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UN investigation into Nazi shoot-to-kill-or-cripple policy in Gaza

The shame of it! UK’s failure to back UN investigation into Israel’s shoot-to-kill-or-cripple policy in Gaza
Israeli use of butterfly bullets on Gaza civilians

By Stuart Littlewood

The UK failed to back a UN investigation into Israel’s shoot-to-kill-or-cripple policy against Gaza’s caged civilians. Will the Foreign Office also fail to adopt its findings?

Open letter to Alister Jack, MP for Dumfries and Galloway

cc: Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

Dear Alister,

Here’s something to take your mind off Brexit.

You’ll have heard of Dr Swee Ang. She is the first female Orthopaedic Consultant appointed to St Bartholomew (‘Barts’) and the Royal London Hospitals.

In the 1980s and 1990s Dr Swee worked as trauma and orthopaedics consultant in the refugee camps of Lebanon and later for the United Nations in Gaza, and the World Health Organisation in the West Bank and Gaza. She is Founder and Patron of the British charity Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP).

She also treated the victims of the Pakistan (Kashmir) earthquake, and as consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon operated on and looked after the victims of the 7 July 2005 suicide bombing at the Royal London Hospital.

Dr Swee is co-author of War Surgery and Acute Care of the War Wounded; she also wrote From Beirut to Jerusalem documenting her experience in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and Gaza.

Last summer she was aboard the ship Al-Awdasailing to Gaza with urgently needed medical supplies when the vessel was violently assaulted and hijacked in international waters by our so-called friend and ally which, we’re repeatedly told, shares our values and whose enemies are our enemies. The Al-Awdawas dragged to an Israeli port and her passengers and crew were roughed up (some seriously injured) and abused, thrown in an Israeli jail and had their possessions and money stolen. The precious cargo, as far as we can ascertain, never reached the desperate wounded.

Dr Swee has just emailed:

The UN Commission for Human Rights will be concluding its investigation on the shooting of thousands of Palestinian civilians demonstrating within the borders of Gaza. At least 189 were killed (more now) and thousands shot with live ammunitions – with loss of limbs and still needing multiple surgeries if they were to keep their legs and arms. It is estimated that with conventional limb salvaging surgeries at least £39 million has to be found to prevent further amputations (figures put out by MAP).

Last year the UK abstained from supporting the UN conducting such an investigation. However, it went ahead and I was fortunate enough to attend the meeting at Amnesty International two days ago to hear the personal testimonies of Dr Tarek Loubani who was shot on 14 May 2018, and Dr Mahmoud Matar the head of the Limb Reconstruction Service in Gaza. They will be testifying to the UN Commissioner coming Monday in Geneva. There is an urgent request for us to write to Jeremy Hunt [UK foreign secretary] with copy to our local MP asking the UK government to adopt the findings and recommendations of the UN Commissioner for Human Rights. In fact the concern is that UK might vote against it since last year we abstained.

Please do so urgently. This is something we all can do. Email for Jeremy Hunt is:

Even if you are not a UK national but are Palestinians you have the right to email him on behalf of your people. Please also ask your friends to support the UN Commissioner for Human Rights.

Thank you all and God bless, Swee.

Wounds “the size of a fist” causing lifelong disability

According to Medecins Sans Frontieres(MSF), which operates in Gaza, the Israelis have been using “dum-dum”- type rounds that cause wounds of “unusual severity”. This sort of ammunition is understood to be outlawed in warfare. Last year MSF surgeons in Gaza reported “devastating gunshot wounds” among hundreds of people injured during the protests, the huge majority – mainly young men, but also some women and children – having unusually severe wounds to the lower extremities.

MSF medical teams note the injuries include an extreme level of destruction to bones and soft tissue, and large exit wounds that can be the size of a fist. “Half of the more than 500 patients we have admitted in our clinics have injuries where the bullet has literally destroyed tissue after having pulverized the bone,” said Marie-Elisabeth Ingres, Head of Mission of MSF in Palestine. “These patients will need to have very complex surgical operations and most of them will have disabilities for life.”

