on wealth bonds, mortgages and bank loans are lent out to become somebody elses debts in an exponentially expanding process. . . . [E]conomies have been obliged to pay their debts by cutting back new research, development and new physical reinvestment. This is the essence of IMF austerity plans, in which the currency is stabilized by further international borrowing on terms that destabilize the economy at large. Such cutbacks in long-term investment also are the product of corporate raids financed by high-interest junk bonds. The debts created by businesses, consumers and national economies cutting back their long-term direct investment leaves these entities even less able to carry their mounting debt burden.

Spiraling debt also results in price inflation, since businesses have to raise their prices to cover the interest and fees on the debt.

From Sovereign Debt to Monetary Sovereignty

For governments to escape this austerity trap, they need to spend not less but more money on the tangible capital formation that increases physical productivity. But where to get the investment money without getting sucked into the debt vortex? Where can Argentina get funding if the country is shut out of international capital markets?

The common-sense response, as Salbuchi observes, is for governments to issue the money they need directly. But printing money raises outcries that can be difficult to overcome politically. An alternative that can have virtually the same effect is for nations to borrow money issued by their own publicly-owned banks. Public banks generate credit just as private banks do; but unlike private lenders, they return interest and profits to the economy. Their mandate is to serve the public, and that is where their profits go. Funding through their own government-issued currencies and publicly-owned banks has been successfully pursued by many countries historically, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, China, Russia, Korea and Japan. (For more on this, see The Public Bank Solution.)

Countries do need to be able to buy foreign products that they cannot acquire or produce domestically, and for that they need a form of currency or an international credit line that other nations will accept. But countries are increasingly breaking away from the oil- and weapons-backed US dollar as global reserve currency. To resolve the mutually-destructive currency wars will probably take a new Bretton Woods Accord. But that is another subject for a later article.

Ellen Brown is an attorney, founder of the Public Banking Institute, and author of twelve books, including the best-selling Web of Debt. In The Public Bank Solution, her latest book, she explores successful public banking models historically and globally. Her 200+ blog articles are at

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CNN Complicit in Media Coverup of U.S. Centers for Disease Control Vaccine Fraud


Blackout of the developing story of CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson

Global Research

CNN is now overtly complicit in the mainstream media blackout of the developing story of CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, who stepped forward and revealed that he had partaken in cooking data attempting to minimize the truth about the toxicity of the MMR vaccine in infants and the increased risk of developing autism.

Yesterday, on CNN’s “iReport” page, the story was posted.

As of late last night, the article had 45,232 views, 178 comments,( mostly people literally begging CNN and other media to cover it,) and a staggering 17 thousand shares.

This clearly is what we call “news worthy.”

However,  CNN has now deleted the story, claiming it was “flagged” for being “in violation” of iReport’s policy.

In violation of what?  CNN’s appeasement policies toward the vaccine industry?

CNN won’t allow the story of a whistleblower from a federal health agency who has admitted to falsifying a bedrock of data about vaccine safety, but it offered frothing, extensive coverage to Brian Deer’s claim’s that Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s 1998 Lancet paper was “fraudulent.” (The paper’s assertions–of a link between gastrointestinal illnesses, MMR, and autism– have subsequently been repeated in many other studies, and the paper’s lead author, who was funded to do to, went through the proper courts in the UK  and was vindicated.)

See the tangled web of interests here.

CNN’s frothing pro-vaccine coverage, and systematic bullying of critics, such as Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who was “interviewed” by an unhinged Anderson Cooper here, in one of journalism’s lowest moments, points to a very disturbing development in American journalism.

The $52 billion vaccine industry ship, meanwhile, mighty as it is, is taking on water from escalating leaks. 

Who will jump next?

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Syrian Government: James Foley Killed a Year Ago

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem. Sr

Fresh doubt thrown on veracity of beheading video

By: Paul Joseph Watson


Fresh doubt has been thrown on the narrative behind the James Foley beheading video after a Syrian government spokesperson claimed that the American journalist was killed by ISIS militants a year ago.

Following the release of a video last week which purported to show the murder of Foley, top forensic experts concluded that the footage was staged using “camera trickery and slick post-production techniques,” concurring with Infowars’ analysis that the video was highly dubious given that it was immediately used as justification for military strikes on Syria.

Official Syrian government spokesperson Bouthaina Shaaban has now complicated matters further by asserting that Foley was in fact murdered by Islamic State militants a year ago.

“James Foley was first arrested by the Free Syrian Army and he was sold to ISIS [an earlier name for the IS]. You can check with the UN…James Foley was killed a year ago, not now, they only released the pictures now, but he was killed a year ago. We have definite information, the UN has the information,” said Shaaban.

The claim contradicts the narrative that Foley’s family received a letter on August 12 from ISIS militants threatening to execute the journalist if Barack Obama gave the green light for air strikes on Islamic State militants in Iraq.

The Foley beheading video has been used as a poster child for accomplishing what Washington failed to do in the aftermath of last year’s chemical weapons attack in Ghouta – build a consensus for a military assault on Syria. Officials and lawmakers have cited the video as providing a “new context” which legitimizes an expansion of U.S. military activity in the middle east.

Although the air strikes will ostensibly target ISIS fighters and not Syrian government positions, Assad has repeatedly asserted that any U.S. military action in Syria will be seen as an act of war, threatening to enflame the entire region.

According to reports today, Obama has ordered US spy planes to start patrolling the country with a view to launching a military assault, “a step that would plunge the U.S. into a country already ravaged by an intractable civil war,” reports the Daily Mail.

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Vaccine Fraud: U.S. Mainstream Media Censors Whistleblower’s Explosive Story

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem, Sr

Secret letter to CDC head Dr. Julie Gerberding released

Global Research

The CDC whistleblower who has come forward with proof that the CDC knowingly covered up scientific evidence linking the MMR vaccine to autism has now been revealed as William W. Thompson, PhD. To share this story, use tags

#vaccinegate and #EndVaccineViolence

Natural News has acquired a letter from William Thompson to former CDC head Dr. Julie Gerberding, dated February 2nd, 2004. The date of this letter is important because a pivotal Institute of Medicine (IoM) meeting on vaccine safety took place just one week later on February 9th. (See the full letter below.)

