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‘Sick of Media Lies’: Thousands Protest BBC Broadcaster Bias


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A viral campaign calling out the BBC for alleged media bias and a lack of impartiality whipped up a huge Twitterstorm as citizens recounted examples of the state broadcaster’s prejudice under the hashtag #BBCswitchoff.

The campaign, organised to highlight the publicly funded broadcaster’s perceived bias against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, began at 6pm to coincide with the TV station’s news program.

Malcolm Tucker #BBCswitchoff@_MalcolmTucker_

Time, to call time on the .

In light of the last successful twitter storm; let’s apply that people power to boycotting the bias this Thursday.

August 9th from 6pm

Switch off, retweet –
and share stories of BBC Bias

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RedRobin ? #JC9@BlogRedRobin

How does that feel @BBCNews? 13 million active twitter users, you can barely scrape 5 million for your flagship ‘news’ program the News at 10. We are still trending number 1 and we reached no 4 GLOBALLY. That’s a reach of 330 million twitter users.

Tatty bye! ?

Thousands joined in on the protest, catapulting #BBCswitchoff to the top trending hashtag across the UK Thursday evening.

British citizens used the opportunity to voice their frustration with BBC editorial decisions, laying down accusations of bias against the broadcaster on a number of topics, including its coverage of Corbyn, the NHS, the Yemen civil war, and the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory.

Dr Lauren Gavaghan


Dear @BBCNews

I am keen to know more about why you pay controversial “charity” IEA to come on @BBCNewsnight in front of millions & speak about how badly the NHS is doing & how it requires an “overhaul.”
Could you tell us more?http://youtu.be/FZXB14-soSg 


REVEALED: The BBC have made payments to the Institute of Economic Affairs since 2010 Why? What for? How much? The BBC won’t tell us. Big questions about Beebs editorial policy and its relationship with @iealondon @GeorgeMonbiot @paulmasonnews @aljwhite @drphilhammond

David Morgan@DavidWestcross

The amount of bloodletting and carnage that the BBC are prepared to ignore in line with their neo liberal agenda is quite astonishing. The Yemen and Gaza for example.

Corbyn supporters condemned accusations of anti-Semitism engulfing the Labour party and pointed out how the BBC’s treatment of Corbyn differed greatly from its coverage of Islamophobic comments made by former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

Dallo #JC9 #VoteWillsman@dallo100

When Corbyn is (falsely) accused of antisemitism the BBC invites his ‘enemy’ to comment. Boris Johnson writes open racist & Islamophobic comments, the BBC interview Johnson’s ‘friends’ for comment

Nadeem Ahmed@Muqadaam

The amount of smears and biased reporting the BBC has peddled on Jeremy Corbyn is astonishing. Having said that, the BBC have failed. Every time BBC smear Corbyn, Labour memberships increase and Corbyn does well in polls.

Julie Harrington #JC9 ?Yes 9 ?@celtjules66

The BBC has shamelessly failed the majority of the British people,by whitewashing the policies of the vile government, and trying to brainwash them into thinking a decent politician is an Anti Semite. The BBC lie daily ??

Others claimed that the BBC was legitimising far-right viewpoints and marginalising socialist voices.

Hasan Patel?@CorbynistaTeen

I’m taking part in the because our media is playing a part in enabling the far right by legitimising their views on air and we cannot stand by and watch fascism become mainstream again.

Laura C #FBPE@smilinglaura

And one last thing before I turn in, @BBC : for those of us who still tune in very occasionally, we’re sick to death of seeing Farage, so please stop consulting him every time Brexit is mentioned, which is quite frequently. Thank you

Dallo #JC9 #VoteWillsman@dallo100

The BBC is a revolving door for right wing (so-called) journalists. Could anyone name ONE Socialist working for the BBC political programmes?

Many Twitter users said they had once been loyal viewers of the broadcaster but were now switching off for good, accusing the organization of being a mouthpiece for the Tory government and failing to hold those in power to account.

Tom Pride@ThomasPride

On the left is a screenshot of a Tory campaign slogan during the last election campaign.
On the right is a headline from the BBC during the same campaign.
The BBC is literally, word-for-word using Tory Party HQ slogans as their headlines.

Helen Nonny No@NonnyHay

I’m switching off – not just today but every day. We don’t need lies, propaganda and sad stories about donkeys. We need cutting edge, honest, investigative journalism at its best. We do not get this at the BBC @bbclaurak . We have had enough.

Cliff Brown@CliffBrownNcl

I’m afraid with some sadness I must agree with the analysis that the BBC has become increasingly the mouthpiece of the Tory party and even defender of the far right.

Judi Sutherland #FBPE@judi_sutherland

I’ve supported the because @BBCNews can no longer do “balance”. You cannot balance information with misinformation, facts with unicorns, truth with lies. You can’t run political debate on who can provide the most sensational “box office” drivel. Grow up, Auntie.

Laura C #FBPE@smilinglaura

Dear @BBC, this is difficult to ignore . I’ve always been a great fan of yours and I bet many others on here were too. But your fear of challenging those in power has lost us. My advice: switch over to @Channel4News and take a look at what real journalism is.

While the impact of the campaign was evident on Twitter, HSBC whistleblower Nicholas Wilsonquipped that they would never know if the BBC reported on the viral Twitterstorm.

Mr Ethical


Will BBC report that is trending at number one? We’ll never know.

Mr Ethical


Will BBC report that is trending at number one? We’ll never know.

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