She hadn’t seen these kind of injuries before. The wounds appeared to be caused by ammunition with an expanding “butterfly” effect. “Mass lifelong disability is now the prospect for young Gazans who merely gathered in unarmed protest”

Writing in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) the head of plastic and reconstructive surgery in Gaza, Dr Nafiz Abu-Shaban, said that the hundreds of high energy compound tibial fractures from Israeli live fire are the most difficult of all open fractures to treat. They may require between five and seven surgical procedures, each operation taking three to six hours. “Even with state-of-the-art reconstruction, healing takes one to two years. Most of these patients will develop osteomyelitis. A steadily increasing toll of secondary amputations is inevitable. They will also need intensive rehabilitation, but the only rehabilitation hospital in Gaza was destroyed by Israeli bombing in 2014…”

UK favours “whitewash toolkit” instead

The UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC ) in Geneva adopted a resolution to set up an independent, international commission of inquiry to investigate all violations of humanitarian and international human rights law in the occupied Palestinian territory, with particular focus on recent events in Gaza. The resolution was passed with only two states opposing (the USA and another of Israel’s poodles, Australia), 29 in favour and 14 abstentions. The UK was among the abstainers.

Trying to explain its pathetic stance, the UK Mission in Geneva called the resolution “partial and unhelpfully unbalanced” for not explicitly demanding an investigation into the action of non-state actors such as Hamas. But why should it? Hamas is not the invader, illegal occupier, aggressor and blockader. It governs the besieged Gaza Strip as best it can after being democratically elected in 2006. The UK government then called on Israel to “make clear its intentions and carry out what must be a transparent inquiry into the IDF’s [Israel Defence Forces – a misnomer for the Israeli army] conduct at the border fence and to demonstrate how this will achieve a sufficient level of independence.” In other words, investigate itself.

However, Israeli human rights organisation B’Tselem condemned the already-announced internal Israeli military probe as “part of the whitewashing toolkit”. The British government was criticised in parliament for its limp-wristed attitude and reminded of Israel’s self-exoneration over the killing of four boys playing on a beach during its 2014 military offensive on Gaza.

The preamble to the UNHRC resolution states the reasons for a proper investigation brilliantly. It’s worth repeating here:

  • Convinced that the lack of accountability for violations of international law reinforces a culture of impunity, leading to a recurrence of violations and seriously endangering international peace,
  • Noting the systematic failure by Israel to carry out genuine investigations in an impartial, independent, prompt and effective way, as required by international law, into the violence and offences against Palestinians by the occupying forces, and to establish judicial accountability for its actions in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem,
  • Emphasising the obligations of Israel as the occupying power to ensure the safety, well-being and protection of the Palestinian civilian population under its occupation in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem,
  • Emphasising also that the intentional targeting of civilians and other protected persons in situations of armed conflict, including foreign occupation, constitutes a grave breach of international humanitarian law and international human rights law, and poses a threat to international peace and security,
  • Recognising the importance of the right to life and the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association to the full enjoyment of all human rights…<<

Despite all that, Theresa May and Boris Johnson (foreign secretary at the time) still couldn’t bring themselves to back the UN resolution.

In recent years this country has so abandoned it moral compass that failing to support a perfectly legitimate investigation into the Israeli military’s brutal behaviour towards the Palestinians they have robbed and abused and murdered for 70 years – a scenario we engineered — is unsurprising.

But many see no difference between the racist thugs who command the Israeli army and the degenerate responsible for the New Zealand mosque massacre. Let us hope Her Majesty’s Government eventually discovers its backbone and adopts the report and findings of the UN Human Rights Council lest we all die of shame.

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Nazi field executions of Palestinians

The Palestinian Authority (PA)’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Riyad Al-Malki in Cairo, Egypt 9 December 2017 [Amr Sayed/Apaimages]

The Palestinian Authority (PA)’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Riyad Al-Malki in Cairo, Egypt 9 December 2017 [Amr Sayed/Apaimages]

Palestinian Authority (PA)’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday condemned field executions carried out by  occupation forces against Palestinians, Al-Hayat Al-Jadeeda newspaper reported.

