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Nazi Gestapo arrests brother of Palestinian prisoner who died in jail

Palestinian political prisoner Sami Abu Diak died in prison due to medical negligence, 19 November 2019 [Twitter]

Palestinian political prisoner Sami Abu Diak died in prison due to medical negligence, 19 November 2019 [Twitter]December 2, 2019 at 2:04 pm

Israeli occupation forces arrested the brother of Sami Abu Diak, a cancer-stricken Palestinian political prisoner who died last week while in Israeli custody, according to the Official Palestinian news agency Wafa.

Following the invasion in Sielet ath-Thaher town, where the family are based in south of the northern occupied West Bank city of Jenin, the soldiers were reported to have fired many gas bombs and grenades before raiding the Abu Diak family home.

While violently ransacking Abu Diak’s home, the soldiers damaged their property claiming to search for something.

Ragheb Abu Diak, a family member, told Wafa the entire family were interrogated for several hours after being held hostage in one room.

He also said Salah, Sami’s brother, was detained. No reason was given for his incarceration.

Sami’s other brother, Samer, is a political prisoner who is serving a life term and suffers numerous health complications in the Ramla prison clinic, International Middle East Media Centre reported.

Sami Abu Diak died in Israeli Asaf Harofeh hospital after suffering from intestinal cancer for three years. He was arrested by Israel in 2002 and sentenced to three life terms plus 30 years. Several operations in prison resulted in kidney and lung failure, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Commission explained.

After being refused compassionate leave to be with his family, in his last message from prison before his death, Sami wrote: “To those with a living conscience, I am living my final hours and days, there is nothing I would like more than spending them near my mother; between my loved ones, I would love to utter my last breath in my mother’s arms; I do not wish to die cuffed and shackled…”

His death brings to 221 the number of Palestinian prisoners who have died in Israeli prisons since 1967.

According to Addameer, a Palestinian prisoners’ rights group, there are currently 5,250 prisoners in Israeli jails, including 205 children and 44 women.

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics says there have been approximately one million Palestinians arrests since 1948.

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Prisoners ‘Authority: The Prisoners’ Law does not differentiate between prisoners on a party basis

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Illegally Nazi Occupied Palestine:  The head of the Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority, Qadri Abu Bakr, said that the Prisoners and Editors Affairs Law in force does not differentiate between prisoners of Hamas or Fatah or any other faction.

He added that every released prisoner who works in another position whose salary exceeds a certain amount determined by law, who cuts his salary, on the grounds that there is someone who is worthier than him, especially those who do not have additional income.

He pointed out that there are dozens of freed prisoners who have been cut their salaries, as they own special projects, and their names appeared in the statements of the Ministry of Finance.

And on the freed prisoners sit in the middle of Ramallah, Abu Bakr said that these prisoners have cut their salaries since 2007, since Hamas, after receiving the tenth government, transferred their salaries from the item of freed prisoners to high-ranking officials, and accordingly their salaries were suspended as freed prisoners.

“It seems that there are other reasons for this sit-in, and Hamas may not want to go to national unity, or want to use them for electoral gains,” he said.

It is reported that Hanna Nasser, head of the Central Elections Committee, is scheduled to meet Zionist puppet Ab-A$$ tonight in order to present the issue of the striking and severed prisoners with the hope of resolving it.

For his part, Alaa Al Rimawi, the spokesman for the freed prisoners who had their salaries, said that the prisoners will not be an obstacle to holding Palestinian elections or contribute to straining the internal scene. He added,  “We will not be prevented in front of the Palestinian people’s unity for this. Drink water. “

Occupation arrests 7 Palestinians and allegedly confiscating weapons in Nablus


Last night, at dawn on Sunday, the Israeli occupation forces arrested several Palestinians, following a campaign of raids and arrests in separate areas of the occupied West Bank.

A spokesman for the occupation army announced that his forces had arrested 7 Palestinians, who were allegedly “wanted”, and he claimed that his forces had found a “Carlo” weapon in Nablus.

In Bethlehem, the occupation forces arrested, on Sunday dawn, a young man, Amer Ali Dhweib, 29, from the town of Za’tara, east of Bethlehem, after his house was searched and searched.

The boy, Osama Ali Al-Baden, 16, from the town of Taqqou ‘, southeast of Bethlehem, also received a notification to review her intelligence in the Gush Asiun Nazi Jewish settlement complex in the south, after razing and searching his father’s house.