In this letter, William Thompson says he will be “presenting the summary of our results from the Metropolitan Atlanta Autism Case-Control Study,” and he laments that the data will show MMR vaccines cause an increased risk of autism in youth African-American babies. He explains “I will have to present several problematic results relating to statistical associations between the receipt of MMR vaccine and autism.”

He then goes on to implore Dr. Gerberding to respond to questions that had been raised by “Representative David Weldon” regarding the integrity of CDC scientists working in the immunization program. He also explains that the CDC has been covering up the truth about the safety problems the agency’s own scientists had documented with vaccines, saying:

“I’ve repeatedly told individuals in the [National Immunization Program Office of Directors] over the last several years that they’re doing a very poor job representing immunization safety issues and that we’re losing the public relations war.”

In response to this letter, the CDC took deliberate action to retroactively alter the outcome of the autism study by arbitrarily eliminating most subjects from the study, thereby shrinking the sample size to a small data set which would not achieve statistical significance. This is a clear and irrefutable case of scientific fraud. This fraud allowed CDC scientists such as Colleen Boyle to testify before Congress that there was “no credible link” between MMR vaccines and autism.

Click the image above thumbnail to view the full letter for yourself

CNN caught blatantly censoring CDC whistleblower story

The mainstream media is pulling out all the stops to try to memory hole this breaking news story. When a citizen journalist posted the facts of the story to a CNN iReport page, CNN quickly removed it to prevent the public from learning the truth about this extraordinary moment in medical history.

The story has now been reposted at another CNN iReport page which will no doubt be censored and removed by CNN very quickly as well. But here’s the screen shot of what this page showed at the time of this writing:

All other mainstream media news sources, including the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, etc., have been ordered to deliberately censor this story, just as Natural News reported last week. There is a desperate attempt under way right now to silence the CDC whistleblower and sweep this entire story under the rug before it explodes beyond the control of the corporate-run media.

What the truth-telling media has to say about the massive media cover-up

Here’s some of the independent reporting on what’s taking place right now:


CNN is now overtly complicit in the mainstream media blackout of the developing story of CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, who stepped forward and revealed that he had partaken in cooking data attempting to minimize the truth about the toxicity of the MMR vaccine in infants and the increased risk of developing autism.

Yesterday, on CNN’s “iReport” page, the story was posted. As of late last night, the article had 45,232 views, 178 comments,( mostly people literally begging CNN and other media to cover it,) and a staggering 17 thousand shares. This clearly is what we call “news worthy.”

However, CNN has now deleted the story, claiming it was “flagged” for being “in violation” of iReport’s policy. In violation of what? CNN’s appeasement policies toward the vaccine industry?

From Jon Rappoport’s blog:

CNN: the most trusted name in twisted information.

CNN headquarters are right down the street in Atlanta from the CDC, where the MMR vaccine data were cooked, stepped on, and buried.

I guess it’s just too much trouble for a reporter or editor to hop in a cab and go over there and ask a few tough questions.

Well, there are really no questions to ask, are there? CNN and the CDC are the “already asked and answered” dancing twins, who can read each other’s minds.

Vaccines? Never met one they didn’t love. Adverse effects? Damage? Never heard of such a thing.

From Age of Autism:

The CDC’s William Thompson, whistleblower to Brian Hooker on the MMR study and lead author on another on mercury in vaccines, has probably ruined more than a few of his colleagues’ August vacations at Hilton Head.

More broadly, these “leaks” in the bulwark of conventional wisdom have been coming for a long time, and not just from people on the inside with information to share.

I’m talking about leaks like all the parents of children on the other side of the elevated-risk stats — MMR shots at 12 months, illness, regression, autism.

Leaks like parents who saw it with other vaccines, at other times — parents who were willing to share what happened to try to keep it from happening again.

Leaks like the original Verstraeten study at the CDC that found a high risk of autism for infants who got the most ethyl mercury by the first month of life, as opposed to the least.

Leaks like the CDC coverup of the soaring autism rate in Brick Township, N.J.

Leaks like all the evidence from low-and-no-vaccine populations with low-to-no autism. Leaks like the unwillingness of the public health authorities to even study the issue.

Leaks like the Hannah Poling case, which the government conceded was triggered by autism, but buried by obfuscation. Leaks like the Unanswered Questions study showing autism all over the place in unacknowledged vaccine “court” rulings.

Leaks like the SafeMinds parents identifying autism as a “novel form of mercury poisoning” more than a decade ago.

Leaks like the Merck scientists who came forward to say the company faked data to make its mumps vaccine look effective.

Leaks like the connection between the first cases of autism reported in the medical literature, in 1943, and the families’ exposure to the new ethyl mercury vaccines and fungicides.

Leaks like the whole catastrophic half-a-millennium love affair between the medical industry and mercury, one that should have ended long before the autism tidal wave started carrying away America’s children.

Leaks like the most obvious one of all — the explosion of autism and the vaccine schedule at the same time Congress gave the nation’s corrupt drug makers a free ride in court, a ride on the backs of America’s vaccine-injured children and their stumbling families.

These leaks are becoming a flood, and the flood a tidal wave, just like the autism tidal wave, and the wave is washing away the whole wall of denial built by the same people who just about now are running out of fingers and toes to plug them with.

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Police Killing of African American Youth Galvanized the Struggle Against Racism in the U.S.

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem, Sr

Thousands Attend Funeral of Michael Brown

Global Research

Slain 18-year-old Ferguson, MO resident Michael Brown was laid to rest on Aug. 25. The funeral was a local and national event with thousands in attendance.

Brown was killed by a white police officer Darren Wilson on Aug. 9 while he walked through the streets of his neighborhood. His brutal death from six gunshot wounds fired at close range, sparked immediate mass demonstrations in Ferguson that have continued for over two weeks.

The protests and rebellion in Ferguson highlighted the growing intolerance among African American working class youth for police repression. In response to the unrest in this suburb outside of St. Louis, tens of thousands more gathered in solidarity in cities across the U.S.

