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Nazi forces arrest 3 freed prisoners in Tulkarember


By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Illegally Nazi occupied Tulkarem: The Nazi Occupation Forces (NOF ) arrested at dawn on Thursday three prisoners of liberation following raids in the northern city of Tulkarem.

Local sources said that among the detainees editor Moatasem Samara, who spent more than 15 years in detention, and his brother Adnan Samara, and Mustafa Bedair, after raiding their homes and taken.

She explained that the occupation forces raided the western neighborhood of Tulkarem, and fired bullets and grenades during the raids.

It is noteworthy that the detainees Samara and Bedair, all prisoners of liberation spent many years in detention, and the Nazi Gestapo re-arrest them tonight from the same area.

“Shout Dawn” .. Al-Quds Brigades publish a video of rocket bursts towards the occupation

Haaretz: The plan to assassinate Abu al-Atta was prepared two years ago

Six students were killed and 15 schools were damaged during the aggression on the Gaza Strip 

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Gaza: 69 Palestinians injured by Nazi soldiers

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


At least 69 Palestinian demonstrators were injured in Friday afternoon with Nazi soldiers on the border between eastern Gaza Strip.

Ashraf al-Qedra, Palestinian spokesman of the health ministry in Gaza, said in an emailed press statement that 69 Palestinian demonstrators were injured in eastern Gaza, including 29 who were shot and injured by Nazi soldiers’ gunfire.

Hundreds of Palestinians flocked to the eastern border of the Gaza Strip to join the weekly anti-Nazi rallies and protests, also known as the Great March of Return, that has been going on since late March last year.

Eyewitnesses said demonstrators waved Palestinian flags, chanted anti-Nazi slogans and threw stones at the soldiers stationed at the borderline area, who fired dozens of tear gas canisters and rubber-coated metal bullets.

Field paramedics said that dozens were injured after inhaling intensive tear gas fired by the Nazi soldiers and some were injured by rubber-coated metal bullets. Most of the casualties were treated in the field, they said.

Nazi media reported that Gaza demonstrators released dozen of arson balloons into southern 1948 occupied Palestine and also threw homemade hand grenades and percussion bombs at the soldiers stationed at the borders.

Ahmad Bahar, a senior Hamas leader from Gaza, told reporters that the masses of participants in the Great March of Return “again show our people’s will to topple all the planned plots against our cause.”

He stressed that the marches will never stop until it achieves its goals of lifting the Nazi siege that has been imposed on the Gaza Strip since 2007 when Hamas movement seized control of the enclave.

The Highest Commission of GMR has earlier called on the coastal enclave’s populations to join the 82nd Friday of the weekly rallies to protest “to send a message that the marches will go on.”

The health ministry in Gaza said earlier in a statement that since the marches and rallies started in late March last year, the Nazi army has killed 313 demonstrators and wounded 19,000 others in eastern Gaza Strip.

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Gaza: Nazi occupation assassinates a prominent Palestinian leader

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

A senior Palestinian leader and his wife were killed in Nazi air strike on Tuesday at dawn on their house east of Al-Shojaeya neighborhood east of Gaza City.

According to the Palestinian News Agency (WAFA) that Nazi warplane fired two rockets at a house in Al-Shojaeya neighborhood, which led to the death of the Palestinian leader (42 years) and his wife and wounding four of his sons and another Palestinian citizen were taken to Shifa Hospital for treatment.

The Al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of Islamic Jihad, in a statement, that the Palestinian leader is Abu al-Atta, one of the most prominent leaders of the movement, who was assassinated by the occupation with his wife.

For his part, the Nazi army confirmed the assassination at dawn today, and his spokesman Nazi Afkhai Adrai said that ”the assassination was carried out jointly between the IDF and the General Security Service in the last hour after targeting a building in which one of the most prominent leaders of Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip”.

In response to this operation, the Palestinian resistance fired several rockets this morning towards the Nazi occupied Palestinian territories, where all the Nazi Jewish settlements of the Gaza Strip and Tel Aviv were bombed.

There is tension in the Gaza Strip after the Nazi artillery fired several shells towards the eastern areas of the Strip. 

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Comprehensive report on the intervention of the detained fighter Dr. Ahmed Wehman before the court in the city of Errachidia, southern Morocco

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Image may contain: 3 people, suit

Dr. Ahmed Wehman answered all the questions posed to him by the court and the representative of the Public Prosecution. He presented his account of the international dates exhibition at Arab Sabah Ziz group on the outskirts of Erfoud city, where the exhibition was organized.