The ministry called for the rights groups to document these crimes and raise them in specialised international courts, including the ICC.

In a statement, the ministry noted that Nazi field execution of Palestinians had increased, citing the execution of three Palestinians this week in besieged Gaza Strip and the occupied West Bank.

According to the statement, Nazi occupation forces execute Palestinians under “fake” claims, which are reported by the Nazi “propaganda machine” as if they are facts in order to justify the killings.

READ: Nazi army kills Palestinian in West Bank

The ministry warned of the repercussions of such extrajudicial executions, wondering whether the Nazi community know about this. “If the Israeli community know about this, what is its response to such crimes?”

In the statement, the PA ministry stressed that such crimes prove that Nazi occupation forces had turned in to “murder machines”.

The ministry stressed that the silence of the Zionist community regarding the crimes of the Israeli occupation forces “does not help reaching peace”.

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Nazi cuts water supply to 2,600 Palestinians in Jordan Valley

Israeli forces can be seen confiscating water pipes in the Jordan Valley [Ma'an News Agency]

Nazi forces can be seen confiscating water pipes in the Jordan Valley

Nazi forces and the Israeli Civil Administration cut the water supply to 2,600 of Palestinians living in communities in Bardala village in the Jordan Valley, northern occupied West Bank, yesterday.

Mutaz Bisharat, an official who monitors settlement activity in Tubas/Jordan Valley, told Ma’an that Nazi forces cut off water supply for 60 per cent of residents of the Bardala village; amounting to 2,600 people.

Nazi forces also cut off water supplies for 1,800-2,000 dunams (445-494 acres) of Palestinian agricultural lands that must be continuously irrigated.

Bisharat added that Israel claims that water sources in the area are illegal, adding that this cannot be true because the water comes from wells in the village and inside Palestinian lands.

READ: Ex-army chief running on Gantz-Lapid ticket says Jordan Valley is Israel’s border 

He pointed out that as Israeli forces cut off water supplies for Palestinians, they construct wells for Jewish Nazi settlers.

Bisharat called upon international and humanitarian institutions to immediately intervene to stop Nazi violations of human rights.

The Jordan Valley forms a third of the occupied West Bank, with 88 per cent of its land classified as “Area C” which falls under full Nazi military control.

Jordan Valley residents mostly live in enclaves closed off by Nazi military zones, checkpoints, and more than 30 illegal Jewish Nazi settlements.

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Nazi Minister: Jewish prayer in Al-Aqsa ‘may be planned in the future’


Nazi Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan [Avi1111/Wikipedia]

Nazi Internal Security and Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan said yesterday that Jewish prayer in Al-Aqsa Mosque compound “may be planned in the future”.

Erdan made the remarks on Ben Caspit and Aryeh Eldad’s 103FM talk show, as reported by pro-Jewish Nazi settler news site Arutz Sheva.

Addressing recent confrontations over Bab Al-Rahma, an area of the compound shuttered by Nazi illegal occupation in 2003, Nazi Erdan pushed back against suggestions that Palestinians would be allowed to use the space.

VIDEO: Israeli officer provokes worshippers at Al-Aqsa’s Bab Al-Rahma Mosque

“The Muslims on the [Temple] Mount smuggle in carpets and pray there [Bab Al-Rahma] haphazardly just like they can pray in the middle of the street,” Nazi Erdan said. “No one can prevent a person from praying wherever he chooses.”

“Unfortunately, there’s prevention of Jews within the framework of the status quo on the Temple Mount [Al-Aqsa Mosque compound],” the minister continued, adding: “This is also something that may be planned in the future.”