From Jenin, the Nazi occupation forces arrested the released prisoner, Ezz Al-Din Freihat, from the town of Al-Yamoun, west of Jenin, while he was passing a military checkpoint near the Bazariya junction, Tulkarm district.

The Nazi occupation forces also raided the house of the liberated prisoner, Louay Faisal Al-Hashlamoun, and wreaked havoc in it in the Wadi Abu Katila area in the city of Hebron. The occupation forces handed a boy, Osama Al-Baden, a notice to review their intelligence, after storming his house in the town of Tuqu ‘s southeast of Bethlehem.

The Nazi occupying forces also raided the house of the liberated prisoner, Ashraf Yasser Ghanem, and began searching it inside the village of Al-Jarousheh, north of Tulkarm. They launched sound bombs and confiscated Palestinian workers, west of the town of Habla, south of Qalqilya.

On the other hand, the Nazi occupation forces raided a house and started searching it inside the town of Taqqou ‘, southeast of Bethlehem.

The father of the prisoner, Asim Al-Barghouthi: If he is sentenced to life or two, he will be released soon


The Nazi military “Ofer” Court condemned the prisoner, Asim Al-Barghouthi, for the three shootings in two different incidents in the West Bank during the month of December 2018.

Omar Al-Barghouthi, “Abu Asif”, said that the “Ofer” court, on Thursday, condemned his son, Asim (34 years), in the killings and shootings, and the verdict has not been decided yet.

He added that if he takes life or two, the relief is close, hoping that the prisoners and his son will be released with them in a close exchange deal.  

He explained that his son Asim’s morale is very high. Since he was arrested, he immediately started preparing for his master’s thesis in history, and he will finish it soon. He also proves his memorization of the Holy Qur’an, where he kept it completely in his previous arrest.

The Hebrew newspaper “Israel Hayom” reported that Asim had confessed to the details of the indictment, in which he was accused of killing three Zionist.

The Nazi occupation claims that Al-Barghouthi carried out a shooting attack at the entrance to the Ofra settlements in Ramallah on December 9 of last year, which resulted in the killing of Nazi Jewish settler. After 4 days, he carried out a shooting attack at the Givat Assaf settlement, killing two soldiers and wounding A third was seriously injured.

He also claims that his brother, the martyr Saleh Al-Barghouthi (29 years old), participated in carrying out the same operation, as the occupation executed him after he was shot inside his vehicle from a distance of zero.

During the current year, the Nazi occupation forces demolished the house of the Barghouti family, and all family members, including Asem’s mother, were arrested for various periods.

Report: 360 Palestinian detainees during last November


A Palestinian center documented the arrest of 360 Palestinians from different parts of the Palestinian territories during the month of November.

The Palestinian Prisoners Studies Center said in a report today, Sunday, that the Nazi occupation forces arrested 360 Palestinians during the month of November, including 58 minors, and children under the age of 12, in addition to eight Palestinians.

“Prisoners of Palestine” documented the arrest of seven Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, including two merchants who were arrested at the Beit Hanoun-Erez crossing, and another during his attempt to catch up with his brother, who left a week ago to conduct an operation in his eye in the hospitals of the West Bank.

The Nazi occupation forces arrested two fishermen while they were fishing in front of the beaches of Rafah, and two other young men were arrested while crossing the separation corridor east of the Strip.

The Nazi occupation authorities issued 74 administrative detention decisions during the past month, including 40 new ones, the majority of whom were released prisoners who were re-arrested again and placed under administrative detention.

On the level of the beaten prisoners, the prisoner Musab Al-Hindi, 29, from the village of Tal, Nablus district, continues his hunger strike for the 69th day in a row, while the prisoner Ahmed Omar Zahran (42 years) continues his strike for the 71st day in a row, pointing out that their health condition is in danger Intense.

The Indian captive suffers from persistent dizziness, poor eyesight, chest pain, shortness of breath, stomach acids, severe joint pain, general emaciation throughout his body, and weight has decreased about 25 kilograms, he lives on water only and refuses to eat support or perform medical examinations.

While the captive Zahran suffers from bad health symptoms and complains of severe pain throughout his body, and there is an imbalance in the work of the heart rate, and he is unable to speak or stand on his feet, he has lost weight more than 20 kilograms, and he suffers from persistent dizziness.