Police and governmental responses to the demonstrations in Ferguson are designed to violently suppress dissent. Military equipment and law-enforcement deployment tactics used in this majority African American town of 21,000 resembled those utilized in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Palestine and other regions of the world where U.S. imperialism is seeking directly or indirectly to oppress and exploit the people.

Police Are the Main Source of Violence in Ferguson

On Aug. 19, police set off teargas, pepper spray along with firing bean bags and rubber bullets into a crowd of several hundred peaceful demonstrators. Journalists were told to leave the area and dozens of people were arrested.

Corporate news reports of the destruction of private property were designed to provide a rationale for the heavily militarized police response to the demonstrations. During the course of the first ten days of the unrest several people were reported injured and wounded by gunfire.

According to a Press TV report “Captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri State Highway Patrol said early Tuesday that 31 protesters have been arrested, with some coming as far away as New York and California. He noted that at least two people have been wounded by gunfire. Johnson called on protesters to refrain from staging rallies during the nighttime, which, he said, provides cover for criminal elements.” (Aug. 19)

Despite these claims or suggestions that the demonstrations in Ferguson were being instigated by so-called “outside agitators”, arrest records reveals that most people who were detained were from the area. Those who were suspected of being from other cities were deliberately targeted by police for arrests and beatings.

Several journalists were also arrested and gassed during the course of the first two weeks of the demonstrations and rebellion. A “no-fly zone” was declared over Ferguson in efforts by the authorities to prevent aerial news reports in unrest neighborhoods and business districts.

Johnson of the State Highway Patrol was designated as being ostensibly in charge of the law-enforcement deployments in Ferguson. He was said to have come from the town and would utilize a less aggressive form of policing the community.

Nonetheless, after several days of continuing unrest demanding that police officer Wilson be indicted and arrested in the killing of Brown, it became obvious that Johnson was not really in control. Gov. Jay Nixon ordered in the National Guard and attempted to minimize potential political damage that would hamper his much talked about aspirations for the vice-presidency of the U.S.

Johnson in his efforts to justify the daily brutality by the cops told the media on Aug. 19 that “’officers came under heavy gunfire during the night,’ but said officers did not fire a single shot. They ‘acted with restraint and calm,’ he said. Johnson blamed a group of ‘lawbreakers’ and “’criminals” for the violence.’” (CNN)

Yet there was no condemnation from Johnson of the criminality of white police officers shooting down African American youth. The official line coming out of Ferguson was geared towards covering up the crimes committed against Brown and others seeking justice, by manufacturing a so-called “criminal” element that posed a more immediate danger.

Official Solutions Won’t Work: African Americans Need Program of Action

Although the officials in Ferguson have stated repeatedly that Officer Wilson’s record was clean, it surfaced on Aug. 24 that he had been a member of a nearby police force that was disbanded due to reports of racism and corruption. Wilson was employed in the Jennings police department when all 45 officers were fired. (New York Daily News)

In an article published by the New York Daily News in reference to the disbanding of the Jennings police force, it states that “The ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ was when an officer, who was not Wilson, chased a woman outside of the city’s limits and shot at her vehicle with a child in the backseat, Rodney Epps, an African American city council member in Jennings, told the newspaper. Wilson then went to work at Ferguson, where he has not had any disciplinary action and received a commendation by the Ferguson council for subduing a man involved in a drug transaction, the newspaper reports.”

Illustrating the racist support for police brutality and terrorism against African Americans is being further revealed in a campaign that is holding demonstrations and raising funds for Wilson. Polls reflect that many whites in the U.S. still do not understand the implications of racist state violence directed against people of color communities.

Responding to the growing criticism against racist police violence and the militarization of law-enforcement, the administration of President Barack Obama sent Atty. General Eric Holder into Ferguson on Aug. 20 to discuss the Justice Department’s investigation of the killing of Brown. An Obama administration official told journalists that the president “has directed a review of federal programs and funding that enable state and local law enforcement to purchase military equipment”. (AFP-Reuters, Aug. 24)

This review will purportedly examine “whether these programs are appropriate, whether training with the equipment is sufficient, and whether there is enough federal oversight of the gear’s use. The investigation will be headed by White House staff including the Domestic Policy Council, the National Security Council [and] the Office of Management and Budget”, the official said. (AFP-Reuters)

Despite this investigation, the killing of African Americans and other oppressed people are continuing in the U.S. and even in the state of Missouri. In nearby St. Louis, an African American man, Kajieme Powell, was gunned down less than two weeks after the death of Brown.

On Aug. 19 these were the circumstances surrounding the death of Powell captured by a cellphone video camera and reported by Press TV: “The video shows the officers pulled up to the sidewalk, where the video shows Powell walking up and down, with his right hand in the pocket of his sweatshirt. Officers pull up in a squad car, exit and draw their weapons, and can be heard shouting indistinguishable instructions to Powell.” (Aug. 21)

This same report goes on to point out that “The victim can be heard shouting ‘Shoot me! Shoot me!’ He retreats and then walks towards officers again, who fire on him. He was killed four miles from Ferguson, Missouri, the scene of ongoing protests over the death of Michael Brown, 18, who was shot to death by police on August 9.”

The fact that these developments are occurring with the national and global spotlight focused on this region of Missouri proves that the struggle against racist state violence must be led by the African American people and their allies. These forms of repression derive from the necessity of the ruling class to maintain social and political control over of the oppressed nations whose youth and other age groups have no future under the system of capitalism.

Only the mass organization and mobilization of the African American people in conjunction with other oppressed nations and their class allies will provide any hope for the end to racist state-sanctioned violence. The capitalist system has historically relied on racism, utilizing mechanism of coercion and control along with the division of the working class along racial lines, to maintain the exploitative system. Consequently, the struggle to end racism takes on a class dimension in undermining the material basis for national oppression and for the construction of a socialist society.

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“America Frightens Us”: Europeans are Waking Up. The US is No Longer an Ally of the European Union?