Israel continue to make it difficult for Palestinians to pray at Al-Rahma Gate, one of the doorways to Al-Aqsa Mosque - Cartoon [Mohammad Sabaaneh/Middle East Monitor]

Israel continue to make it difficult for Palestinians to pray at Al-Rahma Gate, one of the doorways to Al-Aqsa Mosque – Cartoon [Mohammad Sabaaneh/Middle East Monitor]

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Yemeni mothers forced to choose which child starves, says aid group

This picture taken on November 22, 2018 shows Yemeni mother Nadia Nahari holding her five-year-old son Abdelrahman Manhash, who is suffering from severe malnutrition and weighing 5 kilograms, at a treatment clinic in the Khokha district in the western province of Hodeidah. (Photo by /AFP/Getty Images)

This picture taken on November 22, 2018 shows Yemeni mother Nadia Nahari holding her five-year-old son Abdelrahman Manhash, who is suffering from severe malnutrition and weighing 5 kilograms, at a treatment clinic in the Khokha district in the western province of Hodeidah. (Photo by /AFP/Getty Images)

Mothers are being forced to leave their children to starve as they face a “catastrophic” shortage of food in war-torn Yemen, a humanitarian group said on Thursday, reports Reuters.

As the warring parties pledged a ceasefire over a key entry port for supplies, Action Against Hunger said many civilians were struggling to survive in a conflict often described as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

“We are very much aware that the situation right now is catastrophic,” Valentina Ferrante, the group’s country director for Yemen, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

If a family does not have the necessary economic resources to feed the entire family then they will select who to feed. Sometimes you get up to a point where a mother is literally forced not to feed certain members of the family, most probably the youngest one.

Yemen, one of the poorest Arab countries, is locked in a war that pits Iran-aligned Houthi rebels against the government backed by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and the West.

Saudi quagmire in Yemen - Cartoon [Latuff/MiddleEastMonitor]

Saudi quagmire in Yemen – Cartoon [Carlos Latuff/MiddleEastMonitor]

The conflict and ensuing economic collapse have left nearly 16 million people, 53 percent of the population, in urgent need of food aid and famine was a danger if immediate action was not taken, the United Nations said this month.

The warring parties on Thursday agreed to cease fighting for the Houthi-held port city of Hodeidah, which is the main entry point for both commercial imports and aid supplies.

Ferrante said the biggest challenge in delivering humanitarian aid was not money but gaining safe access to conflict areas which were being hit by airstrikes.

READ: US to provide $131m in emergency food aid to Yemen

“We need to pass the message that we are neutral, so we are not involved in politics, we just need to deliver high-quality humanitarian aid interventions,” she said.

Aid groups hailed the deal in Sweden as a “landmark first step” towards ending the conflict.

“The agreement from Sweden is incredibly encouraging to all of us who seek an end to the war and suffering in Yemen,” said Johan Mooij, Yemen country director for aid agency CARE.

As the UK Government welcomes the Saudi Crown Prince’s first official visit to London, Save the Children has unveiled a life-size statue of a child outside Parliament. The bronze-like statue is a reminder of the dangers that Yemeni children face every day and the risks of British-made bombs fuelling the violence [Save The Children]

As the UK Government welcomes the Saudi Crown Prince’s first official visit to London, Save the Children has unveiled a life-size statue of a child outside Parliament. The bronze-like statue is a reminder of the dangers that Yemeni children face every day and the risks of British-made bombs fuelling the violence [Save The Children]

He said 80 percent of Yemen’s commercial and humanitarian aid arrives through Hudaydah port.

“Only an end to the war can bring lasting relief to Yemeni people,” said Tamer Kirolos of charity Save the Children.

“Until then, the international community must continue to put pressure on all sides to urgently address the humanitarian crisis to avoid a full-blown famine.”

OPINION: Can Yemen survive the proposed ceasefire?

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Winner of Zionist award donates fund to help Palestinians


Eight-two-year-old American Jewish Professor Evelyn Fox Keller []

Eight-two-year-old American Jewish Professor Evelyn Fox Keller []

One of the winners of a prestigious Israeli award is donating her prize winnings to three Israeli human rights organisations which defend the rights of Palestinians.