Arrests in Jerusalem and continuous incursions into Al-Aqsa Mosque 


The Nazi occupation forces arrested two brothers from the Old City in occupied Jerusalem, while settlers continued storming the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Nazi occupation police and intelligence forces stormed several houses belonging to the family of “Abu Ghazaleh” in the Bab Hatta neighborhood of the Old City, where they searched and sabotaged them, and beat their residents with payment and propulsion.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center stated that the occupation forces arrested the two brothers, Musab and Mustafa Ghazala, and transferred them to investigate one of its centers in the city.

During the morning and afternoon hours, the occupation police stormed several areas in Silwan (south) and Al-Issawiya, to the northeast, and chased children and boys in an attempt to intimidate them.

The Nazi occupation police summoned the liberated prisoner, Muhammad al-Abbasi, for interrogation in one of its centers, after it was released on Thursday, as he was detained in the occupation prisons for a period of seven years, against the background of stabbing a settler.

In another context, the Islamic Endowments Department stated to “Quds News” that the occupation police allowed 76 settlers to storm Al-Aqsa Mosque from the “Mugrabi Gate”.

She added that Nazi Jewish settler groups wandered in the courtyards with the special forces of the occupation police, and performed their Talmudic rituals near “Bab al-Rahma”, provoking the worshipers in the mosque.

The prisoners of “Ashkelon” decide to go on hunger strike


The Ashkelon (33) prisoners decided today, Tuesday, to begin an open-ended hunger strike, in refusal of the continuous and escalating repression against them more than a month ago.

The Prisoners Club explained that the administration of the occupation camps, and in a new repressive step, transferred ten prisoners from the prison, and informed them that, if they carried out the strike, it would transfer them to “Al-Maabar” section (12), which is a cell that is not suitable for human life and is full of insects, bearing in mind that Part of the captives are patients with chronic health problems.

The Prisoners Club said that the occupation detention administration destroyed and vandalized all the prisoners’ possessions, in a repression carried out last October, after which all the prisoners were transferred to “Nafha” detention, except for a group of sick prisoners who held them in “Al-Ma’bar” in harsh conditions. .

A few days ago, the administration of the female detainees returned the prisoners transferred to Ashkelon, to find all of their possessions destroyed, and they found a Qur’an with footprints, which led the prisoners to refuse to receive any of their destroyed properties, and sent a letter of protest to the prison director.

It is noteworthy that the administration of the Nazi occupation camps has escalated repression since the beginning of this year, the most prominent of which was in the “Ofer” and “Negev” detention centers.

Red Crescent: Casualties from the Nazi occupation forces in Tulkarm and Jenin

The Nazi occupation army arrested 11 Palestinians from the West Bank

Cold weather and continuous rain in the country

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Son of Al-Shobaki Prison: Save my father before it is too late

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Illegally Nazi occupied: The son of the prisoner, Fuad Al-Shobaki, criticized the weakness of the media campaign calling for the release of his father, who has exceeded eighty in Nazi occupation prisons.

Al-Shobaki wrote in a brief message, saying: “Weeks ago, calls were launched to protect the sick prisoner Sami Abu Diyak, which did not rise to form a public opinion that pressured the occupant, who had all his steps studied, leaving him dying until his martyrdom, even after he refused to implement the will to die in the bosom of his mother, to become the martyr 222 of Captive movement. “

He added: “Today we recall that the eighty-year-old fighter Fouad Al-Shobaki suffers from the spread of malignant disease and in poor health stages. We do not want a new martyr among the rotten cell walls, now betting on our ability to stop Israeli bullying, armed with international humanitarian law and international human rights law, and an agreement Geneva III, the strength of the international community in deterring the oppressive practices of the Nazi occupation. “

The prisoner Fuad Al-Shobaki (84 years) suffers from a serious deterioration in his health conditions, especially as he suffers from malignant diseases as shown in the medical examinations he was subjected to in the occupation hospitals.

Al-Shobaki, known as “Sheikh of the Prisoners”, is the oldest in the prisons of the Nazi occupation. He has been detained since 2006 and is serving a 20-year prison sentence.

Two injuries by rubber bullets in the beer

Alkila: One and a half billion shekels of debts accumulated by the Ministry of Health for hospitals

More than 100 excavations ravage the interior of occupied Jerusalem

Prisoner’s Authority: Prisoners of Ashkelon are in a disastrous position

The Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority reported, this evening, Thursday, that the Israeli Occupation Prisons Administration transferred the prisoner Ismail Ali Al-Mudarib from the day before yesterday, 37 days in a row, against his administrative detention, from isolating the Negev to isolating the prison of Aila.

