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Opposition rejects Russian initiative to hold congress on Syria crisis


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The Syrian opposition has rejected an initiative put forward by Russia during the latest negotiations in the Kazakh capital, Astana, to hold a congress, which would bring together Syria’s warring sides in Sochi later this month.

Members of Syrian opposition High Negotiations Committee and the Turkey-based Syrian National Coalition (SNC) told Reuters on Wednesday that they do not approve of the plan, saying they would issue a joint statement later to express their opposition to the plan.

SNC spokesman Ahmad Ramadan said the plan seeks to circumvent the UN efforts to mediate Syrian peace talks in Geneva, adding, “The Coalition will not participate in any negotiations with the regime outside Geneva or without UN sponsorship.”

The Astana peace process has been underway since January with the mediation of Iran and Russia, the Syrian government’s allies, and Turkey, which supports armed opposition groups.

The latest round of the talks came to an end on Tuesday, with the three guarantor states agreeing on the Russia-proposed congress.

A joint statement published on the Russian Foreign Ministry’s website at the end of the Astana talks listed 33 Syrian organizations invited to a “Congress of Syrian National Dialogue,” which is to be held in the Russian city of Sochi on November 18.

Russia says the key task of the event is to pave the way for constitutional reforms.

Turkey against Kurdish presence

Despite Turkey’s approval of the Syrian congress plan, a spokesman for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday that the country opposes the invitation of the representatives of the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) to the talks.

Ibrahim Kalin’s remarks came a day after a senior Kurdish official said that Russia had invited the Kurdish-led authorities in northern Syria to a proposed congress of Syria’s rival parties in November.

Kalin noted that Turkish and Russian officials had discussed the issue, and that he had held meetings of his own to “solve the problem on the spot.”

More checkpoints for Idlib

The latest round of Astana talks focused on humanitarian issues in Syria as well as the situation in Idlib Province.

Elaborating on the agreements in the seventh round, Iran’s top negotiator at Astana talks Hossein Jaberi Ansari said on Tuesday that each of the three guarantor states had agreed to set up 12 checkpoints in Idlib, where a de-escalation zone has been formed.

Jaberi Ansari noted that the three guarantor states agreed on continuation of the fight against Daesh and al-Nusra Takfiri terrorists and their affiliates, settlement of the Syrian conflict through political channels and delivery of humanitarian aid to all the areas across Syria.

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Media Propaganda Campaign – White Helmets Receive $ 100 million from the US and Westerrn Allies

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The one-sided Western media reporting against the Russian and the Syrian government is skyrocketing as the fall of eastern Aleppo comes to a close. Both governments are accused of committing war crimes as if the other side consists of fighting angels and not Western-supported and financed US mercenaries and terrorists. The war is presented only from the atrocities committed by Assad or the Russians. Since the so-called civil war broke out in 2011, which was initiated by the CIA and other Western and Arab intelligence agencies in order to manufacture regime change in Syria, according to the Libyan model, the Western media blame only Bashar al-Assad and later Russian President Vladimir Putin as the only evildoer.

From day one of the instigated “uprising” against Assad, the Western public has been constantly misinformed by one-sided reporting or even fake news produced either by the CIA, the Pentagon or by a London-based public relations company, Bell Pottinger. For their fake videos and other disseminated lies, they received $ 540 million, which means that the American taxpayers have paid for being lied to by their own government. This company has already served almost every rogue state or political thug around the world. Another Western lie pretends that Assad is supposedly killing his own people. If this holds true, he would have been overthrown by his own people long ago. Why do people flee from the terrorist held areas into Assad-controlled territories, if he would kill them? If one thinks for just a moment, everybody can tip the scam. This is not a justification of the atrocities committed by the Assad regime.

With the start of the US wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria the mainstream media have lost their credibility because they never questioned the arguments and the “proof” that were presented by the US government, although serious doubts were obvious right from the start of the instigated wars that aimed at the annexation of resources. The mainstream media were the main cheerleaders for the toppling of the Taliban, Saddam Hussein, Muammar al-Gaddafi, and now Bashar al-Assad, although their regimes were “less” brutal and “bloodthirsty” than the ones the US created through its policy of chaos.

On “Ron Paul’s Liberty Report”, independent journalist Vanessa Beeley, sets the record straight on the situation in Aleppo. Since 1979, the US has been siding with terrorists, beginning in Afghanistan via Libya till Syria. They have been supporting all terrorist groups, comments Beeley. The last ceasefire in Aleppo was used by the US and its Western allies to supply the terrorists with missiles and other weaponry. Beeley who just came back from Aleppo contradicted the picture drawn by the Western media. The terrifying situation created by the different terrorist organizations such as hostage taking, killing, raping and torturing the people of Eastern Aleppo are dismissed by Western media.

She also had interesting things to say about the so-called humanitarian organization “White Helmets”. Beeley describes them as a fake group. The organization was created by the West and has the task to build the foundation of a “parallel state”. They receive over $ 100 million from the US, UK, and other Western countries; Germany supports this “humanitarian organization” with $ 7 million. According to Beeley, they are trained in Turkey and “they act as terrorists”. Apparently, all of them are “volunteers”. Why do they need then such an enormous amount of money, asks the journalist?

Actually, the much lauded so-called humanitarian organization „White Helmets“ seems to be an asset in the Western-led war against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. They look like a party in the Western-led terrorist front to overthrow the legitimate Syrian government. They closely cooperate with the different terrorist organizations in Syria. Surprisingly enough, they were awarded the „Alternative Nobel Prize“ by the „Right Livelihood Award Foundation“, although many of their rescue missions are fake.