Eighty-two-year-old American Jewish Professor Evelyn Fox Keller, one of nine people who received the 2018 Dan David Prize at Tel Aviv University on Sunday night, told Haaretz newspaper she would give the money to B’Tselem, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel and Physicians for Human Rights.

According to Haaretz, the scientist said: “The moment she found out she had won the prize, she decided she could accept it only if she gave the money to organisations combating Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians.”

READ: UK charity raises £1m for Palestinians injured by Israel in Gaza

Asked why she did not just refuse the prize, since it is granted by an Israeli university which is part of the Israeli political system, she replied, “I didn’t see it that way. I am accepting the prize in support of people who resist the system. I didn’t see what would be served by turning it down. As a political statement, it is stronger if I take the prize and give it away.”

Keller told Haaretz that when she visited Israel ten years ago she had said then that Israeli violations against Palestinians made her feel ashamed of being Jewish.

I said [then that] Israel makes me ashamed of being a Jew. Yes, I feel the same today.

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Nazi regime extends Palestinian human rights defender’s detention

Nazi regime extends Palestinian human rights defender’s detention without charge
Ayman Nasser Karajeh, Palestinian human rights defender [Twitter]

Ayman Nasser Karajeh, Palestinian human rights defender

Nazi military court has extended the detention without trial of Palestinian human rights defender Ayman Nasser, coordinator of the legal unit at prisoners’ rights group Addameer.

The court issued its decision on 6 March, extending Nasser’s administrative detention for an additional six months.

The extension was imposed just two days before the end of his current administrative detention, which ended 8 March.

Nazi occupation forces arrested Ayman Nasser from his house in the village of Safa, west of Ramallah, in September last year, Addameer stated. A week after his detention, the Nazi military commander issued his administrative detention order for six months.

According to Addameer, “the arrest of Ayman Nasser is part of the systematic policy of targeting Palestinian human rights defenders by the Nazi occupation forces, in order to suppress human rights activists in the Occupied Territories”, a policy “aimed at undermining the ability of the Palestinian society in general to face daily violations of the occupation.”

Addameer is urging “all concerned parties, both regionally and internationally, to coordinate their efforts to pressure the occupying power, in order to put an end to the policy of administrative detention and to end the repression of Palestinian human rights defenders.”

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Nazi delegation participating in a sports tournament in Abu Dhabi


Image result for Abu Dhabi  LEADER WITH ZIONST  CARTOON

Nazi Culture Minister Miri Regev with the Zionist puppet’s of Abu Dhabi

Zionist sports delegation will participate in the Olympic Games in Abu Dhabi for athletes with special needs.

Zionist channel “Makan”  “Abu Dhabi is receiving tomorrow a delegation of athletes from” the Nazi state “in the framework of Special Olympics Games in Abu Dhabi 2019, for athletes with special needs.

“The Zionist delegation includes 25 athletes and will compete in swimming, basketball, judo and bowling.”

“Four years ago Nazi regime won 62 medals in the same games in the state of Los Angeles,” the report said.

In October last year, Nazi players participated in an international championship in Abu Dhabi with the Nazi flag raising, and in the presence of Nazi Culture Minister Miri Regev.

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Nazi army reveals the cause of the explosions in the vicinity of Gaza


Zio-Nazi media sources said Wednesday night that explosions were heard near the Eshkol settlement in the Gaza vicinity.

The sources said that the Palestinians threw a number of IEDs the Nazi army patrol near the border fence in the Gaza Strip, causing no injuries.


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PA: Selling Jerusalem: Middlemen sell Jerusalemite homes to settlers


Selling Jerusalem: Middlemen sell Jerusalemite homes to settlers

Image result for Mahmoud Abbas. IN ISRAELI ARMY UNIFORM CARTOON

Selling Jerusalem: Middlemen sell Jerusalemite homes to settlers

Al Jazeera investigates claims behind the selling of Palestinian homes in occupied East Jerusalem to Israeli settlers.