Illegally Nazi occupied Ramallah: Prisoners in “Ashkelon” prison confirmed that they found the prison situation a catastrophic after they returned to it from “Nafha” prison, after they were repressed and transferred a month ago .

The Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority said in a statement today, Sunday, that the Commission’s lawyers were able to visit a number of prisoners, who confirmed that they found the Qur’ans torn and lying on the ground, as well as all their belongings destroyed and their clothes dumped in the square a month ago, while they found writings offensive to the Islamic religion and the prisoners It was written by Zionist prisoners who had been in prison during that time .

The commission noted that the penalties imposed by the Ashkelon prison administration on the prisoners are still continuing, as it transferred nine prisoners to different prisons, namely: Ziyad Bazar, Amin Ziyad, Issa Jabareen, and in the name of al-Na`san to “the Negev”, and each of: Muhammad Naji , Sharif Naji, and demanded a gambling to “Gilboa”, Iyad Al-Hallous, to “Hadarim”, and Ahmed al-Sufi to “Nafha” .

It is noteworthy that the oppression forces stormed Ashkelon prison on October 23, assaulted the prisoners and wreaked havoc on their belongings, and transferred them to the Nafha prison

With video The occupation publishes the details of the assassination of Khalil Al-Wazir (Abu Jihad)

President Abbas: We are going to the elections after the factions agreed

Who is the Prime Minister of Finland, Sana Marin?

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‘The Bloodshed Must Stop’: Sanders, Khanna, and Schumer Demand Passage of Measure to End US Complicity in Yemen Slaughter

“Without U.S. support, the Saudi bombings on innocent civilians could not continue,” said Sen. Bernie Sanders, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate.

by: Jake Johnson,

 A young Yemeni boy covered with fake blood takes part in a protest against the Saudi-led war in front of the United Nations Office on World Children’s Day on November 20, 2019 in Sana’a, Yemen. (Photo: Mohammed Hamoud/Getty Images)

With Congress set to vote as early as next week on the annual military spending bill, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer joined Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Ro Khanna in calling for the inclusion of an amendment that would end U.S. support for Saudi Arabia’s years-long assault on Yemen.

“The humanitarian crisis in Yemen must end,” tweeted Schumer, a Democrat from New York. “A bipartisan majority in Congress has repeatedly supported ending President [Donald] Trump’s support of the Saudi war in Yemen.”

“Progressives will not support the National Defense Authorization bill if we do not have this amendment that brings the war in Yemen to an end.”
—Rep. Ro Khanna

Sanders, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, quickly echoed Schumer Wednesday.

“Senator Schumer is right,” tweeted Sanders. “Congress has got to stand up for the Constitution and tell this lawless president: We are not giving you a Pentagon bill that allows you to partner with the despotic Saudi regime in its horrific war in Yemen.”

Earlier this year, as Common Dreams reported, the Senate and House passed a War Powers resolution led by Sanders and Khanna that would have ended U.S. support for the Saudi war on Yemen, which has created the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. But Trump vetoed the historic measure in April, and the House and Senate lacked the votes to override the president’s move.

Now Sanders, Khanna, and Schumer are leading an effort to include a Yemen amendment in the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act, which will set next year’s military budget.

“Progressives will not support the National Defense Authorization bill if we do not have this amendment that brings the war in Yemen to an end,” Khanna said Wednesday in a video produced in partnership with Sanders. “The bloodshed must stop.”

As journalist Sam Adler-Bell reported for The Intercept on Wednesday, progressive anti-war groups are pressuring Democrats to use their leverage in the House and Senate to push for inclusion of the Yemen amendment, which is sponsored by Reps. Khanna, Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), and Adam Smith (D-Calif.).

“Democrats increasingly purport to support putting an end to the country’s many endless wars,” David Segal, executive director of progressive advocacy group Demand Progress, told The Intercept. “But anything less than using the NDAA to ensure an end to our involvement in the Yemen war would belie these claims.”

Adler-Bell reported that some progressive staffers on Capitol Hill are worried “that Democratic leadership would trade away some of the Yemen language, which is precisely tailored to cut funding for forms of U.S. assistance that are essential to the Saudi aerial bombardment.”