His arrest in the city of Erfoud is a deliberate political arrest, which he has controlled, as he said, several files and steps of his observatory in defending Palestine and the rights of the Palestinian people, and against his comrades for normalization with the Zionist entity, including the lawsuit filed by the Observatory against the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Aziz Akhnouch in response to the participation of a Zionist company at The International Exhibition of Agriculture in Meknes in April 2017, as well as the file of military training in Khenifra, which was overseen by Zionist officers in what was known as the “Alfa Institute of Israel”, passing, responding and protecting, the scandal of the construction of the Holocaust monument on the outskirts of the city of Marrakech, and the observatory’s position on the naturalization scandal Zionists Moroccan Recently exploded in the city of Casablanca, right up

Wehman said that he attended last Saturday with a number of his companions, after receiving information of gold, as described, concerning the existence of products of the Zionist company «NETAFIM» within a gallery dedicated to the International Exhibition of Dates in its tenth session in Erfoud, which hastened, Wehman said. We were surprised after that, the head of the arrested observatory responded, by a number of people in civilian clothes, who tried to prevent us from filming and raising slogans, and pushed us to keep us away from the company gallery. Zionism.

Wehman explained to the court in his speech that he and his colleagues thought that the people who attacked them in the exhibition, that they are private guards, and the Zionist company, where the two parties entered into friction operations, ended in receiving and protecting a slap in the face by a person who was with the defenders of the gallery of the Zionist company, in response and protected by a slap.

Before he was violently assaulted by the same person and his companions, he said, who appeared at the end of the fight as agents of power, and that the person in civilian clothes and who was led by a man of power with the rank of commander, supported by the head of the department of Erfoud, according to disclose and protect the court, stressing That the commander did not reveal his identity with him a During his attack on the protesters of his comrades in front of the corridor of the Zionist company. 

Wehman’s novel was answered by the commander’s defense with a video filmed by one of the attendees at the exhibition, and handed over by the defense to the court in the documents of the file, where he appears and departs as he heads towards the commander in civilian clothes, and punches him on the face level, dropped him to the ground, causing him to break at the level of the lower jaw of the mouth As the video footage shows, the gendarmerie and the auxiliary forces, who arrested and protected, where the defense of the authority in their arguments before the court stressed that the commander and his aides along with the gendarmerie and the auxiliary forces did their professional duty to maintain security inside the exhibition.

They alerted the protesters to Seriousness Them against a company offering international Mentjathabalmard of dates, where there is no evidence as an Israeli company, as stated in the pleadings lawyers a man of power, in response to them lawyers and Ihaman that they have documents to prove it, will cast out of the court, as Khaldalsviana said.

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Palestine: Boycott the Nazi regime ‘2’

By:Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

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Comprehensive report on the intervention of the arrested struggling Ahmed and in front of the court in the city of rachidia south of Morocco

Dr. Ahmed and answered all the questions asked by the court and the representative of the public office, and presented his story of the international exhibition of the exhibition “Arab Al-Sabah” in the city of erfoud, which was organized by the exhibition, where he said The President of the Moroccan Anti-Normalization Monitor, addresses the court, that ” his arrest in the city of erfoud is a planned political arrest, controlled as he said several files and steps to monitor him in his defense of Palestine and the rights of the Palestinian people, and against his companions for normalization with the entity Zionist, including the case of the institute against the minister of agriculture and fishing, aziz brother in response to the participation of a Zionist company in the international exhibition of farm in April 2017, as well as the military training file in Al-Khenifra, which was established by Zionist officers in the media known as the “Alpha Israeli institute”, through, he says, the scandal of the construction of the holocaust monument in the city of Marrakech, and the position of the monitor on the scandal of the naturalization of zionists in Moroccan citizenship, which exploded Recently in Casablanca, to the reality of the participation of a Zionist company in the international exhibition of and, the president of the Moroccan Anti-Normalization Monitor, revealing to the court the real reasons for his arrest and transfer to trial.

Last Saturday, he continued to attend the exhibition of a number of his friends, following their knowledge of gold, as he described it, about the presence of the products of the Zionist company ” Netafim ” in a gallery dedicated to the presence of the products of the Zionist company ” Netafim ” in a gallery dedicated to it at the international exhibition of exhibition At its th session in the city of erfoud, which, as he said, said, he has been removed to his friends at the watch, who documented the products of this company by filming them, before they start protest against them, and then they reply The head of the arrested monitor, by a number of people in a civilian dress, tried to prevent us from filming and raising logos, and they pushed us away from the lobby of the Zionist company.

In his speech, he explained to the court that he and his friends thought that the people they attacked in the exhibition, as the guards of the Zionist company where the parties entered into friction, ended up receiving and secure a page on His face by someone who was with the defenders of the Zionist company’s lobby, while he replied and believed in a opposite shot, before he was attacked by the same person and his companions, he said, and those who appeared at the end of the fight as agents Authority, and that the person in a civil dress who led them is a man of authority in the rank of a leader, mo by the head of the erfoud district, according to his authority and the security of the court, underlining that the commander did not reveal his identity the assembly of his years during his attack Important to protesters from his companions in front of the Zionist Company Hall.