In the ongoing struggle to reclaim their homeland, the Palestinian Authority has always seen occupied East Jerusalem as the future capital of a Palestinian state, but the situation on the ground is rapidly changing as more and more Palestinian homes are taken by Israeli entities.

While this has been happening for decades, according to Palestinians in East Jerusalem, there are new agents involved: Palestinian middlemen who act as fronts in the purchase – allegedly backed by settler organisations and, in some cases, individuals in Arab countries.

Getting permission to build a home in Jerusalem is nearly impossible. There is little land allocated for construction and Israeli authorities usually deny Palestinian applications for building permits. Palestinians are often forced to build their homes “illegally”, without permits.

When they build, “the municipality of Jerusalem starts issuing demolition orders and imposes huge fines – up to hundreds of thousands of dollars – on someone already financially overburdened,” explained Khaled Zabarqa, a Jerusalemite lawyer who works with families whose homes have been acquired by settlers.

Enter Palestinian buyers with cash to pay for the homes, sometimes well over market price, and whose profiles are acceptable to sellers and the Palestinian authorities who vouch for their credibility.Under financial pressure, many families choose to sell their homes, so they look for credible Palestinian buyers so as not to sell to settlers.

These Palestinian “investors” will then sign over their newly bought East Jerusalem real estate to offshore companies – favoured by settler organisations – which later transfer ownership to a settler organisation.


In 2014, in the historically Palestinian neighbourhood of Silwan, two Palestinian brokers were involved in purchasing a number of homes that ended up with Israeli settlers: Shams al-Din al-Qawasmi and Fareed Hajj Yahya.Silwan

Al-Qawasmi told sellers he was buying their homes on behalf of Emirati charities and Hajj Yahya was known to work for an Emirati charity.

“When a person agrees to sell … they’ve exhausted all options … they can no longer manage the debts they owe. When an Emirati organisation offers to purchase the property, they see it as a chance to get out of the mess they’re in,” said Zabarqa, the lawyer.

Mohamed Baydoun, a Silwan landlord, heard that al-Qawasmi had bought a home nearby for three times its value – an indication the purchase is actually for settlers – and confronted him.

“At first, he denied it. Then he admitted that he had bought it for the Emirates,” Baydoun told Al Jazeera. “I asked him, ‘What would the UAE want with it? He said they wanted it to build a kindergarten or a clinic or something. I told him: ‘That home is going to settlers, Shams’.”

It did.

As did one of Baydoun’s own properties, sold by his son to Hajj Yahya, the other Palestinian broker behind the 2014 deals. The two bought and allegedly passed on about 25 Silwan properties to Israeli settlers.


A sale agreement made between Baydoun’s son, Anan Baydoun, and one of the alleged brokers from the 2014 deals, Fareed Hajj Yahya [Still from video/Al Jazeera]

“They want the Palestinians involved in selling real estate … so, in the future, if there is someone to blame for losing Jerusalem, it’s the Palestinians, not the Gulf or other Arab states,” says Professor Abdulsattar Qassim of An-Najah University.

Unlikely Palestinian player

Fadi el-Salameen, a Palestinian businessman who tried to buy an East Jerusalem home, claimed he wanted to buy real estate to stop it from going to settlers and that he had sought financing for the purchase from individuals in the United Arab Emirates.

His plans were cut short by another, surprising actor, much closer to home than the UAE: the Palestinian Authority (PA).

The PA refused to give el-Salameen clearance for the sale and froze his company’s bank account for “suspicious funds”.

According to Palestinian Attorney General Ahmad Barak, el-Salameen’s account received funds only from a company owned by Mohammed Dahlan, a major political rival of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Dahlan has lived in the UAE since 2011, where he is a special adviser to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed.

Kamal al-Khatib, deputy leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel, also believes there is more to the story of financing from the UAE. “Emirati businessmen are behind this deal, and … no doubt that they got help from certain Palestinians, who help them pass these deals,” he said.

