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It’s Not Russia, America’s Unspoken Program of “Political Assassinations”.


World media has for weeks uncritically accepted British government claims, backed by the U.S., that the Russian government attempted to assassinate  the double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, with a weapons grade” nerve agent. Even a minute amount of the agent  Novichok should kill almost immediately.

But the recovery of Skirpal’s daughter and a series of other inconsistencies and changes of story render the official account more than suspect, particularly as that account fits with the barrage of anti-Russian propaganda emanating from the British and U.S. governments and military-intelligence systems to justify further aggressive moves against Russia. The Russian government denies any involvement in the Skirpal affair.

Unmentioned in mass media discussions of the Skirpal affair has been the previous public support for the assassination of Edward Snowden in Russia  by officials of the U.S. government and Congress members, who claim to be horrified by the dubious claim that the Russian government assassinated in Britain a  double agent who betrayed other Russian agents.

Far more serious than the threats against Snowden are the daily assassinations carried out by the U.S. government.  By definition, assassination is politically motivated murder, the intentional killing of one or more individuals without any impartial judicial process which includes the right of defense.

The assassins employed by the U.S.government are housed in a government building in the U.S. and supplied with weekly ‘kill lists’.  The assassins  weapons of choice are ‘drones’, pilot less military aircraft, which they control remotely from their computers to fly over other countries and exterminate their victims.  Under Obama there were 563 ‘strikes’  in Yemen, Somalia, and Pakistan and other countries- aka 563 assassinations – carried out from lists supplied by him and his circle of advisors.

Hundreds of individuals placed on these lists, which continue to be created to this day, alongside much larger numbers of individual bystanders caught by the firing from the drones, have been assassinated.

The targeted individuals are referred to as ‘terrorists’, though many of them are simply members of resistance groups or verbal opponents of U.S. military occupations of their countries.  No court has found them guilty of any crime.   They are simply placed on the ‘kill lists’ by the U.S. president or other high officials.

It should be emphasized that there is nothing secret about the U.S. governments assassination program. Nor is there anything secret about the enthusiasm for assassinating Edward Snowden expressed by CIA and other U.S. government officials and by some members of the U.S. Congress.

These matters are spoken of openly and with approval by members of the U.S. Congress and by military and intelligence officials.   It is more than ironic that these same officials feign outrage that Russia, which denies any involvement, allegedly assassinated one person.

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