The story of and, the defense of the commander replied with a video video of one of the present in the gallery, and the defense handed him to the court in the file documents, where he appears and is safe as he is heading towards the commander in a civil dress, and he is directed at the face level, dropped him , causing him to break the lower jaw of the mouth, while entering then, as shown in the audio and image video, the police and the assistance forces, and those who arrested and secure, the defense of the man of authority in their case in front of The Court, that the commander and the members of the gendarmerie and the auxiliary forces, did their professional duty to keep security inside the exhibition, and warned protesters of the risk of their actions against a company offering the product product, where there is no evidence that An Israeli company, as mentioned in the case of the lawyer of the man of authority, while the lawyers replied to them and believe that they have the documents to prove it, they will be presented to the court, as Khaled Al-Ạlsfyạny said. · 

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Nazi occupation forces arrested nine Palestinians from the occupied West Bank

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Illegally occupied West Bank : The Nazi army arrested at dawn on Monday, nine Palestinians from different areas in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Nine Palestinians were arrested after raiding their homes in several cities in the occupied West Bank, according to the Nazi army website 0404, citing suspected “violent acts against soldiers and Jews.”

He added that the detainees were transferred for questioning in Nazi Gestapo interrogation centers.

According to local sources, the Nazi occupation forces arrested Hamza al-Kamel (18 years) and Mohammed al-Harimi (18 years) from the area of ​​”Wadi Shahin” in Bethlehem, while the young Qais Jabarin (brother of three prisoners in Nazi camp) from Jenin refugee camp.

Clashes erupted between Palestinian youths and the Nazi occupation forces in Jenin refugee camp.  

It is noteworthy that the Nazi army raids the cities of the occupied West Bank on a daily basis during dawn hours.

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Three prisoners continue their open-ended strike to refuse their Nazi administrative detention

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Prisoners-stop it

Illegally Nazi occupied RAMALLAH: Three Palestinian prisoners in Nazi camp are continuing their hunger strike to refuse their administrative detention, the oldest being Ismail Ali al-Mudarab for 109 days, Ahmad Zahran for 49 days and Musab al-Hindi for 47 days.

Hassan Abed Rabbo, spokesman for the Prisoners and Editors’ Affairs Authority, said that the prisoner Ali is facing difficult health conditions, in light of the Nazi occupation’s refusal to respond to his demands. He is currently in the Ramla clinic, where he suffers from health problems, severe fatigue and vision problems, where he lost 20 kilos of weight. It can only move through a wheelchair, pointing to the possibility that its vital organs suffered any relapse, due to lack of salts, and fluids in the body.

He explained that the prisoners Zahran and Al-Hindi, suffer from weakness in the structure of the body, and severe fatigue, and they are in the clinic Ramla, and refuse to get subsidies, or any medical tests.

It is noteworthy that the Nazi occupation forces impose restraint measures against prisoners on hunger strike, and escalate with the length of the strike, especially the continued isolation in cells unfit for human life, and deprived them from visiting the family, and repeated transfer from prison to another, in addition to the number of measures implemented by prisoners The clock is against them, including provocations, psychological pressure and daily inspections of the cells although they are abstract, in an ongoing attempt to break their will.

Erekat calls on Britain to intervene on elections in Jerusalem

Families of political prisoners in the West Bank: 308 violations of the security services last month

Is the national initiative paper a roadmap to end the division?

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Last month, the occupation escalates its arrests of Palestinians in Jerusalem

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


The Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies on Sunday documented the arrest of more than 190 Palestinians during the month of October in Jerusalem.

PCHR’s spokesman, Riad Al-Ashqar, said that the illegally Nazi occupied city of Jerusalem often has a high rate of arrests over all cities in the West Bank. Sanctuaries, defend the Far .

Al-Ashqar pointed out that the occupation continued to target the Jerusalemite women, especially the stationed in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and arrested many of them. Confectioner. “

Attorney Farah Bayadzeh was arrested during the suppression of a march of solidarity with the prisoners at Bab al-Amoud in Jerusalem, in addition to activist Sabreen Diab .

 While the percentage of arrests of children under 25% of the total arrests from Jerusalem, and reached (44) cases, including (5) children as young as 12 years, the youngest child “Mohab Nayef Mustafa” (8 years), child “Mohammed Ghaith” 12 Both were from the village of Issawiya, east of Jerusalem .

Al-Ashqar said that among the detained children was 16-year-old Mohammed Khaled Al-Sabah, who was arrested after Nazi soldiers opened fire on him in the area of ​​Bab Hatta in Jerusalem, under the pretext of trying to carry out a stabbing operation. Providing ambulance or approaching him where she searched him physically while he was injured before transferring him to “Cha’ari ratification ” hospital .