Global Research
Europe USA

In the aftermath of the downing of the Malaysian airliner in Ukraine, the Western media followed Washington’s lead and manipulated reports in order to make Europeans believe that Russia and Russian-supported separatists in eastern Ukraine were responsible for downing the airliner. In Germany, the press was an extension of Washington’s propaganda machine despite the lack of evidence from both Washington and Kiev to support their irresponsible claims.

It was not long, however, before the public mood in Europe began to turn. A pivotal factor was openly voiced U.S. threats in a law that had been passed by both the House of Representatives and the Senate of the U.S. Congress that could eventually result in an invasion of the Netherlands by United States army forces.

When this was learned outrage was expressed not only within the Dutch government, but also among the population of the country. According to the law, if it should ever happen that American citizens are brought before the International Criminal Court (ICC) and accused at The Hague, Washington would exercise the preemptive right to invade the country in order to prevent prosecution.

Remember that Malaysia’s government had permitted a tribunal in 2011, whose judges in the tradition of British court proceedings condemned both George W. Bush and Tony Blair as war criminals.

Some Europeans are asking if there could be a connection between the ruling of this tribunal and the loss of two Malaysian airliners.

In addition, alert and intelligent Europeans have caught on to Washington’s campaign to demonize Russia. A Dutch group of professors sent an open letter to Russian president Vladimir Putin on August 12 in which the signatories officially apologized for the propaganda lies sprewed by Western media.

The former “quality media” in Europe have lost the confidence of readers. A growing number of Europeans relying on Internet sites such as are quite well informed about the propagandistic nature of the Western mainstream media.

The chart recently published by a leading German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) indicates that for one reason or the other, Germans have turned away from German newspapers. The cumulative sales of German newspapers reached their climax back in the year 1983 – with a circulation of 30.1 million copies.

Ever since, things have been deteriorating. In 2013, the circulation shrank to only 17.3 million sold copies – a significant decline of 42.5%, which really hurts many publishers. Persistent cost-reduction programs, massive job cuts and the demise of daily newspapers such as the Financial Times Deutschland are the consequence of newspapers in vassalage to Washington. Many excuses are made for the decline, but the real reason is that German newspapers no longer take
their readers seriously

Germans wonder why their reunited country is still occupied by US troops 69 years after the end of World War II, why their country has no foreign policy independent of Washington, and why the German media provides no public discussion of these highly unusual characteristics of an allegedly sovereign state.

During the last several years the media’s propagandistic character has led to massive resistance among newspaper readers, especially in Germany. You only have to take a look at the comments published on Internet sites of the mainstream media to see angry and disappointed readers turn away from their once favorite newspapers that are accused of actively participating in Washington´s propaganda campaign. Readers see propaganda instead of investigative journalism. In place of evidence and honest reports, there are insinuations and ridiculous accusations. The German newspaper Die Welt even blamed the outbreak of the ebola virus on Russia!

Given the danger of Washington pushing Europe into war with Russia, one can be glad that so many Europeans see through the perfidious propaganda lies spread by the mainstream media. Internet sites now perform the role abandoned by newspapers. These mainly independent internet media refer to themselves as alternative media, which have the goal to provide objective and truthful information in place of propaganda.

Some of the large German newspapers destroyed what little credibility they had left when they used social media to spread their claim that the negative comments on their websites were written by people on the payroll of Vladimir Putin. One doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry over this grotesque assertion.

The unanswered question is why does German mainstream media serve Washington instead of Germany? Does Washington pay well for propaganda services?

If we now come to the recent events in Ferguson, these incidents made us realize that the U.S. police state is not just on the rise, but is already in place! Scenes on TV and Internet videos of brutal militarized police equipped for battlefield combat applying extreme violence to protesters and journalists alike has raised the question in Europe whether America is a democracy or a police state. The continuing American massacre of people in the Middle East, together with Washington’s support for Israel’s massacre of Palestinians and now the massacre of Russians in eastern and southern Ukraine by the government that Washington installed in Kiev have changed the image of America from white hat to black hat. America no longer reassures us; America frightens us.

In a recent story Die Welt journalist Ansgar Graw wrote: “The day when the U.S. police became my enemy.”

Even Washington’s German media vassals reporting for Die Welt have now experienced firsthand the full brunt of American police violence.



German journalists who have been living in the United States for 15 years are telling their readers that they have come to the decision to leave the US. They report that things have changed for the worse in the “land of the free” since 9/11, and that they were threatened, handcuffed and arrested for covering the protests in Ferguson.

The policeman who killed the 18-year old black man set off protests, the response to which opened the world’s eyes to the transformation of America into a police state. A country whose military bases occupy much of the world in the name of human rights and freedom, a country that violently interferes in internal affairs of sovereign nations and fights wars at its leisure is now perceived as waging war against its own oppressed propulation. By arrogantly exempting itself from the standards it applies to everyone else, the US has destroyed its credibility.

Now the Dutch wait for the appearance of US troops to show up at the Hague should international law ever be applied to Washington’s war criminals. As one German magazine put it recently, “with friends like America, we don’t need enemies.”

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The Suicide of Robin Williams: Why We Need a Grand Jury Inquest to Investigate It

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On July 2, 1961, an American icon, Earnest Hemingway, committed suicide at his beloved vacation home in Ketchum, Idaho. He had just flown to Ketchum after being discharged from Mayo Clinic’s psychiatric ward where he had received a series of electroshock “treatments” for a depression that had started after he had experienced the horrors of World War I as an ambulance driver.

One of his duties was to retrieve fragments of mutilated human bodies in the battle zone. He was haunted by the images of dead and bodies and dying humans for the rest of his life so there was no question that he had what was later to be understood as combat-induced posttraumatic stress disorder, with depression and insomnia. Hemingway himself had been severely wounded by shrapnel. Like many victims of combat-induced PTSD, he drank a lot of alcoholic beverages and had had a series of failed marriages, with financial problems related to the alimony payments to his ex-wives. He understood that his psychiatric ECT “treatment” had erased his memory, and he knew that his writing career, his reason for living, was over.

