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NATO Aggression Continues: Appeal for Peace


We, the participants of the Conference titled “NATO Aggression on Serbia (the FRY), 19 Years On – Aggression Continues“, held on March 21, 2018, in the Serbian Army Home, in Belgrade, co-organized by the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals, the Club of Generals and Admirals of Serbia, and Serbian Hosts Association,

Deeply worried by the trend of deepening tensions and distrust in the global world relations,

Considering spreading of foreign military bases, enormous growth of military spending, and disregards for arms control agreements,

Noting the lack of meaningful dialogue among the global factors, in one hand, and the practice of  military expansion and interventionism, threats of force including threats of use of nuclear weapons, in the other hand,

Particularly alarmed by the amassing of warfare equipment and troupes in Europe, and by the militarization of political decision-making, economic development, educational system, and the mass media,

Condemning the practice of use of force by circumventing the UN Security Council and of violating the UN Charter, the OSCE’s Helsinki Final Act, the Paris Charter, and other fundamental principles of international relations,

Deeply concerned by the growing risks of an accidental outbreak of a global conflict,

Opposing the policy of double standards towards separatism and terrorism which threatens by global destabilization and conflicts,

We submit this


To all peace movements, forces and individuals, who are genuinely committed to peace, stability and development, to step up their efforts aimed at:

Condemning the policy of force, domination, interventionism, double standards, and all other forms of violating the fundamental principles of international relations,

Addressing all international crises and problems by peaceful political means, in observance of the basic principles of the international law and the legitimate interests of the involved parties,

Strengthening of the political dialogue and partnership relations based on sovereign equality, and at halting the trend of deepening mistrust in relations between global actors in international relations,

Observing international legal order and strengthening the role and authority of the UN and especially of the irreplaceable role of the Security Council in maintaining peace and security,

Renouncing the use of nuclear weapons, and at starting negotiations on nuclear disarmament under the auspicesof the UN,

Efficient combatting and eradicating the root causes of international terrorism and mass migrations, under the auspices of the UN,

To revert all matters of war and peace to the democratic institutions, so to prevent the domination of the informal lobby groups of military industrial and financial sectors on the process of decision making.

Belgrade, March 21, 2018

On behalf of participants of the Conference “NATO Aggression 19 Years On – Aggression Continues“

Živadin Jovanović, Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals

Milomir Miladinović, Club of Generals and Admirals of Serbia

Nićifor Aničić, Serbian Hosts Association


Delivered to:

  • Office of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Aleksandar Vučić
  • Office of the Prime Minister of Serbia, Ms. Ana Brnabić
  • Office of President of the National Assembly, Ms. Maja Gojković
  • Office of Minister of Defense, Mr. Aleksandar Vulin
  • Office of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Ivica Dačić
  • Office of Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development, Mr. Mladen Šarčević
  • Office of the President of the World Peace Council Mrs. Socorro Gomes, Brazil
  • Office of the Secretariat of the World Peace Council, Athens, Greece

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