“The Democrats have moral authority, procedural power, and bipartisan majorities on their side,” said Segal. “If they let the NDAA go through without these provisions intact it will amount to a demonstration of cynicism or learned helplessness that could cost hundreds of thousands more lives.”

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Nazi Occupation: Arrest of four journalists and captive prisoners in occupied Jerusalem

By: Sammi Ibrahem,SR


Illegally Nazi Occupied Palestine:  The Nazi occupation forces escalated their continuous attack on the Palestinian media in occupied Jerusalem, and this morning, they arrested four journalists from the Palestine TV crew, and a captive editor who was the guest of one of the programs.

The Nazi occupation forces arrested the journalist Dana Abu Shamsieh and the photojournalist Amir Abed Rabbo while filming the “Good Morning Jerusalem” program, which is shown on Palestine TV, in addition to the host of the released captive editor, Mohamed Al Abbasi, in the Mount of Olives in Al-Tor.

In continuation of the attack on the Palestinian media in the occupied capital, the Israeli occupation forces arrested journalist Christine Renawi and photojournalist Ali Yassin from the Bab Al-Amoud area this morning.

In turn, the General Authority for Radio and Television held the occupation government fully responsible for the safety of its crews, and affirmed that it is following this matter at various levels.

The commission called on the United Nations and the European Union to quickly intervene to stop the Nazi crime against the Palestinian media and freedom of opinion and expression.Occupation# Arrest

Pictures from the Memory of the Stone Uprising

Palestinian-Turkish talks to accelerate the operation of the Turkish Hospital

Soon .. the first census of the Palestinian diaspora

Occupation of the Hebron Municipality: “Approval of the destruction of the market or the confiscation of its ownership.” The municipality responds

What did the “Our Guardian of Fire” do during the uprising of the stones?

Uncovering the mystery of the disappearance of a girl in Beit Lahiya … Her father buried her alive in a hole under a chicken coop

What is the truth of the mass strike next Thursday?

An air depression accompanied by heavy rains hits Palestine

A father was killed and his son was injured after an Nazi bulldozer rammed a vehicle in the West Hebron area


Photo and video The resistance reveals the secrets exposed for the first time about the operation, east of Khan Yunis


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Nazi Occupation arrests 13 Palestinians, including journalists

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Illegally Nazi Occupied Palestine:  The Nazi occupation forces arrested at dawn and morning today, Friday, 13 Palestinians during a campaign of raids carried out by the occupation soldiers in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, including four journalists and an released prisoner.

In the Nazi occupied West Bank, the occupation forces arrested at dawn today Malik Nayef, a 27-year-old client, and Saddam Aqil Dar Al-Hajj, aged 29, after they raided the homes of their families in Aida camp, north of Bethlehem.

The Nazi occupation soldiers also handed over a young man, Ibrahim Yassin Abu Surur, to review, their intelligence in the “Gush Asiun” illegal Jewish settlement compound, south of Bethlehem, after they stormed and searched his father’s house.

The Nazi Gestapo also killed dawn, Estefan Shahrour and Tareq Ziyad Shahrour, after raiding their homes, searching them and tampering with their contents, in the town of Balaa, east of Tulkarm.

In Nazi occupied Jerusalem, the occupation forces arrested journalist Dana Abu Shamsieh and photojournalist Amir Abed Rabbo during the filming of the program “Good Morning Ya Quds”, which is shown on Palestine TV, in addition to the host of the captive editor, Muhammad Al Abbasi, in the Mount of Olives in Al-Tor.

In continuation of the attack on the Palestinian media in the occupied capital, the Nazi occupation forces arrested journalist Christine Renawi and photojournalist Ali Yassin from the Bab Al-Amoud area this morning.

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Prisoner Zahran continues his hunger strike

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 9.26.34 AM

Illegally Nazi Occupied Palestine: Prisoner Ahmed Zahran (42 years old) is continuing his hunger strike for the 78th day in a row against his administrative detention.

Maj. Gen. Qadri Abu Bakr, head of the Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority, warned of his deteriorating condition, as he suffers from difficult health conditions.

Abu Bakr indicated that the prisoner Zahran is being held in difficult conditions in the Zionist “Kaplan” hospital, and he is subjected to continuous violations around the clock, such as continuous transport, and denying him access to his family with the aim of breaking his strike and his will.

It is noteworthy that the prisoner Zahran, from the town of Deir Abu Mishaal, Ramallah district, is a former prisoner who spent 15 years in the detention camps of the occupation, and is the father of four children, where he was last arrested in the month of March 2019.