Almost exactly 53 years after Hemingway’s suicide, another American icon, Robin Williams, entered a psychiatric facility in Minnesota (July 1, 2014). He had been given an as yet unknown cocktail of prescription drugs that resulted in his losing weight and withdrawing from his loved ones, sleeping, after his discharge later that month, in his darkened bedroom up to 20 hours a day, in an apparent drug-induced stupor.

Williams was said to have developed Parkinson’s Disease (and had been given some new drugs for it), which can commonly be caused by antipsychotic drugs, now often prescribed, off label (i.e., unapproved for such indications by the FDA), for insomnia, especially psychostimulant drug-induced insomnia (which Williams suffered from). It should be mentioned that antipsychotic drugs (like Abilify, Seroquel, Geodon, etc) also commonly cause diabetes, obesity and hyperlipidemia, in addition to the neurological movement disorders that mimic Parkinson’s Disease. It is also important to note that when a patient suddenly quits antipsychotic drugs (even if first used for non-psychotic indications like insomnia) withdrawal symptoms can occur, such as acute psychoses, hallucinations, insomnia and mania any of which can lead a physician to falsely diagnose schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

Within weeks after Williams’ discharge from Hazelden’s Rehabilitation facility in Lindstrom, MN, he hung himself in the bedroom of his San Francisco home where he was certainly suffering multiple side effects from his cocktail of drugs. He left no suicide note, but certainly his psychiatrists, psychologists and other staff members at Hazelden know exactly what Williams could have written on such a note. So far Hazelden is mum on what happened to Williams during July’s rehab stay.

Some of Williams’s closest friends are claiming that the newly prescribed drugs were what killed him, but the media that is swarming all over the tragic event are avoiding those logical and obvious conclusions; for anybody who is aware of the well-known connections between psychiatric prescription drugs and violence, suidicality, dementia, and irrational thoughts and actions (whether while taking the drugs or withdrawing from them) has already asked him or herself the question: “I wonder what psych drugs Robin was on?”

Knowing that Williams had been under the care of psychiatrists for the last six weeks of his life, certain taboo questions need to be asked and answered.

But don’t hold your breath. There will be no answers unless we get them in the secret details of what happened at Hazelden, including what brain-altering drugs he was on..

Shouldn’t There be Penalties for Pushers of Legal Brain-altering Drugs?

There are penalties for bartenders who serve underage drinkers who go on to have auto accidents while under the influence. There are penalties for street corner drug pushers who supply their junkies with dangerous illicit drugs, and there are penalties for the drug lords who are at the top of the drug supply chain.

But shouldn’t there also be penalties for legal drug pushers who are supplying medications to their addictive and addicted clients without first obtaining from them fully informed consent after understanding what are the dangers of the drugs? Shouldn’t there be penalties for legal drug pushers who are prescribing dangerous brain-altering psychiatric drugs in combinations that have never even been tested for safety in the animal labs?

The heretofore respected – and very profitable – industries of Big Pharma, Big Psychiatry, Big Medicine and drug rehabilitation are all very interested in keeping any and all unwelcome truths about the lethality of their products from being aired out in the mainstream press. Thus the rapid disappearance of interest in the celebrity suicides or lethal psych drug overdoses by the time the belated coroner report reveals what drugs were in the victim’s blood and gastric contents. (Note that many coroners are not aware that many psych drugs are detectable in brain tissue long after the time that they disappear from the blood; therefore many coroners don’t bother to test for drugs in brain tissue samples).

If blood tests are negative for drugs, it is often erroneously assumed by the uninformed public (and even by medical professionals) that drugs aren’t a factor in the aberrant behavior or death of drug-taking patients. Drug withdrawal commonly causes patients to become irrational, violent or suicidal – realities that can occur at any time, even after the drug has disappeared from the blood.

The Taboo Reality: Psych Drugs Can Cause Suicidalit

There have been millions of words written about how much everybody was shocked by Williams’ suicide. There have been thousands of flowers placed at any number of temporary shrines. There have been hundreds of comments on the internet from amateur arm-chair psychologists spouting obsolete clichés about suicide, mental illness, drug abuse, alcoholism, cocaine addiction, and how wonderful prescription drugs have been. for depression.

And there have been dozens of dis-informational essays and website commentaries written by professional psychiatrists who have financial or career connections to Big Pharma, Big Psychiatry, Big Medicine and the rehab industries. Most of those commentaries distract readers from making the connections between suicidality and psych drugs. Some of the comments I have read have preemptively tried to discredit those who are publicly making those connections.

Whenever unexpected suicides or accidental drug overdoses occur among heavily drugged-up military veterans, active duty soldiers, celebrities or other groups of individuals, I search – often in vain – for information in the print media and on TV, radio and the internet that will identify the drugs that are often involved. There seems to be a taboo on revealing the drug names, dosages, length of usage or who prescribed them. One has to read between the lines or wait until the information might possibly be revealed at (which, by the way should be mandatory reading for everybody, especially those who prescribe or consume psychiatric drugs)..

Rarely can I find information about the crazy-making drugs involved, the prescribing physicians or the institutions that were treating the individual before the unexpected death. Patient confidentiality is usually the reason given for the cover-ups – and which is the reason why important teachable moments about these tragedies are lost every day.

There is a lot of fluff to wade through on those mostly futile searches for the truth about the drugs. The useful information that could clinch the suspected real diagnosis (i.e., psychiatric drug-induced suicidality or psychiatric drug withdrawal syndrome rather than the usual “mental illness” [of unknown cause]) seems to be cleverly concealed – probably with the intent to misinform the public and perpetuate the ever-present, cunningly-implanted myths of mental illness.

Calling for an Inquest into the Suicide of Robin Williams

What the Robin Williams’ case needs, especially in view of the American epidemic of prescription psychiatric drug deaths and suicides (tens of thousands every year), is an unbiased judicial inquest to determine the real root causes of his suddens and only partially explained death.

