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UN Secretary General Guterres ‘Has Hidden Behind Protocol’ over Khashoggi, No UN Investigation into Murder


Agnes Callamard tells MEE that Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and other UN institutions should have been more proactive in aftermath of journalist’s killing

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres “has hidden behind protocol” rather than push for an investigation into the murder of Saudi journalistJamal Khashoggi, the UN special rapporteur who probed the killing has told Middle East Eye.

Speaking on the sidelines of the 41st UN Human Rights Council, which she will address on Wednesday, Agnes Callamard said Khashoggi could be “a model case” for the UN to show that it takes targeted killings seriously.

It could have acted as a mediator, allowing better coordination during the investigation of the brutal killing at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul last October, and between the parties involved, she said.

Instead, the inaction of Gutteres and various UN bodies has “poisoned” what was already a terrible crime.

“In my view, the secretary-general could have set a more proactive process for himself and the UN and he chose otherwise,” Callamard said.

“I think by now they must understand that inaction and silence and hoping that it is going to disappear is just not going to work with this particular killing.”

Last week, Callamard, a human rights expert who serves as the UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial killings, released a nearly 100-page report into the murder of the US resident who wrote for the Washington Post and Middle East Eye.

The inquiry, based on more than 120 interviews, concluded that there was credible evidence that the killing was premeditated and that Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and other high-level officials were liable.

‘Sacrificial animal’

It also gave the fullest public account so far of the 59-year-old’s final moments inside the consulate where a team of Saudis were recorded discussing dismembering him and referring to him as a “sacrificial animal” in the minutes before he arrived, according to Callamard’s inquiry.

The Saudi Human Rights Commission rejected the report’s findings, saying it was biased and that Callamard breached UN principles of impartiality, objectivity and professionalism.

The crime, she told MEE on Tuesday, was exceptional in its brutality, yet unexceptional because it represents a pattern of other killings that have been the focus of UN Security Council and General Assembly resolutions.

“So it was little bit paradoxical that there was no more commitment to find a meaningful role for the UN when confronted with a crime that was, by November or December, becoming an international crisis,” she said.

It was the inaction, she said, that drove her to pursue her inquiry.

“I could not understand why the UN – the secretary-general, the Security Council, the Human Rights Council, the General Assembly – have not moved forward with more resolve.”

Now, she said, she hopes the UN will hear her call, and push for an international investigation.

“I’m not suggesting they intervene in all [killings], but they should intervene in a killing that is demonstrated to be an international killing touching on many aspects of international law,” she said.

Hatice Cengiz, Khashoggi’s fiancee who spoke with Callamard on a panel hosted by the Canadian government at the UN on Tuesday, said it was “scandalous” that high-level officials may be implicated.

“I don’t want this significance to remain on a piece of paper, or to remain on the shelves of the UN,” she told a packed room of diplomats, NGO representatives and reporters. “If the UN will not do the follow up on such murders, who will do it?”

MEE contacted Guterres’ office for comment but had not received a response at the time of publication.

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Khashoggi, Yemen and……………9/11:  When Will The US Hold The Saudis Accountable?

Said to have drained Khashoggi’s blood into a sink at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, according to recordings, while listening to music.
                                                        by Rich Scheck

The conversation regarding the apparent murder of Jamal Khashoggi remains focused on the death of one journalist and Saudi dissident, allegedly at the instructions of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

That has lead politicians and pundits to address the horrendous war in Yemen launched by the petulant prince 3 years ago that has created a needless humanitarian disaster in that impoverished, beleaguered nation.

Beyond the outrage of those two events that can be attributed to the KSA lies other, deeply disturbing matters including the funding of Al Qaeda and ISIS rebels who adhere to the Wahabbist faith of the Saudi Royals……………and the attack on 9/11.

The MSM and Congressional critics rarely go beyond Khasoggi’s murder or the monstrously inhumane war on Yemen.  But in addition to so much else that is wrong with our entangled relationship with the Saudis is the unanswered question of their role in 9/11.

Two years ago, Congress demonstrated enough testicularity to pass JASTA and demand accountability after releasing those mysterious 28 pages that ostensibly implicated the KSA.

Even candidate Trump jumped onto that bandwagon during the campaign by raising the issue that “we may well find out the Saudis brought down the towers” if he is elected.  But it was all a big tease, a charade designed to fool the public and get those who sincerely doubted the official narrative to hope the NY Wrecking Ball would go after the Deep State and its foreign allies.

Instead we got a big arms deal, that obnoxious sword dance and the murder of a dissident who was himself no angel being a pal of Osama bin Ladin and a cog in Saudi intelligence!

The Kushner/MbS bromance serves the interests of Israel and the Saudis as it strengthens the effort to destroy Iran’s current regime.  It is decidedly not about America First!

The disappearance of Khashoggi remains a mystery.  Is he even dead?  Who killed him and why?

The US backed war in Yemen by the Saudis is an abomination.  The 9/11 attack on America that served as a pretext for unending wars in the Middle East via our war on terror remains both a failure of policy and successful false flag, psychological operation that has so far cost us many trillions, thousands of American casualties and the loss of good will around the globe.

The question remains:  When will the US hold the Saudis accountable for their misdeeds?  And when, dear citizens, will we hold our elected officials responsible for their misguided policies, waste of resources and criminal acts?  https://stonecoldtruth.com/9-11-and-the-very-deep-state/

From the UK Daily Mail:

Saudi hit squad ‘drained Jamal Khashoggi’s blood into an embassy bathroom sink before dismembering him’

  • Glasgow trained medic allegedly drained Khashoggi’s blood into a sink

  • Salah Tubaigy flew into Istanbul with a suitcase full of scalpels to clean up

  • Reports say he stripped, drained and chopped journalist to pieces at consulate

  • The Washington Post journalist had been critical of the Crown Prince’s regime 

Tubaigy pictured at Istanbul's Ataturk airport having flown in by private jet on October 2; the day Khashoggi disappeared

Glasgow trained medic allegedly drained Jamal Khashoggi’s blood into a bathroom sink before dismembering the body at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

Salah Muhammad Tubaigy, a ‘forensics expert’, was deployed to clean-up the mess when the journalist was murdered.

‘Khashoggi’s body was undressed. Tubaigy drew blood from his veins and let it flow into the bathroom sink.’ The Hurriyet Daily News quoted from the Turkish Sabah newspaper.

The paper say it was Tubaigy who dismembered the body.

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