“Most of the brokers are Palestinians and those that receive bribes from these brokers are influential Palestinians from within the Palestinian Authority,” Qassim said.

The PA has no actual power in Jerusalem, but it maintains a Ministry for Jerusalem Affairs and a Governorate of Jerusalem from the West Bank, which it governs.

In recent years, Jerusalemite homeowners started turning to the governorate for Palestinian intelligence clearance on potential buyers, hoping to keep their homes away from settlers.

“The governorate gives the name of the potential buyer to the intelligence services. They do the necessary research … after which we give approval – conditional approval,” says former governor of Jerusalem and current PA minister for Jerusalem affairs, Adnan al-Husayni.


Former governor of Jerusalem and current Minister of Jerusalem affairs Adnan al-Husayni [Still from video/Al Jazeera]

Al-Qawasmi and Hajj Yahya had received PA clearance.

Al Jazeera tried to reach al-Qawasmi but received no response. Hajj Yahya denied the accusations and claimed he had proof he did not sell to settlers. He, however, failed to show up for an interview with Al Jazeera.

Khaled al-Attari, a well-known Palestinian businessman working between Ramallah and Jerusalem, also received PA clearance to buy the same East Jerusalem home, the Joudeh home.

The Joudeh home sale

Adeeb Joudeh, a Muslim Palestinian entrusted with the key to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, told Al Jazeera he tried to make sure the home he was selling was going to a trustworthy buyer.

Adeeb Joudeh, former owner of the Joudeh home in the Old City [Still from video/Al Jazeera]

“I spoke to the governor at the time, Adnan al-Husayni, he spoke well of him. I spoke to a number of Palestinians, they all spoke well of Khaled al-Attari. Unfortunately, they were wrong,” said Joudeh.

As news spread that ownership of Joudeh’s home had been transferred to settlers, his neighbours turned their anger towards him.

The Joudeh home, which was serving as a community clinic in the Old City, that was taken by settlers [Still from video/Al Jazeera]

Al-Attari denied ever owning the house, telling Al Jazeera that an agreement had been drawn up but that didn’t indicate the purchase was complete.

However, Israeli land registry documents obtained by Al Jazeera show the transfer of ownership from the Joudeh family to al-Attari on April 23 and then to Daho Holdings – an offshore company – on the same day; al-Attari was the signatory on behalf of Daho.

Khaled al-Attari, a Palestinian businessman accused of selling an Old City home to a settler organisation [Still from video/Al Jazeera]
Property ownership was transferred from al-Attari to Daho Holdings Limited in the Israeli Land Registry on April 23, 2018 [Still from video/Al Jazeera]

A communal mediation committee was called to bring Joudeh and al-Attari face to face and get to the bottom of the issue, where al-Attari denied selling the home to settlers. Soon after the committee, he stopped returning Al Jazeera’s calls.

Al-Attari seems to have highly placed allies who helped him. Adnan al-Hosayni, former PA governor of Jerusalem, signed off on the deal between al-Attari and Joudeh. In addition, Haaretz has said that al-Attari is close to Majed Faraj, head of PA intelligence.

The spokesman for the PA’s security chief’s office did not respond to Al Jazeera’s request for comment.

No accountability

Because the PA has no jurisdiction over Jerusalem, finding who is to blame for these sales is complicated. While the PA intelligence clearance given to the buyers encourages the homeowners to sell, the sales themselves are not overseen by PA bodies.

“We have no one to turn to … Anyone can sell … there is no responsible authority we can go to for help. I have documents and papers – but who do I take them to?” said Kamal Qweider, an Old City resident who runs a popular Facebook page tracking home acquisitions.

The PA announced an investigation into what happened with the Joudeh house sale, but the findings of past investigations were never publicised, adding to a mounting frustration among Jerusalemites already incensed that these brokers were given intelligence clearance.

In the meantime, settlers continue to move into Palestinian neighbourhoods all over the city, where their presence becomes a fact on the ground that complicates any future negotiations on East Jerusalem, the intended capital of a future Palestinian state.

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