Autopsies can determine the immediate cause of death but inquests can reveal the underlying motivational or contributing factors involved. And the results of an inquest could be the beginning of a rational discourse about drug-induced violence and drug-induced mental ill health. So far the corporate media’s rush to judgment about celebrity suicides and the violence epidemic has been subverting teachable moments that could save tens of thousands of lives in America. The disinformation so vigorously forced upon us from the four special interest groups mentioned above has guaranteed the dumbing-down of most of the potential consumers of psychiatric drugs, so that most Americans have become true believers in what they are repeatedly told about drugs in the prime time commercials on TV.

The Marin County coroner has established the preliminary cause of death in Williams’ case: suicide by asphyxiation/hanging. No surprises there. The coroner has also told the press that the toxicology findings on the blood and gastric fluids won’t be ready for 6 weeks (even though the tests could actually be completed in hours or days).

The confidence of the American public in Big Pharma’s highly profitable drugs and vaccines must not be shaken. Wall Street’s rigged stock market does not easily allow anything that could destroy investor confidence in their major publicly-traded corporation’s products, even if the product is bogus or destructive.

The beauty of an unbiased public inquest, which should have been done in the case of Adam Lanza and every other school shooter murder-suicide, would be the subpoena power of a grand jury to open up the previously secretive medical records and force testimony from Williams’ treatment team. The public could finally hear information that could make comprehensible the mysterious death of yet another high profile suicide victim and start the process of actually positively America’s suicide and violence epidemics.

An inquest would likely reveal that Robin Williams did not have a “mental illness of unknown cause” or “bipolar disorder of unknown cause” or “depression of unknown cause” or “suicidality of unknown cause”. An inquest would obtain testimony from medical, psychiatric and psychopharmaceutical experts such as Peter Breggin, MD, Joseph Glenmullen, MD, Grace Jackson, MD, David Healey, MD, Russell Blaylock, MD, Fred Baughmann, MD and other well-informed medical specialists who don’t own stock in Big Pharma and who know well how dangerous their drugs can be.

Robin Williams not have a Mental Illness of Unknown Etiology

Just knowing a little about the life and times of Robin Williams (as would also be the case for that long list of drugged-up Hollywood celebrities that “died too soon”) easily disproves most of the amateur or professional theories about his death that have appeared online. The proposed inquest would reveal what happened inside the locked doors of the rehab facility.

What is the major reason that many psych drug sceptics, medical professionals and psychiatric survivors want an inquest in the Williams’ suicide? We want to know the names of the ingredients in the cocktail of drugs that had been tried on him (and the dosages and length of time they were taken). We want to know what side effects he had from the drugs and what his responses were. We want to know what was the reasoning behind the decision to prescribe unproven drug cocktails on someone whose brain was already adversely affected by the past use of potentially brain damaging drugs.

And we want to know, for the sake of past and future victims of these neurotoxic drugs, if the prescribing practitioners fully informed Williams about the dangers of his treatments, particularly the black box warning that is at the top of every product information packet of every SSRI drug: that the risk of suicide is doubled in those who take them. And we want to know if Williams knew that the drug cocktails that were prescribed for him had never actually been tested for either short or long-term safety on lab animals or humans?

(It is important to remind ourselves here that no psychiatric multi-drug combinations have ever been approved by the FDA for use on human subjects, with the outrageous exception being the approval for marketing that the FDA gave for the use of the anti-psychotic drug Abilify in combination with SSRI antidepressants [a combination apparently found to be modestly safe and modestly effective in short-term trials] in cases where the SSRI drug alone had failed to relieve the sadness in some subjects.)

Stress-induced and Drug-induced Mental Ill Health Doesn’t Mean One Has a Mental Illness (of Unknown Etiology)

Robin Williams gained fame and fortune as a comic actor, starting with what was to become his trade mark manic acting style (stimulant drug-induced mania?) on “Mork and Mindy”. As have many other famous persons that attained sudden wealth, Williams spent his millions of dollars lavishly and – in retrospect – often foolishly. After his third marriage he found that he could no longer afford the Hollywood lifestyle.

But long before his two divorces and his subsequent serious financial difficulties caused him to crack and fall of the sobriety wagon for the final time, Robin Williams had lived in the fast lane, working long exhausting days and partying long exhausting nights with the help of stimulant drugs like the dependency-inducing drug cocaine (that overcomes sleepiness and fatigue) and tranquilizers like the equally dependency-inducing alcohol (that can counteract the drug-induced mania and drug-induced insomnia that often results from psycho-stimulants like cocaine, nicotine, caffeine, Ritalin, Prozac, Paxil, Wellbutrin, amphetamines, etc).

Williams had acknowledged that he was addicted to both cocaine and alcohol when his famous comedian friend John Belushi died of an accidental drug overdose shortly after they had snorted some cocaine together (March 4, 1962). (BELUSHI DIED MARCH 5 1982 ) Williams quit both drugs cold turkey, and he remained sober and cocaine-free for the next 20 years. There is no public information about the possible use of addictive prescription drugs, but it is well-known that many Hollywood personalities have close relationships with both prescription-writing physicians and illicit drug pushers.

However, Williams did relapse in 2006 and started abusing drugs and alcohol again, eventually being admitted to a Hazelden drug rehab facility in Oregon. After “taking the cure” he continued his exhausting career making movies, doing comedy tours and engaging in personal appearances in order to “pay the bills and support my family”.

After two expensive divorces, huge indebtedness and an impending bankruptcy, Williams was forced, in September of 2013, to sell both his $35,000,000 home and his ranch in Napa Valley. He moved into a more modest, more affordable home in the San Francisco area, where he lived until his suicide.

But despite solving his near-bankruptcy situation (which would make any sane person temporarily depressed), Williams continued having a hard time paying the bills and making the alimony payments; and he was forced to go back to making movies (which he despised doing because of the rigorous schedule, working long days and being away from his family for extended periods of time. He hated the fact that he was being financially forced to sign a contract to do a “Mrs. Doubtfire” sequel later in 2014.

For regular income, he took a job doing a TV comedy series called “The Crazy Ones”, but the pressures of working so hard got him drinking again, even using alcohol on the set, which he had never done before. He was making $165,000 per episode and was counting on continuing the series beyond the first season in order to have a steady income.