This strike is the second he is going through this year, as he went on a strike against his administrative detention that lasted for 39 days, and the strike ended after promises to release him, but the Nazi occupation authorities re-renewed his administrative detention for a period of four months and fixed it for the entire period.

Nazi Settlers pierce the tires of forty vehicles north of Jerusalem 

The Nazi occupation arrests nine Palestinians, including a journalist

Weather: Cold and rainy weather

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Jewish groups slam Trump’s remarks as antisemitic tropes

“You’re brutal killers. Not nice people at all,” said the president, who accused some Jewish Americans of not loving Israel enough.


U.S. President Donald Trump speaks at the Israeli-American Council Summit in Hollywood, Florida, U.S. December 7, 2019 (photo credit: REUTERS/MARIA ALEJANDRA CARDONA)

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks at the Israeli-American Council Summit in Hollywood, Florida, U.S. December 7, 2019(photo credit: REUTERS/MARIA ALEJANDRA CARDONA)

American Jewish groups are calling out US President Donald Trump, saying that his remarks at the Israeli-American Council summit in Florida on Saturday were antisemitic.“A lot of you are in the real estate business because I know you very well. You’re brutal killers. Not nice people at all,” said Trump. “But you have to vote for me; you have no choice. You’re not going to vote for Pocahontas, I can tell you that … You’re not going to vote for the wealth tax.”

The president also claimed that some Jews “are great people” but “don’t love Israel enough,” while boasting his achievements in the Jewish state.Jewish American groups, including J Street and the Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) are calling out Trump.The JDCA recently put out an ad claiming that Trump is “the biggest threat to American Jews.” JDCA Executive Director Halie Soifer responded to the president in a statement, “American Jews do have a choice, and they’re not choosing President Trump or the Republican Party, which has been complicit in enacting his hateful agenda.”Soifer condemned Trump‘s remarks as “vile and bigoted.”J Street tweeted, “The President of the United States is incapable of addressing Jewish audiences without dipping into the deep well of antisemitic tropes that shape his worldview.”

Latest articles from Jpost

  TOP ARTICLES1/5READ MOREDonald Trump to IAC: Some American Jews ‘don’t loveIsrael enough’“We’re not going to hold our breath waiting for Trump’s supporters to speak out. We are going to work tirelessly to defeat this president and those who’ve enabled him 11 months from now.”

J Street@jstreetdotorg

The President of the United States is incapable of addressing Jewish audiences without dipping into the deep well of anti-Semitic tropes that shape his worldview. …Aaron Rupar@atruparReplying to @atruparTrump, speaking to the Israeli American Council: “You’re not nice people at all, but you have to vote for me. You have no choice. You’re not going to vote for Pocahontas, I can tell you that. You’re not going to vote for the wealth tax!”7214:29 PM – Dec 8, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy392 people are talking about this
“More and more American Jews are critical of Israel, disgusted by Trump’s enabling of white supremacy, and actively supporting presidential candidates who oppose antisemitism and racism,” Rabbi Aliss Wise, co-acting executive director of Jewish Voice for Peace told Newsweek.However, not all Jewish American groups were upset with Trump’s statements.Republican Jewish Coalition Executive Director Matt Brooks tweeted, “To all those who are saying @realDonaldTrump trafficked in antisemitic tropes in his speech last night by talking about how the Dems will tax them see their wealth evaporate- get over yourselves. He literally talks about this at every rally!”

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Lebanese Zionist puppet who gave Nazi items to ‘Israel’

Lebanese man who gave Nazi items to Israel: Antisemitism out in the open

Abdallah Chatila, who bought €600,000 worth of Nazi-era items to stop them falling into the hands of neo-Nazis and Nazi sympathizers who would use them to glorify Hitler and his genocidal regime.