Firas Mahmoud al-Hallaq, 26, was also arrested after being shot and wounded while driving his vehicle in al-Amari refugee camp, wounding him with moderate wounds, and underwent several surgeries.He was released after about two weeks of detention .

 Al-Ashqar added that the Nazi courts issued last month 33 deportation orders from Al-Aqsa Mosque and old Jerusalem to Palestinians who were arrested and released in exchange for deportation in front of and the preacher of Al-Aqsa Mosque Sheikh Ismail Nawahdeh.He was arrested while passing through Qalandia checkpoint and released on condition of dimensions from Al-Aqsa Mosque .

Erekat calls on Britain to intervene on elections in Jerusalem

Families of political prisoners in the West Bank: 308 violations of the security services last month

Is the national initiative paper a roadmap to end the division?

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The next war scenario: Ballistic missiles will be fired from Syria, Iraq and Yemen!

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Former Zionist ambassador talking about the scenario of the next war: “Israel” will be completely destroyed

Political commentator in the newspaper “Haaretz” Roger Alpher, a statement to the former Nazi entity in the United States Michael Oren published in the newspaper “Atlantic”, in which he talked about the scenario of the next war, stressing that the Nazi army is already preparing for it, and that members of the mini-cabinet discussed Twice last week.

Oren said that “with the outbreak of the war,” Israel “will be bombed with bulbs of rockets at the rate of 4,000 rockets a day, and the collapse of the iron dome under pressure, while Iranian missiles will sow destruction in the occupied territories, and overcome the system of” David slingshot “, which costs all One million dollars.

Cyber ​​- Iranian attack

Oren added that the entity would see rockets falling near Ben Gurion airport causing its closure, while the ports would be disrupted, the Zionist entity would be cut off from the world, as well as an Iranian cyber attack that disrupts the electricity infrastructure, accompanied by attacks by gunmen on border settlements, and the Nazi economy is paralyzed. .

Oren saw that hospitals would have to work underground and would collapse under pressure, and the sky would become black due to smoke filled with toxic chemicals, which would rise from fires in factories and refineries that were hit, as well as millions of settlers descended into shelters, and evacuated hundreds of thousands of them from areas near Border, which the militants will try to attack.

Ballistic missiles will be launched from Syria, Iraq and Yemen

Oren spoke of a ground war on the border with Lebanon and Gaza, and long-range missiles fired from Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran, a number of which are outside the range of the air force that will have to deal with Russian anti-aircraft missile batteries in Syria as well.

After addressing the next war scenario that Aaron talked about, Alver went to the settler crowd and asked, “Are you genuinely afraid of the Yom Kippur War? If you think there is a danger that will destroy Israel, they seem to be discussing in the cabins a scenario that makes this war like a toy for children. , Will return to the Stone Age, as a collective suicide.

Alpher said the question was no longer whether or not the outbreak of war, but about the timing of its outbreak. “I have no idea if Oren is right, even though Atlantic is a serious, not yellow, excitement magazine. In the face of such a horrific scenario, we will be sheep to be slaughtered, homeless and trapped in a minefield without the possibility of escape. ”

“What would the Israelis know about all this? What will they do? If you tell a person that a deadly disease will attack him and do not have a cure, then it is better not know, and then what will help the unity government? How would you better protect us in such a scenario ?!

“If I were Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu I would have prayed that Michael Oren would be right. There is justification for the use of the sixth submarine, and there is justification for postponing indictments against him.

“You don’t scare anyone here,” Alpher told Yahya Sinwar, head of Hamas in Gaza, who has threatened to fire rockets at Tel Aviv for half a year. To bomb him, go and threaten the Egyptians. ”

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What we learn from Heba Labadi and Abdul Rahman Marei

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


What we learn from the liberation of Heba al-Labadi and Abdul Rahman Merhi is that the political elite in our country is pushing for confrontation. The political elite is pushing for a way out.

It is a repetitive lesson but its renewal in practice is important and necessary. The response of the ruling elite to the pressure of the masses under its rule is positive. We want it to continue.

But without illusions to exploit the current moment of its manufacture, Wadi Araba is still an approach espoused by this elite, and the resistance action in Palestine is “terrorism” tried “perpetrator” before the State Security Court with this elite eye.

It is a long way from where we stand to where we wish … This was an important success that restores the will of the will, which Heba first pulled from the clutches of the jailer when she went on hunger strike, and his friends and loved ones took him away when they decided not to give up because his story was just crying. New.

From there, this will became a popular will to make its second achievement in Jordan in a matter of months.

Climb to the shrine of our father Ibrahim Hebron in the Shebaa Farms

Issawiya alone resists

Freedom of expression for judges: between international standards and the promotion of illusions

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