So when CBS cancelled the show in May 2014, humiliation, sadness, nervousness and insomnia naturally set in, and he decided to go for professional help at a Hazelden facility in my home state of Minnesota, spending most of July 2014 as an inpatient there. In retrospect, that decision had fatal consequences. The public deserves to know what really happened inside that facility.

Robin Williams ended his life shortly after being prescribed a cocktail of unproven drugs that had never been certified by the FDA as either safe or effective.

There are no reports about any electroshock treatments ever having been given to Williams, but an inquest to bring to light important details such as that would certainly go a long ways to de-mystify his untimely death. It is the least that could be done to honor the man, give some additional meaning to his life and perhaps make something good come out of the bad that has so unnecessarily confused us survivors.

Robin Williams’ fans certainly deserve to know what really happened to him. There are many painful lessons to be learned, and we should be mature enough by now to learn them.

The psychiatric drug-taking public deserves to know what were the offending drugs that might have contributed to his anguish, sadness, nervousness, insomnia, sleep deprivation, hopelessness and irrational, very likely drug-induced, suicide.

And the family and friends of Robin Williams certainly deserve to understand the essential facts of the case which, without an inquest, will otherwise just result in a continuation of America’s “mysterious” suicide and violence epidemics, and the continuation of Big Pharma’s unjust gravy train that has been deceiving – and destroying – so many for so long.

For more information on the above very serious issues, check out these websites:,,,

Dr Kohls is a family physician who, until his retirement in 2008, practiced holistic (non-drug) mental health care. Dr Kohls warns against the abrupt discontinuation of any psychiatric drug because of the common, often serious withdrawal symptoms that can occur in patients who have been taking any dependency-inducing psychoactive drug, whether legal or illicit.  He recommends close consultation with an aware, informed physician who is familiar with drug withdrawal syndromes, the dangers of psychiatric drug use and the nutritional needs of the drug-toxified and nutritionally-depleted brain.

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Heading to a third Iraq War? The scary new danger of mission creep in the Middle East


As sick as the James Foley tragedy makes me feel, increasing the presence of U.S. soldiers there is not the answer

Heading to a third Iraq War? The scary new danger of mission creep in the Middle East
William Kristol, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney (Credit: AP/Janet Van Ham/Yves Logghe/Reuters/Larry Downing/Salon)

I haven’t watched the video of James Foley’s beheading, nor will I. Like Foley, I’m a freelance reporter — though with neither his well-deserved stature nor humbling courage — and a New England native, and his brutal murder has disturbed me greatly. Just considering what might happen to Steven Sotloff, the other American journalist shown in the video (and threatened to meet Foley’s fate if Obama doesn’t draw down the air raids against ISIS) turns my stomach. Feeling such a visceral, instinctual desire for justice — and even retribution — without having watched the video, I can hardly imagine the emotions felt by his friends and colleagues who chose to watch it. And yet, regardless of my emotions, I cannot support an armed incursion into Iraq or Syria, regardless of the level of cruelty and evil that ISIS demonstrates. That we have already sent more than a thousand “boots on the ground” into Iraq sets us on a dangerous course, while any further American presence only satisfies our base desire for vengeance. In the process, the mere existence of American troops is only likely to embolden the dangerous, reactionary forces in the region — as their presence has in the recent past.

Of course, the typical neocon war hawks — the very same Thought Leaders who beat the drum for our incursion in Iraq so loudly and effectively the last time — have come back out to bash Obama, blaming the existence of ISIS wholly on his cautious approach in the region and calling for a major troop commitment. It’s heartening that, this time, it seems not many are listening to their deeply ahistorical (if not downright hypocritical) advice.

I do not envy Obama here. As Conor Freidersdorf wrote in the Atlantic, the president is facing a collection of impossible choices, each with the potential to set off a cavalcade of unintended consequences that could lead to unconscionable suffering and misery — in a part of the world where both are already far too common. Admirably, Freidersdorf is hesitant to opine firmly on the crisis in Syria and Iraq at all, noting that, regardless of your position or ideology, it’s comical and absurd to claim that one can realistically predict the consequences of intervention after decades of American miscalculations — except to expect the worst:

The optimal policy in Iraq right now is beyond my knowledge. I strongly suspect that it is beyond everyone else’s knowledge too, but if the choice is between trusting the neoconservatives or Obama, as depressing as that choice is to me, I have no problem determining who’s been wrong on Iraq earlier, more often, and with greater consequences in the past, though they never admit it. Hawkish hubris and irrepressible faux-certainty makes Obama look good by comparison, quite a feat given his own ample missteps and shortcomings. Let’s all hope that in the present crisis he succeeds spectacularly, whatever that means, remembering that none of us would know just what to do in his place.

Of course, at the Weekly Standard, editor Bill Kristol, Head Cheerleader of the squad that pushed the second Iraq War, believes (as always) that he knows exactly what to do in the Middle East. And, as always, regardless of circumstances, history, repercussions or cost, Kristol favors more war. In a recent piece so typically Kristollian that it could have been written as parody, Kristol is critical of Obama’s speech following the barbaric murder of James Foley. “In the past century, the evildoers failed because America and its allies fought them and defeated them.”

OK, so maybe only really in the first half of the past century (a time period almost no one alive remembers, much less experienced), but who’s counting? After all, why base your predictions about what might happen if we choose to intervene on the past 70 years of American foreign policy … when the preceding 40 years fit into your narrative so much more neatly? (Kristol gets even more ridiculous later, when he chides the secretary of state, asking — without a shred of self-awareness or irony — “Is John Kerry a reliable guide to the future? He hasn’t been before. “ Pot, meet kettle.)

At the Washington Post, former Iraq War speechwriter/spin-doctor-extraordinaire Michael Gerson is similarly critical of Obama, despite having never grappled with his own shameless role in leading America to war — and, by extension, creating the conditions in which ISIS would form and flourish. Gerson is particularly critical of Obama’s “narrow” objectives — without, of course, articulating what Gerson’s own ideas of “wider” objectives might look like. ”Narrowing your objectives doesn’t actually narrow your problems,” he tells us, “and denial and delay may greatly complicate such problems.” (As might reckless foreign interventionism, but no matter.)