Abdallah Chatila and World Chairman of Keren Hayesod Sam Grundwerg (photo credit: LIOR DASKAL)

Abdallah Chatila and World Chairman of Keren Hayesod Sam Grundwerg(photo credit: LIOR DASKAL)

Antisemitic and xenophobic hatred in Europe has reached new heights, a Geneva-based Lebanese businessman said on Sunday following his purchase of Nazi memorabilia, which he bought to stop the items being used by neo-Nazis.Abdallah Chatila bought €600,000 worth of Nazi-era items, including a top hat once owned by Adolf Hitler, and a silver-plated copy of Mein Kampf that once belonged to Nazi Hermann Goering, to stop them falling into the hands of neo-Nazis and Nazi sympathizers who would use them to glorify Hitler and his genocidal regime.Read More Related Articles

Recommended byChatila earmarked the items for the United Israel Appeal, and the organization will transfer them to Yad Vashem once Chatila takes possession of them, which could take several months.“It was important for me to do this so these objects did not end up in the wrong hands,” Chatila said on Sunday in Jerusalem at a news conference organized by United Israel Appeal, which arranged his trip to Israel. “A lot of people asked me why I bought these items. For me it was not a matter of money but a symbol, and symbols have no value. If every one of us would do the right thing then the right would win. Tolerance needs to lead us all, it’s not about different religions, tolerance needs to guide us with neighbors, friends and family. It comes before peace. That is the message that I hope will come from here.”Speaking to The Jerusalem Post, Chatila explained his concerns behind his decision to buy the items at auction.“Living in Europe and seeing [how] antisemitism, fascism and populism is going so far, I didn’t want history to repeat itself,” he said. “Xenophobia does exist, we see it every day. Antisemitism does exist, we see it every day. And people are not hiding the hatred against Jews and Arabs or other populations. The fact that they’re not hiding it anymore, like they used to 20 or 25 years ago, shows that we’re stepping into a different league of hatred in the world.”Asked what needs to be done to reverse the tide of growing xenophobia and antisemitism, Chatila said, “Do what I just did. Talk, be open, be courageous, and speak up.”

  00:08 / 00:08TOP ARTICLES2/5READ MOREShalva band makes American debut at Israeli-AmericanCouncil eventYaakov Hagoel, vice chairman of the World Zionist Organization, brought the Lebanese philanthropist to the National Institutions House, the place where Israeli president Chaim Weizmann was sworn in before the first Knesset. Hagoel also provided Chatila with a small tribute on behalf of WZO.

Earlier on Sunday, Chatila met with President Reuven Rivlin, who thanked him for his actions “at a time when people are trying to deny historical truth.”Rivlin described Chatila’s purchase and donation as “an act of grace” that would “show the whole world how to fight the glorification of hatred and incitement against other people.”Chatila said that when he first heard of the auction of the items in Munich, he thought he had to buy them and then destroy them.“Then I thought I have no right to decide what to do with the items, and am so glad they are now [going to be] at Yad Vashem,” he said. “I feel a shiver when I understand how important this is for the Jewish people, but I think there is a wider message for the whole world – that ‘never again’ is not a meaningless slogan.

Through acts such as this, we can ensure that these things never happen again.”United Israel Appeal chairman Sam Grundwerg said Chatila’s actions were about educating people to demonstrate tolerance and acceptance for others, and that while others talk, Chatila had taken action for those ideals.“The phenomena of hatred and antisemitism, which have been part of the Jewish people’s history for thousands of years, culminating in the murder of six million Jews in the Holocaust, do not belong to the past,” said Grundwerg.“Mr. Chatila managed to insert a ray of light into a dark chapter in the history of the Jewish people and humanity in general. With his act, he promoted tolerance and hope, and reminded the entire world that there are decent people everywhere who strive for justice and fellowship between human beings… Mr. Chatila, you told the world, ‘I care – about humanity and being humane.’ There are many who speak and make statements – you are a true civilian leader. I hope that many in the world will follow in your footsteps.”

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The Nazi Gestapo refuse the release of Al-Shobaki

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Illegaly Nazi occupied: The Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority filed an appeal against the Nazi Supreme Court, today, against the decision to reject the release of the elderly prisoner Fouad Al-Shobaki (81 years old).

On November 20, the Nazi Occupation Court issued a decision rejecting the request to reconsider the release of Al-Shobaki, claiming “the seriousness of his case and his lack of remorse,” noting that he refused to release him in the “two-thirds” court in 2017 .

The lawyers of the commission explained that they appealed the decision because it violates the explicit text of the law, and places additional inhuman conditions on the Shubaki prisoner without any right, and that the court ignored the prisoner’s age and his deteriorating health, in addition to ignoring the passage of two years to the previous decision.

The prisoner Fouad Al-Shobaki, from Gaza, is the oldest prisoner, has been detained since 2006, has been imprisoned for 17 years, and suffers from cancer and diseases of the heart, stomach and eyes.

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