The CIA spin against an apparent Russian meddling in the American electoral process has to be seen in a larger context. So far, no evidence has been shown and none of the other 15 intelligence agencies have supported the CIA accusations, not to speak of the FBI. The made-up scandal by the CIA was not a hack but a leak by somebody who didn’t want to see Hillary Clinton as the next US President. One of the aims of these unfounded rumors could be to influence the Electoral College that meets on 19 December in order to formally elect Donald Trump as the next US President. Beyond that, US Congress should be positioned against Trump’s soft policy towards Russian and his nominee Rex W. Tillerson as Secretary of State.

Despite the heavy anti-Russian sentiments within the Washington political establishment, “The Brian Lehrer Show” on WNYC interviewed Stephen Cohen, Professor emeritus of Russian history, who said that liberals and Democrats have all lined up viewing Russia and Putin as evil. There are more urgent points to discuss between the superpowers right now such as the role of the intelligence agencies that have produced no “public facts” to support the view that Russia hacked the Democratic Party emails. Donald Trump is criticized for his “wisdom” saying that he refused to demonize Putin and wouldn’t it be great if the two countries could cooperate instead to fight each other. Whether Cohen’s criticism will lead to a more rational and open debate has to be seen. Right now, the destructive and war-prone forces in Washington have still die upper hand. Even President Obama has joint the crowd and threatened Russia with retaliation despite zero evidence. The speech of UN ambassador Samantha Power at the UN Security Council shows an apparent moral superiority and hypocrisy that is unrivaled. Craig Paul Roberts talks to the point of the whole CIA spin: “What we are experiencing in the delegitimization of Donald Trump is an extraordinary rejection of democracy by elements in the government and by the presstitutes.”

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‘If I write in line with Russian media, it’s because we both tell the truth’ – Eva Bartlett to RT



By Eva Bartlett | RT 

A Canadian journalist who blasted the mainstream media’s coverage of the Syria crisis at the latest UN event, told RT how her own reports have been accused of being biased on the side of the Russian and Syrian governments.

Eva Bartlett, a freelance journalist and human rights activist who has her own blog on RT.com recently sparked debate by giving an emotional speech at the UN. During a press conference arranged by the Syrian mission to the UN, she blasted the Western mainstream media’s coverage of the Syrian war as “compromised,” saying that their local sources are “not credible” and, in the case of Aleppo, not even real. The journalist, who has been covering events in Syria during the years since the civil war first broke out there, noted that while there are “certainly honest journalists among the very compromised establishment media,” many respected media agencies simply seem to avoid fact checking. The harsh response she has drawn for her unforgiving criticism of fellow members of the media is quite baseless, however, Bartlett told RT.

“Some people have taken issue with the things I said because I was basically criticizing much of the corporate media reporting on Syria, and instead of actually digesting what I said and criticizing the details of what I said, people have gone to the usual tactic of trying to smear who I am and imply that I am an agent of either or both Syria and Russia,” Bartlett said, adding that it’s been openly implied she is on the payroll of the Syrian and Russian governments. The fact that she is an active contributor to RT’s op-edge section has also been jumped all over.

“The fact that I do contribute to the RT op-edge section apparently, in some people’s eyes, makes me compromised. I began contributing to the RT op-edge section when I lived in Gaza, and this was not an issue for people who then appreciated my writing,” she stated. Bartlett also denied the notion that the Syrian government paid her to speak at the UN.

“It was not the Syrian government which arranged for me to speak at the UN. It was my request, and I requested this because… I thought this was actually a good opportunity to share with a wider audience what I’ve seen on my independent visits to Syria.

“The only thing it had to do with the Syrian government was the Syrian ambassador… to the UN agreeing to facilitate this [opportunity],” she said.

According to Bartlett’s UN speech, the corporate media is effectively reporting information that is the “opposite” of what is actually happening on the ground, whereas her reporting comes from personal interaction with the Syrian people during her now six trips to the war-torn state.

“What I am writing, and what I’m reporting, and who I am citing are Syrian civilians whom I’ve encountered in Syria.

“If people do not wish to hear the voices of Syrian civilians and if they want to maintain their narrative which is in line with the NATO narrative – which is in line with destabilizing Syria and vilifying the government of Syria and ignoring the overwhelming wishes of the people of Syria – then they do this by accusing me of spreading propaganda,” the journalist stressed.

As the West sees RT as a propaganda media outlet for the Russian government, Bartlett’s connection to RT has been used as a basis for accusing her of fake reporting because it differs from the picture of the Syrian crisis being presented by the Western mainstream media, the journalist claimed.

“The fact that I’m writing about what I see in Syria when I am on the ground in Syria, when I talk with Syrian civilians – and I sometimes contribute to Russia Today – suddenly this is an issue.

“I am a freelance journalist, I write for whomever I want. I submit an article to Russia Today’s op-edge section and they decide whether or not they are going to run it – that’s how it works,” she explains, noting that the reason that her reports are in line with those in the Russian media might be because both are accurate.

“The fact that my writing is in line with the Syrian people… in some respect aligns with Russian media reports, does not mean that I’m reporting Russian propaganda, and it does not mean that what Russian media is reporting is propaganda. It happened to be that I report the truth as I see it on the ground, and some Russian media happen to report the truth as they see it on the ground.

“Why do we not see these accusations when a BBC journalist goes to Syria and reports what I often believe to be not the full story? Why are they not accused of working for the State of England? Why are Al Jazeera journalists not accused of working for Qatar?” Bartlett asked, adding that all of these “loaded accusations” are slung at her in order to discredit what she has to tell.

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