It’s somewhat encouraging that Kristol and Gerson are in increasingly lonely territory here. Even the Post’s Charles Krauthammer – no Obama fan – seems to support the president’s commitment to “narrow” objectives — namely, using a combination of airstrikes and Kurdish support to push back ISIS:

Obama had said that there is no American military solution to the conflict. This may be true, but there is a local military solution. (There must be: There is no negotiating with Islamic State barbarism.) And that solution requires U.S. air support.”

Some, such as William Hartung, director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy, are unhappy with even the current level of intervention. They would rather we remove ourselves from Iraq and Syria completely, that we learn the lesson of our past foreign policy failures by committing fully to a new isolationism. While I’m deeply sympathetic to the sentiment, and maintain that any considerable commitment of ground troops is a serious mistake, a “Fool Me Once” moment if you will, airstrikes against ISIS and aid to the Kurds fighting for their lives in Northern Iraq seems reasonable. (Though better to provide the Kurds with humanitarian than military aid — weapons can always end up in the wrong hands, with disastrous results.)

The increasing appearance of American soldiers on the ground is troubling; they now number in the thousands. This is the very definition of mission creep, and threatens to bring about a third Iraq War —  with all its requisite destruction, expense and wasted lives. So I’ll hold my applause for Obama’s current strategy, and continue to hope that he displays the caution that has come to define his foreign policy regime. The president must remember that deploying troops — even in a limited fashion – only encourages the powder-keg conditions that can then demand a larger commitment. And that’s something that nobody with a credible track record on these issues can possibly desire.

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Helen Thomas: Jews control White House, US Congress


In ‘Playboy’ interview, veteran US journalist stands behind anti-Zionist comments that led to her resignation: “I knew exactly what I was doing.”

Helen Thomas

Helen Thomas Photo: Rabbi David F. Nesenoff
Veteran US Journalist Helen Thomas said that Jews have “total control” over the White House and US Congress, tellingPlayboy magazine in an interview to be published in April, “Everybody is in the pocket of the Israeli lobbies.”Thomas, who covered the White House for more than six decades, was forced to resign from her position at Hearst Corp. last year, after saying in an interview that Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine” and “go home to Poland, Germany and the United States.”

Thomas appeared to show no regret for last year’s comments, reiterating in the Playboy interview her belief that “Israelis have the right to exist-but where they were born.”

“Why shouldn’t I say it? I knew exactly what I was doing-I was going for broke. I had reached the point of no return. You finally get fed up,” Thomas said.

Thomas denied claims that she was anti-Jewish. “I think they’re wonderful people.  They had to have the most depth.  They were leaders in civil rights.  They’ve always had the heart for others but not for Arabs, for some reason.  I’m not anti-Jewish; I’m anti-Zionist.”

She explained her comment that Jews should go back to Poland and Germany meant “they should stay where they are because they’re not being persecuted-not since World War II…If they were, we sure would hear about it.” Thomas added that Jews “carry on the victimization. American people do not know that the Israeli lobbyists have intimidated them into believing that every Jew is a persecuted victim forever-while they are victimizing Palestinians.”

When asked whether she believed their was a secret Jewish conspiracy at work in the US, Thomas stated that it is “not a secret. It’s very open…Everybody is in the pocket of the Israeli lobbies, which are funded by wealthy supporters, including those from Hollywood. Same thing with the financial markets. There’s total control.” 

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Protests targeting Zim to continue in Tacoma, Seattle


Protests will continue on the U.S. West Coast against Israel-based Zim Integrated Shipping Services, as new actions are scheduled in Seattle and Tacoma next week.

Protesters from the activist group “Block the Boat” announced plans to protest in both Seattle and Tacoma, upon the arrival of the ship Zim Chicago. Zim faced protests at the Port of Oakland this week that forced a partially unloaded ship to return to Asia.

The activists have followed Zim’s movements via spotters and also via websites meant to update customers on ship arrival times. According to the Block the Boat Northwest website, the protests, which were widely reported as scheduled for next week, will begin on Friday and run through the weekend. The protesters plan to follow the ship from its first stop in Tacoma to its second stop in Seattle.

In a protest this past week in Oakland, Block the Boat organizers showed up en masse, stopping the Zim Piraeus from fully unloading. Though the ship came into port on Sunday, it was not unloaded until Tuesday night, when it was berthed at a different terminal. Crews did not finish unloading the ship’s cargo, and it eventually left for Asia.

The SSA Terminal in Oakland that Zim attempted to dock at also had trouble dealing with workers of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union. Workers cited safety concerns in refusing to work, even after protests dispersed. The protest drew hundreds on Sunday, but numbers dwindled to 15-20 by Monday night. SSA had trouble getting longshore workers in on Tuesday. The JOC reported the terminal called for laborers and none showed up to work.

ILWU spokesman Craig Merrilees said that the ILWU will not take a stance on the protest, but was aware of more plans for protesting in Seattle and Tacoma.

“It will continue to be handled as a situation where the union is not taking a position on any of the partisan aspects of the issue involving the protestors, but it really depends on how the protestors and the police respond,” Merrilees said. “If it escalates to the point where it feels unsafe, the ILWU will be reluctant to work. Union members aren’t going to get in the middle of this and risk health and safety.”

According to the Port of Tacoma’s website, the Zim Chicago is set to berth at the port’s Washington Terminal at 8 p.m. on Friday. Zim’s vessel schedule shows the Chicago left Port Metro Vancouver earlier on Friday, and will call at Tacoma over the weekend, and will be in Seattle from Aug. 24 to Aug. 25.

The Port of Seattle said that it is working with the port’s police department and all of its customers and partners to ensure that cargo transfer goes smoothly. The Port of Tacoma was also aware of the situation.

“We respect the right people have to express diverse opinions and to organize protests,” Port of Tacoma spokesperson Tara Mattina said. “We will continue to work closely with customers and police to keep people and cargo safe and secure.”

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